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Leandria Johnson

Le’Andria Johnson (born January, 23 1983) is an American musician and singer-songwriter from Orlando, Florida, and the winner of the 3rd season of Sunday Best.

Bobby Jones Eddie Levert Joshua Rogers Kierra Sheard Stan Jones Tasha Cobbs Tye Tribbett

I want better days by leandria Johnson sang at my funeral
I liked a video Mahalia Jackson Tribute from Leandria Johnson, Crystal Aiken, and Y'anna Crawley -
Pastor, singer, songwriter are the numbers of hats Le’Andria Johnson wears. The season three BET gospel singing...
In LA on a bike... headed to the beach
For some reason my Leandria Johnson radio station on Pandora has begun to play secular music? I’m just trying to get my spirit right 😩
Struggle Not by LeAndria Johnson and more on .
LeAndria Johnson liked the post of me singing Better Days on IG 😭😩💕
I liked a video Leandria Johnson killing Satan We're Going to Tear Your Kingdom Down
LeAndria Johnson giving me life... singing one of my mom's fav @ Sanctuary Charlotte Church
You better get to SCC for the 10yr Community Concert with Leandria Johnson - Rain or Shine! Setting up now.
I added a video to a playlist glass awards | LeAndria Johnson Live at the Glass Awards
Mary Mary pass the mic to Y'anna Crawley and Leandria Johnson in DC - *** .. via
Check out 's new video for her latest single "All I Got"
I liked a video Taija Alexus Pritchett singing "Better Days" by LeAndria Johnson
Leandria Johnson & KeKe Wyatt 💄❤ , truly blessed for the opportunity!
Vashawn Mitchell he wants it all, The Walls group satisfied, Leandria Johnson Jesus... girl there are so many
We're traveling together.😳👀🙄 you all ready knw Doonk almost kept us from getting on the flight!😡 TSA asked...
I added a video to a playlist Leandria Johnson at Bishop Paul Morton Tribute
God is on Your Side- Mississippi Mass Choir ft Leandria Johnson>>>
There are so many singers who are so anointed. William McDowell, Leandria Johnson, Smokie Norful, the list can go on and on.
Best thing I've seen all week is that vid of LeAndria Johnson honoring Marvin Sapp and Sapp absolutely LOSING IT in the front row 😭🙌🏿
I would like to thank God for all of my birthday wishes but the sad part about it is people who say they love you...
I liked a video Leandria Johnson and The Walls Group Sing "Don't Do it Without Me"
I liked a video He will supply By: LeAndria Johnson
I liked a video Grace Justified- Eldorado, Arkansas with LeAndria Johnson
Having an opportunity to open up for LeAndria Johnson was a dream come true for Grace Justified.
David Mann & Willie Moore, Jr. Added to the 25th Annual Trumpet Awards with Performances…
Think me and Sadie will end up doing sooner or later by LeAndria Johnson 🙌🏾
Fooling around. tightening up these heh vocals ( vo-cals)
Watch Tyrese and LeAndria Johnson rehearse 'A Song For You' at BET Rehearsals for Celebration of Gospel
Matthew did the same thing to Leandria Johnson.
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I don't think I'm churchy enough to like Kim Burrrell, Tasha Cobbs and Leandria Johnson's voices.
Better days-leandria Johnson my fav gospel song
I liked a video LeAndria Johnson God will take care of you.mp4
This is just what I needed to hear in this very moment wow thank you
Better Days by Leandria Johnson always lift my spirit !💜
I liked a video from Le'Andria Johnson \ LeAndria about to surprise this congregation
Le'Andria Johnson \ LeAndria about to surprise this congregation in Columbus Ohio \ 2016.08.21.
I will show my mom a video & she be like I know Leandria Johnson 😂😂✊🏽 okayyy ain't nobody messing with her
.on A james Moore classic... feat. LeAndria Johnson
LIVE on A james Moore classic... feat. LeAndria Johnson
Calling Him when you want him. Call Him when you need him!
I'm listening to Struggle Not by on
Btw, Leandria Johnson is my favorite gospel singer!
Everytime I see a video of Leandria Johnson at somebody's church, I'm wondering where was she at during the Full Gospel Conference?!!!
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Don't ever compare Tasha Cobbs to Leandria Johnson.. Just no.. Don't do it. 😣
Hey...this looks interesting. ..where is it?
The Awakening of LeAndria Johnson never gets old to me!
Big Concert in Maryland this weekend with . GET Your ticket now. .
I found out about at least 2 or 3 of these this weekend! !!!
Lawd.lawd... please somebody tell me this demon spirited filled human being is of the streets?
Join Me for the Summer Night Gospelfest feat. John P. Kee, Deitrick Haddon, Kierra Sheard and Leandria Johnson
"Holy Ghost" by Leandria Johnson!! Lord Help us today she is blessing you Lord!
leandria Johnson>> God oh God she just make my soul shout 🙌🏾 I wish she would come back to Shreveport again
LeAndria Johnson & I back stage at The All Star Gospel Tribute to
They playing LeAndria Johnson in the nail salon... I went straight into worship mode 🙌
I liked a video Revival fire fall by Leandria Johnson
Me and Leandria Johnson..Sunday's Best Winner. Fan. Finally God my Chance to meet her. God answered me..
Leandria Johnson and Wess Morgan in concert January 3rd at the Monrovia performing arts center. I'm…
*New Mississippi Mass Choir single "God's On Your Side" featuring LeAndria Johnson and Stan Jones. The new album Declaration of Dependence will be released l...
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This is a bad demonstration:( you could not think of nothing else?
I'm sorry. .. But this is stra8 funny! !! A coyote? ?? Bwa
s/o to Leandria johnson off Sundays Best lol.. I liked it too
Yes I have to say. .. It's been great Jette in Blytheville. .. I'm still waiting on God to do something super...
I liked a video from Leandria Johnson Tribute to Tremaine Hawkins "Changed"
Jesus by LeAndria Johnson always bring me to the gate...Lawd.
This changed my storage space. .. WOW. .. Se what happens after you pray at 5am? You get a revelation!
leandria Johnson and some other girl that won a season!
this jams. yall sleep. sang gal. no music. Just sanging
Leandria Johnson has that good ole powerful voice 🙌🎤
Well daily dose of Leandria Johnson rather cause my God her voice 🙌
Nothing can top Leandria Johnson's season . that was anointing that just overflowed my cup !!!
Leandria Johnson got me in so many tears right now on Bobby Jones. I tend to hold so much in and not realease it and she reminded me that God will take care of me. I kno he will but while I wait on God im going to wait in him. Thats why the devil is so mad. My spirit was so low it seems like everything was messing up I put my hands on but can I say but God. Im going to church with a praise!!
 Mississippi Mass Choir is back with a powerful new single you will love this powerful new song featuring Stan Jones and Leandria Johnson. This song will bring you an updated version of the choral...
I am proud of you Leandria Johnson for doing good at school keep up the good grades and your 👃in the 📚📝
Leandria Johnson running back to you >> I gotta sing this in church this my song .
Watching the rerun of Celebration of Gospel and Leandria Johnson hit a note that made me sit up!! Talking bout JESUS!!
When I listen leandria Johnson she brings tears to my eyes she make me wanna shout for joy.she lifts my sprit up.
Leandria Johnson. She's bad all by herself!
I don't understand why Leandria Johnson wasn't put on a performance by herself!
Leandria Johnson is the truth for real lawd have mercy! !
KEM is consistent! KEM and Leandria Johnson awesome. Then add Eddie Levert...WOW!
Love Leandria Johnson but her make up and dress look real drag queen Compton
Singing God will Take Care of you love that song Leandria Johnson just kilt it like no other if you have time go look it up she is a vocal monster hands down the best female gospel artist right now to me.
Well here is the world premiere of our new single God's On Your Side" featuring Jones & Johnson.
New music from The Mississippi Mass Choir ft. Stan Jones & Le’Andria Johnson check it out & leave your comments!
I added a video to a playlist Jesus- Leandria Johnson (Cover) New Orleans 03/14/2014 Are you ready for the New Low? Pastor Leandria Johnson has just taken preaching where no other pastor would have dared to go - she just told the congregation...
Leandria Johnson voice is in My head! I need to stop listening to her, b4 I start singing like her!
Singing a little bit of God will take care by leAndria Johnson
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It's been YEARS since LeAndria Johnson was on Sunday's Best, but everytime I go back & watch her performances on the show I get my ENTIRE LIFE!
LeAndria Johnson runs are so clean...
LeAndria Johnson is queen of the Mic toss..
"Titty been dry, stop sucking on my titty". -Leandria Johnson
Leandria Johnson singing her heart out at my fathers 60th Birthday Celebration-JESUS
Come out tonite!! Pastor LeAndria Johnson..Will bless us with praise and worship!!!goin in!! POSITION and POWER REVIVAL
The Wheat Report **BREADCRUMB**. Sunday Best Season 3 Winner LeAndria Johnson is now a part of the RCA Inspiration family.
No Matter what wind Blows, No matter what storm comes, No matter what speed the rain may fall, I will not let any kind of Individual just pull me out of my Character. I am The righteousness of God, and I will walk with a Godly Character. I'm a Big Boy Now, I'm no longer allowed to crack under pressure simply because I'm in the pro suit of my promise. Singing In My Urban Leandria Johnson voice " with the runs": I am a Big Kid now! Know your worth, and know that you only address necessary matters. I decree and declare, That My destiny will not be determined by the disfunction of somebody else. Hit me up Apostle elect Maliek Winstead.
Why do gospel music shows feel the need to include secular artists in representing gospel music. And Black entertainment television's presentation of celebration of Gospel they included numerous secular artist with gospel artist and it seemed to be extraordinarily confusing. A secular artist regardless of their talent level is not anointed to sing gospel music and it calls the audience or at least myself to be able to see a big differentiation between the two presentation of styles. The artist KEM and Eddie Levert have absolutely no place on stage with LeAndria Johnson she held back during the performance because of power in her voice being Gods choice vessel of delivery. I know many of you will disagree so let the dialogue begin
What y'all failed to realize is Leandria Johnson is actually Shug Avery after The Lord touched her heart...
Pastor Leandria Johnson tells Haters to get off her Titties!
There's a blessing in your lesson we all go through for a reason! We go through trials and all types of situations disappointments that we cause on ourselves but we know it's all for a reason... But Grace and Mercy brought us through this song by Isaac Carree&LeAndria Johnson♥
Watching the Celebration of Gospel from last night that I recorded.Eddie Levert, LeAndria Johnson amd Kem killed it!
Jesus is the love of my life... Kem, Leandria Johnson and Eddie Levert.
Apr 13th we're given the opportunity to share the stage with ROY & REVELATION, TYE TRIBETT, LeANDRIA JOHNSON, & more!
I'm listening to God Will Take Care Of You by Le'Andria Johnson on Pandora
I added a video to a playlist LeAndria Johnson Have Thine Own Way.mp4
Leandria Johnson OMG that's one singing woman!
Praising will make blessing rain all over you & brake every chain Leandria Johnson- I love the Lord.AVI
LeAndria Johnson is the singer we think we are when we have our headphones all the way up.
MusicWorld releases Le'Andria Johnson and Brian Courtney Wilson from contract - RT!
Don't worry we got you covered! live performance with at last night's
3rd: Ms. Leandria'am...singing and hollering face, and that cult bob she had was good too.
Just spent the last four hours being BLESSED by vocals from Leandria Johnson, Amber Bullock, and Curtis Finch jr 🙌😍🙌😍
This just took me out of here. Leandria Johnson. I am sure this is old.
Good night FB! It has been an eventful week! God has kept us through it all! I am so thankful and blessed! Just got through listening to Leandria Johnson singing"God will take care of you" and Joshua Rogers singing " If it had not been for The Lord on my Side"! I feel a praise in my spirit ; a little running in my feet and a little clapping in my hands! Glory!
So I wonder what would a record sound like with my Daddy Eric Gales, his good buddy Robert Randolph and Leandria Johnson all on the same record???!!!.it's bout to get REAL folks!!!.lol
Leandria johnson ministering in champaign il on december 14, 2013. This women is annoited!
Singing "Jesus" by Leandria Johnson .. Have a Bless and safe day .
Revival fire fall by leandria Johnson
LeAndria Johnson x God will take care of you, Sooner or later, let it go...Mali Music x Yahweh, Ready Aim...
Running back to you x leandria Johnson >>
LeAndria Johnson is on repeat in my head.
The "AWESOME" LeAndria Johnson in concert at my church Progressive COGIC Choudrant,LA. She's amazing and I lover her!
If I'm going to be effective I'm going to need the power of the holy ghost endow me lord. God is able t...
LeAndria Johnson via . She is killing it.
LeAndria Johnson KILLING!. Awesome woman of God.. This was recorded by LaShunda Haynes.
I'm listening to Lord Keep Me By Day by Le'Andria Johnson on Pandora
From me just 4 u this morning: LeAndria Johnson- God Will Take Care Of You:
Leandria Johnson's voice just gives me substantial chills!
Listening to Leandria Johnson Jesus just Awesome She said call him like you want him call him like you need him My God Iam still feeling great
Got LeAndria Johnson on repeat all day today
I'm listening to Complicated by Le'Andria Johnson on Pandora
I'm listening to Sunday Best Medley 1 by Le'Andria Johnson on Pandora
LeAndria Johnson-Jesus...go find it & listen 2 it! Beautiful & fulfilling aint the word. I ran 2 it & it felt gd...I felt good inside! Thank you God!!
Finally got to see my girl Leandria Johnson ! Brought the year in at church Thank u Jesus new year N a new...
Happy New Year in the Atl. ! Finally going to see Leandria Johnson sundaybest winner I've waited 2 yrs. for...
"Its not fair to you to follow a leader that you dont trust" -Pastor Leandria Johnson
I liked a video LeAndria Johnson yes lawdy Enjoy
Hands down Leandria Johnson is my fav singer!
The next year Leandria Johnson decided to throw the rockets and had them chasing us that was scary. hum mm really rethinking the fireworks. wat the *** wat else could :p
I favorited a video LeAndria Johnson sings THANK YOU
Leandria Johnson singing my song Lifeline! Really luv her! by Corey Webb -
Imma be able to run like Leandria Johnson one day. Sing like her.Forreal. Ministering on COG with Tyrese still gives me chills!!
OMGOSH!!! LeAndria Johnson smh gets me every time...I mean she brings chills to my spirit, Thank God for her!!!
Leandria Johnson sung it best . She said "He without sin, cast the first stone. Be careful who you judge cuz words can destroy!" Gospel In My ear, walkn to church.
I want to hear some Leandria Johnson ..
Dzam, Tyrese and Leandria Johnson be singin the *** out of that song
Tonight I'm at LeAndria Johnson Christmas Eve Celebration. God said to tell my SITUATION I'm In Control.they went CRAZY! In here
Lord Leandria Johnson is making a strong run for my love as well! LOL!
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Stream Praises Go Up by Leandria Johnson on Born Blessed for free on Grooveshark.
hey mrs leAndria Johnson I would love to be there. But I will be in the hospital that week.
Lawd leandria johnson murdered that song!
Awakening of LeAndria Johnson: Shop for music deals on CDs, MP3 songs and albums, and vinyl records by LeAndri...
LeAndria Johnson sings "God Will Take Of You" live on the Bobby Jones Gospel show. PLEASE NOTE: I do NOT own the copyrights or any content herein this video ...
Fantasia Lose to Win performed in Charlotte w/ a surprise visit from Leandria Johnson via
Hey 's LeAndria Johnson I want to wish you and your family a merry Christmas. Be bless.
I did not knooowww. I just got a follow from a generic IG page and it said Pastor LeAndria Johnson took me aback
Leandria Johnson kno she the truth... Them notes she be hittin my god my god my god my god will take care of me.
Leandria Johnson @ Gigantic Gospel Concert - Part 2: via This does something to me every time! POWER!!
I want Brain McKnight, Toni Braxton, Beyoncè Knowles, Leandria Johnson, and The Clark Sisters to sing at my wedding!
This is Pastor Leandria Johnson and Pastor Forrest Walker along with her baby brother Michael Johnson on the Drums leading Praise and Worship Biblestudy Nigh...
LeAndria Johnson and brother Mike singing alittle of Fire Part2
Leandria Johnson is SINGIN this song you hear me!!!
Beautiful song if I could be so worthy to leap into my destiny
My face when that stellar awards 4-woman performance transitioned from leandria Johnson to Martha munizzi.
Listening to LeAndria Johnson that lady can SANG such an amazing voice.
"Jesus" by LeAndria Johnson.I just have to call on his name!
While LeAndria Johnson has had a bumpy year, she has continued to press on despite her many challenges. However challenges or not, Johnson continues to press on, something she knows about all too...
Goodmorning LeAndria Johnson God will take care of you
Singing praise at this Christmas Concert! LeAndria Johnson was excellent... Next Donnie McClurkin!!
really LeAndria johnson.? did you mean to bring the walls of West Angeles down with that amazing VOICE???!
LeAndria Johnson singing out of her shoes Sundays Best 2010 winner.
Pastor LeAndria Johnson last night. She messed the house up! More videos coming.
"Jesus" by LeAndria Johnson I'm praising him today. Sometimes, you don't need a lot of words, just the name of Jesus.
Deacon Perry doing a mime by Leandria Johnson
Listening to LeAndria Johnson on this Sunday morning while getting my mind right
I just love Leandria Johnson what a powerful singer. You can just her testimony through her as she sings!
Leandria Johnson just went in on Bobby Jones!
O how I love me some LeAndria Johnson...
Bobby Jones leandria Johnson, sang that thing .
I love leandria johnson God will take care of you !! *Yessuh baptist fit *** Short falls and allthat girl is anoited if you got something stupid to say keep it not on my page!!
Leandria Johnson is about to make me late for church!!!
Leandria Johnson glory on BET this morning God Will!!!
Lawd! Leandria Johnson is on this tv killing my song!!! God will take care of you!
Angie Stone, Angie Stone, Leandria Johnson Killing it @ Bday Party, video, single, teaser
Headed to the airport to pick LeAndria Johnson! We gone church tonight!
Hot chocolate, electric blanket and Leandria Johnson on Pandora. I'm coming on around. To God be the Glory!
I think LeAndria Johnson has a phenomenal voice and range. Period. New sentence. I just heard her rendition of Silent Night. Um.let me just say that Im glad that I had the pleasure of hearing her BEFORE this song because it truly does not sound good to me. I think some of these "populars" should leave the Christmas songs alone.
Complicated by leandria Johnson covered by Colbie holloway God bless
I voted and it was my 1st time ever. Minister/Singer Leandria Johnson will win :-)
We were given by Shay Green so here goes!! 1. We are under the leadership of David and Teresa Little! 2. We have opened for Leandria Johnson, Joshua Rodgers and many more! 3. We are a group of radical young people on fire for God in singing and dance.
AND we ALL know our girl LeAndria Johnson bringing that Stellar back to Georgia!!!
I was given here goes... 1.I gave birth to 5 children and I also have a stepson as well 2. According to my husband, I have an alter ego named Peeches 3.I hate being tall 4.My bark is worse than my bite 5.I could listen to Leandria Johnson sing all day 6.I long for the day when I can use the bathroom without kids calling my name
Hey guys Danville,champaign surrounding areas I still have tickets for LeAndria Johnson concert Dec 14th in Champaign IL, get at me ASAP
What is your favorite song on LeAndria Johnson Album?? My favorite is REVIVAL FIRE FALL...
My story continues.n my leandria johnson voice.everybody gave up when they were afraid of what i may becomeknws my worth
I love hearing Leandria Johnson sing...omg her spirit just made u wanna cry for God that is!! Shes amazing and her music sets the Atmosphere for God Amazing presence! Her song says Sooner or Later my God! I believe things will work out for my Good! Yall dont know my Story but its made me a better person and I know it was ONLY A TEST...Look at me now IM STILL HERE!!! HALLELUJAH FOR AN IM STILL HERE PRAISE!! Thank You GOD!
It may be rough but GOD will take of you! - Leandria Johnson
LeAndria Johnson and Fantasia singing together is something serious.I can hear them two sing anyday..
Farewell my friend I'm leaving you Found me another lover Treats me better than you Now you got no one to cheat on As if I left you He's here forever Whole you're just passing through Now I'm not gonna cry Cause You gave me new reasons to stay alive. -LeAndria Johnson
And of course, a very special thank you to Team NLVCC for your all your behind the scenes hard work for the LeAndria Johnson Concert! Our God is not unrighteous to forget your work and labour of love, which you have shown towards his name, because you have ministered to the saints!! Blessings to you all!!!
I want to send out a Hugh thank you to all of those who came out and supported the LeAndria Johnson Concert at Hill auditorium. In spite of the challenges we faced with the sound system that evening, God the Father was still glorified. Special thanks to William Crenshaw, Lanette Hester, Mime in Motion, the Voices of Unity Choir and Jasmine Joy Bibbs, and LeAndria for exhibiting the true spirit of Ministers of Christ. Thanks also to Sebastian, Cameron, and Adrian. You guys are the best. I sincerely mean that!!! A big thank you to my wife, Pastor E for helping to keep me cool and "saved" under the circumstances. Thank God for the Holy Spirit who leads us and guides into all truth!! If you weren't there you truly missed and awesome evening of Ministry! Blessings to all!! In Him, Bishop T.J. Bibbs
To the young man who stopped in the middle of Fairfield assuming I was going to hit him because I was pulling out from behind the tree at the carpool line. I don't need you to drive for me nor do I want to hold a conversation at the light. THANK GOD FOR JESUS! There is a whole lot of stuff I could have said BUT GOD! in the car with Leandria Johnson & The Walls Group cranked way up
LeAndria Johnson has mad vocals.vocal giant!!,
So me Emory & Lala was watching this video of LeAndria Johnson WHISTLING a song! This woman so cold man
I'm not quite delivered yet! In the name of JESUS by LeAndria Johnson -
Leandria johnson killing me rite now
Blytheville get!!!ready! Leandria Johnson will be in your town yea we are coming next Thursday in Blytheville Arkansas Thursday at rev. Black in Osceola and Friday at pastor Tim Rogers stay tune she's doing a clipping to let you all know she is coming so stay tune be bless my fb family
Up early singing at leandria johnson house she has this B3 organ and we be going in yes lord!
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wonder if Burnell would sing Jesus by LeAndria Johnson ?
Lord keep me day by day in a pure and perfect way i want to live i want to live on ina building God made by mans hands-leandria Johnson
Omg, streaming live watching pastor Leandria Johnson ipc ministries, they are churning right now, I can't wait till I go visit them!!!
My new favorite song is complicated by leandria Johnson
Listening to Leandria Johnson has me completely slayed this morning!
I'm singin this Gospel music dumb loud! Leandria Johnson's voice is ridiculous
LeAndria Johnson is a pastor now. I think she is abt to preach on Lift Your Voice
"If it's not for you, it's not for you. But, it's gonna be for somebody." - Leandria Johnson
I'm watching Make Him Like You by Le'Andria Joh... on for iPod touch.
I liked a video Leandria and Mike Johnson Trust In Him
All the KINGS Daughters. Minister LeAndria Johnson was awesome, she really Blessed our hearts. I am still praising God for the message we received this weekend. The password is JESUS.
Everyone should hear If jesus cant fix it by leandria johnson at least !
I don't know what its like to go out anymore lol everybody turning up... I'm washing clothes listening to Leandria Johnson Hey!
Don't miss Le'Andria Johnson & Fantasia on the ENCORE of Lift Every Voice on B.E.T. Tomorrow at 10:30amEST. -ALSO join Pastor LeAndria Johnson tomorrow at 5PM at IPC Ministries ( New Location) 823 Dill Ave Atlanta Ga. 30310 -- Spread the word --
We had a women's conference at my church this weekend and let me tell you, Friendship BC of The Colony has some awesome women of God!! Sis. Hernandez and our First Lady Sis. Trotter taught us some things and Sis. Bethea wow this lady really blessed us.. Then after all that Stellar & Grammy award winner Sundays Best winner LeAndria Johnson shut the house down!! I'm so full right now I probably won't be able to sleep..
God will take care of you ...I love this song ..LEANDRIA JOHNSON did her thang always ...that's all I can sing right now...have a great Saturday everyone
LeAndria Johnson you are truly amazing...I Love You! Continue to inspire and bless others! that Gal can Sanggg...Sheeeshhh
“listening to Young peoples cry, this girl is anointed, she is a young Leandria Johnson.
Attention! Attention! Attention! Join us in a 24 hour Technology BLITZ... Minister LeAndria Johnson is here… In Dallas… Soon to be at Friendship Baptist Church of the Colony!!! Join us for this Next Level Event!!! 1. Chance your profile picture to the profile picture on our page for 24 hours. 2. Tag us in the picture. 3. Personally invite your FBF&F to come out tonight and tomorrow. The FBF with the most likes and comments will be recognized at the conference on Saturday!
THERE IS SOMETHING ABOUT CALLING ON HIS NAME. "JESUS" (think of one thing he has done for you) and call his name - JESUS. *COME HERE LEANDRIA JOHNSON - HELP ME CALL HIM # Wmnz Broadcasting
How do you feel about this Bill for my Gospel show PSG Philly Soul Gospel. 2014 we will be running the Daryl Coley Tribute Concert. I would like guest features from our honoree Rev Daryl Coley, Co MC Darinda Clark Cole, Karen Clark, Ledasie, Melanie Daniels, Leandria Johnson? Would you come out? Church
Ok I just fell in love with will always be my fav singer hands 󾮚but Leandria Johnson is nothing to be played with!
Up early listening to some Leandria Johnson before work
The Lord knows how to brighten my spirit. Just received congratulatory letter in the mail stating that I am 1 of the 20 women to be featured in the BROKEN BUT STILL BLESSED conference featuring LEANDRIA JOHNSON (Sundays Best). Go me!! Ths event is on Dec 13th on campus of ECSU. Let me know if any1 is interested in attending this grand event. Thanks so much to ALL who nominated me!
listening to LeAndria Johnson I love her voice.
Listening at leandria Johnson. If Jesus can't fix it!
Leandria Johnson is coming Nov.23 tickets 20 dollars hope to see her fans there.I'll be there...Amen
Listening an singing some old school Lord I need thee by leandria Johnson.
Sitting here having a singing battle with Chance, I started to sing Leandria Johnson- god will take care.and he started to get loud on the run part! Lolololololol I think we got ourselves a singer:) sing chance!
Just getting home just saw the Sunday best leandria Johnson had so much fun took pictures with her pictures coming soon
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Struggled Not for God has blessed you- LeAndria Johnson
Ok so tell me which one you like better Tye Tribbett, The Walls Group and Local artist Nikki Humphrey or Tamela Mann, LeAndria Johnson and Tasha Page Lockhart.what do you think?
Tonights the night! G.R.O.W's 1st Anniversary. . Pastor Cordelia Wallace, Leandria Johnson and the women of G.R.O.W will be celebrating at New Life Tabernacle 1476 Bedford Avenue Brooklyn, New York @ 6:45pm. See you there.
Alright y'all back with more food for the soul Alexis Spight kicked it off now I'm bout to hit with yet another Sunday's Best Artist LeAndria Johnson with her soulful singing stay tune.
Up at 2:26am can't sleep so I decided to listen to Leandria Johnson she is giving me life with the song sooner or later how do you become something greater and more than you ever been by not going thru something so I thank God for my struggles rather he turn it around sooner or later I want complain because there is someone out there worst off than me
Goodnight people had a lovely time with mama now she has to go back and travel with leandria Johnson and we will see the both of them in two weeks excited about that. I'll holla
Um..when did LeAndria Johnson become a Pastor???
Good Morning Everyone!! Listening to Leandria Johnson...I Surrender. Have a bless day:-)
Leandria Johnson is blessing me right now...a bit much with the runs and riffs...but hey who am I to judge..girl you better sing to the heavens!
You gotta know who you are and whose you are -leandria johnson
If one more person tell me I look like like leandria Johnson
What a blessing, LeAndria Johnson set the atmosphere with her down home soulful sound and awesome testimony. Anointing + experience = victory. We were truly blessed.
On this NuStep getting happy listening to Jesus by LeAndria Johnson. These people looking at me like they have never seen a Delivered Woman!! Thank u JESUS!!
Kristal Ciara have me listening to LeAndria Johnson & just listening to her sing is giving me the chills. Whoo that's a wonderful feeling.
Kierra Sheard and Leandria Johnson on the same show would just be.
Enjoyed my weekend...had a chance to see my baby Brittney spent some quality time...I also went to see the Swanee Quintet 74th anniversary...Leandria Johnson sung her heart out...I love some Quartet gospel music..stopped by Tabernacle Baptist church and my soul was truly fed...can we say the Canton Spiritual, Lee Williams & the Spiritual QC, Sensational Nightengales, Roy & the Revelation, Darrell McFadden & The Disciples...Quartet at its best...Don't judge me!
Comments from the cover Leandria Johnson jesus
Shawnetta Newburn. I will have a copy of this interview with LeAndria Johnson and Rhachelle Nicole in a couple...
So Real with Madelyn ~REALNESS w/LeAndria Johnson Haters keep you in a PRAYER LIFESTYLE!
The people are still talking about Pastor Le’Andria Johnson in Texas!!!
gospel concert with Leandria Johnson and Bethlehem Baptist Church we put on! Man that…
I would LOVE to hear Leandria Johnson sing a lil piece of Endow Me
LeAndria Johnson brought the word and sung. I was truly blessed along with many others.
The people are still talking about in Texas ->
Leandria Johnson's voice slays me EVERY TIME. i just be stuck.
GOODMORNING pastor leandria Johnson I need you to keep me in your pray.
Pastor LeAndria Johnson told me she loves me ! I feel so special ☺️😍 I love that woman!
So wen the nxt LeAndria Johnson album coming out ears r burning for one
LeAndria Johnson is my favorite gospel singer ... lol i low key be trying to sing like her
- Jesus by Leandria Johnson just does something to me! especially this version. Listen to it
Count down. 9 days until my Birthday Rise Up Libra Nation lol the celebration begins Sunday with LeAndria Johnson singing me into a fit!! Come party with me..
The people are still talking about Pastor in Texas!
I'm in skool listening to YouTube clips on Leandria Johnson singing catching chills lol
Leandria Johnson , speaks the truth i love get music
Dr. Gina Stewart, LeAndria Johnson and the First Lady of Saint Paul's and My Life :0) Rose Watson!
LeAndria Johnson - God Will Take Care of you. Marvin Sapp - My life Is in your hands. Whitney Houston - I love the lord
LeAndria Johnson...that song stuck in my head...
I wanna go to a concert! Leandria Johnson, Kim Burrell, Joshua Rogers, and Tye Tribbett in one building!! Somebody should make that happen!
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