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Lee Harvey Oswald

Lee Harvey Oswald (October 18, 1939 – November 24, 1963) was, according to four government investigations, the sniper who assassinated John F.

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Hitler survived WW2. . Lyndon B Johnson was in the KKK. . Lee Harvey Oswald didn't kill JFK. . Someone explain what the *** is going on
right again! Ted Cruz’s father, Rafael Cruz, is connected to Lee Harvey Oswald! JFK controversy confirmed! http…
Some revelations on the -Hitler was alive after the war. -KGB alleged then VP Johnson killed JFK. -Lee Harvey Oswald was CIA
So Lyndon Johnson was a member of the KKK and Lee Harvey Oswald didn't shoot JFK should I say anymore about 9/11 cover up
Thank you!! Johnson And Bush senior were in on it!! Lee Harvey Oswald should have his name cleared…
JFK assassination files reveal Hoover sent FBI agent to try to get confession from Lee Harvey Oswald before he died
I've read that it was Lee Harvey Oswald
The assassination of JFK was a coup carried out by Lyndon B. Johnson & Lee Harvey Oswald was the "Patsy". That's why files were sealed !
This pic is from Nov 19/1963.Taken in Cuba 3 days before Kennedy shot. Right is Rafael Cruz left is Lee Harvey Oswald rear is…
Lee Harvey Oswald being shot by Jack Ruby, credit to ,
Lee Harvey Oswald and Jack Ruby met each other in weeks before assassination, went to Cuba together . . http…
Facts as the world knows them to be? Kennedy, Johnson, Warren Commission, Lee Harvey Oswald and Jack Ruby
Lee Harvey Oswald was innocent. The murderer is Washington DC ! Lyndon Johnson + CIA
The FBI really wanted America to believe Lee Harvey Oswald killed JFK, files show.
Lee Harvey Oswald was CIA and Lyndon B Johnson was responsible for the assassination but there were two shooters???
Lee Harvey Oswald's links with Russia, fears over missile attack and the CIA plots to kill Fidel Castro…
John F was "fatally shot" by Lee Harvey Oswald and taken to Parkland Memorial Hospital where he…
I don’t know who killed John F. Kennedy. Scapegoat Lee Harvey Oswald had nothing to do with it.
If Lee Harvey Oswald WAS involved, he did not act alone. There may have been as many as THREE assassins targeting Kennedy via triangulation.
docid-32114649 deals with Lee Harvey Oswald's Mexico visit 2 months before assassination
Anyone else notice that Edward Norton is Lee Harvey Oswald?
Lee Harvey Oswald was trying to impress Jodie Foster as a embryo.
Harvey Oswald met with grp in nearly 2 months before mu…
May not be related, but Lee Harvey Oswald attempted to call Raleigh from jail trying to reach a man named John Hurt.
Having a flashback to 2016 and the time went to the annual Lee Harvey Oswald conference.
He's convinced Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone gunman
FLASH POLL: With the files released are you more or less certain Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone?
Well here’s something to blow time and read while waiting. . Lee Harvey Oswald was trained by CIA and N…
Why is there a CNN report on a possible LEE HARVEY OSWALD accomplice?? Unless he's coming out to handle Trump idgaf and move on.
All about the same lie: Lee Harvey Oswald was the (only) murderer
Bob Schieffer recalls driving with Lee Harvey Oswald's mother to police station after JFK assassination:
My JFK theory, JFK shot first and Lee Harvey Oswald was only acting in self defense
What they're hiding: Angleton's people knew Oswald was in Dallas.
BREAKING: Lee Harvey Oswald spoke to a KGB agent in broken Russian about 2 months prior to JFK assassination, http…
The FBI wanted NBC to televise their Lee Harvey Oswald documentary with information solely from their official report.
Lee Harvey Oswald went to high school (for a bit) three blocks from my house.
The majority of Americans do not believe Lee Harvey Oswald killed JFK - this is why
File confirms Lee Harvey Oswald had attended a party that was Filled with CIA Agents inside. They were awfully close to…
The only thing redacted from the by CIA and FBI is Lee Harvey Oswald was paid by the government to assassinate JFK.
Deposition of Orest Pena PROVES (we already assumed this) That Lee Harvey Oswald was a Federal Informant (Pena claimed…
JFK docs include transcript of a conversation with then-FBI Dir. J. Edgar Hoover about a threat to Lee Harvey Oswald
Don't know if it impacted me, but I was 10 when I watched Jack Ruby shoot Lee Harvey Oswald on live TV.
According 2 latest files Lee Harvey Oswald was FBI informant, with Jack Ruby at airport en route 2 Cuba. Who is "Big Bird"?
Lee Harvey Oswald was CIA so stop rolling your eyes when I suggest the Fed is buying S&P futures & Building 7 just seems o…
A really weird memo by J Edgar Hoover about concern to "convince the public that Lee Harvey Oswald is the assassin"
Lee Harvey Oswald was framed. THIS is the real reason JFK was killed.
Programmed to Kill: Lee Harvey Oswald, the Soviet KGB, and the Kennedy Assassination .
Did you know: was in Dallas when was shot. AND - he was also in the same room as Lee Harvey Oswald... htt…
President Trump blocked the release of some of those records, bending to CIA and FBI appeals to keep those secrets
This memo after Lee Harvey Oswald was assassinated, is pretty interesting. 😳
Eric Holder and Lee Harvey Oswald share the same ideology
An interesting memo here from Hoover after Lee Harvey Oswald was killed.
The JFK files have brought Lee Harvey Oswald back into conscious spotlight. And I'm just dumbfounded at the strong coincidence of it all.
Read "Dr. Mary's Monkey" for the connection with Lee Harvey Oswald, Jack Ruby and others regarding the Kennedy killing.
A brief history of Lee Harvey Oswald's connection to Cuba via
One is from the John Foster Dulles's papers, one is from the files of Lee Harvey Oswald. Their context gives them wildly different meanings.
Haven’t seen an opinion poll on this and geniunely curious what people think . Do you believe Lee Harvey Oswald acted alo…
Scholars believe the never-before-seen files about JFK's assassination will provide insight into Lee Harvey Oswald:
Lee Harvey Oswald, birtherism, Alex Jones...and were supposed t o care about facts now 're: trump. Lol
John Wilkes Booth, Lee Harvey Oswald, Charles Guiteau, and John W. Hinckley are simultaneously making the jerking m…
Charles Whitman and Lee Harvey Oswald were Marines, who ‘served’.
William Calley, Charles Whitman and Lee Harvey Oswald had military careers, too.
Where the *** are the Lee Harvey Oswald John Hinckley, John Wilkes Booth when u need them?
Omg! Paddock is a modern day Lee Harvey Oswald! You solved the puzzle!
Idk about this guy in the Vegas shooting, I mean they did want us to believe that stuff about James Earl Ray & Lee Harvey Oswald.
Lee Harvey Oswald was a leftist liberal. Democrat Jame…
I pray every night that someone like Lee Harvey Oswald or Mark David Chapman Rise Up From the Ashe…
I don't know if Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone, but I'm sure Steven Seagal's costars did.
I talked about how my uncle worked in the book depository building with Lee Harvey Oswald?
TIL Lee Harvey Oswald still owes an overdue book – The Shark and the Sardines by Juan José Arévalo – to Dallas public library. …
Missing from the New JFK Files: Batch of CIA Records on Lee Harvey Oswald
Sign up to my newsletter, get ebook . THE JACQUELINE PROPHECIES . A talking dog and a Lee Harvey Oswald tattoo…
Did anyone else think GGG looked like Lee Harvey Oswald from the…
I lived it. One day the truth will come out. Lee Harvey Oswald didn't kill JFK He was CIA!
That's like saying . Lee Harvey Oswald fired a few stray shots . We can't do nothing about him . Ruined a great night
If you think that fight was a tie I bet you think tower 7 fell because of fires, Lee Harvey Oswald shot JFK, and the moon landings were real
Hey man however you spell it. Low key he looks like Lee Harvey Oswald so I don't fw it
I don't trust people with 3 names! John Wilkes Booth, Lee Harvey Oswald, Marc Lamont Hill etc. 😂
Since there are no statues of John Wilkes Booth, Lee Harvey Oswald, James Earl Ray or Sirhan Sirhan, I…
View of Dealey Plaza from the book depository. In effect, Lee Harvey Oswald's line of sight of the President's car.…
If Dallas really loves history so much, why didn't they build a Lee Harvey Oswald statue?
What's next? Taking down the Lee Harvey Oswald statue from Dealey Plaza?. .
For some reason, I feel like the writers to Shooter had Lee Harvey Oswald in mind when they gave the character name Bob Lee Swagger
John Wilkes Booth, Lee Harvey Oswald & Charles J. Guiteau at their re union.
And I assume you think Lee Harvey Oswald was a lone gunman
Anyone who served cannot automatically be trusted: Lee Harvey Oswald, Timoth…
I was gangstalked by FBI in USA and by NCIS Doug Boyce. Why? To turn me into "this generation's Lee Harvey Oswald".…
As in Cedar Grove, NJ home of the real Marguerite Kubis Finkle mother of Lee Harvey Oswald not Claverie who was at Essex co hosp
Twin tower was a controlled demolition just like Lee Harvey Oswald killed John Kennedy labeled as a conspiritus tha…
Did she frame John Wilkes Booth and Lee Harvey Oswald too?
Another Jack Ruby & Lee Harvey Oswald scenario. Murder the alleged murderer to tie off loose ends prevent him from…
The moment Jack Ruby shot Lee Harvey Oswald, the man who killed JFK, in 1963.
I thought Billy Shears died preventing Lee Harvey Oswald planting a false flag on the shoot of the faked moon landing?
Or another conservative that believes Lee Harvey Oswald was having lunch with…
Mark David Chapman - Lee Harvey Oswald, peculiar how these assassins each have three names.
Here's a weird fact: John F. Kennedy, Lee Harvey Oswald and Jack Ruby all died in the emergency room of Parkland Hospital in Dallas.
Some people say Lee Harvey Oswald shoot John F. Kennedy 😠I hope the justice of our country find out who did it
How about Dylan Roof? Where did he immigrate from? Lee Harvey Oswald, James Earl Ray, Adam Lanza?
Better: can you convince young Lee Harvey Oswald to join the Peace corps instead of the Marine cor…
I believe that Bernie Sanders would have beaten Trump.I also believe that Lee Harvey Oswald is my dad
John Fitzgerald Kennedy Sr., the LAST REAL PRESIDENT OF THE USA, was NOT assasinated by Lee Harvey Oswald!...
Can't trust people with two first names. I mean, Steve Stephens, Benedict Arnold.. Lee Harvey Oswald that's 3 first names! Can't trust em
Can never trust people with three names...Lee Harvey Oswald, John Wayne Gacy, John Wilkes Booth, Donald John Trump... Steve Stephen Stevens
This could've been pretty funny until you put Steve Harvey's head over John Wilkes Booth not Lee Harvey Oswald you…
If she keeps this up we'll be adding in her middle name ( e.g. Lee Harvey Oswald, John Wilkes Booth, Ill-fated Susa…
Mar 29, 1977...Lee Harvey Oswald's best friend, and coincidentally a friend of both Jackie Kennedy and George HW (cont) h…   10% Off
Maybe it was his father, Fred Trump, not Rafael Cruz, who conspired with Lee Harvey Oswald.
Yesterday I also got Signs all at once Lee Harvey Oswald, President Kennedy, President Lincoln, Daniel Boon with Signs of Many Roses.
Lee Harvey Oswald's wife was like my husband hated John Connally and loved JFK but no one would listen to her. Soun…
So did Timothy McVeigh and Lee Harvey Oswald et al. Stripes on sleeve does not an angel make.
Barry Seal was a member of the Louisiana Civil Air Patrol along with Lee Harvey Oswald and David Ferrie (weird pedophile). Cool huh?
is that Son of Sam on the right, or a fat Lee Harvey Oswald?
Mica Levi's marvellous, sighing 'Lee Harvey Oswald' from the JACKIE ost
John Wilkes Booth, Lee Harvey Oswald, Samuel Byck, Lynette Fromme, Richard Lawrence, John Hinckley, look who those people are.
lmaoo John Wilkes Booth. oh my. why not bring in the name of Lee Harvey Oswald?
Best moment of "Assassins" was when über cutie Lee Harvey Oswald frisked the sexy swaggering John Wilkes Booth
These are news stories. Conspiracy theories are false & more like "Ted Cruz's dad was with Lee Harvey Oswald" or "vaccines…
lol so did Timothy McVeigh and Lee Harvey Oswald
here reality. Rafael Cruz, Brian Ferry backing up Porter Goss, far left Lee Harvey Oswald and Barry S…
it's true Lee Harvey Oswald met with Rafael Cruz and they killed Kennedy because he banged Bea Arthur!
With a little Lee Harvey Oswald thrown in the mix.
They let James Earl Ray live the rest of his life, but they killed Lee Harvey Oswald makes you wonder ...
Trump gon tell us who really killed JFK and offer his condolences to Lee Harvey Oswald family
Ted Cruz's father hanging out with Lee Harvey Oswald says hello.
Lee Harvey Oswald was behind the scope
I wish there was a cool way to say "I like my presidents dead" that didn't make me sound like Lee Harvey Oswald
I just sent a FB friend request FB to the woman who got Lee Harvey Oswald his job at the Texas School Book Depository. Not strange at all.
Why did Lee Harvey Oswald waste perfectly good bullets on JFK with The Donald lurking in the weeds?
“What was he doing with Lee Harvey Oswald shortly before the death? Before the shooting? It’s horrible.”APOLOGIZE
in Dallas VERY. reputable people on street claimed heard shots behind them. I will never believe it was Lee Harvey Oswald..
10 years ago I painted Lee Harvey Oswald's assasination as *** I had not seen many *** at that point. This…
hey, Lee Harvey Oswald, is looking at you...
Please if there's a present day Lee Harvey Oswald, we beg you show up to Trump's inauguration on J20
Why did Lee Harvey Oswald moments before his murder say that he was a patsy?
Where's a 21st century Lee Harvey Oswald when ya need him? LOL ...
Calling on the ghost of Lee Harvey Oswald! Do you hear us?
So many Greenbay players injured tonight, you'd think Dallas had Lee Harvey Oswald back for another season
MK Ultra, make the man feel above reality, reward him, revere him.. Give him a gun, "Lee Harvey Oswald" repeating h…
I was gonna say Soupy Sales but Lee Harvey Oswald was my second option
Bro, Dallas does not want you. Please leave. You're the worst thing to happen to our city since Lee Harvey Oswald 😒
In the background of this RHOBH ep one of the husbands goes "they haven't proven it was Lee Harvey Oswald" & the editors just IGNORED that
oh so Lee Harvey Oswald is gonna be there? Kewl
Dallas going about as bad guarding Randal Cobb as they were with Lee Harvey Oswald
have you read this? It's sickening. Reads like Lee Harvey Oswald fan fiction
Im really excited for this Trip. Im most excited to see the book depository where my here *cough* my villian Lee Harvey Oswald killed JFK
Unless someone pulls a Lee Harvey Oswald on this game is finished.
Aaron Rodgers is the most accurate man in Dallas since Lee Harvey Oswald
"Does anyone know why Lee Harvey Oswald killed JFK? Just occurred to me.". -. Lol. I can't believe he doesn't know.
Wherever the Lee Harvey Oswald prison transfer was,
If only Lee Harvey Oswald was still alive..
hoping the ghost of Lee Harvey Oswald shows up, since politicians won't stop this madness.
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2. No way in *** Lee Harvey Oswald killed JFK. Whether it was Cuba, the Russians, the mob, CIA, FBI, Marilyn's people...sure wasn't LHO.
so when it does happen they'll have a patsy just remember Lee Harvey Oswald
Lee Harvey Oswald speaks to the press, 1963.
The lee Harvey Oswald question was probably Parker tbh — yeah tell me something I don't know
never realized how much Shanahan looks like Lee Harvey Oswald
Of course it would. This is the rag that's in trumps pocket. Remember the garbage story abt Sen Cruzs father and Le…
I mean, I despise Ted Cruz as much as anybody. But to blanketly imply his father killed JFK is thoroughly insane.…
Idk if you talked about this in a video, but for next conspiracy, talk about how Lee Harvey Oswald didn't act alone
4. Ted Cruz's father was w/Lee Harvey Oswald before JFK was shot.
. Yeah what kind of moron would believe such nonsense like say "Ted Cruz's dad was with Lee H…
*** holding the revolver Jack Ruby used to kill Lee Harvey Oswald
Any chance Lee Harvey Oswald can make a comeback? Your country now needs you more than ever.
I guess this is being published for the benefit of any budding Lee Harvey Oswald's...
Lee Harvey Oswald you got the wrong guy, make this insanity stop lock him up before he does more to embarrass us.
It was Lee Harvey Oswald shot JFK or the CIA or the FBI take your pick
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-. A Marine who turned out much better, than Russian target Lee Harvey Oswald USMC
Hillary Clinton is more of a threat to national security than if Osama bin Laden and Lee Harvey Oswald had love babies.
I bet you believe Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone don't you
This muslim has zero intelligence. Lee Harvey Oswald where are you?
You sure act like it's legit, even if it's not. Where is a modern day Lee Harvey Oswald when we need him?!?
It has been solved. Lee Harvey Oswald. Case closed.
LEE HARVEY OSWALD did not kill John F Kennedy. The same ppl who accuse Russia now were involved in the JFK conspiracy.
My God. Just look at this *** Governor sha. How come there was no 'Lee Harvey Oswald' in the crowd sef
nothing beats Harvey Lee Oswald singing and dancing a show tune before shooting JFLn
Lee Harvey Oswald was an assassination patsy. Trump is a peon designated as a Republican Patsy!
It would just take another Lee Harvey Oswald to be triggered. A lone wolf.
Lee Harvey Oswald. he pulls the trigger, POOF, he is a black man. a FEW 'poofs' later,. he's LEAVING the POTUS job after 8 years!. . LOL!!
It looks like if Lee Harvey Oswald had lived.
My bf is so excited because he "knew" Lee Harvey Oswald killed JFK. I'll break it to him that it was a George Bush and the CIA another day..
(Oswalt))) should give you a clue. Did Lee Harvey Oswald make him change one letter in his last name to disassociate?
Unlike Trump, who speaks of "thousands and thousands" celebrating 9/11 in Jersey City, Ted Cruz's dad's involvement with Lee…
Breaking: Man who campaigned against Cruz using fake news article from National Enquirer complains about fake news!. https:…
Was thinking of a JaMC joke about this & now can't stop singing Lee Harvey Oswald to the tune of Some Candy Talking
It never occurred to me that Lee Harvey Oswald might have been saved by Psychocandy. But now mentions it. Hope…
Lee Harvey Oswald, John Wilkes Booth, James Earl Ray, Mark David point is this...Jonathan Taylor Thomas is going…
the assassination of Lee Harvey Oswald by the coward Jack Ruby
Y did Jack Ruby kill Lee Harvey Oswald so fast hm
Who planted known islamist ID in truck secured by polizie? Merkel needs a Lee Harvey Oswald. Watch out fo…
Lee Harvey Oswald and Jack Ruby tactic?. Then speculation can remain.
I know who it is...Lee Harvey Oswald's Tunisia cousin...!. Hope Jack Ruby's relatives n…
Lee Harvey Oswald, the man who killed JFK, is shot and mortally wounded on live TV by Jack Ruby. 1963
The mafia convinced Lee Harvey Oswald to kill JFK & then sent Jack Ruby to kill Oswald to keep him from snitchin...
Am I the only one who thinks Dan Bailey eerily resembles Lee Harvey Oswald? .
Donald Trump is the secret agent, sleeper cell, brain washed, test tube *** child of Lee Harvey Oswald.
Lee Harvey Oswald was a man who wasn't afraid of taking a shot at shaking up the head of the political elite.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
As millions watched on live television, Jack Ruby shot Lee Harvey Oswald, this day in 1963. https:…
but I don't think Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone.
Lee Harvey Oswald..If U want to see who else was there, see Photos of George W. Bush in Dealey Plaza, Nov. 22, 1963. U now know Lee:Innocent
Lee Harvey Oswald Was an FBI Informant, Dallas Field Office, reported by DPD. The name of the man in the Nix JFK film:James Earl Files
Lee Harvey Oswald Was INNOCENT, as he said he was. If U want to see real assassin:YouTube Enhanced, Stabilized Analyzed Orvile Nix JFK film
🎬 Gary Oldman as Lee Harvey Oswald in directed by (1991)
I liked a video from Lee Harvey Oswald, Did Not Assassinate JF Kennedy!
On this day Nov 24th whilst in Police Custody 4 The Assassination of John F Kennedy Lee Harvey Oswald was shot dead byJack Ruby
In Chicago, executives at Klein’s Sporting Goods find the American Rifleman coupon used by Lee Harvey Oswald to order his…
Apparently Dave Grohl is no Lee Harvey Oswald when it comes to qualifying for 20 questions. fans would disagree
Dallas authorities formally charge Lee Harvey Oswald with murdering the President of the United States.
At a circus-like late-night news conference, Lee Harvey Oswald denies killing the President. "I did not shoot anyone."
he will soon be forgotten about just like Lee Harvey Oswald
wait a minute, was Lee Harvey Oswald a communist?
.Op-Ed: Lee Harvey Oswald was trying to kill Connally - not Kennedy - during assassination 54 years ago
I waiting to see who shot JFK. If it turns out to be Lee Harvey Oswald, then Trump is nothing but a shill.
23 November 1963. Lee Harvey Oswald was formally charged with the murder of President John F.Kennedy.
is a polygraph machine used on Jack Ruby, the man who shot & killed Lee Harvey Oswald
Today in 1963: Lee Harvey Oswald is fatally shot by Jack Ruby in the basement of the Dallas police department headquarters & live on tv.
Lee Harvey Oswald had a lasting impact on US politics.
.kicks off with Jasper Carrot on 'where's Lee Harvey Oswald when you need him.'
Lee Harvey Oswald -- Slap on the Assassin's Handcuffs ... for At Least a Quarter Mil (PHOTOS)
Lee Harvey Oswald did they get it wrong
What, were they seen with Lee Harvey Oswald?
Really? Lee Harvey Oswald is smiling somewhere on this news.
he's been busy hiding evidence of his fathers history with Lee Harvey Oswald. He made a fe…
Only in 2016 could the son of the accomplice of Lee Harvey Oswald campaign on behalf of a presidential candidate
John Wilkes Booth, Lee Harvey Oswald, John Hinckley, Jr. – we need you ready for Trump, just in case
This episode is the one where Sam Beckett leaps into Lee Harvey Oswald. I've seen most tv but I've never seen these 2.
Although I believe Lee Harvey Oswald pulled the trigger in Dallas, I am deeply suspicious about his background. I...
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Am I the only one alarmed that Sharon Van Etten's guitarist (on left) is Lee Harvey Oswald
The Warren Commission releases its report, concluding that Lee Harvey Oswald, acting...
In 1964 the Warren Commission report concluded there was no conspiracy in Pres Kennedy's assassination; Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone.
Ted Cruz must have found a grainy video in the attic of his father meeting with Lee Harvey Oswald.
Could you see Lee Harvey Oswald being let out in 1998? John Wilkes Booth out in 1900?.
He was also Dr Ruth. That tops all. Even tops the times he was Lee Harvey Oswald and Elvis. Still one of my favourite shows.
Wheres Lee Harvey Oswald when you need em.
Lee Harvey Oswald released post-Hampden for "over exuberant use of Book Depository window" by Police Scotland
just found a pic of Lee Harvey Oswald (killed JFK) autopsy from some girl on Ig's passed on memorabilia. it's graphic dm if u want to see it
. prepare for the Lee Harvey Oswald moment when fracking is "temporarily" allowed. .. wonder who it will be ???
where's Lee Harvey Oswald when you need him 😂
During our 45 minute JFK journey we will make sure you get to experience what Lee Harvey…
Though how much he looks like Lee Harvey Oswald is close
Is he CRAZY? Obama wants poor criminals freed via Where's Lee Harvey Oswald when you need him!
Two facts: Truckers are not to be trusted, Lee Harvey Oswald did not kill Kennedy
Malcolm Wallace and hired Cuban mercenaries. Lee Harvey Oswald was a Patsy.
There's only 2 people I 100% believe that were framed: Rafael Palmero and Lee Harvey Oswald
If you're an American and still believe that Lee Harvey Oswald assassinated JFK then you're dumber than I thought.
don't let Conway spin. Keep her feet to fire. Trump debt. Cruz daddy with Lee Harvey Oswald. Does he "regret" that.
ask her if she believes Rafael Cruz was with Lee Harvey Oswald before JFK assassination. How does she spin that. Does djt regret it
That face when you realise all the people you pass on the street think JFK was killed by Lee Harvey Oswald.
when you travel time to shoot JFK and blame it on Lee Harvey Oswald
Remember When: Lee Harvey Oswald and the Mystery of the Empty Grave The grave to the right of J.F.
Man who connected Ted Cruz's dad with Lee Harvey Oswald found dead
well Lee Harvey Oswald was a patsy so that makes sense.
dan patrick's dad use to go 2 the same communist club meetings with LEE HARVEY OSWALD!!
Strange True Tours will be doing a special schedule of it's acclaimed Lee Harvey Oswald Tours Check it out!
Look up one of my professors on rate my professor and the first thing I see is "if your grade were JFK, he would be Lee Harvey Oswald".
What kind of report is this? Is there a photo of Hillary standing by Lee Harvey Oswald? Indefensible reporting
In my new novel, Lee Harvey Oswald goes back in time to stop the assassination of Abraham Lincoln
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Update: Lee Harvey Oswald has been charged with the murder of police officer J.D. Tippit, who stopped him for questioning.
Wheres Lee Harvey Oswald when you need him!!!
Where's Lee Harvey Oswald when you want him ?
We travel on a tour bus threw the streets of Dallas Texas reliving the exact motorcade…
Lee Harvey Oswald is the mastermind behind faking the moon landing.
I still think it's nuts that Hillary gave Parkinson's to Lee Harvey Oswald.
If Video killed the radio star, isn't it possible that Video is also Mr. Lee Harvey Oswald's accomplice?!. No further questions your honor.
They have found absolutely nothing to connect us with the Communist Party of the United St
I guess they thought you were Lee Harvey Oswald! Or the guy behind the grassy knoll that framed Oswald!
"My son tried to shoot Donal Trump" - Did Lee Harvey Oswald's mother get TV air time?
Another fleeting thought: "Did Lee Harvey Oswald's widow ever re-marry?" I... have no idea about my own mind, sometimes.
I agree. Where's Lee Harvey Oswald when you need him?
Oh really? Was it "defenseless" when Lee Harvey Oswald shot Archduke Ferdinand?
Oh the Cincinnati Zoo doesn't want us to make Harambe jokes anymore? Great. Lee Harvey Oswald didn't think JFK jokes were funny either.
Discovery not kidding you 1 bit Commanders & Chiefs they're a John Hinckley jr still a threat as was Lee Harvey Oswald, Sirhan Sirhan, et.
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OJ, James Earl Ray, Sirhan Sirhan and Lee Harvey Oswald all would of been found innocent if they were players or coaches at Nebraska
Would Lyndon Johnson invite Lee Harvey Oswald's mom to a rally & give her a prominent seat on camera, on the podium?.
Lee Harvey Oswald acted due to an email from private email server.
Mike Pence when President Obama said Ted Cruz dad had breakfast with Lee Harvey Oswald.
Reminder: Much better evidence Trump's father arrested in Klan riot than Cruz father friend of Lee Harvey Oswald https…
Just-nominated Trump talking Heidi Cruz, Lee Harvey Oswald, National Enquirer, OJ, and more. The man is what he is, not gonn…
Sheppard Smith said Donald tried to tie Cruz's Dad to the Kennedy assassination. He did say Dad was pic'ed with Lee Harvey Oswald. He was!
Plus that is his father in a picture with Lee Harvey Oswald. Also he fought alongside Castro not against him
Remember when Trump said he'd go 3rd party, when he made up a sex scandal and Lee Harvey Oswald scandal? This is Ted Cruz's…
Travis low key reminds me of Lee Harvey Oswald 😐
How the car belonging to Lee Harvey Oswald ended up in Chesterfield garage
Tom Cotton has a certain Lee Harvey Oswald vibe to him.
Not that hard to expand when your cast is a bunch of serial killers. Voting for Lee Harvey Oswald in new DLC
(I just want you to know this is a line of dialogue from John Hinkley Jr to Lee Harvey Oswald in Assassins.)
Could this Army Veteran, Micah Xaiver Johnson, have been a patsy like Lee Harvey Oswald? We'll never know,...
No honorable person who's worn a uniform has any regard for Micah Xavier Johnson, Timothy McVeigh or Lee Harvey Oswald, they're a disgrace.
Timothy McVeigh, Charles Wittman, Lee Harvey Oswald, James Earl Ray, now Micah Johnson. Veterans who scarred, not helped, America.
Crazy how they are saying Lee Harvey Oswald is innocent now lol
I don't care what anyone says, gang, in my book Lee Harvey Oswald was a liberal.
Listening to The Strange Life of Lee Harvey Oswald by American Heart of Darkness Radio
Lee Harvey Oswald death makes u realize JFK death was an inside job
Every body remembers Lee Harvey Oswald but not the name of the man that made the gun
you can't take him seriously his dad was involved with Lee Harvey Oswald
No shots on target yet. Apart from that one that hit Nani. Think it was fired by Lee Harvey Oswald.
Maybe that really was his Father standing with Lee Harvey Oswald🤔
where is Lee Harvey Oswald when you need him.
Next thing ya know, they'll link Ted Cruz's Dad to Lee Harvey Oswald!
Spent four minutes in the sun today and hallucinated Lee Harvey Oswald on a waterbed. Will try again tomorrow.
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