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Lee Jasper

Lee Jasper (born 4 November 1958) is a race relations activist in the UK and was Senior Policy Advisor on Equalities to the former Mayor of London Ken Livingston until he resigned on 4 March 2008.

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Lee Jasper is the best argument for an ethnostate I have ever seen. Absolute plonker
Poverty causes violence. So forget this obsession with stop and search | Lee Jasper
had fun bowling with the people Isaiah Lee Philong Lee Jasper David Verdad Severo
If you have Lee Jasper on (god forbid) you should, for balance, also have Alf Garnett.
📷: Check out images from taking on Maryville & Huntingdon courtesy of Jasper Lee!
Meanwhile, over on Lee Jasper timeline, you just know deep down he's absolutely fuming that Donald Trump has cancel…
I thought Lee Jasper would be a shoo-in. "A week is a long time in politics."
I've had a great day editing unheard interviews with Marcel Duchamp Willem De Kooning Lee Krasner Louise Bourgeois…
Watch Lee Jasper, David Lammy, Diane Abbott et Al begin screeching again against the reality of majority knife…
An example of a black person being racist. He's one of Lee Jasper's followers/friends. You think this is a…
So stop & searcb. Interesting as most knife crimes are black then asian. Lets see the crie…
Mate, you are dealing with an irrational, sociopathic, racist imbecile, in Lee Jasper. Even…
hey Mr Lee jasper... you have a very stupid way of thinking and I honestly feel sorry for you for having such views.
Oh my God! According to this Leftist black (Lee Jasper), Whitey is ALWAYS to blame. This man has a Manich…
Anyone past the details on to Lily & Lee Jasper that might wanna give them moral support
I really miss these good old days. shippers need more love plz
anyone still feeble about POC/Muslim immigration, check out Yasmin Alibhai-Brown. Touted as a "moderate", her racis…
Just read it now. He's gone full Lee Jasper
Lee Jasper says all honkys are racist.
Lee Jasper, known as an "uncle Tom" in parts of t/ black community, screeched and squawked to prevent…
Obviously you know I cannot stand Well is Lee Jasper's most obedi…
Lee Jasper is not telling the truth!. Rape culture is alien to white working class Rochdale. Pakistan…
A snippet from my brief encounter with the former Senior Policy Advisor on Equalities to Mayor of London and recent…
And Lee Jasper will say that the wild animals in the Serengeti were groomed into this vile…
Mr Lee Jasper probably thinks me a rabid racist for believing the truth about Islamic rape gangs and I think him a…
Ignore this racist, fascist creature 👉 He's Lee Jasper's favourite lap dog and is as racis…
Lee Jasper will be blaming the white working class for this.
A pretty good thins to find when you check your phone. jasper snapchat updates and even better. of Conor bein…
Stand-by for Lee Jasper to pop up and somehow blame it all on the girls themselves, and us white folk.
How Lee Jasper ever came to be taken seriously, God alone knows. The man is a fundamentalist race-baiter of the worst kind.…
Honestly lee jasper is the biggest fraud in journalism. Quite a feat really.
"Grooming" requires purpose and intent surely? Or is Lee Jasper grooming me t…
Back in the year 2000, Lee Jasper gloated about white people becoming a minority in Europe: ht…
Lee Jasper, what a low bar you have for Pakistanis. It's a shame you think they're m…
Have George Galloway, Mo Ansar, and Lee Jasper startesian apologising for and the terrorist yet? .
Tell Mama, like Lee Jasper make their money by magnifying a small problem for grant 💰 .
Lee Jasper (got 2.9% for George Galloway's Respect against Labour in Croydon North by-election) has rejoined Labour: htt…
Review from the Vaults: Uncle Jasper reviews: Bruce Lee vs. *** Power (1975)
.kicks off with Jasper Carrot on 'where's Lee Harvey Oswald when you need him.'
Yep, and she's got more class, dignity and grace then Lee Jasper could ever have.
I can't wait for Dec. 10, come "join' us on Jasper Main Street for Lee's Jingle Bell Run!
Patrick Jasper Lee creates video and music about undiagnosed creatives from our past via
Wu Kang Ren and Nana Lee's acting are solid as always but Jasper is beyond my lowest expectation, he improved a lot!
They same way as I do when Lee Jasper and Diane Abbott say that.I laugh.
Reliance and Launch Services throughout India, paving way for
If there is only one race, then surley there is no such thing as racism? Why does Lee Jasper always cry racist?…
. Funny how you don't say the same to Lee Jasper. Strange that...🤔
Lee Jasper is a racist, as are most of his supporters. Throw in a few white self flagellating apologists and you go…
10 reviews and 4.3 stars for the western Hard Justice by Mike McNeff.
Rashid,how can any meeting be taken seriously while including overt anti-white bigot Lee Jasper? You need to distance yourself.
By Patrick Jasper Lee This film is a dedication to some of the great artists, writers, and composers and their...
I don't know. Ask Lee Jasper. Shouldn't the question be, Are black racists intelligent? From what I see, NO.
Women's Basketball Photo Galleries now available, courtesy of Jasper Lee!
Found this in a magazine, hi Jasper 😂.
Yes Britain will have a black PM but it sure as *** won't be dirty little race baiters like Diane Abbott or Lee Ja…
In what instance has Lee Jasper been overtly racist, or even racist in general for the matter ?
Yet Lee Jasper's OVERT racism is disgusting and regular.
You're not answering the question. AGAIN: Why are you not condemning racist Lee Jasper?
Lee Jasper is a racist. Where's your condemnation of him?🤔
If you're against racism but pro Lee Jasper, that IS irony!
You obviously don't know what Lee Jasper's all about then...
Congratulations to our Fajita Grill Mexican Restaurant - Jasper County Player of the Game. Derrrien Lee from Bay...
I mean it's futile, I do love kids and have already have the future names out by 2029; lee hwa, tiffany, aurora, poh heng or jasper like tht
1)I know this, I've had family and friends in the Patterson in Paddington. Tell it to Lee Jasper, pls, the man wishes
Jack Ruby, Lee Harvey Oswald and that pilot that ran dope for the contrast in south america.
He's like a muslim Lee Jasper - they all come off a hard left production line somewhere
Tetrahedron in space. Jasper Johns, Lee Bontecou. Gelatin silver print, printed in black and charcoal on tracing paper
Look at this loon. Lee Jasper liked this.
Please be aware, Lee Jasper is a racist and will twist your story to suit his ends:
I am with you there oil they should not leave such a kind loving person behind but I don't balm jasper
"Black people cannot be racist" - it must be true, Lee Jasper said so
showcase artist and author Patrick -
Activist? Lol.You mean race baiter extraordinaire and all round tosser, Lee Jasper?
Chief poodle and subservient *** licker of Lee Jasper pops up and has his penny's worth.
Unlock your doors, because Jasper Lee Brown is in town with a sack of silver dollars
Sunday shoot with some celebs.. 😏 . Photographer: Lee Santiago the Blackant Lensman
Electronic Device Insurance
They won't. Most of Jasper's white friends are self flagellating morons. In fact they probably get off on Lee giving
Before you know it he'll be calling Lee Jasper
Why Lee Jasper is wrong: White people don't have a monopoly on racism via just ask Dianne Abbott!
“We contain the shapes of trees and the movement of rivers and stars within us” ~ Patrick Jasper Lee. - A lovely...
then he came back to annoy blair and everyone loved him. THEN: lee jasper, etc
- Lee Jasper is racist because he actively opposes racism.
Thank you to Worship Life Jasper and Wayne-and Jennifer Lee for their hospitality at the Advance in Jasper this...
Teamwork. . The Bears will play HJ today at 1 pm in Jasper for a spot in the playoffs. Go Bears!
Imagine what would be unearthed if if we Lee Jasper's sock puppet accounts
Play in game against HJ at 1 in Jasper. Everybody come out and support!
A bigot like Lee Jasper has no right to talk on racism. The man's throwing the biggest stones in a tiny glass house...
But mention Islam in a negative light and Lee Jasper cries racist. The man's hypocrisy...
oh dear. Thought it was bacon that upset them, not 'cheese'. Just need Lee Jasper to make the set
What a surprise. Has Lee Jasper been made aware???.
Well, to be fair, he wants to be in a tent with Lee Jasper, doubtless on all fours!
Shocking, sad and disgusting case - Lee Jasper Official Blog: Sarah Reed: A Black Woman Victim of Vicious Polic...
Careful, Asa blocked me for simply pointing out Lee Jasper was a bigot. He's a sensitive soul!
Who? THIS Lee Jasper? Not exactly in a position to preach about racism...
Maybe they have a problem progressives (racists) like Lee Jasper!? It's hard to be educated on racism by a racist.
apart from employing, at tax payer expense, a professional racist in Lee Jasper
I was hoping for Death Proof 2: Lee and Jasper Sittin' in a Tree...
Laurie Penny and Lee Jasper seem to be in competition for *** of the Year. It's early yet, guys. Chill out.
Just checked out his TL, seems to be full of hounding of black ppl like Danny John Jules or Lee Jasper. But he doesn't think he's a bigot.
That's not far away from the Lee Jasper school of thought that only white people are capable of racism.
On the day of March 15, 2016 at 6:10am. Jasper Lee has been born and I am officially an auntie.👶🏼💕
Help and Status Alert: . I am looking for interns and activist support. We are currently overwhelmed with cases...
Lee Jasper is a rape apologist and coward who wants to see this country ruined by excessive migration.
Lee Jasper doesn't care about rape if it's done by the & because "reverse colonialism."
Remember, Lee Jasper doesn't care about the rapes by he just wants reverse colonialism.
my eye is a Rivera, Mexico. Jasper Johns, Lee Bontecou. Aquatint, and drypoint, and engraving, printed in black
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Going out of business sale means all the comics for jasper (@ Lee's Comics in San Mateo, CA)
Not even going to start watching it. Had a tear just posting a picture of Jasper. 😞😢
Look at this picture. These men and women have contracts to work with black young people. Look at them good.
This isn't about UKIP or Jasna, it's about Lee Jasper being a bigot.
No, you're right, disagreeing with racists like Lee Jasper by default makes me or anyone racist!
Just found it there's a clothing brand called JASPER !! It's JASPAR not flipping JASPER dochue
Last night I had a dream that jasper came to my house dressed as old people...
I'm sure you will have a good time there! Both me and Mr Lee greatly enjoyed our uni days
Interesting that Lee Jasper from Respect is key speaker at Stand up to Racism March.
Support Black Women Today is Post this to your friends and family. God forbid you should need...
This Stephe (is a professional victim, and friend of Lee Jasper. Need I say more?
Blu Shade Movie Is my latest project. Written and Directed by Lee Kameron produced by Omo V/Jasper and a...
One of the best Jasper pictures in existence😍
But you associate with Lee Jasper. You're losing mate
Racism flows both ways. Do you deny Lee Jasper is a racist?
Do you deny that Lee Jasper is a racist?
can I suggest we appoint a Commission with Mo Ansar, Lee Jasper & Dianne Abbott?
Listen: George Galloway and Lee Jasper rapping (?) about Croydon North, MPs, bankers etc (via
. Met police should NEVER accept bigot Lee Jasper as representative of black community
here he is meeting with Lee Jasper at the Notting Hill carnival.
Also send Jeremy Vine, George Galloway, Lee Jasper, Chi Onwurah, David Stockdale, Dipu Ahad and hope they never return.
mind you, that Lee Jasper is a very white black man and he seems to have got away with it
He makes way too much sense for Lee. Doubtless he'd be labelled an Uncle Tom by Jasper and his far left cohorts
“Day 1 in Manila and I've already been replaced. WOAH WOAH ONLY JASPER SHOULD BE TOGETHER
I think I remember Jasper calling Lammy a house slave around 2011. . Too "white" for Lee.
Have you met Lee Jasper, spoken to my ex or followed
But you shld play that vid to Lee Jasper every time he spouts his ...
You will find if you read his stream that he considers himself 'darker than Lee Jasper' who is mixed race.
Via Lee Meta Jasper: 'I believe and I know i sounds a little silly but I believe that the involvement of Britain...
And look who favourited your comment, another racist in the form of Lee Jasper. I was the victim!
I'm darker than your love interest Lee Jasper! I've yet to say or write a racist word either
ooh! & if u guys find me at , I'm giving jasper stickers ( if u guys want )
Me & Lee Jasper my big brother from another mother!!
It got worse. Lee Jasper told me to shut up & then called me a 'shroud waver!' Not very nice was it?
& could compete with damon and stefan bromance hands down ✌. Idc jasper is brilliant !.
Black people in technicolor America where the Blue makes the blood run red. Concrete flag or the Stars and Bars...
you're trying to use logic with Lee Jasper. Good luck with that.
1)Exactly, admission on both sides. The police have done their bit. But Lee Jasper will not
I believe Lee Jasper's meddling/screaming may actually have cost someone's life in London already
As I'm sure you know, Jamie, Lee Jasper has no interest in improving or solving anything at all
why oh why are you debating with lee jasper? The guy is an imbecile, even the black community of London are embarrassed by him
is lee jasper on other social media outlets telling kids to stop carrying knives and the dangers ? Of course he is
I named my kitten after you! But instead of Casper lee it's Jasper lee.
Word sound and power! If you need s spiritual supercharge you batteries watch this sister bring the spirit.
What price the moral of men and women? This sister spit's it raw like machine gun bullets- not for easily offended.
Lee jasper says that black officers are still subject to racism from their colleagues
The biggest gangsters around? ha silly fool. I'd advise you to stop listening to the likes of Lee Jasper...>
Tornado Watch in effect for Jasper, Jefferson, Johnson, Keokuk, Lee, Linn and Louisa Counties until 11 PM
Tornado Watch in effect for Henry, Iowa, Jasper, Jefferson, Johnson, Keokuk and Lee Counties in IA until 11 PM
erm... No to racism? And yes to Jasper? You do know Lee's a blatant racist, right?
So sweet, always nice to hear someone buy Lee Jasper's *** It'd be hilarious if it wasn't so sad.
If they stop being room mates the world will end forever 💥💥👌
Migrants aren't a drain...'migrants built every square of this country' Lee Jasper
Lee Jasper speaking at "not Roma, not Muslims are causing austerity, the banks caused austerity "
BARAC: “We believe the film is current and relevant for all audiences in the UK.” Lee Jasper
Yes, Lee Jasper and Al Sharpton make a lot of money out of racism.
me: remains burrowed up Jasper Lee Whitlock's *** me: this is nice
Get your free chance of burning excess fat [pqrbb]
First the cartoon, then real life. Jasper on book tour - wildly popular. "And the Good News Is..." NYT bestseller http:/…
If you can give racist tramps like Lee Jasper air time, even things out and give Nick Griffin air time >
jasper Was there ever a prank u did to one another that instead of making them laugh they got mad?
jasper. How did u meet and what was ur 1st impression of each other?
If Jasper had a baby what feature of each other would you want the baby to have?
Why on earth are you giving this known racist a platform? Lee Jasper is a far left anti-white racist.
who swears the most and is the any more jasper mail videos? Btw LY
I was really tempted to put Jasper there... Anyway, have you guys ever eaten escargots?
Could you'll read Jasper fan fiction? ❤️ 😘 ‍
When did you both start being roommates? We need a jasper anniversary! Xxx
do you like boats because I ship you guys *smirkface*
What was your first reaction when you walked into your new apartment?
They must have short memories if they can't remember Ken Livingstone & Lee Jasper
Somewhere between Lee Jasper and Pamela Geller, lies sanity.
Yes, she did. And Lee Jasper hasn't said a peep!
haven't you heard black cannot be racist according to Lee Jasper.
Jleeboog meets boytripper by Jasper Lee -
With 9 reviews and 4.3 stars, my ebook Hard Justice is a great read for $2.99 on Amazon.
Kathleen Jasper with ConversationEd is joining us now to discuss new developments with high stakes tests in Lee County.
Jasper Feversham, and Lee Bowden used the Moral argument in public, of course was all about the money in the leaked emails
People like Lee Jasper would much rather that we scream racism and white privilege and not get to the root cause.
Really ? U flash up Lee Jasper and Louise Mensch blogs, those well known UKIP enthusiasts as beacons of truth.
"I followed the crowd and made my way into the main auditorium where the plenary session was about to begin; the rest of the attendees soon followed and there was a buzz of excitement. Participants were expecting someone, someone big, guess who? Bill Clinton. I looked around the auditorium looking for a friendly face to approach and get more information; then I spotted Lee Jasper, the GLA Director of Equalities. I went over to greet him and then he pointed out Winsome, a staff member of Operation Black Vote, who was in fact sitting right in front of me. I went back to my seat and Lee came and sat next to me. Various speakers came up and talked about the civil rights movement, important issues like sub prime mortgages were discussed as well as a number of other issues, interspersed with questions from the crowd and some outbursts – from the younger members – for the organisation to do more followed by an outline by the organisations officers of what they had done for the community on the respective iss ...
Police shoot dead man making knife threat in Islington. Guess whose side Lee Jasper is taking?
Well done Tom! I remember this article. This woman is in cahoots with the obnoxious Lee Jasper. Two poison pens
The Immigration Debate. C5. Why has this tv discussion programme become monopolised by the Islamic issue? Anjem Choudry represents a tiny minority of Muslims in Britain, so therefore should not have been given valuable air time. I question the relevance of tv debates, ie, Lee Jasper's posturing, audiences shouting down opposing views, and finally, Nancy De ollio( or whatever her name is), Luisa Zissman and Paula Hamilton, For Pity's sake!! .
he's talking about Lee Jasper, Darcus Howe, Diane Abbott, among others.
Erm, yes. I was meaning from the kind of people who tend to block me (George Galloway, Owen Jones, Laurie Penny, Lee Jasper...)
sadiq khan is even more dodgy than Keith Vaz.he even makes Ken Livingstone and Lee Jasper look honest. he will make a great Mayor!
British colonialism was a brutal exploitation of millions of people and their countries resources. India suffered...
1 loony called me a racist for daring to question Lee Jasper LOL
We can all try not to be racist quite easily until people like lee jasper say "black people can't be racist"
She doesn't say " I love you" like a normal person. . Instead she'll laugh, shake her head, give you a little...
if you had to ship someone with Troye/Jasper, who would it be? Why?
it looks like you're never getting HD mac nut ice-cream from Mr Lee ever, Mr Goh.
Hi Lee, sorry for any inconvenience, hope you get to your destination OK - Jasper
Sign up up for Leon Briggs deaths in custody s support group on FB
it was accused me of picking on Lee jasper, and I was a racist for doing so LOL
Not been suspended either, just the odd unfollow from 1 *** who thinks I am racist for challenging Lee Jasper
In need of professional , ethical immigration advice? I can personally recommend Virgo based in Brixton. First...
Why are they 'privileged' men? Lee Jasper uses same phrase about white people to blacks.
Jasper new lil ting look like Destini man .
Jim Lee's Batman is the inspiration behind Ben Affleck's Batsuit. There. It's out there now.
Now internet is saying Smith said "Jim Lee" influence. Which would be grey and blue...a blue cowl and cape...a blue cowl on Batma…
I suppose Lee Jasper will have been remembering all the disabled minority-ethnic *** rights campaigners killed by the bedroom tax.
not baddd, i might be gg pasir ris tmr bro :D
I've just DM'd Lee Bullen his details. I hope they look at him. 33 goals/13 assists in 7 games.
Save up to 70% on Inkjet and Toner Supplies!
Gotta say that Jasper Carrot is having a great game. Top referee SAFC Vs MCFC take note Lee Mason this is how a proper ref officiates.
Black youth leaders are transforming their own lives and inspiring others Kenny Imafidon is one of them.
My wonderful handsome Grandson. He makes me so proud...
Jasper Farmers Market is open Saturday 9.30 am – 1.30 pm. in Lee Newton park in Jasper. Come and support local...
Me, Eric Lee and either Jasper or Tony will sit at ur table
Have you seen Mummy in Brixton she has dementia and may be confused please share.
Rough Copy my Xfactor fav's are simply brilliant exceptional talent. Here is is their cover version of "I Can't...
I want to join the world where Lee Jasper lives in peace and complete harmony. (Pass the ducie on the left...)
Looks like Lee Jasper won't be taking up my offer :-(
That'll be the next campaign no doubt led by wankers like Diane Abbot and Lee Jasper.
No doubt people like Lee Jasper and Diane Abbot will be championing the decision about the peerage.
Some of these very angry, racist black people actually have some white ancestry. Lee Jasper, another classic example.
Hey what happened with your new best mate Lee Jasper?
I've got Lee Jasper's attention. This should be interesting
Lee Jasper will stop fighting for the black man and take up arms for the offended.
Now blocked by Lee Jasper. Now there is a total and complete *** stain if there ever was one.
What does Obama, Lee Jasper, David Lammy & Doreen Lawrence have in common with this video & pdf?
If it wass funnier I'd think it was a parody. Trust Lee Jasper to sniff out extreme-left nutjobs.
Stand your ground against racism, important article by Lee Jasper about Trayvon Martin -
Put Doreen Lawrence and Lee Jasper on a flight to Miami now! An additional Airbus A380 will be required to carry their shoulder chips though
Love this - Lee Jasper at his most acerbic. Specially love the bit - Trevor Phillips represents the future devoid of its past. Thanks to Slave Registers for sharing
Congrats to Lee Jasper on publishing the following article Jasper, L. E. Z. and Schaub, H., “Effective Sphere Modeling for Electrostatic Forces on Three-Dimensional Spacecraft Shapes,” Adventures on the Interface of Mechanics and Control, K. T. Alfriend, M. Akella, J. E. Hurtado, J. Juang, and J. D. Turner, Tech Science Press, Duluth, Georgia, 2012, pp. 267–298. in the special book honoring Dr. John Junkins.
You're welcome! Have you been blocked yet by Laurie Penny, Lee Jasper, John Prescott, Eoin Jones and Diane Abbott?
You mean you hadn't been blocked by him before? Amateur! Galloway, Owen Jones & Lee Jasper are level 1 blockers.
Nonsense, Lee Jasper carries honey, not cards
A 13 yr old boy has a gun held to his head. Lee Jasper writes on conspiracy of silence on the recent increase in serious youth violence in Lambeth Over the last two week, Lambeth has seen an explosion of youth violence. Stabbings, shootings, and attempted murder of a 13yr old have engulfed the borough. On the weekend of 4/5th March the police, unable to cope, called for reinforcements as a result of cuts to police officer numbers. Young people have been left critically injured and yet we the community have no idea what’s happening. The Police and the Local Authority have we think, decided for political reasons, that they will enforce a wall of silence. There has been virtually no media coverage of these events. Parents and the wider community are at their wits ends and have decided to break this conspiracy of silence that seems to be motivated to hide both the Mayors embarrassment at cuts to police numbers and the decimation of youth services and the local voluntary sector by Lambeth Council. Lambeth MP ...
Lee Jasper shared the following link and had this to say about it: Here is my article on Walter Tull: A forgotten Black British Hero. Please share few months ago, a good friend of mine- Dave Pearson - badgered me to read Michael Morpurgo’s ‘A medal for Leroy’. 'Simon, you hav...
David Cameron's family received £3 million (in today's money) in compensation for the 200 enslaved Africans his family owned in Jamaica when slavery was abolished - whilst those enslaved continued to live in poverty, discriminated against. Lee Jasper my co-chair of BARAC writes on reparations:
Respect Party politician Lee Jasper has used the upcoming Holocaust Memorial Day to mount an attack on Israel as a "racist oppressor". Mr Jasper, a former equalities adviser to Ken Livingstone and an activist on race relations issues, made the
I've noticed that British born Lee Jasper is happy west Indies have reached the final of cricket work cup,no mention of England,wot a guy!
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Thank you for ensuring that Lee Jasper did not get back into politics via the back door
Congratulations. Thank God you beat that upstart Lee Jasper!
How could you support Lee Jasper? If I was an advertiser,I would boycott your paper!
Oh, ok, are we all pretending to feel bad for lee jasper, ok."I mean, it's such a shame, next time." How's that?
Let me be the one to cherish you instead, don't wanna see you get hurt ): !
I wonder if Chris Eubank will be backing a 2nd loser in a week (his son) after backing Lee Jasper!
Lee Jasper graciously loses Croydon North by-election. Keep on keeping on!
Galloway and Jasper: The divisive politics of Respect
Lee jasper is grandson of African slave who suffered 500 yrs of racism and oppression. translation: pass the chip on the shoulder
I am and he's the Labour candidate therefore I'm backing him. I wouldn't vote for Lee Jasper if you paid me. Vile bully.
Don't forget according to Lee Jasper black people can't be racist, only whites..
Jasper Finna get in that *** Miley better be practicing them haircut styles!
So excited to welcome Lee Brownstein on board as Director of HERE & NOW.Now let's go make this movie!
Don't talk about trading in Dollars, talk about trading in YEN. -Lee Jasper.
"All great Empires are built on great crimes". "Those Empires don't last forever". - Lee Jasper
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
"Britain is like that 56 year old man who buys a Porsche hoping to get his groove on" - Lee Jasper
"Black is a powerful and transformative definition." - Lee Jasper
Lee Jasper from Black Activists Rising Against Cuts at the 10th anniversary of having a NUS full time Black Students' officer
This is my first year not travelling to I hope it's more inclusive and I also hope there is a different speaker than Lee Jasper.
Lee Jasper feat. George Galloway - because Aretha Franklin would have been the safe option
Here's a taster . Tony Sewell has a role under Boris remember, he wrote that recent report
Still chuckling at Lee Jasper amassing 707 votes in Croydon North.Galloway really is good at making fools look more foolish for his own ego
Liveblog: Poor Lee Jasper, was all of that effort for 4th place?
Lee jasper only manages 2 get 700 votes in Croydon north am amazed he managed 2 get even that! No end to politicians egos!
Dear Santa, This year I'd like the ability and privilege to be able to Bruce Lee kick people in the face. Thanks, Jasper.
Steve reed wins croyden north by election by 11000 majority. Sorry for jasper
Fascinating use of radio advertising by George Galloway & Lee Jasper of Respect in the North
Watching Lee Jasper playing the Palestinian card for is proper lolz territory. A black nazi taking sides against Jews, irony?
Glad to see the vile repugant racist Lee Jasper trounced in the Croydon bye-election.
I see Lee Jasper managed 707 votes in Croydon North by election...
All purpose parts banner
Pleased to say the good people of Croydon North ensured Lee Jasper was confined to a miserable 6th place. Even the Lib Dems beat him ;)
I also wonder if Lee Jasper's association with Ken hurt his chances. But difficult to say when the turnout is so low.
Lee Jasper now is the time to build a base in Croydon, if not for the MP elections then for the Council Lee jasper councillor
Lee Jasper 707 votes in Croydon. More than I expected and 707 more than he deserves
Shasha would have beat UKIP and the LibDems to take 3rd Place if Lee Jasper had not split the anti racist anti austerity vote!
How embarrassing for Respect's Lee Jasper, beaten by the Lib Dems.
From this day forward I think Lee Jasper should be referred to as Mr 2.8% or better still introduce himself as Jasper 707
Mighty pleasing that Lee Jasper got only 700 votes in Croydon N in stunning result for Steve Reed. Poor turnout as ever nowadays tho (26%).
It seems Lee Jasper didn't get his deposit back in Croydon North, despite the awesome tune that got London humming
Today is election day in Rotherham and Croydon North. Choose Respect. Respect yourself. Respect your community. Vote Yvonne Ridley in Rotherham and Lee Jasper in Croydon. Outstanding activists who have performed miracles with almost no resources a hostile media and sundry dogs barking off to their left. The Respect caravan moves on. God-willing, towards victory. George Galloway MP House of Commons London
Lee Jasper moans about Tories playing the race card. Talk about the pot calling the Meet Winston + see how UKIP talks straight
AN URGENT MESSAGE TO ALL OUR SUPPORTERS Respect tells me that: "We are on the edge of a political earthquake in British politics. In polling conducted at the weekend, the Respect candidate in the Rotherham by-election, Yvonne Ridley, has the lead over Labour. Labour has panicked and launched a vicious and negative campaign of dirty tricks against Respect but this has been sidelined by our magnificent positive campaign with the Respect battle bus, advertizing truck and campaign groups in every ward. Polling conducted in the Croydon North by-election suggests that Lee Jasper, the Respect candidate, is now neck and neck with the Labour Party to win the constituency. This overturns a Labour majority of over 16,000 at the last general election. This is nothing short of astounding and is testament to the excellent campaign team, candidate and brilliant policies we have. The voters go to the polls for both constituences on Thursday this week. If Respect wins one of these constituencies, it will make headlines ac ...
Lee Jasper decided to stand for Election in the Borough of Croydon North on 3rd November 2012. George Galloway's Respect Party duly set up office, and took t...
Look out for Lee Jasper and Yvonne Ridley on the campaign trail today in the two RESPECT battle buses. Appropriately one red, one green.
These two beauties are like family to me now; win or lose Lee Jasper is the voice of my people!
My answer was of course rather disparaging and ahistoric. For instance, Malcolm X, Wole Soyinka and Harriet Tubman were never elected but they would never be denied their status as effective community leaders.
This will be my first Thanksgiving ever (at 22) to not spend with my family! Although I'm extremely excited to spend it with Lee Jasper's family, I'm going to miss the loud crazy hectic time that I'm sure Jan Fewell, Andrea Megan Fewell, and Chelsey Fewell will have tomorrow! There's nothing like reuniting the Fewell ladies but there is still Christmas!
What would happen if Lee Jasper became the MP for North Croydon ?
Full support given for PCS pledges by Lee Jasper candidate in the Croydon North by-election. Viv Ahmun Patricia Lamour
glenn_ebrey published Lee Jasper to stand for Respect in Croydon North by-election: Leading race relations campa...
National co-chairs; Zita Holbourne & Lee Jasper. The four main objectives of the campaign are: To campaign and defend jobs and services. To highlight the disproportionate and adverse impact of reduction in public spending on black communities, provide a campaigning platform to fight against cuts, To...
Owen Jones is fast becoming the Lee Jasper of the working class.
Try telling that to Owen Jones and Lee Jasper!
Lee Jasper; that affirmative action *** ! Only racism is against native white people!! Fck him!
Review for: John Terry verdict illustrates the degree of racism within the UK Criminal Justice System. By Lee Jasper. Racism in UK. Same...
Ched Evans, wrongly jailed. Lee Jasper stole £510,000 and got away with it. Assange? Fitted up. Add Burma et voila.
Ken Livingstone's former race adviser Lee Jasper has claimed that “no black person in the UK can be racist”.
By Lee Jasper Today, Lee Jasper responded to the accusation of indifference and hypocrisy over the shooting of five-year-old Thusha Kamaleswaran, levelled at him and Tottenham community activist Stafford Scott by journalist Nirpal Dhaliwal, in an article published in the Evening Standard yest...
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