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Len Goodman

Leonard Gordon 'Len' Goodman (born 25 April 1944) is a British professional ballroom dancer, dance judge, and coach.

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My wife, a journalist has likened the opening of this judgment to "all that faffing around" at the b…
still can't believe Len Goodman is no longer with us
If you have no plans for Saturday night, I implore you. Please make some. TV on BBC1 includes: . 17.00 : Len Goodma…
Actually i disagree is better looking than len goodman
That'll be on Len Goodman's show next week!
My name is Carissa aka beabigbadkordei also known as Len Goodman and I believe that you should press on this link,…
Kerry Katonia and Len Goodman and Barry Scott and J.R Hartly and The Orange Tango Man and Maureen Lipman and The Ox…
Len Goodman was always my fave judge on & I really wanted to dislike his replacement just coz it wasn'…
to share the dance that was SO spectacular (I repeat LEN GOODMAN) gave a standing ovation 👏👏…
Next up, & Len Goodman will be dancing a Cha Cha to Don't Hold Your Breath
I don't care anymore this show is a fix bring back LEN GOODMAN
Len Goodman was my old dance teacher 😁
I never thought anyone could beat Len Goodman. You have proved me wrong. Outstanding job in your first series.
I could have gone with 'Farmers Discover Len Goodman's Love Child'
Wow! Mixaword is back!? That feature lasted longer than I thought! Still better than Len Goodman’s Partners in Rhyme though! 😁😁
Watch out, America, you've got Len Goodman's Partners in Rhyme to look forward to...
Len Goodman wanna be Simon Cowell so bad. 😂
I think Len Goodman enjoys being booed because every time he says something the audience won't like, he pauses for the boos.
rendered Len Goodman speechless omg great job tonight
Strictly now seems rife with internal politics & tactical voting. Len Goodman has backbone & wouldn't have ejected the brilliant Aston M.
I'm sorry, but Len Goodman just said "Con-tributed". Do British people really say contributed like that?? 😂😂
Listen, if you make Len Goodman stand up then your definitely a contender.
Thank you Len Goodman no 10s for them that wasn’t perfect
Len Goodman needs to take that stick out of his crusty old *** man
Just as well have Len Goodman and Garlic Bread!! On a serious note, I'm sure AA would work,…
She never liked Aston from the word go. Bring back Len Goodman.
Len Goodman would have saved you. Sad to see you go. Big mistake by Ballas.…
And in the words of Len Goodman don't moan if you don't phone!
I can't believe Shirley let Aston go.. he's clearly the better dancer.. I loved watching…
This wouldn't have happened if Len Goodman was still here.
I'm still here. Our judges are Len Goodman, Bruno Tonioli and Carrie Ann Inaba. Cheers!
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Is Bruno Tonioli planning to do a Len Goodman on UK viewers? via
Warm, credible, and less grumpy than Len Goodman: how Shirley Ballas made Strictly better… UK New Entertainment
Warm, credible, and less grumpy than Len Goodman: why Shirley Ballas makes Strictly better than ever
Len Goodman you are a stick in the mud! you were amazing
Len Goodman's Um Bongo hits of the 70s
Even are playing Len Goodman's partners in rhyme
Could Len Goodman have left Strictly to head Down Under? He's rumour number six!
Strictly viewers left stunned as Craig Revel Horwood bums blow-up Len Goodman doll on live TV
Jan Moir doesn't miss Strictly judge Len was great but I agree - Shirley was a breath of fresh air 😘
It's like that new Saturday night thing with Len Goodman. Awful
Been looking forward to since it was trailed after Len Goodman's Partners in Rhyme (another very classy BBC production).
I am indifferent to the big bang theory (which I just wrote as b…
"Len Goodman will be hunted down and savaged by dogs for the crimes of
Oh for the love of Len Goodman, let Derek and Hayley breathe. It’s cute if y’all support them but stop analyzing their relationship
Surprised, thought Len Goodman’s Partners In Rhyme might have edged it.
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Does anybody else see Picked Walnuts and think of Len Goodman!? Just me? Ok then!
I miss Len Goodman pickling his walnuts
Len Goodman’s My Dad survived the blitz and he wasn’t depressed, man up.
Len Goodman’s Doctors dish out Prozac like smarties people should just snap out of it.
She gives great criticism and advice. Who tf is Len Goodman?
"Drew if you were a house you'd be a fixer upper" - Len Goodman 😂
Len Goodman said it "Best".. :). Electric Performance..Mark is back in the "Ballroom"...
1977 - People mourn the death of Elvis. 2017 - Len Goodman's Partners In Rhyme
I was thrilled to see the BBC making great TV again, only to learn that the source of my joy, Len Goodman's partners in rhyme, may be axed.
Just when you thought tv couldn't suck anymore.Len Goodman teaches us it can!!🤣😂
Take that Len Goodman thing with it
Probably. I was originally going for Len Goodman's 'syndromes? They all have 'syndrome…
Len Goodman's get over it you lost.
What's all this stuff about Len Goodman (or do I really not want to know)?
Just had the experience of listening to Len Goodman on Radio 2...
When you turn on Radio 2 while you're doing the cooking and Len Goodman is playing the "Crossroads" theme as a reco…
Len Goodman's Say what you like about the Krays but you never heard of old ladies getting mugged on their manor
Len Goodman's and if they brought it back I'd pull the lever myself
Len Goodman's I Can't Believe they're silencing Big Ben's Bongs, next they'll be telling children to wear g…
Len Goodman's Wall of Gammon. (That is possibly a modern euphemism for the made-up Cake drug)
Len Goodman is playing this. Can someone check on him? I think he's having a stroke.
Enjoying Len Goodman sitting in for Paul on right now!! Will miss you on Strictly, Len!! 😁
I'll be honing it into a Len Goodman shaped zinger... Watch this space
He just wants to get home and watch Len Goodman.
I liked a video Punch and Judy Broadstairs with Len Goodman, Gyles Brandreth and Benjamin Hasker
Breaking: Len Goodman once tried to give the kiss of life to a goldfish, demonstrating a complete lack of understanding of what gills are.
Have been listening to Len Goodman (when I was doin' the paper shredding). Doris Day / Sinatra choices best so far. Thanks.
Still seeing people saying that Len Goodman is Kevin Clifton's godfather in 2017 dot com
Len goodman smashing it on this evening. Getting my jiggy in whilst chopping carrots!
Christ. Somehow I have managed to be in traffic on a Sunday when Len Goodman's on. Two weeks running.
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Len Goodman's they should only give blue badges to REALLY disabled people.
Len Goodman's the dish antidepressants out like smarties they should prescribe a walk in the country.
Len Goodman's they're jus trying it on
Better still, can you explain how that rhyming show with Len Goodman got on tv?
I'm so disappointed I missed all the bants about the Len Goodman programme. Sounds like it was quality telly 👌🏻
I'm a big fan of Len Goodman's I'd push the button myself.
Can't pay we'll take it away. Banged up abroad. The News. Dance Moms. Len Goodman's 'Partners in Rhyme'.
Len Goodman's Why can't leaving the EU be like leaving your golf club?
JESUS CHRIST - this new Len Goodman show!! He ditched Strictly for this??? (reaches for remote at break neck speed)
Beyond dreadful. Can only assume Len Goodman and Gareth Malone have contracts and this was best BBC came up with. Awful.
I thought Len Goodman had retired, which was the reason for him leaving Strictly? Saw a bit of last night. Utterly dreadful
EXCLUSIVE: Could there be a male presenter joining the show?
Ratings. pulled in 6.2m. Down on 2016, but ITV will blame the sunshine. Let's not mention Len Goodman's Partners In…
Amazed it has made it to episode 3. Len Goodman is abysmal. Shut up
He's always been more of a 'Len Goodman's Partners in Rhyme' kind of guy.
Len Goodman reveals why he really quit Come Dancing
There was an all-out reunion on Len Goodman's new show.
Strictly champ Ore Oduba and Len Goodman had the cutest reunion on Partners in Rhyme
Len Goodman's 'We're not allowed to talk about it' Question Time Special…
Len Goodman has a good feeling about new Strictly Come Dancing judge Shirley Ballas
Len Goodman's Partners in Rhyme. Bottom of barrell well and truly scraped.
"I don’t want to do any of that thrusting!” . Len Goodman tests his street dance moves. 😂🕺
You're still in theatre Dave. Come on - you can't believe the Len Goodman thing was real...
Foster & Phil retiring. 😱 Worried BBC have habit of bad choices/replacements. Could be anyone from Len Goodman to Mary Berry.
I didn't spot this one on Len Goodman's show last night. 😀
Also Len Goodman is one of the worst hosts I've ever seen. Just awful.
And this was planned and announced a long time ago.
I always suspected Len Goodman might be a good "outside the box" game show host choice he needs a stronger format
Len Goodman reveals why he really quit Strictly Come Dancing
No barriers around the bust of Len Goodman I see...
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Replace Len Goodman with Vic and Bob, then who knows?
The real horror of Len Goodman's Partners in Rhyme is when you look at the Sky info and see how many episodes of this toss th…
Happy to say I've never watched Ant & Dec in anything, and this new show is definitely NOT on my viewing list - eve…
I've just caught up with Len Goodman's Partners in Rhyme. I have no words, I'm stunned.
*** bells, I expected the Len Goodman thing to be bad but this is beyond dire
Oh dear Len Goodman should have stuck with Strictly. This inferior BBC version of Catchphrase is a real turkey.
What a load of rubbish the new Len Goodman show was last night, Poor Saturday night entertainment.😏😒
Who thought it a good idea to give Len Goodman a show where he has to say "Rhyme" constantly .
I think a better title for that new Len Goodman show, and more in the spirit of the game, would be Pony and Trap.
No, Len Goodman is not a National Treasure - he's an arriviste and would need much longer to develop into his role.
Len Goodman's Partners In Rhyme: 2.36m. Expect that to plummet next week...
Len Goodman surprised with Shirley Ballas replacement -
Al Gore and Len Goodman are looking good these days.
an audio-visual crime. Len Goodman reminds us why there'll never be another
📰 Plus News – Partners in rhyme: fan backlash as len goodman snaps at contestant ‘shut up!’: via
Len Goodman's Partners in Rhyme what waste of the license fee. You might as well of remade Eldorado
Len Goodman on why he made the right decision to leave
No surprise to hear that Len Goodman's new show is a turkey. Phoney old creep.
Managed to catch that new Len Goodman gameshow. Never again.
Watching Len Goodman on TV last night, I thought of Bruce. Sir Bruce Forsyth: TV legend dies aged 89 -
To help us all understand the brilliance of Brucie, BBC put on that awful Len Goodman show which is Catchphrase for ***
Len Goodman's Partners in Rhyme viewers left 'cringing' as they compare game show to Ant and Dec's SMTV Live's……
With Len Goodman's Partners in Rhyme now being broadcast now is surely the time to negiotate a reduction my BBC licence fee
Len Goodman is potentially a really good gameshow host but this is not that gameshow. Give him something decent
Len Goodman on his decision to leave Strictly: 'It was better to go before I became too dithery'…
Is it just me or does anyone else think that Len Goodman's Partners in Rhyme TV show is the worst in broadcasting history
What's on TV tonight: Len Goodman’s Partners in Rhyme and Welcome to Edinburgh ➜…
Brucie has gone and Saturday nights have sunk to an all time low with this Len Goodman rhyming bobbins!!!
Len Goodman Rhyming rubbish on BBC absolutely terrible and painful to watch just embarrassing to watch Len Goodman flounder
Len Goodman's Partners in Rhyme - why did Len quit a hit, then front a flop? - review via
A big thank you to Len Goodman who came to collect his portrait supporting
Len Goodman's new game show Partners In Rhyme is basically Wonkey Donkey, according to you lot:
When I was still at Waterstones Len Goodman came in unexpectedly and started signing copies of his boo…
I prefer Len Goodman's earlier work. His Farmfoods documentaries had so much more class and 'authenticity' than this bilge
First the BBC cancel then tonight they broadcast Len Goodman's Partners in Rhyme. Beggars belief.
I met to talk love, politics, Strictly and Partners in Rhyme
There's something called Len Goodman's Partners in Rhyme on my TV!?! I didn't think it possible to dumb down catchphrase,…
Partners In Rhyme: Fan backlash as Len Goodman SNAPS at contestant 'SHUT UP!'
5 minutes into Len Goodman’s Partners in Rhyme and I’ve already sustained multiple crinjuries 🙈
Somewhere a chastened exec is watching Len Goodman's Partners in Rhyme and wishing he'd gone with Monkey Tennis afte…
Fan backlash as Len Goodman SNAPS at contestant ‘SHUT UP!’:
Len Goodman or Martin Kemp: who is your TV Judge Vote here
Craig Revel Horwood would be mightily unimpressed and Len Goodman would pickle his walnuts ...
Brill to see our fab celebrities and Len Goodman on Mail Online…
Can't fault a Len Goodman Ray, I even managed to come 2nd in Captains day with 1…
Dave Clark Five *and* Len Goodman. Finally Farm Foods finds its level.
Guests at included Len Goodman & BBC Kitchen Live served up by the Hairy Bikers
Our lovely guests Len Goodman and Penny Lancaster-Stewart enjoying the champagne reception this…
Len Goodman is guest at Sevenoaks Conservative Town Ward Branch's fork supper on Fri, July 14!. Book:…
via Download 2016, who is the dancer? Len Goodman want to give him a ten.
Len Goodman flower show, 'I just love it... it's all lovely'
Just seen Sitting next to Len Goodman! 😉 . Grow your own veg but don't eat it thats novel 😆
Queen Arlene is mean so even niceish is worth the same as len goodman raving aba u
Depends, if you are playing with Raymondo at Pinehurst might take a little bit longer. "Seven!" (Le…
Watching that programme where Len Goodman goes "awww I only like egg and chips" while Ainsley Harriott asks "have you tried egg fried rice?"
Think judges should score this event! knows when to deduct pts for lifts & Le…
We can't get any celebrities to star in our adverts. . There's always Len Goodman. FFS
Looking fresh both of you.amazing Len Goodman would say if he was a runner.kep runni…
For some rason I now have an unshakeable image of Len Goodman in drag. - Youre good!
An audio clip of Polka Face used at 42:05 inLucy Worsley/Len Goodman history of dance documentary
Maybe you should get back to dancing Len Goodman💁🏼
Tonight at 6pm Susan Burton in Conversation with Len Goodman, more info (FB link):
This was after Ainsley Harriet had been found guilty of Brainwashing with his campai…
To be fair - it's only sold in Farm Foods. It was a result of a company celebrity 'i…
This years 'Making It Happen' Awards were presented by Len Goodman. See for the winners:
Also learnt a today. Strictly Come Dancing Judge Len Goodman used to be leader of Devon County Co…
Music from dance hall days with Strictly’s Len Goodman
It was disgusting what Len Goodman said to last night that wasn't judging it was being nasty he needs to go
"Queen of Latin" Shirley Ballas takes over from Len Goodman as Strictly Come Dancing's new head judge. Noel Fielding was unavail…
The new judge replacing Len Goodman for Strictly Come Dancing has been revealed
Strictly Come Dancing: Shirley Ballas to replace Len Goodman as judge.
Strictly Come Dancing announces who will be replacing Len Goodman this autumn.
Strictly Come Dancing confirms Shirley Ballas as new head judge to replace Len Goodman
Shirley Ballas shock favourite to replace Len Goodman as Strictly ... Shirley Ballas ♥♥
Who is the new Strictly Come Dancing judge Shirley Ballas, who is replacing Len Goodman on the……
All purpose parts banner
Strictly Come Dancing 2017: Shirley Ballas confirmed to replace Len Goodman as new judge.
Is Shirley Ballas the right choice to replace Len Goodman as Head Judge on Cast your vote & have your say https:…
EXCLUSIVE: reveals who is replacing Len Goodman as head judge
Tom Johnstone, feet like a young Len 'Fackin' Goodman.
Meet the favourite to take over from Len Goodman on
Oh, but this is causing some passionate discussion in our house this evening. I, however, am the Len Goodman figure…
Len Goodman has gone on to bigger and better things since leaving the BBC
Len Goodman needs to stop doing the Farmfoods advert as he doesn't even know how to cook😂
wondered what Len goodman was up too
Len Goodman returns to BBC One with new entertainment show
It's so obvious that Len Goodman is TRYING so hard to be mean. It's sad. Just speak and don't try to be a ***
Len Goodman said it was "Too Slow and Normani was dancing Hip/Hop." . This guy said The performance was "A lil rush…
You were great as the judge in Dancing with the Stars along with Len Goodman and Bruno Tonioli.
You we're 100% with your dance It's supposed to be a sultry sexy dance! To heck w Len Goodman stiff Britt! Perfecto
Say hello to dance supremo Gary Edwards, now the bookies favourite to replace Len Goodman on
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
Chantel Briody if you can find this show you can see Len Goodman his still a judge on ours. It just started...
Gary Edwards - who appears in American spin-off Dancing With The Stars is the favourite to replace Len Goodman on S…
Gary Edwards tipped to take Len Goodman's seat on Strictly panel
I love erikajayne she love her son she is the number 1 housewife and bes…
these few days have been like the short-lived daytime series where Ainsley Harriot tried to tempt Len Goodman with foreign muck.
59' GOAL ⚽️. In the words of Len Goodman SEVEN!!. It's one for Dychey!! He had to get in on the action . 0-7
I don't mean to be a Len Goodman but there's a significant amount of dubstep in this ballroom dancing competition.
Just bumped into Len Goodman in my local Farmfoods. Teaches me for being cynical.
I think Len Goodman is a Little Mix stan. No way deserved a 6.
She wasn't the worst. Len Goodman said "a little too raunchy for him" 😉
Len Goodman does not shop at farmfoods
I wish you could get a mental ad-blocker. That way I wouldn't have to watch Len bloody Goodman advertising crap products for Farm Foods.
"I am going to make len goodman smile" 😭
DWTS is about growth. Previous winners have gotten 7s and 6s and calling Len Goodman crude names isn't going to change her…
I was excited to watch the new season of but Len Goodman is back and he freaking drives me crazy, ugh! get rid of him 👎🏼😡
Confirmed: Judges Carrie Ann Inaba, Len Goodman, and Bruno Tonioli to return for All Stars season.
Paul Dummet turns up dressed as Len Goodman, he's got a 7 sign and shouting he's a 7
No Strictly for Mary Berry as she beats Len Goodman at NTAs
You can vote here I hope Mary Berry or Len Goodman win Best Judge. They deserve it a lot more than me. htt…
The last EVER ten from Len Goodman after 12 years- Strictly Come Dancing
Len Goodman bid an emotional farewell to the BBC One series on Sunday night, as he handed out his last ever 10 t...
Strictly Come Dancing viewers emotional as Len Goodman gives Frankie Bridge his last EVER 10 'It's the end of an e…
Len Goodman bids an emotional farewell to Strictly Come Dancing during Christmas special after 12 years…
Who would you like to see take over from Len on .
just spotted you in the audience of first shows on the Len Goodman tribute
What a wonderful show 2 nite about Len Goodman you did him proud, he's bn a brilliant judge, honest & great fun 2. Miss him 💃
Aww Len Goodman the show will go on, will it be the same? I doubt it very much. I'm going to miss his one liners
Len Goodman you are it won't be the same without you. Thank you.
Great show a tribute to Len Goodman
Just watched Strictly Len Goodman, he comes across as a thoroughly lovely guy and he will be greatly missed on the show
Len Goodman leaving strictly just proves how awful 2016 has been.
Won't lie Strictly Len Goodman just reduced me to tears ...definitely ready for my festive break 😂
Near crying watching the Strictly programme about Len Goodman, what a tribute it won't be the same now :(
A whole hour of the Len Goodman memories & not one single mention of Seriously??? One of the shows greatest winners
An hour of Len Goodman! You must be joking BBC. Where is the remote?
Is Len Goodman dead? Why is there a 'tribute' show blocking out normal programming on BBC?
Little clip of kimba on strictly len goodman 😌👌🏻💕
Len Goodman is actually my favourite human
Len Goodman leaving could be one of the worst things to happen in 2016 💔👯
Can we have a petition to give Len Goodman a knighthood please?
Len Goodman to cause electricity surge, National Grid says -
Strictly Len Goodman is an oasis in our dance desert.
I really love Len Goodman. He really is a good man.
If everyone was as humble as Len Goodman the world would be a better place
Strictly Len Goodman is on today See Len's favourite moments & hear from Strictly favourites like
I thought this "Strictly Len Goodman" was meant to be a goodbye to him, not a documentary about Ore and Joanne?
Really enjoying Strictly Len Goodman on BCC1 😀 My fav is, "I'm sorry for telling the truth" 👍😏🎉
sorry but 18-35 annoys me. TV demographic is more into Len Goodman. Kids r playing X-box I'm afraid.
Len Goodman is leaving a TV programme he has a bit part own and its an event!!. Imagine when it will be like when Brucie pops his clogs!
'It feels like Christmas Eve, but it isn't - there's another day to go. Coming up, Strictly Len Goodman.' Brilliantly bleak BBC1 continuity.
Absolutely loving 'Strictly Len Goodman' on BBC1 now. Such a good programme for those missing the weekly SCD. X
"I'm a cup of tea in a world full of skinny lattes" - Len Goodman 👌🏻
fun fact: my mum was taught by Len Goodman
I wonder if is sat enjoying watching Strictly Len Goodman on BBC1 right now.
I love Len Goodman as much as the next guy. But my god this show is dragging. 😧
Feeling Christmassy watching in documentary about Len Goodman and his time on
on 'Strictly Len Goodman' Len was talking about his favourite dances and yours and Cha Cha…
"Dancing is taste, it's what you like" Len Goodman. Replace dancing with teaching and you have lesson observation feedback
Len Goodman is still so disagree in public with another judge is totally disrespectful no matter what
The bould Len Goodman is one fine boy. Will be missed from the auld box
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
"I might like brussel sprouts, but you might not" - Len Goodman
Was it coincidence that this Len Goodman thing started at "SEVEN"?
Not huge fan of Strictly, but Len Goodman has been instrumental to success of that show. Without him, I see Strictly ending within 3 years.
I dont get all this sorrow for Len Goodman leaving strictly, hes not died. Hes gone USA to earn loads of $$'s for doing sa…
This Len Goodman show isn't what I thought. Thought it would be a look back at all of his series on the show. Not this and that.
Len Goodman is a 100% class act and there are so few of them around
I hope they do a Doctor Who style regeneration of Len Goodman when they reveal the new judge.
"Be yourself and be honest, and that's what I've always tried to do." Don't miss Len Goodman, tonight 7pm
Watching the programme about Len Goodman. What a nice guy, shall miss him on Strictly.
I know your at work but just let you know that is on a programme about Len Goodman on BBC One x
Watching the piece on Len Goodman. God I really miss on the show.
Strictly Len Goodman is on at 7pm tonight on featuring a certain Mr 👍🏼🙌😀
Please! No! Darcey Bussell 'to be promoted to head judge' after Len Goodman steps down - Mirror Online
Come Dancing’s Darcey Bussell ‘to replace Len Goodman as head judge’
Remember Darcey Bussell saying "if Len Goodman leaves than I will leave as well". So when is leaving?
Our Quote of the Week is from Len Goodman - who revealed he thought Darcey Bussell was "too posh" to be…
Darcey Bussell 'set to be promoted to head judge' when Len Goodman leaves Strictly Come Dancing:…
Strictly Come Dancing 2016 final live blog: Join us as we crown a Glitterball winner - and say bye bye to Len
From selling rotten celery to Strictly: 10 surprising things you didn't know about Len Goodman
Len Goodman makes last ever appearance on…
Len Goodman is about to take his final waltz as he could be ‘brown bread’ soon
Strictly Come Dancing pro Joanne Clifton to replace Len Goodman on the panel?...
Strictly’s Len Goodman had to sacrifice family time because of work commitments
Is Joanne Clifton the new head judge for
Len Goodman makes last ever appearance on Strictly Come Dancing as star judge leaves -
Say goodbye to Len Goodman in Strictly Come Dancing's Christmas trailer.
Farewell to Len Goodman, the king of pickled walnuts, he films his last tomorrow.
Say goodbye to Len Goodman with this festive Strictly Come Dancing Christmas trailer
📽 | Len Goodman talking about meeting Harry on The One Show!
A win for Ore Oduba would be a fitting tribute to all that Len Goodman embodies - blogs…
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would you rather be kicked to death by Lionel Blair or punched to death by len goodman?
Promised goodies by the BBC at Xmas: Len Goodman saying goodbye is a treat but Mrs Brown's Boys has never been "Special" at Xmas or anytime.
Reason 1 of 7 that we will miss his wary expression when Bruno stars gesticulating…
Was good speaking to star ahead of his 2017 tour. .
judge Len Goodman reveals why he told Will Young to ‘shut up’
Strictly Come Dancing judge Len Goodman says he told Will Young to ‘shut up’ because of ‘the way he went on’
was once told (third hand, admittedly) that there's 'something of the night' about Len Goodman. Just occasionally, I think we see it...
Obviously you can't please everyone. I'm sure some people say, 'Blood...
You have to speak your mind, but without being cruel.
Len Goodman's final show's coming up on Strictly. But that ain't stopped your Guardian from labelling the geezer a…
did you see my farewell to Len earlier?
Goodbye Len Goodman, Lord of the dance will be missed, writes
"Why Ore winning would be a fitting finale for Len Goodman" - James Brinsford blogs…
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