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Ledell Lee

This is sickening. Nobody who fought to execute Ledell Lee should have any political or judicial power or be allowed to enter…
Gorsuch provides fifth vote—his first cast on the court—to let Arkansas execute Ledell Lee:
The illustrate why now is the time for to end America's death penalty charade.
Trying to find out why Stacy Johnson was Stayed, but Ledell Lee was executed. Seems unjust. There are unanswered questions on both cases.
Ledell Lee raped Debra Reese before beating her to death. Hitting her with a tire thumper 36 times. No pity for him. Buh-by…
I just heard that Ledell Lee, who may be executed tonight, requested that his last meal be holy communion.
Trump’s Supreme Court nominee cast his first major vote — to allow an execution via
Ledell Lee. Read his court case.Never been a guiltier criminal. Stoning or burn at the stake more appropriate.
Respect fro m Heroic work by Cassandra Stubbs and others up until 11:30pm trying to save Ledell Lee's life
The Real Fact about Ledell Lee that everyone seems to be missing
Ledell Lee could be proven innocent from DNA testing, but because of Trump's SCOTUS appointee he is being executed.
For those not familiar, he was requesting a stay to wait for DNA evidence. Now Ledell Lee is dead. And this is why. This. h…
Ledell Lee chose communion for his last meal. He brought Jesus into the death chamber and made it holy gro…
Just a reminder: The judge at Ledell Lee's trial was having an affair with the assistant prosecutor. They later married.…
Gorsuch's first act on the Supreme Court was to sanction the execution of a black man who may well be innocent.
Here's some information on the legal representation Ledell Lee received over the years:
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Ledell Lee was executed last night by the state of Arkansas. It was not justice and we will continue to fight
OK, he's dead. Now let's test his DNA and see if you executed an innocent man in Arkansas. What are you afraid of?.
Figures he'd be Black: Arkansas Executes Death Row Inmate Ledell Lee in First Execution Since 2005 via
It's official: Ledell Lee just became Arkansas's first lethal injection in more than a decade. TOD= 11:56 pm.
We are extremely saddened by the execution of Ledell Lee last night: (photo
.Project says Ledell Lee was denied DNA testing that could've proved his innocence. Arkansas executed him Thursday.
Last night, shortly before midnight, Arkansas killed my friend Ledell Lee instead of testing the DNA that could have clea…
Arkansas has killed Ledell Lee. Pray for his family. Pray for peace for the family of Debra Reese. Pray for an end to all…
Please pray for Ledell Lee, his family, the family of Debra Reese, and all people who have been impacted by violence.
Hey guys in abt 30 mins come to the brick pit for a quick moment of silence and some chalking for Ledell Lee
It's not a kill it! "...Gorsuch casts his first major vote — to allow an execution"
READ: Statement from Innocence Project on execution of Ledell Lee
Our statement on execution of Ledell Lee, denied a simple DNA test despite 23 years of proclaiming innocence:
insisted on Ledell Lee's execution despite evidence of his innocence & intellectual disability. Cruel, unusual, unj…
Ledell Lee was executed just before midnight with no complications. He denied a last meal and took communion instead.…   10% Off
Ledell Lee very well may have committed that murder, but you test all DNA/new evidence before carrying out a death sentence. Unbelievable.
About 40 protesters outside Governor's mansion. They hoped to stop execution of Ledell Lee. He was executed aro…
This is Ledell Lee. He was just moved to the death house to be executed after a judge refused to test DNA which could exo…
During Ledell Lee's trial, the prosecutor and the judge were having an affair. They later married.
THE CALL: Solomon Graves of the Arkansas Department of Correction receives the call that Ledell Lee has been put to de…
"If I had known that, I would not have put you on the case" - trial judge to Ledell Lee's defense attorney
JUST IN: The 8th Circuit has extended its temporary stay of Ledell Lee's execution to 9:15 p.m. CT
Ledell Lee's execution has been stayed until 8:15 p.m.
Ledell Lee asks Arkansas Supreme Court for stay of execution to prove his innocence through DNA testing
Now, the Department of Correction's focus will shift to the slated for Thursday, that of Ledell Lee & Stacey Johns…
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