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Leadership Studies

Leadership studies is a multidisciplinary academic field of study that focuses on leadership in organizational contexts and in human life.

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loves HRC . . . studies in seclusion for days lines written by others and robotically follows script. Leadership?
When understanding leadership development programs, case studies can be extremely useful.
absolutely:)I was suggesting that we have a database of leadership case studies to see current leadership excellence
This might be a great fit for you: Assistant Professor - Higher Education Leadership & Policy Studies -
don't miss/amazing NYU leadership Week!! Mostly free or really cheap, amazing courses!! Enjoy your weekend
Find your purpose. Pursue your path. begins this Monday, Oct. 17:
Is your leadership weak*? Then, is just for you. (*Probs nah, but always room to improve!)
After studies it's what they found repubs constituents perceived as a color of leadership.
The Studies minor at provides a wealth of unique strategies & skills…
See how we improved metrics & helped a credit card company achieve best ever NPS:
Congrats to Miranda Bivins, a Nonprofit Leadership Studies student, on receiving a position with the United Way!
Training on values driven leadership wth case studies on different kinds of moral challenges
Most orgs run their process annually or every two years. Get the latest data:
OURCI-sponsored sustainability think tank for undergrads today at 2:30 in Leadership Studies 123 |…
Wishing the new MSc Executive Leadership course all the best with their studies
Proud of our work on innovative policy-making w/ the at Britain's
Learn how this organization aligned practice with belief.
A weeklong series of events exploring purpose, passion, and leadership! Learn more at
2nd student leadership meeting of the academic year! Great to have Jackie Whitehouse attending as head of academic…
.Master of Studies in Sustainability Leadership applications are now open
Interesting read: studies show women are less intrinsically interested in senior executive positions
Studies have shown that after about 50 hours a week, productivity actually decreases, and it plummets after 55 hou…
St. Thomas Aquinas College partners with SUEZ to establish SUEZ Leadership Institute for Environmental Studies
A student of mine THOUGHT he could criticize Colin Kaepernick and be fine. HA. *gives history lesson in Leadership Studies*
Workplace stress as unhealthy as second-hand smoke Studies show the link between leadership (culture) and wellbeing
Research Agenda Setting to Popular Yoga Poses - University of Phoenix Research Hub via
"Mentors are incredibly influential when it comes to -Tony Rubino Div. of Graduate Studies
I also have undertaken studies in Executive Coaching, Executive Leadership, Board Governance and Emotional Intelligence.
Dr. Vachel Miller, Associate Professor in Leadership and Ed. Studies, featured in Appalachian Magazine.
Learn from experts on how to find purpose and pursue your path during from http…
Oct 17-21: Identify personal values, explore what drives you, & practice purposeful
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Why does leadership matter in the church? Raising Up Leaders offers you the answers
Videos in leadership area 4 case studies should be okay now, is back on! You'll need your MMU login to access them via Moodle
Take your leadership to the next level! A week of all-star speakers, giveaways, and workshopping:…
"The program will offer a Ph.D. in Higher Education Leadership and Policy Studies (HELPS)" | (Tight, that's like, preparing ppl…
Any fellow students here for the studies in leadership class?
Case studies, business skills, career development, leadership training & much more from the time I'm 40 I'll have a PhD in Computer Music and Multimedia and Higher Education Leadership and Policy
New podcast: from on diverse leadership & inclusive workplaces with
Teams are more effective when each person works for the greater good.
Enabling a sales led culture - a story of how we helped support our client on their journey
Staley School of Leadership Studies - The Mary Lynn and Warren Staley School of Leadership Studies is a...
Love this leadership from in requiring students to learn about aboriginal history + indigenous issues
$6 from each ticket to the Buccino '63 Center for Leadership Alumni Night on Saturday will benefit the Center.
Saturday, Alumni Night at the Rock for all graduates of the Gerald P. Buccino '63 Center for Leadership Development.
Applications for our Ph.D. and Ed.D programs in Educational Leadership coming up on 1/31/16!
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
Leadership Development Needs Sponsorship at Top - There has certainly been no dearth of studies and stories, bo...
Don't Let the Loneliness of Entrepreneurship Kill You: New studies suggest loneliness has adverse ..
Our case study shows how we increased their revenue by 184%!
Why apply to a Masters in Let our students tell you:
Studies show employees quit their bosses before the job itself. And since leadership is definitely both an art AND s…
Looking to interview non-profit leaders on values in leadership for MBA studies. London coffee ?
Recent studies highlight trends in leadership development
.improved its branch processing efficiency by 30% by implementing Finacle. Read the case study here
via and launch the Academy series in
_RT_ CDPB_NI: and IrishInstitute launch the Academy series in
Great book on modern approach to leadership - some great case studies & very nicely written to boot
Sachin Tandon, Class of 2016 reflects on how the MBA develops successful leadership skills
Working on speech for rhetoric and course at my Master studies - assignment due tomorrow. Subject: Makerspaces in
it’s US based, but still relevant. Otherwise, et al stuff on Deaf leadership is key to future.
Studies show that employers would rather hire a male with good leadership potential than a woman with a proven leadership track record.
Little Giant Ladders
ICYMI: Check out what’s going in our dept w/ our Fall 2015 newsletter NOW ONLINE
Well we are going to be looking for English /leadership post this yr...I'll be in touch! Gd luck with studies this term..
I know a couple, but not a lot about the major itself. Planning on being a leadership studies minor?
It is in K-16 Educational Leadership and Policy Studies. Great program!
Wanted: "Ready now" leaders. 54% of companies plan to spend more on development
Happy New Year from Wright State Leadership Studies! See you when classes start on Jan. 11
How leadership could help to end child hunger.
I wonder how they're getting on at the Centre for Progressive Leadership? Still hopeful?
:-) Tech industry still a boys' club, especially in leadership ranks: Studies...
When we survey my classes' direct reports, money comes in as a motivator
"A major in women's leadership studies..." Lol.
The football players have leadership training, bible studies, etc.. They have mentoring fam. That aint the issue at hand tbh.
"She majored in Women's Leadership Studies at Salisbury University in Maryland.".
Jerome spent the morning with the Leadership Studies program at Marmion Academy talking about leadership in Outdoor Recreation.
Students in FHSU Leadership Studies, FHSU Department of Political Science, and History are visiting the Truman...
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
The inaugural class of Snyder Leadership Fellows introduced tonight at Staley School of Leadership Studies
is now accepting apps for our online master's in & Organizational Development.
thought your followers may be interested in our Master's Degree!
He should review studies on women's leadership. One (Zenger&Folkman) shows women consider the implications of their actions.
A great review of several studies: How to best manage millennials
Central Park residents take on community leadership.
Watch as former Canadian PM, the RH Paul Martin lauds for leadership in Indigenous Studies
The Push You've Been Waiting For To Leave Your Job: Studies show that 70% of people are o...
Are you curious about how I help my clients make leadership leaps? Wonder no more.
Road to growth. See how drove Saferoad to pan-European leadership
"Organizations are not entrepreneurial; people are." -- professor of entrepreneurial studies, quoted at SmartBlog on Leadership
Great news for female leaders! We've been reviewing studies that highlight the benefits of female leadership. .
Is it just me or does anyone else think Chuka Umunna's leadership video feels like something he created for an A level media studies class?
It is my sincere hope that parents will start encouraging their children to pursue Islamic Studies and seek careers in Islamic Leadership
Intensify the effectiveness of leadership screening with reference check!!
Thought leaders present case studies of CSOAsia Leadership
madrassah students needed a university for further studies. Parha likha deshatgard factory for leadership of ummah
People management toolkit for NHS setting
Studies show that development yields results in finance, talent attraction, organization, & productivity:
[Serious] Studies show that leadership roles have psychopaths at a rate of 3-4% as opposed to 1% for the general population. If you o...
Interesting read on persistance by SBC President
If the Lord wills, I will be graduating with a Bachelors in Biblical Studies with a concentration in Leadership...
One of my favorite places on earth. Kansas State University's School of. Leadership Studies.
In all my studies on leadership you need to look at the whole person. Both employees AND managers
Humboldt State University has an online bachelor’s degree completion program in Leadership Studies that may be of...
Success with new tech:. Leadership support. Test & gather feedback. Ask colleagues to evangelise the tool.
United Kingdom: Academic Manager/ Director of Studies: Excellent communication, listening, leadership and inte...
The roadmap to leadership. 7 steps to take control of your destiny only from Encounter in Nineveh.
Looking for a summer elective? Seats still available in Leadership Studies (LDRS) courses. Open to all majors!
GBS will be at in Florida this month - come and say hi to us on the Center for Leadership Studies (stand!
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
'Chuka Umunna's launch video made him seem like a student on a media studies project'
Japanese chemistry and social studies test + leadership and homecoming dance and pep rally in the next two school days... Crap
We're getting packed up and ready for Be sure to visit The Center for Leadership Studies in…
Great work YSU Center for Gender and Leadership Studies for these 2 days with the Conference on Gender issues in...
Ruth Simsa will present TSI findings generated from case studies for our work on barriers at Euclid leadership...
Managing inventory for an American multinational company
8 years of research and over 2500 case studies. TRANSFORMING LEADERSHIP CULTURE SEMINAR. Book Here:
Saving 48,000 minutes on the toll-free communication lines for a consumer products company
Last Wednesday we honored Seth Kastle, an instructor in Fort Hays State University's Leadership Studies...
Andy is currently studying Chemical Engineering with a minor in Leadership Studies here at the University of South Florida. Since joining the USF community, he has displayed his Bull Spirit in many different capacities; serving as the Vice President of Sigma Phi Epsilon, an Orientation Team Leade...
Faculty, Staff, Students Invited to Synergistic Leadership Workshop “Synergistic Leadership: Constructing the Right Formula for Influence In Any Environment,” a one-time workshop will be offered at Potomac State College Wednesday, Dec. 10th, from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m., in the Davis Conference Center. The presenter will be Michael Hummel, Ph.D., Chair and Professor of Criminal Justice, Security and Leadership Studies at California University of Pennsylvania. This lecture/workshop will explain how to optimize influence through synergy and will also examine the strategy and tactics necessary for the construction of a leadership formula, and thus, a paradigm/template for leadership effectiveness in any organization. Dr. Hummel also serves as an adjunct professor for the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public and International Affairs. He is responsible for the development, instruction, and maintenance of elective courses: Homeland Security, and Terrorism in the Administration of Justice and Public ...
Congratulations to English alumnae Mary Jo Myers (BA '64) who received the Holen Leadership Award from Leadership Studies last night!
Intro to Ag Ed, Human Development, and Leadership Studies tomorrow! I think I'm kind of excited! 😍
Our own Leadership Studies students are featured in Spring Newsletter of Flint Hills Breadbasket htt…
Wendy Appel & Mel Toomey - USA Wendy holds a Masters degree in Social and Cultural Antropology. She is an executive coach, organizational consultant and a educator. Wendy founded The Enneagram Source, she´s a partner in the Center for Leadership Studies and affiliate of the Generative Leadership Group. In 2012, Wendy published InsideOut Enneagram: The Game-Changing Guide for Leaders. Mel Toomey holds an Honorary Doctorate of Human Letters. He is an educator, executive advisor, and organizational consultant. Mel founded Center for Generative Leadership Studies, an outsourcer of educational programs to Universities. He also founded the Generative Leadership Group, a consultancy that makes extensive use of the Enneagram. Transforming Passions from Burdens to Advantages Dr. Mel Toomey and Wendy Appel, MA collaborate to deliver this provocative workshop that will engage the minds and hearts of their participants. Dr. Toomey designs and leads the Masters of Arts in Organizational Leadership at The Graduate ...
Today's weather is brought to you by Leadership Studies at Emporia State University.
Our FREE webinar on Creating a Purposeful Lifeplan is today at 2:00PM CST. Our featured speaker is Dr. Omar Lopez, Texas State University Professor; Dept. of Occupational Workforce, and Leadership Studies. Don't miss this! Head here to register:
Brethrens, thank God for today,s Revival and Restoration Mission Prayer meeting. Pray and support the Missions vision in; Evangelism, Youths Ministry, Media outreach, Mission/leadership studies & awareness on health/Political matters on rights & privileges
PRESS STATEMENT CALL TO IMMORTALIZE DR.CHUBA OKADIGBO (THE 7TH NIGERIAN SENATE PRESIDENT) The Nigerian Political history cannot be said to be complete without copious mention of our past HEREOS. Prominent amongst the country’s past Heroes is the eloquent, philosopher, scholar, activist, master of political intrigues, traditionalist, and former President of the Senate of the Federal Republic Nigeria Dr. Chuma Okadigbo who died on Thursday September 25, 2003 at the age of 61,in Abuja. He was Vice Presidential aspirant of the All Nigerians Peoples Party (ANPP) with retired General Muhammadu Buhari,as leader of the ticket. Before his romance with ANPP, Dr. Chuba Okadigbo was elected to represent Anambra North constituency in the senate under the auspices of Nigeria’s ruling party, the PDP. While in PDP, he rose to become the Senate President. Dr. Chuba Okadigbo hailed from Ogbunike, Oyi LGA, Anambra State. He was a hardnosed political operator,quite colourful, flamboyant, and above all a nationalist. ...
Still need convincing to compete in our state program? Meet Theresa Kiernan! Theresa participated in the 2010 state program. She didn't win medallion, but she did walk away with SO much more! Here's what she has to say: I received a Millennium Scholarship to Troy University after participating in the Distinguished Young Women's Scholarship Program in 2010. This scholarship fully covers my tuition, room and board, university fees, and has provided me with a valuable education I couldn't have gotten elsewhere. Troy University is an amazing university. The professors personally work with me to get the most out of my education. Troy is always moving forward and growing. In my time there, they have built a new dinning hall, basketball arena, dorms, and more. They also have grown in their student dynamics. I am involved in many groups on campus, and was even able to start a Swing Dancing Club! I also had the opportunity to intern at the Chamber of Commerce in our county. Troy is an international university and ...
I am officially a student at Marshall University Graduate College. In two years I plan to graduate with a MA in Leadership Studies.
We hosted 2 women for lunch who are in a pre-army academy for women's leadership studies. Wow, talk about impressive. They are non-observant religiously and spent Shabbat in Beit Shemesh with their fellow students to experience a community different than their own and because as they put it "well, it is Beit Shemesh, right?":) They were so idealistic, intelligent and brought up great issues quickly moving beyond the usual Israeli Religious-secular debates which can be repeated by heart by almost anyone. They wanted to discuss free will, if there is a need for "fences" to protect Torah laws and what that implies about humans being able to deal with challenges and more. They were open, eager to learn and they will likely make a real contribution in their army service and future civilian lives. Interestingly, they said "Beit Shemesh is so beautiful. So nice. And there seem to be so many different types of people. Not at all what we expected."
Officially accepted to the Marquette University Graduate School for a Certificate in Leadership Studies
I only need 2 classes to graduate with a Leadership Studies minor...
Become Visiting International Scholar in Leadership & Ethics at Jepson School of Leadership Studies, U of Richmond:
So proud to share that the Dept. of Education will offer a Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) in Leadership Studies:
David M. Levy, Professor of Economics at George Mason University, and Sandra J. Peart, Dean, Jepson School of Leadership Studies, present The Mock Trial of t...
Smart Women Lead is a Barnard organization dedicated to helping each other, as women, to succeed. In partnership with the Athena Center for Leadership Studies, SWL provides an informal and open space to network, mentor, and provide professional development opportunities to the Barnard community. Whether it be helping fellow freshmen find internships or encouraging fellow seniors to keep pumping out applications with new and improved resumes, SWL strives to be a friendly resource in the often daunting world of professional development. Look out for our events that provide students on campus with valuable skills for their career, opportunities to meet alumnae and other professionals, and most importantly, a chance to network with their peers. We meet every Tuesday at 8:15 in the Anna Quindlen Room (off of Liz’s Place, Diana Center) LIKE us to get information about our events!
The call for proposals is now open for the 1st Annual GU Leadership Studies Student Research Symposium March...
UT's Center for Women's Studies & invite you to a discussion on cultivating leadership
I'm stuck between: world religions, leadership and native studies for my last elective
Lessons learned from early adopters of programs - - promote leadership support
Don't forget to join PRSSA tonight at 6:00 in room 123 of the Leadership Studies building for our bi-weekly meeting!
UT's Center for Women's Studies, and invite you to a discussion about cultivating leadership!
CIT helps the Tharanco Group grow its business: Factoring in Fashion -
Now, its fate. Whether God wants me to continue or stop my leadership journey and concentrate on studies.
Come visit the table in the School of Leadership Studies and make a donation to get your shirt today!
Donate this week! K-State Proud will be in the Leadership Studies Building from 10am-1pm and Hale Library from 7-9pm today and tomorrow!
Studies have found strong correlation b/t gender diversity in leadership ranks of a bus. & that company’s performance
Learn how CIT Aerospace leased planes to Sunwing Airlines & helped the company develop its fleet strategy. -
Master of Studies in Sustainability Leadership - Cambridge - UNIVERSITY OF CAMBRIDGE SUSTAINABILITY LEADERSHIP
Surveys and Studies and Statistics and Lists in Reading to Start Your Week
oh i got the Bs on social studies and leadership and r u in high school?
Ah see, i'm going down the Leadership/Management path, not Business Studies so mine are all over the place. B204 starts in Oct.
Is this only message our girls can hear? What about empowerment thru studies? Leadership in the Jewish com'ty?
the only thing I knw abt leadership styles is from Comm Studies.Econ doesn't focus on those aspects of Production...Sorry "/
This is a great short read on leadership. It also has case studies that you can go over with your…
Melissa Silverstein and Kathryn Kolbert are co-founders of the Athena Film Festival taking place this weekend at Barnard College in New York. Silverstein is the founder and editor of Women and Hollywood, and Kolbert is director of the Athena Center for Leadership Studies. We’ve partnered with the fe...
USAF Warrior Studies: Air Leadership: This book contains the published proceedings of a conference on ...
Importance of leadership? - Organisational Culture under Examination in the NHS
Listening to songs I might add to my show Monday. I'm reading some stuff for Latino Studies on Leadership.
So no leadership background, Imma focus on morphology and studies.
e-Study Guide for: School Leadership and Administration : Important Concepts, Case Studies and Simulations by...
is talking about the work in the SVVSD elementary Social Studies leadership teams.
Monica Zaitoone studies in BBC's MA in Christian Leadership & Ministry degree. The MA in Christian Leadership &...
Small acts making a difference in the Kindness is Contagious campaign.
Take a look at two of our latest case studies on and
Recent studies on global leadership failure rates indicate that 41-55% of leaders in global leadership roles fail...
I really want to major in psyc more than soc.. 2016 plans? After continuing studies or leadership in 2015 plan & my 2014 degree
applications for the 2013-2014 cohort of UCA's PhD in Leadership Studies are now being accepted.
UCLAN university's Fire and Leadership studies course has taught me so much, is this a course you are at all familiar with?
currently studying Fire and Leadership studies at UCLAN Uni, is this a course kent are familiar with? Any views on this?
Social media in classrooms. Starts with a boldness in leadership!
Case studies let you tell a story to senior leadership. This equal value, smiles and being taken seriously
No Change for Women in Top Leadership in 2012, According to Catalyst Studies
"The Character of Leadership" — Sunday school lesson for February 10 (Bible Studies for Life)
Tutor2u business Is New Leadership Making a Difference at Yahoo?: At times, it seems that Yahoo has had more CEO...
A fantastic case study in Leadership & Corporate Culture here: Is New Leadership Making a Difference at Yahoo?
girlfriend, studies, Cca :/ maybe only la. need find someone who's decisive and has good leadership skills
Something my MBA studies has got me more interested in. Leadership is an essential part of being an effective Paramedic
Seen online. Actual title. Memorable, no ? : "Coca-Cola Professor of Leadership Studies at Morehouse College"
I think I'm gonna pick up a Leadership Studies minor ^___^
Welp. I have Leadership Studies from 5-6:30.Then I have to run a table for Activities night from 7-9.
I know! We're doing case studies on leadership of Bobby Knight and Coach K. She's saying the 2 arent
In collaboration with the College of Education and the School of Leadership Studies, K-State Libraries will host “The Righteous Among the Nations – Help of Polish people for the Jewish population in southern Poland in the years 1939-1945” in Hale Library during the month of February. Focused on the…
Associate Professor of Leadership Studies, Dr. Angela Webster-Smith, is pleased to announce the release of her new book, In the Presence of a King (self-published by Author House).   Growing up in Memphis, Tennessee in the 1960s, the author caught a glimpse of one of the greatest campaigns in American history, the Civil Rights Movement. Her grandfather was a sanitation worker in Memphis, Tennessee and active in the American Civil Rights Movement. Even though her life was absent academic or economic legacy, she wanted to be special. While she knew she was different, she did not believe she was special. What is more, she wanted to be pretty, shiny, and sparkly. But there was nothing sparkly about her life. The only sparkles she ever knew about were found in fairy tales. So, she decided when she grew up, she would become a princess like Cinderella. They shared similarities after all. Their families were without much money and their children had many chores. If Cinderella could become a princess, perhaps she ...
TEXT A FRIEND and ask them to come with you to our first weekly meeting Thursday at 7:30PM @ Town Hall in the Leadership Studies building. Less than 24 hours away!
Developed by Dr. Paul Hersey at The Center for Leadership Studies, the Situational Leadership® Model is a powerful, ye…
WLFL is a program for Leadership Studies alumni who want to stay in touch with what is going on in Leadership Studies, keep you informed about upcoming events and programs, and continue your education on leadership.
It's a sad day for all of us at The Center for Leadership Studies.
The Center for Leadership Studies provides expertise in the areas of Situational Leadership® training, management training, sales training, corporate and executive consulting
From: ateneoschoolSat, 17 Nov 2012 00:25:32 -0800 Subject: [mpm_rad2] Formation of ASoG Students and Alumni Association To our MPM Alumni, Greetings! Atty. Al Agra (currently enrolled in PhD in Leadership Studies major in Public Management) is initiating the formation of an "Association of Ateneo/ ASOG Students and Alumni of Public Management" (Masters and PhD). The Association is intended to be a community of students, graduates, practitioners, professors, experts and advocates of leadership in the public sector. The Association is envisioned to undertake projects in partnership with the Ateneo and ASOG. Atty. Agra would like to organize a meeting of representatives from each batch on Dec. 06, Friday at 6:00 PM here in the ASoG office. He would like to formally touch base with all the batches and directly communicate with you. In line with this, can you assist us in providing an updated directory of your batchmates for our database. Information such as affiliated office / agency, email address and contac ...
Bachelors degree in Communications with a minor in Leadership Studies...I feel smart just thinking about it loll
Interested in learning more information about the Masters of Leadership Studies degrees offered at North Central...
Happy Homecoming week everyone! Stop by the Leadership Studies building to see posters created by our student programs!
This debate only cemented the idea that my vocation is Public Administration and Service but only at the local level, maybe at the state level. Even if my education plan would make me qualified for the highest level (AAS-Criminal Justice, BA-Public Service/Leadership Studies, Master of Public Administration and Graduate certificates in Public Management, Border Administration and Homeland Security), I wouldn't feel happy working so far away from home. I'll leave that to those who have the vocation of Political Science.
Great speaker MT Join us Oct 8th @ 5:30pm in Town Hall in Leadership Studies building 4 our fall speaker, Dr. Barry Flinchbaugh.
A workshop presented by the Society of Professional Journalists, Virginia Pro Chapter, and the Jepson School of Leadership Studies.
The University of Richmond’s Jepson School of Leadership Studies is a groundbreaking experiment in higher education. It opened in 1992 as the nation’s first school of leadership studies and is still leading the way. We’re celebrating 20 years by bringing you distinguished speakers, many of whom are ...
Cadet programsCivil Air Patrol's first cadet program was started during World War II as a way to provide training for future pilots. Since then, the program has flourished, combining Aerospace Education with Leadership and Career training. Today, CAP cadets are those members who join from age 12 through age 18. Cadets who turn 18 may either become a Senior Member or remain a cadet until their 21st birthday at their own discretion. Cadets who join the military must become senior members when they begin active duty. Cadets who join the National Guard or Reserve may remain cadets until they are activated for a purpose other than training. As a cadet progresses through the cadet program, he/she earns various achievements by successfully passing both Leadership and Aerospace Education tests. Test questions are derived from reading materials supplied to cadets, but the program is also designed to allow cadets to fill ever increasing leadership roles that are pertinent to their Leadership Studies questions. As c ...
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Dr. Fred Spier, Senior Lecturer in Big History at the University of Amsterdam, will kick off the Dominican’s 2012 Institute for Leadership Studies (ILS) Fall Lecture Series on Monday, August 27.
In honor of my beautiful daughter who embarks on her college career tomorrow studying vocal performance, Music Education and Leadership Studies at CNU
Had such an amazing time training over 200 Girl Scouts of the USA and Girls Guides from 20+ countries at the Girls World Forum this weekend in Chicago, Illinois! Thank you for having me and the Athena Center for Leadership Studies at Barnard College
International Journal of Leadership Studies - Developing Leadership Theory in Asia: The Role of Chinese Philosophy
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