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Lee Harvey Oswald

Lee Harvey Oswald (October 18, 1939 – November 24, 1963) was, according to four government investigations, the sniper who assassinated John F.

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710 FACT OF THE DAY: Lee Harvey Oswald's cadaver tag sold at an auction for $6,600 in 1992.
Author Gayle Nix Jackson , is at the home of Lee Harvey Oswald's home in Dallas Texas she is signing autographs...
The FBI also had knowledge that LEE HARVEY OSWALD was a person of interest prior to JFKs visit to Dallas!
Gonzales was hero alright, so was Lee Harvey Oswald...dahhh!
If Lee Harvey Oswald were alive today, I'd clown him so hard for looking like an *** when Jack Ruby shot him in the stomach.
Do you think that there was a "Conspiracy" in the Assassination of Pres John F. Kennedy or Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone?
KAHHHN! MT “Arrested dude at auditions for next Lee Harvey Oswald movie.
getting ready for tonight whodunnit night at Lee Harvey Oswald home in Dallas Texas! (
I'm here to tell you there was a conspiracy to kill John F. Kennedy. It was disrupted when Lee Harvey Oswald beat them to it.
Visiting the Texas Theater, the theater Lee Harvey Oswald was found and arrested at.
Arrested dude at auditions for next World Cup or next Lee Harvey Oswald movie.
Who’s going to play Lee Harvey Oswald, that’s all I want to know.
Ted Cruz blaming Harry Reid for the government shutdown is like Lee Harvey Oswald blaming JFK's limo driver for moving too s…
Is it a John Wilkes Booth / Lee Harvey Oswald thing? Like 3 names make it political? DC snipers got the 3 name coverage.
As long as I don't end up like Lee Harvey Oswald in this analogy...
No, YOU were caught wearing cut-off sweatpants with your Lee Harvey Oswald t-shirt. YOU are the fashion disaster. http… featured in NBC s Science of Love
PRESS RELEASE : . ITS THAT TIME !!!. What: WHODUNNIT NIGHT? . Come see the room of Lee Harvey Oswald, meet book...
"Lee Harvey Oswald killed Lincoln and didn't like Jews, right" -
"That summer, Lee Harvey Oswald handed out pro-Castro literature stamped with the address 544 Camp Street, a comm...
I've been told multiple times that I look like Lee Harvey Oswald, the man who shot JFK. Any truth to this?
Court Green Editor, Tony Trigilio will be reading at The University of Kansas at 4 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 2, in the...
of course. Save the 2-3 issue arcs for a leap home or into Lee Harvey Oswald
just said that Lee Harvey Oswald killed Abraham Lincoln.
wait, so Lee Harvey Oswald didn't kill Kennedy?
Dr. Mary’s Monkey…and The CIA and Lee Harvey Oswald…Steel on Steel Broadcast for August 30, 2014
shipThere is a answer: Lee harvey oswald,sirhan sirhan,John Wilkes Booth.etc. was not right then,but would be good now!!!
Was that Lee Harvey Oswald at the metaphysical booth?
Did make a deal with Robert Oswald? JFK Lee Harvey Oswald's Brother Robert - before testimony: via
Lee Harvey Oswald is a big fan of arial dome views. Good afternoon crap sandwich.
I'm sitting, watching food network,and singing the song the assassins sing to Lee Harvey Oswald. This is what success looks like, kids.
he was a great advocate for civil rights and was assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald. ;)
Update your maps at Navteq
This is a motion that was already skewed. Akin to arguing on behalf of all the persons Lee Harvey Oswald DID NOT...
"He's playing Lee Harvey Oswald with your self-esteem, and you're a sitting duck because you aren't strong enough to love yourself." 👏🙌
...under ever alias from Jesus to Lee Harvey Oswald. It has led to some very nice comments from the actors to me in support. So Thanks!
"I think [Trigilio] is one of the most versatile writers in the U.S. today."
I'm watching a JFK assassination documentary, and I wanted to know, who thinks that Lee Harvey Oswald took the fall for the assassination?
Check us out this week at one of our events. 9-22-14. The first whodoneit at the Lee Harvey Oswald Rooming House...
Lighten up. I will make a bet that Bergdahl was CIA asset, much like Lee Harvey Oswald. Who on earth would join enemy w/o pay?
Also sleep deprivation game is so strong I'm basically adopting this monkey piñata as my child and naming him Lee Harvey Oswald
que Lee Harvey Oswald no mato a JFK.
Colorization is life-giving... Up until the 1970s, color photography was extremely rare, and so when we think about history prior to that time, we often envision it in black and white. Today’s technology now enables us to “colorize” historical photos, giving us our only chance at seeing what the world really looked like back then. And it was truly spectacular. Take a trip back in time through these photos below. It’s quite incredible to see Abraham Lincoln and Albert Einstein in living color. 1. Claude Monet in 1923. 2. Brigadier General and actor Jimmy Stewart. Stewart flew 20 combat missions over Nazi-occupied Europe, and even flew one mission during Vietnam . 3. Pablo Picasso. 4. Lou Gehrig, July 4, 1939. Photo taken right after his famous retirement speech. He would pass away just two years later from ALS. 5. Times Square 1947. J. Lloyd 6. Lee Harvey Oswald, 1963, being transported to questioning before his murder trial for the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. 7. Helen Keller meetin ...
On this day in 1924 - 90 years ago - former Dallas police officer J.D. Tippit, who was fatally shot while attempting to arrest Lee Harvey Oswald, the accused assassin of Pres. John F. Kennedy, was born near Annona, Texas.
Alan Swyer doesn't Wolf remind you of Lee Harvey Oswald
Lee Harvey Oswald was caught here. Tonight they're playing a movie.
John Wilkes Booth was born in 1839. . Lee Harvey Oswald was born in 1939.
Bay of Pigs (Toronto, Hogtown, Swinemünde, Miami-Havana CIA fiasco to hurt all Dulles and Kennedy, they went for it through the U.S. Department of Commerce and also FBI, Standard Oil, and Latin America, Lee Harvey Oswald trinity of construct networks and concept Pere Kabel as Pearre Cabell through U.S., other such, TV/NATO Article 2 as an offensive multiracial alliance by polity, peace, PSYWAR, economic warfare, clearly including the concept which is AL QAEDA joint East and West, 1971-1981, new of 1982+) Hogtown (Toronto, distillery district, theatre district, waterfront developer plans, USA involved, yachting) Toronto (Hogtown Economic Development Corporation TEDCO known as a British Finland storefront and TEDDY BEAR BABY-SITTING COMPANY as stated to me at RCYC by its President and CEO, architect, not my generation, spouse killed his by cancer, possible injection of malignant cells, by enemies, and used up as a talented architect public service capable of the old EERO SAARINEN generation of city hall, d ...
Why do all assassins go by their full names? Lee Harvey Oswald. John Wilkes Booth. Mark David Chapman
Re: Why did Lee Harvey Oswald shoot JFK?: Thanks Tony.Geez I dont know why people didnt get into that.After al...
"Girl that *** like Lee Harvey Oswald cuz its gonna blow half my head off in the back of a car".
This is where Lee Harvey Oswald was standing on November 22, 1963.
even Lee Harvey Oswald couldn't do that.
You can continue taking your suppositories. Don't think Lee Harvey Oswald could hide in them.
What does Tsafendas and Lee Harvey Oswald have in common?
Lee Harvey Oswald passing out Communist Fair Play for Cuba leaflets: via
They could pair up Booth with Charles Guiteau, Leon Czolgosz and Lee Harvey Oswald.
"Tony Abbott today launched a book about the demise of Labor. That’d be like Lee Harvey Oswald delivering the eulogy for JFK."
was too outspoken and was more for than anything else. Suddenly assassinated with lee Harvey Oswald the
Chucky was based off three serial killer. His name was Charles lee Ray in the film. Charles Manson. Lee Harvey Oswald. James Earl Ray.
Re: Why did Lee Harvey Oswald shoot JFK?:            What about the Mgr of Styles and Adams saying she saw Sty...
"You have the body language of Lee Harvey Oswald."
All night long was bugging me cuz *** Powell looked like somebody else & couldn't figure out who. Then it clicked: Lee Harvey Oswald!
"Killing Kennedy" for outstanding TV movie, most likely for having Michelle Trachtenberg play Lee Harvey Oswald's Russian wife
Completely unrelated, but "Shock Theater" "A Leap for Lisa" and "Lee Harvey Oswald" were REALLY good too. LHO gave me chills.
“please confirm an alibi “100% guaranteed it will turn out Lee Harvey Oswald shot Suge.”” I plead the FIF.
Re: Why did Lee Harvey Oswald shoot JFK?: this digitally remastered video clearly shows that the injury did no...
Re: Why did Lee Harvey Oswald shoot JFK?:   There is some pretty good/up close footage of Oswald at that short...
Re: Why did Lee Harvey Oswald shoot JFK?:                   It would be interesting to get a good Colorized lo...
On first glance... I immediately said: Lee Harvey Oswald... But I guess not.
Just visited NRA museum in DC. No mention of Charles Whitman, George Hennard or Lee Harvey Oswald, top Texas shooters. Envy, I guess.
only 1 ex lee Harvey Oswald can't kill the commander in chief & stay in the brotherhood oohrah
'Lee Harvey Oswald wanted to steal the Jack Ruby'
and to think Lee Harvey Oswald wasted PERFECTLY good bullets on JFK
Re: Why did Lee Harvey Oswald shoot JFK?:              The "motivation" is a diversion, as it permits endless,...
( History Repeats Itself ) There are many ironic parallels to be drawn between the deaths of Lincoln and Kennedy, who were slain by assassins. 1) Both Presidents were concerned with civil rights. 2) Lincoln was elected in 1860. Kennedy was elected in 1960. 3) Both were slain on Friday, and in the prensence of their wives. 4) Their successors, Both named Johnson, were Southerners, Democrats, and had served in the U.S. Senate. 5) Andrew Johnson was born in 1808. lyndon Johnson was born in 1908. 6) John Wilkes Booth, The Assassin of Lincoln, was born in 1839. 7) Lee Harvey Oswald, Kennedy,s assassin, was born in 1939. 8) Both Slayers of Booth and Oswald, ( Boston Garbeth, Jack Ruby ) Murdered the two assassins before their trials. 9) Both President's wives, lost children through death, while living in the White House. 10) Both men were shot in the head. 11) Kennedy's Secretary was named Lincoln, and Lincoln's Secretary was named Kennedy.
*** right release it! Lee Harvey Oswald & Jack Ruby's were released faster than this.
What if JFK killed Lee Harvey Oswald to get the Jack Ruby?
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or the police chief in Saigon executing the VC. Better... Jack Ruby shooting Lee Harvey Oswald.
Lee Harvey Oswald wanted to steal the Jack Ruby 😂😂
Looking at this pic after seeing pics of David Ferrie & Lee Harvey Oswald plus Jack Ruby association,…
Fan who tried to catch Michael Morse's home run with his gut looked like Lee Harvey Oswald coming out of central booking.
Reporting from the Dallas police department as Lee Harvey Oswald is being transported to the Dallas county jail.
Today November 24, 1963, Lee Harvey Oswald will be transported from the Dallas Police Department to Dallas County Jail
teams that play the Nationals should do a giant head mascot race with John Wilkes Booth, Charles Guiteau, and Lee Harvey Oswald
"John WilkesBooth, Lee Harvey Oswald, John Hinckley Jr - where are you now that we need you?" - Ghandi
If you liked Emma Watson in the Bling Ring than you'll like the guy in the white stetson in the Lee Harvey Oswald shooting.
The Texas mass shooting is beginning to look a lot like another false flag effort by the regime, to disarm Americans and keep everyone in terror. More propaganda from another surviving victim, who by the way, was shot in the head? Not only that, but does she seem to be acting right for someone who just lost her entire family? She is not at all angry, distraught, or depressed. This is exactly how the parents of the alleged victims reacted in the Sandy Hook event. Also, look at the hand gesture. Familiar? I also noticed the age of the ‘alleged’ shooter is 33, the hoaxers love working that number into a lot of their staged events. You might find this interesting. Serial killers only have two names. You ever notice that? But lone gunmen assassins, they always have three names. Notice how with all these MK Ultra patsies they include their middle names. The killer in this case is Ronald Lee Haskell. Here is a list of other patsies: John Wilkes Booth, Lee Harvey Oswald, Sirhan Bishara Sirhan, Arthur H ...
Warren Commission released, finds Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone Craig Breedlove sets auto speed record of 846.97 kph China becomes world's 5th nuclear power Viking Jim Marshall runs 66 yards in wrong direction for a safety Rolling Stones appear on Ed Sullivan Show Paula Murphy sets female land speed record 226.37 MPH Vatican abolished Latin as official language of Roman Catholic liturgy Roman Catholic Church in US replaces Latin with English Houston Colt .45s change name to Astros Baseball approves a free-agent draft Vietnam War: for his heroism in battle earlier in the year, Captain Roger Donlon is awarded the first Medal of Honor of the war. Nobel Peace Prize presented to Dr Martin Luther King Jr in Oslo Shooting starts for "Star Trek" pilot "The Cage" (Menagerie) Yes, it was 1964 and I was headed to the World Jamboree for a week then off to NYC to see the sites and especially the World's Fair. The Shively Newsweek knew of our trip (40+ boys making that trip sure got noticed) and they asked if anyone w ...
If you don't make a vine of you killing an important political figure, you're doing it wrong. I'm looking at you Lee Harvey Oswald
Lee Harvey Oswald was blamed for the assassination of JFK because he had mafia ties so was an easy scapegoat which is why the government hired him in the first place.
.Who piggybacked David Phillips' anti-FPCC program in 1963? My money is on your David Sanchez Morales, to frame Lee Harvey Oswald.
On Just Indie Comics a profile of E.A. Bethea, an artist, writer and musician from Brooklyn who published her comics in Bethea's Illustrated, Josh Bayer's Suspect Device, No Tokens, Smoke Signal and in the anthology Tusen Hjärtan Stark edited by Austin English. "Bethea's works are structured more as digressions than as conventional narrations and use the language and the rhythm of poetry. This poetic streak becomes passionate lyricism in Poydras St. Coffeewharf, a nocturnal tableau of life in a harbor, and Blue for Night, Amber for Dawn, a philosophical and far from ordinary memory of a lost love. In other tales E.A. Bethea chooses the tools of biography and crime stories, telling in a visceral and direct way the adventures of a prisoner, a prostitute, Blanche Barrow, Lee Harvey Oswald and Malcolm X. Sometimes it seems to read a poem, other times a portrait of a famous man, an article from a newspaper or a personal diary. And the best part is that all these registers - combined with a subtle but almost u ...
JFK has been shot by Lee Harvey Oswald. More to come.
Can you make a photo of Lee Harvey Oswald your background? Or is that in poor taste?
Shaina doesn't know who Lee Harvey Oswald is 😂😂 someone send this girl back to history class
This is straight out of the Collected Works of Lee Harvey Oswald
I've always thought that Lee Harvey Oswald was extremely attractive which probably equates to the possibility of me marrying a murderer
Today in church the pastor said we should pray for our leaders. I pray for a new Lee Harvey Oswald, Do you think that is what he meant?
Absolutely incredible footage on of the hunt, capture, & murder of Lee Harvey Oswald after the JFK assassination. Riveting.
reason Lee Harvey Oswald did not shoot JFK because he said he didn't do it!
As many times as I see the footage of Lee Harvey Oswald getting shot, it looks like an early episode of Playhouse 90.
not only that, but the video of Lee Harvey Oswald being killed was something out of a movie.
John Wilkes Booth shot Lincoln in a theatre from a warehouse. Lee Harvey Oswald shot Kennedy from a warehouse & was found in a theatre.
The pallbearers for Lee Harvey Oswald were news reporters because he didn't have enough family or friends.
I remember lots of people crowding around Lee Harvey Oswald with cameras too
I always felt That the officer Lee Harvey Oswald allegedly killed ws the baseman on the grassy knoll…
Lee Harvey Oswald rebelled against JFK and spun a conspiracy which began by Patti or Patty Page the pin up Queen. Aquarius
Lee Harvey Oswald was buried on November 25 in Shannon Rose Hill Memorial Burial Park in Fort Worth.
imma introduce you to my *** John Wilkes Booth and Lee Harvey Oswald
Isn't italready on the corner of Lee Harvey Oswald & John Wilkes Booth, under the Everybody In America Is Fat Freeway overpass?
Via's movie reviewer Kurt Loder comes word that legendary actor Gary Oldman—we loved him as Sid Vicious, Joe Orton, Lee Harvey Oswald, Dracula
Has anyone ever noticed Rand Paul bears a striking resemblance to Lee Harvey Oswald? Is it just me?
Recently declassified documents show Lee Harvey Oswald had some level of involvement with the CIA in intelligence operations around the world.
LANGLEY, Va. – Startled employees of the Central Intelligence Agency discovered this morning that Lee Harvey Oswald had been quietly added to the memorial wall at CIA Headquarters. Oswald is widely believed to have assassinated U.S. President John F.
I give all of you permission to go full Lee Harvey Oswald on me if I ever forget what it means to flip the bird to authority.
. is trying to say a member of OCT looks like Lee Harvey Oswald.
(Ah to be young again, Daniel.) The guy on left was Lee Harvey Oswald (apparent) shooter of JFK.
Why do soccer players go down like they were shot by Lee Harvey Oswald?
Lee Harvey Oswald quietly added to the memorial wall
Is it just me, or does this shopper remind you of Lee Harvey Oswald?
Corbett Radio 017 &In Search of Lee Harvey Oswald with Charles Ochelli - ...
What about the ghost of Lee Harvey Oswald?
"it's always better to take advantage of your chances as they come along.". -Lee Harvey Oswald
my grandma asked what i named my hedgehog and i said Oswald and she replied with "Oswald…like Lee Harvey Oswald that assassinated JFK?"
You caught me. I'll never forgive them for what they did to Lee Harvey Oswald ;_; He was an adorable innocent man
I previously had used this space to announce that I was really looking forward to the CNN ten-part series on "the Sixties," co-produced by Tom Hanks. Then, I reviewed the first segment on the role of television in the Sixties, and I acknowledged my disappointment with this first segment. This segment concentrated on TV programs, some of which like "The Smothers Brothers Program" and "Laugh-In," which were unique about the Sixties, and some like "The Carol Burnett Show, " which were not. My disappointment stems from the fact that TV certainly "came of age" during the Sixties, primarily because the American public witnessed first-hand so many dramatic news events, including the televised Presidential debates between JFK and Richard Nixon; JFK's assassination; the murder of JFK's assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald, right in front of our eyes in our living rooms by Jack Ruby; the memorial service for JFK; the civil rights' movement; the VietNam War, including bringing war scenes right into our homes; the anti-war .. ...
MISC.: This one is just for fun. I found it while searching for pictures through an old external hard drive. I'm not sure where I got it from, or who the author is, but I found it entertaining. It's quite long. here goes Have you ever read an "alternative history" book like Robert Harris’ “Fatherland” (where Hitler wins World War Two and gets away with the Holocaust) or Philip Roth’s "The Plot Against America" (a recent book where Charles Lindburg becomes a Fascist President of the USA in the 1940s)? These books look at pivotal moments in history and ask the question: what would happen if a certain crucial moment in time was to happen a different way? What would have happened to world history had Germany not invaded the USSR in 1941? Would have the 1960s been the same if there were no shooters in the grassy knoll and Lee Harvey Oswald missed JFK? Would England have won Euro 96 had Gareth Southgate’s kick evaded Oliver Kahn? Sometimes there is a moment in history about which everything else orbit ...
His first knight, Lee Harvey Oswald, had other things in mind however. This was how the American Civil War started.
Boxing promoter Bob Arum thinks Lee Harvey Oswald was an agent of Fidel Castro sent to assassinate JFK
Watching a film about Lee Harvey Oswald...what if the real Mack doesn't return and is replaced by a Soviet spy?
Wilford Brimley + the guy standing to the right of Lee Harvey Oswald = California Chrome's owner.
Lee Harvey Oswald's wife in "Killing Kennedy" is played by the girl who shot Maeve in Criminal Minds
Would have been well better if Lee Harvey Oswald headshot Miranda Hart instead of JFK
This Monday, June 2nd, at 7 pm CST/8 pm EDT, join us for a special episode of A Question of Faith: DEATH CONFESSIONS: Solving the JFK Assassination by Recording the Dead! (LIVE! From Dealey Plaza in Dallas!!) It began when Dr. Chuck Kennedy, a 40 year paranormal veteran and expert EVP researcher, went to the grave of Jack Ruby near Chicago and asked him, “Did Oswald really kill JFK?” The astonishing EVP that Dr. Chuck got sent him on a months-long journey all across the United States to the graves of everyone involved in the assassination in any way: from Jack Ruby to Lee Harvey Oswald to David Ferry. This shocking story involves not just Ghost Whispers, but anonymous airline tickets to various states, black limousines with speechless drivers, 4 am phone calls, and threats against Dr. Chuck Kennedy to stop his work of investigating his distant cousin’s death. We will also play the EVPs that Dr. Kennedy captured of these famous players in the JFK assassination!! Don’t miss this story! It is one for ...
Lee Harvey Oswald, the man who killed John F. Kennedy, being fatally shot by Jack Ruby.
Foto: historicaltimes: Lee Harvey Oswald mortally wounded, shortly after being shot by Jack Ruby, Dallas,...
I never thought I'd get a lesson in history from the movies Xmen. So today I learned Magneto killed John F Kennedy not Lee Harvey Oswald.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Why does this doofus on not know Lee Harvey Oswald assassinated JFK?
Here I Go Again: The Nut Job in California who couldn't get a girlfriend so he goes on a killing spree. Another pathetic loser who is just the latest link in the chain of modern times going back to Lee Harvey Oswald. And since Bobby Kennedy was shot down (also in California) in 1968, gun laws have become increasingly more restrictive - and yet - the killings continue. As for Me: I don't own any guns. I never have - probably never will. I don't care about the NRA & I don't hunt or shoot for sport or for anything else. Here's the Deal: On this day, John F. Kennedy's 97th Birthday, they can pass all the gun laws they wish, but that won't stop the violence. All that will do is potentially succeed in taking away the gun rights of responsible citizens. We must NOT forget history! The FIRST thing the Nazis did in Germany after coming to power was take away the guns from the citizenry. This is why the 2nd Amendment exists here in the USA - You can debate it's meaning all you wish, but the premise is fundamental t ...
Gary Oldman IS Lee Harvey Oswald. Has always been Lee Harvey Oswald, will always be Lee Harvey Oswald. This is simply
I feel like if you're position on whether Lee Harvey Oswald killed President Kennedy or not says a lot about you.
What if I told you that JFK wasn't killed by Lee Harvey Oswald but by Secret Service agent George Hickey
Grab either John Wilkes Booth or Lee Harvey Oswald from the past and have them back me up in the inevitable fist fight.
he gave it a nice shot, but not as nice as Lee Harvey Oswald's
Oak Ridge has another special connection that is highly suppressed and that was they were Connected to Lee Harvey Oswald and they were helping him with a special project to Kill Fidel Castro with a mutated lung cancer virus and radiation. Things went downhill quickly from there, as when the kill Castro plan failed, the plotters turned their guns on JFK as their solution to having the US not partner with Communism in Cuba, or in Russia. Yes, the Texas Masons were instrumental in the plotting to kill JFK, along with Masons on the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the Mason CIA leadership of Dulles, and lots of the Southern Scottish Rite Masons that hated JFK's support of Black Civil Rights in the South. One Y-12er went to high school in Chicago with Jack Ruby (aka Jacob Rubenstein) and also moved down to Texas around the time that Ruby did. Ruby's Schoolmate was Ray Tucker, Sr. and he came to work for the Y-12 nuclear weapons plant and was highly praised at Y-12 for turning the guns on JFK. The rest of the story is .. ...
It was Lee Harvey Oswald. was the first onto the ball followed by and
the picture in the background of Lee Harvey Oswald being shot looks a little different than what I remember
When I die I want to find out about Lee Harvey Oswald. There are TOO MANY JFK conspiracy movies and documentaries.
Shoutout to the new X Men movie for giving a more reasonable explanation of JFK's death then Lee Harvey Oswald.
I don't know what Lee Harvey Oswald looks like these days but he can't be less attractive than Joey Barton
Lee Harvey Oswald had a better shot.
Is it just me or does Joey Barton look like Lee Harvey Oswald these days?
Drove fast enough to beat the rain to the home of the Infantry,Ft Benning GA. Staying in a set of quarters, almost as historical as I am, in the Gen Walker Suite. He was my Div CG in Germany. A very non politically correct founder of the Pro Blue Program, an anti Communist program deemed too right wing, which hastened his retirement. Lee Harvey Oswald attempted to shoot him, before the assassination of Pres. John Kennedy.
Happy birthday John Fitzgerald Kennedy.. You would've been 97 today if it wasn't for Lee Harvey Oswald's actions in Dallas on 11/22/63
so it's cool to kill yourself Patrick? Is that what you are trying to say? Lee Harvey Oswald your bro?
I'm writing a paper on the similarities between Snowden and Lee Harvey Oswald
Standing a little to the right of the exact spot Lee Harvey Oswald killed President JFK. Wow *chills*…
Texas Monthly reporter Joe Nick Patoski went to visit his old Jr. High School Asst. Principal Frank Kudlaty. Why? It's because he learned from the Warren Report that Lee Harvey Oswald went to Beauregard Jr. High in New Orleans, but he knew a Lee Harvey Oswald from Stripling Jr. High in Ft. Worth, where he went. So, Patoski tracked down the retired Kudlaty in Waco, Texas, and Kudlaty told him that his superior, the principal, a Mr. Wylie, instructed him to turn over all of Oswald's files to the FBI, and he did so. This was soon after the assassination- within days. "I do recall the grades were not good," Kudlaty told Patoski. He added: "A person of that mind could teach himself Russian and pass himself off as Russian? I don't think so." Neither does Dr. Cinque.
70% of Americans think is a Patriot after interview. I suppose Lee Harvey Oswald and John Wilkes Booth were Patriots too?
Oh, So I have the same birthday as Lee Harvey Oswald...
Obviously he forgotten what Jack Ruby did to Lee Harvey Oswald in '63 with a pistol in a crowd!
"Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss your bullet should curve and you'll hit it anyway." -Lee Harvey Oswald probably
John A. Conte, Esq., 86, of Conway, passed peacefully on Sunday, May 25, 2014. Born Sept. 19, 1927, in San Marco, Italy, he was a son of the late Giuseppe and Rosina Maria Colagrossi Conte. A U.S. Navy veteran, having served as a Yeoman in World War II, he was a founding member and active parishioner of Our Lady of Peace Parish. Having immigrated from Italy at age 7 and not even speaking English, he rose to become a prominent Beaver County Attorney with a private legal practice in Conway for nearly 50 years. Early in his career, his successful work in murder trials led to his being consulted by Melvin Belli, the defense attorney of Jack Ruby for killing Lee Harvey Oswald. Atty. Conte was a pioneer in medical malpractice, winning in 1984 the largest verdict that had been obtained in 19 years within Beaver County. Recognized as a 60 year member of the Beaver County Bar Assoc., he also served as their past president and member of the Board of Governors. He was preceded in death by his grandson, Thomas J. Tav ...
One of the well-known sightings of an Oswald double before the assassination is the one who visited a Lincoln dealership in Dallas and tried out an expensive car which he took out on the Stemmons Freeway and drove at high speeds. The name he gave was Lee Harvey Oswald, and the date was November 9, 1963- just two weeks before the assassination. Lots of people cite the above story, and that includes Jim Douglass and John Armstrong. And, I have never heard anyone deny that it happened. The difference is that LNs and HSCA CTs (who are just a more stupid version of LNs- as though Oswald was anyone the plotters would have chosen to shoot at Kennedy) say it was really him, whereas Oswald-defenders, like Douglass and Armstrong, say it was a double. But, it couldn't have been the Oswald we know because he didn't know how to drive. Mr. JENNER - I think you said to me this morning, and please correct me if my recollection is not good, that he always spoke to you in Russian. Mrs. PAINE - With, perhaps, a couple of ra ...
I would trust Lee Harvey Oswald with my life!
Warren Commissioner Allen Dulles, during a January 22, 1964, executive session at which the allegation that Lee Harvey Oswald was a paid informant for the FBI was discussed.
I believe Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone. I believe there ought to be a constitutional amendment…
Little Giant Ladders
I do hope there is going to be more Trying Again. I absolutely love it. Lee Harvey Oswald line tonight made me honk out loud
Here we see a young Lee Harvey Oswald developing his fascination with guns & politicians.
“Yorkshire are suggesting David Haigh was set up.” That's what Lee Harvey Oswald always said - and look what happened to him...
It is with the deepest sadness that I must report that my classmate, Charles Allan Tippit has passed on. He expired about half an hour ago following his battle with cancer. Thank you all for your prayers and support during this difficult time and I'll post more info as it becomes available. For those who may not know, he was the eldest son of Officer J.D. Tippit who was killed by Lee Harvey Oswald.
watched a documentary about JFK's assassination and they show a strong case showing that the final shot that killed him did infact come from the Secret Service, but they believe it happened on accident. Yes, Lee Harvey Oswald did take two shots, but the fatal 3rd bullet was from another weapon. All the proof points to some random Secret Service guy that got startled and accidently shot Kennedy in the head and hence all the cover up as they didn't want the blame... what a crazy twist in fate
There are so many faces in the assassination of Lee Harvey Oswald
"If it feels right, just do it. Who said that?". "Lee Harvey Oswald?".
Kanye is a Gemini and Lee Harvey Oswald was a Libra. Don’t look too much into it ;)
Me and Lee. Judy Vary Baker's book. Just finished it and can recommend it. It is well written and well put together from cover to asides to maps and photos. The photo of Lee Oswald recognizing Jack Ruby and not being happy about it is priceless and worth the book on its own. Judy has taken the ghost of Lee Harvey Oswald and fleshed him out giving us a real man. I always wondered what the trip to Clinton, Louisiana, was all about. Now I know. Congrats Judy Baker. You are now a part of history and have driven another nail into the coffin of the Empire.
this kid is Lee Harvey Oswald offspring, what did you do to him?
Hugh Aynesworth (8/2/1931) was a reporter for the Dallas Morning News, his assignments typically involved science and aerospace. Aynesworth was not working on 11/22/1963; however, he was in Dealey Plaza to see the presidential motorcade. He heard a shot and at first he thought it was the sound of a motorcycle backfiring. As he heard the second and third shots, he realized it was gunfire. Aynesworth said total chaos broke out in Dealey Plaza and during the chaos he told a reporter to stay at the School Book Depository to cover the action. Aynesworth heard the reports of the shooting of JD Tippit over a police radio and he was able ride with a news crew to the Texas Theatre as reports of a suspect were announced. Aynesworth was with the police as they entered the theater and arrested Oswald for the murder of Tippit. On the morning of 11/24/1963, Aynesworth would again witness history as he witnessed Jack Ruby assassinate Lee Harvey Oswald in the basement of Dallas Police Headquarters. Aynesworth went onto h ...
JFK ASSASSINATION FILM DISCUSSION THREAD RUBY 1992 Ruby is a feature film, released in the United States on March 27, 1992, about Jack Ruby, the Dallas, Texas nightclub owner who shot and killed Lee Harvey Oswald in the basement garage of a Dallas city police station in 1963. The film was directed by John Mackenzie and stars Danny Aiello (as Ruby), Sherilyn Fenn (as Sheryl Ann DuJean a.k.a. Candy Cane), and Arliss Howard. It is based on a play written by British screenwriter Stephen Davis. Ruby was released three months after Oliver Stone's movie JFK.
Was behind a guy with the most amazing (sarcasm) bumper sticker of "Where's Lee Harvey Oswald when you need him" I literally have no actually I have quite a few but don't actually know where to start I just...I cant shake my head hard enough. Just the sheer ignorance in one simple bumper sticker makes me lose the recently gained hope I had for the state in which I reside. You got me had me thinking you were progressive again. Good one.
Umm guys. I just spilled water on my pants and it looks exactly like Lee Harvey Oswald holding a rifle.
Liberal Progressives have tried to foist the image of a redneck gun toting NRA member as the image of the evil shooting killer since Lee Harvey Oswald shot President Kennedy. The fact that Lee Harv...
Assassins in a one-act historical "revusical" that explores the dark side of the American experience. From John Wilkes Booth to Lee Harvey Oswald,...
Im about as ready for this test at JFK was for Lee Harvey Oswald. Basically, im gonna die.
Tyler_says...GifTs_ParTiNG: fell into some sort of Communist adoration with China like Lee Harvey Oswald, they want me irradiated so tha...+
It looks as if the best theory to date is that George Hickey a C.I.A. agent in a car behind JFK went to stop Lee Harvey Oswald, but unfortunately as he stood up with the AR-15 (while facing the presidents car) and flipped off the safety, while looking up @ The Texas Schoolbook Depository the car lurched (probably due to the drivers nerves as shots were clearly being fired and accidentally fired the fatal shot that killed J.F.K.
So I wrote that Abraham Lincoln was assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald
Letters to the Editor: Lee Harvey Oswald, universal grammar and Simenon
pretty crazy how obsessed with the Kennedys everyone still is. /started book on Lee Harvey Oswald yesterday
it was Lee Harvey Oswald in pre JFK training.
Lee Harvey Oswald and Sid Vicious were both - er - complimented by Gary oldman in Sid & Nancy and JFK respectively.
The whole class I was presenting to believed that Lee Harvey Oswald did not act alone in the John F. Kennedy, and at the end they completely changed their minds, and my professor stated that it was the best speech he's ever heard in a long time. What an awesome way to end the school semester!
I just convinced a whole class full of students that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone in the JFK assassination
The house in Minsk where Lee Harvey Oswald (the probably murderer of JFK) lived.
Let's take a shot at this like Lee Harvey Oswald.
Wondering if there are any Lee Harvey Oswald's out there?
read, and save for your records, the FBI report where Roger Craig positively identified the man he saw get into Ruth Paines wagon at 12:40 as Lee Harvey Oswald
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Lee Harvey Oswald did not fire the fatal shot that killed Kennedy. I firmly believe this now.
QUESTION FOR CONSPIRACY BELIEVERS REGARDING THE BACKYARD PHOTOS --- Do some conspiracy theorists think the FBI (or somebody) "planted" a fake "backyard picture" of Lee Harvey Oswald amongst the possessions of Marina Oswald on the weekend of the assassination? A copy of a backyard picture showing Lee Oswald was deliberately burned and destroyed by Marina and Marguerite Oswald in their hotel room just a day or two after the assassination. Copies of the backyard photos, in fact, were found in multiple locations -- starting with Ruth Paine's the picture that was destroyed by Marina and the picture that turned up 14 years later among the possessions of George DeMohrenschildt (and that photo was signed by Lee Oswald himself). And yet (per some CTers) we're supposed to believe that ALL of those pictures are forgeries? And that somebody forged a perfect "TO MY FRIEND GEORGE, [FROM] Lee Oswald" inscription on the back of the DeMohrenschildt copy? Isn't such mass fakery a little bit hard ...
Does anyone else think that Rand Paul looks a LOT like Lee Harvey Oswald w/ a wig? Especially the smirk.
9/04/2014 - Don Ray Archer dies aged 81 Don Ray Archer, a police officer who helped wrestle Jack Ruby to the ground after he shot Lee Harvey Oswald, died Saturday in Rockwall. Archer was a detective in the auto theft bureau in 1963, when he was assigned Nov. 24 to keep the corridor clear for the suspect in President John F. Kennedy’s assassination. Archer later testified that he saw a man step from crowd of reporters in the blinding TV camera lights and heard a gunshot. Archer, along with a few other officers, forced Ruby to the ground as they took him into custody and searched him. He spent hours in a jail cell with Ruby to make sure he didn’t harm himself. Archer told his family that Ruby was shaking and sweating but became calm when he heard Oswald was dead. He told Archer he didn’t want the president’s widow to have to come to Dallas for Oswald’s trial.
Take a tour of the Oswald Rooming House. See the home that Lee Harvey Oswald called home for 6 weeks.
Why is it that assassins are named using their whole name, including their given middle name (James Earl Ray, Lee Harvey Oswald), but cult leaders who commit murder/suicide are named first and last names only (David Koresh, Jim Jones)? Hmmm!
The entrance wound on the back of JFKs head was 6mm in diameter (Washington DC doctor that performed the autopsy testimony in closed court). Lee Harvey Oswald's bullets (based on shell casings found in the book depository) were 6.5mm. Bullet holes are typically a little bit larger than the diameter of the bullet itself. It's literally impossible for it to be any smaller than the diameter of the shell. Impossible. Why are things like this overlooked?
I'm sure Lee Harvey Oswald would have preferred this version of events.
I believe a lot of things that most people deem absurd. But I do not falter. Because my beliefs are rooted in fact, rather than popular teach. I know Jesus Christ was not the son of god. I know that Lee Harvey Oswald did not assassinate John F. Kennedy. I know Stanley Kubrick faked the Apollo moon landing footage. I know AIDS was calculated as population control. I know the "War on Terror" is a direct product of Halliburton. I know that Sandy Hook was a ploy to propel gun control. I know Solange is more talented than Beyonce.
Martin Bryant, Tasmania. Now he is linked and associated with Lee Harvey Oswald as being setup as a patsy. The link to Aleister Crowley so far is The words of someone with an IQ 66 doesn’t normally lie. The evidence is sound then In an earlier police interview, when asked the reasons for his actions, a smiling Bryant said, "I'd really love to help you out, but I can't." By 1.30 pm the pace at the 'Broad Arrow' caf� had slowed after the busy lunchtime period but at least sixty people still remained, finishing meals or browsing through the gift shop. No one seems to recall seeing the young man with long blond hair enter the caf� and order a meal, but they do remember his comment when he sat down on the front balcony area to eat his lunch. "There's a lot of wasps about today," he said to no one in particular and began to eat his meal. A few minutes later, he made another remark about the lack of Japanese tourists. The Shooter at the Broadarrow Café said “ There’s a lot of Wasps about today”. L . ...
Lee Harvey Oswald is such a camper, he's lucky I never got to play him in COD.
The precise instant that Jack Ruby shoots Lee Harvey Oswald, the man who assassinated John F. Kennedy.
Sondheim's 'Assassins', with book by John Weidman, explores the history of presidential assassination in the United States of America. From John Wilkes Booth to John Hinckley Jr, the musical tells their stories and motives, concluding in the Texas School Book Depository when Lee Harvey Oswald is about to change the world forever. Through one act he must connect -- with the assassins, with history, and with the world.
NOVEMBER 22, 1963 PRESIDENT JOHN F. KENNEDY ASSASSINATED. John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the 35th president of the United States, is assassinated while traveling through Dallas, Texas, in an open-top convertible. First lady Jacqueline Kennedy rarely accompanied her husband on political outings, but she was beside him, along with Texas Governor John Connally and his wife, for a 10-mile motorcade through the streets of downtown Dallas on November 22. Sitting in a Lincoln convertible, the Kennedys and Connallys waved at the large and enthusiastic crowds gathered along the parade route. As their vehicle passed the Texas School Book Depository Building at 12:30 p.m., Lee Harvey Oswald allegedly fired three shots from the sixth floor, fatally wounding President Kennedy and seriously injuring Governor Connally. Kennedy was pronounced dead 30 minutes later at Dallas' Parkland Hospital. He was 46. Vice President Lyndon Johnson was sworn in as the 36th president of the United States at 2:39 p.m. He took the presidential ...
Cox explores the parallel lives of John F. Kennedy, born into wealth and celebrity, destined for glory and a violent death and of Lee Harvey Oswald, born into poverty and obscurity, murdered in police custody and convicted, without a lawyer or a trial, of the killing of JFK. 50 years after both men were murdered, Alex Cox provides a chronological account of their lives' strange intersections, their shared interests and the increasing evidence which suggests that Oswald was working for a branch of the government, most likely the FBI or IRS, as an agent provocateur.
Chucky's full name, Charles Lee Ray, is derived from the names of notorious killers Charles Manson, Lee Harvey Oswald, and James Earl Ray.
Infiltration of the U.S. government, Part Two Cliff Kincaid Vladimir Putin's aggression in Ukraine has apparently surprised a lot of people who thought the Cold War was over, and that Russia had been integrated into the "community of nations." In 2012, President Obama pushed through Permanent Normal Trade Relations for Russia, giving Putin access to billions of dollars of Western capital. But former CIA officer Tennent H. "Pete" Bagley, who died recently, completely understood the view that the "death" of the USSR and the liberalization of Russia was a strategic deception, designed to allow the KGB operatives running Russia to regroup, and solidify and expand their power. His 2007 book, Spy Wars: Moles, Mysteries, and Deadly Games, angered the CIA because he believed the CIA had itself been deceived by a Soviet defector by the name of Yuri Nosenko. Among Bagley's claims: Nosenko, who defected in 1963, after the assassination of President Kennedy, insisted that Lee Harvey Oswald, JFK's assassin, was not a ...
THE CIA CHARACTERS & HSCA Bobby Kennedy's personal CIA representative at the Bethesda autopsy, Hugh Huggins, had known all the CIA characters from New Orleans from BEFORE the assassination - and he knew George de Mohrenschildt too - AND GUESS WHAT!?? George HW Bush did not have to have de Mohrenschildt killed so he could not testify at the HSCA hearings? You had better guess again. You still think the CIA did not have to murder Bobby Kennedy, when he had this information? You had better guess again. THEY DID! Here. Right Now. .24 Hour News Source….. NEWS FROM AROUND THE GLOBE When Huggins had been gathering information on Carlos Marcello, prior to the assassination, he had met Lee Harvey Oswald, Dave Ferrie and Guy Bannister and had been acquainted with Jack Ruby for seven years. All of the CIA/Mafia meetings in the New Orleans area, attended by Huggins, were also attended by Clay Shaw of the CIA. Huggins was also acquainted with George De Mohrenschildt who was a close friend of both Oswald and Jackie . ...
Lee Harvey Oswald quietly added 2 CIA memorial wall The action does not appear to have been a prank.
You were in military?So?I love military but so was Lee Harvey Oswald in military. So was Hitler. U support Obama-u hate America
Lee Harvey Oswald... Inexplicable what you had done. There are many theories though... Don't know which one to believe.
Lee Harvey Oswald's brother Bob, was working at Denton's Acme brick when President Kennedy was killed.
From the Lee Harvey Oswald band? I saw them in Dallas...killer show
I accidentally wrote Harry Oswald earlier...I had Lee Harvey Oswald on the brain. what can you do.
COMMENT: The old "Fair Play for Cuba" organization comes to mind. The one Lee Harvey Oswald belonged to.
"Big assassinations. How they choose the patsies. George Bush is everywhere. How the asassins who kill people like Kennedy carefully choose their patsies like Lee Harvey Oswald. Ole Dammegard interviewed. The worlds's greatest authority on assassinations."
Part of me wonders whether nailing Max Clifford was the equivalent of shooting Lee Harvey Oswald. Must have had some serious dirt on folks.
- How long did it take Democrats to realize -- John F. Kennedy was assisinated Lee Harvey Oswald.
it was not me it was the agh. Lee Harvey Oswald.
Also it looks like 2 different guns were used so that means there were probs more than Lee Harvey Oswald who were in on it
Been reading a book about Lee Harvey Oswald and today I've seen several reports about specific murderers, serial killers. The common theme in all of these is a poor relationship with their mothers. Sad and scary to think that, as moms, we wield so much power. I only hope that I was able to provide each of my kids with what they needed.
Lee Harvey Oswald and I have the same birthday.
I don’t think a person should have 3 names in their business title. 3 seems to connotate something dark. Something un-right about it. Lee Harvey Oswald. John Wayne Gacy. My Little Pony. The Brady Bunch. Evil. Every one of them. Someone with a title like Strategic Business Officer, Business Development Associate...might as well just say The Devil Incarnate.
YOU GOTTA BELIEVE!! by Dave Alpert 5/2/2014 I’ve always been skeptical and suspicious and, as a result, spent much of my life doubting my government. The time has come to make amends and admit that I was wrong. I believe that on November 22, 1963, a lone gunman, Lee Harvey Oswald shot and killed John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Oswald was a loner, a man with limited social contacts and someone who had to act on his own. Attempts to demonstrate that Kennedy’s assassination was a conspiracy, have proven fruitless because there were no others involved. Even the accusation that there were shots fired from the front of the President’s car went unproven despite the fact that people pointed and ran to the lawn area which lay in front of the car. I believe that Jack Ruby was so upset by Oswald’s action that he shot and killed Oswald who was in police custody. There are questions regarding how Ruby was allowed to get that close to Oswald while being armed. But let’s be honest, things were very chaotic and people ...
My man brought me breakfast in bed. That was after he told me last night that sometimes I look like Lee Harvey Oswald ' s photo when Jack Ruby shot him. no place like it
Wasn't he the US president Lee Harvey Oswald shot dead afterbeing put on the CIA MK-Ultra programme ?
Tell the one about John Wilkes Booth, Lee Harvey Oswald, and the Pope walking into a bar.
Book depository building in Dallas. Lee Harvey Oswald shot Kennedy from the 2nd window down on the…
In other words, those who don`t believe OUR lies, are stupid and untrustworthy. Where`s Lee Harvey Oswald!
On the trail of Lee Harvey Oswald in Dallas.:
Judyth Vary was once a promising science student who dreamed of finding a cure for cancer; this exposé is her account of how she strayed from a path of mainstream scholarship at the University of Florida to a life of espionage in New Orleans with Lee Harvey Oswald. In her narrative she off...
Lee Harvey Oswald was a Free Masonist, a branch of the Illuminati
Dr. Cyril Wecht, famous forensic pathologist, on my radio show this morning. I had dinner with him in Dallas a month ago. Our listeners had a real treat. He believes Lee Harvey Oswald did not act alone. He will be on Dr Phil this coming Monday and Tuesday regarding another case.
"VIDEO: Nigel Farage egged in Nottingham. This is our Lee Harvey Oswald.
The left side of Lee Harvey Oswald's face + right half of Neff's face combined into 1 super face. Dead Kansas font.
Placemark of the day: 50 yrs ago today convicted for killing Lee Harvey Oswald here ht…
definitely watch season 2 episode 3- they have a funny bit about JFK ... Lee Harvey Oswald says "fatality.. Double pt kill!"
Plot twist: Mr. Mc Shane is related to Lee Harvey Oswald and has been trying to blame the JFK assassination on the CIA this…
Apr 30, 1964: Robert H. Jackson, Dallas Times Herald won the Pulitzer for his photo of the Lee Harvey Oswald murder.
I habe no issue with News-limited falsely pretending Tony Abbott is like JFK, so long as someone does the Lee Harvey Oswald part as well.
Parkland weaves together the perspectives of a handful of ordinary individuals suddenly thrust into extraordinary circumstances: the young doctors and nurses at Parkland Hospital; Dallas’s chief of the Secret Service; an unwitting cameraman who captured what became the most famous home movie in history; the FBI agents who were visited by Lee Harvey Oswald before the shooting; the brother of Lee Harvey Oswald, left to deal with his shattered family; and JFK’s security team, witnesses to both the president’s death and Vice President Lyndon Johnson’s rise to power.
Every time Khaleesi walks through a crowd I feel like she's going to get the Lee Harvey Oswald treatment
Cont. "that the novels of Susan Sontag are over indulgent pieces of crap, I believe Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone," its a long rant.
This movie Parkland is shear propaganda on the death of JFK. Medical examiners was on sight and refused to let the body go after the body was examined by him. Air Force Once had the seats removed before the president was assassinated Robert Oswald never came to represent his brother, nor was there a story of Lee Harvey Oswald being a CIA spy. Nor did his brother want anything to do with him beyond publicity.
The most RIDICULOUS thing about the lone nut theory as regards to Lee Harvey Oswald is this : LHO worked for the US military at a top secret base operating U2 spy planes. He defected to Russia and asked for asylum in exchange for U2 secrets. He then was provided with money by the Americans to return to the US with his wife, He was never accused or tried for treason. Technically he should have been shot..but the US had a better plan in mind for him
Seeing Goblin tonight, the band that helped create the atmospheric texture in some of my favorite Italian horror films. Not to mention, in a super intimate setting at the historic building where supposed lone shooter, Lee Harvey Oswald was captured. Not like I'm freaking out about it or anything.
I'm the Lee Harvey Oswald of hiding in trees and ejaculating on unsuspecting pedestrians below
that sounds fun actually. i still have my Lee Harvey Oswald comic book i made in 8th grade. i made him a rabbit :)
Iconic photos.The murder of Lee Harvey Oswald in Dallas 1963 by Robert Jackson
There are 20 different documents in the Warren Commission that relate to Lee Harvey Oswald's hight. There are 12 reports that state, after his return from the Soviet Union his hight is 5,9". Yet in 8 reports his hight given as 5,11" before his defection. They included 3 reports by The Marines own Doctors for his discharge from the service. Aged only just turned 24 at the time of his death, it's hard to believe he lost 2" in just over a 3 year period.
That was a picture of Lee Harvey Oswald getting shot bt dubs
This meticulously documented expose gives the lie to the official CIA position that it had no relationship of any kind with Lee Harvey Oswald, alleged assassin of President John Kennedy. A former U.S. military intelligence officer for 20 years, Newman (JFK and Vietnam) relies primarily on newly released government documents made available within the last three years under the JFK Assassination Records Act, passed in 1992, which mandates that the U.S. government make available all its information on this case. Using CIA, FBI, military and American embassy files to reconstruct Oswald's activities from his 1959 defection to the Soviet Union up until his murder, Newman shows that the CIA was spawning a web of deception about Oswald weeks before the president's murder. For example, the agency has denied that it knew about Oswald's 1963 visits to the Cuban consultant in Mexico City, but Newman refutes this, using interlocking CIA and FBI cables and reports. The evidence presented here, though fragmentary and ba ...
NRA members across America today celebrated the timeless design and long range accuracy of the 6.5 mm Carcano Model 91/38 carbine, the rifle Lee Harvey Oswald used to assassinate President Kennedy.
nice. survey said: 20 out of 30 people thought Lee Harvey Oswald shot Jesus. We're in trouble.
Where is Lee Harvey Oswald when you need him??
Lee Harvey Oswald probably wouldn't have shot JFK if he knew Pizza Hut's new meat crust was only 8.99 plus tax. He would smile at it on a ***
Omg This is Sad Jesus Was Shot by Lee Harvey Oswald in the 1300's
OH *** YEAH, YES YES YES YESSS! Apparantly Locke will be shown here in Dallas after all. On May 1st at 9:15 pm at the Texas Theatre is where irs showing. This is the very same theatre that Lee Harvey Oswald was apprehended after the J.F.K Assassination.
I like political movies (easy guess, huh). But I have difficulty with deeply painful, one might say tragic, movies. So tonight I watched the last 45 minutes to an hour of "Parkland" -- a telling of the JFK assassination with practically none of the Oliver-Stonish conspiracy hysteria. Fascinating and simply heartbreaking in a way Stone's JFK could never have been. When will folks realize that evil is rooted in human stupidity and not human brilliance? Our movie villains are brilliant and intriguing; the real-life versions? Pathetic, broken, and filled with a malice only the truly small of mind and heart are able to maintain. Lee Harvey Oswald shot John Kennedy.
There were few eye witnesses who claims that Lee Harvey Oswald was eating lunch in the cafeteria room and was not on the 6th floor as the investigator conclude he was at.Guess what? Those eye witness are no longer alive!
The author examines the life of Lee Harvey Oswald in the context of the Cold War climate of the times and the people who shaped and used him. Includes the solving of a precedent case along with many new revelations in the Kennedy assassination itself. The ineluctable conclusion is that Oswald was...
It's come to this: I've now been told I look like both John Kennedy and Lee Harvey Oswald.
Ike: "I'm like Lee Harvey Oswald trying to kill Abraham Lincoln.
ALTDEF. infidel Infidel, noun. A place or location. Including but not restricted to: 1. Where many idealists of the past, and few in the present, put their faith and where Lee Harvey Oswald left his. 2. Future residence of tobacco resistant worms. 3. The carnal location of Che's mystical dreams and desires. 4. Conquistador's heart where Raul's (the recipient of the Order of Prince Yaroslav the Wise medal, and the Order of Holy Prince Daniel of Moscow award) beliefs truly reside. 5. Repository of Jesuit hope and aspiration. Product of their pedagogy.
FACT: In the three-year period which followed the murder of President Kennedy and Lee Harvey Oswald, 18 material witnesses died - six by gunfire, three in motor accidents, two by suicide, one from a cut throat, one from a karate chop to the neck, three from heart attacks and two from natural causes.
So, Bill, what else happened 50 years ago, in 1964? Plans to build the New York City World Trade Center are announced. John Glenn, the first American to orbit the earth, resigns from NASA; Announces he will run for U.S. Senate. The Beatles arrive from England at New York City's JFK International Airport. The Beatles vault to the spot on the U.S. singles charts for the first time, with "I Want to Hold Your Hand"; Appear on The Ed Sullivan Show, marking their first live performance on American television. Teamsters President Jimmy Hoffa is convicted by a federal jury of tampering with a federal jury in 1962. A Dallas, Texas jury finds Jack Ruby guilty of killing John F. Kennedy assassin Lee Harvey Oswald. The Great Alaskan earthquake, the second most powerful known (and the most powerful earthquake in the United States) at a magnitude of 9.2, strikes South Central Alaska, killing 125 people and inflicting massive damage to the city of Anchorage. Merv Griffin's game show Jeopardy! debuts on NBC; Art Fleming ...
Icarus Nestor Pappas (April 16, 1933 – August 31, 2008), better known as Ike Pappas, was a CBS News correspondent for 25 years. Pappas was born in the Flushing, Queens section of New York City. He graduated from Long Island University and then spent two years in the United States Army. He was assigned to Stars and Stripes during his enlistment. Dallas, Texas, November 24, 1963 That morning, Pappas was among the throng of reporters present at the Dallas City Jail for alleged presidential assassin Lee Harvey Oswald's transfer to the County Jail. Working for WNEW-AM in New York at the time, Pappas began his report as Oswald came into view: “ Now the prisoner, wearing a black sweater, he's changed from his T-shirt, is being moved out toward an armored car. Being led out by Captain Fritz." (car horn sounds) "There's the prisoner." (Pappas holds his microphone out towards Oswald) "Do you have anything to say in your defense... ” As Pappas asked Oswald the question, Jack Ruby stepped out of the crowd of .. ...
Dear Why does Dallas have a live-streaming webcam of Dealey Plaza from Lee Harvey Oswald's vantage point?
Jerry; In answer to your question: Yes I too, have been warned, many times over the years... however, today its better to pay someone, or group, to character assassinate another person, rather than murder them. Posting made-up derogatory information on the internet, corp. and private information, for the purpose of discrediting sources, is the new wave of journalism. seems we Americans have a tendency to accept the most damaging negative information we can. We accept any negative as factual without checking the validity of the damaging information... its our nature to go negative on any information that is submitted rather that check the information out via proper investigative techniques. Our mainstream media reporting has become Lazy, negative, and of not much use in my opinion, except to spread gossip and the will of various special interest groups. In most cases their services are bought by corrupt politicians and other special lobbyist working for a select few. (huffington post article 11-13-20 ...
If the cop wasn't in here I'd feel safe with lee Harvey Oswald next to me
Occasionally, I get asked what's next from W.H. Matlack? Well, I just finished the first draft of my next novel, working title is "Prying Eyes." It's a supernatural thriller, and boy do I mean supernatural! It features the holographic universe, the most powerful witch in existence, the ghosts of Lee Harvey Oswald, Jack Ruby, and Dorothy Kilgallen. You won't want to miss this one. I'll keep you updated on its progress.
Just think: Where was Lee Harvey Oswald? Should be an easy answer.
If JFK hadn't been assassinated (by Lee Harvey Oswald) could you imagine how bad Vietnam woulda been with a pill head at the helm?
Aron knew Lee Harvey Oswald in Russia. After watching the excerpt, if you would like to see the full video click here. To return to the Amazing Excerpts page click here.
A shipping container with a turtle in it? A toilet bowl full of goats? An ostrich in a soda siphon? A gerbil Lee Harve…
looking at the pic of Jerruh & friends at the gm..looks like the Lee Harvey Oswald Fantasy Suite..
I am going for Lee Harvey Oswald on this on.
Lmaoo, I don't think Lee Harvey Oswald agreed with you.
for sale photo of lee harvey oswald suitable for framing - contact GPH
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