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Lee Harvey

Lee Harvey Oswald (October 18, 1939 – November 24, 1963) was, according to four government investigations, the sniper who assassinated John F.

Lee Harvey Oswald Jack Ruby John Wilkes Booth Lee Harvey Osmond Central Intelligence Agency

If Kanye really becomes the next president, consider me the next Lee Harvey Oswald
Why were Fred Koch & Lee Harvey Oswald in Moscow at the same time?
With Malice : Lee Harvey Oswald and the Murder of Officer J.D. Tippit by Dale...
Lee Harvey Oswald was a patsy when it came to the assassination of JFK. Wrong guy!
This is the man who REALLY assassinated President John F. Kennedy. James Files, NOT Lee Harvey Oswald.
Someone must think I'm related to Lee Harvey
is beside me in the library practicing Greek quietly and it sounds like he's try to summon the ghost of Lee Harvey Oswald.
The World premiere of The Other Side of Desire , a film by Gail Harvey in London,, England on Oct 3rd at...
They started it the same way Lee Harvey Oswald started stricter protection of the president.
Thomas, Harvey-Lee finished 3rd in the under 14 400 metres with 1m 8s 78ms
"Give them a tank. I need to be safe. I love mcdonalds. I love Bill O'reilly. JFK was killed by Lee Harvey Oswald."
Can someone please dig up Lee Harvey Oswald for Trump?
Blue Moon Drive by Lee Harvey Osmond || interesting sound. Like him
Pedal Against PTSD will be setup at Lee Harvey's after our ride this sunday.
I keep trying for Stan Lee, but I've only gotten Harvey Pekar so far.
This Corbyn led Labour thing is gonna be as sloppy as a Lee Harvey Oswald prison tranfer.
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Such a great opportunity to share ideas with 2 great photographers Lee Foulger of Fairfield Studios and Harvey...
Case Closed : Lee Harvey Oswald and the Assassination of JFK by Gerald Posner...
If you believe Rodgers was responsible for our 2nd place finish 2 seasons ago you probably think JFK was shot by Lee Harvey Oswald
Yep, Lee Harvey Oswald-esque. I'm googling coach who will look like James Earl Ray and O-lineman/John Hinckley Jr.
I'm no conspiracy theorist, but it's increasingly apparent that Lee Harvey Oswald did 9/11 with Sirhan Sirhan and Mark David Chapman.
that was skepticism. More like a Lee Harvey
No doubt I have a wonderful set tonight spin tonight at Lee Harvey's. Music presented unlike anything you have...
New performance announced in Dallas, TX at Lee Harvey's on August 15, 2015
Standing on the 7th floor right above where Lee Harvey Oswald supposedly assassinated Kennedy.
The Shadow the Hedgehog game was fun but the level where he travelled back in time and killed Lee Harvey Oswald was a little
I bet if Lee Harvey Oswald was alive he would be there too.
Lee: Harvey Bradbury, Lee Bradbury`s son, who penned a two-year Scholarship with the Blues. We have a video of...
Jack Ruby shoots Lee Harvey Oswald two days after JFK was killed in Dallas, TX
A friend shared this today. I had to be an *** and point out that both Lee Harvey Oswald and Charles Joseph...
History buff? See Lee Harvey Oswald’s bedroom on a tour led by the homeowner who knew him.
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it was "anti football" like following Harvey with Lee and Cox with Charlton.
Did John McCain think to ask who Lee Harvey Oswald really was? Would he have been allowed by mic to ask?
Lee Harvey Oswald could have mounted the same defence.
Tbh I want to see Lee Harvey Oswald v John Wilks Booth on
The Charleston Shooter was WHITE. Timothy McVeigh was WHITE. Lee Harvey Oswald was WHITE. What's your point?
"So where were you when Kennedy was shot?" - Me awkwardly talking to someone I don't realize is Lee Harvey Oswald.
And, if they threw the middle name in there, I'd be back to feeling insecure: "I'm Lee Harvey Oswald, welcome aboard!"
Lee Harvey Oswald Shot Jesus in the 1300s via
Now in DocsTeach Oswald, Lee Harvey - Murder by Ruby - 1 - This is one of the “Key Persons” Files of the President... http:/…
I think Lee Harvey Oswald shot JFK for treating Marilyn like a *** . but what do I know ??? 😑
Lee Harvey Oswald did indeed fire at JFK, but secret service agent George Hickey delivered the fatal head shot w/ an AR-15 …
The Crolla burglary story is the biggest conspiracy since Lee Harvey Oswald got stitched up.
This WWE PPV is definitely a product of its time (1997). Called a Japanese fella "slant-eyed" and made a Lee Harvey Oswald joke. :o
COMING SOON! Savannah Lee Beasley and I are thrilled to share with you Harvey Lee, a kids clothing line for ages...
Harvey lee got me wantin to fade the dolp concert fucc reo
Free show tonight at Lee Harvey's featuring Rise and Shine. 9:30pm
From Oswald’s rooming house, we proceeded to 214 W. Neely St A tour of Lee Harvey Oswald’s…
Join our tour as Lee Harvey Oswald will make his last decision on this day.…
Yup and Lee Harvey Oswald said it was a setup by the gov but they didn't believe him until his death in 1998.
Re: To LNers: Lee Harvey Oswald and the Odd Connections...: That's silly. You're saying Paine knew Oswald left...
Lee Bradbury's son, Harvey, has penned a deal at
"The Guvey our$,. Lee Harvey,. Oswald Mosley Rice and Mirror is Key Rain on a Lease,,
The assassination of the President of the United States on national television by a “lone” assassin, Lee Harvey...
The don Marcus Dubois going in on one of the greatest verses of all time last night! Lee Harvey 4…
Free Lee Harvey Oswald. He was an innocent man protecting a brotherhood
making all the good sounds tonight at Lee Harvey's. @ Lee Harvey's
I'm Gordon Oswald. In school everyone called me Lee Harvey. Coulda been GordonOswald23 but 23 lacks numerical cred.
I can just picture it . "Yeah doc Tyler Seguin is out there playing like former Dallas citizen Lee Harvey Oswald"
Waiting for the day Pierre McGuire compares a player to Lee Harvey Oswald after they snipe
They should have had a seance to ask Lee Harvey Oswald if anyone hired him to kill Kennedy.
that's like Lee Harvey Oswald giving a shoutout to the Kennedy family
Yes I will also be spinning up at Lee Harvey's tonight from 10-30 till 2am tonight so come check us out! Peace & Blessings
Where is Lee Harvey Oswald when you need em?
Great to have a dinner-time Poppins reunion with my friends Emily Harvey-Lee (phantombway with me…
Now playing Harvey Mason with Lee Bailey (EUR) - The Song on Pax Stereo Tv -
August 1963: this woman on Camp Street at Common would have no idea she took a handbill from Lee Harvey Oswald.
Lee Harvey Oswald still owes an overdue book - The Shark and the Sardines by Juan Jose Arevalo - to Dallas public library
Great time at Lee Harvey's last night! Ready to do it again tonight at White Elephant Saloon! Heath Webb @ 9, MRB @ 10:30!
Beautiful Scars - Lee Harvey Osmond's new CD- come to the release party at the Hideout.
Call for AHS The Betty and Alfred McClung Lee Book Award 2015. Nominations Deadline 5/15 for more info: Daina Harvey dharvey
Yesterday segway touring around the city of Dallas! that is the window that Lee Harvey Oswald shot…
Tonight: Thieves of Ennui, The Shout and more. A great night of rock not to be missed!
'One of the greatest Canadian bands of the last 10 yrs'
. Fiscal policy isn't 'controlled by the EU'. The moon landing really did happen. Lee Harvey Oswald shot JFK
Kennedy was killed by a self-professed Communist named Lee Harvey Oswald.
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I found the Stan lee cameo in daredevil , I win !
Matt Harvey's still got it. Mets ace goes 6 scoreless innings with 9 K, 1 BB in his first outing in 16 months.
Why has Tom Wilson rebranded himself as Lee Harvey Osmond?
Jump start your Saturday morning with this tune!
Lee Farmer not had a bite for an hour. Steve Jackson, John Harvey, Warren Martin, Zac Brown all catching up. Great finish.
John Harvey on Spring has come into the frame. Impossible to call. Lee Farmer has stopped catching. Others have started. Epic!
oh got it - but the band name is Lee Harvey Osmond :)
Lee Harvey Osmond photos from show at
Have you noticed that history's most notorious people have 3 names? Lee Harvey Oswald, John Wilkes Booth.and Iain Duncan Smith!
- Lee Harvey Oswald would be so pround of our president!
oh, and D for Dallas - where either JR or JFK was shot by Lee Harvey Oswald. So easy to get the two mixed up.
Who shot JFK? A few suspects Lee Harvey Oswald, FBI, CIA, Mafia, Aliens? Who knows..What's any of that go to with the NHS anyhow??
51 years ago: Jack Ruby found guilty of killing Lee Harvey Oswald - via
your Q&A video just Lee Harvey Oswald 1080 no scope quad wallbang triple headshot collateraled me right in the feels
Ronnie, we Still NEED You! Where is Lee Harvey Oswald when the US Really NEEDS HIM to RID US of Communist Obama!
My girlfriends grandpa told us the only person he wanted to vote for was Trump & his best friend growing up was Lee H…
Lee Harvey Oswald shot those cops... Just like he shot JFK..., vanishes from timeline
our beards could have saved JFK and killed Lee Harvey Oswald.
Lee Harvey Oswald had CIA handlers paint his persona while he was still on the team. thats why he did the Cuba Russia thing.
So you have someone who has military loyalty on a secret mission and you have a Sheep Dipped Patsy or Lee Harvey Oswald.
.&Helen47 JFK would be kicked out of Dem party now! They'd be quicker 2 embrace Lee Harvey Oswald as a commie than a conservative dem!
The IRS is probably the worst thing in America. That list includes Obama, Sorority *** and Lee Harvey Oswald.
6th floor of the Texas Book Depository in Downtown Dallas. The floor that Lee Harvey Oswald shot and…
This guy shoots better than Lee Harvey Oswald
Have they checked Lee Harvey Oswald's alibi yet?
Authorities, scapegoats and the media. Nothing has changed. Remember Lee Harvey Oswald?
Congrats, on being recipient of the Broadcasting Press Guild's Harvey Lee Outstanding Contribution to Broadcasting award.
would be tough to exclude Lee Harvey Oswald
JUST IN: The reliable witnesses of Ferguson say the shooter was Lee Harvey Oswald, from the grassy knoll.
Lenny Henry gets a standing ovation for the Harvey Lee award for outstanding contribution to broadcasting
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A standing ovation for Lenny Henry at - winner of Harvey Lee award on the day Comic Relief is expected to raise £1bn for charity
Congratulations for championing & wining the Harvey Lee Award for Outstanding Contribution to Broadca…
respect for that comment mate! Awesome. I do my very best to make sure kids like Harvey a…
ever see striking resemblance Btn Sean and Lee Harvey Oswald?
Speaking of Lee Harvey, here's Brian Williams in the Presidential motorcade. .
Why is it so important that we know assassins middle names? James Earl, Lee Harvey, John Wilkes Etc.
If I could redo history I would stop Lee Harvey Oswald from shooting Kennedy
Just found out that not only did Lee Harvey Oswald go to Arlington Heights, but John Denver did too.
Flea Harvey's at Lee Harvey's this Saturday: will definitely check out. It's my neighborhood!
Case of the Month : Brenda Lee Harvey Martinez, the mother of
That weird moment when I realized that I am the same age as Lee Harvey Oswald was when JFK was assassinated
Case of the Month for Jan 2015: Brenda Lee Harvey Martinez, the mother of
Hopefully Lee Harvey Oswald gets brought back to life so he can pop off some of these half-and-half scarf ***
heskey to Liverpool is Harvey to herne bay, a class above the rest.
Photo: New evidence provides support for conclusion Lee Harvey Oswald was the “Doorway Man” in Alton’s AP...
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Can someone go Lee Harvey Oswald on Mignolet's *** quick time please, as in, actually blow his brains out yeah
Google "Brenda Lee Harvey Martinez" and see what is in the spot cc Your mom in t…
Today, G'n'R guitarist Izzy Stradlin is exactly as old as Jack Ruby was the day he shot Lee Harvey Oswald: 19,265 days.
I can't get NBC in my mom's basement. So instead of watching Hota and Kathy Lee I'm watching Steve Harvey. Help, please.
Liberal activist Lee Harvey Oswald, working alone, killed JFK to promote his progressive ideology.
JFK, Lee Harvey - and 50 years of conspiracy nonsense ...: via
I've heard a fair amount of BS in my time, but G. Austin takes the cake. He probably thinks Lee Harvey Oswald is guilty.
Lee Harvey Oswald was just a patsy.
1: Lee Harvey’s 7 Day Systemic Cleansing Detox: Get your diet started right with a cleanse for the New…
We can already disclose that for some weird reasons there will be an inadvertent focus on Lee Harvey Oswald in Frog15
Has anyone else noticed the folder photo on the right for r/conspiracy, a photo of Lee Harvey Oswald, is a dead…
Ed Haslam, author of Dr, Mary's Monkey Revised Edition, on Judyth Vary and Lee Harvey Oswald
Lee Harvey Oswald wasn't a male model. No but those two lookers that capped Kennedy from the grassy knoll were -world's greatest hand model
Drove by Texas Theater, where Lee Harvey Oswald apprehended after killing JFK. Showing movie of SONY/PRK/FBI fame.
Leftist Lee Harvey Oswald did it alone from the book depository with a candle stick.
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"I despise Lee Harvey Oswald for killing the love of my life." -Emma
Marilyn Monroe hired Lee Harvey Oswald to kill JFK after he refused to leave Jackie...Marilyn is the old woman seen in all of the photos
You use Lee Harvey brand magic cartridges, don't you?
If Eric Cole was 5'7 155lb. He'd look just like Lee Harvey Oswald!
"He’s playing Lee Harvey Oswald with your self-esteem, and you’re a sitting duck because you aren’t strong enough to love yourself!"
Lee Harvey Oswald and Mohamed Atta had much in common:
Only person in Dallas history shadier than Lee Harvey Oswald
Was Lee Harvey Oswald on Steps of the Texas School Book Depoitory During Shooting? Find out:
Lee Harvey Oswald never did it. Fact. . My Aunt told me that anyway. (& I've done the tour round Dallas)
I told someone, "Cowboys are on a roll, if we go to Dallas, we'll get killed like JFK". Didn't know Pete Morelli was Lee Harvey Oswald.
"Let's get Lee Harvey Oswald out of the grave to kill Doug marrone"-UB
If Lee Harvey Oswald's next of kin is in the Dallas area tonight, please find these men
They picked up that flag so they could pin it on Lee Harvey Oswald
Wonder if Lee Harvey is up for some more dallas target practice. Put these refs in a black caddy!
Life ain't easy. That's right I said it. Shoot me Lee Harvey. Shoot me right in the head.
What was the profession of Jack Ruby, the man that shot and killed John F. Kennedy's accused assassin, Lee Harvey...
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Whiskeypants will be at Lee Harvey's in Dallas TX this Friday Nov. 21. Show starts at 9:30pm.
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What do Santa Claus and Lee Harvey Oswald have in common?. They can both be in two places at once.
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Tonight at 6: Lee Harvey Oswald's former girlfriend has Michiana ties. She told me why she knows Oswald did not assassinate JFK.
Here's one you can stick in your 'Huh?' file. In 1979 the Secret Service thwarted an assassination attempt on President Jimmy Carter. Two men were arrested and interrogated. They claimed they were part of a larger hit team. The Secret Service had none of it and labeled them lone nuts before releasing them due to insufficient evidence. Their Names? Raymond Lee Harvey and Osvaldo Ortiz. Lee Harvey and Osvaldo. Huh.
Years after JFK, Lee Harvey Oswald shot people at the Puerto Rico Olympics, went to jail, and is now a business consultant.
thats what Lee Harvey Oswald said when he assassinated Hitler
We are excited to have Delilah and Lee Harvey Thanksgiving Eve.
When you hand Lee Harvey Oswald the aux cord:
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The government is a fraud and liar Lee Harvey Oswald was an innocent man
one day mines ran into Lee Harvey Oswald
Lee Harvey Oswald still has an overdue library book from Dallas public library.
I just found a "Lee Harvey Patton Oswald" poster. I don't care that it's 40 dollars.
you really are a *** for what you do. If it were 1963 would you use a pic of Lee Harvey Oswald and use name?
My head game's stronger than Lee Harvey Oswald.
The only time I commit to conspiracy theories is when something way retarded happens. Like Lee Harvey Oswald acting alone.
MARK DICE: Jesus Was Shot by Lee Harvey Oswald in the 1300's
did u know ppl with 3 names John Wayne Gacy Lee Harvey Oswald John Wilkes Booth James earl Ray ...
Celebrating our dear friend Evan this Sunday at Lee Harvey's. Thanks to and
He got paid NOT to be Harvey Dent in "Forever" (had contract but they wanted Tommy Lee Jones)
Kennedy was NOT killed by Lee Harvey. Kneddy was killed Federal Reserve Bankers when he tried to stop Fed Resrv. http:/…
Pro tip: John Wilkes Booth and Lee Harvey Oswald are not popular veterans to thank today. Just found this out!
Lee Harvey remember that guy? He was recently added to the Memorial Wall. Hmm, gee I wonder why
Outside of Lee Harvey's before a photo shoot with for !
Watching my buddy Brandon play at Lee Harvey's... *** of a show! @ Lee Harvey's
If you don't make a vine of you killing an important political figure, you're doing it wrong. I'm looking at you Lee Harvey Oswald
Lee Harvey Oswald was blamed for the assassination of JFK because he had mafia ties so was an easy scapegoat which is why the government hired him in the first place.
.Who piggybacked David Phillips' anti-FPCC program in 1963? My money is on your David Sanchez Morales, to frame Lee Harvey Oswald.
On Just Indie Comics a profile of E.A. Bethea, an artist, writer and musician from Brooklyn who published her comics in Bethea's Illustrated, Josh Bayer's Suspect Device, No Tokens, Smoke Signal and in the anthology Tusen Hjärtan Stark edited by Austin English. "Bethea's works are structured more as digressions than as conventional narrations and use the language and the rhythm of poetry. This poetic streak becomes passionate lyricism in Poydras St. Coffeewharf, a nocturnal tableau of life in a harbor, and Blue for Night, Amber for Dawn, a philosophical and far from ordinary memory of a lost love. In other tales E.A. Bethea chooses the tools of biography and crime stories, telling in a visceral and direct way the adventures of a prisoner, a prostitute, Blanche Barrow, Lee Harvey Oswald and Malcolm X. Sometimes it seems to read a poem, other times a portrait of a famous man, an article from a newspaper or a personal diary. And the best part is that all these registers - combined with a subtle but almost u ...
My life is for my son my time is for my son ion got no room for love cuz I gave it all to my son Brayon Sha'lee Harvey
he's the Lee Harvey Oswald of cycling.
I think it's about "win now" who knows how far Bundy/Harvey are from reaching the majors? Plus you get Lee till 2016.
I just don't want to loose our big three. Gausman, Bundy, and Harvey. I mean Lee is good but how much more does he got?
Why Iraq listens to Iran, not U.S.: United States leaders have rightly said that defeating the Islamic State i...
Asif I saw in the wireless crowd for
If I made a tee with the pic of Lee Harvey Oswald getting shot who would purchase?
Okay.. This is interesting.. Would any of you consider trading Harvey or Bundy for Cliff Lee? If its there.. I say you make the deal.. 1/2
JFK has been shot by Lee Harvey Oswald. More to come.
I have to admit I was confused when the Doctor and Clara Oswald had a baby shenamed Lee Harvey and abandoned in 1943
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Oswald Talks + / -:  Had Lee Harvey Oswald survived his encounter with Jack Ruby he would have faced a trial i...
My perfect reality tv show would be called “Steve Harvey reacts to things Stan Lee shouts”
Bundy/harvey/schoop/e.Rodriguez for Lee, a few mil and Paps is a decent deal
I run into this all the time. Especially from Lee Harvey.
Can you make a photo of Lee Harvey Oswald your background? Or is that in poor taste?
Rap pose last night in the streets with Young Lee Harvey Oswald aka…
Shaina doesn't know who Lee Harvey Oswald is 😂😂 someone send this girl back to history class
This is straight out of the Collected Works of Lee Harvey Oswald
I've always thought that Lee Harvey Oswald was extremely attractive which probably equates to the possibility of me marrying a murderer
Judyth Vary Baker, author of “Me and Lee” and Girlfriend of Lee Harvey Oswald Tells Of Love Found and Love Lost.
Today in church the pastor said we should pray for our leaders. I pray for a new Lee Harvey Oswald, Do you think that is what he meant?
Absolutely incredible footage on of the hunt, capture, & murder of Lee Harvey Oswald after the JFK assassination. Riveting.
Watching this shooting of Lee Harvey Oswald
I think Lee Harvey Oswald is kinda hot 😳
reason Lee Harvey Oswald did not shoot JFK because he said he didn't do it!
As many times as I see the footage of Lee Harvey Oswald getting shot, it looks like an early episode of Playhouse 90.
not only that, but the video of Lee Harvey Oswald being killed was something out of a movie.
John Wilkes Booth shot Lincoln in a theatre from a warehouse. Lee Harvey Oswald shot Kennedy from a warehouse & was found in a theatre.
The pallbearers for Lee Harvey Oswald were news reporters because he didn't have enough family or friends.
I remember lots of people crowding around Lee Harvey Oswald with cameras too
Who really took JFK life on November 22 1963 in Dallas Texas United States. Lee Harvey Oswald was set up by who?
"Like what you do. . If you don't like it... do something else." . -Paul Harvey
Think Lee Harvey Oswald got the same advice.
I always felt That the officer Lee Harvey Oswald allegedly killed ws the baseman on the grassy knoll…
LANGLEY, Va. – Startled employees of the Central Intelligence Agency discovered this morning that Lee Harvey...
Recently declassified documents show Lee Harvey Oswald had some level of involvement with the CIA in intelligence operations around the world.
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I give all of you permission to go full Lee Harvey Oswald on me if I ever forget what it means to flip the bird to authority.
. is trying to say a member of OCT looks like Lee Harvey Oswald.
(Ah to be young again, Daniel.) The guy on left was Lee Harvey Oswald (apparent) shooter of JFK.
Lee Harvey Oswalds view from the depository
Why do soccer players go down like they were shot by Lee Harvey Oswald?
Lee Harvey Oswald quietly added to the memorial wall
Is it just me, or does this shopper remind you of Lee Harvey Oswald?
Corbett Radio 017 &In Search of Lee Harvey Oswald with Charles Ochelli - ...
About Harvey Milk? Saw that and loved it. Godbless him xx
What about the ghost of Lee Harvey Oswald?
"it's always better to take advantage of your chances as they come along.". -Lee Harvey Oswald
my grandma asked what i named my hedgehog and i said Oswald and she replied with "Oswald…like Lee Harvey Oswald that assassinated JFK?"
You caught me. I'll never forgive them for what they did to Lee Harvey Oswald ;_; He was an adorable innocent man
Breaking news: reports are now saying JFK was never assasinated. When Lee Harvey Oswald shot at him, mark mconville flew at the bullet head first. The bullet then deflected off his jimmy hat to safety and JFK's head exploded out of sheer amazement.
"So Lee Harvey Oswald never shot Kennedy?". "Nope he shot Mayor McCheese"
Watched an whole documentary bout Lee Harvey Oswald ..i was entertained
that must have been after Harvey was taken by the marlins and before lee smith took over
Still can't believe that my darling sister, Claire Biswell is going to be having a beautiful little baby boy or girl in just under a couple of weeks. Couldn't think of a better man to be at her side than Lee Harvey. Having said that, I think you guy's have lucked out having me and Martin Harvey as the child's future uncles.
I never thought I'd get a lesson in history from the movies Xmen. So today I learned Magneto killed John F Kennedy not Lee Harvey Oswald.
I'm going to listen to that & his cover of Henry Lee with PJ Harvey, then be all paranoid about handsome strangers & roses! :-D
Why does this doofus on not know Lee Harvey Oswald assassinated JFK?
Happy birthday to my uncle Reginald Lee Harvey may god bless you with many more 🎊🎉🍰
Here I Go Again: The Nut Job in California who couldn't get a girlfriend so he goes on a killing spree. Another pathetic loser who is just the latest link in the chain of modern times going back to Lee Harvey Oswald. And since Bobby Kennedy was shot down (also in California) in 1968, gun laws have become increasingly more restrictive - and yet - the killings continue. As for Me: I don't own any guns. I never have - probably never will. I don't care about the NRA & I don't hunt or shoot for sport or for anything else. Here's the Deal: On this day, John F. Kennedy's 97th Birthday, they can pass all the gun laws they wish, but that won't stop the violence. All that will do is potentially succeed in taking away the gun rights of responsible citizens. We must NOT forget history! The FIRST thing the Nazis did in Germany after coming to power was take away the guns from the citizenry. This is why the 2nd Amendment exists here in the USA - You can debate it's meaning all you wish, but the premise is fundamental t ...
Gary Oldman IS Lee Harvey Oswald. Has always been Lee Harvey Oswald, will always be Lee Harvey Oswald. This is simply
I feel like if you're position on whether Lee Harvey Oswald killed President Kennedy or not says a lot about you.
There's absolutely, positively No doubt in my mind That OJ did it; Lee Harvey didn't An' she's really gone this time
What if I told you that JFK wasn't killed by Lee Harvey Oswald but by secret service agent George Hickey
Grab either John Wilkes Booth or Lee Harvey Oswald from the past and have them back me up in the inevitable fist fight.
he gave it a nice shot, but not as nice as Lee Harvey Oswald's
Is Lee Harvey Oswald's ghost in the rafters at MSG? Lots of heads snapping back like some of these "Canadiens" are getting shot by a sniper
Bring your pup and join us for a fun afternoon at Lee Harvey's! A $10 donation gets a wristband good for Happy Hour Prices on all drinks. There will also be a raffle for some great prizes. As always our adoptable dogs will be there looking for their furever homes.
It was Lee Harvey Oswald. was the first onto the ball followed by and
the picture in the background of Lee Harvey Oswald being shot looks a little different than what I remember
If you get a chance, take it. If it changes your life, let it. — Harvey MacKay
When I die I want to find out about Lee Harvey Oswald. There are TOO MANY JFK conspiracy movies and documentaries.
Shoutout to the new X Men movie for giving a more reasonable explanation of JFK's death then Lee Harvey Oswald.
Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Me & Lee: How I Came to Know, Love and Lose Lee Harvey Oswald at Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users.
I don't know what Lee Harvey Oswald looks like these days but he can't be less attractive than Joey Barton
Lee Harvey Oswald had a better shot.
Is it just me or does Joey Barton look like Lee Harvey Oswald these days?
Happy birthday John Fitzgerald Kennedy.. You would've been 97 today if it wasn't for Lee Harvey Oswald's actions in Dallas on 11/22/63
so it's cool to kill yourself Patrick? Is that what you are trying to say? Lee Harvey Oswald your bro?
Just ask Lee Harvey the fool thought change of government was going to fill his pockets. LOL
This Friday night, Petty Theft (Tom Petty tribute band) will play a free show at Lee Harvey's! 9 pm. Minors are welcome with a parent or guardian. Our kitchen will be open until midnight.
I'm writing a paper on the similarities between Snowden and Lee Harvey Oswald
Tonight, everyone is welcome to join some of the Dallas Police Department's finest detectives as we watch tonight's episode of "The First 48" here on a big screen at Lee Harvey's! Tonight's episode will feature DPD Detective Tim Stewart as he investigates a Dallas homicide. Come get your crime busting on!
The full name of Chucky, the movie star, is Charles Lee Ray. It's a mix of Charles Manson, James Earl Ray and Harvey Oswald.
And it was Lee Harvey that pulled the trigger yeah right
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Standing a little to the right of the exact spot Lee Harvey Oswald killed President JFK. Wow *chills*…
Is it just me? Or is anyone else getting tired of the Edward Snowden? I just don't think the 21st Century needs Another Man's Lee Harvey Tom Bosley;
Texas Monthly reporter Joe Nick Patoski went to visit his old Jr. High School Asst. Principal Frank Kudlaty. Why? It's because he learned from the Warren Report that Lee Harvey Oswald went to Beauregard Jr. High in New Orleans, but he knew a Lee Harvey Oswald from Stripling Jr. High in Ft. Worth, where he went. So, Patoski tracked down the retired Kudlaty in Waco, Texas, and Kudlaty told him that his superior, the principal, a Mr. Wylie, instructed him to turn over all of Oswald's files to the FBI, and he did so. This was soon after the assassination- within days. "I do recall the grades were not good," Kudlaty told Patoski. He added: "A person of that mind could teach himself Russian and pass himself off as Russian? I don't think so." Neither does Dr. Cinque.
70% of Americans think is a Patriot after interview. I suppose Lee Harvey Oswald and John Wilkes Booth were Patriots too?
My calendar just popped up to remind me that today was the birthday of a dear, sweet man who we miss an awful lot. Happy birthday, Lee Harvey. You taught me, my husband, and all of my girls so very much, and we love and miss you!
I was wrong about last Thursday… so TONIGHT Geoff Tate should be on Last Comic Standing. If they edit it down, I'll Lee Harvey.
me Aswell I will probably end up taking some shots off our Harvey cos he gets too excited lol
Oh, So I have the same birthday as Lee Harvey Oswald...
Obviously he forgotten what Jack Ruby did to Lee Harvey Oswald in '63 with a pistol in a crowd!
"Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss your bullet should curve and you'll hit it anyway." -Lee Harvey Oswald probably
After our June 7th bout, join us at Lee Harvey's for an old-school after party!
Like my VOTE BAM poster up in the window?😊
Yes ! We will be doing our thing this Saturday night at Lee Harvey's ! It will be The Hazardous Dukes first time playing there! As always our guarantee is that a good time will be had by all !
On this day in 1917, one of America's best-loved presidents, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, is born into a politically and socially prominent family in Brookline, Massachusetts. He was the first American president to be born in the 20th century. In 1935, Kennedy enrolled at Harvard University and received a degree in international affairs with honors in 1940. While there, he suffered a debilitating back injury that would have life-long repercussions. After college, Kennedy served on a Navy PT boat in World War II. In 1952, he won a seat in the House of Representatives and then served in the Senate for seven years beginning in 1953. Also in 1953, he married the lovely Jacqueline Bouvier. In subsequent years, Kennedy underwent several dangerous spinal operations; it was during his recuperation from one such operation that he wrote the Pulitzer Prize-winning history Profiles in Courage. Unfortunately, the operations never succeeded in curing his persistent back pain and, for the rest of his life, Kennedy took a po ...
Speaking of Lee Harvey: I wonder how many of Snowden's fans would approve of him coming home and buying a mail-order rifle?
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John A. Conte, Esq., 86, of Conway, passed peacefully on Sunday, May 25, 2014. Born Sept. 19, 1927, in San Marco, Italy, he was a son of the late Giuseppe and Rosina Maria Colagrossi Conte. A U.S. Navy veteran, having served as a Yeoman in World War II, he was a founding member and active parishioner of Our Lady of Peace Parish. Having immigrated from Italy at age 7 and not even speaking English, he rose to become a prominent Beaver County Attorney with a private legal practice in Conway for nearly 50 years. Early in his career, his successful work in murder trials led to his being consulted by Melvin Belli, the defense attorney of Jack Ruby for killing Lee Harvey Oswald. Atty. Conte was a pioneer in medical malpractice, winning in 1984 the largest verdict that had been obtained in 19 years within Beaver County. Recognized as a 60 year member of the Beaver County Bar Assoc., he also served as their past president and member of the Board of Governors. He was preceded in death by his grandson, Thomas J. Tav ...
Fabulous foster mom Suleika represented DPA last night at Lee Harvey's event to raise awareness about proposed budget cuts from Dallas Animal Services and Adoption Center. DAS is a partner of ours that we love working with and we want to do everything in our power to support them and save more animals! pup Willie Nelson, who was pulled from DAS earlier this month came out to support and sported his Adopt Me vest!
Gareth Manson, Roberto Riccardi, Alberto Riccardi , Andrea Kraushaar, Nikki Buckle, Shaun Taylor , Boitumelo Mofokeng, Glynis Mauldon, Richard Laskey Lloyd Scott Hudson, Sherri Harvey, Lee Harvey Samantha Durkin Wayde Kennedy I wish you all nothing but the best for Comrades. You've put in all the work, now go and have some fun! Hopefully i will see you all at least once along route but hoping for more! May it be a goodie.
A big thank you to all of the citizens of Burkburnett that participated in the Recycle Event today. I think it was a great success. A special thank you to our sponsors: Lee and Debbie Harvey, United Supermarket, Boomtown Embroidery, Lipscomb Chevrolet, The Paper Pig, Progressive Waste Solutions, H & R Block, M C Doors and Windows, Pruitt Ford, Matt Patterson State Farm Insurance, Hayes General Store, Don Hardy Homes, First Bank, Ryan's Quick Lube, Matt Horn Insurance, ECS Electronics Recycling, The Burkburnett Chamber of Commerce, The Burkburnett Development Corporation, and The Wichita Falls Nighthawks Football Team. I am very appreciative of the assistance I had in manning the event today from Lee Harvey, Del Hardaway, Jeri Hutchison, Mike Garber, Carol Murray, Ryan Hardy, and about 8 of the players from the Wichita Falls Nighthawks. Thank you again this event would not have been possible without your help. Don Hardy
In the case of 4 month old Harvey Lee Porter, IV... 😂 👶
Proud is an understatement ... Congratulations to MY LITTLE BROTHER - Harvey Lee Randolph III...…
I do hope there is going to be more Trying Again. I absolutely love it. Lee Harvey Oswald line tonight made me honk out loud
Here we see a young Lee Harvey Oswald developing his fascination with guns & politicians.
“Yorkshire are suggesting David Haigh was set up.” That's what Lee Harvey Oswald always said - and look what happened to him...
It is with the deepest sadness that I must report that my classmate, Charles Allan Tippit has passed on. He expired about half an hour ago following his battle with cancer. Thank you all for your prayers and support during this difficult time and I'll post more info as it becomes available. For those who may not know, he was the eldest son of Officer J.D. Tippit who was killed by Lee Harvey Oswald.
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