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Le Pen

The Thinker (Le Penseur in French) is a bronze and marble sculpture by Auguste Rodin, whose first cast, of 1902, is now in the Musée Rodin in Paris; there are some 20 other original castings, as well as various other versions, studies, and posthumous castings.

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'Russia & the US are both GREAT POWERS' Le Pen promises to move beyond 'Cold War politics'
Putin gave Le Pen a warm welcome in the Kremlin, but said he didn't want to influence the French elections. Yea sure https…
Russia reserves right to meet any French politician it wants to – Putin to Le Pen (Part 1)
Ha. Top FN official: 'look how well Le Pen did in the Figaro poll'. Figaro: 'No, Le Pen was not in the lead at any…
You DON’T talk for me! Le Pen and Macron clash in fiery debate about the burkini h…
Little reminder of how wrong polls can be 6 weeks before a French Presidential election. Le Pen ended 2nd; Jospin out htt…
Le Pen's policies come under fire in first French Presidential debate
French Presidential frontrunners Macron and Le Pen clash in a heated debate
‘Our schools are not safe anymore' Le Pen says teachers are ‘afraid’ of going to class
I won’t be Merkel’s lapdog! Le Pen launches scathing attack on EU in presidential debate
'We must close our borders' Le Pen calls for end of ALL immigration to stop ISIS in France
Because of racist spreading female DTrumps Marie Le Pen.No to racist Le Pen!
This is what you get because Marie Le Pen spreading of hatreds&DTrumps racism banning people!.No to Le Pen.
Le Pen refuses headscarf to meet with Lebanon’s Grand Mufti. "I will not cover myself up" https:…
"a spokesman for the Grand Mufti said Le Pen had been informed of the need to wear a head covering before the meeting" No a ban?
Marine Le Pen. It's not THAT difficult to restore order in France. You need to ACT!.
Interesting thing, the polls had Wilders leading for a long time. They were wrong again. They have had Le Pen losing...p…
Marine Le Pen believes she is the only candidate who can "defend French civilisation" https:/…
Looks like the jig is up Vlady. Now deal with Le Pen...
If Le Pen doesn't win, then i have lost hope for Europe & i think there'll be a big risk for civil war within 10 years, w…
Thanks to Brexit and Trump Le Pen is also sinking fast.
Friend, it will be to late! Concentrate us on Marine Le Pen's election...if losing we might bett…
Front National leader Marine Le Pen could reach the 2nd round of France's presidential election--here is a timeline of her party's…
Le Pen: Ending Calais Borders Checks Means 'Bodies on the Shores of Britain and France' via
Memo to . Marine Le Pen is not "a controversial right wing leader". . She is a fascist. . Do not normalise her.
Marine Le Pen. The Media, "Experts", Institutions all protect OWN their interest not the PEOPLE'S !.
What a relief to see Dutch Islamophobe, Geert Wilders lose elections. Let's see how France reacts to Le Pen. Turkey must b…
I really hope you're right but don't want to underestimate le pen
Marine Le Pens signals her support to keep UK border checks on the French side
Marine Le Pen HAILS UK Parliament for ‘sticking to will of the people’ & delivering Brexit
Marine Le Pen destroys the EU and Merkel: I don't acknowledge you.
As Marine Le Pen said, there's no right versus left anymore. It's nationalism vs globalismism.
Marine Le Pen. Foreigner?. Welcome to OUR country. Criminal?. Get back home handcuffed on 1st plane !.
‘Bodies on the Shores of Britain and France’
Le Pen destroys in this French rally.👏👏. 👇🎬. https:…
Marine Le Pen declares she can smell the ‘perfume of VICTORY’ in French general election
Marine Le Pen: 95% of French people do not trust the media anymore
Also, Bigly Yuge support for Marine Le Pen in France - another Putin puppet/ big oil, bank launde…
"Le Pen foes relish Dutch vote, but French election may be different"
Words matter. Le Pen and Wilders are fascists. MSM should not normalise them by calling them "populist" or "controversial" or…
AMAZING! Make France Great Again!. The Donald Trump of France, Marine Le Pen, declares war on Merkel to her Face in the EU Parl…
Pray let's hope Le Pen wins. Definitely the EU needs new leaders.
Marine Le Pen vows France will be Britain's BREXIT ALLY if she wins French election
Germany is betting on this man to keep Marine Le Pen out of power in France
Nigel Farage is live on LBC at 7pm. Here’s the full interview from last night that’s making such waves:
Is Mrs. May setting herself up for another grovelling apology, first snubbing Trump and now Le Pen?.
he's polling 60-49 against Le Pen in the 2nd round. Think it'll be closer than that but hard to judge. Odd election.
Putin puppet Le Pen, far right French Presidential candidate, visits Trump Tower. Russia is bankrolling her, when French…
Le Pen: " I will not ask for instructions from Mrs Merke nor from Mr Juncker nor from Mr Draghi! I will not submit.
Le Pen blasts ‘STUPEFYING VIOLENCE’ after pupils SET SCHOOL ON FIRE and run riot in Paris
Le Pen says France is Bardot, not burkinis. Immigrants should assimilate to French culture.
Simply Telling the truth makes you 'far right' . Marine Le Pen is spot on 👏🏻👏🏻
All the more reason to vote for Marine Le Pen
‘Slit your throat’, Muslim Blogger who threatened to KILL Marine Le Pen under fire.
Marine Le Pen: “France isn’t Burkinis on the beach. France is Brigitte Bardot. That’s France.”
After the special tonight with she blew me away. What an incredible woman!. Le Pen👉…
Marie Le Pen leads in National French polls & likely to make it to the final round
Juppe on the drift o/n, and Baroin shortening up, prior to Juppe speech this AM. Both Macron/Le Pen shorter, on Rep…
Le Pen to Anderson Cooper: "France is not Burkinis, France is Brigitte Bardot"
Good luck with the election Marine Le Pen! The world needs you!
Le Pen says Moscow poses no threat to Europe
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One for all the Ukippy Le Pen fans here in the UK. She's a racist. Plain & simple. And so are you
For our grandparents, for our parents, for our children: forward! Let us be proud! Long live the Republic, long live Fra…
& others in facilitated better trade integration & laws. But citizens never intended to give up sovereignty. No…
doesn't change the fact that Le Pen isn't a fascist, her dad was one and she kicked him out of the party for it
Hollande’s ‘last task’ to prevent Le Pen ‘threat’ - Outgoing French President warns far-right candidate will le...
Follow for Marine Le Pen's campaign in English. It's good stuff!
Hollande says his ultimate duty is to stop Le Pen
The obscene coalition: to destroy the by
First came Brexit, next came Trump, then comes Le Pen. It's fate, and a good fate at that.
Outgoing French President Hollande says 'ultimate duty' is to prevent Le Pen victory
Le Pen's small online army: how a small group of accounts tries to make itself look bigger htt…
'Most important EVER' Farage says Le Pen vs Macron would be a battle for Europe's future
'EU is a dead man walking' Le Pen vows to hold a Frexit referendum
Le Pen will DESTROY 'globalist' Macron in French election, claims Front National MEP
“Showing and Naming the HORROR of Islamism allow us to Fight against it” —. VP of Le Pen's National Front to Reuters.
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The only hope of stopping Le Pen is Macron. The Republicains should have forced Fillon out some time ago. Too late now.
Here are more images of ISIS beheading James Foley, Alan Henning and Steven Sotloff. Marine Le Pen is being...
Meanwhile, in France, rioting leftists make Le Pen's victory more likely every day. Thanks, guys.…
This will make a great campaign ad for Le Pen. Abdurahman al-Ghafiqi invaded France, was defeated by Charles Marte…
France had a hero in Charles Martel! I hope they can find another one. Mlle. Le Pen, perhaps?
Le Pen could be the next Charles Martel and save Europe from the moslem hordes.
Can't wait till Le Pen gains power and deports all the nutters so I can visit the louvre again without the chance of getting killed
BREAKING: Marine Le Pen's chief of staff charged in connection with EU parliamentary assistant scandal. Le Pen about to appear on French TV
Le Pen. "2017 is going to be the year of the grand return of the nation-state,the control of borders and currencies". ht…
Le Pen: Bodyguard, chief of staff quizzed
France's Le Pen refuses to wear headscarf for meeting with Lebanon's Grand Mufti
Is Theresa May making the same mistake she made with Trump by refusing to meet Le Pen?
YES!🙌 This is how you deal w/ radicalism. Marine Le Pen REFUSES to cover her head and WALKS OUT instead!
Well done Le Pen, about time a woman of courage showed others what to do. Wearing it is not respect it's subservien…
Why is Marine Le Pen traveling to a Muslim country?
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Marie Le Pen flat out refuses to wear the headscarf when meeting Lebanon's Grand Mufti!
This is France. Marine Le Pen can't come soon enough! 🇫🇷
France's Le Pen cancels meet with Lebanon Grand Mufti over headscarf
"It's a no": Marine Le Pen refused to wear a headscarf for a meeting with Lebanon's Grand Mufti https:…
Putin financing LePen too. French voters: don't be fooled by Putin's tricks like USA. LePenRussia
OMG I love her ! Marine Le Pen refuses to wear a headscarf! 😂. Thuglife! 😎 .
Marine Le Pen refuses to wear veil to meet top Muslim cleric. Trump 2.0.
In Lebanon, Le Pen refuses to wear headscarf to meet top cleric
With her non-engagement stance on Le Pen, Theresa May is repeating the same mistakes she made with Trump!. .
Marine Le Pen refuses to wear Muslim headscarf, cancels meeting with Lebanese Grand Mufti
How many liberal feminists will applaud Le Pen for refusing to be told by a man what she has to wear for a meeting? htt…
BREAKING: French far-right leader Marine Le Pen says she cancelled a meeting with Lebanon's Grand Mufti after refusing to…
A Le Pen victory would be the end of thee EU
If I lived in France Le Pen would have my vote. Why should she be expected to bow down to another's beliefs? .
Wasn't a female UKIP MEP suspended & then went to work for Le Pen & far-right group? - Janice Atkinson. Now you follow?!
Little Giant Ladders
We need to get rid of the traitors in Gov.. Bring them down, save Europe. Nigel Farage, Geert Wilders, Le Pen, Orban etc
Will you believe that fascism has risen when Petry, Wilders & Le Pen are in control of the govts of Germany, N'lands & France? Or nah?
Half of French police 'back Front National' as Le Pen pledges to crackdown on street chaos
Le Pen's rival Fillon faces protests over public money scandal as he begins campaign tour ^…
‘I’m not a monster’ Le Pen says we must SAVE shipwrecked migrants but then send them HOME
Le Pen Coin was the most volatile coin over the last 12h $LEPEN |
As of last night (IFOP) it's Le Pen at 26%, Macron 21%, Fillon 18.5%. Second round Macron trounces Le Pen, 64%-36%
A year ago evidence Russia was helping Le Pen get elected would be remarkable. Today, it's the least we expect. Nuts http…
Media is all ready to blame Putin for a Le Pen win.
France's intelligence agency is bracing for Russian electoral influence.
The Kremlin's "loan" to Marine Le Pen may never have to be repaid. In other words, it was a bribe:
Polls show far-right leader Marine winning first round, but losing knockout
French Sec of Defense handed out cyber hygiene guide in October on a USB drive. .
Marine Le Pen: Either the EU changes 'or it will die' -
As suspected plans new cyberwave attack to support candidature.
With Wilders in Holland, & Le Pen in France, European CIVILISATION has had enough! With Islam 'tried' & found BARBA…
French intelligence agency DGSE believes that Russia is pushing Le Pen to be elected.
Far-right leader Pen urges French voters to follow Brexit, Trump example protect the borders
that's cause he is simply holding Le Pen's seat while she convinces the country their culture is worth saving
Polls show French far-right Le Pen winning election first round, but losing knockout | Reuters
Marine Le Pen promises Frexit referendum if she wins presidency
FRANCE: Country's external intelligence agency believes Russia is pushing for the election of Marine Le Pen
(International) 9/2/2017. - Far-right leader Marine Le Pen looks set to win the first round of...
Now official: France's spy agency, the DGSE, believes is working to get Marine Le Pen elected
It's catching...Le Pen to tax firms hiring foreigners in migrant crackdown to put FRANCE first
Le Pen, whose hate speech drove a young man to murder people in a mosque, sticks to Putin's talking points:
Le Pen launches her Presidential campaign promising a French EU referendum- good luck France
Even though Le Pen looks certain to reach the head-to-head second round, all opinion polls show she will be soun...
To be fair, I think Le Pen just means her forbears in the SS Charlemagne Division never got that far.
'We’re going to have Brexit!' French voters hope for Frexit as 'clever' Le Pen tops polls
Trumpism is not the same as Brexit, which is not the same as Le Pen's National Front or continental far-right. Exce…
Hayange used to be a Communist stronghold. Now it's Le Pen country. (by and
ICYMI: Jean-Marie "Holocaust was a detail of WW2" Le Pen has been confirmed as National Front's president of honor, ov…
Hillary Clinton wanted to import rapists into America, like her role model Angela Merkel did. My daughter is pro Le Pen! 🇫🇷…
: France's Le Pen rallies supporters for presidential launch In a speech in Lyon, the National Front (FN…
France's Le Pen kicks off election campaign at Lyon rally
France's Le Pen says will levy national preference tax on foreign job contracts
National Front has long been at the cutting edge of digital communication-- and Le Pen has that advantage this year
Russia-funded crook Le Pen has to pay the European Parliament €296,497 before midnight as a fine for expenses fraud https…
Hello when will give the same coverage to the favorite candidate in polls, who is not Le Pen?
Quebec massacre suspect 'a fan of Le Pen'
"Why not?" France’s far-right party says it could replicate Trump’s ban if Le Pen is elected
Marine LePen YUGE support in France has lead in a major survey of voters’ for presidential election.
The BBC asks "What makes Marine Le Pen far right?" The BBC makes it far right. Actually it's left wing and statist. htt…
Macron best placed to beat Le Pen in 2nd round - and would also soundly defeat Fillon, 58%/42%.
Fillon is centre right? Since when? Le Pen is on the left. Fillon is to the right of Thatcher.
We must wake up to the facts: Le Pen can win, says
Fillon seems to have been set up to fail, Macron must be better bet than Mlle Le Pen ?
Benoit Hamon now 20/1 with William Hill to become next French President, behind 11/8 Macron; 6/4 Fillon and 11/4 Le Pen.
Hamon beats Valls - but Macron the real winner in the French Presidential election campaign - now level with Fillon
Imagine being described as the 'French Jeremy Corbyn'. Le Pen must be choking with laughter.
That said, if Le Pen wins, I won't be disappointed given that we'll see the demise of the EU much faster.
Emmanuel Macron now second favourite for French presidency with PaddyPower, well ahead of Marine Le Pen. Was 16:1 in Janua…
So will European liberals label French voters "sexist" if they don't vote for Le Pen?
My pref is for Fillon to win, and he would help himself more by offering an In-Out - take votes away from Le Pen.
Though a Le Figaro poll tonight still had it a Le Pen v Fillon runoff albeit with Macron a close third
Yeah, I'm not sure how hoping Le Pen and Wilders will win is just supporting speech.
Wonderful. wins nomination - - Dear France, don't be daft, unite around Hamon (your Bern…
that's what will happen. Macron vs Le Pen will degenerate into "they're nazis" leading to a painting of liberal elite spreading fear.
Well i have backed Le Pen at 3/1 out my trump winnings, not sure who the rest of you favor
Hamon/Fillon, Hamon/Le Pen, Macron/Fillon and Macron/Le Pen are also possible— Macron circumvented the primary process and he's polling well
Fillon vs Le Pen for Round 2 would be a very very bad news.
I think Le Pen has a better chance against Fiione, and not just because of the corruption. So yeah, Macron vs Le Pen is best.
Anyone who criticises Islam is marked for death. . That's how Islam rolls, since Mo had his critics assassinated.
That's understandable. My main concern is making sure Le Pen doesn't win. Macron winning would be a bonus for me really.
do you know the odds of a double?. Le Pen is the one to watch. Fingers crossed !
no idea about AfD, but Le Pen seemed pretty moderate to me. Different ideals in France w/ religion, tho.
Kantar has Macron, Fillon practically tied in first round, Macron stronger vs. Le Pen 2nd round. htt…
Fragmented Left in Round 1 leaves room for Fillon vs Le Pen for Round 2—'hard' right (Fillon isn't insane but he's no moderate) vs far-right
Le Pen and AfD are far right by any measure
Marine Le Pen~ "Find my speech for my 1st Presidential Conference on the theme "The sustainable France"…
Le Pen is now clearly in the lead with Fillon-Macron in dead heat for second round (1/2)
Fillon is in free fall and it could be Benoit against Vichy Le Pen in the final round in France. The French Jeremy Corb…
It hurts to see Paris like this. Only Marine Le Pen can save France.
no he says in that clip that he hopes Le Pen and AfD wins their elections. how is that not far right?
Spanish PM warns Le Pen victory would be 'a disaster'
Bloody *** The use of big data by Aaron Banks, Trump and soon Le Pen.
Is 'far-right Le Pen the only leading candidate with a traditionally leftist economic message' in France?
Both Fillon and Le Pen are pro-Russia candidate. That is the point we may miss in the French election.
"The more important question may be whether French voters believe the new Le Pen is really new." Indeed!.
Topped up my German with Google Translate, they offered "France's navy Le Pen" & "womanke Petry".
Paris banlieu Muslims may vote for Le Pen! "Once she is in the system, she won’t be able to do anything too bad"
I support Angela Merkel. I don't support populist *** like Le Pen and that other Dutch *** forgot his name.
Why Trump's presidency may not be boon for French populist Le Pen -
Le Pen met with Trump's fixer in Europe, *** Lombardi.But they will keep telling u she was just on a romantic trip.
‘IT'S DISGUSTING’: Hollande is ignoring French homeless in favour of migrants, says Le Pen
France's Le Pen says Europe must 'wake up'; Brexit domino effect on EU
The nation that gave the World Charles Martel is slowly being conquered and the people r 2 weak 2 fight back. Le Pen is needed.
Le Pen wants foreigners in France to pay for own health costs for first two years  – FrenchElection
I'm just stunned at how naive we are being here. Le Pen is with Putin. And she's at Trump Tower right now. My god.
Le Pen says would seek Trump-style repatriation of car plants...
We all know David Cameron only offered an EU referendum because of UKIP, Le Pen vows a Frexit vote
Far-right leader Le Pen says Trump and Putin’s policies ‘good’ for France - France 24
A quarter of French people will vote Le Pen in the French election 1st round,more than enough to get to the final http…
Le Pen backs Crimea annexation. One would think French leaders would be wary of supporting forcible border changes. http…
Marine Le Pen backs away from Frexit. How we all laughed :-D.
The right gaining ground by focusing on the protection of w/class jobs. Marine Le Pen cheers win for protectionism
Le Pen backtracks on French EU exit, backs ‘duel currency’ and EU renegotiation.
Why Marine Le Pen has a Europe problem
When even the French hard right now want to stay in the EU you know really is a con & a total disaster😒
French Poll Shows Fillon, Le Pen, Macron in Tight RaceIn next April 23's first round, depending on who else runs, the center-right's Fillon…
How Marine Le Pen has backed away from Frexit... Everyone's a populist...
French judges open case on Le Pen's alleged EU fraud
Marine Le Pen's party praised on Newsnight for ‘pursuit of sovereignty’
Le Pen has come to senses over the EU and would now prefer France to remain a member of it-after Brexit disaster.
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Interesting. Half of France's police and soldiers intend to vote for Marine Le Pen, survey indicates
"Marine Le Pen will be the next French President" - Christopher Dickey.
The Russian leader will pat European nationalists on the back, but he won't lavish gifts on them via
New poll sees Macron nearer 2nd round in prez election (bad news for him: he'd then face Fillon, not Le Pen)
French poll shows Fillon, Le Pen and Macron in a tight race
French judges open case on Le Pen's alleged fraud
Forecast for the Euro is Distinctly Cloudy as Le Pen Offers Return to the Franc ht... by via
Having witnessed Brexishambles even the French fascists have ditched EU exit plans. How stupid do we look now?.
Support for the EU on the rise since Brexit vote … even in the UK. Even Marine Le Pen is now Pro-EU...
France wants to exit the Euro and Redominate to the Franc?
The leader of France's Front National party Marine Le Pen outlined her proposal for the return of the French...
EU collapse? You know even Le Pen rescinded on her anti-EU policy, right? The UK is a hilarious example of what not…
Please ensure you maintain a French perspective. "Le Pen Aims to Redenominate French Debt in New National Currency"…
€9m Russian loan to French far-right leader Marine Le Pen is called in -
we've a lot of work to do to roll this mess back..our kids are being Brainwashed..we badly need Le Pen to start things off
The disaster of Brexit is scaring the French so badly that even Marine Le Pen no longer wants to leave the EU
"Putin is a realist, and the benefits of keeping Fillon friendly... are far greater than those of funding Le Pen." https…
Marine Le Pen outlines her plan for France in the EU if she wins the presidency
Crickey! When even Le Pen thinks Brexit is a bad idea you know we're in real trouble...
Le Pen now rows back on France leaving EU & Euro. She'd rather stay in & reform. Only 33% Frence want to leave EU. https…
Macron gains on Fillon, Le Pen in new French election poll
Sweden likely to leave. Le Pen wants France out. Now Ireland. Looks like basis of a REAL common market. Will outcompete
Article 50 to be triggered, Merkel to win, Le Pen to lose, oil to go over $50 and ISIS to continue to be a global f…
The psychological barrier is now broken. Queen Isabella of Spain drove off greater threats. Le Pen can do it
😈 BAAL showed : In France a mayor explains to me Dominique Strauss Kahn scammed the mayors and he is going to vote in 2017 for Le Pen.
The world needs less Obama, Merkel, Trudeau, UN, and EU. The world needs more Trump, Farage, Netanyahu, Le Pen, and Brexi…
Trump, Farage, Le Pen, Orbán, and the rest of the group, represent the sudden realisation that national identity is being lost.
‘We need it URGENTLY’ Le Pen vows to buy WARSHIPS and boost defence after Berlin attack 
‘Terrorist capture shows up Schengen as SECURITY CATASTROPHE’ Le Pen blasts free movement
‘Berlin attacker PROVED Schengen is SECURITY CATASTROPHE’ Le Pen blasts free movement
Le Pen 'facing US enquiry after begging Russian banks to fund French Presidential charge
Not that I trust polls anymore, but still good to see Le Pen slipping badly in big French election poll.
We've Trump, Le Pen, Banks, Farage, Seumas Milne, ... in Putin camp. Corbyn mustn't be PM for good of UK.
What have Farage, Trump, Le Pen, Seumas Milne ... all got in common?. They think Putin is misunderstood an…
Le Pen: Children of parents who are in France illegally shouldn't be allowed free schooling.
Le Pen wants to end free education for children of illegal immigrants
Next working class revolution? Le Pen boost as disillusioned voters turn to Front ... -
thank God Le Pen is behind in the Polls, thought she was going to lose for a minute
In this article, George Monbiot attacks somebody for "talking cobblers"
The West is in crisis and the populist right are on the march - and only the left can stop them. My piece:
Bank of England Governor Mark Carney says Britain faces a ‘lost decade’. Here’s what the left must do
“This holds that “no two countries that both have McDonald’s have ever fought a war against each other since they …” htt…
Le Pen wins. Trump turns out not to be as reasonable as we thought.I don't get any birthday presents in January?
France: Voters of the centre, the centre-right, the centre-left and the left would unite against Le Pen in second round (…
Democracy, national sovereignty & hyper-globalisation. You can't have all 3 at once. 🤔
We are in The Netherlands, and if Le Pen wins she will go out of the EU also! The EU is now poisent with Islam!
The Guardian: No country with a McDonald’s can remain a democracy.
'People are lost': Voters in France's 'Trumplands' look to far right: The…
Must read. The major dynamic behind current right populist success is corps have now completed their coup d'etat.
The best endorsement for Trump, Le Pen and Farage, I read in a long time! Oh the irony!
Pound to Euro Exchange Rate in 2017: Why Marine Le Pen is Key - Pound Sterling Live
Democracy depends on reciprocal belief, trust and belonging:. Great piece by Monbiot!
How encouraging to see Mark Carney entering the debate on inequality in the UK. .
Does your country have one or more restaurants? You might wanna be careful about your
Same in France, the right is tougher on immigration and muslims to keep Le Pen from winning the presidency..
."I usually enjoy George's articles but this is missing depth of thought ..."
Its capitalism threathen democrary not just distrust
“Contracts such as Nafta, Ceta the proposed TransPacific Partnership and Trade in Services Agreement and the faile…”
No country with a can remain a democracy Excellent treatise UK
“We may have democracy, or we may have wealth concentrated in the hands of a few, but we can’t have both”
My golden arches theory of political decline. No country with a McDonald's can remain a democracy:
No country with a can remain a democracy.
This horse did not sign up for a photo opportunity with Marine Le Pen, and he wants you to know it
Could Marine Le Pen win in France in 2017? Former president Valery Giscard d'Estaing weighs in. Listen:
“The old forms and forums still exist, but their power seeps away, re-emerging where we can no longer reach it”
Even if wins, the dream of federal Europe is gone. If (hopefully) Le Pen wins, is dead!.
don't you have the run off so it's 1 vs 1 in the final contest anyway? And it'll probably be Fillion (sigh) against Le Pen (argh)
Le Pen and Wilders unite to form eurosceptic alliance. Change is in the air 😊
France to vote for conservative presidential candidate likely to face far-right's Le Pen
I remember when we would laugh at the absurdity of Le Pen gaining any serious traction. C'était le bon temps...😢
. In my view, UKIP were right in 2014 to not ally with Le Pen.
EUROPE TREMBLES: Brussels in crisis as Le Pen storms into shock poll lead over rivals
Farage, May, Trump, Le Pen. Yet not many people seem worried. .
RUNNING SCARED? Juncker accused of meddling in French legal case in bid to STOP Le Pen
It will be the same demographic that puts Le Pen in the Elysée palace.
Breast Cancer Awareness
"A Republican victory in the presidential elections remains our base case, but we. cannot rule out a surprise Le Pen win" -- Morgan Stanley
Le Pen opens up huge lead over rivals...
Effect now precedes cause and indeed outpaces it. Jean Baudrillard on J-M Le Pen, 1997
After the lies of brexit, the lies of Trump. The next lies will be those of Wilders and Le Pen.
Coincidence- Absence of French foreign minister on EU discussion of USA elections and contacts between Le Pen party and Trump team?
And Trump. And I bet they'll vote for Le Pen, too. Maybe Leanne Wood.
Ad astra, but Le Pen faces French politicians who actually care more about winning than ZOG, and Wilders only has ~8% now
'There’s no reason for it to continue' Le Pen plots the DEMISE of the 'undemocratic' EU
Trump’s Man Stephen Bannon Flirts With a Le Pen the latest from and
It's probably a waste of valuable life to argue with ppl who think the PM is genuinely comparable to Putin, Trump, Le Pen…
In case you're moaning about Trump!. . Marine Le Pen: Trump win boosts my chances -
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