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Lebanon Levi

Amish Mafia Lancaster County Lancaster Pa

I'm in Lancaster, now where's Lebanon Levi and the Amish Mafia?
Who was thatI'm already a slave. It's called over taxed to give to the lazy that refuse to work.
when DOJ has no impact (ferguson) it looks like we aren't even trying to make cops accountable!
I know. Then everyone just gives them a "pass" bc they're cops.
I agree-but like those existing cams-they are already claiming 'it wasn't working at that time'
I hope he is otherwise what a jerk *** statement.
you know Holden had a disdain for phony people, right?
I didn't say anything about Africa. I was referring to Afrikans.
Hey Many of the thugs you are marching for, or marching with, will be the same ones, who'll rob you, rape you, & …
Yes sure. was a dangerous *** who should have been locked up.Hes dead which is better for the taxpayers.
Go back to your movement that nobody cares about.
your life must suck if you got time to troll on ppl timeline. FOH
Are you on welfare and food stamps? Your life must suck. Are you oppressed by racist whites?
Next offense they get anything above the wrist amputated.
Here's an idea: anybody engaging in gang behavior gets a wrist slapped...
Sure cops wear cams still shoot thug & *** public cry footage was doctored.
Wow! I did not know scumbags had sides! I need to know more. It's that 70 IQ, ya know? Can you share a research link please?
That's where you are wrong about me: You dont have to love the bad police officers, in order to respect the good ones
I dont think any of that is called for. No one insulted you directly.
My instinct is that your IQ is about 70.
Has inscription : too Wassinton Gerrome Leyroy nJunkebe. Will swap for White Woman.
Oh crap, he will not be here for Black History month, February and MLK day. BUMMER.
I agree. looks like a run of the mill felon. Too bad he missed Columbus day. .
Shots fired by innocent unarmed teenager?
You do know that white ppl break the law? Should they be executed in the street?
Not at all. We only know what we've learned. Some ppl learn that breaking law is survival.
Running is probable cause. The cop should be commended for his diligence in a dangerous situation.
So it's ok to break the law if you grew up poor. Special treatment for colored ppl.
He looks like a nice guy.Hard to imagine he could be a felon.
profiled for being black. Simply amazing.
And, you've never walked a mile in someone else's shoes.
All purpose parts banner
I've never been arrested.I don't carry stolen guns.I don't have 5 kids w/ different women.
That's a ridiculous statement on his part. If they run as soon as they see a cop, there's a reason.
If there's no probable cause to suspect they've done anything worse than Walking While Black? Sure.
So if someone runs from a cop just let him get away? Well that's an interesting theory.
YOU are the problem in this country. Superiority complex.
You forgot to mention Darren Wilson is innocent until proven guilty.I don't think Ferguson understands that concept.
Why do you say that?They have a hard job getting dangerous colored ppl off the streets.
That awkward moment you failed to realize is innocent until proven guilty just lik…
Good! Help weed out the bad ones. A lot of cops have some serious issues.
Body cams would show ppl resisting arrest and the bs that cops put up w/ on a daily basis.
This is why all cops need body cams.
How do you know the cops are telling the truth? They have been known to lie.
I'm talking about American blks. Why are you talking about Africa?
Don't call the cop a racist.Don't make into an innocent victim.Hes a bad guy
it's not blacks people hate, it's thugs. Can't act like a fool & cry when it comes back to u
Tell a group of ppl they're worthless for centuries, then complain when they make bad choices
...the race that comes from that enormous land mass are called Afrikans.
Oh. A former Marine that was trained to kill the enemy/brown people. It's all becoming so clear.
So roughly half the population of Ferguson?
What do you mean Afrikans? I'm talking about the United States, not Africa.
Society is safer w/ dead.The cop is a former Marine.The thug is a high school dropout.
Don't carry a stolen firearm while on bail wearing an ankle bracelet.
the pigs have only killed unarmed Afrikans. How is that being treated how we act?
You are treated by the way you act.Don't shoot at a cop then cry racism when u get shot.Race card.
it was actually the 400 yrs of human trafficking & the 100 yrs of Jim Crow that led us 2 believe u don't like is
Idealism sits in prison, chivalry fell on its sword
Amish Mafia's Lebanon Levi and two henchmen headed to Clipper Magazine ... - Amish Mafia's Lebanon Levi and two...
why thank ya Levi Lebanon how kind of you 😄😚luv you too!
I'm going on an Amish tour. Be like "yeah do you know Lebanon Levi?"
Don came this morning w/ a copy of the Lebanon Daily News. Looks like Mr. Lebanon Levi got cancel from a baseball game.
Update your maps at Navteq
Would love to stop by in to visit Lebanon Levi & The Mafia crew but time will not allow it.
Lebanon Levi appearance canceled: Lebanon Levi's appearance at the Lancaster Barnstormers baseball ...
.Real shame. Ppl don't realize how often the Amish are taken advantage of. Lebanon Levi helps protect them
if you bring your game boy tomorrow I'll bring a screwdriver that may work but I'm not positive if it will
your a game safer! But would you happen to have a tri-wing screwdriver i could borrow?
do any of you know how to fix the start button on a GameBoy Advance?
and I can show you my local gun store and we're Lebanon Levi lives near the gun store
if you don't come tomorrow I'm taking your spot for the rest of the season
““me at prom tell Levi not to look like this😂”take notes.
the holy shaver still remains under the control of the mightiest of all Amish peoples- Lebanon Levi from Amish Mafia
Apparently Lebanon Levi is slacking! Big Steve in a dress would have worked!!! Jill Grottanelli Taylor, what do you think?
Lebanon Levi and the Mafia will handle her.
what if I told u I hired u only to call u "Lebanon Levi", would that be some straight up Amish Mafia ish or Nahh...
Have heard our new neighbor is Amish or affiliated with the Amish. I wonder if he knows Lebanon Levi. and can get some Amish Mafia up in this town. and clean up the white trash across the road from me. and the juvenile ignorate kids that visit over there! Well.on second thought.I might need Merlin.he is more on their level of moron mentally!
out like superfly jimmy snuka running down franklin st with a chicken tied to his back screaming men men men men manly men men men while being chased by lebanon levi in his buggy for payment of the chicken,peace,IZ!
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They should have let Lebanon Levi get him. He wouldnt have had to dress like a woman. Lil
oh no, it just hit me, today is Tuesday and there will not be a new "Amish Mafia" episode on tonight :( and there may not be any more EVER! I'm holding out hope that Lebanon Levi (or at the very least Merlin & 'Lil Wayne) will change their minds & come back for yet another season. If not, I'm going to have to really get on the ball to get my own show!! Or Brian Cromwell could get his own show & let me have a recurring role status ;)
go on ebay type in Lebanon Levi tshirts. There's a few fake sites however the real one is where it says you can get the autograph
I think the whole team needs D1 scholarships
You're gonna lose that battle, you're gonna lose that battle 9 times out of 10
I'll bet Lebanon Levi was the one that poisoned King Joffre.
I would like to go to Lancaster and find Lebanon Levi and his crew of Amish losers
Attention drunken *** asking me "WHERE IS Lebanon Levi is not a clever question that YOU thought up.
I have a crush on Lebanon Levi. Yep I said it.
I did pay attention and she clearly said she knew Lebanon Levi and that he was planning on leaving the amish for her
levi dude you were the only person on the show last night that I could stand
you don't have to deal with Lebanon Levi :)
Would love to know what is going on with the these guys. Do they finally put Levi in jail? What happened to...
you look like Lebanon Levi in that pic - why'd u cancel the show lol
Levi Lebanon & his "crew" are so utterly pathetically ignorant.
Happy Siblings Day from your favorite redheads. ❤️
Hey its national sibling day, you're welcome
we did Amish Mafia poll bc Lebanon Levi lives in our area. Got like 1200 responses
I'm thinking a move to Lancaster Pa and hookin up with Jolin and Lebanon Levi sounds exciting!!
but as far as I know no there is no midget in Lebanon or Richland where Levi really lives
Anyone wanna let Lebanon Levi that the half dyed blonde hair look is WAYYY outdated? Just sayin.
Send Lebanon Levi and the Amish Mafia to scorn the English no shows !!
*** off Lebanon Levi. He'll get Jolin to sock you in the gut, and burn your cell phone. When will they start killing people ?
Thinking Lebanon Levi is that little kid from Children of the Corn grown up.
It's the animalistic mentality of ghetto *** who blame whites for their problems.
Lebanon Levi sounds like he had downs
Why did you get involved with this cause?
Who is this that Lebanon Levi is picking up?
Wait: Lebanon Levi et al thought was going to be called "Amish Aid"?
Screw and it's producers pissing of Lebanon Levi and ruining Amish Mafia
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
He's a horrible rolemodel.Most nba players are.I know he owed a jeweler a ton of money. He's an ***
It's a documentary. Iverson tells his story. Nobody plays him.
Not luck. It was justice. He didn't deserve to be convicted of a felony based on the evidence I saw.
He DID go to jail for his alleged part in that fight. The Court of Appeals found insufficient evidence.
Wrong again. He did not blow $200 mil. Nice try tho. I don't have the patience to state the facts now tho.
He was lucky to go to Georgetown, he could have gone to jail for a bowling alley fight.
When the Sixers signed him it was the biggest contract. He forclosed on several houses and blew 200 million.
Iverson is also far from broke. Don't believe all the BS you hear in the media.
AI was far from the highest paid player. Kobe and Lebron each make way more per year than he ever did.
This is why you don't mess with Lebanon Levi.
Detroit Police arrest 4 in brutal beating of white man: Another black on white hate crime. Wake up whit…
it's real go on out and see the Indians have tribal police the Amish need the same but the us will not allow it.aka(Lebanon Levi
My wife wants to go to Lancaster Pa instead of the beach for vacation this year to stay with the Amish Mafia and Lebanon Levi.
Lebanon Levi the Don of Amish Mafia is a playa and all the amish shawty's are sweatin his style.
Nationally known television star 'Lebanon Levi' will make an appearance at the 29th annual Berks-Schuylkill Oil...
I'm so glad MLK day is over! All these quotes that mean nothing today. MLK would be embarrassed by todays blks.
I think KFC had a discount for MLK day.
You want to watch the armish there in L.A Next week watching armish mafia thats funny their meant to be religious huh my foot ! Lebanon levi is the boss he is no where near what mafias are capable of
Thank God MLK day is over. So sick of hearing about the struggle.
Who? Lebanon Levi? LOL, I'm kidding. Good luck, Jeremiah, you'll do great!
MLK would be disgusted at today's race baiting.
Most teams have a QB surrounded by thugs.
MLK would be disgusted by Jackson and Sharpton.
Winston's major is English as a second language.
Miesha, have you ever slept with a woman?
Looking for Lebanon Levi and the rest of the Amish Mafia
Next weeks Amish Mafia looks set to be an absolute thriller, as badass mofo Lebanon Levi gears up to unleash revenge on a 6 year old ginger girl who's put a piece of chewing gum underneath her desk! I for one.cannot wait! :D
Lmao I actually work with the cousin of Jolin from Amish Mafia. He said they ran Lebanon Levi out and burned his house. Lol. I can't. Omg lmao
Maybe she was afraid. He's a loud aggressive black man.
If you break the law you are punished. You want special treatment for blacks?
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Blacks are suffering as race because we refuse to take responsibility for our lives&blame whites for our problems. Solut…
Racism was something blacks like MLK fought against pre-Civil Rights. Today racism is currency for blacks like
Oprah what do you do to help the kids in Chicago who are being slaughtered??
He wasn't a threat to her. He just made a great play in the biggest game of his life
Yes, appreciating the writings of a KKK member doesn't make me a racist. Agreed.
Baraka may've been racist, but appreciating his life, or even loving him, doesn't make one. Let's end this thread.
Anybody who speaks kindly of Amiri Baraka is a racist.
Have you ever slept with another woman?
Lj is black, Franklin must be mixed.
It matters because its time for blacks to stop picking the cotton and be in charge of the plantations
Nothing like a good fight at a hockey game
Lebanon Levi has gotta be in the discussion
Hebron Fire Co tonight. I'll put and the cast of on the guest list except Merlin & Wayne
How do you spell lasagna in a parishion neighborhood?
suck my *** Osteen. You're a money hungry psuedo-Christian
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and what does that mean ? He is just the first where you can visually see that he's black
eating with Lebanon Levi and the rest of the gang in this summer!
I wasn't alive then and neither were you. If you work hard in this country you can succeed. If you obey the laws and try hard
can't change history but we can't go forward in a society that wants us to fail. And racism..they are clans that still exist !
if you dig deep enough in history Thats where our problems began. Our behavior and hatred stemmed from our oppressors.
I agree every race has moral issues. You can't say that black issues are caused by whites. Blacks are racist too
its society as a whole that has their morals mixed up so don't just start pointing your finger . More than one is pointin back
I'm tired of whites being blamed for black problems.
since when has anyone done things properly when having kids? They try to marry so their family is together
I think being uneducated thugs with illegitimate kids is aging the black man
Another thing blamed on the whites. Ridiculous
When you say Their eyes who is they?
Hmmm so thats what Lebanon Levi has been driving around.
I would totally drive Lebanon Levi around in this!!
Lebanon Levi and his Amish empire is about 30 miles to the south!
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Lebanon Levi taking care of business.
Time for some aggressive relaxation
lebanon_levi is in first play for most violent. Will he stay up there?
Amish Mafia? Really? I'd like to see a real good fella in that town. It seems Lebanon Levi has broken the code of Omerta, first off.
INQUISITION - What questions do you have for Lebanon Levi? If it's a good one he might answer it!
Lebanon Levi was at Hoolihan's last night. He's really gone hollywood because of his nice frosted tips.
Is that andrew luck or lebanon levi? Lmfao
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Stop hanging out with the Amish Mafia and lebanon Levi and lets go build a motor Cody Reese
A.) Alex Flanagan is gorgeous; B.) Andrew Luck is apparently auditioning to play Lebanon Levi in the movie version of "Amish Mafia"; C.) Listening to Luck's voice makes me hate Mike Mayock just a little less.
It early n I'm bored,heard Lebanon Levi is having a hut party in Paradise,gonna go grab Chucky Sutton n Donnie Weaver n show emailed how to really PARTY! On second thought,if we're gonna be doin THAT much drink in,I'd better go get Chris Miller too!
Gareth 'chizz' Connolly think we should set our own Amish community up. I'll be Lebanon Levi, you can be my john.
Watching Amish Mafia. I might go to Lancaster Pa and take charge of that town, after I throat punch Lebanon Levi and kick his ***
Brought the family down to chill with my home boy Lebanon Levi for the New Year!
So as said before. Headed to Lancaster and Billy McKee says 'hey mom. Can we stop by and see Lebanon Levi?' I just look at him with that lost look and I'm like "who?"... He says " you know Lebanon Levi." I say... "Um no." He then says " you know... From Amish Mafia." Guess who doesn't watch Amish Mafia.
About two months ago in on the front page of our local newspaper there was an article about Esther from "Amish Mafia." It stated that her 6'4" 220 lb boyfriend had beaten her so badly in the face that he broke her nose and cheekbone and she was really messed up. Two weeks ago I watched "Amish Mafias" Christmas special where Lebanon Levi gave her a goat for Christmas. This was not just an ordinary goat.she was a pregnant goat which just tickled Esther to no end because this meant that Levi wanted to be just more than friends and his intentions were leaning more towards marriage. (I would love a goat for Christmas! Just sayin!) Anyway, I know these episodes are filmed early and I was wondering to myself how they were going to have Esther on there in later episodes with a black and blue face. At the end of the show they gave previews where Levi finds out Esther has been cheating on him all the while and is shocked to see her in this condition because he thought he was the only one she was seeing!!! Ohmygosh! ...
I'm in Lancaster looking for Lebanon Levi, Jolin, and the rest of the crew.
O watching AmishMafia I hope I won't be having nightmares tonite of Lebanon Levi LOL!
So I figured out what I'm doing wrong when it comes to women. Apparently you are supposed to buy them a goat to let them know you are really interested. LOL! Lebanon Levi knows what he's doing.
I noticed the price of Amish furniture has gone through the roof...
How come Mr. Levi, If he is the head of the Amish Mob, Never on the evening news, I mean according to the show, these amish send their people to rehabs by force and in a straight Jacket, and this Lebanon Levi, apparently did something to the character Caleb, so where is the real story?
So mom and I just watched "Amish Mafia Christmas" which is kind of funny since today at the doctors we saw some Mennonites.We thought they were Amish at first so mom being mom asked them about the show...They said the show is completly fake...they are like all other religions people drugs...normals problems like us.but there is no " lebanon Levi" and they do not do the llegal things you see...of course you throw $10,000.00 in someones face and say we want you to act they may do it...Anyway good night all
Meet the Amish Mafia's Lebanon Levi, leader of the Lancaster Amish Community, protector of the people, and head of Amish Aid.
I will *** on these *** clowns that think they are a Amish Mafia I would str8 spit in Lebanon Levi face infront...
Lebanon Levi got his chick a pregnant goat for Christmas. That's what's up.
Lebanon Levi acts all tough, I think it's just an act.
Make no mistake. I'm as diligent as Lebanon Levi when avenging things like slum lords.
Levi. Merlin is a joke especially now that he has the big mean Amish lady!
Did I get misty eyed and tear up when Lebanon Levi gave Esther a goat? Yup... and when they said it was a pregnant goat... I might have actually cried.. I am SUCH a sap.
I haven't seen anyone more selfish than this Lebanon Levi character
Amish Mafia having a beer it's funny watching all this cuz most of it is true with a dramatic twist I'm goin with Lebanon Levi !
is back on! Let the blasphemy and hypocrisy begin! There, I said it, what are you gonna do now Lebanon Levi?!
Top ten ways to rape a woman and get away with it!
let me know if you see Lebanon Levi. Or Merlin.
Me and Lebanon Levi snappin necks and cashing checks.
Do you know how many Black teenagers have been murdered in Oprah's city this month?
You cry for Mandela while BLACK teens are slaughtered everyday in your backyard! Shame on you Oprah:-(
Look who did the puck drop Lebanon Levi
The Amish are very generous with their portions, it's unlike snyder's of Hanover to be so stingy, I bet Lebanon Levi is behind this..
We may have got more fans there had we advertised Lebanon Levi... But then Merlin and the ax wheeling Amish midget could have found him
If I see Lebanon Levi I'm gonna smack the taste outta his mouth !
Lebanon Levi dropped the puck. Teddy Bears got tossed
I think the whole team was emotional but they didn't leave. What a class act!
My dad is soo embarrassing, he really tried to hook me up with Lebanon Levi. Smh. Uh no!
I'll try. I'm currently sitting 15 feet away from Lebanon Levi
Lebanon Levi is aht the Reading royals game !!! I just died
Thanks for fighting through the bs that I caused!
god *** jesus freaks. Where's Lebanon Levi to show them who's boss
I wish blacks would stop having illegitimate kids. You need a mother and father to raise kids
Lebanon Levi is at the Royals game... Gr00vy.
Does Richard get paid for today's game?
it's *clarett, you should be focusing on your own intelligence. I can handle a discussion, you spew ignorance. 👋👋
I think he got away with rape. What a classy guy to represent the heisman trophy.
Clarette could have stayed at Ohio State to get his basket weaving degree. Football > Education
who wouldn't? The different paths they take points to the difference between pro football and bball.
I think i'd rather be LeBron than Maurice.
She seems happy considering her kids are drug dealers. A strong African-American women.
Reserve judgment. Unless its the Duke lacrosse team
Lebanon Levi and Eddie Montgomery .brothers from another mother...?
Oprah is a phoney and racist. She does nothing to help poor Chicago blacks. But she does have book club!
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What a waste. He should have left the hood behind.
Yes it does. A player's character is supposed to be part of it.
How do you know he didn't rape her? The only witness was another football player.
I think he did it. Why would the girl make it up? Crooked investigation.
Osteen cares about the money. Are you to blind to see?
I'm sure you learned the game from him. Phoney
Would you go back to his apartment with him? Would you feel safe?
I wish. I'd be rich. Send me your address.
Do you play with yourself when watching Brady?
I read many books, but there's only one book I keep close to my chest. Stay blessed.
I recommend you read a book that is not the bible. Peace out my ***
Hopefully you'll wake up a little wiser & less stupider tomorrow.
The pc term is little person. Miley was made by God in the vision of the virgin Mary.
Well, here's a pound to add to your collection.
Thanks! It has been wonderful chatting with you!
I think I've given your ignorance enough of my time, so I'll leave you to wallow in it.
Also if I had a dollar (American Pound) for every time someone told me that.
Your jokes leave a lot to be desired.
All you are doing is regurgitating religious propaganda.
God's image is still perfect; it only appears imperfect through an ignorant eye.
Now you're just speaking gibberish.
Why don't you take the plank out of your own eye first, then speak.
If God is perfect than why is his creation so imperfect?You know the one he made in his own image?
Also anyone who thinks Tebow can still be an NFL QB is ignorant as well.
I never said there is no God. If there is a God science is the method he used. The bible is crap.
the only ignorance comes from the man who sees all of creation & still says there is no God.
Because he created everything. Is he omnipotent and all powerful? If so he is responsible.
Yes He does. Why should He get the credit for our own doing; pollution, killing, rape, greed etc.
Because He is. If you created something, would you like it to turn around & tell you how it works?
Well we have to cut our trip short due to the impending snow. Supposed to be 8" here so we are coming home in an hour or so. Sux our hotel is non refundable but we can't risk being stuck in Pa. I'm disappointed this is the second time I have come to Lancaster this year and Lebanon Levi, Merlin not even Esther are to be had. Guess I'm going to have to tell the Bishop in Dayton they are going to have to handle their own.on the upside the musical we came to see was awesome! We are coming back in April when they put on Moses.
Off to Amish country, Lancaster, Pa. Searching for Lebanon Levi to take care of the Amish problem in Dayton. I was told there is some English there selling Fake Amish Christmas trees, so the bishop asked me to take care of it. Service work.
Amish John called at 6 AM. He wants to visit and bring his brother, Aaron and their horse and buggy. He has been begging me to take his picture with my camera. He has never had his picture taken. If I do this and his Father hears about it, I am afraid I will be visited by Lebanon Levi. I cannot wait to watch John and Aaron attempt a U-turn at the top of my driveway. Stay tuned...
never got a pregnant goat from Mark!!! *sulk* He got a lot to learn from Lebanon Levi!! Lmfao~
Emily Kilgore, were you kissing Lebanon Levi's butt cheeks today?
I'm watching Amish Mafia Christmas, I'm totally freaked out now because we are going to Lancaster, PA. Friday and Saturday. I'm gonna keep my eyes peeled for the white van! Lebanon Levi better not mess with me or my family and friends! I got a lil sumpin sumpin for his ***
Lebanon Levi gave Esther a goat for Christmas.
I'm watching Amish Mafia Christmas special and can't stop laughing. Some of this is hyped up so badly.Also I keep telling My mom she should sell her quilts in Lancaster ,and she always tells me she doesn't want to have a run in with Lebanon Levi lmao
Amish Mafia! A real joke and a bunch of lies. Lebanon Levi is a volunteer fireman in Newmanstown PA. I never heard of them hunting bear as a main source of food. They never drive vehicles but they do sell drugs, some of the young & wild ones do.
Day 7 nice suprise.Amish Mafia! Forget esther lebanon levi marry me! I love a man with meat on there bones. Skinny guys like merlin suck. Levi ur a major hottie!
I am a better woman for Lebanon Levi then Ester is. Bring me the goat Levi.
Thanks to Amish Mafia and Lebanon Levi I've the perfect Christmas Gift idea for JoAnn Jeffery! Anyone know where I can find a pregnant goat?
Out of curiosity..Who has bought a Lebanon Levi, Amish Christmas Tree?? smh..
It took the Amish Mafia Christmas special to renew my skepticism if this show is for real. From the staged Christmas tree lot burning to Lebanon Levi laughing throughout the show.jumping the shark has occurred.
Not even watching the voice tonight cuz I know my Lancaster boy is probably going home :-( Can't wait till 10 Amish Mafia Christmas can't wait to see my Lebanon Levi..
Amish Mafia Christmas special at 10:00 on discovery channel. Watch Lebanon Levi and his nemesis merlin tell their stories about what Christmas means to them
Catching up on my Amish Mafia Lebanon levi is in some ish with every one
Amish Mafia marathon all day, ummm I think YES!.love me some Lebanon Levi.
Yea can't wait. Lebanon Levi tomorrow night how about it Kimberly Holt
lebanon levi your a G! Ima be on the next season ima join ur mafia!
Ok I was in Lancaster County yesterday. So I stop at Oregon Dairy to get some chicken corn chowder ( love that stuff ) and they DIDN"T have any. Isn't it one of the Amish tentants to always have it ? Maybe I should get Lebanon Levi on this :)
So I'm driving down to New Holstein with my Amish neighbor and will be passing the shop of a guy that bounced a check and won't return my calls.. Methinks I should stop by with "Lebanon Levi" on the way back and try to collect ;-)
For full episodes of Amish Mafia, visit Meet Lebanon Levi, the head of the Amish Mafia and a man who's "not afraid to...
Just met the classiest young man in Lancaster County! As we were in the bathroom of CC's pizza, getting ready to start our trip home, I decided to tie Colin's shoe. Colin loses his balance and grabs the stall door so he doesn't fall. We then began to get screamed at by whoever is on the other side of the door. I let the person know that my child is 7 years old, I was tying his shoes and he lost his balance. Once he opened the door and saw us, he began to curse he out. I looked at him and said, real nice talk like that in front of 7 year old children. He then told me to F off, in turn I wished him happy Thanksgiving and I hope he has a great holiday season! Now I got to find Lebanon Levi so he and the rest of the Amish Mafia can take of this dirtball.
Me thinks the "massive storm" that was supposed to cripple the northeast was a lot of hype and overkill by the media. Was it that slow of a news day? At lunch I watched a CNN reporter filing a report live from out near Pittsburgh showing snow plows and salt trucks driving around on wet roads and pointing out the nearly 3" of snow that barely covered the grass. Some airports were reporting delays as long at 15 minutes. Not sayin' it wasn't a problem out west, but here it was more of a nuisance at best. I think the drive by shooting of an Amish horse was bigger news. Sounds like the work of the Amish Mafia to me. Where was Lebanon Levi at the time of the shooting?
Lebanon Levi is my real dad, i couldnt keep up the lie that my real dad was john elway
I need the Amish Mafia right now does anyone know how I can reach Lebanon Levi ??
Girl if you were a character from a reality TV series then you'd be Lebanon Levi from Amish Mafia. Because you're FAKE
Going to buy a protected by Lebanon Levi bumper sticker
Sure hope James wolpert got permission from Lebanon Levi to go on the voice
Catching up on my Amish Mafia. Very tense night. Lebanon Levi almost got shunned, Merlin is going crazy, Caleb is gonna get a beat down ! Can't wait for next week. Stand a side non-believers !
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A new Voice. One participant is a grad from Lampeter Strasburg. Hopefully he will not dress like Lebanon Levi.
This story was viewed 160,000 times since Jan. Did u read it? Who is of Discovery Channel's
I want to visit Lebanon Levi's Amish town. Wonder if the Amish Mafia has folks posted up down here too?!
Oh dear Oprah. The Amish Mafia's leader is named Lebanon Levi. I almost wish I was making it up so I could take credit for it.
Merlin is already unshunned. Lebanon Levi is getting shunned.
Not watching the Prime Time Emmys because based on recent performances I feel that neither Aaron Rogers nor Lebanon Levi will fare well... ;-)
I think we should sic Lebanon Levi and the Amish Mafia on al Qaeda -now I'm craving shoo fly pie. Sorry Teresa Barberry.
Lebanon Levi just isn't intimidating to me
Lebanon Levi. That is all. I love this show.
How was Lebanon Levi in Fleetwood signing autographs and I didn't know about it?!
I would become Amish to avoid Obamacare, but only if I could hang out with Lebanon Levi.
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