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Lea Michele

Lea Michele Sarfati (born August 29, 1986), known professionally as Lea Michele, is an American actress and singer.

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Love is alive with Lea Michele. She's dishing on her healthy lifestyle and how she uses music as an outlet:
I will not watch it. Idina, Rachel York, Stephanie J Block or Lea Michele or i refuse to watch it. And Aaron Tivet and Megan Hilty
They failed by not getting Lea Michele and Idina Menzel
Can't wait to see Lea Michele lose a drama-desk award in 15 years for her portrayal as Liz/Beth in the off-bway revival of If/Then.
i want a 13 ep show about him with an ep dedicated to him, Lea Michele, Diana Agron and the death of Cory Monteith
Lea Michele is living our Hawaiian vacation dreams. [via
Me: She's doing YOGA on a paddle board. Who DOES that. . My mom: Lea Michele. I love my mother.
Lea Michele, Chris Colfer, and Darren Criss all have new tv projects coming up, we are blessed
the only WW I cape for are Sandra Graham, Princess Diana, Lea Michele, & Leighton Meester. 💗
Lea Michele: "I worship the ground you walk on." [on Kristen being barefoot at Met Ball]
Ashley Graham, Lea Michele ring in 2017 in their birthday suits [Fox]
At 15 we have Lea Michele's solo version of Defying Gravity. Only at 15 because no Idina Menzel duet.
Steamy: Lea Michele shared a clip of herself smooching John Stamos during an episode of their s…
Idina Menzel and Lea Michele singing Somewhere from Westside Story kills me everytime
Just make Dove Cameron and Lea Michele the stars of the wicked movie please
remember when me & Ciera made out to half of Lea Michele's CD in the parking structure after Disney. so small. so budding. v…
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Y now it's time for the Pandora show starring Lea Michele. Oh, Walter Simonson.
Rachel Berry can belt higher than Lea Michele.
I liked a video from Ryan Murphy interviews Lea Michele and Emma Roberts about Scream
At the Teen Choice Awards!!! Caught up with so many cool people tonight Lea Michele, Katy Perry, Jim Parsons, and Nina…
Lea Michele posted this video of her and Kristie Alley six hours ago on her snapchat account...
A (Rachel) Berry good likeness! Lea Michele channels Barbra Streisand in Funny Girl on Glee set in c
NEWS: EW Popfest with Emma Roberts, Lea Michele, Jamie Lee Curtis & Ryan will be held at the Theater on Sunday Oct 30th at 2:15PM PST
Even when. My heart won't stop pounding. I'll keep on even… ♫ Even Then by Lea Michele, Megan Hilty & Hugh Dancy —
Lea Michele deserves all the awards for her role on Scream Queens
Lea Michele picks Calvin Harris and not Tom Hiddleston in Ellen DeGeneres' game of 'Who'd You Rather': http…
" The first season, which premiered way back in 2009, skyrocketed its cast — Lea Michele , Cory Monteith , Darren Criss, Naya Rivera" lmao
Lea Michele opens up about Ryan Murphy's support after Cory Monteith's passing
Lea Michele talks about Ryan Murphy’s support after Cory Monteith’s death:
John Stamos. Jamie Lee Curtis. Taylor Lautner. Lea Michele. Emma Roberts. This show makes no sense but it has a great cast.
My dream scandal: A video leaks of Jamie Lee Curtis slapping Lea Michele.
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I like to think I live in a world where Lea Michele would let me call her Lee Lee.
I liked a video from Naya Rivera Talks 'Love Hate' Relationship with Lea Michele on 'Glee'
Naya Rivera opens up about her feud with Lea Michele on her book 'Sorry Not Sorry: Dreams. Mistakes. And Growing Up'
Naya Rivera Spills the Tea on Lea Michele, Big Sean and More via
Naya Rivera calls out Lea Michele, Mark Salling, Ariana Grande & Big Sean in
opened at the Eugene O'Neill Theatre on December 10, 2006. Its cast included Jonathan Groff, Lea Michele, Skylar Astin and John Gallagher, J
Followers be prepared for a Lea Michele love fest from me today. It's her birthday today and I'm determined to shower her with love&praise.
Let's be real if the Wicked movie adaption hasn't got Lea Michele as Elphie and Jonathan Groff as Fiero I'm out.
Taylor Lautner can't stop giggling as Lea Michele & John Stamos grill him on Taylor Swift.
Lea Michele grilling Taylor Lautner about Taylor Swift took us Back To December (and 2009.)
Taylor Lautner, Lea Michele and John Stamos talking about Taylor Swift and 'Back To December' (
'Glee' star Lea Michele sends fan in frenzy after posing completely... Via News Break:
Lea Salonga's had the feels and high notes but Lea Michele's was more catchy for my taste despite the absence of some high notes 😁
Lea Michele grills Taylor Lautner over Taylor Swift song: LEA MICHELE and John Stamos have jokingly grilled ...
Lea Michele documents waxing upper lip and eyebrows
Website Builder 728x90
John Stamos, Taylor Lautner and Lea Michele doing an interview together ... best thing ever!!!
Lea Michele attends the FOX Summer TCA Press Tour on August 8, 2016 in Los Angeles, California.
John Stamos, Lea Michele, & Taylor Lautner talks about Taylor Swift and her song 'Back To December'.
star Lea Michele in Marchesa at the summer press tour:
Best dressed this week: 8 August - ​Lea Michele, January Jones and Michelle Obama lead this week' via
Jonathan Groff, Lea Michele, and Skylar Astin have all been in a musical cast together and I'm really upset I wasn't there for it
I get Lea Michele a lot? And occasionally, far more happily, Regina Spektor.
Lea Michele in green. Do you need me to explain further
Glee star bares all in risque photo shoot
Lea Michele reveals 'Finn' tattoo when she strips down for nude photoshoot
Lea Michelle bares all for nude magazine cover.
Glee star bares all in risque photo shoot (Entertainment)
Lea Michele poses nude: 'I love myself, flaws and all'... Via News Break:
How prepped for completely nude cover:
Lea Michele earns her fame and fortune like every other celebrity who works hard with the art of acting
I literally have been so attacked by Lea Michele I don't even know how to handle myself
the day Lea Michele killed me enough said tbh
Honors with 'Finn' Tattoo: Lea Michele posed completely in the…
Lea Michele's voice is amazing, but when she sings with Idina it's like, "Sorry, hon, you're the princess, not the queen"
Lea Michele is taking a page from Rachel Berry's book when it comes to her choice in ink.
Remember that Finn tattoo Rachel got in season 5 of . It’s a real thing, and our hearts are breaking.
Lea Michele is Far from Done Paying Tribute to Cory Monteith: If you thought Lea Michele‘s tributes to Cory M...
Aww! Lea Michele honored her late boyfriend Cory Monteith with a "Finn" tattoo:
Lea Michele is so naturally gorgeous and it's not fair
I love this pic of Lea Michele and Ryan Murphy
the dream Wicked Live cast would be Dove as Galinda, Ryan as Fiyero, Lea Michele as Elphaba, and Michele Pfeiffer as Madame Morrible
Lea Michele, Emma Roberts, Jamie Lee Curtis and John Stamos are confirmed for the Comic -Con on Friday ( 22).
Lea Michele shares a video of Taylor Lautner on the 'Scream Queens' set:
National Post 'Love and miss you Cory, everyday': Lea Michele pays tribute to late boyfriend Cory Monteith National…
i don't really experience standom but two celebrities i feel protective over and stan are Lea Michele and Maisie Williams
Newly single Lea Michele enjoys weekend girls trip – and stops by Rob Lowe's house!
Didn't Lea Michele just start dating Robert Buckley and now they are broken up interesting
Lea Michele and Robert Buckley have split after a few months of dating
Lea Michele has reportedly called it quits with boyfriend of two months, Robert Buckley.
It's over! Lea Michele and Robert Buckley have split after two months of dating:
I liked a video Lea Michele and Robert Buckley Break Up After Two Months of Dating
Split alert: Lea Michele and Robert Buckley are going their separate ways.
Lea Michele & Robert Buckley 'split' just two months after they begin courting
Lea Michele and Robert Buckley break up: report
Exclusive: Lea Michele and Robert Buckley split — get the details.
Lea Michele and her iZombie boyfriend Robert Buckley have split. - CR
Currently obsessing over Glee and tearing up over Cory Monteith and stalking Lea Michele to find pictures of the two together 😭😭
CONFIRMED: Lea Michele, Emma Roberts and Jamie Lee Curtis will be on the panel. More cast will be added.
I need Lea Michele to shine as Fanny Brice in Funny Girl on Broadway. Please
Lea Michele at Walmart yesterday. "She is even more gorgeous in person and really sweet...".
-NEWS- Lea Michele will be playing as Amanda on "Dimension 404" which will have 6 episodes!!
Get excited! has been cast in upcoming series, Dimension 404.
Here's what Lea Michele actually eats in a day:
Fifth Harmony - All In My Head (Flex) (Live on the Honda Stage at the iHeartRadio Theater LA).
I just watched the video of Lea Michele talking about Corey and I can't stop crying ugh 😭
“This is an attack on humanity itself.". Lady Gaga on Orlando few minutes ago.
Lady Gaga speaks at Orlando United Vigil, says the shootings were an "attack on humanity"
Pay attention at the artists who despite exploiting *** for profit still remained silent & did not use their platform when t…
Let me know what Siri says? I was just asking the same question.. Hehehe I misss uuu 😘😘 .
So I just sat in someone else's car for a whole five minutes because I thought that it was my car 💀 I looked in the back…
Beyoncé and Jay Z hit the streets in New York City earlier today!
Make sure to work from home tonight so you can watch performance! h…
Just loved this Pin: Lea Michele fan made poster for the show Scream Queens
Emma Roberts and Lea Michele may play enemies on Scream Queens, but they're actually besties in real life. When...
Lea Michele and Robert Buckley will play love interests in a new Hulu show!! OH MY GOD!!!
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When you're trying to walk away from an argument but then they start bashing Lea Michele
if Lea Michele was a subject in school vs reality
"Why do you love Lea Michele so much?"
I want someone to look at me the way Lea Michele looks at the ground
If Lea Michele plays Elphaba in the movie of Wicked, Anna better play Glinda.
If you don't think Lea Michele's body goals you can leave 😏
Next time I have to fill out a form and it asks me my goals, I'm just gonna insert a picture of Lea Michele.
Lea Michele continues to be best dressed!
.inspires teen girls at Step Up Awards: "You're dope, fly and amazing"
the in to you is a rip off of lea michele's on my way which that itself is a rip off of katy's teenage dream but I still love it
Lea Michele shared this photo with Harry and the family.
I feel like Into You is what lea Michele tried to achieve with On My Way but Ariana succeeded and did it better 😂😂
Me lembrou on my way da Lea Michele
I am 13 seconds into the into you video and can I just say…this is literally lea michele's on my way ?
If you say so- Lea Michele . Song about a death... Nice
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Lea Michele is so amazing I'm upset
I want to meet lea michele so badly my queen
(New Photos) Lea Michele on stage at the 13th Annual Inspiration Awards To Benefit STEP UP on May 20, 2016! htt…
-New Photo- Emma Roberts, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Lea Michele at the for
Jamie Lee Curtis posted this pic with Keke Palmer, Lea Michele , Emma Roberts and Billie Lourd on her Instagram.
Lea Michele looked to be in high spirits as she showed off her bouncy new tresses after a trip to the hairdressers in West Hollywood on
Lea Michele has a new man in her life! The actress is dating iZombie star Robert Buckley: …
CLOSE-UP: Lady Gaga leaving the After Party last night.
📹 onlyleamichele: Who do you think you are | Lea Michele
I added a video to a playlist Lea Michele on Cory Monteith
Lea Michele - Louder Album Signing Event at the Sony Store on in New York City
Lea Michele in a Stunning Bikini on the Beach in Cabo San Lucas
Get it right by Lea Michele is the story of my life
I'm so obsessed with glee I got Lea Michele's album 😂😂😂
Lea Michele pays tribute to Cory Monteith with new tattoo...
💫 Lea Michele 💫. best known as Rachel Berry in Glee. She has an amazing voice too.
yeh I mean let's face it, he was dating Lea Michele. If I was dating Lea Michele I'd have a permanent smile on my face 😃
Lea Michele posted this photo of her on her Instagram account saying: Alley Cats
Lea Michele at the in 2011, 2012 and 2014
Lea Michele and Cory Monteith at the in 2012!
OK. I'd love to meet Miss Lea Michele some day. 😊❤
I'm Italian and we curse a lot when we talk.
Lea Michele in tights - Heading to a Workout Session in New Orleans - July 2015
Don't miss tonights episode of on TLC with Lea Michele...
A little preview of tonights episode with Lea Michele of on TLC
Lea Michele discusses the surprise that brought her family to tears on
I live for these kind of rare pics of Lea Michele😊
can't wait to read Lea Michele's new book "i was hotter than you 20 years ago and i'm hotter than you now"! 😂😂😂
"Sorry I can't come to the tonight, I'm too busy bc I have to working out." -Lea Michele
Watch star discover what her ancestors endured to emigrate to the US in the finale
Little Giant Ladders
Lea Michele Street Style - Shopping at Whole Foods in Los Angeles - June 2015
Lady Gaga performing at the 2016 after party
This Sunday is a double header. and ! That's Lea Michele and Chris Noth! Oh my God
Lea Michele Sarfati is the cutest human being ever 😻.
Lea Michele and Matthew Paetz have ended their nearly two...
person: what is talent?. me: Lea Michele Sarfati, known professionally as Lea Michele, is an American actress, singer, and author. She is kno
UW's Nigel Hayes professes love for actress Lea Michele...
Lea Michele or Demi Lovato and If Lea would hang out with Jonathan Groff all day if Demi something awesome.
Major studio vibes! Lea Michele is hard at work on her new album:
Lea Michele in Jill Stuart at the 33rd Annual PaleyFest LA...
Lea Michele shares her biggest red carpet regret -- See the...
Hottest Women of the Week: Lea Michele goes back to black in New York
Lea Michele's speech | Cory Monteith Tribute Teen Choice Awards 2013 - I'm re-watching this in 2016 & still crying😭
Lea Michele, Keke Palmer and the main "Scream Queens" cast are returning for Season 2
Samantha Barks beat Taylor Swift, Lea Michele, Evan Rachel Wood & Scarlett Johansson to role of Eponine in Les Mes the film.
Lea Michele at the Ted Baker London event in West Hollywood :)
Lea Michele arrives at Ted Baker London SS'16 Launch Event at Sunset Tower Hotel on March 2, 2016 in West Hollywood
Lea Michele at a shopping event at diane von furstenberg in Los Angeles -
Lea Michele won't do a workout she hates (and loves to journal)...
Lea Michele Got the special today and feeling so good! Best in…
Newly single Lea Michele boasts she's grateful for her butt and legs
They say the best revenge is looking good.A newly single Lea Michele made an appearance at the Vanity Fair And FIAT Toast To Young
Lea Michele at the DVF Society event in LA
just a reminder that we are getting closer to Lea Michele 2
for me it's Lea Michele because I stanned glee from the very beginning and then her solo career
Lea Michele flaunts her abs at Young Hollywood bash.. Related Articles:
Shock celebrity split: Lea Michele calls it quits with Matthew Paetz...
Lea Michele and Matthew Paetz call it quits after two years of dating.
Well there's a better chance of that happening than my getting a date with Lea Michele.
Lea Michele back on the scene after break-up...
Lea Michele talks about her assets following split from Matthew Paetz
"7/27 have 12 songs and...they formed in 7/27/12". FANDOM:.
Here’s what’s buzzworthy about partnership with
Correction*** Lea Michele can't get enough of this intense workout because she cares about her health and well being
A statement from the owner of the gigolo agency that used to employ Lea Michele's now ex-boyfriend, defending him: https:/…
EXCLUSIVE: Go behind the scenes of & brand-new partnership!
Lea Michele talks about her assets following shock split from Matthew Paetz
Lea Michele & more -- the best dressed stars at last night's Young Hollywood party
Lea Michele and Emma Roberts leaving the Chateau Marmont early this morning :)
I want Lea Michele and Barbra Streisand to sing together. I always thought should of let Rache meet barbs in glee
Lea Michele leaving a local medical building today
Same. Niecy Nash, Lea Michele and Glen Powell especially all knew how to play it just so far. Surprisingly well-balanced tonally!
Lea Michele clearly loves flying in this outfit
Lea Michele wraps up in all black ensemble at NY airport. via
Her favourite flying outfit! Lea Michele wraps up in all black ensemble which ...
I added a video to a playlist Adam Lambert, Demi Lovato & Lea Michele - Roar by Katy Perry
Okay but Bridget Mendler and Lea Michele are gonna come and drop some bops I'm excited!
From Taylor Kinney to Lea Michele, Here's What You Didn't See on TV at the People's Choice Awards
Priyanka Chopra won! whoa she beat Jamie Lee Curtis Emma Roberts and Lea Michele
BANG Showbiz. Lea Michele: Cory Monteith would love my new boyfriend.
When you hear a Lea Michele song in a store
I realized how wrong I was earlier, it's actually Lea Michele, not Leah Michelle, I'm sorry.
"Don't save any Lea Michele picture on my phone, okay?". "It's too late for that, mom."
Lea Michele's talents are so wasted
Tonight on Disney: Will the Pooh, starring Lea Michele and a huge crumb.
Lea Michele in Tights - Out for a Hike in the Hollywood Hills - August 2015
Lea Michele reckons may be cast in Season 2 of WE ARE NOT CALM https:/…
Lea Michele at a Nail Salon in Hollywood - November 2015
Lea Michele - With Matthew Paetz on a Hike in California - October 2015
"It's Monteith and Lea Michele". "His incredible talent,his handsome smile,and his beautiful beautiful heart" ❤ https:/…
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Lea Michele Funny/Cute Moments via I love you so much
I added a video to a playlist Lea Michele's Contagious Laughs
Dear make it happen and give a Lea Michele WORLD TOUR! Because why not? Were awesome!
I love lea michele not only because she's super chill and is never involved in any drama but also because she's so inspi…
lea michele is a gift to this earth am I right or am I right
updates Lea Michele for rank 1060 to 1478
It still physically hurts me to see pictures/videos of Lea Michele and Corey Monteith
Matthew Morrison and Jane Lynch are doing commercials for Febreze and I think we underestimated the strength of Lea Michele's vision board.
Should old acquaintance be forgot and never brought to mind ♫ Auld Lang Syne by Lea Michele —
Best of 2015: Lea Michele, Sarah Silverman and More Reveal Their Favorite Films, Series and Performances via
If you got me for secret Santa I have one word for you: bagels. (But also Brallie, David Lambert, Taylor Swift, The 100, and Lea Michele)
Glee - Lea Michele, Amber Riley, Mark Salling, Darren Criss, etc. got my attention.
I still can't believe I've seen Lea Michele and Lana Del Rey in the flesh. It's insane. If I saw Sarah Paulson my life would be complete.
Even before glee and her first official studio album Lea Michele won a Grammy. Something Katy Perry is yet to do. http…
Y'all! It's Lea Michele's voice in a black body.
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
her voice does the same squeak and it's seriously like a black Lea Michele
I know Lea Michele's version and I agree - it's great too! But try Kerry Ellis version :) 🎸 🎤
I added a video to a playlist Auld Lang Syne - Lea Michele
I love Lea Michele and Idina Menzel way too much 😅
Lea Michele is so underrated , she's a really sweet person and god *** her voice, always and forever one of my inspirations
Of course! Love me some Emma Roberts, Lea Michele, Abigail Breslin and Jamie Lee Curtis, plus it's from the creators of
Lea Michele and Niecy Nash are the only reasons to keep watching and even they are starting not to be enough
I'm watching a show that has Emma Roberts, Keke Palmer, Jamie Lee Curtis, Nick Jonas and Lea Michele in it and it's really tripping me out
No wonder Lea Michele & Jon Groff became bffs. I mean he totally sucked her boob & had fake sex with her in front of all of Broadway.
Maybe I would want to bobaloo Lea Michele's boobalay-P.J.L.
It's been two years already and it still hurts like the first day. She wasn't being Rachel Berry, but Lea Michele. http…
I love both shows but Lea Michele will alwsays be the best as Rachel Berry then Hestor/Channel 6
Y now it's time for the Will Smith show starring Lea Michele. Oh, paradisiacal.
At least Lea Michele is actually funny but Nasim Pedrad is just making me ill.
Lea Michele, Claire Danes pay tribute to Fox Television chiefs in Cannes
Ellen & Michael Myers scare the crap out of Lea Michele
Home with Chris Colfer, Lea Michele, Naya Rivera, Kevin McHale and the gang :) Nice ensemble :)
Scream Queens' Lea Michele pranked Michael Myers from Halloween on Ellen: Lea Michele's dream would be to watc...
I'm trying to tap down my dislike for Emma Roberts and Lea Michele to get through this pilot.
Trying so hard to like Scream Queens. Emma Roberts is meh. When does Lea Michele start talking?
It's night! Lea Michele and Emma Roberts have an amazing drinking game for you htt…
Update on my L.A. book signing! I'll be signing copies of on Sept 25th. More info to come! http…
Lea Michele deserves so much success I'm so sad
Lea Michele and Jonathan Groff at the Diamond Horseshoe/The Paramount Hotel Bar & Grill
So I'll just continue to listen to Lea Michele's Glee version
"1d are better" yeah id like to see them beat Amber Riley, Chris Colfer, Lea Michele and Darren Criss and all others in..
Lea Michele is a Virgo and Diana Agron is a Taurus...
Lea Michele opens up finding love again after Cory Monteith's death:
Photoset: britttany-greenwold: Lea Michele with Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi 
(New Photo) Keke Palmer, Emma Roberts and Lea Michele backstage at the Teen Choice Awards 2015 on August 16, 2015! htt…
“170. if you could only meet one celebrity, who would it be?” Lea Michele, holly Marie combs, charisma carpenter and lana p
I'm literally eating a bowl of cereal and listening to lea Michele girl I ain't in the LEAST bit bothered
Whenever Camila looks like Lea Michele I go :')
Lea Michele Guesses Celebrity Voices… how did I not know about this video
Lea Michele deserves so much success why did her album have to flop
."Happiness is my greatest invisible accessory"
you're not alone,I am here with you. . ferragosto 2k15 💕 @ burn with you - lea michele🔥
Friendly reminder that Wendy Williams attacked Lea Michele for being with an "hooker".
Hayley Williams, Demi, Ariana, Tori Kelly, Adele, Lea Michele and JoJo are the greatest female vocalists of our generat…
Patiently waiting for the day in which it's announced that Lea Michele will be voicing a Disney Princess thank you and goodbye.
Lea Michele's broadway debut in 1995 as Young Cosette in Les Misérables proved her talent at such a young age. htt…
Photoset: lea-coryforever: Lea Michele and Skyler Samuels signing autographs at San Diego Comic Con on July...
Amy Adams, Emma Roberts, Lea Michele and more wear to Comic Con!
Chris Colfer . Lea Michele. I will love them until my dying day ❤
I've had a few! Lea Michele, David Beckham, Nigel Barker, Daniel Radcliffe, as well as most of the TVD cast :)
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Lea Michele and Marilyn Manson at the 'Sons of ...
C'mon guys there's not even doubt Lea Michele is the best comedy actress, vote for her!! .
Dove Cameron, Lea Michele, Emily Osment's names have been submitted for Emmy consideration for Lead Actress in Comedy …
Diaporama : Jonathan Groff on how he met Lea Michele.
Emma Roberts turns mean girl as sorority president in Scream Queens trailer as dorky Lea Michele dons neck brace and shirtl…
For start the day ;) my for is Lea Michele the BEST one ;)♥
I love you 💞 you are so beautiful inside and out!
A few of my favorite things from today's cover shoot! 😍
Just a little mid day photo session with in between set ups... 💋
you are my heart.. I love you so much.. Thank you for another beautiful day... ❤️
Such an awesome cover shoot today! Today's amazing location for one of my favorite shoots ever! Can you see me? 😘
I've decided I don't like lea michele
I would just like to appreciate Lea Michele's legs bc
My for is Lea Michele Sarfati she deserves it.
Lea Michele Pokies, out for a hike in the Hollywood Hills 81314: via
Naya Rivera just announced she's releasing her memoir very soon. Expect all the dirt on Big Sean & Lea Michele Drama💅 …
Ashmi and syirah is like lea michele and Cory Monteith all over again.
you do know lea michele has jewish blood right? —ffsangelo. We need one jew to tournament.
Lea Michele working his magic in a very spooky basement today!…
Lea Michele you are so beautiful inside and out! I love you! 💞
Lea Michele A few of my favorite things from today’s cover shoot!
Lea Michele Mid day photo session with in between set ups! 💋💋💋💋
(New Photo) Lea Michele at the 12th Annual Inspiration Awards Luncheon on June 5, 2015!
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