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Legally Blonde

Legally Blonde (stylized as LEGALLY blonde) is a 2001 American comedy film directed by Robert Luketic, written by Karen McCullah Lutz and Kirsten Smith, and produced by Marc E.

Legally Blonde 2 Elle Woods Reese Witherspoon Delta Nu Selma Blair Miss Congeniality Laura Bell Bundy Les Mis Harvard Law

2001 was a good year for movies: Shrek, LOTR, Harry Potter, Legally Blonde, Princess Diaries, Monsters Inc, Atlantis
Ok so this thirsty *** in my film group just cast our entire group for our film project which is essentially a gender swapped legally blonde
Nobody should have let and I live together because we just watch legally blonde every night and eat reduced fat cheez its
i am SO here for this give me legally blonde meets mythbusters
I need a cosmo, the mall to open NOW, legally blonde and a mani pedi. I am NOT okay.
Have to give a convocation speech tmrw representing my department & major and all I can think to do is channel Elle Woods in Legally Blonde.
If you're still around next season, ill bet your story line will be about your husband…
If you could only listen to one musical for the res... — Legally Blonde
Legally Blonde is still my favorite movie and Elle Woods is still my role model.
The Legally Blonde Musical soundtrack is one of the greatest musical treasures and I won't accept any other opinions.
In a way, 'Legally Blonde' is a Halloween movie.
How did Legally Blonde become 16 yrs old?
This is a regular conundrum for me. I need to learn to go to sleep sooner! I blame the Legally Blonde musical.
Dumb ensemble lyrics are my favorite. Take "Legally Blonde Remix" for a spin:. "Dog.Bag.Proud to be American".
Nothing better than watching Legally Blonde late at night
Legally Blonde. I haven't seen it but my friend was singing a song today from it and I heard him sin…
Auditions tomorrow for Legally Blonde, wish me luck friends!
Legally Blonde the musical is literally made for me bye
I wan them to make Legally Blonde The Musical into a movie with Reese Witherspoon. Th…
Falsettos. I watched it and was super confused. Legally Blonde is crazy. Very crazy! Or Seussical!
A CONCEPT: as Elle Woods in Legally Blonde the Musical OR Cosette from Les Mis ❤❤❤❤
Something tells me hasn't worn that pink suit since winning the final case in Legally Blonde...
Ooo! Legally blonde!! I haven't personally listened to it myself but it seems really good!
Could you imagine a Legally Blonde sequel where aka Elle Woods comes back as a Law Professor. Take my money
I just painted my nails in the jacuzzi, that was very Legally Blonde of me
a total of 18 people messaged me today, saying i should audition for legally blonde at uOttawa... so..?
I'm glad Legally Blonde is filmed by MTV but at the same time. y'all gonna focus on Warner asking her out over her asserting her law career?
feelin bummed but gonna watch Legally Blonde and bend and snap out of it
Wicked, Legally blonde, and Cinderella says hi
.on HONEYMOONERS at breaking her elbow in LEGALLY BLONDE and more! ht…
Legally Blonde - aka my pride and joy please bury me with this
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
I literally watch Legally Blonde whenever it's on TV and I cry every time
From Legally Blonde to Hairspray, these are the movie musicals that hit the stage and became Broadway musicals.
Having these kinds of movies with strong, capable, intelligent and flat-out badass female leads matters.
Over the weekend, I had discovered that Richard was Warner in Legally Blonde. 😱😱😱😱
"you can tell i'm low cause I just sang legally blonde at 02:00, spoke to my dog weirdly, and I used 'most' before a superlative" 👌🏻💉
Yall i found footage of A*dy K*rl as Emmett in Legally Blonde and i cant breathe ?
the original staging of "Legally Blonde - Remix" is one of the greatest achievements of the American theater
I auditioned for Legally Blonde. did a dance from What You Want. sang Omigod You Guys. read for Chutney and Paulette.
Selma Blair and share sweet Legally Blonde throwback photo
So excited to announce that I will be playing Emmett Forrest in Theta Alpha Phi's production of "Legally Blonde" at UOP!
*"What you want" from Legally Blonde comes on shuffle*. me:...cancel my plans for the afternoon. Laura Bell Bundy needs me to listen.
I'm watching the 2007 MTV special of Legally Blonde the Musical and I have the same necklace that Laura Bell Bundy is wearing as Elle lmao
I always feel like Elle from Legally Blonde on the first day of classes no matter how many semesters it's been 😂
Legally Blonde the Musical brings a dynamic fun packed show for all the family to enjoy-
Very sad to be saying bye to Legally Blonde. What a lovely gig!…
Legally blonde 🙈 nothing like Elle Woods to show u can do anything 💁🏼
Considering how much he plagiarized Legally Blonde in one speech, chances are they won't be his own words anyway.
Support the movement: Own a print of legally in the
Legally Blonde: The Musical is part of our new season brochure! If you haven't picked up tickets yet - book here https:/…
How many times can I listen to Legally Blonde: The Musical soundtrack before I leave in 4 days? Current tally: III
I think that's my joined fave with Elle singing Legally Blonde such an emotional song! You should mak…
There are a zillion types of razors but only one will make you feel like the opening scene from legally blonde…
Years ago, I showed my teeny, adorable (blonde) niece a song from Legally Blonde. Now she's taller than me & was ca…
I just watched Legally Blonde for the first time and Elle Woods is pretty gnarly 🤙🏽
I finally made it . 'You just bend and SNAP' Elle Woods - Legally Blonde.
So far on my vacation, I've seen Bill Nighy and that guy that Elle Woods slaps in Legally Blonde. Both of equal celebrity status to me.
I'm crying, I just realized Alaric from The Vampire Diaries has been Warner from Legally Blonde this entire time. My whole llife was a lie
"If you're going to let one stupid *** ruin your life... you're not the girl I thought you were." Prof Stromwell, Legally Blonde
If Legally Blonde 2 is 10% the film of Legally Blonde it will be my second favourite film of all time.
I'm giving away something for you on Legally Blonde 2 Red, White, and Blonde D. Get it here -
2. Legally Blonde the Musical: This musical puts me in a good mood every time I see this, it's hilarious and Laura…
Today's Events So Far:. 1. Blow leaves and sing Legally Blonde. 2. Shower and sing to LB. 3. Eat pink starbursts and watch legally blonde. 🙃
. Sat 15 July. Legally Blonde performed by the Quay Players Amateur Dramatics Society at Greenwood Theatre...
📽️ | Harry complimenting Lucy Jayne Ford's jumper of the movie Legally Blonde.
Do you think he prefers Legally Blonde or Legally Blonde 2 better? I am a sequel gal myself.
VIDEO || Harry talking about an interviewer's Legally Blonde shirt during Dunkirk promo. 😂.
I've been feeling a little off lately and I just realized I haven't watched Legally Blonde in a few weeks!!! Time 2 remedy!!!
But I think Elle Woods from the Legally Blonde novels or early Buffy (or Cordelia!) when describing Gina to others!…
Legally Blonde 2 has such a more important message than Legally Blonde.
Hi Jenn, I watched Legally Blonde again & I love you more every time I watch. 2 Broke Girls reruns won't b enough, what's next?
Legally Blonde - Monday 17th July – Wednesday 19th July at 7.30pm in t...
Day 2 of our fab 'Legally Blonde' inspired course. What an incredible first day. Bravo to all…
Today at 2 is your last chance to see Legally Blonde!
Frankly this is disrespectful to the Legally Blonde franchise even tho 2 was so bad
Things that make me irrevocably happy:. 1. Nicole Kidman and Winona Ryder's career resurgences in 2016. 2. Legally Blonde. 3. Julie Andrews
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Legally Blonde: blonde gets law degree from Harvard & SLAYS. Masterfully Ginge: redhead Suze gets M.Ed from Penn & SLAYS. Sounds good to me
SO EXCITED to announce that Liam Doyle (WICKED, Ghost, Hairspray, Legally Blonde, Mamma Mia - list goes on, will be sta…
It's nice to see that Enid Wexler from Legally Blonde is putting her Harvard Law degree to use in Menendez: Blood B…
Tonight: Trump plagiarized his commencement speech from Elle Woods in Legally Blonde
any chance of playing something from Legally Blonde?
Strictly Ballroom The Musical becomes more like My Fair Dancing Lady via Legally Blonde and less part 1 of the Velvet Curtain trilogy.
Legally Blonde hairdresser wins legal battle after watching Miss Marple
Waubonsie Valley Fine Arts presents Legally Blonde the Musical. Tonight at 7:00 p.m. in the WV Auditorium. Tix are $8/students, $11/adults.
Dare i say it.. Mean Girls, Legally Blonde, Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants. And then there's Erin Br…
Meet the incredible the screenwriter behind Legally Blonde & 10 I Hate About You…
Legally Blonde the Musical is next week. Do you have your tickets?? Come see these Delta Nu girls in action 💖💕
Don't forget to come see the Delta Nu girls in Legally Blonde this weekend!! We open tonight at 7!!
My new binge show is 2009's Drop Dead Diva. The pilot ripped off of Legally Blonde but it's getting better.
Legally Blonde cast - Delta Nu Sister casting piece information has been updated on the website.
Suddenly feel like watching Legally Blonde b/c it's got Jennifer Coolidge & she's in the episode of Friends that we're watching. Weird.
Legally Blonde 2 Official Trailer - Bruce McGill Movie (2003) HD via i make the law look good baby
Potential Daughters (& sons!) of Delta Nu! Looking forward to seeing you all at the Legally Blonde auditions on...
Such a lively performance of Legally Blonde at STS - outstanding singing and choreography! Well done
On page 18 of 272 of Legally Blonde, by Amanda Brown
.will star in the touring production of Legally Blonde! 😱😱
Let's go see Legally Blonde: the musical at Howard W. Blake High School of the Performing Arts 🎭
Our first fabulous guest star is the gorgeous Amy Lennox (Elly in Lazarus, Lauren in Kinky Boots, Legally Blonde)
In Catoosa County and blaring the Legally Blonde soundtrack 🔥🔥🔥
Legally Blonde opened in the West End at the Savoy Theatre on January 13th, 2010. It ran through April 7th, 2012.
Legally Blonde. -Laura Bell Bundy. -Ireland is such a beautiful song. -I love love love love everything about this show https:…
Legally Blonde makes me want to be a lawyer at Harvard why am I not smart 📚💅
How have I just found out Duncan James was in Legally Blonde?!?
When I saw 'Legally Blonde' on Broadway, I rang my agent and said 'I want to be seen for thi
I woke up with the "Perfect Day" song from Legally Blonde stuck in head and I'm hoping it's not cruel irony for the day ahead...
Legally Blonde to be staged by at in New Brighton next month:
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
Reese Witherspoon re-enacted scenes from Legally Blonde & went through her wardrobe set. . This makes me so happy 😭😭 https:/…
spideytorch legally blonde highlights: . -chip on my shoulder. -take it like a man!!?. -Johnny's court outfit. -Malibu Johnny??
Yes I am watching legally blonde at 9:30 why do you ask
grease live. In the heights. Legally blonde the . Hairspray. Footloose. Shrek . Book of mormon. Beauty and the beast. Bring it on
Excited to channel my inner Selma Blair in legally blonde though
Time 2 admit that I was the anon that asked about legally blonde aus
Watching Legally Blonde with my mommy! I love movie nights!
If watching Legally Blonde doesn't make you feel like you can conquer the world, I don't know what does 💁🏽👠
4 and counting Legally Blonde songs on Pandora Shuffle... its a sign to dance.
that is a good question, I might have to get my legally blonde on and Google it lol
I watched legally blonde for the first time tonight and I'm in love
Legally blonde is literally so good
Wicked, Rent, Fiddler on the Roof, Beauty and the Beast, Legally Blonde, Good Vibrations, Le Mis
Reese Witherspoon trying on all her Legally Blonde outfits 15 years later.. she looks exactly the same omg
Whenever I have a bad day, I watch Legally Blonde and it makes me feel better
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
I thought Elle Woods did this in Legally Blonde 2 like 10 years ago??
SAME come see me we can to to disneyland and watch legally blonde
Legally Blonde came out 15 years ago and Reese Witherspoon still looks exactly the same.😳😳
come see legally blonde 💕 I have 6 free tickets hmu if you want one!
"oh my God you guys" from soundtrack to Legally Blonde: the Musical
May have been listening to Legally Blonde while typing this...
In the heights, legally blonde, bring it on, BOM, yes yes yes
.still looks exactly the same as her “Legally Blonde” character
Idk what's worse.. wearing a wife beater rn or nick reciting "Dewey" lines from legally blonde musical in his wife beater...
Wow sending me legally blonde songs has me weak
Aww, love you pretty girl. Miss you so much but can't wait for legally blonde with you 😊💘
Michael Phelps on winning Olympic gold medals...
Watching legally blonde so it a good night sistas
Every time I watch Legally Blonde, I want to rush but than I remember the no blacks rule :(
everyone's watching the Olympics and I'm watching Legally Blonde 😌
Why am I just now seeing Legally Blonde for the first time?
I'm aiming for a 179 on the LSAT just cuz that's what Elle Woods got in Legally Blonde.
I wasn't ready to hear legally blonde.
((Really wanted to do legally blonde but this if fine))
Ended up listening to Guys and Dolls, Bonnie and Clyde, Legally Blonde, AND Next To Normal throughout my work day. Only performed twice😅
I have not seen 'Legally Blonde.' I must be in the small, ever-dwindling minority on that one.
Meet the staff of The Hair Affair n our hilarious production of Legally Blonde: The Musical, Jr 5 shows this wknd!
Erin Brockovich is like the kickass single-mom version of Legally Blonde
I remember my first Pride in San Francisco is when they were handing out promotional stuff for Legally Blonde at the festival!
Feminist movies that make me go *** yeah: Legally Blonde, Miss Congeniality
also 'Legally Blonde and 'Miss Congeniality' will make you laugh..enjoy your flight.
Happy 15th anniversary to my favorite movie, Legally Blonde, and my hero, Elle Woods 👓🎀
Happy 15th birthday Legally Blonde. rounds up the film’s best quotes:
15 years ago today, Elle Woods gave us the Bend and Snap and made going to Harvard Law a breeze in Legally Blonde. 💕.
Since today is Legally Blonde's 15th Anniversary, we're basking in the brilliance that is Elle Woods.
📷 instagram: Reese Witherspoon Celebrates the 15th Anniversary of ‘Legally Blonde’ To see more from...
15 years ago, the “Legally Blonde” premiere looked like an alternate dimension
Whatever, Legally Blonde, I bend and snap every morning just getting out of bed.
Day 177. In honor of Legally Blonde's 15th birthday, have an Elle Woods inspired selfie.…
Thank you again for wishing our musical society luck in our performance of Legally Blonde in Galway! Love you Reese! HB Elle x
Watching Legally Blonde because will always be my favorite! Happy 15 years!
Reese Witherspoon Celebrating the 15th anniversary of Legally Blonde, the actress does a little 'bend and snap' as…
Legally Blonde is 15. Here's a secret: my Dad was always a fan of supporting character David Kidney.
See what Reese Witherspoon, Selma Blair and Ali Larter wore to the 'Legally Blonde'…
Two months to go... have you booked yet? Legally Blonde at the Floral Pavilion...
Did you hear that actress from Legally Blonde stabbed someone? Reese, something. Witherspoon?. No, with her knife.
The Brighton Corn Exchange is turning pinker by the day. Haven't got tickets for Legally Blonde yet? Book directly through t…
Legally Blonde only having 2 stars on is a crime of humanity
Listened to Legally Blonde during my drive home and had chills all during act 2 and cried during the finale 💁
Only 2 more chances to see these girls kill some choreography in Legally Blonde. Tonight at 8pm and tomorrow at 3pm!
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Legally Blonde 2 is on right after Legally Blonde what a great night
I don't know what's happening but I watched Legally Blonde and am now watching Legally Blonde 2. Made me think of you.
Nice little double feature tonight on the Oxygen channel! Legally Blonde followed by Legally Blonde 2!? Count me in!
Legally Blonde is on two times in a row followed by Legally Blonde 2 *faints*
Why would you air Legally Blonde 2 before Legally Blonde?
Lmk why Legally Blonde 2 played right before Legally Blonde?
... the guy who played the ahole boyfriend in Bring It On AND Legally Blonde died very young, like 24.
*Almost asleep at 1:38am*. *Randomly realizes that Linda Cardellini played Chutney in "Legally Blonde"*. *wide awake*
Legally Blonde reunion in which James Ellroy is introducing Miller's Crossing in the theater next door!
Anyway, Legally Blonde seems to be on UTV. I might watch this to clear my head and/or prep for the next day of the law conference.
Opening night for Legally Blonde at the Barn Theatre, Montville is this Friday. From what I saw at the dress...
@ charlie I need you to put on Legally Blonde the Musical my senior year. I just do. No particular reason.
'Legally Blonde: the Musical' set at Sussex Academy May 20-21
I think Little Shop of Horrors was the first musical I got into? And then Annie, Evita, Legally Blonde, Wicked, Rent, Les Mis and the rest.
Watching in the Legally Blonde musical cd recording. I almost forgot how adorable she is
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
I love the Legally Blonde musical it's so dumb but so great at the same time
Looking for some inspiration so I'm rewatching Legally Blonde: The Musical - it hasn't failed me yet
Legally Blonde, The Musical visits in June, offering a fun night for hen dos.
Me while watching Legally Blonde the movie: "This is nothing like the musical... When do they break out into song and dance...?" 😅
Get a man who'll watch Legally Blonde the musical with you
*watches Legally Blonde the Musical*. *remembers homework*. *watches Legally Blonde the Musical stressfully and eats ice cream*
If I ever had to lip-sync for my life, it'd be to 'Omigod You Guys' from Legally Blonde the Musical.
Rosny College students are preparing to paint the town pink for their 18th annual musical, Legally Blonde - Rosny...
About 14 years late, I'm totally in love with Legally Blonde the musical. 😍💕💁🏼
so was Legally Blonde the movie made first or the musical?
Down? You know what will boost your mood? The cast recording of Legally Blonde the Musical. Rly.
So excited to be playing Paulette, my favorite part in Legally Blonde the Musical! 💕😃
WHS's "Legally Blonde" been named Outstanding Musical Production and Ensemble by IA HS Musical Theatre Awards Org!
A training montage of me climbing stairs, boxing, and lifting weights to Legally Blonde the Musical.
I saved a playlist Legally Blonde the Musical
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
sometimes it's necessary to watch Legally Blonde the Musical
The fact I am listening to Legally Blonde again is most definitely thanks to
i'm so proud of you for becoming a nerd over my favorite things in the world; Annaleigh Ashford, & Legally Blonde the Musical.
finished an entire box of Rice-a-Roni while listening to the Legally Blonde the Musical soundtrack and studying the war on terror.
I recently decided that i want to go to law school. Mostly because of Legally Blonde and How to Get Away With Murder
We critically appraised (or rambled tipsily about) Legally Blonde, The Magic Christian, The Grand Budapest Hotel, and Labyrinth yesterday.
Ok so "Harry" made a's HUGE, 4 hours long. Has 1D songs, Queen, Legally Blonde, and Billie Jean by MJ. http…
Probably won't even get to see them with La Cage Aux Folles then Legally Blonde the weekend after.
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