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Lee Dixon

Lee Michael Dixon (born 17 March 1964) is a former English professional footballer born in Manchester.

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Arsenal legend Lee Dixon accused of racism over Son Heung-min comment during Liverpool…
legend accused or racism during Spurs Liverpool commentary.
& follow for the chance to win a Daryl Dixon Pop!
Lee Dixon accused of racism for making a karate sound when Son made a high challenge. Some people are so sad this isn't racism fgs
Lee Dixon. If this was on BBC or Sky man would have got the Big Ron treatment
I love Lee Dixon. Loved him as a player. I respect him as a pundit. Cos he pulls no punches. No sugarcoating, no head burying.
Composed by the great Willie Dixon and first recorded by Otis Rush. Standard 12 bar blues before John Lee Hooker,...
Lee Dixon has been accused of racism after a comment he made relating to Son Heung-min while commentating on Liv...
Great weekend. LFC win, Lee Dixon does Karate impressions to Son and sky announce Burnleys equaliser as a great "free ***
[]We’ve all watched an American stream of a live ‘soccer’ game. Usually, we get an overexcited ma…
how's Lee Dixon he getting away with that 😂😂😂
Absoulately hilarious from Lee Dixon. 'Haiiyya karate Kick' when Son tackled
Oh Lee Dixon. He's Korean so it should Tae Kwon do
I wonder if Lee Dixon has realised yet, just how borderline to racism he was 😂. 'Son with a karate kick... Aiyah!'.
fam thats foul racism and its from lee dixon aswell. I dno who said haiyaaa lmao that was added in for bants
Lee Dixon for me mate. Poached by ITV.
lee Dixon making Kung fu sounds at Son as he tackles 😕
Seriously what's the big deal.. get over it u sorry muthas
Lee Dixon waiting for NBC bosses to call him
Lee Dixon you can't be saying that 😭
Any team including Dino Baggio, Nigel Martyn and Lee Dixon would win the league.
I'm not sure Lee Lee Dixon can be labelled racist - he's only referring to the bad challenge. Since when did 'Hiaaiya' become offensive?
How the *** is lee Dixon being accused of racism for that?!
It's the Pc brigade up in arms over nothing as usual. dixon
Quote from Lee Dixon yesterday: "I've never actually seen Lucas have a bad game". Seriously.
Tbf Son's tackle was near enough a karate kick can't see why there's a problem with Lee Dixon making that sound
Still dead at this. Even more so finding out it was lee Dixon
Arsenal legend Lee Dixon accused of racism for commentary comment during Liverpool-Spurs game
Had a strange dream I was having a kick about in the park with Ian Wright, Lee Dixon and Paul Scholes of all people.
Arsenal legend Lee Dixon accused of racism over commentary during Liverpool v Tottenham
Badly wasn't racist what Lee Dixon said. Are people messing?
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Jesus Christ, it a like Lee Dixon has been watching a Partridge marathon...
if you didn't laugh at the lee dixon commentary about son then you have no sense of humour,the PC brigade need to have a day off
Spurs fans want Lee dixon fired for what he said about Son? In't that a little bit over the top?
Lee Dixon is being racist for saying Son's tackle was a karate kick, yet your linking it to him being Asian so who's being racist now then
Can't be worse than Lee 'actually' Dixon. Correcting his co-com and pining for his wife all game on NBC 😩
Lee Dixon accused of racism with his comments on Son Heung-min’s kick on Roberto Firmino | GiveMeSport
Did Lee Dixon really say 'haiyah!' as Son flew through the air? You don't get much thicker than that lets be honest
Lee Dixon is a tosser. Arlo White is an English Jim Nantz.
Richmond: where there are planning disputes between the creator of candy crush and Lee Dixon, Peter Snow, Judith Kerr and a famous composer
Tom Hardy as Tony Adams, Jack Nicholson as Graham, Di Caprio as Lee Dixon, Tom Hanks as Alan Smith, Mel Gibson as Aldridge.
Kandras T. Martin, age 19, of Dixon, arrested yesterday at Wal-Mart for Retial Theft and Lee Co. FTA warrant. Innocent until proven guilty.
Pharmacopoeia - Come Dancing (1998) by Susie Freeman & Liz Lee, dress decorated with 6,000 contraceptive pills and coil
Chris Kamara (1072 votes) and Richie Sadlier (595) qualified for knockout stages from Group C. Chris Sutton (432) & Lee Dixon (58) are out
I meant the meant the other etihad. Oops. If you see Arlo and Graeme (and/or Lee Dixon) tell them sup
tell that to Danny mills and lee Dixon
Zachary L. Gerlach, age 21, of Dixon, was arrested last night for a Lee County warrant for FTA - Contempt. Innocent until proven guilty.
Surely the worst backpass attempt ever was that delightful Lee Dixon chip over David Seaman.
Lee Dixon is reasonable but he isn’t NBC’s option for these big games for some reason.
. NBC Sports this side of the pond has Arlo White and Graeme Le Saux as the commentary team..Lee Dixon is off today it would seem
Why is Lee Dixon not in the booth today??!! Coming from a Spurs fan!! Sound off..
There are several: USS Robert E. Lee, USS Stonewall Jackson, USS Dixon, and USS Hunley, etc. all filled with controversy.
"He likes to swing it into the corridor of uncertainty" - Lee Dixon
Been to watch today. Good win. like an uglier Lee Dixon. can't be taking me for a light skinned Lee Dixon 🤔🤔🤔
Celebrities lose fight to stop Candy Crush exec digging out basement. via
I have to watch f/ Lee's scene. Saw Mike Warren in non-speaking as cop last night on a '67 "Ironside". Ivan Dixon night before.
So sad Nomiki Konst, David Sirota, Lee Fang, Zaid Jelani, Benjamin Dixon, all got duped by propaganda. Primed, and duped.
Barbara Lee: 'I will not be celebrating. I will be organizing'
Lee Dixon, was part of the fabled back four that were the meanest defence under Graham. He also won two doubles.
Lauren and Lee Dixon. Lauren was nasty, hard as nails, epitomised the Invincibles, that penalty against Spurs :-)
Meet the the Dales' team last but not least, our templating and fitting double act of Lee Dallaway & Jon Dixon.
I'm the son of Alan Hansen and Lee Dixon so I think you'll find they are 🎣
Roy Keane and Lee Dixon have their say on Man City's John Stones
Giggs is wasted in a studio with Mark Pougatch and Lee Dixon
exactly! I'm baffled, I think he's doing it to not look biased but it's embarrassing. Lee Dixon does it aswell
producer Don Dixon to “Little Richard was fun, Elvis was cool, but Jerry Lee Lewis was frightening.”…
And what have we got now? Andrew Graham-Dixon, the crumpet man's thinker. . (©Stewart Lee)
Is it just me or is Louise's pro dance partner (Kevin) the twin brother of Arsenal's Lee Dixon
Lee Dixon basically said it without wanting to say Rooney's name. Southgate probably won't because he won't want the fuss
Lee Dixon on Theo Walcott 'Cut down on the interviews' & just concentrate on his game. Well said Lee, been saying that about him from time.
Love it how Lee Dixon said 'someone' has to be dropped if Dier comes back in, because no one is allowed to say negatives about Rooney.
The ITV commentary panel bears strange resemblance to the strictly judges I half expect Lee Dixon to say 'darling' and flash up a '5'
Lee Dixon has the look of a man who buys matching North Face jackets for him and his Mrs
"As people get tired, they get deeper" - Lee Dixon. Rooney clearly hasn't slept in two years
Lee Dixon must be Suspicious that Giggs is smashing his wife what other reason can there be to have Giggs there.
Did you hear Lee Dixon? After Giggs said England rubbish, Dixson said "not our fault Swansea turned you down"
Lee Dixon with the moment of the match there.
Pretty vicious retort from Lee Dixon there.
"Not our fault you didn't get the Swansea job". 17 years it's taken Lee Dixon to get his revenge on Giggs for that wonder goal.
Lee Dixon at Giggs 'it's not our fault you didn't get the Swansea job' 😄😄😄
Lee Dixon on Malta defending: "Even a mannequin gets in the way now and again." And England wonder why they're disliked?
Has Lee Dixon ever been this close to Giggs?
It's ok. Half-time and Ryan Giggs, Ian Wright and Lee Dixon are on for a bit
Good to hear Lee Dixon comparing Malta to mannequins on the back of his excellent Iceland predictions...
The man who thought he should be our manager now sits with Ian Wright and Lee Dixon as a pundit 🤔thought he was top gaffer like ?
Lee Dixon referring to Malta as mannequins. Punditry at its most horrific. Him and Ian Wright. Honking.
Which player was subject of Lee Dixon & Ian Wrights comments ? Where is Sterling ? I assume still trying to get out pocket ?
Was anyone aware Lee Dixon played for Arsenal? I mean it's not like he constantly references them or anything...
Lee Dixon. The king of talking but not saying very much.
Shut up lee dixon.if he doesnt do well in next 4 games he should consider being a offence to postmen
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That Lee Corso moment brought tears to my eyes. Iconic.
don't worry Lee Dixon will still send us to sleep
Lee Dixon describing Jesse Lingard as "brave" because he's not afraid to make runs. Top punditry right there 🙈
Lee Dixon reckons Jesse Lingard is, in a word, brave.
On a separate note, how is Lee Dixon still employed. Moronic seems to be the only word that can describe him
I wouldn't call you and Lee Dixon lazy particularly. Oh, I see what you mean...
Alessandro Costacurta, Lee Dixon and Alan Curbishley would be a beautiful trio. Make it happen, Southampton!
Lee Dixon: Sam just needs to get his DNA into the team. Me: Eww.
78. Sub. David Lacey ⬅️. Lee Dixon ➡️. Great to see Lee return after his lengthy injury.
Lee Dixon will be smashing a few OG's past David Seaman in today's warm up
My birthday set 20 Mcs 12/08/16. You can watch the full video over on
Shkodran Mustafi is a very good defender, he will make Arsenal to be like Campbell and Tony Adams, Lee Dixon and Nigel Winterburn
"Cough please, Mr De Jong" *cue hamstring pull and out for three months*
Stream Bday special with a whole squadron of guest MC's .
I might go to Colton Dixon at Upon Lee Fine Arts Building in Thomaston, GA - Oct 29
Lee Dixon on the penalty against Dundalk (35): the ref should never ref again, it's one of the worst decisions ever
Jealous! ArsenalNYC member Stephen used our ticket system to see a match @ Emirates and his family met Lee Dixon!
Radar has been fairly quiet today, which is good for Dixon and Lee Co. 3.5" rainfall estimate from last night.
UPDATE: Dixon drying out, but damage done to homes, businesses after overnight flash flood:
Port Adelaide recalls Schulz, Toumpas and Neade for the Showdown in place of Dixon, Wingard and Austin. Jacobs back in for the Crows
. Sign this petition to support Coach Dixon
Petition on to get former SFM FB coach and security guard Anthony Dixon's job back.
Never has it been more obvious that a pundit doesn't know anything about Scottish football watching Lee Dixon talk about
Lee County School District: Get Coach Dixon's job back - Sign the Petition! via
Lee Dixon and Jason Leonard in the office ⚽️🏉
he's up there but viera, seamen, lee Dixon, pires, the list goes on
$52M tax increase in 2 years. No plans to cut spending - wow- just like congress. . Vote Lee Dixon & Louise Penta...
April Tevonne Dixon Lee we have to make this at our next girls night!! Yum!!
Andy gray commentating on which goal? "he leaves Lee Dixon for dead & when it needed a finish my God did he give us one."
2Night @ 8pm call in guest , International singer Isaac Lee and the creator of Real Black Love Joseph Dixon
Breast Cancer Awareness
Be careful what you wish for God knows what's in store for the club now. . Potential replacements - Ian Hughes? Lee Dixon?
BPAA says that "Lee/Dixon LLC is not legit and that Chris Hilbert needs to explain this deal that he signed off on".
Lee Dixon has openly and courageously completed our SWFL Citizens Alliance issue- based questionnaire and...
Port midfielder Brad Ebert says Charlie Dixon is likely to miss Saturday's clash with the Brisbane Lions
Line of strong storms- wind, hail, lightning & downpours from the shore line to Dixon moving E @ 40 mph http…
A US gov't funded movie - from 1966! - featuring art by Lee Bontecou and music by Bill Dixon. No, really.
. Legend, tell the legend Lee Dixon to unblock me.
Fastest Code-breaker! .. was the first to unscramble LEE DIXON in today's Conundrum. Cheers!
Next stop Countdown! .. unscrambled our LEE DIXON Conundrum. Nice one!
Working at Lee's is nice & all but not when it's 100 flipping degrees out 😂
Don't ever leave pls. You're an arsenal legend in the making. Surpass Lee Dixon pls
Lee Dixon Both Ginola and Giggs said he was toughest opponent
lee Dixon and Nigel Winterburn how about a very underrated Lauren.
I don't think Winterburn and Lee Dixon were too shabby back in the day
Daniel J. Smoot, age 26, of Dixon, was arrested today for a Lee County FTA warrant. Innocent until proven guilty.
Hello you come with Lee Dixon tonight? We have a problem to be settled.
I'll raise your Lee Dixon. Jude Law once signed a leaving card for a colleague at a pub in Hampstead.
Lee Dixon. Sun Inn, Barnes. Told him it was a Chelsea pub and he was being very provocative. Did not go down well.
Myoung *** Lee uses white sheets to separates trees from their environment and enhance their natural beauty. https…
Big Sam. Jesus. I was hoping for Harry Redknapp as the coach, and Ian Wright, Lee Dixon and Alan shearer as coaching staff. Can dream eh?
*** by a mile, could win goal of the season at the other end, Lee Dixon was great too
Lee Dixon vs ipswich Town was spectacular
Is having Lee Dixon commentating making anyone else think that Andy Townsend leaving may be a 'better the devil you know' type station...
What makes Irish men different ? Lee Dixon, Ryan Giggs.Craig Bellamy and Roy Keane on ITV,Roy was the only one wearing…
Have you ever seen Lee Dixon and Michael Keaton in the same room?
Top pundits in the studio. Lee Dixon, Ryan Giggs and Pai Mei from Kill Bill.
I get Ian Wright and Lee Dixon chatting about football, but are taking the *** with Kevin Webster from
Hmm. Melanie Phillips on QT makes about as much sense talking as Lee Dixon on itv football. As in, very little.
England meltdown level: Lee Dixon is ranking players by how loud they sang the national anthem and Ian Wright is talking ab…
Lee Dixon holding this itv panel together. Feel sorry for Mark Pougatch. Like trying to squeeze blood out of a stone
domain names
Mark Pougatch,Clive Tyldesley, GlennHoddle, Lee Dixon, Ian Wright, Peter Crouch,your boys have had 1 *** of a beating
Unfortunately it’s on ITV so we’re stuck with Lee Dixon, Ian Wright and Peter Crouch! They’re not happy.
Ian Wright farts?! Lee Dixon and Peter Crouch do well to recover composure!!!
Lee Dixon on Mesut Özil: "He can at times for me be the best player in the world in that No.10 position."
Lee Dixon re attacking substitutes: "I don't think you go for 2-0 because you set yourself up." For what Lee? Drawing 1-1?
Lee Dixon on the England game tomorrow: "Getting a win would be advantageous for us". Thanks for clearing that one up, L…
"After the break Lee Dixon, Ian Wright and Jack from On the Buses will be discussing England's first half performance."
Someone swap Lee Dixon for Jimmy Bullard. Dixon crap Bullard is a legend
Lee Dixon dissecting Turkey's goal like Jim Garrison dissected the Kennedy assassination.
Not many of us remember Lee Dixon for his finishing ability, David Seaman does though.
Not sure Lee Dixon is getting enough credit for this boat name thing.
Nearly as good as that time Lee Dixon named an owl...
legends Pat Rice and Lee Dixon celebrate their birthdays today.
I really like Lee Dixon as a game announcer. Also like Gary and Ian Darke.
‘If Id lived my life like Lee Dixon or Gary Lineker, could I have been as good as Glen Johnson?”. Besta lokasetning bókar, ever.
T9 | Samford's Alex Lee hits a two-out double to center field and now Troy Dixon will pinch run for him at second base with Jared Watson up!
Till end of the season I'd happily see Bould and Lee Dixon caretake! I guarantee the heads wouldn't be going down on field
I don't see why Delaney or lee gets a gig fishers gonna get murdered on Dixon in rd 1
88. Alan McDermott heads Lee Dixon's cross over the crossbar. Difficult chance.
Lee Dixon has a fine group of supporters!!
The first team eased any relegation worries with a 3-0 win at home to with goals from Lee Dixon, Aaron Foster and an own goal
Lee Dixon, with Poppy who loves lots of running and tennis balls!
Nice graphics in the paper to go with piece on whether Arsenal can find required PL push. https:…
Lewis, Breaux, PJ, Swann, Kyle, Dixon. yea we could use one more corner. Grimes would b nice but I'd like Cyrus Jones.or Harlan Miller
Lee Dixon - How would your back four at Arsenal fare in the modern game?
Lee Dixon offers advice to next Chelsea manager via
Lee Dixon offers advice to next Chelsea manager: Lee Dixon has warned the next Chelsea manager that he will fa...
expected a lot more from commentary. Seemed like there was a lack of research. Look at (study) Lee Dixon. He's vastly improved
And bellerin will drag with Lee Dixon cos Ryan Giggs won't play with him like he did with Lee
Maybe add Lee Dixon to that list IMO
My book is finally, officially out. Huge thanks to my editor for getting me there. Now please buy the *** thing. https:…
Lee Dixon reacts to Chelsea’s 2-1 loss to PSG: Lee Dixon has heaped praise on Paris Saint-Germain after the Fr...
Lee Dixon states prediction for Liverpool v Man Utd: Lee Dixon says it is impossible to predict the outcome of...
Roy Keane & Lee Dixon end worlds wit der words! "He's about 4 stone overweight!" "Swapping jerseys...I wouldn't even do it after the game"
I heard Lee Dixon wants to bring back the death penalty for it
Blaming Cahill for the 1st goal is wrong. Lee Dixon should know better!
Our Michael Yiakoumi at Stamford Bridge with Arsenal and Spurs legends Lee Dixon and Garth Crooks
I was the same when Lee Dixon replaced Hansen on a Saturday. But I've learned to love the boy
they have but be consistent sane individual was bemoaning keyboard warriors for abusing Lee Dixon 2 weeks ago
Miss last night's Lee County SA candidates forum in Dixon? and have you covered at
that's what a large majority made of it, including Wrighty you slated someone four digging out Lee Dixon the other week
Watch the opening statements of the Lee County state's attorney debate in Dixon:
Eleanor M. Graff, age 63, of Dixon, just turned herself in for a Lee County FTA warrant - Contempt (DUI). Innocent until proven guilty.
This is for all the teachers!!! SO Funny!. Denise Dixon Lake Jennifer Lee Hobson Heather Larsen
The Dixon Telegraph is reporting that a bi-apartisan group of 15 Lee county officials including Democrat county...
if you say Lauren or Lee Dixon I will fight you
I remember lee Dixon telling me the pitch at the Emirates was actually too hard for Wilsheres ankle. How absurd is that
In 1988, Arsenal signed Lee Dixon and Steve Bould from Stoke for a combined fee of £770k!
He did one the other day with Lee Dixon too.
Lee Dixon is from a time when players were ambitious and celebrated a win with 15 pints rather than taking pictures.
Love Lee Dixon but he's a right miserable git.
its Lee Dixon and its not the 1st time he has jumped onto something we do after every game
Other than Lee Dixon and Ray Parlour all ex Arsenal in the media are total wallies and rarely have a decent word to say about us.
Woman at center of national fraud ring sentenced today in Lee County. LaQuana Dixon entered plea to using counterfeit AmEx checks.
lee dixon's forhead is still growing. Sorry but it's true. Won't tag him in cos he is very sensitive about it.
Brooke Higginson Lee was born to his parents Dixon & Nerita Lee of Foston on the Wreake on Monday.
thanks for sharing Lee Dixon, have a great Sunday :) (Want this FREE? >>
Clear cut penalty,ask Lee Dixon pal,they perhaps could have had 2nd. Sending off took the *** from my neutral opinion!
A few people asking me who my favourite pundit is. Hmmm tough one. Id have to say Lee Dixon. I like his humour more than anything.
Nope. He and Bould were allegedly involved with sexual assault.
aha but Niall Quinn's no match for Lee Dixon. Biased AND the worlds most boring man!
Never thought I'd miss the Gooner Lee Dixon or Chelski's Graham LeSoux on the NBCSN coverage but Tim Howard is awful!
Ugh dammit Tim Howard instead of Lee Dixon or the other guy with the French name on the City game
Rob, I've just seen Lee Dixon going into Curry's with Pat Rice! I'm approaching your game from an entirely different angle.
Honoring Pfc Cordie Lee Dixon, died 2/14/1966 in South Vietnam. Honor him so he is not forgotten.
well you and lee Dixon have gone soft
Just got mentioned by Lee Dixon lmao 😂😂😂
You just got a reply from Lee Dixon, you've made it.
Had Lee Dixon been getting Obvious lessons from Michael Owen?
Since when was Lee Dixon as obvious as Micheal Owen?
if Lee Dixon, David Seaman and Thierry Henry all think it is a penalty then it's probably a penalty.
ask Henry, seaman, lee Dixon. They all Arsenal legend and agree it's a PK.
If David Seaman, Lee Dixon and Piers Morgan all say it was a penalty, then it was definately a penalty.
We're here at The International Court of Refereeing Hot Takes at The Hague, Lee Dixon about to take the stand.
Lee Dixon an Arsenal legend just confirmed it was a penalty. All of you should Stop making noise and crying like babies
even men as great as Lee Dixon can be wrong once in a while!
Arsenal fans are abusing the ref but both Henry and Lee Dixon agree it was 100% penalty
Lee Dixon is entiltle to his opinon coz he has the right to say what he likes. Never a penalty in my opinion.
Arsenal legends like Henry, Lee Dixon and Martin Keown has said it was a penalty. End of discussion.
Henry, Lee Dixon both said its a stonewall pen, do they not want Arsenal to win league? 😂
so Lee Dixon I can run into a defender and fall and u be the first to help call penalty so why chase for the ball
carragher, lee Dixon, Thierry Henry all disagree with you
Arlo White and Lee Dixon asking if John Obi Mikel will play against PSG, not understanding that Matic is suspended, so obviously Mikel will
Lee Dixon is sounding like Tony Gale today
Lee Dixon and Graeme Le Saux do a lot together with Arlo White on here in the USA.
The back four in 1998: Lee Dixon, Tony Adams, Steve Bould and Nigel Winterburn3
“What wasn't said” NDN Letter to the Editor. by Lee Dixon, Naples. Paul Holimon, who works for the school...
It's taken me 40 mins to figure out that Graeme Le Saux and Lee Dixon are commentating together.
Only thing worse than Lee Dixon or Graeme Le Saux commentating is Lee Dixon and Graeme Le Saux commentating together
Talking all things fishy with Ask Dr. Bogus! Lee Dixon joins us to discuss fly fishing!
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
What do Lee Dixon or Alan Smith know about pick up!?
Speak to Lee Dixon or Alan Smith... It's the life in your woman that counts, not the women in your life...
I want to see Flamini as our owner and Lee Dixon as our manager one day.
Lee Dixon always campaigns for loss of a weeks wages on US broadcast 💸
My god, we listen to Lee Dixon every week here in the states and this one puts him to shame!
IamWesLee: LIVE REAL SOON. Listen to How Bout It ft. Babiface Dixon [Prod. by Cassius Jay] by We$ Lee on ht…
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Kodak brought a Super 8 film camera to — its first since 1982 by
The hunt for secret nuclear tests digs up scientific gold
GM is working with Lyft to build an army of self-driving cars
Men are from Mars, women are also from Mars: the WIRED Guide to the brain in 2016
Here are the 50 healthiest foods of all time (with recipes)
On this day in 1988, Arsenal signed Lee Dixon for just £400k. Lee Dixon at Arsenal:. 4 PL titles. 3 FA Cups. 3 Community…
Nathaniel Clyne is a poor man's Glen Johnson is a poor man's Danny Mills is a poor man's Paul Parker is a poor man's Lee Dixon
Is Piers Morgan actually putting himself on the same level of Tony Adams, Ian Wright and Lee Dixon?. What a tosser. htt…
It *** that Arlo White is an NBC commentator. Graeme Le Saux and Lee Dixon would be great by themselves.
- NBC SN far better coverage with Rebecca Lowe & shows goals from all other goals..Arlo White / Lee Dixon
It's just great banter between Arlo White and Lee Dixon
Lee Dixon and Arlo White are atrocious commentators. Completely ruin everything positive NBCSN has with the Premier League
Arlo White, Lee Dixon and Tim Howard. Three commentators you know. Maudting
Oh great, Tim Howard w/ commentary tonight from the Emirates w/ Arlo White and Lee Dixon.
Idk how much better the play by play guys are in England, but I really do love listening to Arlo White and Lee Dixon call a match.
There's really nothing going on in this Newcastle-Villa match. Arlo White and Lee Dixon are talking about everything but the match itself
Top marks to Lee Dixon, in response to Roy Keane's doubts about City's ability to win the CL: "They've got more chance than United, though"
Roy Keane always looks like he wants to eat a bit of Lee Dixon.
Lee Dixon regretted patting Roy Keane’s thigh before, during and after doing it all at the same time.
Roy Keane: I don't think City will win it. Lee Dixon: They'll go further than utd though. . 😂😂😂
I feel that if Lee Dixon winds up Roy Keane one more time keano's gonna go all Alf Inge Haaland on his ***
Roy Keane "I still think City are short of winning the Champions League". Lee Dixon "They've got more chance than United" . 😂…
because we don't have Liam Brady,Lee Dixon,Thierry,seamen,Malcolm McDonald, Tony Adams anymore!
Lee Dixon wants to see this man replace Francis Coquelin for Arsenal: Lee Dixon has suggested that Arsene Weng...
Lee Dixon, Paul Scholes and Ian Wright's discussion of foreign policy was as intellectual as you'd expect.
Why am I listening to Lee Dixon, Ian Wright and Paul Scholes talking about terrorism? What is this ITV?
Paul Scholes, Ian Wright and Lee Dixon talking about serious grown up stuff is painful.
Lee Dixon, Steve Bould, Nigel Winterburn, David Seaman, Martin Keown and Tony Adams with the Premier League trophy https…
they just showed that moment when you pulled Reggie Blinker's dreads 😱😂 think you were defending Lee Dixon? Too funny man
He has the potential to be up there with great AFC RBs Tom Parker, George Male, Walley Barnes, Pat Rice, Lee Dixon and Lauren.
Lee Dixon on Arsenal: "We had Patrick Vieira - someone who would say 'don't listen to the manager, you stay there, you go …
Got my Arsenal shirt signed by Lee Dixon, Perry Groves, Nigel Winterburn, Paul Davis, Paul Merson and Alan Smith...
CONFIRMED: Lunch with the London Legends! Dennis Wise, Lee Dixon and Paul Robinson at
Ian Wright and Lee Dixon are talking as if Wayne Rooney is really old he is only 29
Lee Dixon and Ian Wright are the pundit equivalent of Fred and Rose...
Half time analysis with Lee Dixon and Ian Wright should be postponed
The only thing worse than that 1st half is now having Lee Dixon and Ian Wright analysing it!
Fair play - ITV have discovered that if you put Ian Wright in a pair of glasses and sit him next to Lee Dixon he almost looks intelligent.
If Roy Hodgson and Lee Dixon are your *** parents, then yes. It is like parents evening
Lee Dixon agreed with me & Ian Wright ducked the question, saying he wasn't clinical enough today
well let's see what Lee Dixon & Ian Wright have to say, they're talking now
It's like Ian Wright and Lee Dixon have torrets. Can't go a sentence without saying something about Ars***l
Lee Dixon and Ian Wright are clueless! Redknapp and Neville only decent pundits out there!
Lee Dixon and Ian Wright. I'm not sure it gets any worse than this.
Very interesting to hear Lee Dixon on the Super Cup highlights show saying that David Seaman used to practice free kicks with no wall...
Lee Dixon used David Seaman to say he would use no wall to save free kicks in training.
[TV] UEFA Super Cup Highlights (ITV) Tue, Aug 11, 10:40 PM Jacqui Oatley is joined by Lee Dixon and Gaizka Mendieta for highlights of the ..
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