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Ledley King

Ledley Brenton King (born 12 October 1980) is an English footballer who plays for Tottenham Hotspur.

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Apparently he's lost his legs has similar injury to…
Ledley King said in Orlando last week thst we are ok with the players we have
A young Peter Crouch scoring for Spurs in 1996. Oh, and a Ledley King own goal. (via
Very wrong: he wasn't, check ur facts: best players in spurs (2006) were Keane, Defoe, Mido, Jenas, Lennon and Ledl…
Ledley King now taking questions on the big screen in the stadium.
And Ledley King wins. By an absolute landslide
swap Stam 4 the original ledley king, superb ability and just got on with it despite injuries that pl…
Prime Ledley King was a league above prime John Terry. Ledley, Rio, Adams and Stam all were. Kompany and Vidic too. Terry in 7.
Just ask Thierry Henry who the best defender he ever faced in England was. He will tell you Ledley King
Dumb *** complaining😭. Theyre Judging by the better Teams then & Not the better defender. Anyon…
Got the chance to have a photo op with Spurs legend Ledley King after the 5-a-side tournament in…
They couldn't handle the Ledley King-like strength?
Fantastic!! Thank you. Looking forward to the game today. Great night last night with Ledley King. COYS!!
Ledley King with one knee was better
Can't believe my eyes here. Sol Campbell or Ledley King?!?!
and register to play at for a chance to WIN a spot on Ledley King's team! . Details ➡️ https:/…
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How cruel! He's like Ledley King was to Spurs or Gary Neville was to Man United! Really horrible people
ALDERWIERLD is like KING LEDLEY no matter who you play with him he makes them look comfortable and accomplished that's a class act
People slating Ledley King on here habe probably never watched him play
Who the *** is putting Ledley King in the same league as them other 3?
Ledley king for Vidic and Viera for Keane
Ledley King comfortably at centre half surely?
Having found out The Rock can sing, I'm pretty sure my all time fave men list goes;. 1. Chino Moreno. 2. Ledley King. 3. The Rock. 4. My dad
Or he could stay and become a one club legend like Francesco Totti, Paolo Maldini and our very own Ledley King!
if Ledley King had basically a pair of knees, would he have been mentioned alongside Adams and Terry on Carra's best CB list?
George Cohen has to be up there too for Fulham, and Ledley King when he was uninjured for Spurs
Down memory Lane - the King and Crouchy: From the ballcourt to the Champions League...
Cried my eyes out to watch Ledley King lift the Carling Cup
Hate to say it but Ledley King is up there
Can't say I'm surprised. Injured more than Ledley King.
The piece was an interview with Ledley King, not a news story therefore no protecting of sources required.
Ledley King continues the tradition of Spurs players being able to predict feck all (before Spurs v Gent)
Ledley King has been a rock and captain for years, yet left out for their biggest game of the season as of yet?
Could've been worse. They could've had Ledley King
i blame Ledley King for raising awareness o his recklessness.
after Ledley King was bigging him up this morning for 'learning to control himself'!
is this what Ledley King meant this morning about Ali learning to control himself?
This was in the Evening Standard about Dele Alli's newfound discipline. Yesterday. 👀.
read this yesterday, timing Ledley .
Lovely piece in the paper on Tuesday aswell by overrated ledley king about how alli was over discipline problems, king & his failing knees
So impressive how Dele Alli has managed to control his aggression. Oh wait.
Dele Alli sent off for a disgraceful challenge after he believed he was fouled seconds earlier. Ledley King said th…
Ledley King on Dele Alli: "What you don't want to do is lose that edge he has. Most of the best players have that edge abo…
I'd say a strong argument for Ledley King. Aside from those *** knees!
Cazorla definitely should've been used Ledley King style this season though. 1 game a week only.
Tottenham man aiming for finish above Arsenal. By Nia Griffiths Former Spurs man, Ledley King, has been speaki...
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world service adapts a Ledley King v Bradford approach to podcast releases. Hitting early for my 8am NY commute
Carroll is in the same boat as Ledley King was with the injuries. I think we have to accept that and support him.
He'll be described just like Ledley King. Appearances. dololo honours
In my opinion, one of the greatest CB's I've ever seen play is myself, I was/am a mix of Ledley King and Toby Alderwiereld.
LFA 2017 judge, Ledley King, in today talking all things & Award nominee
Ledley King: Dele Alli is like this Chelsea legend
Ledley King praises Dele Alli for controlling his temper - but wants Spurs star to keep his competitive edge…
legend Ledley King insists Dele Alli must keep "edge" if he's to improve -
We fall to pieces without two of our decent players let alone best! . They like others remember Trophy's not clips of Ledley King tackles
METRO Ledley King compares Tottenham star Dele Alli to Chelsea legend Frank Lampard . Dele Alli has become one of …
Tottenham legend Ledley King says Dele Alli should keep his edge and "He can't jeopardise the team for one silly moment."
Ledley King sends warning to Dele Alli: He must do this
Remember when Steven Caulker was being dubbed the new Ledley King? Another young English player who hasn't fulfilled his potential.
Ledley King backs Tottenham Hotspurs fro Premier League title: Spurs were in the running to beat Leices...
Ripon Ferdinand, Tony Adams, Jaap Stam, Sol Campbell, John Terry, in that order Ledley King would be top 2 if he played more
Rose: "Some will ask what was he like and there really are no words to describe how Ledley King was as a player and as…
Danny Rose says he wants to stay at Tottenham Hotspur for the rest of his career just like Ledley King.
PODCAST: Ledley King joins us for an in-depth interview in a Squawka Talker special -
In 2010 Ledley King was Injured and replaced by Michael Dawson 😂👏 can't remember if that was before the tournament though
that's why I start Cahill but yeah we were once bless with Ferdinand Terry and Ledley King now look
How do we follow Carlton Cole and Marvin Harewood, let's see.., Cliff Jones, Glen Hoddle, Ledley King, David Ginola, Luka Modric,Gareth Bale
Also looking here at the team when I saw England U21s play, they're not so young now.Ledley King, Gareth Barry, Scott Parker, Defoe.
King hopes future career in management won't be affected by colour of his ski..
Former Tottenham captain Ledley King says he has enjoyed watching Spurs this season and envisions long-term succes…
"And with the fifth overall pick, the Jacksonville Jaguars select... Ledley King."
Ledley King believes Tottenham Hotspur can still win the Premier League ahead of Leicester City.
Ledley King is a racist scumbag and he's your club ambassador. Behave.
maybe Ledley King can come along to racially abuse a bouncer while your boys sing about yids and lynching a black man too.
Ledley King did say finishing above us would be a "massive achievement" and should be your focus. Not the league..!?
I start watching spurs in 1993 and ledley king was the best cb spurs have had since that time, I genuinely think toby could surpass him
You know what's funny about some spurs fans they claim Ledley King is a legend despite always being injured but can't admit wilshere is one
Who is this Sydney FC retard asking Ledley King how do you attract players to the AL without mentioning money? FMD
If you can get a stream of Fox Sports Aus channel 505 Ledley King will be on Shootout shortly.
This is my favourite ever Spurs player. Even on one leg Ledley King was great.
Ledley King . He walks with a limp. Up the Leicester
Ledley King is going to be on Shootout at 7pm. 😁
Ledley King,a RARE breed.1 club man.& only 7 yellow cards in 297 games,IN DEFENCE.
Mitch had plenty of reasons to smile after the game on Friday night. . Watch:
Ledley King in the Sky studio, let's remember that time he got rat-arsed after winning the Carling Cup:
phil jagielka is making Spurs 'legend' ledley king and his one knee obsession look like nothing.. What a performance 'SO FAR'
Ledley King is thrilled at the prospect of an England team with a Tottenham Hotspur core being unleashed at this summer's…
Book signing with Ledley King vs Thierry Henry cast in bronze. Small fry.
Ledley King: Money can't buy Harry Kane's love for Tottenham
Ledley King & José Caminero in Melbourne as part of the promotion.
WATCH: Mitch caught up with former star after last night's win. https:/…
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Jose Luis Caminero and Ledley King with our up and coming youth, thanks to everyone who came along today!
Money can't buy Kane's love for Spurs amid Bayern, Real links - King
How many times do you reckon Ledley King has been asked the "Can Tottenham catch Leicester" question in Australia this week?
Atletico Madrid director Jose Luis Caminero and Tottenham club ambassador Ledley King visit Nuna to interact with...
Ledley King goes to Nundawading for a promo. See's the seniors goal difference, says, I don't belong here ! :P
Ledley King has just officially launched the in
Don't you dare forget Ledley King's legacy.
Ledley King has backed Mauricio Pochettino to remain at Tottenham Hotspur for a long time to come.
Money can't buy Harry Kane's love for Tottenham, says icon King. (via https:…
Nice to talk footy of all sorts with champ Ledley King
Ledley King has claimed no amount of money could buy out Harry Kane's love for Tottenham Hotspur.
Taking a chopper to the 12 Apostles tomorrow with Ledley King, David Trezeguet and Jose Caminero... As you do... life
On tour with ICC at MCG with Ledley King, David Trezeguet and Jose Camerino
The way my knee is feeling this morning I can really sympathise with the likes of Ledley King, Owen Hargreaves, Luke Edwards, Jack Wilshire
Mauricio Pochettino should ignore interest from. Europe’s elite clubs to commit his future to. Tottenham, Ledley King has told Sky Sports.   10% Off
The Fastest goal in the Premier League was scored after 9.9 seconds by Ledley King (for Tottenham Hotspur v. Bradford City).
lying in bed feel like Ledley King work tomorrow pass the tinfoil
Met Ledley King today, I asked him who was the greatest centre back partner he ever had. His response: 'Bongani Khumalo'
Richard Gough, Gary Mabbutt, Ledley King & now ...never thought I'd see anybody better than Ledley, but maybe, just maybe
Ledley King a true gent Henry keeps talking about today
He's a better footballer than Ledley King, I don't say that lightly
Harry Kane pulling a Ledley King tackle there
Harry Kane he rapes his own mum ledley king is a house *** like alli what is alli he ain't black like me
no Ledley King after 12 seconds thou.
what a tackle. Ledley King would be proud.
let's talk about Ricky Villa, Ledley King and how it all adds up to Spurs winning the 15/16 title
never saw Ledley King as much of a dribbler though
Please, no, that position and Ledley King used to be all anyone would talk about.
This is like THAT Ledley King tackle with a bit extra! What a player
honey I'm Ledley King what you sayin
Why didn't Spurs discard Ledley King, he wasn't even as good as Kompany. Players like that aren't sold, they leave.
= Diego Maradona and Ledley King rolled into one:
Oh Toby Tboy. He reminds me of the king Ledley. Luckily he's got both his knees. Oh Toby Toby
Just imagining what a centre-back partnership of Toby Alderweireld and Ledley King would have been like...
You aint proper Tottenham anyway. Unlike Graham Roberts or Steve Perryman or Ledley King.
I could see us doing with Vinny what Spurs did with Ledley King and have him play every other game to prolong his career.
What a player Toby Alderweireld is! I think we may have finally got a player to replace Ledley King.
Toby Alderweireld is the second coming of Ledley King.
Best defender we have had since Ledley King
I think he made the best tackle since Ledley King on Robben! Credit where it is due!
Zhang Xizhe he's Premier League level not joking, almost got Ledley King to watch him play when he was in Beijing
Jermain Defoe, Michael Owen, Joe Cole,Sol Campbell, Jamie Carragher,Andrew Cole,Ledley that short time
you're talking about how clubs treat players! 1 team 1 player Tottenham and Ledley King! Spurs legend club captain and all!!!
ON THIS DAY: In 2015 Joe Ledley scored the winner as Palace beat Leicester City 1-0 at the King Power Stadium!
. Ledley King has gone upstairs. Kaboul has gone and no one cares. Alderweireld wants to rule for spurs.
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Not exactly Ledley King vs Robben, but fair Fuchs to Bellerin
the best defender I've seen in a Spurs shirt since Ledley King. Keep leading from the back son!
I remember Ledley had a similar record one year! Toby's the closest I've seen to king!
great to watch. Ledley King without the unfortunate dodgy Knees
as much as I love harry there's only one king of the lane pal and that's ledley :)
One for the Spurs supporters here as I just brought up that I think Toby Alderweireld is better than Ledley King...
the best centre back at the lane since Ledley King.
Ledley King is not, was not, and never has been better than John Terry. Even if he had eight knees
remember when you cried in school when Ledley King retired.
Had a dream that Ledley King signed for Cardiff for 28m last night 😟
Maybe he needs coaching differently like ledley king ??
Well done First to find Ledley KING in our Tottenham
Oh, and Ledley King! Would have been THE MAN for England if he had cartilage in his knees. -d
bunch of *** mate, like Strootman, Ledley King, Hargreaves, Micah Richards, mentally weak big time ***
spurs did with ledley king.and Villa did with Paul Mcgrath
it's all in Big Al's hands, like the goalscoring version of Ledley King or something
Won trophies, 1 club man... Step forward Ledley King.
Get the Ledley King training on the go and shove him in a pool #
most ex players say Ledley King was one of the best ever..
Won more than Ledley King.. had more caps than him for England..
learnt everything he knew at Tottenham.. Ledley King was better, sol just happened to play in a good side
but I don't no the ins and outs of his training etc maybe he needs a Ledley King schedule now.
ignore the human *** but don't @ me if Ledley King wasn't the best English CB alongside J.Terry of BPL era
How good was Ledley King back in the day
Thierry Henry's dissapointed for John Terry. Have you forgotten what he called Anton Ferdinand and Ledley King then Thierry?
Pochettino: "Ossie was next to me, Micky Hazard, Pat Jennings, Tony Galvin, Ledley King, Graham Roberts. A lovely night with them."
2016 is the year science advances enough to recreate replicas of Gary Mabbutt & Ledley King in their prime and allow me to die happy
I'm sure he means Ledley King. Probably Alf Ramsey, too.
. Debate was between Terry, Carragher, Ledley King, Ferdinand and some others. Terry won the debate. Saved you a click
Tottenham's next generation can knock out Arsenal and deliver new era of success, says Ledley King
'is that that Ledley that used to play wi Spurs?'. 'Joe Ledley? You're thinking of Ledley King'.
On tennis, Nadal is right there with Atherton, Ledley King and Paul McGrath in "if only their knees/back weren't made of glass..." sadness
Fragile excellence; Ledley King's tender relationship with the Tottenham crowd (
Fragile excellence; Ledley King's relationship with the Tottenham crowd (
"Fragile excellence: Ledley King’s tender relationship with the crowd" by -
It's crazy because I always modelled my game on JT but because of this knee problem I'm gonna now have to model it on Ledley King 🙈
Jonny Woodgate /Ledley King.. Should of been England's centre back pairing
Diaby could have been world class. Also Ledley King is worth a mention
along with Ledley King, classy player.
Ledley king? Would be current England captain...
Ledley king and Jonathan Woodgate. Would have been England players for years
Ledley king still associated and a part of tottenham! One club man! Quality character
Thanks to Ledley King and for the wonderful soccer clinic this morning.
my body feels like Tottenham legend Ledley King and tottenham's overall existence
White Ledley King? TF is Ledley King compared to Nesta??? . This is very demeaning
how does it feel knowing that no matter what you do, Ledley King was always a better defender?
you are a rockstar my friend! I imagine your making the signings? Is it ledley king again?
Have I really just seen The Sun describe Ledley King as an ex England legend??? Didnt know he was Charlton and Moore's level. Gutter press
EXCLUSIVE: England ace Ledley King has airbrushed his kids out of new life
wouldn't really say Ledley king was a England legend
Exclusive Spurs and England legend branded heartless by ex lover for never meeting son
I liked a video The legend that is Ledley King!
Many congratulation our legend Ledley King on his wedding day 👏👏👏💙
What's more shocking is that you are calling Ledley King an England legend?!
EXCLUSIVE: Ex-England legend 'heartlessly abandoned his daughter and never met his son'
That's right folks, Ledley King is an England legend.The Sun excelling once again.
Jonathan Woodgate in his prime, was up there with Ledley King and John Terry. Just imagine if 2 weren't a walking injury.
By the way, all coach suggestions by are utterly brilliant - Rene Meulensteen, Ledley King, Chris Woods and P…
Ledley King and Peter Crouch playing for the Spurs youth team at White Hart Lane 1995
At the annual Supporters Clubs End of Season Awards. Meeting Ledley King, Harry Kane and Erik Lamela.…
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This is an absolute joke. Messi just made two World Cup winners look like Ledley King and Carlo Cudicini
So far I have Easter Sunday Oliseh, Roman Abramovich would obv own the team, Ledley King of the Jews at the back
Why do we do it? Past experiments include Southgate, Ferdinand and Ledley King.
Awful photo but it's me and the King - Ledley King. 💙 @ White Hart Lane
My daughter told her mum that her supply teacher is Kim Kardashian's husband, because he was black. She could have said Ledley King.
Harry Kane wants to emulate Ledley King by spending his whole career at White Hart Lane http…
Saw that Ledley King putting his bin away the other day he looked a bit 😍 my mind is 100% the opposite now ah no
“Ledley King's great tackle on Arjen Robben. is there a DVD of that tackle?
Ledley King chasing down Arjen Robben never gets old:
See a gallery of our former captain Ledley King opening Archway Sheet Metals new expansion in Paxton Road.
Recife stadium Italy v Costa Rica 20 June.. Fan Fest after.. this guy, Danny, Spurs fan from Oregon, USA originally from UK brought Ledley King with him as he thought Ledley "deserved to be at the WC". Costa Rican mother with 2 of her 4 daughters.. all look the same! Loads more pics on my FB page
FACTS ABOUT EPL Derby county played 32games without a win in (2007-2008)season. Man utd V Blackburn was d highest attendance record in EPL. 76,398 in 2007. Wimbledon V Everton was d lowest attendance in EPL 3,039 in 1993. There wasn't a single corner in the Chelsea V Wigan 21st Aug 2003. Alan Shearer is da only player 2 have scored 11 hatricks in EPL. Da earliest kick off game was at 11:15am Man city V Everton in 2005. Ledley King scored da fastest goal in EPL after just 10seconds. Swindon conceeded 100goals in EPL in (1993-1994) season. Chelsea leads yellow cards charts with over 1,250bookings.
Goodbye to our Captain Fantastic (Michael Dawson) after Ledley King for some great performances. Thanks for 9yrs of top service to Spurs.
Following the launch of our brand new tv ad for the 2014-15 season, take a look at the behind-the-scenes video from the day’s shoot. The youngsters who star in the ad were surprised on set by Former Tottenham Hotspur captain Ledley King, who also brought along the Barclays Premier League trophy.
Howard Webb retires. Here's clip of Lewis Holtby slide tackle on Webb when he joined play n Ledley King testamonial featured in NBC s Science of Love
Even the real and great great Ledley King now that there is only one King, Glenn Hoddle.
LEDLEY SICK NOTE KING is possibly one of the worst center halfs along with dawson to ever wear a football shirt
fancied an easy run mate. My ledley king knees cant cope with too much now
"There was only one thing for it I still don't know what it actually is. Ledley King's kneecap?
Ledley King scored fastest goal in history after just 10seconds.
“Unbelievable defending and skill from Ledley King. I miss him 😢
“Unbelievable defending and skill from Ledley King.
Unbelievable defending and skill from Ledley King.
I'm like the injury proneness of Ledley King, meets the fitness of Danny Graham, with the ability of Bebe! ;)
King Ledley, Mr.Tottenham. Quite simply the best central defender of his generation, bar NONE!
Every player to have played with Ledley King says he's the best cb they've ever played with. Such a sad spate of injuries.
Vine! Ledley king with a bullet header against Arsenal.
Tottenham captain Ledley King has been ruled out of action for up to six weeks after undergoing a knee operation.
Not a huge surprise but when you type "players celebrate at nightclub" into google images, Ledley King features very highly.
Mateo Musacchio: Characteristics - strengths, weaknesses, style of play
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Def the top signing of the summer.. Lamela ;)
He saw it coming. He rose like a salmon. It was like a clearance from Ledley king. Ooush. Up and out
Imagine seeing and his missus and Ledley King at the cinema last night
Villareal are trying their best to hold onto Mateo. Musacchio after spurs bid 16 million for him. A player we could do with.
Ledley King would've been one of the best in the world!
Ledley King would have captained England and had over 100 caps
Ledley King could have been the best defender in the world. Paul Mcgrath & Bryan Robson also blighted by injuries too.
Ledley King, without his knee troubles he would of been England's 1st choice cb
the greatest defender England produced for decades...Ledley King.
Hope we aren't looking at Jack Collison to replace Mutch. Has the same knee condition as Ledley King
All the very best mate I am looking forward to you being the next Ledley King # best defender ever for THFC !!!
You two are like the most injury prone players ever. Ledley King and Jonathan Woodgate
“Just see Ledley king in the cinema 😂😂😂” a true ambassador of English football 😂
Me neither. But I fully intend to claim we've signed the next Ledley King once it's been officially announced.
Just see Ledley king in the cinema 😂😂😂
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Any hoNest spurs fan will claim to know nothing of but most of you will claim he's the next Ledley King without seeing him play 🙈
[DailyMail] John Terry posts picture of Senrab youth team featuring Ledley King and Bobby Zamora
Van der Vaart, Gareth Bale, Luka Modric, Roman Pavlychenko and Ledley King, what a team we once had!
Luka Modric, Ledley King and Roman Pavlychenko, what a team we once had :/
.Paul Stalteri and Ledley King at Toronto's training ground.
Supporters evening a big hit in Seattle: Steffen Freund, Kasey Keller and Ledley King wowed fans at our Suppor...
Thank you to Ledley King, Steffen Freund, and all the staff for joining us at the Legends Q&A last night!
Ledley King and Rio Ferdinand would of been a World Cup winning cb partnership.
don't think Ferdinand will because Harry could let him have his way just like he did with Ledley King
James Richardson Interviews Luis Suarez and Ledley King ahead of the England Vs Uruguay match - watch it here:
England had so much depth in terms of CB's in Rio Ferdinand, John Terry, Ledley King, Jonathan Woodgate, Jamie Carragher & Sol Campbell.
Pochettino will last 18 months then be replaced by Les Ferdinand or Ledley King . Don't @ me until November 2015
Check out Lewis Holtby's challenge on Howard Webb in Ledley King's testimonial match!
“Up in the club . loving the Ledley King testimonial after party!!
what do we expect with this squad? Roy Hodgson announced his 23 man England squad and his short list last week. The England manage has been sensible in getting his squad out early in what appears to be a decent squad. There are some weaknesses though, so what can we make of Hodgons’s squad? Defence One of the major weaknesses appears to be in defence. Phil Jagielka and Gary Cahill are the two first choice centre-backs. Cahill was in the Premier League team of the year and has by all accounts improved a lot since joining Chelsea, that being said he is still not at the same level of Rio Ferdinand or John Terry in their prime. The back up for England’s first choice pairing is also somewhat weak in Chris Smalling and Phil Jones. Long gone are the days when England had four top class centre-backs to chose from (Ledley King, Jamie Carragher, Ferdinand and Terry). England are no longer spoiled for choice. Jones and Smalling weren’t exactly brilliant for Manchester United this season and neither have really ...
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Don't miss the video highlights from Ledley King's memorable Testimonial on Monday:
.Boris Johnson pays tribute to Ledley King ahead of Monday’s Testimonial:
Peter Crouch and Ruel Fox look back on Ledley King's memorable Testimonial:
SPURS TV EXCLUSIVE: Premier League referee Howard Webb decided he wanted to get involved in Ledley King's testimonial on Monday night but was promptly taken ...
Worth another look! Holtby tackles Howard Webb at last night's Ledley King testimonial. What a pair of scamps.
"Cheeky little finish from Nathan Oduwa in Ledley King's tezza last night...
Great finish from Nathan Oduwa in Ledley King's testimonial last night!
Lewis Holtby does what every football fan has dreamt of doing for years at Ledley King's Tottenham Hotspur testimonial. Howard Webb gives as good as he gets though.
Ledley King is the greatest English centre half since Bobby Moore. Fact.
Some genuinely funny moments from last nights Ledley King testimonial have had me chuckling to myself this morning. The linesman swapping places with a lad from the crowd. Howard Webb tackling Lewis Holtby, who then in turn, hacked Webb to the floor. The banter between us in the Park Lane end and the various Spurs keepers. Steffen Freund and Holtby trying to kick lumps out of each other. And Darren Anderton and Teddy Sheringham showing that they are still genuinely class footballers. All in, a quite emotional night. Not many players like Ledley King left in the game now. A true hero at WHL. COYS!
What an amazing day/night last night... 5 hours of walking around before being let in to see Tottenham Hotspur vs Tottenham (Ledley King's) XI... Absolutely amazing atmosphere! Best day/night in years!!! :)
Ferdinand and Ledley King the best English defenders of a generation on ability alone. Impossible to beat, didn't dive in, ma…
Amazon is telling me that those who bought Ledley King's book also bought Sol Campbell's. Yeah right!
Ledley King wouldn't have been England captain if he was white, because Sol Campbell would've been.
How on earth did Phil Jones get in the England squad ahead of Ledley King?
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Afternoon Peter, on our way to watch a legend who would be in any England squad of recent history, Ledley King
Extremely jealous of those staying on tonight to see the Testimonial Match for a modern day Tottenham Hotspur legend, Ledley King. A career cut short by injury, he remains as an ambassador for the club and his humble working class origins. All together now 🎶 oh Led-ley Led-ley, he's only got one knee, he's better than John Terry, oh Led-ley, Led-Ley 🎶 all monies from Tonight's game are going to a series of charities. Top man. Role model.
Ledley King testimonial match tonight, finally get to see my boy Pascal Chimbonda playing at the lane again 🙏
Paul Robinson - "I could tell you 101 things about Ledley King. All you need to know is, he defines the word 'legend'."
Ledley King warning: Can England afford to gamble with injured players at Brazil WC 2014
Edgar Davids will feature in Ledley King's Guest XI side in his Testimonial match at White Hart Lane Monday 8pm http…
Tim Sherwood is rumoured to play in the Ledley King testimonial... Sandro will break him!
Regional paper talk LONDON EVENING STANDARD Romelu Lukaku is still waiting to hear from Chelsea whether he will be sold this summer. It is believed Chelsea are looking to cash in on the striker to raise transfer funds or use him as part of a possible swap deal for Everton's Ross Barkley or John Stones. Manager Jose Mourinho is already closing in on the £32m acquisition of Atletico Madrid forward Diego Costa and is also looking at Paris Saint Germain's Ezequiel Lavezzi and Bayern Munich forward Mario Mandzukic. Sandro has become the first Tottenham player to state publicly that he expects Tim Sherwood to leave at the end of the season. Tim Sherwood has been invited to play in Ledley King's testimonial match on Monday but has yet to confirm whether he will do so. MANCHESTER EVENING NEWS Robin van Persie's son Shaqueel could be about to spark another tug of war between United and City. Robin van Persie is so sure United will recover and get back to former glories next season that he has demanded that his po ...
BREAKING! Edgar Davids, Pascal Chimbonda and Teemu Tainio will feature in Ledley King's Guest XI side at WHL.
interesting. Ledley King, Mark Falco, Ray Clemence and now Ginola all said similar things. Maybe they see something we don't?
The Standard report that is keen on returning to White Hart Lane for Ledley King's testimonial. . …
Former striker Peter Crouch has been confirmed as playing in Ledley King's testimonial match at WHL.
alan sugar is better than Ledley King :) LOL
Has anyone who played with him not chosen Ledley King in their one2eleven? Says it all really! Jonathan Woodgate👏 . What could've been..
Jonathan Woodgate"Ledley King the best CB I've ever played with or against"And Woody played for RMadrid. Nuff said!!
Jonathan Woodgate and Ledley King. Imagine if those two had natural fitness to go with their natural talent.
Spurs boss: Bentaleb needs the time and patience that Ledley King had Tim Sherwood says Nabil Bentaleb needs the same time and patience that Ledley King got when he first broke into the side. Former captain and club legend King is the last player to come through Spurs’ youth system and become a permanent member of the first team for a number of years. However, Sherwood has shown his faith in Bentaleb, fielding the 19-year-old in 19 of his 22 games in charge. And, as the Lilywhites prepare to host Sunderland in the Premier League tonight, he believes the Algeria international is only showing a small glimmer of his potential. “He’s a good player,” said the head coach. “We did that when Ledley King first got into the side. He wasn’t the best player and he wasn’t expected to be. “It comes in time when you develop. What you are seeing at the moment is nothing compared to what he can actually give after playing a few games. “Kids need time. When you are throwing them into sides, they need time ...
Former Tottenham Hotspur defender Ledley King says his dream would be to manage the Premier League club one day.
announce Ledley King testimonial match at White Hart Lane:
Will you come back to White Hart Lane for Ledley King's testimonial? We miss you!
One last time Ledley King to play at White Hart Lane in testimonial game
Spurs grant King Testimonial. Tottenham legend Ledley King has been granted a testimonial by the Premier League side. King, who played 268 times during an injury hit 13 - year spell with the club, will lead a Spurs All - Star XI against the current side at White Hart Lane on Monday, May 12.
Ledley King's testimonial match will be played at White Hart Lane on 12th May 2014...COYS -Deol
Who's the best player you've seen play for your team in your lifetime? I've seen the likes of Luka Modric, Rafael van der Vaart, Aaron Lennon, Ledley King, Gary Lineker, Pat van den Houwe, Robbie Keane, Jurgen Klinsmann and even the world's most expensive footballer Gareth Bale play at Tottenham among many, many more, but I think the most talented and charismatic player to ever grace the grass at White Hart Lane during my lifetime is Paul Gascoigne. Off the field he turned into a complete *** but on it he was a total genius, one of the most skillful players that has ever lived... - JH
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