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Le Pen

The Thinker (Le Penseur in French) is a bronze and marble sculpture by Auguste Rodin, whose first cast, of 1902, is now in the Musée Rodin in Paris; there are some 20 other original castings, as well as various other versions, studies, and posthumous castings.

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Tolerance as an ideological category: 9am going to sit and chat politely with the fascist Marine Le Pen o…
Although I still need confirmation, I have to say, if this happens, I should have campaigned for Le Pen
The EU is like a sick dog, it needs to be put out of its misery. Le Pen and Wilders were bullets in a double barrel shotgun.
and le pen are the winners. Hope the French people vote on 7may on macron. To keep France in
Second, there is no way Le Pen could have said anything remotely close to this without being savaged. S…
If Neymar does go to PSG, I immensely regret campaigning against Le Pen. She would have reinstated the guillotine. VIVE LE Front National!
Authorities say a deputy fired in part because he thought Le had a knife. Over a week later, the sheriff's office r…
Keep towing Putin's line, King. Wonder what kompromat he's got on you.
The anti-European program of Marine Le Pen denounced by 25 Nobel economists
If this were true, the French Jews in Israel would have voted overwhelmingly for Le Pen. But they didn't.
like Le Pen Pootin bankrolled her candidacy
Don't forget Le Pen lost the election but Nigel Farage never won and he got…
Far left and far right united in Jew Hatred. Bite me, Le Pen and Melenchon.
if Le Pen would have been elected, would someone say France has civilizational problems?
Seems more like he's mocking the people who were calling Le Pen the same to me. Maybe I just don't assu…
If Marine Le Pen wins one day, I don't want to feel responsible for the rest of my life.
Side-project idea: build an app that will send 10€ everyday to Marine Le Pen if I didn't went for a run that day.
“Never, at any moment did the French choose murder and anti-Semitic criminality.” Melenchon goes full Marine Le Pen https:…
So they went to meet with Le Pen instead I guess. Where else did they go on t…
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I'm so sick of progressive MPs in main parties talking like Brexit apologists. . If Macron had behaved like you in France the…
Does trump think Macron forgot he backed Le Pen
Macron now expected to win French election, but Le Pen still a force via
The dislike more than Xi and Le Pen, poll finds SMUG SUPPORTERS of TRUMP=>As "GREATNESS"Ends
French far-right leader Le Pen charged over claims her party illegally sought European Parliament funding
Le Pen charged over claims her party illegally claimed €ms from the European Parliament. .
"Marine Le Pen" charged fast meanwhile America has a *** bigot, liar in office and hasn't even begun
Marine Le Pen, trying out her Christmas wardrobe...
Marine Le Pen charged in inquiry into misuse of EU funds
far-right leader charged over European Parliament funding scandal
Marine Le Pen charged with corruption for alleged misuse of EU funds:
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Hours before graduation, Tommy Le was shot and killed by a deputy who thought he had a knife. He was carrying a pen. https:…
Marine Le Pen charged with misusing European Parliament funds to pay 2 aides who also do National Front work.
Marine Le Pen charged over finance scandal via
Marine Le Pen charged in expenses scandal
A cop fatally shot hours before his HS graduation. He believed Le had a knife, but it was just a pen.
If only she had Le Pen's voice. Also, I'm Ross Douthat's alt.
'Macron NEEDS Britain' Migrant crisis may lead to Le Pen victory in the future, Hague says Vive Le Pen
She's vice-president of Le Pen's "Europe of Nations and Freedoms (ENF) Group"?. I thought Le Pen was anti any pan Eu…
Le Pen did as well as you could for a part of the world that considers their own national identities to be offensive
Trump sent me an SMS. Wants to know why, if Le Pen got fewer votes, she isn't declared winner.
And you were in a golf cart. And you said you never supported Le Pen (mkay) and you called the PM of…
Le Pen would have had no time for a foreign war anyway. She would be b…
Did ISIS just intervene in the UK election as it appears to have done with Le Pen per its "grayzone" strategy?
.Should have vote Le Pen, or did they and the results were rigged? It happens all the time now.
Support for Marine Le Pens Front National PLUMMETS after French election defeat
Even Marine Le Pen thinks crashing out of Europe is a stupid idea
FUN FACT - French racism enthusiast Marine Le Pen earned her nickname from her days as a footballer, where she was dea…
Yet another party realising the insanity of pulling out of trade agreements with your biggest market.
.This is slow indoctrination. Muslims have always got what they wanted via violence. French should have voted Le Pen
Should have voted for Le Pen, we dodged a bullet here; Thank God for Trump or our headlines would be similar. So m…
Smh, you see what Le Pen is saying now? She's giving up on Frexit!
France- Algerian tycoon plans Burkini pool party in Cannes during film festival. He sends one to Le Pen.
France's Le Pen abandons 'Frexit' and franc pitch, "makes no sense to keep insisting stubbornly"
says Farage, Le Pen et. al. paid liars, propagators of disinformation in EP
WRAL - France's Le Pen would accept exit of rival on euro issue
Top tip for 's next u-turn. Even Pen is abandoning EU exit plan now. .
UPDATE - No one shows up to Algerian tycoons burkini party. Because Le Pen hosted an actual Bikini party next door.
So much for all Farage's predictions! When even Le Pen takes a look at the mess that is Brexit Britain and thinks, 'better…
Hilarious. Le Pen in Groucho Marx mode: French people didn't like my ideas, so I abandon them
France's Le Pen cancels meet with Lebanon grand mufti over headscarf.
Marine Le Pen’s far right does a u-turn abandons policy to leave the Well the do it all time!
Wait until two weeks from now when everyone from BBC to CNN is treating a possible Corbyn win like a Le Pen one 🙃
Even Marine Le Pen has come round, albeit reluctantly. Will Tories and Labour ever come to their senses?
Marine Le Pen will ABANDON her bid for 'Frexit' via
Lib Dem leader Tim Farron lumps Theresa May in with Farage and Le Pen
Today's Paris - No wonder Le Pen got only 5% of the vote in the French capital.
Macron's resounding win over Le Pen strengthens France's status as a pillar of the European Union ht…
Macron may have won the French presidency, but is Le Pen the real winner?
Results of the elections prove Le Pen's party still perceived as dangerous. But 10.6 mill people wanted her to win.
Macron wins French presidency by decisive margin over Le Pen.
Macron may have won the French presidency, but in many ways, Le Pen is the real winner.
Emmanuel MacRon beats Le Pen to win French presidency
If you mean a tribe that isn't populated by fanboys of Steve Hofmeyr or Marine Le Pen, th…
Ha - so Macron loves Schumann. I knew he was a good thing. Madame Le Pen probably only likes Wagner...
I wonder who at BBC is behind the non stop promotion of far right? Even French election was more about L…
domain names
“It’s not some grand conspiracy, but it’s grand theft all the same. Le Pen voters lost their ballots, their...
Visiting family member expressing his love for Putin, Trump & Le Pen..'we have to clean up.' I'm purposely burning this dinner into a crisp.
The far-right can only do as well as the center-right will let it
If you think Macron whipped Le Pen's hiney (65%), wait till you see the 2018 mid-terms! Can Tea Pain get an amen?
Le Pen didn’t come out on top. But had quite a sizeable flop—. A flop, it is reckoned,. That only comes second. To that of her…
Europe was duped. Remember constant reports of Macron 20% ahead? Preparing you for their colossal fraud .
Could this be the planned election results for France? To elect a puppet of the elite.
In the wake of 11 million votes for Le Pen its crucial to pass on the lessons of how the movement broke the back...
Clinton won district (CA-38) last year. Rohrabacher went to France to help Le Pen. Defeat him ➝
A reminder that Republican members of Congress literally traveled to France to endorse Le Pen, including vulnerable Rep. Rohra…
HRC & Le Pen comparisons. The point is, it was never about feminism. That just got exploited as a surrogate…
Front National founder urges Marion Le Pen to stay with party as she is ‘the future’
."I don't have to return a favour. I'll decide according to national interest & what my majority will be." /30…
A very important point. Fillon and the French right didn't capitulate to Le Pen like DC Republicans did to Trump.
.endorsed leaned in for Putin-backed Le Pen. After Macron's landslide today, will Tr…
France's Le Pen has gotten millions from Putin! Fact! So you can assume Trump got millions too and putin putting pr…
A direct reference to Marine Le Pen & her sidekick Florian Philippot. The revenge of Jean-Marie was only just beginning, thou…
Baxter Dmitry: 60% of Le Pen ballots were destroyed at the time of mailing.
Thus, when on 20 August 2015 Jean-Marie Le Pen was excluded from the party Marion explained in media that she was against his…
."After Marine Le Pen's shipwreck, the FN is getting worried." was the headline. /12
France is done. Believe me, they've been duped. Le Pen was their only hope.
Marine Le Pen and Conservatism's Identity Crisis - Bearing Drift (press release) (blog)
I've seen 2 videos now, showing Le Pen ballots being strewn all over the street.
But within minutes, we saw something never seen before at Front National: someone opposed the leader. Marine Le Pen's niece:…
What happens next w/ Front National? Yest, Marine Le Pen told her voters she wants to bury her party & create a new "patrioti…
60% of Marine Le Pens Ballots were destroyed - fraud and corruption on an industrial scale .
Two weeks ago, Trump said terrorist attack would upend French election in favor of Le Pen. Today, France rejected that fear i…
Macron is projected to defeat the far-right candidate, Marine Le Pen, bolstering the E.U.
Centrist Macron on course to become French president after beating back populist tide, projections show
. expresses support for Marine Le Pen the French immigration hard-liner who's aligned with Russia's Putin http…
Breaking News: The centrist Emmanuel MacRon will be France's next president, forecasts show
So Obama spied on Le Pen and endorsed Macron. If this is him not interfering in a foreign election, what would interfer…
Is This true?. "Up to 3rd of ballots, an estimated 60% of Le Pen ballots, were destroyed at time of mailing". https…
"If Macron doesn’t reform swiftly, he’ll open the gates for Le Pen in 2022" by Anne Dias https:/…
French media will face criminal charges if they report on contents of even if info is true.
Macron won. But Le Pen was an alternative. What does this mean in the years ahead? explains.
Beaten but not broken, Le Pen eyes parliamentary vote
tfw the only place where French citizens abroad picked Le Pen was Syria
Guys in France some mayor are looking for Le Pen electors... this is horrible. I think want to punish us or something
Fear my *** Nothing scary abt Le Pen if u actually LISTENED 2 what she had 2 say rather than listen…
One of the biggest frauds perpetrated on the people of Europe in EU history 60% of Le Pens ballots DESTROYED .
Front National’s not finished: Party could win up to 111 seats in French election
The French election results aren't as clear as they seem via
The song remains the same as always. As long as people believe govt's are legitimate, govt's will take advantage . https:/…
Why is the Le Pen headquarters having a dance party playing Madonna's Holiday?
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My poll continues. of the Lib Dems is doing best in Islington South. No signs yet for Thornberry. (Remain.) One against Le Pen
Marion Marechal-Le Pen retires from politics days after her aunt's defeat in French presidential election
Is Trump's rise in any way responsible for the defeat of Le Pen in French Presidential electio… by Thomas L. Johnson
Refuse to get excited about Macron just because he's not Le Pen; he reminds me too much of Obama only shorter and less charming.
How a hoax story about betting on Le Pen fooled the internet
South Korea votes tomorrow. Every major candidate is far far to the right of Le Pen on immigration, nationality, & Islam.…
Trump is confused. He can't work out why Le Pen did not win. She lost the popular vote. He thought that means you become…
What does Le Pen, Nigel Farage and the US State Department have in common? (Victoria Nuland intercept remix)
BREAKING: Marine Le Pen calls on France to "resist" Macron. Oops, nevermind, that was our loser. Le Pen lost with grac…
Le Pen made great strides and vows to carry on! 😀
I'd already been bumped down schedule by Le Pen aide. Actual fascists.
Condoleezza Rice: Don't be reassured by Le Pen's defeat
Front National is NOT finished’ Experts warn France has NOT seen the back of Le Pen
Macron has beaten Le Pen but he has a huge task to build a parliamentary majority digs into it http…
Hey Sri Lankans, . If you had a chance to vote for Macron or Le Pen, who would you vote for?
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You see in Trump vs Le Pen once again that authoritarian nationalist movements only win with the support of the establish…
Should the ' skeptics ' just say that Charlie Hebdo deserve to be attacked? You know coz they were against Le Pen and stuff?
I don't understand how anybody could be pro Le Pen, her father was a Holocaust denier, and spent time in prison because of it.
Hey check out these three Putin lovers! Le Pen and.two United States congressmen.
TBT the time Le Pen threatened Madonna w/ a lawsuit for superimposing a swastika over her forehead during a concert
German minister: If Macron fails, "Le Pen will be president in 5 years & the European project will go to the dogs”
Le Pen doesn't share American values you *** That's why she lost. And you'd better ***
Today was a good day: Le Pen was routed & Wikileaks got owned. And Portuguese TV keeps call him Mac-a-ron. Works for me. S…
3) Le Pen will drop the FN baggage and team up with other rightist movements DLF and UPR in new Patriotic Party.
Macron beats Le Pen, but can he lead France?
Macron hushes booing of Le Pen's name in his victory address in front of Louvre pyramid - which she never did in ralli…
Le Pen joins Yanukovych, the overthrown president of Ukraine, in being a huge disappointment to Putin.
BREAKING: French voters have received faulty Le Pen ballot papers - Team Marine . Dirty *** are ignoring it.
Le Pen announces a new "patriotic party". You can make the brand less toxic, not the ideology behind it.
Hard to call Macron winning the French Presidency good news. At least that Pauline Marois wannabe Le Pen didn't win. Both complete turds.
Swiss announcing results before French media allowed to — it's Macron with 62.5%. Trump's Le Pen flopped.
The French woman who says she'll vote Le Pen to *** people off made me think of Erich Maria Remarque's Arch of Tri…
Kim Jong May and Liam Fox say we share the same values as Duterte/Erdogan/Trump/Le Pen and Saudi Arabia
Uh no Marcron is leagues better. His only issue is more about background than policy, but Le Pen is a raging pile garbage fire.
Gateway Pundit has an article that, Le Pen ballots are arriving torn, which invalidates them. No re…
Gateway Pundit reports that Le Pen ballots are arriving at polling stations torn & INVALID. There are…
The Erdoğan of Downing Street, a Le Pen in No 10: that’s how Merkel sees May | Stephan Richter
Le Pen has MANY ex-muslims and MANY Christian Arabs in her party. You should pay attention to that.
The Dreyfus Affair and all that went with it, still hangs over France to this day. As does Vichy. Le Pen celebrates both.
The Liberal Blackmail: Slavoj Zizek on refusing the false choice between Le Pen and Macron.
Putin doesn't care. His goal is lifting of sanctions. Destruction of EU and NATO = Trump & Le Pen
I believe it. If the evil that's Le Pen wins, France is screwed big time. Welcome to our world French brot…
"There's no real choice between Le Pen and Macron": Zizek.
Refusing the liberal blackmail: Slavoj Zizek on why Le Pen and Macron are both candidates of fear.…
But Macron is only going to help Le Pen's chances because neoliberalism. Slavoj Zizek said so!
Note to French voters this Sunday: We voted "Le Pen" here (at least our electoral college did). Do we look happy?
Slavoj Žižek: Don't believe the liberals there is no real choice between Macron and Le Pen.
Le Pen would be avery good President.Hope the people willvote forher.Youneed someone strong like Le Pe…
National Front leaders are beginning to acknowledge that Le Pen may be headed for defeat
He also said he wants to ERADICATE the FN (Front National)! Then he accuses Le Pen to be a threat to democ…
This is Trump's chum and co-conspirator Nigel Farrage endorsing Le Pen, a far-right Russian puppet.
The Final TV Showdown: Polls showing with a lead of 20 percentage points over Le Pen.…
Macron, Le Pen in Final TV Showdown - Polls showing Macron with a strong lead of 20 percentage points over the...
Being asked to vote for Macron against Le Pen is analogous to being asked to vote for Paul O'Neill or Law…
Le Pen is already crumbling...just like Trump. She won't leave EU or even bring back the Franc.…
Young French voters are backing Le Pen to get their country back & are fed up with EU propaganda
yeah go for it. Sikhs voted for Trump and Brexit and Back Le Pen. They are legit Redpilled
France's Macron pays tribute to Moroccan drowned after 1995 Le Pen rally
Le Pen calls for Mosque closings, Muslim Deportations & the elimination of Muslim Brotherhood in France.
Le Pen upstages Macron in his home town
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Marine LePen vows to bring Islamic fundamentalism to its KNEES►
! Watch this, even if you don't speak French: Le Pen plagiarizing verbatim a mid-April speech from Francois Fillon.
Marine Le Pen’s niece ‘guarantees’ *** marriage repeal if she becomes president
Antifa sets police officers on fire in Paris. Vote for Marine Le Pen and end this madness!
Quite incredible. Le Pen apparently plagiarizes Fillon speech word for word - watch the video
Euro a dead weight on the French economy - Le Pen via
ftbrussels "Macron vs Le Pen: battle of the policies
Cry baby Macron threatens to walk off stage during debate if he's losing. Le Pen asks him if he wants Hollande to hold hi…
Macron vs Le Pen: battle of the policies 
Marine Le Pen 'may WIN French presidency' as Macron 'fears mass BOYCOTT by voters'
Emmanuel MacRon branded 'REPREHENSIBLE' by Polish officials in furious war of words
I added a video to a playlist Le Pen accused of plagiarism ahead of French election
Macron and Le Pen to square off in French pre-election TV debate
Nationalist presidential candidate Marine Le Pen has declared the “euro is dead” -
'Hand-to-hand combat!' Le Pen & Macron set for BRUTAL final TV debate DAYS from election
Maybe read article in full?! Melanchon said not a single vote should go to Le Pen. Powerful message not…
Don't forget the shooting in Quebec earlier this year done by a Trump/Le Pen fan that left six Musli…
Some super edgy artist "barks like a dog for three hours to protest Marine Le Pen". Performance art is why alien civilisatio…
in the way I feel they should be represented. You may disagree, it's your right, but i don't believe Le Pen has detoxified herself enough.
Marine Le Pen about her opponent, establishment boy Emmanuel MacRon:
Macron vs Le Pen: battle of the policies
Marine Le Pen leads the crusade to free Europe & put an end to multiculturalism before it puts an end to the European peo…
Latest news update from Luisa Florez. Marine Le Pen, French Presidential Candidate, Is Accused of Plagiarism
Trump. Le Pen. Could it happen here? We take a look at the radical right tonight with Tom McMillan & .
My comeback on Trump, Le Pen, Brexit, climate change…
Someone from the anti Le Pen protest did set police officers on fire with a petrol bomb. Isn't this fascism?
"We'll have a national currency, we'll be out of Europe, we'll annex Switzerland, Louis Garrel will gyrate against the Eiffel Tower" -Le Pen
Le Pen wants to place French values, Culture and iden…
Le Pen, Farage, AfD, Willders.No, by far the most dangerous politician in Europe is
That's why I like Le Pen. No one is going to tell her to put on a veil in order to speak with the grand mufti. You go gi…
I wonder if Hadley Freeman will write about the New York Times and Le Pen.
‘Euro is dead’: Le Pen eyes return of the Franc, preserving single currency for int’l trade
Le Pen refuses to wear headscarf, walks out of meeting with Grand Mufti
IFOP poll: steady support for Macron over Le Pen: 60.5-39.5 on 4/27. 88% of voters are "sure of their choice." 2/
A new Republic: Macron and Le Pen advance to the second round of the French election via
Macron, the beacon of hope already banning press like Le Pen. .
France's Le Pen struggles with fear of far-right. France's far-right leader Marine Le Pen faces the biggest test yet of her six-year drive …
Mrs. Le Pen is the last best hope for survival of France, as their Borders must be defended against Tro…
'Le Pen is the direct inheritor, through her father, of Vichy France' - Dominique Moïsi
vote Le Pen so that Vichy France can exist again, let's hear it 4 for hate and NAZIs agai…
In France the rise of Le Pen brings. A fear of modern Vichy. But just as here at home. It's Ol' Vlad doing something fishy…
'The French will be all the better for it if Le Pen wins and so will the rest of Europe!"- Former Italian PM says --
It is now incumbent upon Macron to build support against Le Pen by reaching…
Know History & relationships between monarchs, pope & Templars. You actually honor Le Pen by depicting her in Knig…
Jeremy Corbyn has been opposing the politics of hatred from the Le Pen family for 26 years. Here is a report from December…
ICYMI: Now France lurches to the right as Le Pen, Macron square off in presidential run-off
The head of the National Front is now MEP Jean-Francois Jalkh, close to the Le Pen dynasty. Again, as I said yesterday, largely symbolic -
Who does Le Pen think she's kidding no longer being leader of the racist, anti Semitic, RW National Front? Change label to c…
Tryiing to airbrush her own fascism, Le Pen steps aside as the National Front's zookeeper. This is as useless as spraying C…
Le Pen steps down as leader of National Front for round 2. Not really sure what this means
Smart move by Le Pen. Could this give her a chance?
For months Le Pen has tried to limit toxic effect of her surname & the Front National on her personal brand. Campaigned simply…
De Gaulle's party political inheritance may be dead. Gaullism is very much alive in Macron and Le Pen
What you need to know:. 🇫🇷 Hollande asks voters to unite against Le Pen. 👠 Jimmy Choo for sale. ❄️ It's getting chilly.
Willie Rennie has just endorsed Emmanuel MacRon. Hard to imagine the desolation in the Le Pen camp.
.. Like Trump picking up Bernie supporters ... Le Pen may pick up Melenchon suppo…
Perhaps Trump supporters might like Le Pen assuming they follow international events. France would not be our travel destination if she won.
Yvette Cooper's leadership pitch is to fight Le Pen.
Why is Le Pen 2nd in France?. Because lighting up candles and the Eifel tower isn't stopping terrorism.
The media is more upset that Le Pen won today than the Antifa and migrants currently burning down the city of Paris
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He had strong support from the Dutch people but eventually lost in the elections to Mark Rutte. Wilders now helps Le Pen in her elections.
Still convinced though that Trump is a bigger threat to world peace than Le Pen, Wilders, Putin and Kim Jong Un combined.
With the big difference, Le pen wants the best for France and not a puppet Prez like Crooked Hillary, Le Pen will m…
As expected Fake CNN is now peddling France Le Pen/Russian collusion hotwash. Disgusting and unprofessional news channel. Shut…
Do you guys think Gobert is a Le Pen man or nah
‘Hope of EU’? European elites flock to praise Macron, some call for Le Pen’s defeat: The French establishment and…
The polls were wrong once again. Le Pen outperforms the polls in French Election as she heads to the Final Round. https:…
The whole establishment has backed Macron. That makes Le Pen the anti-establishment candidate for 2nd round. This is huge…
Never underestimate the power of standing up to a bully. We all need to learn this lesson! Viva Le Pen! https:/…
This reminds me of a shorter My guess is that Le Pen wins runoff. Save France.
France's Macron appears set for Elysee in runoff with Le Pen
Clinton led Trump by 2-3 points. Remain led Leave by 1-2 points. Macron leads Le Pen by 26 points in runoff polls
I never thought I'd say it but... Best of luck to France, and Marine Le Pen!
"Tolerant Liberals" set cars ablaze after Le Pen's win today
Macron 23.9% vs Le Pen 21.4%, with 97% counted. He beat her by a margin of nearly a milllion votes in the 1st round.
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Le Pen's massive come-from-behind victory today will be celebrated by feminists. Right?
Le Pen: "French colonialism was good for Algeria." If 1 mil Algerians killed & 1,000's tortured is "good", one must wonder…
Congratulations to Le Pen! France and Europe may have a bright future!!
"Le Pen victory would mean a strong ally of Vladimir Putin in the heart of a Europe"
The French claiming doom for economy market if Le Pen wins. They lied about Trump,and Brexit also. Boom
"Le Pen" French people kicked the *** of liberal parties n f. off them from the election. I like it:)
Jean-Marie Le Pen, who ran it, is a convicted racist who dismissed the gas chambers as a 'detail of history…
French intel agencies are warning voters that if Le Pen wins migrants could start riots . Let that sink in.
Exactly why we need to vote for Le Pen to bring out there true colors before its to late. The world needs to see th…
France elections: Macron and Le Pen through to run-off
How often do you hear Marine Le Pen falsely called 'far right'? How often is North Korea accurately called 'communist'?…
Agree with you 100%. Just hope the ppl know Le Pen can actually change their society for the best!
The Era of Appeasement to Radicals will soon be over. . The Era of Le Pen draws near!.
FRANCE: Mayor of town where Le Pen won says he might resign because he doesn't want to 'serve ***
Congratulations sent to Marine Le Pen. A day of celebration for all Patriots in Europe. On to the 2nd round and the Pr…
In case there was any mystery about her vision, Le Pen paid a visit to Moscow to see Putin in lead up to the vote
Macron, Le Pen set to face off in final round after nail-biting first stage of French presidential vote
Macron and Le Pen are the 2 finalists in They're already calling it for Macron, BUT DON'T MAKE AMERICA'S…
Why France's Marine Le Pen is doubling down on Russia support France hooks up w/Putin!! Unbelievable disappointment!
Millions support Marine Le Pen and thousands visit her rallies. We believe in president Le Pen!
If Le Pen loses, Londoners will be able to catch the Eurostar to Al-Parisabad within 20 years.
is one step closer to the French presidency as she storms into second round https:…
In France independent political parties pick up steam as voters reject politics as usual. Same for USA?.
At the Macron party people can be seen waving EU flags. At the Le Pen party people are waving French flags.
Will the French vote for terrorism as a way of life (Macron) or for freedom (Le Pen). If the former, have no pity when terro…
On social media I have seen so many people who I would say are “hard right” condemn Le Pen despite espousing the exact same views as her.
🔴 - Marine Le Pen sets new record for her National Front party with more than 6.9 million votes
Le Pen needs to win to save France from terrorist invaders
The globalists are in full panic mode over Marine Le Pen. She is going to make France great again!
Last Yom HaShoah, Trump (presumptively) advanced to a general election. This year, Le Pen. This is what happens when you…
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Centrist Emmanuel MacRon and far-right leader Marine Le Pen to contest French run-off, projected results say
That rally for Marine Le Pen look familiar! 🇺🇸🇫🇷 National pride is sweeping the globe! . Liberals are mad about this!😄.
French mayor on Le Pen win in his town: "It is possible that I will resign because I do not want to devote my life to ***
Congratulations to Marine Le Pen. Now she needs to beat Macron. May 7th will be the most important day French history since…
Projections: Macron, Le Pen go to 2nd round of France presidential election.
Watching -- making same arguments ag Le Pen as they did against Globalists…
Queuing to vote on a sunny day against Marine Le Pen 😎
So how long before Liberal Mainstream Media and the Left start to accuse Marine Le Pen of being a Russian Puppet !!??…
Leftists set cars ablaze after Le Pen has a better turnout than expected.
Will Le Pen be praised by Feminazis if she wins this run off?
Le Pen's party has received a hefty loan from a Russian bank. Macron's organization has suffered from more than 4000 hacki…
French elections 2017 highlights: Emmanuel MacRon wins first round, to face Le Pen in runoff vote
If ISIS scares you into voting for Le Pen, who plans to destroy the European Union, you're the sheep running into the slau…
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