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Lego Ninjago

Lego Ninjago (stylized as NINJAGO) Masters of Spinjitzu is a current line of sets produced by Lego. It uses elements from the previous Ninja series.

Lego Star Wars

the only movies left are American Assassin, Kingsman: The Golden Circle, and the Lego Ninjago movie 😂😂
(The new Ninjago range is quite pernickety) Lego to axe 1,400 jobs
It was just a rough guess. The new Ninjago temple is nearing on £300 though
I've bought the Modular City Square, the Saturn V, the London Bus, the Ninjago Destiny's Bounty and the…
The new ‘LEGO Ninjago Movie’ posters make you wish for a remake of another childhood pastime:…
SWOOSH to the rescue to save Ed and Edna from the Shark Army with the Lightning Jet! ⚡️…
I'm genuinely excited for the LEGO NINJAGO movie. These are some amazing and bizarre times folks.
Anyone wanna go see the Lego ninjago movie w me
The new Ninjago City sitting pretty on my work desk. 🙌
So here for the Lego Ninjago Movie . I need to keep binging.
Don't miss your chance to win this Ninjago Kai Fighter Play Set! Enter here:
My wife just got very surprised and indignant that I couldn't exactly explain what Lego: Ninjago is. "You are supposed to know nerd things!"
New pictures for this upcoming minifgure pack! -
Blade Runner 2049, War for planet of the apes, Dunkirk, Kingsman, Lego Ninjago, King Arthur are jus…
Lego Ninjago - 70738 - Pla... - L'ultime Qg Des Ninjas is now on sale for 87,24€ at Amazon. Product page:
Cool gesture based interfaces in dark ride Ninjago 👋.
I added a video to a playlist LEGO NINJAGO "Ghost Whip" Season 5, 2015 by The Fold & Kruegersound
Look out, Chelsea is going to go Lego Ninjago on someone, they've been warned
Top notch direction on Tron Uprising. It's obvious now why you're doing Ninjago. I want to see it way more…
I liked a video from Lego Ninjago AIRJITZU BATTLE GROUNDS 70590 Stop Motion Build
I liked a video from Lego Ninjago ULTRA STEALTH RAIDER 70595 Stop Motion Build
I liked a video Lego Ninjago tribute - Roads
Master your Ninja skills at NINJAGO World, opening early 2017!
Lego ninjago jay's mission inside the djinn blade to save his friends
I liked a video from LEGO NINJAGO Piracy! Episode 14 - Freedom - SEASON FINALE!
That's awesome! Who is your favorite Ninjago character in LEGO Dimensions?
The Smurfette principle. From 1991 New York Times piece but as apt as ever judging from Lego Ninjago, Paw Patrol ETC
Tonight's fireworks will start at 6.30pm. Head to Miniland, LEGO City & Heartlake City for the best views!
Been sitting watching Lego Ninjago videos on YouTube, who are the adults who make their own "fan videos"? Crepy
I'm giving away something for you on NIP Lego 10pcs Ninjago Masters of Spinjit. Get it here -
Thanks, Lego, for beating that dead horse to a frikkin pulp, btw. Ninjago WAS a nice series at one point. :/
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
LEGO NINJAGO KRUNCHA SPINNER SET 2174 with minifigure weapons cards new -
Lego Lot of Ninjago accessories spinners flags and more! Lot
Lego minifigures Ninjago various styles of skeltons Lot
Lego minifigures Ninjago various colors and people ninjas with weapons Lot
Watching you guys argue over who is the best Ninjago villain is fun 😂 but I'm sleep tho 😴
LEGO Ninjago Masters of Spinjitzu 9455 Fangpyre Mech no minifigures -
Lego ninjago sets rattlecopter and fangpyre truck ambush unbuilt -
ok the one guy from Lego Ninjago has the voice of matt smiths dub voice in the german version
LEGO NINJAGO 70752 JUNGLE TRAP WITH KAI 58 pieces new in sealed box -
Lego Ninjago Green Lloyd ZX Minifigure w/ Dragon Sword and armor from set 9450 -
Lego Ninjago Cole ZX with 3 Swords and armor -
Lego Ninjago Cole ZX Minifigure with 2 swords and gold sai -
LEGO Ninjago 70736 Attack of the Morro Dragon Building Kit - Full read by eBay
LEGO Ninjago Microfigs!! All 10 Micro figs from the Ninjago board game -
J20 LEGO Minifigures NINJAGO 1 KRUNCHA + accessories USED in good condition -
J21 LEGO Minifigures NINJAGO 1 Mindroid + accessories USED in good condition -
J7-LEGO Minifigures NINJAGO 1 KAI w/ kimono + accessories USED in good condition -
J8-LEGO Minifigures NINJAGO 1 ZANE w/kimono + accessories USED in good condition -
J10 LEGO Minifigures NINJAGO 1 JAY ZX + accessories USED in good condition -
J14 LEGO Minifigures NINJAGO 1 GENERAL KOZU + accessories USED in good condition -
J15 LEGO Minifigures NINJAGO 1 ZANE (Kendo) + accessories USED in good condition -
You couldn't pay me to miss this ridiculousness!
its not the size of the ninja in the fight its the size of the fight in the ninja - Lego ninjago
Throwing up and crying.. Yay me. I guess it's my fault for falling in love..
Lego Half white black leg TWO-FACE NInjago BATMAN ninja circus clown minifigure -
There's something not right if you can smile so easily and I have to force mine.. I've never been so emotionally destroyed.
Enter The Brown Ninja [BZPower]: A new Ninjago polybag has appeared, and surprisingly it contains a bran...
The comically inept "Brown Ninja" of Ninjago gets his own polybag?. ~JohnBrick. Like for more: I Love LEGO
Z is making a froyo shop w/ parts from a Ninjago set. "E is bringing her nice people over, because I only have mean people." 👎
LEGO Ninjago minifigure yellow head with red headband, wrap -
Lego Ninjago 70505 Temple of Light only no golden mech, no minifig, and no box -
More 'Lego' Movies Nab Release Dates Warner Bros.’s Lego film franchise is heating up. On Wednesday, the studio dated two untitled animated films for May 25, 2018, and May 24, 2019, the beginning of the lucrative Memorial Day weekend. Insiders suggest they will be more follow-ups to this year’s global blockbuster ‘The Lego Movie,’ which grossed $468 million worldwide earlier this year. They stress that things could always change, considering the dates are so far out. The studio has already dated ‘Lego 2’ for May 26, 2017. A threequel could be aiming for 2019, while the Lego Ninjago spinoff could claim the 2018 date. 'The Lego Movie' marked a crucial turning point for Warners, which has never had a strong foothold in the animation business. The film, which cost $60 million to produce, featured the voices of Chris Pratt, Will Ferrell, Elizabeth Banks, Will Arnett, Liam Neeson and Morgan Freeman. Producers Dan Lin and Roy Lee are shepherding the franchise for the studio. It was a busy day for War ...
We are going all out for this year's Free Comic Book Day! We will have 2 professional comic book artists sketching and signing comics all day! The first is the artist of a little book you may have heard of called Lego Ninjago, Jolyon Yates! The next is the artist of the critically acclaimed Joe Hill's The Cape and his creator owned comic, Wild Blue Yonder, Zach Howard! Smiling Dog Rescue will be here with wonderful animals to be adopted! The Tucson Fraternal Order of Police, Lodge will be here fingerprinting your children! BurgerRito food truck will be feeding you their wonderful food if you choose to do so! Tim Champion and Eric Schock will be here signing and sketching! We will also be collecting donations for the Community Food Bank! Come on down, get some awesome free comics and help out those less fortunate than yourselves at the same time, it's win/win! Thank you!
I had the strangest dream last night. I was being held prisoner in a giant Lego tower. Sam and Max were my captors; only they weren’t flesh and blood Sam and Max – who I could take in a fight – but formidable Lego versions in suits of Lego armour. What they lacked in facial expression they more than made up in firepower, with bazookas on each shoulder and what looked like nuclear missiles strapped to their backs. Lego Max kept saying what human Max often does: “You’re boring. You only do grown up stuff. You don’t know Lego City, Lego Ninjago, Lego Star Wars, Lego Hero Factory, Lego Trucks or even Lego Destroyer.” I wanted to scream: “Yeah, well you’re equally boring. You only know kids stuff. You don’t know the US presidents since Roosevelt, or Eisenstein’s mise en scene, or that Vaclav Havel loved Velvet Underground, or the best fertiliser for buffalo grass,” – but I didn’t; for while my tongue might be sharp, it was no match for the swords attached to their forearms, swords t ...
We have great news! We have been informed that our new shipment will be arriving at our doorstep either tomorrow or latest Thursday. So for those who have been waiting long enough for their items, we apologize for the delay and you are able to contact us at 012-9615361 to arrange COD location and time if you have not done so. Following are the items that we have in stock (look through them carefully, there are new items added!): NOTE: If you are not able to find the items you are looking for, please kindly PM us and request to be added in for the next shipment, we will do our best to bring them in at the most affordable price! Minifigures: Minifigure Series 10 Complete Set of 16 Price: RM 210 Lego Ninjago 70500 Kai's Fire Mech Price: RM 45 70502 Cole's Power Drill Price: RM 80 70503 The Golden Dragon Price: RM 125 70505 Temple of Light Price: RM 250 9449 Ultra Sonic Raider Price: RM 345 Monster Fighters 9468: Vampyre Castle Price: RM 450 9461 Swamp Creature Price: RM 32 Lego Exclusive 10220: Volkswagen T1 ...
Sitting in bed watching Family Feud on GSN with Capone; boys are playing Legos Ninjago together. We had Stauffer's Chicken Enchiladas for dinner tonight, not as good as homemade, but a lot less work. My Gpa took us out to do some running around today; 1st, had to return to VG's Foodcenter with my receipt from last night's shopping trip, because I paid for a new toothbrush that they must have forgotten to bag up because it wasn't in our car or bags when we got home; also got the boys sum snacks for watching the superbowl tomorrow. After that we went to the Dixieland Flea Market so the boys could spend their allowance if they wanted. Joe found a couple used Nintendo ds games he wanted, but we ended up having to take Pablo to Toys R Us where he bought a Lego Ninjago playset. Then we stopped at Aldi to get a few loaves of bread and it was home. We hung out and watched some films on tv; The Ring Two, Devil, Monte Carlo. We're actually getting ready to watch Paranormal Activity 4 in just a bit. Love my lil ...
New books added today! Suspect by Robert Crais, Out of Warranty by Haywood Smith, and Private Berlin by James Patterson and Mark Sullivan. We also have a new children's graphic novel, Lego Ninjago: Warriors of Stone. Post here, search the catalog at, or call 680-3812 to place your reserves.
I added a video to a playlist Lego Ninjago 2013 Temple of Light REview 70505 Golden Ninja
I love my children but there are some days I just am tired of talking super heros and Lego Ninjago.
I thought I could save you busy Boston area shoppers some time by letting you know that we have some of the most sought after toys you might like to own including: mini r/c cars and trucks, the best large stuffed teddy bears from infant to adult, Syma helicopters with camera, Lego Star Wars Millennium Falcon, Lego Ninjago, Nanoblocks White House, 100 pc Magna-Tiles, Melissa & Doug Wooden Kitchen and Wood Dollhouse (at great prices), and the best stocking stuffers in the world.* *visit us for details Happy Holidays to all from Laura, Charlie, Dan, Jodi, and Buddy
Well everyone, I have had visits with a good deal of children not only at the Santa House but also around the valley. There are two toys that are on top of the lists of many this year. MaKenna the American Girl doll is definitely the hottest for most little girls with Barbie trailing right behind. For boys it is all things Superhero as well as Lego Ninjago. Other requests that are coming in behind are Angry Birds Star Wars Edition and Ipads, Ipods, and Iphones. Guess I will have to outsource to China as the elves and I deal best in toys:) Happy Monday! Love, Santa
So... Last night I had a crazy dream and it made me come to a realization that I probably watch too many cartoons... It started off me dreaming I was a Lego Ninjago, the red one, going into this temple. Crazy stuff happened and I ended up asking for help from Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck. Yea... too many cartoons.
The debates are on! Sam is all for Lego Ninjago where Ben supports Dino Dan. While they sling it out I'll get a little rest. :)
I am sensing a theme with my son's clothes...when he was in 4 yr. old preschool it was mainly Lego Batman...Kindergarten it was mainly Lego Star Wars with a few Lego Batman...this year mainly Lego Ninjago...granted he's has some Lego Harry Potter thrown in a couple times but is anyone else seeing it? Guess we'll see what Lego is popular next year!
GREEEAAT, just found peanut butter INSIDE the new Lego Ninjago season 1 DVD case…Thanks Liam!!
New DVDs added today - This Means War, The Woman in Black, Red Tails, Albert Nobbs and Leave it to Beaver. Children's DVDs - Lego Ninjago and The Secret World of Arrietty. Comment on this post or call us at 680-3812 to reserve a copy.
Are there any Exeter area folks who have a Lego Ninjago costume that Benjamin can borrow for tomorrow? He wants to dress up for his Career Day. Yep, so proud.
My 6-year-old has been in tears for almost an hour now because his friend told him that his dad is Kai from Lego Ninjago. I had to tell him that his friend was just pretending. Oh the betrayal! This just reaffirms my choice to not perpetuate the Santa, Easter Bunny, and Tooth Fairy myths.
Lillian is my kind of girl... she is combining Disney Princess songs with the Lego Ninjago theme song...
Can we say meltdown?! I think Mr Cameron is ready for bed. After putting the finishing touches on his new Lego Ninjago set, the entire thing fell apart. And the tears are flowing as he exclaimed "but I worked so *** it." I guess he has my temperament! Poor kid!
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