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Lee Majors

Lee Majors (born Harvey Lee Yeary on April 23, 1939) is an American television, film and voice actor, best known for his roles as Heath Barkley in the TV series The Big Valley (1965 - 1969), as Colonel Steve Austin in The Six Million Dollar Man (1973–1978) and as Colt Seavers in The Fall Guy (1981–1986).

Six Million Dollar Man Farrah Fawcett Lindsay Wagner Steve Austin Fall Guy Cybill Shepherd Mira Sorvino Richard Anderson Burgess Meredith Sean Astin Mary Lou Retton Delroy Lindo Bruce Campbell

Lee majors look alike drunk huh what's his bac level when arrested?0.0 security getting laxed there other ways minds of time traveling man
People confuse me with Lee Majors all the time. Not so much.
You know better than nobody ! Farrah worked in 5 or 6 episode of SMDM with Lee Majors !
Since finding out this is about Lee Majors, it lost a bit of its magic 😋
All about the casting. The Fall Guy wasn't really a show except for Lee Majors.
Today would have been 70th birthday. ❤️👼🏼 See her most memorable life moments:…
world over policies are driven by Insurance,FIIs,Energy majors & Automobile Co's.These are so called employment generators
1985 on The Fall Guy with Lee Majors and some big hairy dude!
3/4 finals at least in All majors. JO
Lee Majors in The Fall Guy 11x17 Mini Poster in bathtub wearing stetson by Silverscreen
I'll bet and Lee Majors would be great in a remake of Grumpy Old Men.
that wig on nugget makes him look like Lee Majors 😂😂
I love Goodell. he is da most favorite comish. I love him and his hair. and. He should have played bionic man Not Lee Majors
Why do some people look much younger than their age? by Lee Majors
Interview suggestion - Lee Majors. Here's a link to a 2013 interview. May be of interest.
"Midnight Train to Georgia" was inspired by Farrah Fawcett and Lee Majors? According to Wikipedia this is so.
Lee Majors the six million dolar man
For me it was Lee Majors in "The Big Valley." This was the best pic I could find, but yo…
True fact-- Lee Majors' minigun in the opening of Scrooged ("The Day the Reindeer Died") is Jesse Ventura's Ol' Painless from Predator.
This almost looks more like Roger Moore than Lee Majors though. Maybe the Six Million Pound Man?
have u interviewed or Lee Majors for your documentary? They'd have interesting perspectives on him, I bet
I thought I'd gone to heaven, because I grew up watching Roy and Gene Autry.
I'm from Middlesboro, Ky., a little town on the Tennessee and Virginia border.
I like to imagine the Lee Majors of cockroaches driving the toy car.
"More people should be like theatre majors." -
Do you have insurance? That's how Lee Majors got upgraded. Just don't fly to LGA right now... worse than a hurricane
really hoping you doing photo ops with the fans bucket list Bruce ,Lucy,and Lee majors!
I had no idea how big the show was at the time we were doing it because I was always working.
I was hoping for a "Fall Guy" GIF, but no. so here's Lee Majors and a Sasquatch instead.
Lee Majors is your Dad on the Show Awesome!
I always thought I Farrah should've stayed with Lee Majors
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Congratulations to our first ever Shadow Creek Band drum majors, Gena Lee and Armaan Chokshi!…
Lee Majors, was this really your house? @ Rye Rocks
.& Lee Majors are together at last in new video
Did you know that Lee Majors is playing Ash's dad in season 2?
better...stronger...faster. The Lee Majors of red dirt. Get well soon. May want to have them check that ear...looks on fire to me.
I got kind of burned out, so I moved to Florida. I was down there for 10 or 12 years, raising ch
Does this mean we might see a Lee Majors action figure this time next year?
STEM majors are the rudest people you'll ever meet tbh. Idk why
Just finished watching S1 of this weekend - bloody, scary & non-PC. We're in for a treat come October with S2 & Lee Majors.
Brain? What are you up to? Why have you decided that the theme to 'The Fall Guy', that TV show with Lee Majors, is to be on repeat in you?
Fantastic look at Season 2 and lot's of Lee Majors!
I started out wanting to coach football.
Six Million Dollar Shave Club: Lee Majors gets shipped to your house every month and shaves you with his bionic razors (a.k.a Katanas)
I've never minded my kids watching any of the series I did. That's important to me.
Lee Majors with the run for Fresno High and then gets a cramp.
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My God he even looked like Lee Majors!
He's in it often w/multiple fight scenes. Look 4 the final one where Lee Majors punches him 3 times in stomach and...(cont.)
Dope Fiend Beat (feat. Keak the Sneak, Lee Majors, Rahmean & the Jacka) bo strangles and lil reazon
Last year's convention featured a Bionic reunion with Lee Majors, Lindsay Wagner and Richard Anderson. Here is...
Nobody got it. The answer was: Lee Majors
. That's Lee Majors with DT's face dubbed in.
I added a video to a playlist Murder Murder (feat. Freeze & Lee Majors)
I added a video to a playlist Traffickin' (feat. Lee Majors & Fed X)
If Edmund Lee was my prof for our majors 😭
Lee Majors obviously felt threatened by the competition at that rate
and was also instrumental in getting the Bionic Woman to TV despite opposition from Lee Majors who didn't want the spin off
Is this a movie for a Friday night? The town that wouldn't let me leave ! Staring Linda Pearl & Lee Majors,special guest Betty White
That is so COOL!!I met Lee Majors at FanExpo & he signed my S2 DVD of Bionic Woman.He wanted know why I didn't have 6M Man DVD.
at least you showed Lee Majors one day. Robert Conrad would be nice to see...Wild, Wild West
Lee Majors is on panel with Bruce Campbell, Lucy Lawless, Ray Santiago, Dana DeLorenzo, Michelle Hurd, EP Rob Tapert
Faith-based MMA film with Fred Williamson, Lee Majors and ERIC ROBERTS? Don't mind if I do!
.stars and Lee Majors trade quips with
... Heads up Austin! Dangerous Entertainment's own Lee Majors is headed to Wizard World Austin Comic Con! (Sept...
They should reboot The Fall Guy, but instead of Lee Majors it's Mark E Smith doing all his own stunts. (And winding up in the A-Hay-Hay-AH!)
And of course we have Lee Majors, Farrah Fawcett's former husband, who played Steve Austin on his TV show "The Six Million Dollar Man."
For you Comm. Majors out there, someone should start a "Playoff Podcast" that covers NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, NCAA playoffs year round.
So the 85 million dollar man doesnt like the stretch...he is no Lee Majors.
or gasoline. except maybe Lee Majors
A full week has gone by now but these rookies are still calling me to be there Fall.Guy. What gives? Lee Majors
Suggestion, humans should evolve to be able to do homework while sleeping. Bio majors look into this plz.
I have this condition where I can't stop replacing Lee Majors' head with Terry Scott's...
I worked for the recreation and parks department for a year.
You mean Lee Majors didn't already have that patent?
Lee Majors should still be on lunch boxes.
Those rats were involved in an accident and were rebuilt under the supervision of Lee Majors.
the Fall Guy was must watch. Sod lee majors
The Fall Guy!! Lee majors, loved that program, but who was his side kicks name?
I just don't get it: Celebrity Worship! I mean,I wanted Lee Majors to be my dad & told Arnold "I'm YOUR Idol" 3x at 12, After 12? C'MON!.lol
How crazy is your life when you find yourself slapping down the ? Lee-freakin-Majors!
Guess what ? THE book is listed here ! Thanks Lee Majors Book. Hope you liked it.
Lol. I thought you were talking about Lee Majors character in the Six Million Dollar Man that's the only Steve Austin I know
I've never seen a schedule where you just go in two hours almost every day ...
Didn't the twit go out of the country with him? # Lee majors nose on a girl is not cute! Sure her dad is proud
are limited with the he shouldn't be managing in Lee Majors!
The Last Chase 1981. Lee Majors in a Porsche Vs Burgess Meredith in an F86.
I just turned 66, and I'm starting to work again.
Why are so many new NFL draftees calling asking me to be their Fall Guy? Don't they know I'm retired? -Lee Majors
Lee Majors, wife Faith honored at gala for service to others
Sarahbel declared majors today yay for partial adulting
Noone cares about anymore, Lee Majors peaked after the 6 Million Dollar Man,Cmon Carl
Happy Birthday to the and Lee Majors who turns 77 today!
Thanks Lee Majors and wife, Faith, for visiting
ABC action/adventure “The Fall Guy,” starring Lee Majors, concluded on this day in 1986 after five seasons. It...
Sexism is Lee Majors getting the hearing aid commercial when it was Lindsay Wagner who had the Bionic Ear.
In the original Charlie's Angels with Kate Jackson,Jacklyn Smith no wonder she won Lee Majors,real honey.🌠
don't they have their own awards , I think Lee Majors hosted it one time I think
Like, engineers as a whole just judge other majors that are not engineering. We're sorry, non-engineering people.
-Im the weird 1 -I photoshop myself in pics with Lee Majors- in the shower- in bed -a wedding etc then post on FB
Congratulations to Lee Majors for not being dead. I thought he was dead. He's not dead.
The first one I went to was actually for my mom to meet her for 30 yrs Lee Majors
a bionic arm worth six million gold pieces. And when you use the bionics it makes a sound like from the lee majors show.
met Lee majors in November at the mcm comic con at the NEC UK and he was great to talk to
Fever, diarrhoea, crappy production value of the Majors, what else
B Movie starring Lee Majors. Was big in the early days of HBO at the Claymont House.
Nice 2 see Lee Majors 1976 film The U2 Incident finally mentioned alongside Bridge of Spies, as 2 sides of same coin
wasn't he in Steel with Lee Majors shot in Lexington KY
George was also in 'Steel', a movie about Ironworkers with Lee Majors & Jennifer O'Neill. God Bless George Kennedy.
There was a time George Kennedy was EVERYWHERE. he'd turn up in a Bonanza rerun, then a crappy Lee Majors film called "STEEL" guy WORKED.
Film majors at KU study with professors like Kevin Willmott - who recently worked w/ Spike Lee .
I'm telling you, you will have the same theme tune as that Lee Majors fellow when he runs a bit.
i met Lee Majors myself at the memorabilia show in november last year
Apparently I am Bruce Campbell's father & I will be portrayed by Lee Majors in the new season of Ash Vs Evil Dead:
Sergio garcia is lee westwood. Players that should have won so many tournaments/majors but putting is there Achilles heel.
if Lee Majors is playing dad in Ash vs. The Evil Dead. Could you play Ash's Uncle?
Uh, Senior. And you won't see me go Lee Majors Six Million Dollar Man shirtless
Happy Sunday ! A Great Serial the Six Million Dollar Man play by an handsome and great actor Lee Majors !
Joining us at is The Six Million Dollar Man himself, Lee Majors!
As for TV I was"bionic boy" good times with Lee Majors and Frank Gifford and my dad was also in the show , I smile when I see it
*** Good thing the kid is only 23 yrs. old. He'll bounce back stronger like Lee Majors as Steve Austin.
Who's the father of the King? Lee Majors. The Six Million Dollar Man joins for Season 2!
you could add the sound when Lee Majors jumps a fence ~ only to be outdone by Lindsay Wagner;-)
- Anyone recall "The Last Chase" (1981) with Lee Majors and Burgess Meredith? at …
I never spent much time in school but I taught ladies plenty. Hey hey, Fall Guy. Lee majors a real man.
we can't all be English majors, bud😉
Just because I keep getting close and don't win these Majors, I must not panic.
how good is Is Lee Majors in disguise?
. He does have that Lee Majors look. Except for the Glasses. And the hoodie. And the beard. Uh, maybe not...
Among those who make cameo appearances in this '80s movie are Lee Majors, Jamie Farr, and -
If you have never seen the movie Steel with Lee Majors you are missing out! There are some pretty humorous gems...
But I was still hoping to be able to coach and teach.
'70s show biz: Oct. 1977 Prince Charles tour of America with Lee Majors, Farrah, Sophia Loren at benefit dinner.
I wish for your sake that everyone wasn't as gullible &believed everything they see on tv. I know you're an amazing person …
The Fall Guy is the best for no other reason than Lee Majors himself sang it
Lee Ann McAdoo on the Alex Jones show with Alex...hubba, hubba...yabba dabba doo!...who needs Alex when U got Lee Majors, er, Lee Ann. :-D
I also see a bit of Lee Majors there.
enjoyed the show.The Fall Guy was the lee majors tv series stunt guy show. i lasted 2 seasons b4 the new BSG got weird.
I loved that 70'd TV show "The 6 thousand dollar van" Lee Majors was banging Farrah Faucet at the time!
Lee Majors drives that truck, as The Fall Guy.
$6 Million Man starring Lee Majors premiered 42 years ago today on ABC.
I wonder when, exactly, Lee Majors realized his role had gone from "Cyborg James Bond" to "Cyborg Münchhausen"?
1974 - We can rebuild him. The first episode of "The Six Million Dollar Man," starring Lee Majors, aired on ABC-TV.
Lee Majors and Bigfoot just chilling on the set between takes.
in 1974 the TV show '$6 Million Man' premieres starring Lee Majors…
in 1974""The $6 Million Man" starring Lee Majors premieres on ABC TV."
So it's like starting over again, but I look forward to the challenge.
they're better now no? 😃 I choose to think of it like he's been upgraded. Like Lee Majors in 6million $ man.
Lee Majors was so hot back in the day. part 2
Chri Carter also thinks the Bengals should hire Lee Majors as a special consultant to the team.
OMG!!! This is awesome! Lee Majors and Lindsay Wagner as the Bionic Man and Woman! Used to watch these shows as a...
Whatever happened to Terence Knox? He was the Lee Majors of late 80s TV.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Lee Majors is forever in Chuck Norris' debt because his performance on the Walker Texas Ranger theme made everyone forget the Fall Guy theme
I liked a video "The Fall Guy" Opening Theme with Lee Majors from the 80s
. Listen to Mary Jane Lee Majors Ft Joe Blow & The Jacka by ImThattJaredd on
On today's show we have: & Lee Majors, and a performance by the
How much we love Metallica. Lee majors. And the bitterchick
when lee majors dies I will be inconsolable
hold on. You're joking about the Lee Majors sitcom, right?
It's official! My buddy cop sitcom with Lee Majors, "McSteele & Berkowitz" is coming to Fox this Summer!
1st Meadowlark now Lemmy. my childhood heroes are vanishing. somebody keep an eye on Lee Majors.
All I'm saying is, Lee Majors is probably the greatest actor ever!
from $14,99 - Press kit photo still '70s vtg Six Million Dollar Man lee majors golden cougar
heard your conversation today on In The Trenches about obnoxious celebrities like Lee Majors. That show you're trying to remember?
Lee Majors was looking like $6 million on Tuesday night as he attended the 55th Monte Carlo Television Festival...
Handsome couple: Lee was joined by his stunning 40-year-old fourth wife, Faith Majors
we've seen your Georgie Jessel, Lee Majors ... You got a Michael Cain in the bag?
Louisville with Lee and Lewis are a contender! Shows you the talent mid majors like Cleveland St, Drexel and others have!
Well, and briefly on Wagon Train. He tells great stories! So does Lee Majors! Always thought he was shy but he's funny!
If you enter Lee M into Google, Lee Mack comes up before Lee Majors. Presumably the order in that searches appear...
"Seven o'clock. Psychos seize Santa's workshop and only Lee Majors can stop them."
Spock's Log: He thought of it as the 'Annual Lee Majors Cancer Run'."
Spock's Log: Once a year, on Lee Majors' birthday, he would run home from the store with six cigarette packages clothes-pinned to his top.
Made-up films within films that I'd really like to see (1): Lee Majors in "The Night The Reindeer Died"
It's only a matter of time before Amazon or Netflix make The Night the Reindeer Died (hopefully with Lee Majors) = ratings winner
You can never find a Lee Majors christmas album when you want one
Hey it's not if it isn't Lee Majors, am I right?.
The fake Lee Majors Santa movie at the beginning of SCROOGED is a movie I want to see
What? Nothing on Lee Majors and "The Night The Reindeer Died"? Almost the best part of the movie.
I watch this with my older son every Christmas Eve. Lee Majors, acid rain, toasters as weapons. Perfection.
Flash back Friday! Does anyone remember The last chase with Lee Majors, Burgess Meredith. . Quite a hoot.Porsche 917
come to think of it, I'm also blaming Jack for her Christmas movie with Lee Majors.
Garry McCarthy is the biggest Fall Guy since Lee Majors
Lee Majors is looking a bit like Christopher Walken (scroll to 1st picture on the left). Farrah/Ryan was destruction. ht…
And it had a lot of popular actors ! like Lee Majors, Ted McGinley, Madison Pettis, Delroy Lindo, etc
Did you know that Lee Majors, television's is from Wyandotte?
The new portrait of Lee Majors as Colt Seavers from The Fall Guy will be finished in the next few days. .
Lee and Faith Majors rock it at the Audrey Hepburn charity ball...
Any chance of convincing Lee Majors to join the guest list?
I'd rather pick up a guy who will never make the majors or at least never be relevant. Like a Carlos moncrief or something
BP says oil majors have axed 80 projects this year:
i am going to meet Lee Majors at the memorabilia show so looking forward to meeting him but i don't know what to say to him
Former Braves pitcher Hanson dead at 29: Hanson, 29, last pitched in the majors in 2013 with the A... Tscent
start the Lee Majors challenge tomorrow ideally interview him in a high bath with cigar
Lee Majors in England on the 23rd of November get him on the show
Melatonin is a wonder for sleeping. Had an intense dream that I finally got my interview with Lee Majors. And then we drank scotch.
If Lee could putt like Ken Brown in his prime he would have won 3 or 4 majors at least by now!
After twenty years of being bionic together, Steve (Lee Majors) and Jaime (Lindsay Wagner) have finally decided...
What an honor to meet one of my childhood heroes.The Six Million Dollar Man himself, Lee Majors
For six million dollars you get Lee Majors doing slow-motion parkour in disco outfits.
Well, good luck. Here's Lee Majors if you need any inspiration.
doubling for Lee Majors aka Col. Steve Austin in Flu PSA. Yes, thats original $6M man jacket
Who could possibly want to leave a conversation with Lee Majors, Farrah Fawcett, Richard Barrie and Cary Grant?
DeGrom still has the best flow in the majors👍🏻
Pete Carroll is hands down my favorite NFL coach. Maybe it's because he looks like Lee Majors
Six Million Dollar Man Marathon on TV.. My day is complete. He yeah. Love Lee Majors..
New Music: 4 Deep in the Chevy by Friscasso ft. Big Mack x Lee Majors (
Lee Majors was a bounty hunter who drove this Famous Car Friday GMC on which 80's TV series?
Lee Majors is doing his thing on Come join in at or search for *** Nation Radio on TuneIn Radio app
With Lee Majors pictured last weekend at the Mid-Atlantic Nostalgia Convention, courtesy of Mark J Goss Photography. h…
Farrah Fawcett's original "Charlie's Angels" contract stipulated that she had to be home in time to cook Lee Majors' dinner every night.
I remember Fall Guy for Lee Majors...but when I was a teenager Friday nights were for Dallas & Falcon Crest
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Bionic reunion - Lee Majors, Richard Anderson and Lindsay Wagner at the Mid-Atlantic Nostalgia Convention.
Off to Mid-Atlantic Nostalgia Con in Hunt Valley, MD Thurs-Sat with Lee Majors, Lindsay Wagner and more!
Can't wait to finally meet Lee Majors this November!
Lee Majors, Lindsay Wagner & Richard Anderson to appear at the 10th annual Mid-Atlantic Nostalgia Convention,
Guess what I just watched you didn't tell me Lee Majors and Brian Bosworth were in it!
Ok was convinced to stay for showing of Agency starring Lee Majors and Robert Mitchum on 16mm. What!
it's as if Lee Majors is actually there in studios!
If they make a movie about these Lee Majors could play John Gibbons.
the moron that dreamed that up got to meet Delroy Lindo, Cybill Shepherd, Lee Majors, Mira Sorvino, _BRIAN BOSWORTH_.
That is wonderful! That was my fav show when I was younger. Lee Majors was one of my 1st school girl crushes. So handsome.
I mean the classic pilot with Lee Majors!
I was named after Heat Barkley, a character on "The Big Valley" played by Lee Majors. Was a western on in the early 70s
FLOATING COWS… Invisible ink that always appears in print. “Lee Majors found himself in hot water after he married Farrah Faucet.”
Okay, just watched a YouTube clip of film. Will need much wine to continue. Lee Majors as a Norseman in Florida. 😱
.like lee majors no need to hide nothing can save you. Your 15 minutes been passed so I'm on record I'm coming for your ***
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
The Iran deal will be a boon for Asian majors. explains why, via
When a man steals your wife, there is no better revenge than to let him keep her. . ~By Lee Majors.
The fact that we can't bring our majors at home is just plain stupid 😂
the bionic man show was actually called The Six Million Dollar Man which starred Lee Majors as Major Steve Austin :-)
A new favorite: Joe Blow - Keep Up ft Young Bossi Makfully Lee Majors by Makfully on
But, some of them have Lee Majors and Ted McGinley. Two people that, I swear, I was just asking "I wonder whatever happened to."
Quick, call Lee Majors and get a referral to the Six Million Dollar Man's team. We CAN fix
That's a seriously good job that doc did, and 98 years ago! Guy looks like Lee Majors in that final pic there--
never got to hear the Lee Majors story on Tony Bruno show
Prince Albert II of Monaco and Lee Majors. Kat is like absolutely gorgeous-
Lee Majors looked great..every time I see him though I hear Chevy Chase doing the Caddy Shack nunununa dunununa bionic sounds
Never forget. It was Lee Majors that gave Farrah Fawcett-Majors her last name.
Lee Majors vs Sasquatch? Somebody call channel, we got a winner!
I think Lee Majors would be an excellent spokesman for The Wounded Warrior Project.
About 38 years ago, inspired by my childhood Lee Majors, I decided to make The Iranian Six Million Dollar Man.
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Lee Majors as Steve Austin, the Six Million Dollar Man, and Andre the Giant as Bigfoot.
Happy Birthday to one of my TV heroes-- the great Lee Majors.
so rather than night vision googles & other gadgets on finding Bigfoot they just needed Lee Majors in a red tracksuit
Moving movie "Do You Believe" I was so jazzed seeing Cybill Shepherd and Lee Majors on it too! Love them!!
What are Mira Sorvino, Lee Majors, and Cybill Shepherd doing in this sel
Lee Majors + Cybil Shepherd is weird, but Ted McGinley means Christian film has officially jumped the shark
A movie with Mira Sorvino, Sean Astin, Cybill Shepherd & Lee Majors is being released on 1200 screens in 2 days. NO PRESS SCREENINGS/LINKS.
Thursday on The Steve and Julie morning show it is Lee Majors from 6 Million Dollar Man and Fall Guy. He said he...
I'd like to Indiegogo a Kickstarter about a guy crowd sourcing film funds on Lee Majors. "The Six Million Dollar Biopic Man"
Lee Majors and David Carradine star in our Weekend Western: "High Noon, Part II"
I have an inexplicable fascination w the Lee Majors- Farrah Fawcett relationship. Not my normal type of thing. Idkw.
Last night's dream predicted the deaths of Ryan O'Neal and Lee Majors. It could just be the Farrah Fawcett connection...but look out, guys.
No! Lee Majors + Farrah Fawcett... Not sure how I feel about that.
it will come out in the theater. the movie is called swift justice. Lee Majors is place
Erik Estrada is guest starring in this 6 Million Dollar Man episode. He AND Lee Majors on screen at the same time. You just got pregnant.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
The wedding of Farrah Fawcett to actor Lee Majors at Hotel Bel-Air, Los Angeles
In an actual movie theater, I saw a preview for a movie starring Ted McGinley, Cybil Shepherd, Mira Sorvino, Sean Astin and Lee Majors.
no mate, that was Lindsay Wagner. Farrah Fawcett was Lee Majors wife in RL.:)
Does any movie have crazier cameos than "Scrooged"? Lee Majors, Mary Lou Retton , John Houseman, Buddy Hackett and Miles Davis?!
Farrah Fawcett and Lee Majors attend the 34th Annual Golden Globes Awards at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California. January 29, 1977
Lee majors and Don Rickles with Abe bagoda in the thriller Time to pick up a book or somethin
Listen to Jiggle It Ft Snoop Dogg (NEW VIDEO REMIX) Co-Produced by Lee Majors by RELENTLESS ONE on https…
I'm the Lee Majors of waiting too late to make a move.
Lee majors and Burt Reynolds at FSU. Whoever posted this. Nice!
Christmas 2014: I watch Scrooged for the first time. Thank You Thank you Lee Majors, Thank You Bill Murray
I liked a video from Ampichino & Berner Barney Remix feat Jacka and Lee Majors
When watching Scrooged last night, I realized the fake trailor with Lee Majors at the start was the entire plot of How The Saints Saved Xmas
"7 o'clock, psychos seize santas workshop. And only Lee Majors can stop them!"
Lee Majors was a real good boy this year.
"The Night the reindeer died" starring Lee Majors is an underrated Christmas flick.
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I for one wish I could get a copy of The Night the Reindeer Died starring Lee Majors
So far this has as it's referece points Alien, inception and that bit Scrooged with Lee Majors as Santa. So pretty good.
Lee Majors is always a welcome Christmas guest
Why hasn't anyone made The Night The Reindeer Died yet? Channing Tatum would be perfect in the Lee Majors role
So when are they going to release that special holiday movie The Night the Reindeer Died w Lee Majors?
Or better yet, where's Lee Majors now?
...and only Lee Majors can stop them!
He saved him once, he can save him again. Lee Majors, answer the call!
Love the beginning of Scrooged ... Lee Majors will save us!
When are they going to finally make The Night The Reindeer Died? Lee Majors could probably still do it.
Lee Majors is more 70s to me. TAB can be 70s/80s. I have to go with MLR.
Which one of these is the most 80s reference in Mary Lou Retton, Lee Majors or Tab?
The Night The Reindeer Died. Lee Majors has been a very good boy this year!
Lee Majors! "It don't matter a hill of beans what happens to me..." The Night the Reindeer Died!
Lee Mazzilli, Jr has been caught twice with PED's before he's hit the Majors, so you just know his career is gonna be great
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
I feel as if Santa should have known it was Lee Majors because of elf magic, without having to wait for Lee to lower his hood & goggles.
Undecided what to watch on TV Christmas Eve - Bob Goulet's Old Fashioned Cajun Christmas or Lee Majors The Night the Reindeer Died
Scrooged with Bill Murray - has guns, a few explosions, and even Lee Majors, what's not to like?
The opening scene of Scrooged is great. Lee Majors!
7 o'clock. Psychos see Santa's Workshop. And only Lee Majors can stop them.
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