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Led Zepplin

Led Zeppelin were an English rock band, active in the late 1960s and throughout the 1970s.

Pink Floyd Robert Plant Jimmy Page Black Sabbath Paul McCartney Def Leppard Rolling Stones Stairway To Heaven Sammy Hagar Billy Joel Bob Marley Van Halen Jimi Hendrix Joan Jett Pat Benatar Beastie Boys Cheap Trick Bad Company

I wear my led zepplin shirt a lot bc it's so big and comfy
I never heard of or before the lawsuit.
Robbie Williams’ battle with Led Zepplin's Jimmy Page escalates as he describes secret…
Here's the conversation with Robbie Williams about Jimmy Page that was accidentally broadcast online…
Exclusive: Robbie Williams reveals neighbour Jimmy Page secretly spying on him
and it continues with led zepplin, omfg LMAO seriously, and yes I'm H.A.F..😉😊😎
Paiently waiting for the day till I can give away my led zepplin shirt to my girl
Now that I've seen cover Led Zepplin I can die in peace
Robbie Williams likens Led Zepplin legend Jimmy Page’s behaviour to ‘mental illness’ after he catches him secretly…
Robbie Williams caught Jimmy Page secretly recording outside his home and has likened his behaviour to mental…
Just got asked by a 20 something year old...what is your definition classic reply Led zepplin...blank looks ensued...smh.
If Elvis is the king of Rock, MJ the prince of Pop, and Ms. AF the queen of Soul, then Led Zepplin are gods!!
Led Zepplin got worse with every album.
The Immagrant Song by Led Zepplin at - Buy it
By the way, Zeppli is a music reference. Led Zepplin.
was going to recommend Joni Mitchell but since you have that how about the Immigrant Song by Led Zepplin?
I never thought Harry would look so good with Led Zepplin playing in the back. Who knew I needed this in my life
Oh, a new sing trailer. . Sing is the title track by led zepplin ? . Lmao...
He'll hit 1 million before they win a game. *sigh
I think we can do it before Cleveland wins a game
Led Zepplin admirer? Be able to call 10 free taxicabs with Lyft's app. Apply SONGS promo code. crazysimple.
one of the best shows i ever saw was Led Zepplin laser light at the planetarium. Im a lvl 5 nerd 🤓
The significance of Led Zepplin's tour plane was lost on me at the time.
Tssf covered Led Zepplin tonight it was sick
Paul McCartney and Nano Stern at a Led Zepplin concert ~1970, Famous People.
(said "friend" is Jason Bonham. Dad used to play in this little band called "Led Zepplin", if you've heard of it.)
I have an extremely eclectic taste but depends on mood the old Genesis..Billy Joel..Prince..Eagles..Led Zepplin..Melissa Ethridge
I'm digging the Led Zepplin poster in the back👌
If you play Led Zepplin's "Hot Dog" backwards it predicts this thing. & that was back in 79!
When the place plays. Led Zepplin. When the Levee breaks. 🤘🏽
you too!!! BTW I played Led Zepplin in class today and an 8th grader told me "Coach Gaylor used to play that in class!"
My solo for "Whole lotta love", Led Zepplin on my Esp guitar and Fender showman. Backtrack provided by Youtube Enjoy
if you haven't listened to Led Zepplin IV in its entirety, are you even a person?
Sitting in Brandy Melville and Led Zepplin is on. My daughter says: mom why don't they make music like this anymore? . I wish I knew.
Here's a good one ... Elvis singing Led Zepplin to a reggae beat!
When Jenny Beavan went up to get the Oscar I honestly thought Led Zepplin had won
When I was 5 I had to name every band member of Led Zepplin and point out guitar riffs to enter my brother's room.
I added a video to a playlist led zepplin-house of the rising sun
Happens all the time. Beatles, Rolling Stones, Led Zepplin and Pink Floydd are all prime examples.
Basically I could NOT give less of a crap about Cars or Led Zepplin comparisons to today's music. I just don't. FB is overrun w/this stuff.
if I may, the best way to reprogram from the "biebs" is to listen to some Led Zepplin. it'll knock him right out.
Led Zepplin is a great band but I was kind of bummed out when I found out they stole all of their material 😌
A new favorite: Celtic Rock Tribute to Led Zepplin by celtictribute on
Hey Nickie ya got the love I need. Maybe more than enough. Led Zepplin-Over The Hills And Far Away .
I would do A LOT to have seen Led Zepplin back in the '70s
Listening to led zepplin to keep my mind sane 😌
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My Led Zepplin solo, Stairway To Heaven. Backtrack provided by Youtube. Enjoy.
When you let your siblings blast Led Zepplin
I gotta Ramble On, And now's the time, the time is now, to sing my song. ~ Robert Plant (Ramble On - Led Zepplin)
your wcw's favorite Led Zepplin song is Stairway To Heaven
When bonding time with your brother is just sitting completely quiet in a room listening to Pink Floyd and Led Zepplin 😂👌🏽
My dad was right, Led Zepplin is the best rock band ever 🤘
Exactly. There's a limited number of notes-just ask Led Zepplin. ;) Stamp it with your identity and you'll be fine.
the song Led zepplin called going to calaforna
My take on Stairway To Heaven, Led Zepplin. Backtrack provided by Youtube. Enjoy!!
What if Led Zepplin didn't climb the Stairway To Heaven?
My solo over Led Zepplin backtrack from Youtube. Enjoy eveyone. I certainly did with my ESP guitar & Fender showman
The hours explaining punk, Bowie, Marley, Hendrix, Led Zepplin, Th merits of ska. Was it all for nothing?
I added a video to a playlist ROCK N ROLL LED ZEPPLIN COVER
I added a video to a playlist DAZED AND CONFUSED LED ZEPPLIN
Join Carl Cruse every week night for the REAL thing. 3 cuts non-stop from Led Zepplin as we Get the Led Out at 10pm
Led Zepplin is going to be in corpus in two weeks
I believe it was Robert Plant of Led Zepplin who once wrote "I'm a traveler of both time and space, try the new Spaghettios with meatballs."
Nothing some Led Zepplin, Pink Floyd an a nice doobie can't fix! 👌💯
Literally been watching a Led Zepplin concert all night on TV😂
As with all venues I visit I enjoy reading the list of performances. Elvis, The Who, Led Zepplin to name a few
Adrian ringrose addressing social value summit,why he likes Led Zepplin & social value
Should I continue listening to Slipknot or switch to Led Zepplin for tonight? 😶
I'm with mod, at the liquor store, listening to led zepplin. my life is complete.
What's your Favorite band Led Zeppelin or The Beatles ? I feel I connect more to Zepplin
N.cont.magicalGroup;led zepplin taps into the beauty that is here,in the land of "milk&honey"w/a unique ability2"bring in theNew"
wow and I thought Norman was more of a led zepplin man!😎
Saw in the New Yorker that Led Zepplin's "Stairway To Heaven" made half a billion dollars in royalties over a 37 year period. O_o
Classic Albums Live: Led Zepplin II is coming has your tix!
Um, Led Zepplin, are you kidding me?
dammit! just born to late!! missed out on the led zepplin good stuff and everything TUT
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led zepplin III may just be the greatest album of all time
Accidentally linked to a YouTube video of playing Led Zepplin backwards, which I can assure you had nothing to do with prostitution
Would love it if "D'yer Mak'er" by Led-Zepplin gets played as soon as possible, thanks
Franco's trying to argue with me about Led Zepplin boy I'll have you know that they're my dad's favorite band and I will beat you with facts
"As much as I'm gonna try not to, I'm pretty sure I'm just gonna end up in a Led Zepplin cover band." —
My love for Led Zepplin has been rekindled
Ian Hart's role as Peter Grant (Led Zepplin's manager) will never get the acclaim he deserves even for those few minutes in
Tammy McCullough.have a listen to this tribute to Led Zepplin.
I decided to go back to listening to Led Zepplin backwards; just seems more wholesome.
Every class the kid who sits in front of me is wearing a Led Zepplin t-shirt and editing the Led Zepplin Wikipedia page... EVERY. DAY.
Led Zepplin and Pink Floyd to soothe my soul...
Really wish this class was about Led Zepplin and Def Leopard like I thought
Got one more beautiful song of Led Zepplin. Going to California it is. 😊😊
Nothing like the Led Zepplin live 26 minute version of Dazed and Confused in the morning. God bless & the deep tracks🎶
there are two paths you can go by, but in the long run. There's still time to change the road you're on. And it makes me wonder. Led Zepplin
Kanye should call his album 'Led Zepplin 5' just to watch the reaction of Dads everywhere
If aliens ever landed here, they would go after Qbert, Led Zepplin and Herbie Hancock first.
LED ZEPPLIN MISTY MOUNTAIN HOP recorded, live, Madison Square Garden 1973 a good one to watch & listen,...
It's finally! Had a lot of fun unboxing it! . **All right to this song go to led zepplin
Any fans of the band Sabertooth? . They thought I looked like the producer for Led Zepplin
Just a fun question, What was the first Album you ever got, for youngsters what CD? Mine was Led Zepplin 2 Do u even remember?
Coz Michael is the only guy in the world with a Led Zepplin shirt.
the only I liked about the Mausoleum was the fact I saw Led Zepplin there
If you don't like Led Zepplin, you're a TRAITOR!
See also the band members of Led Zepplin
Some Led Zepplin to get the day goin
Mood: covering blues from Led Zepplin & Radiohead backed by
"Who is Sammy Hagar?" "He was a big, big guitar player, I think he played in Led Zepplin.." -overhear at Sammy's in Maui airport
Led Zepplin, aw, they were so young. One word describes their music; timeless.
Sorry. I have to stop working for the next 10ish minutes. Led Zepplin's "In The Light" just came up on my playlist.
Oh. Apparently they're trying to learn to play a Led Zepplin song. Badly.
I'll do you one better.Led Zepplin is overrated and I kinda hate them
dark days for certain. I see nothing to indicate another Who, Led Zepplin or Rush becoming a monster act with longevity
Agreed, with the exception of Led Zepplin (too much thievery)
"Robert Plant was the lead singer in led zepplin, not a scientist."
Some Led Zepplin, Metallica, Guns n Roses, and ACDC to start off my morning 🎸🎶🎶🎶
Looking for something to do this weekend? Elvis and Led Zepplin cover artists have shows scheduled nearby.
Led Zepplin is talented, but their music is hamstrung by band members wanting to show off.
When I miss him I listen to Led Zepplin.
Classic rock is like Led Zepplin, The Doors, Pink Floyd stuff from the 60-70's. I listen to some techno its been awhile since
Led Zepplin was entirely overrated, & the "fresh sounds" they invented were actually Jimmy not having any rhythm.
2) Reading Zora Neale Hurston's TEWWG for the 1st time felt like hearing Led Zepplin for the 1st time. It was that jarring and transporting.
Stairway To Heaven by heart tribute to led zepplin en shock emoción nivel dio mira mi
check out this version of Led Zepplin's Kashmir played my gr8 middle school band
VIP suite in Detroit's Silverdome stadium, once hosted the SuperBowl , Led zepplin and elvis now left to rot…
Led Zeppelin fans! Kashmir: The Ultimate Tribute to Led Zepplin rocks the stage on Jan 23:
Listening to my Led Zepplin records is what I look forward to after school😍
anyone wanna come over and we can have a Rolling Stones and Led Zepplin session?
Led Zepplin had the hit but try listening to the "Far Corporation" favourite...
Shoutouts to that one Led Zepplin tee that all of us got from Hot Topic.
well, I tried to recreate Up in Smoke. "Led zepplin!"
last ones Led Zepplin Trampled under foot 😂
waking up to led zepplin so I'll be drinking my coffee black today
So you're saying a Led Zepplin or Beatles today would have been told NO, you don't have enough fans to come to the USA.
Starting to think revision has got the best of me. I typed facilitated diffusion into spotify rather than Led Zepplin. 😶
Led Zepplin fans rioted at Boston Garden in 1975, so the mayor banned the band from playing in the city.
I actually wrote led zepplin...John Bonham is what I meant
Jimi Hendrix, led zepplin, freddie mercury, john lennon, cliff burton, bon scott, pls take me with you
Led Zepplin, Pink Floyd, Eagles, Billy Joel, Santana, Guns and Roses, Cream, Lynard Skynard, Journey, and Queen all been on repeat lately
Black dog-led zepplin I want this to be played at my funeral
If you play Kashmir backward, you get the recipe for cold fusion. Led Zepplin's from my home quadrant. *** sellouts.
Blame Mucinex for my overuse of emojis and the fact that Led Zepplin is inexplicably playing in my head right now.
led zepplin, (Will you lot stop changing your mind)
The only reason I'm out of bed is bc we're listening to the BeeGees, Led Zepplin, and Pink Floyd in class today and I couldn't be happier.
HBD sis! We'll have live music on-mountain, Warren Miller film premiere at Harrah's, Led Zepplin Experience at MontBleu!!
Aerosmith and Led Zepplin for the 2 minute bells 🔥❤️
Flat Incline is my Led Zepplin cover band.
Who wants to smoke and jam to Led Zepplin
The New Orleans Saints should walk out to When the Levi Breaks by Led Zepplin
Ya, well I saw Led Zepplin in Toronto and the Animals three times! Still sulking that I never saw Jim Morrisson with the Doors.
Led Zepplin's "No Quarter" is a song about a very unsuccessful laundromat.
Today's drop-down menu is just dead drivel compared to good old Led Zepplin!1
I really dig Led Zepplin and ppl used to find that weird. Like...
Listening to led Zeppelin in my led zepplin shirt 🤓
When Led Zepplin knock at the door and ask to come in for a while to hide from their mother, Mrs Zepplin
What does having two Grammys have to do with it? Want me to list you some icons who haven't won Grammys? Queen, Led Zepplin,--
listen to How Many More Times by Led Zepplin. These beats are dope
People sitting next to me are ranking Led Zepplin cover bands, so that's a thing
LED ZEPPLIN DOWN BY THE SEASIDE can you still do the twist, do you find you remember things that...
Enjoy some tunes tonight @ 8 by Leland's Road tonight! . Check out their cover of Black Dog by Led Zepplin!
So far, JC Superstar sounds just like Led Zepplin and I'm about to cry tears of joy.
Zepplin IV released today in 1971. Following advise of one of the smartest men in music I played it loudly this am.
I'm going to be sure my niece listens to Led Zepplin
Just found my parents' chest of vinyls. Bob Segar, Pink Floyd, Led Zepplin, so many vinyls such overwhelm
In the zone for some Led Zepplin and the Weeknd
No walk through tomorrow. Meet at school at 5:30pm for face paint. See you tomorrow looking like our parents at a Led Zepplin concert.
When I was a whippersnapper with Led Zepplin vs lads nowadays with their reckless John Green tripe-trash
could turn it into a love song with out the decibels Led Zepplin. …
Somebody to listen to Led Zepplin with >>>
Led Zepplin is so good why'd it take me 16 years to find this out
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listening to Led Zepplin radio makes me feel like I'm at work.. lol
Hearing a Led Zepplin song and try to sing it (Vine by
Ramble on by Led Zepplin always clears my mind
If you love the blues, you'll love this. Buddy Guy and Led Zepplin did.
I knee what it was. I've been. A Led Zepplin's fan since the womb. Lolol.
Stairway To Heaven takes me to heaven!every time :)
Day 24: remembering when posted "Led Zepplin" wrong two times make me laugh without end
Am I the only one that still likes old stuff like Led Zepplin not just new clickbait?
Jettison my body into space with all of Led Zepplin's works on repeat and a copy of LedZepLedZep as an...
if you don't like Led Zepplin kill yourself
I want Led Zepplin, Combichrist, Queen and Bjork to melt into my music and give me that birth of the universe sound.
..Ramble On, Led Zepplin. Didn't even have to think about it.
I used to wake up at 4:50 am before school my senior year to run to Kashmir by led zepplin, now every time I hear it my ears bleed
Celebrations of a win bs and dad's birthday lead us to Jack Daniels and Led Zepplin live
Having a taco and some led zepplin on my break. Today is alright 😊😊
All purpose parts banner
so far i've seen mayday parade, green day, mcr and led zepplin shirts…this is a FALL OUT BOY concert
Guitarist Ben Lacy in here playing led zepplin acoustic covers. My day just got better.
U may have to get Led Zepplin out after the game"when the levee breaks"!!!
The rain is falling, suddenly it hit my mind These are the seasons of emotion and like the wind they rise and fall.. Led Zepplin's lyrics)XD
My neighbors are blasting led Zepplin at 2 in the morning and im completely fine with that
Going up on a Tuesday by Led Zepplin
My dad just barged into my room blaring Led Zepplin for 10min then just left.
It took one Led Zepplin song to get me from "dude I'm lazy" to "lets hit the gym"
Wow, nothing like having "Stairway To Heaven" performed in tribute to Led Zepplin by Ann and Nancy Wilson of...
Who likes Led Zepplin? have a check out of this I did of Communication Breakdown .
By the way that didn't sound like Led Zepplin, that sounded more like a Pentecostal church song lol
He'd heard of singers like Beatles, Led Zepplin and Bad Company. Why not a little Spanish flea?
Q10: 'Misty Mountain Hop' by Led Zepplin refers to Misty Mountains in which book of the Lord of the Ring Series?
Casually en route to Olympic Studios for a playback of a new remaster of Physical Graffiti by Led Zepplin, hosted by Jimmy Page
Don't know what y'all were watching last pm, but we found the end of a fleetwood mac show & fell asleep to led zepplin.
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Aggro1 ~ 'Aggro1 - Kelly Clarkson BTHE v. Led Zepplin Immigrant Song' from the album [0]
Dyer Maker by Led Zepplin. Whole lotta love by Led Zepplin. Comfortbly Numb by Pink Floyd. 1979 Smashing Pumpkins
while you were watching the 'Grannys', I was watching Led Zepplin on AXS TV
same tho with Judge and Led Zepplin
Cats funny like how many Grammy's you got mean something: well Chuck berry, Bob Marley, Jimi Hendrix, led zepplin, quee…
just about everything from Led Zepplin, AC/DC, & Aerosmith, some Black Sabbath, CCR, GNR, Def Leppard, Stones, Van Halen, & more.
Going to see led zepplin would have been worth the punishment.
One of my biggest regrets not going to a Led Zepplin concert in the 70's. I probably would have paid dearly. It would have
Can we get Led Zepplin too open next (Ringo could play the drums lol)
I can appreciate some Tom Petty, Beatles, Elton John, Aerosmith, Led Zepplin, Queen etc...some of this new "music" is wack
Led zepplin was never nominated for a grammy. Just goes to show how "prestigious" winning a grammy is
Just learned that Led Zepplin won a Grammy last year for best album released, in that year
My dad's band Sugar Bear opened for Led Zepplin two weeks after he quit the band to join the fire department.
Most valuable item in Grammy Gift Bag? Bose noise canceling head phones and a free Led Zepplin iTunes download. Try it. Now.
Hm..Casablanca is on TCM and Led Zepplin is on many choices during commercials.
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If I could have dinner with any three bands it would be The Ramones, Led Zepplin, and The Beastie Boys.
Did you guys know that their were lullaby renditions of bands?! Pink Floyd, Metallica, Led Zepplin! Starting kids off right these days.
never heard of those but it just pisses me off that the grammys are the highest award in music but Led Zepplin, Queen, and
News flash to anyone watching the grammys: led zepplin, nas, Bob Marley, jimmy Hendrix and countless others have never won one. End of story
my music taste ranges from Led Zepplin to Fleet Foxes to Motopony to Coldplay to The Beatles
no. I like Metallica, Queen, Led Zepplin, the who and bands like that.. Just don't care for AC/DC
Rock and roll, like AC/DC, Led Zepplin, etc. will always be old people music to me. Never saw them young.
I can listen to led zepplin all day long
Not sure if I'm feeling Eminem or Led Zepplin for this homework session
song black dog by led zepplin some rock n roll for once. Enough of this top 40 garbage 114 row t seat 9
I was the lead guitarist for Led Zepplin.
Honestly don't know y folk care about the Grammy's: Chuck berry, queen, Bob Marley, Run DMC, led zepplin or Diana Ross …
Led Zepplin's Original Bracelet, the bracelet is brand new and the price is very low. First...
Whole Lotta Love for Ludlow! Led Zepplin's Robert Plant talks about his time in the town -
Led Zepplin and some bong rips would be kinda nice rn
Kashmir - Led Zeppelin: via CAn't leave out ZEPPLIN!! WAiting in line 4 ticket when news tells Bonom dead!!
When the Levee Breaks, or Rock and Roll by Led Zepplin
are tonight. I can't wait to complain about not knowing most of the people nominated and telling my kids Led Zepplin never won 1.
Listen to Led Zepplin Whole Lotta Love - (Girls N Boomboxes Re-edit) by Girls n' Boomboxes on
The Who, Led Zepplin, and Rush all > The Beatles if we're being honest about Rock and Roll
It's just about 5am and I did sleep just not as well as I could have.I think I pushed myself way too much yesterday with all the good news.I mean physically, like attempting to clean and take Sammy for walks lol.I dreamt about Robin Williams which made me happy and sad at the same time. We both liked those big chocolate chip cookies from dunkin dounuts and they ran out and it became like a game to me,if I got the cookie, he would make me laugh, then his voice turned into Gene Simmons voice which played in Led Zepplin, which is so WRONG,to see Gene from Kiss is weird.his voice when he speaks,calms me.and then my sister said that my mom wouldn't do my laundry anymore because of too much armpit hair lol and then I awoke.walaaa!
Charlie's Angels Charles Hamilton [Verse 1] Say a prayer for me Stay in the air for me You say you care for me and you're staying there for me In the air, I will be there shortly Every prayer is my airport and tears are the leer for me The golden sun glares for me Somewhere for me someone stares for me Just zones out seeing nothing but the thoughts I project Lost in my steps such tears are hard to bear for me But as I walk the Led Zepplin paved steps My destination may take your breath away yes Keep your balance don't [fall from heaven] Though it's a long walk it ain't far from [heaven] Angels are the stars I'm Batman in the dark night 'cuz that man has to stand with his dark plight But a pink blur C-H illuminates the sky Using the stars, connect the dots My heart's right [Hook] If I could be a fly on the wall To hear what you really think about me I wouldn't be flying at all Believe what you believe about me I just live how I live Forget how I live My angels come back and hold me down Then my angels come ...
Led Zepplin guitarist Jimmy Page did the soundtrack to
Woke up to Led Zepplin so my day has immediately been deemed ok
Stairway To Heaven by Led Zepplin I'm shooting myself
Paul McCartney and David Gilmour at a Led Zepplin concert ~1970
with road improvements in the region, Led Zepplin poster goes for auction, the end of the three point turn in driving test
Led Zepplin is easily one of my favorite bands
Led Zepplin, ABBA, Uriah Heep, Rush, INXS, Eagles . . . now it's your turn!
"Kashmir’ is the definitive Led Zepplin song ever" said Led Zepplin singer: 'Robert Plant'
Oh what a great selection of wall poster. I had Jimi Hendrix, Led Zepplin...look who Choomy had...Idi Amin Dada htt…
"I don't know how much more expressive you can get than being a rock and roll singer". Robert Plant from Led Zepplin
Led Zepplin at a hot air balloon festival
Watching these youtube clips of the Kennedy center honors; Led Zepplin and Paul McCartney. Why don't we do stuff like that?
Wednesday.lots of talent at the Touch Base Bar in Chester last night... A Fred Zepplin first timer asked if I do any Led I opened with Stairway To Heaven...Fred Zepplin was fresh off his week in PHILLY so the set went smooth.. I followed stairway with the Moody Blues...Radiohead and Lou Reed ...nice. The Chris Raabe Band was short one Sam..but Chris Raabe is always in command.and the rythem section was tight...Matt Gould.and Andrew on sax were great like always.did a lot of walking in PHILLY so the dogs are barking. Rock n Roll
Led Zepplin, Red Hot Chili Peppers, the Kooks, not to mention "West Coast" songs, looking at you Lana, Coconut Records, srsly
Stairway To Heaven” gets a standing ovation! Heart’s Ann and Nancy Wilson have lifetime fans in members of the Led Zepplin. This one song is simply the most amazing cover tune I have ever listened to. Please SHARE if you find this…
Hi Folks, We are doing a fundraiser Friday night at Chiefs in Spartanburg (1519 John B. White Sr. Blvd, Spartanburg, SC 29301) starting at 7:30 pm. The Benefit concert will raise money for the 2014 Upstate Stand Down, October 9th (a project of Operation Restoration CDC). The Stand Down is a day of services for homeless veterans, veterans at risk of homelessness, ALL veterans in need and family members. Last year our goal was to help 400 veterans & their families. We served 358. The goal this year is 500. Ask Alice is the AWESOME band performing again this year. They cover a variety of bands like: Halestorm, Journey,Sammy Hagar, Bon Jovi, Led Zepplin, Pat Benatar, Joan Jett, AC/DC, Prince, Bush, Salt n Pepper, Beastie Boys, Nelly, & more. There is a $5 cover, 50/50 drawing, and, an auction that includes autographed memorabilia from Sammy Watkins, Jadeveon Clowney, Taj Boid, & Connor Shaw.
Levi Thompson is the son of the lead singer of Led Zepplin: Robert Plant
A musician is a person who plays one or many musical instrument and is also referred to as an instrumentalist. History has given us some really notable music composers and performers the likes of which include names of people like Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Johann Sebastian Bach and Ludwig Van Beethoven. Just like everything else, music too evolved through the ages to churn out various genres. The most noticeable evolution took place in the last 50 years. There was the Rock ‘N Roll era, which preceded the music of the 1980’s. Music underwent yet another slight change and evolved into the music of the 1990’s which was followed by pop music, house, club, trans and many others. To say that the hall of fame is reserved only for the classical musicians would be folly because even the new age music has given us people who have become legends in their own right. We have seen guitarists like Jimmy Hendrix and Jimmy Page (of Led Zepplin), drummers like Mike Portnoy (of the band Dream Theater) and John Bonham ( ...
Just got home fromhaving a really nice dinner at a restaurant in NYC called Serafina's.Food was awesome.Then went to see Smokey Robinson at the Beacon theater.Had a great night.Smokey was awesome and sang all of his hits. He still has some great moves.Some of them risque for a 73 year old! That man can move his hips, oh man! Put on a great show and his voice is still great. Last weekend went to John Harms Theater in Englewood to see a tribute to John Bonam.About twenty drummers each played a Led Zepplin song.Another great night. On the way in we saw Eddie Trunk. Took a pick of him and John. Boy my summer has kicked off to a great start so far. Hope it continues!
Ann Wilson is hands down my favorite female vocalist ever! Google the video of her singing staiway to heaven at the Kennedy Center tribute to Led Zepplin! She actually made Robert Plant cry! Amazing, beautiful rockin voice!
To all my friends who love rock music.If you are fans of Led Zepplin, tune into Team Rock Radio from 6pm tomorrow night.There is an interview with Jimmy Page where he will talk in detail about the re-mastered Led Zep albums and the bonus CDs' that will come with them.
Led Zepplin is Screwed they Copied "Taurus" by Spirit for the song "Stairway To Heaven"!!! They have copied other songs and been forced to give royalties of the songs to the original writers. The two bands toured together in the late 60's and the shortly after "Stairway To Heaven" came out which is the biggest song by them. Looks like a loss for Zep! To listen look for link in Comments! Thoughts???
In between 2 Godzilla trailers on TV was an x-men trailer using the same Led Zepplin song Puff daddy used in the 98' remake of Godzilla. Felt weird.
Do you like Joe Walsh, Scorpions, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Rolling Stones, ZZ Top, Queen, AC/DC, Green Day, Cheap Trick, Aerosmith, Beastie Boys, Krokus, J. Geils Band, Alice In Chains, Radiohead, Def Leppard, Grand Funk Railroad, Metallica, Neil Young, Quiet Riot, Led Zepplin, Deep Purple, Foghat, Golden Earring. Godsmack, Rage Against The Machine, Chuck Berry. From Keith Parkhurst. The Water Buffaloes cover a lot of ground. We have three jam packed sets planned for the evening. We'll come out of the gate snorting, so you don't want to be late. There is sure to be something that causes you to throw up your horns whether you stampede through for one set, or stay and graze all night. Ooh ah wah!!
Tremendous version of Stairway To Heaven", and great tribute to Led Zepplin!
I've decided, Over the Hills and Far Away is Led Zepplin's best song.
Love this rendition of Led Zepplin's Stairway To Heaven by Heart at the Kennedy Center Honors
I as many of you love American Idol and The Voice!!! But I am very tired of the same sound the same voice over and over again ! I love and would much prefer a new sound and or a record that absolutely shakes me off my chair and has me dancing and rocking!!! I want someone to win American Idol and or The Voice that is singing some hard Rock !! It's been years since I heard this!!! Lets shake things up ... I want the sounds of Boston, REO , AREOSMITH, Journey, Black Sabbath, The Godz,Blue Oyster Cult , Kansas,Bad Company, Styx,Jethro Tull, ZZ Top , Joan Jett, Pat Benatar, The Who,White Snake, Eddie Money, Tom Petty, Exile, Guns and Roses ,Nazareth,Yes,Pretenders, Hearts,The Eagles, Led Zepplin,Thirty Eight Special, Alabama,The Stones,Michael Stanley Band, Bruce Springsteen ,Kiss, Left End,Genesis,Phil Collins,Van Halen,ACDC ,Pink Floyd, Sami Haggard,Leonard Syknard, Alabama,Cheap Trick,Eric Clapton,Rush ,.did I miss any Rock bands??
Looks like A HIGH school gym after a Led Zepplin concert ! :)
There Goes Gravity by Lisa Robinson, reviews music for Vanity Fair. She toured w/the Stones and Led Zepplin
How very awesome it was tonight, after dinner, to pull out the vinyl and be able to entertain one curious, little, red headed bunny rabbit with Classic albums such as that of Kiss, Boston, Led Zepplin, David Lee Roth (yuck), Kansas, Foreigner, Iron Butterfly, The Doors and a little Def Leppard to close out the night! Very cool way to end the evening! Had a little air guitar going on!
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