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Lee Harvey Oswald

Lee Harvey Oswald (October 18, 1939 – November 24, 1963) was, according to four government investigations, the sniper who assassinated John F.

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Wasn't Lee Harvey Oswald going to face about 185 years in prison?
Lee Harvey Oswald changed the face of our nation and the Johnson family in only 6…
On the bball court they call me "Lee Harvey Oswald" cuz I'm always making implausible shots from downtown
When watching a motorcade roll by with disingenuous pompous Roman Catholic officials flanking the Pope. Lee Harvey Oswald.
no mention of the other 53 voters who brought down Abbott? Turnbull isn't Lee Harvey Oswald...
we had a problem with mice and rats, got a cat from shelter. Hubby named him after killer Lee Harvey Oswald (aka Ozzie)
Man who assassinated John F Kennedy planned to flee country, CIA documents reveal
If the McRib is made of real pork then Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone
Me: Andria, who was it who killed John Lennon?. Andria: *Thinks intently* ...Lee Harvey Oswald. Me: THAT'S THE GUY WHO KILLED LINCOLN
...and a few years earlier by Lee Harvey Oswald in real life.
but did he really? That wasn't the first murder on live television. See Kennedy AND Lee Harvey Oswald. Both dead on live tv.
for an invented scenario based on the mystique and conspiracy theory mythology surrounding Lee Harvey Oswald
Great podcast on Lee Harvey Oswald by worth checking out:
That Lee Harvey Oswald contacted Soviet and Cuban officials prior to JFK assassination is treated as new - it isn't (more)
Declassified CIA memo: Lee Harvey Oswald visited embassies in Cuba, Russia to plot escape before assassinating JFK
You'd be a fool to believe that Lee Harvey Oswald killed JFK
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Yeah, it's the twist ending to the season 5 Lee Harvey Oswald two-parter. It's a really intense episode.
So the heavily armed are ex-military. So was Lee Harvey Oswald.
Proof of Lee Harvey Oswald's innocent. Captured on film on the front steps seconds after the shots.
I feel like a loop of the last eight frames of film before a slow-motion Lee Harvey Oswald gets shot in the gut and killed.
I liked a video from LEE HARVEY OSWALD ON THE RADIO (AUGUST 1963)
Oswald visited embassies in Cuba and Soviet Union to plot his escape before assassinating John F Kennedy.
John Wilkes Booth and Lee Harvey Oswald have the same number of letters in their name illuminati confirmed
News of the time overshadowed Detective's actions, but no longer. L.C. Graves to be awarded Medal for Valor
Have you ever heard: Lee Harvey Oswald's cadaver tag sold at an auction for $6,600 in 1992.
Born on this date in 1924, J. D. Tippit, American police officer (d. 1963). He, too, was murdered by Lee Harvey Oswald.
Kind of makes getting nothing from Cuba in opening relations all the sillier.
All about Lee Harvey ... : Height Weight Birthday Zodiac Filmography Biography - see at
This is a dark tale. It involves Lee Harvey. Oswald, New Orleans, and one of the. roots of the cancer epidemic.
Revealed: How Lee Harvey Oswald planned to escape after killing Kennedy.
Did Lee Harvey Oswald explicitly state that gun violence was a problem in America? Yes or no!
Lee Harvey Oswald said he was coming for everybody's guns then? Yes or no.
Lee Harvey Oswald just wanted to see entire American way of life ended, just like
Watchin' Broncos/Chiefs game. Lee Harvey Oswald is Chiefs QB! Thank God they are not in Dallas.
I'd like to interview Lee Harvey Oswald, & unlike Dallas PD Id actually keep a record of the interview.
Lee Harvey Oswald was a LWNJ who trained in USSR. JFK was an anti-communist supporter
I hope Peyton Manning gets Lee Harvey Oswald'ed on the way out of arrowhead
Not for nothing but Astley looks like he could be separated at birth form Lee Harvey Oswald
Lee Harvey Oswald was a Left Wing radical, like u puppets
That Lee Harvey Oswald was a Left Wing extremist always escapes the crowd
The Lee Harvey Oswald episodes of gave me the creeps!! Couldn't sleep after watching them!
Declassified memo reveals Oswald visited Cuba and USSR embassies
Maybe Lee Harvey Oswald was just procuring tissue.
Lee Harvey Oswald is in the building...
Where's Lee Harvey Oswald when you need him...
If Kanye really becomes the next president, consider me the next Lee Harvey Oswald
Why were Fred Koch & Lee Harvey Oswald in Moscow at the same time?
With Malice : Lee Harvey Oswald and the Murder of Officer J.D. Tippit by Dale...
Lee Harvey Oswald was a patsy when it came to the assassination of JFK. Wrong guy!
This is the man who REALLY assassinated President John F. Kennedy. James Files, NOT Lee Harvey Oswald.
is beside me in the library practicing Greek quietly and it sounds like he's try to summon the ghost of Lee Harvey Oswald.
They started it the same way Lee Harvey Oswald started stricter protection of the president.
"Give them a tank. I need to be safe. I love mcdonalds. I love Bill O'reilly. JFK was killed by Lee Harvey Oswald."
Can someone please dig up Lee Harvey Oswald for Trump?
This Corbyn led Labour thing is gonna be as sloppy as a Lee Harvey Oswald prison tranfer.
Case Closed : Lee Harvey Oswald and the Assassination of JFK by Gerald Posner...
If you believe Rodgers was responsible for our 2nd place finish 2 seasons ago you probably think JFK was shot by Lee Harvey Oswald
Yep, Lee Harvey Oswald-esque. I'm googling coach who will look like James Earl Ray and O-lineman/John Hinckley Jr.
I'm no conspiracy theorist, but it's increasingly apparent that Lee Harvey Oswald did 9/11 with Sirhan Sirhan and Mark David Chapman.
[cont] "Uncle George," intervened with associates in Dallas. GdM was close to both the Bouviers & Lee Harvey Oswald [cont]
Someone should pull a Lee Harvey Oswald when Trump comes to Dallas please and thank you
Update your maps at Navteq
There's a documentary on TV right now about Lee Harvey Oswald. I'll take "Things has probably DVR'd" for 50…
My favourite Lee Harvey Oswald was when Lister accidentally pushed him out a window.
My favourite Wh1sks was when Sam leapt into Lee Harvey Oswald
I told James that Lee Harvey Oswald was hot and I'll tell ya that did not go down well
Final lesson on ping pong photography: players hitting the ball all look like the Jack Ruby/Lee Harvey Oswald photo
Jesus Was Shot by Lee Harvey Oswald in the 1300's via
If there was gun control laws would Lee Harvey Oswald not been able to kill Jesus?
"You miss 100 percent of the shots you don't take" . -Wayne Gretzky. -alcoholics. -anti vaxxers. -Lee Harvey Oswald
More conspiracy theory nonsense. Lee Harvey Oswald was a trained sniper in the USMC. JFK:TSG doesn't mention this at all. Pathetic.
Lee Harvey Oswald deserves to be on a dollar bill
Yet another reason not to vote for Trump: he thinks that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone.
Shout out to my main man Lee Harvey Oswald. Love you bro.
the Thursday Afternoon Monday Morning Podcast is up!! I ramble about Brady decision, home gyms and Lee Harvey Oswald.
The "now" picture of Parkland Memorial's ER. (Lee Harvey Oswald died there too, thanks to Jack Ruby!)
My buddies John Wilkes Booth and Lee Harvey Oswald are huge fans of yours too--so they may wanna tag along. Cool?
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Jamie Parker as Lee Harvey Oswald in Assassins the Musical. I have fangirled before and I will fangirl again.
The Warren Commission releases its report on the Kennedy assassination, declaring that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone 1964.
After legal battle, Lee Harvey Oswald gravestone returns to
I'm like Lee Harvey Oswald, I shoot really fast. All over your face until your head flies back
Like, writing that someone will get shot is doable. Writing that someone will get shot by Lee Harvey Oswald... can't.
State briefs: Lee Harvey Oswald gravestone back in Texas - Your Houston News
Ayo why Zayn and Lee Harvey Oswald never been seen together?. Make ya think Nam sayin fam smh like.
Where's Lee Harvey Oswald when you really need him? LOL!
Also just realise Langella played John Wilkes Booth, Gary Oldman played Lee Harvey Oswald, and they both played Dracula.
Evp session trying to contact Lee Harvey Oswald: via
Lee Harvey Oswald gravestone back in Texas - (blog)
Lee Harvey Oswald is the greatest story never told.
A gravestone for President John F. Kennedy’s assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald, has been returned to Texas after an ownership dispute
Apparent original Lee Harvey Oswald gravestone back in Texas - Brownsville Herald
Lee Harvey Oswald gravestone back in Texas via
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Lee Harvey Oswald's gravestone returns to Texas, Blue Bell gets a tentative return date, & more in
Lee Harvey Oswald gravestone is quietly returned to Texas
Lee Harvey Oswald's gravestone returns to Dallas after a long, strange journey
Lee Harvey Oswald's gravestone returns to Texas via
Creepy Humor ;) Lee Harvey Oswald's gravestone returned to Texas, will be placed back...and to the left [Followup]
YOU GUYS there is an episode of Quantum Leap where Sam leaps into the body of Lee Harvey Oswald. . " Guest Director: Oliver Stone. "
Jim Wolf wouldn't eject Lee Harvey Oswald for going up and in on John F. Kennedy
"Where's Lee Harvey Oswald now that his country needs him?" -Jerry "The King" Lawler, on Bill Clinton.
The guy really believes Lee Harvey Oswald is still in prison for shooting Pres. Kennedy.. Seriously man? He's dead too
Re: Nina P Myers: If indeed Robert E Lee Oswald's brother Lee Harvey Oswald was hired by William Byrd of the B...
Kansas coach David Beaty says his dad was in crowd when Lee Harvey Oswald was shot: Most college football medi...
With help from here is David Beaty's father behind Lee Harvey Oswald.
David Beaty's dad was there when Lee Harvey Oswald was shot: wrote more on the coach's TX roots:
Standing on the 7th floor right above where Lee Harvey Oswald supposedly assassinated Kennedy.
The Shadow the Hedgehog game was fun but the level where he travelled back in time and killed Lee Harvey Oswald was a little
I bet if Lee Harvey Oswald was alive he would be there too.
Jack Ruby shoots Lee Harvey Oswald two days after JFK was killed in Dallas, TX
A friend shared this today. I had to be an *** and point out that both Lee Harvey Oswald and Charles Joseph...
Did John McCain think to ask who Lee Harvey Oswald really was? Would he have been allowed by mic to ask?
Lee Harvey Oswald could have mounted the same defence.
Tbh I want to see Lee Harvey Oswald v John Wilks Booth on
The Charleston Shooter was WHITE. Timothy McVeigh was WHITE. Lee Harvey Oswald was WHITE. What's your point?
"So where were you when Kennedy was shot?" - Me awkwardly talking to someone I don't realize is Lee Harvey Oswald.
And, if they threw the middle name in there, I'd be back to feeling insecure: "I'm Lee Harvey Oswald, welcome aboard!"
I think Lee Harvey Oswald shot JFK for treating Marilyn like a *** . but what do I know ??? 😑
Lee Harvey Oswald did indeed fire at JFK, but secret service agent George Hickey delivered the fatal head shot w/ an AR-15 …
The Crolla burglary story is the biggest conspiracy since Lee Harvey Oswald got stitched up.
This WWE PPV is definitely a product of its time (1997). Called a Japanese fella "slant-eyed" and made a Lee Harvey Oswald joke. :o
Join our tour as Lee Harvey Oswald will make his last decision on this day.…
Yup and Lee Harvey Oswald said it was a setup by the gov but they didn't believe him until his death in 1998.
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Re: To LNers: Lee Harvey Oswald and the Odd Connections...: That's silly. You're saying Paine knew Oswald left...
You ever notice that? But lone gunmen assassins, they always have three names. John Wilkes Booth, Lee Harvey Oswald, Mark David Chapman...
Clint Hill. I have no doubt that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone
Lee Harvey Oswald was a pretty good lookin dude lmao
You've been quoted in my story Lee Harvey Oswald shot during transfer to Dallas County Jail
Today, John Harbaugh is exactly as old as Jack Ruby was the day he killed Lee Harvey Oswald: 19,265 days.
Also for Father's Day, fathers that still would have been better than mine: Lee Harvey Oswald, Charles Manson, Josef Stalin, and the Zodiac.
This picture of Lee Harvey Oswald looks as if it were taken yesterday.
Oswald is Still Dead: the history of mock trials of Lee Harvey Oswald
It is a big conspiracy. David, Elizabeth, the CIA, the Mafia and Lee Harvey Oswald have moved the fete to a grassy knoll.
most say Lee Harvey Oswald but he was never tried it convicted
Idk why, but communist history type stuff just really interests me. I'm no Lee Harvey Oswald though, thank God
Lee Harvey Oswald supported ethics in games journalism
Lee Harvey Oswald made money off of the Dust Bowl
Lee Harvey Oswald didn't act alone (or possibly at all).
Take a step back in time at 1026 N Beckley Avenue see the room Lee Harvey Oswald lived in.
Lee Harvey Oswald conspiracists: new novel! View from the Sixth Floor...
Lee Harvey Oswald was likely a perfect example of this problem.
and let's not forget that Lee Harvey Oswald -- a Communist -- was blamed on right-wing extremism...
he died!!! That's Lee Harvey Oswald, who killed JFK. If he had a vest he could have survived.
yeah and Lee Harvey Oswald almost missed
quite. I mean I'm assuming Lee Harvey Oswald was just exercising his 2nd amendment right. It's just all wrong.
I thought they transported most high profile murderers in vests ever since Lee Harvey Oswald was killed live on TV?
no it's called we learned our lesson w Lee Harvey Oswald. High profile perp walk = vest
Teaching the boys how Lee Harvey Oswald can't have been a a lone wolf shooter.
Featuring Rock Hudson, Saddam Hussein, Lee Harvey Oswald, Doris Day, Enos the chimp and everyone above level 7 in the CIA.
The view of Lee Harvey Oswald when he shot JFK. Crazy.
If JFK would've been strapped, he would have stood up and shot into the Dallas Repository and kill Lee Harvey Oswald
and you let Lee Harvey Oswald go down for it smh
People acting like domestic terrorism is new, news flash the government has their puppets for eons three words "Lee Harvey Oswald" 🃏
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someone who takes the fall for a crime they didn't commit. You know, like Lee Harvey Oswald.
There is this insane painting of Jack Ruby killing Lee Harvey Oswald at UT Austin. But it takes everyone a moment to realize what it is.
im not conspiracy theorist but with JFK's assassination i KNOW it was a conspiracy between the MIC and Lee Harvey Oswald was the fall boy.
I think the fastest arrest for something as high profile as this was Lee Harvey Oswald for the assassination of JFK. A whopping 70 minutes.
If you notice in most incidents of big shootings and what not the killer has 3 names. Lee Harvey Oswald for example
.Media all day long: D Roof is a "kid" at 21. Lee Harvey Oswald was 24 JFK assassination
I'm thinking from the point of trying not to have a repeat of Lee Harvey Oswald after the assassination of JFK.
Call me Lee Harvey Oswald because I murdered that exam
does anyone even know what happen to Lee Harvey Oswald in terms of him getting shot the day after he killed Kennedy
Alex Rodriguez making baseball history is kinda like Lee Harvey Oswald making American history
"Looping" is nothing new. I'm old enough to recall constant repetition of Jack Ruby shooting Lee Harvey Oswald on TV.
The window Lee Harvey Oswald was hiding in TX School Book Depository across from Dealey Plaza
Jon Venables blaming Denise Fergus acts like if Lee Harvey Oswald blamed Jackie Kennedy for not jumping in front of John when he was shot
Stomachache all day. Approximately as upset as Betty Draper was when JFK died. And then Lee Harvey Oswald died. WHAT IS GOING ON?
"Lee Harvey Oswald assassinated him in Dallas?". "JR Ewing" the answer given. . . Alexander Armstrong pissing himself.
Court case over Paul Bentley artifacts, detective who arrested Lee Harvey Oswald at in Dallas via
This a picture of the Texas School Book Depository building from which John F. Kennedy was shot by Lee Harvey Oswald
3rd period extra credit. What do Charles Whitman & Lee Harvey Oswald have in common (aside from killing)
I confuse famous people so easily. Kevin James and Kevin Hart, and now Steve Harvey and Lee Harvey Oswald.
Rajon Rondo is the most hated man in Dallas since Lee Harvey Oswald. Not as good of shooter though. . - something Clyde…
are you inferring that Lee Harvey Oswald, if alive today, would say that the magic bullet was just "one that got away"?
"Lee Harvey Oswald was the only one behind jfks assassination"
Friend of Lee Harvey Oswald drops some truth, her book looks good, will start reading it soon...
I just went in the house Lee Harvey Oswald lived in before he shot JFK.. Now off to his work office where he actually shot him from 😳
Wiki says in the future the displaced person looks like Sam. Did not know there was a Lee Harvey Oswald episode.
Lee Harvey Oswald was a patsy. Leslie Nielson was a shirley.
Bought Cadbury's Fudge 4-Pack. If you don't think I'm going to eat them all tonight, you probably think Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone.
Lee Harvey Oswald?! Also, a couple of these are shockingly high-concept.
Lee Harvey Oswald did not act alone.
I knew it wasn't just Lee Harvey Oswald; you might want to lay off the glue sniffing!
And for JFK conspiracy fans, a new short story will also be featured:. "The Fair Grounds Adventure of Lee Harvey Oswald."
From which floor of the Texas School Book Depository did Lee Harvey Oswald fire at JFK?
. Lee Harvey Oswald was a super spy hired by JFK!
Lee Harvey Oswald did a pretty good job at opening his mind
Hey. Kennedy. What really happened? Oh hey, Lee Harvey Oswald... I'll just let you two talk...
It's like having Lee Harvey Oswald do the eulogy for JFK.
Are you Lee Harvey Oswald, because you blow my mind
Lee Harvey Oswald didn't know anything about the JFK assassination.
I wonder if Mr. Oswald, is related to Lee Harvey Oswald? 😂
Lee Harvey Oswald is the best shooter of all time.
Watching the two parter Lee Harvey Oswald episode of Quantum Leap, I'm reminded what a brilliant and inventive show this was.
Lee Harvey Oswald. John Wilkes Booth. James Earl Ray. Mark David Chapman. Whose idea was it to call every assassin by all three names???
just as tragic wen James Earl Ray&Lee Harvey Oswald gunned down prominent human beings. So what does this change abt the facts?
"Ive got it all figured out: Lee Harvey Oswald wanted to steal the Jack Ruby!"
Oui! Agreed mate, so was Lee Harvey Oswald alone.
Han shooting Greedo in the stomach at point blank range echoes Jack Ruby's murder of Lee Harvey Oswald
does anyone still think it was Lee Harvey Oswald?
If Toronto wins the draft lottery: Bush is responsible for 9/11, we never went to the moon and Lee Harvey Oswald didn't shoot JFK
Good game, needs more shots. Where's Lee Harvey Oswald at?
The fact that Lee Harvey Oswald was shot & killed IN POLICE CUSTODY is 1 of the most, "Something scwewy's going on around here" things ever.
Programmed to Kill: Lee Harvey Oswald, the Soviet KGB, and the Kennedy Assassin
fake, it's a reinactment for a tv movie The Trial of Lee Harvey Oswald filmed in 1977.
That's actress Cristine Rose as Jackie in the 1977 TV-movie "The Trial of Lee Harvey Oswald".
The Gun used to kill Lee Harvey Oswald in DallasTexas 1963
- Former Secretary of State General Colin Powell is the one that Shot former President John F Kennedy not Lee Harvey Oswald
Just got a Charlie horse in my abs. Looked just like Lee Harvey Oswald in the garage.
I can just picture it . "Yeah doc Tyler Seguin is out there playing like former Dallas citizen Lee Harvey Oswald"
Waiting for the day Pierre McGuire compares a player to Lee Harvey Oswald after they snipe
They should have had a seance to ask Lee Harvey Oswald if anyone hired him to kill Kennedy.
that's like Lee Harvey Oswald giving a shoutout to the Kennedy family
Where is Lee Harvey Oswald when you need em?
August 1963: this woman on Camp Street at Common would have no idea she took a handbill from Lee Harvey Oswald.
Lee Harvey Oswald still owes an overdue book - The Shark and the Sardines by Juan Jose Arevalo - to Dallas public library
Yesterday segway touring around the city of Dallas! that is the window that Lee Harvey Oswald shot…
. Fiscal policy isn't 'controlled by the EU'. The moon landing really did happen. Lee Harvey Oswald shot JFK
Kennedy was killed by a self-professed Communist named Lee Harvey Oswald.
- Lee Harvey Oswald would be so pround of our president!
oh, and D for Dallas - where either JR or JFK was shot by Lee Harvey Oswald. So easy to get the two mixed up.
I teach my students about Lee Harvey Oswald & Warren Commission. Then I mention grassy knoll & show this ..
If the annexation of Texas didn't happen in 1845, Kennedy wouln't have been shot Jack Ruby and Lee Harvey Oswald might have been BFF.
That Cotton guy freaks me out. He looks like Lee Harvey Oswald and Alfred E Neuman had a baby.
"E. Howard Hunt's testimony—CIA knowledge of Lee Harvey Oswald's trip to Mexico City in the fall of 1963...". ht…
one of the only New Simpsons jokes i like is when homer believes the JFK conspiracy is "lee harvey oswald was trying to steal the Jack Ruby"
By John Flannery's logic, Lee Harvey Oswald should have been buried at Arlington National Cemetery. Bergdahl? Life.
A conspiracy theorist just went on for five minutes to me about how Lee Harvey Oswald didn't kill Kennedy 😐
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You once said you want to always leave the bathroom door open. You know who else did that? Lee Harvey Oswald...
Lee Harvey Oswald doppelganger James O'Keefe went after a Cornell advisor for some reason:
Lee Harvey Oswald's Car was up for sale on ebay. Bidding just ended--$11k, reserve not met.
is this THE book depository? The one where Lee Harvey Oswald waited.;)
At was my age, Lee Harvey Oswald had been a marine, defected to the USSR, assassinated the president, fathered two and been dead four years.
"Libra", by Don DeLillo. Novelisation of Lee Harvey Oswald's life, telling of the CIA conspiracy to assassinate JFK. Probably fiction.
There's not much time left to bid to buy a station wagon that Lee Harvey Oswald once rode in:
Just over 2 hours left on the car that Oswald sat in a couple of times. Wanna go halves
Mostly spending the day tracking a car on eBay that Lee Harvey Oswald went in a couple of times. Wuu2?
Lee Harvey Oswald was on the 2nd floor
When they spoon feed you the verdict within hours it's a Lee Harvey Oswald story, go back 2 sleep every1
Lee Harvey Oswald was US intelligence and a patsy for LBJ/CIA murder of JFK.
Lee Harvey Oswald's quick scope would have been better if JFK didn't set up for him.
I asked Siri if she believed Lee Harvey Oswald shot JFK and she evaded the question. mmhmm. *MESSAGE*
How about that Reggie? How about this Reggie? Did Lee Harvey Oswald really kill JFK Reggie? Should I put pants on Reggie?
beautiful!!! I once did assassins with a "method actor" playing Lee Harvey Oswald...that was an interesting experience
Did you know that Lee Harvey Oswald traveled to Mexico only weeks before shooting Kennedy?
Lee Harvey Oswald hosting take me out
this is a lie. Lee Harvey Oswald did it.
real Chicago gangster who help the USA beat up nazies also killd "Lee Harvey Oswald" they guy who the official...
Lee Harvey Oswald was the fall guy from the start. And he was The shots aren't possible for just one guy.
taken from this movie 'The Trial of Lee Harvey Oswald', photo is from around 15 min. in
I wonder if there's anyone out there that actually believes Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone and did it exactly how the Warren Commission said
Texas Theater in Dallas- where Lee Harvey Oswald hung out after assassinating JFK on Nov 22, 1963 in
Did Peter Gabriel just sit down at the piano one day and say to himself, "I know! I'm going to write a song about Lee Harvey Oswald!" ?
When Pittsburgh and Boston played last season Jack Edwards compared Matt Cooke to Sirhan Sirhan. Assume Crosby/Lee Harvey Oswald is next.
Dante it is part of their culture remember Lee Harvey Oswald was never convicted of killing Kennedy
Who shot JFK? A few suspects Lee Harvey Oswald, FBI, CIA, Mafia, Aliens? Who knows..What's any of that go to with the NHS anyhow??
51 years ago: Jack Ruby found guilty of killing Lee Harvey Oswald - via
Ronnie, we Still NEED You! Where is Lee Harvey Oswald when the US Really NEEDS HIM to RID US of Communist Obama!
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Lee Harvey Oswald shot those cops... Just like he shot JFK..., vanishes from timeline
our beards could have saved JFK and killed Lee Harvey Oswald.
Lee Harvey Oswald had CIA handlers paint his persona while he was still on the team. thats why he did the Cuba Russia thing.
So you have someone who has military loyalty on a secret mission and you have a Sheep Dipped Patsy or Lee Harvey Oswald.
.&Helen47 JFK would be kicked out of Dem party now! They'd be quicker 2 embrace Lee Harvey Oswald as a commie than a conservative dem!
The IRS is probably the worst thing in America. That list includes Obama, Sorority *** and Lee Harvey Oswald.
6th floor of the Texas Book Depository in Downtown Dallas. The floor that Lee Harvey Oswald shot and…
This guy shoots better than Lee Harvey Oswald
Have they checked Lee Harvey Oswald's alibi yet?
would be tough to exclude Lee Harvey Oswald
JUST IN: The reliable witnesses of Ferguson say the shooter was Lee Harvey Oswald, from the grassy knoll.
C'mon khalid sheikh mohammed was a patsy just like James Earl Ray and Lee Harvey Oswald.
I'm pretty sure Lee Harvey Oswald got his idea from this movie... this is just downright irresponsible
In the movie JFK, Jim Garrison asks, "Who grieves for Lee Harvey Oswald?" We shd ask, "Who grieves for the homeless guy murdered by LAPD?"
Yeah... and I'm sure you can prove that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone. At: Not:
is the automatic Lee Harvey Oswald in the fantasies of the Russophobic western media.
who is your favorite fictional character and why? — Lee Harvey Oswald. he just carried out so much skulduggery o...
Coutinho has went from not being able to hit a barnyard door to becoming the Brazilian Lee Harvey Oswald
"O’Reilly claimed that he heard the gunshot, when a friend of JFK assassin Lee Harvey Oswald, committed suicide"
Putin condemning the assassination of is like Lee Harvey Oswald condemning the assassination of Kennedy.
What dream Item would you love to appear on ? Lee Harvey Oswald's rifle?
Bill O'Reilly said in his book, he "heard the gunshot". When a friend of Lee Harvey Oswald killed himself. Now we...
And to have concluded that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone. How many lies can be said upon jumping on the big money bandwagon? (2/2)
George de Mohrenschildt's "unpublished manuscript" about Lee Harvey Oswald has now been published.
AMERICA must be cautious of the history of old Soviet Union, today's
investigating murder is like Lee Harvey Oswald investigating the murder of Absurd.
in 1963 Lee Harvey Oswald, the JFK assassin, was himself assassinated by Jack Ruby while in police custody
leading investigation is like Lee Harvey Oswald leading the Warren Commission.
It is time for canonization of lee Harvey Oswald as Kennedy critic.
"She's as clumsy as the Lee Harvey Oswald prisoner transfer" that's pretty clumsy.
Why is he always called Lee Harvey Oswald, it's not like there's all these other Lee Oswalds we have to keep straight
Lee Harvey Oswald is shot by Jack Ruby only 47 hours after he allegedly shot JFK.
Question: Why was George DeMohrenschildt friends with Lyndon Johnson, CIA chief GHW Bush (1976) and Lee Harvey Oswald?
je suis suspicious! IDs lead cops to the patsys, then bullets end the story. Lee Harvey Oswald, anyone?
Give a person a triple barrel name and they will assassinate something! . Lee Harvey Oswald. John Wilkes Booth.
John Wilkes Booth, Lee Harvey Oswald, and Mark David Chapman shared one thing in common, living by this philosophy: "Shoot for the stars."
The main character in Childs Play (Charles Lee Ray) is named after 3 famous killers. Charles Manson, Lee Harvey Oswald and James Earl Ray.
for Presidents' Day, we are honoring John Wilkes Booth, Lee Harvey Oswald, John Hinckley, and pneumonia.
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