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Lebanese Shia

Shia Islam in Lebanon has a history of more than a millenia. The number of Islam Shia school followers constitutes 27% of Lebanon's population, forming the fastest growing population in Lebanon.

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the Lebanese should start an uprising in Lebanon against these Shia filth
We showed Lebanese Shia nothing but kindness in 2006 when they fled to Syria as refugees. This is how they repay us
I thank God every day that Im Lebanese and Shia and dont have this maskhara
1) The shia Move as one body , they fight in shaam but supported by Iraq militias, Afghan militias, Iran milatias and Lebanese militia.
Most of Lebanese are quite faithfull Momineens and v v Good Shia Muslims I never know why you loosed you faith & tr…
Dating Lebanese Shia men really changes your political views. I'm wit it.
Evacuation of rebel-held east 'under way' Hezbollah, the Lebanese Shia movement backing the gov't
I've noticed that Arab Shia militias - such as the Iraqis & Lebanese - are far more brutal than Iranian counterparts
The response of a lebanese Shia Kafir son of Mutah putrid scum.. Telling our Syrian sister who lives in to…
Didn't Shia Hezbollah supporting Lebanese accuse the refugees in Lebanon of being Al Nusra supporters lmao
All pro Assad lebanese people are shia js
You are a Shia Lebanese, chances of you being a hezboshaitan supporter and assadist are skyhigh
1. It's worth mentioning that the shia Lebanese militia group has been placing 40,000 civilians
Sadly, The Assadists, Iraqi, Iranian, Afghan, and Lebanese Shia' militias have been allowed to rape and slaughter...
comment authors filled with hate, and soft corner for killers and rapists from Iran, Russia, Lebanese Shia, Iraqi Shia, shame on you
Russia's fighting for him, plus, Iraqi, Lebanese, and Iranian militia, plus other shia friends fighting for him
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Jihadist rebels lose to the Syrian Army and then they claim Lebanese Shia are massacring them. You had to invent sectarian…
he pledged allegiance to both ISIS, a radical Sunni Islamist group and it's arch rival Hezbollah the Lebanese Shia militant group.
Lebanese Shia group says that top commander Badreddine killed by shelling from a Sunni arm https:…
He makes me proud to be Lebanese shia wallah ❤️
My real question is: does a Syrian Alawite have more in common w. a Afghan Hazara + a Lebanese Shia than with a Syrian Sunni?
Also I think Alawites & Syrian Christians share the same ancestry, as does Lebanese Shia & Maronites.
yeah asian ones are mostly ahmadaiyyas or sufis, but there's still plenty Muslim ones. Iraqi and Lebanese shia are
during the 06 war there was a decision by the "Arab league" for there to be a ban on prayers for the Lebanese shia
think you'll find they were busy fighting the Iranians, Iraqis, afghans and Lebanese Shia militias as well as the SAA. 😕
Two Hezbollah commanders were among a dozen fighters from the militant Lebanese Shia group killed in attacks at the weekend in northern
Poor Lebanese Shia are sent to Syria to die while their leaders buy new massive villas for their new wives to enjoy.
Remember when Nasrallah claimed HizbA was in Syria to defend Lebanese Shia in border villages. 😉
Lebanese shia are scum of the earth if netanyahu killed nasrallat i would have netanyahu as my profile pic for a day
Funny how careful sum Syria analysts are 2 describe Lebanese terrorists in Syria as 'Hezbollah' bt describe Shia Hazara Mongols as 'Afghans'
Chilled with some Lebanese folks today.They started talking about their friends and introduced them as ex:Tony, Ali etc lol
True they just hate Turks, lebanese shia are scum
. She's born in Lebanon bhai and always quoted as being Lebanese (and Alawis are Shia) :) .
First we had Iranian Shia Nusrat Bhutto running Pakistan & talking of Sindh. Now we have Lebanese Shia Ghinwa Bhutto talking for Sindh & PK.
. It is the largest mosque in North America. Islamic Center of America Shia, Lebanese.
Shia* Yemenis fall between Iraqis and Lebanese. Takfiri Yemenis fall between Sharon and Saudi
Lebanese Shia claim that came into being to confront Israeli troops in Then what was it doing in the Bosnian civil war?
Even some lebanese shia disagree with hizbollah intervention in Syria, but they say that...[1]
a Lebanese Shia will support anything Sunnis don't support
A lebanese shia supports armenia lol thats where you all shias belong. Filthy dogs
None of Turkish people will "Lebanese Shia" pain and suffer, you're making mistake. We just hate what Hezbollah doing in Syria and Iraq.
For those bewildered as to why Lebanese Shia support Armenia over Shia Azerbaijan: Shia and Armenians live in same neighborhoods in Lebanon
Azerbaijan is 85% Shias but are backed by turkey and Israel. coming from a Lebanese Shia, may God bring them nothing but pain and suffer.
Ironically the most vocal critic of is a Lebanese Shia journalist RT
must also prefer not thinking about Hashem Salman, Lebanese Shia student killed by Hizbullah at protest against Iranian policy
from Arabism, it started with lebanese christians calling themselves phoenicians,now shia iraqis call themselves
My favourite memory is when I discovered the Shia Irani and Lebanese babes
making Shia Lebanese have to beg to get through a PLO checkpoint on their own lands? Don't act like
And Palestinians spit on the Shia Lebanese in the 1970s, when it was them who took them in. Now, those
Going to a Lebanese Restaurant for Iftar is so chill, cos most of the workers always happen to be Shia so they know about the 10 min rule
lebanese shia are the best, most beautiful and powerful. shame there's not many in this wo... — We are special 💚💛
what matters more to you? shia identity or lebanese nationalism or arab pride? wh... — 1: Shia. 2: Lebanese . 3: Arab
So after unremitting mental drudgery, I found this incredible documentary on Lebanese.
And the Lebanese Constitution granted a Shia muslim as prime minister and a Sunni chief of Parliament.
Syrian , Iraqi , Lebanese, Yemeni who now been harass by Shia Militia funded by Ayatrollah will never forget USA support this Iran terrorist
Many Lebanese is only interested in knowing if you're Sunni, Shia or Christian so they can mock and kill each others.
27% of the Lebanese are Shia Muslims. will bring peace. Let Israel be equal to other countries
Some guy just asked me if I'm Lebanese Shia so I told him yes and he replied by saying "wow I've never seen one before" LMFAO thanks?¿
And they're still using that 5-yr old photo of Lebanese Shia women in chains on Ashura, saying they're ISIS slaves.
Not very credible... The photo of women in chains is actually of Lebanese Shia women on Ashura 5 years ago.
esp Lebanese Shia they are the most racist
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Nope you're wrong, half of Lebanese are christian and most of Muslims are druz, alawite and Shia.. So mostly no terrorists.
never seen a more racist community than the Lebanese Shia
In Lebanese Civil War , who ask help from Israel to interfere and help them ? The Shia Lebanon. They celebrate Israel soldier like hero
Assad and Iran drive the Syrian Alawis and the Lebanese Shia to extinction. - For what?. - Just to stay in power.
Plus, Lebanon has the largest amount of Palestinian refugees most of which live in the South (large Lebanese Shia population) so yeah
Syrian forces and their Lebanese Shia Muslim allies carry out a major offensive to drive rebels from the strategically importa…
78.7% of Lebanese Shia support Hezbollah's involvement in Syria. Ominous.
strong and like Hamas virulently anti Israeli. Lebanese perspective, the nation these Shia extremists sprang up to protect!
ally Saudi Arabia demands 300 Lebanese Shia & Christian families to leave by end of 2015.
Images of the torture of Muslims by the Taghout Shia Lebanese regime, including the noble Sheikh Omar Bakri Muhammad htt…
them. That's why I don't tolerate Palestinian hatred towards the Lebanese Shia. People like Imad Moughaniyah fought with the
Hezbollah are Lebanese Shia. You obviously don't know much about the Middle-East
Now this is just Lebanese shia thing
Go figure: Lebanese Shia pledge allegiance to but think it is their duty to defend Shiite shrines in
Modern Sunni–Shia relations[edit] In addition to Iran, Iraq has emerged as a major Shia government when the Twelvers achieved political dominance in 2005 under American occupation. The two communities have often remained separate, mingling regularly only during the Hajj pilgrimage in Mecca. In some countries like Iraq, Syria, Kuwait and Bahrain, communities have mingled and intermarried. Some Shia have complained of mistreatment in countries dominated by Sunnis, especially in Saudi Arabia,[60] while some Sunnis have complained of discrimination in the Twelver-dominated states of Iraq and Iran.[61] Some tension developed between Sunnis and Shia as a result of clashes over Iranian pilgrims and Saudi police at the hajj.[62] According to some reports, as of mid-2013, the Syrian Civil War has become "overtly sectarian" with the "sectarian lines fall most sharply" between Alawites and Sunnis.[63] With the involvement of Lebanese Shia paramilitary group Hezbollah, the fighting in Syria has reignited "long-simm ...
Latest article on Sh Omar Bakri Muhammad and his torture at the hands of the Lebanese Shia regime
A car bomb has exploded in a stronghold of the Lebanese Shia militant group Hezbollah, killing at least two people, sources say.
Yes, if the shia lebanese didnt go to syria and expelled them from their homes, they wouldnt be in lebanon
This slaughter of several thousand Palestinian and Lebanese Shia refugees in Beirut was carried out
Hizbollah is a political Shia group backed by the Rafidi Shia of Iran and is a network that spans across many countries and whose aims are to serve the Shia cause, ideologically and politically. This political party was set up formally in Lebanon in 1985CE although it's initial activities started around 1982CE. This party was set up by the aspirations of the Iranian backed Lebanese Shia. Initially however this movement had the name "Harakah Amal al-Shi'iyyah" (Movement of *!*!*!*!e Hope), but then it broaded its horizons seeking to gain more popularity and changed the name to "Amal al-Islamiyyah" (Islamic Hope), this being an offshoot of the main movement. Under this guise of being spokesperson and defender (of Islam), it spread Shi'ism in Lebanon and to other parts of the world. However, there were many crimes and barbarities associated with the original group (Harakah Amal al-Shi'iyyah) which put the child-group into the position of having to defend itself, and as a tactical move, they simply created a ...
Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah addressing supporters via a screen during an event to mark the killing of Hezbollah commander Hassan Al Laqqis in Beirut’s southern suburbs yesterday. BEIRUT: Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah vowed yesterday to avenge Israel for the killing of a senior Hezbollah commander in Beirut earlier this month. Hassan Al Laqqis, who fought in Syria’s civil war for the Lebanese Shia militia, was shot dead outside his home on December 4. A previously unknown group, Ahrar Al Sunna Baalbek brigade, claimed responsibility at the time of the attack, but Hezbollah quickly blamed Israel, with which it fought a 34-day war in 2006. “All the indicators and clues point to the Israeli enemy,” Nasrallah said, in his first public comments since the attack. “Our killer is known, our enemy is known, our adversary is known... When the facts point to Israel, we accuse it,” he said in televised remarks to supporters in southern Beirut. Israel has denied any role in the shooting and hinted .. ...
Liwa Asifat Al-Shamal or the Northern Storm Brigade is/was one of the main FSA groups in Azaz, north of Aleppo and near the Turkish border.  It is mid-size.  It's leadership was famous for their smuggling and shady business activities before the fight against Bashaar started. It's original leader, the late Ammar Dadikhi (Abu-Ibrahim) was known for his smuggling.  They were involved with helping in the Mennagh Airport battle.  They have close relations with the Taghoot SMC.   But they're mainly known for their control ob the Baab Al-Salama border crossing into Turkey since it was captured in 2012. They are also the group that kidnapped a group of Lebanese Shia, who tried to cross through Baab Al-Salama in the summer of 2012 saying they were pilgrims.  They charge large fees, extract money, guns, ammo, and bribes from those needing to use the border crossing, making large sums of money and weapons seizures there.  They are also well-known for the Media Center they set up in Azaz as well as their secu ...
Explosion wounds 53 people in busy southern Beirut shopping area controlled by Lebanese Shia group Hezbollah.
The origins of Ayatollah Khomeini & his MI6 connections Khomeini's Background & His British Father With all bets off, the Iranian reformers have now struck at the heart of the revolution and are insisting on an inquiry into the disappearance of Imam (Ayatollah) Musa Sadr, some 25-years ago, during a visit to Libya. The Iranian-born leader of the Lebanese Shia, Imam Musa Sadr, was revered and respected above all others in the Shia world. He refused to accept Khomeini as an Ayatollah. With the influence Imam Musa Sadr enjoyed, he became an insurmountable obstacle to Khomeini’s political plans, and of those who supported the overthrow of the Shah and needed a despot like Khomeini to be their cat’s paw. Imam (Ayatollah) Musa Sadr’s mysterious disappearance in Libya - his body was never found- opened the way for Khomeini to invade Iran, which accurately describes the action of a foreigner like Khomeini taking over a country in which he (Khomeini) was neither born nor had any Persian blood in his veins at ...
Muslim Brotherhood with Hamas and Hezbollah stormed of a prison in 2011 that set free 11,171 including current President Mohamed Morsi. 13 prisoners were also killed. Attackers used machine-guns mounted on pickup trucks and SUVs as well as huge earth-moving vehicles that demolished parts of the walls and gates. Hamas fighters crossed the Gaza border on January 25, 2011, while Hezbollah fighters crossed into Egypt on January 28. The prison break took place a day later. Judge Khaled Mahgoub was reported by the AP news agency on Sunday as naming two members of the Brotherhood, Ibrahim Haggag and Sayed Ayad, to be among organizers of the attack on Wadi el-Natroun prison complex in northern Egypt. The attack took place in January 2011, days after Morsi and other high-level members had been arrested, and as a popular uprising gained momentum against the regime of Hosni Mubarak. The judge's statement is the first to hold the Brotherhood, the Palestinian group Hamas and Lebanese Shia group Hezbollah responsible f ...
Nigeria, Hezbollah and tomorrow Posted by: Dawit Giorgis Dawit Giorgis, a visiting fellow at Foundation for Defense of Democracies, in this article for the CNN, traces the root causes of the country’s security challenges and why terrorist cells may well remain in Nigeria Nigerian authorities last month arrested four Lebanese nationals in northern Nigeria on suspicion of having ties with Hezbollah. After a raid on one of their residences yielded a stash of weapons, including anti-tank weapons, rocket propelled grenades, and anti-personnel mines, the Nigerian State Security Services (SSS) announced that the compound was hosting a terrorist cell tied to the Lebanese Shia movement. The four accused have denied the charges, and are suing the government for wrongful detention. But even if they are found guilty, other Hezbollah nodes may well remain in Nigeria. The truth is that despite the thousands of miles that separate Nigeria from Lebanon, the country is faced with a growing threat from a Hezbollah doppel ...
Syria condemns Egypt for cutting diplomatic relations: Syria has condemned Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi for cutting off diplomatic relations between the two countries. Mr Morsi had joined a "choir of conspiracy and incitement led by America", an "official source" told the state-run Sana news agency. Mr Morsi also demanded that the Lebanese Shia movement Hezbollah withdraw from the fighting in Syria. Some Sunni Muslim clerics have urged support for rebels in Syria. Addressing a rally in support of the Syrian opposition on Saturday, Mr Morsi said that Syria's embassy in Cairo would be shut and Egypt's representative withdrawn from Damascus. He also called on the international community to impose a no-fly zone over the country. Syria said the move was "irresponsible" and was part of an attempt to "implement a Muslim Brotherhood agenda" designed to deflect attention from Egypt's internal problems. Sunni clerics from several Arab countries issued a statement after a meeting in Cairo on Thursday calling fo ...
US Threatens Iran, Hezbollah For Backing Syria By Chris Marsden June 07, 2013 "Information Clearing House - The White House issued its most threatening statement yet yesterday, denouncing Iran and the Lebanese Shia movement Hezbollah as “partners in tyranny” for their support of the Assad regime in Syria. This week, Syrian government forces claimed victory in the battle for the strategic town of Qusayr, near the Lebanese border, after weeks of fighting beginning May 19. Qusayr lies along a land corridor linking Damascus and the Mediterranean coastal area that is home to Assad’s Alawite sect and is, at the same time, key to maintaining opposition supply lines to Lebanon. The battle involved Lebanon’s Shia Hezbollah militants in support of Assad, pitched against the numerous Sunni groups such as the Al Qaeda-affiliated Al Nusra Front and other foreign fighters backed by the region’s Sunni states. White House spokesman Jay Carney responded by condemning “in the strongest possible terms the Assad ...
Why Sunni-Shia conflict is worsening - CNN -- When the influential cleric Yusuf al Qaradawi recently called on fellow Sunni Muslims to join the rebels fighting Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's regime, he effectively called for the Sunni-Shia conflict in the Middle East to escalate in some countries and start anew in others. Qaradawi said he was not demonizing all Shia Muslims -- but that is precisely the effect of his inflammatory words. He denounced al-Assad's Alawite sect, an offshoot of Shia Islam, as "more infidel than Christians and Jews." signalling a broader demonization of all Shia. He also said the Lebanese Shia militia Hezbollah (whose name means "the party of God") is really "the party of the devil." "How could 100 million Shia (worldwide) defeat 1.7 billion (Sunnis)?" Qaradawi asked, speaking May 31 in Doha, Qatar, about the two largest Muslim sects. "Only because they (Sunni) are weak," he said, attempting to inspire the Sunnis to go to Syria to fight against al-Assad and prove their streng ...
"The Syrian border town of Qusair has fallen to Hezbollah forces after a three-week siege that pitched the powerful Lebanese Shia militia against several thousand Sunni rebels in what had been billed as a defining battle of the civil war. Rebel groups released a statement early on Wednesday confirming that they had pulled out of the strategic town in the early hours. Rebel fighters are believed to have taken refuge in hamlets near Syria's third city, Homs, around 20 miles (30km) to the north."
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Hezbollah's Gamble in Syria Hassan Nasrallah, the leader of Hezbollah, appeared to cross a Rubicon last week. In a defiant speech on May 25, he emphasized the Lebanese Shia militant group’s unbridled support for the Assad regime in Syria. In doing so, he lifted the veil of secrecy that had surrounded Hezbollah’s deepening involvement in Syria. Of course, Hezbollah’s backing of Syria had never been in question. Yet the organization had worked assiduously to cover its tracks, even as the number of funerals for those “martyred” in Syria mounted. Beyond publicly confirming what everyone already assumed, the speech, which was staunchly sectarian, signals a critical turning point for Hezbollah. It could mark the group’s transformation from resistance movement to sectarian militia. Nasrallah delivered an unprecedented and stinging criticism of Sunni hard-liners in Syria. He heralded a “new stage” in Lebanon’s struggle against external threats, adding a jihadist-controlled Syria to a list of ene ...
If these *** Arab dictators are foolish enough to attack Hezbollah, or to pit their pitiful Nusra fighters against the powerful Lebanese resistance forces, then their houses will fall. If they're all drunk on the Fat Pig of Qatar's madness and self-delusion, then we may be witnesses to their final mistakes. Arab States Contemplate Suicide By Hezbollah JEDDAH: Arab states of the Gulf could take measures against the Lebanese Shia movement Hezbollah, openly involved in the Syrian conflict, the head of their six-member bloc said on Sunday. The Gulf Cooperation Council had “decided to look into taking measures against Hezbollah’s interests in the member states,” GCC chief Abdullatif al-Zayani told reporters at the end of a ministerial meeting in the Saudi city of Jeddah. Zayani gave no other details on the nature of the measures or the interests to which he was referring. Bahraini Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Ghanim al-Buainain said that “nobody could cover up Hezbollah’s actions in re ...
John McCain's spokesman said the senator didn’t realize he was posing with rebel kidnappers responsible for the abduction of Lebanese Shia pilgrims on his super-secret visit to Syria. McCain's spokesman said this despite McCain's insistence that he say: "Syria? The senator thought he was in Syracuse. He even asked why it took so long to fly there." :))
The leader of the Lebanese Shia militant Hezbollah movement, Hassan Nasrallah, has promised his supporters they will prevail in Syria, where they are backing President Bashar al-Assad. "This battle is ours... and I promise you victory," he said in a TV address. Syrian rebels in the besieged town of Qusair say they are under heavy bombardment from Hezbollah combatants. The town is close to the Lebanese border, a conduit for both the government and rebels to get weapons. In the speech from an undisclosed location, Mr Hasrallah said if Sunni Islamists took over in Syria, they would pose a threat to the entire Lebanese population - Shia and Sunni Muslims, as well as Christians. He said his movement could never be aligned with Syrian rebels who, in his view, were supported by the United States and Israel. Offensive intensified Dozens of Hezbollah militants are said to have been killed fighting alongside Syrian troops in Qusair since 19 May, when government forces launched an offensive to recapture the rebel-he ...
I wonder what my Iranian and Pakistani and Iraqi and Lebanese Shia brethren think of these wonderful picture?
Summary of Thursday Dec. 20 Events, English/ Arabic ملخص أحداث الخميس 20 كانون الأول إنكليزي/ عربي Hezbollah bombards Syrian villages, regime fires Scud missiles on Aleppo Forces from the Lebanese Shia group Hezbollah have unleashed heavy mortar and rocket bombardments on the Syrian rebels-held villages near the border with Lebanon. They shelled the villages of Burhaniya, Sqarja, Khaldiya and Abou Houri in the suburbs of Homs. The source of fire came from the Lebanese Shia towns of Qasr, Harmel, Wadi Fasan and Sad Ma’yan. The shelling followed an attack by the rebels on the Hezbollah bulldozers while were setting up barricades inside the Syrian soil. Regime forces shelled as many as 274 different areas, using all sort of heavy weaponry including cluster and phosphorous bombs as well as barrel bombs. Some 109 areas were shelled by mortar shells and 113 others were pounded by heavy artillery. More than 52 areas came under rocket shelling as fighter jets and helicopter g ...
Lebanese Shia group Hezbollah an ally of Assad regimeA Hezbollah commander and several other fighters from the Lebanese Shia militant group have been killed in Syria, a senior Lebanese security offici
A large Lebanese Shia clan said its military wing has kidnapped at least 20 members of the Free Syrian Army in Lebanon in order to secure the release of a family member kidnapped near Damascus this week. .aljazeera Meqdad family says it has seized at least 20 Syrians in Leban...
PEW: 80% of Lebanese Sunnis for Assad to step down, 67% of Lebanese Christians, 3% of Lebanese Shia.
Syrian rebels holding 11 Lebanese Shia pilgrims hostage said they would release the men when their country had established a new "civil state" but left room ...
Lebanese Shia pilgrims abducted in Syria released. Were they really kidnapped by free army?
Breaking News : About 17 Lebanese Shia are kidnapped in Syria (by Free Syrian Army) while coming back from zeyarat. And Sayyed Hassan now on Almanar TV .
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