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Laverne Cox

Laverne Cox is an American actress, reality television star, television producer, and transgender advocate.

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A gender reveal party that turns out to be an intervention. Trumpets toot and Laverne Cox walks into the room to speak so…
David Copperfield, Laverne Cox and ELLE ask Rihanna questions. Read what she has to say:
with Henry Cavill as Prince Eric, Laverne Cox as Ursul, and Hugh Jackman is King Titron! woo a cast
Beyoncé and Laverne Cox are up to something special, but no one knows what - Mashable
I'm spitballing but dream A-Team cast is Gina Carano, Laverne Cox, Katee Sackhoff (for double Dirk Benedict replacement) and Natalie Morales
Laverne Cox as the AGT guest judge is literally THE BEST thing ever wow
Laverne Cox is on agt and I feel myself being blessed everytime she speaks
I agree with Laverne Cox about that Dance Act being Gorge
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That was incredible! Laverne Cox just awarded lil Celine Tam with a Golden Buzzer on 'America's Got Talent' for he…
Watching Cox...a beautiful soul inside and out!
is trying to normalize transgender now I guess with "Special" guest Laverne Cox.
Laverne Cox is a Great Guest Judge so far
Everytime I'm reminded of how amazing Laverne Cox looks all the time tears are brought to my eyes
Everyone is not meant to be an AGT judge! Not liking LaVerne Cox at all!
Man, I'm sorry. I freaking love Laverne Cox. Can we hit the golden buzzer for her?
Laverne Cox is doing a great job on AGT. Love her as an attorney on Doubt. Big fan.
Laverne Cox??? You f*ng liberals are a bunch of immoral misfits. You have ju…
Laverne Cox on agt is enough for me to watch it tbh
Tony is watching Laverne Cox on Americas Got Talent and has no clue who she is
Transphobia is NOT a joke. Thank you,
Only a little late this time but sorry would be a better guess judge then Laverne Cox.
Why can't I be as pretty as Laverne Cox
Hey, I'm here but really, really distracted by because Laverne Cox is on!
with guest judge Laverne Cox tonight!
Yay! Laverne Cox was right on w golden buzzer for Can't wait to see what the future brings for her! Such a beautiful voice
Today my mom learned about Laverne Cox, who she says is a man because "God made him a man"
looks so much like Laverne Cox. . Sisters from another mother BUT LaverneCox is much more of a woman than she and honest
My dad: April Lavine is a singer, right? . Me: Who? . D: The guest judge on AGT! . Me: mean Laverne Cox, the actress?
. Ooo No She Didn. Laverne Cox was guest judge tonight. What do yall 💡
Laverne Cox, however, did not vote for trump.
I just see two Black trans women actresses (Amiyah Scott and Laverne Cox) having a conversation, not a fight. Why are y'…
Amiyah Scott is the first trans person to play a trans character on primetime television, not Laverne Cox.
Editors split over Drama Guest Actress Emmy: Will it go to Alexis Bledel, Laverne Cox or Ann Dowd? [WATCH] -…
Lucy Liu as Charlie, Gina Rodriguez, Laverne Cox and Chloe Bennett as the angels.
Laverne Cox and Amiyah Scott in a series together somebody make it happen
Laverne Cox and Danielle Brooks at the ‘Orange Is The New Black’ season 5 celebration
Who are your s/heroes? Mine are Janet Mock,Laverne Cox,Laura Hershey,Ed Roberts,Harriet McBryde Johnson...
And anyway, did Laverne Cox ever protested for Leonard Peltier or Mumia or I just missed it?
Running 7.12 to 7.31, in Montreal includes Jerry Seinfeld, Laverne Cox, Kevin Hart, Trevor Noah + more!
2 years ago I chatted with Laverne Cox about Brene Brown. Today i picked up some dog poop. So…
Time for Laverne Cox to run for Jeff Sessions' Senate seat in Alabama!
New show: WTUL News and Views with FLOHJust played: Alternative Radio - David Barsamian - Transgender Visibility with Laverne Cox, an a...
The hotel I'm staying at had cameos by Jeremy Piven and Laverne Cox. Guess who I wanted to grab an EarPod from and throw it down the sewer?
We need a Charlies Angels TV reboot with Laverne Cox and Idris Elba
here's some black women who inspire me, since you forgot: Michelle Obama, Bey, Viola Davis, Lupita Nyong'o, Laverne Cox, Taraji H.
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Listen to Laverne Cox explain the human reality of Trump's rescinding of trans-inclusive policies: https:…
I don't fear people like Laverne Cox or Jamie Clayton or Caitlin Jenner. I fear Donald Trump, Rand Paul, Mitch McConnell, & Paul Ryan.
review from as Katherine Heigl and Laverne Cox team in a new CBS courtroom drama…
Laverne Cox is promoting Doubt, her new courtroom drama series on CBS costarring Katherine Heigl. It’s a...
The 59th Grammys: Laverne Cox calls for support of Gavin Grimm, Adele honors George Michael and more!
Laverne Cox used her moment to highlight this important trans rights case.
Laverne Cox just mentioned him at the Grammys. Here's the story of Gavin Grimm:
Laverne Cox brings global attention to a trans rights case at the Grammys
Laverne Cox steps up at Grammys to highlight upcoming trans rights case:
Laverne Cox mentioned Gavin Grimm. A Va. transgender teen whose fight to use the bathroom is being taken to the Supreme Court
As always Laverne Cox uses her platform for good and to spread awareness. Show your support for Gavin! 🌈❤ htt…
Laverne Cox will reportedly introduce Metallica and Lady Gaga's performance.
I got to see Natalie Portman, Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, Keegan Michael, Laverne Cox, Kerry Washington and so many empowering people. Surreal
Ellen video: Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Portia de Rossi, Jim Parsons, Laverne Cox and other people say…
Bah humbug to naysayers of The Rocky Horror Picture Show remake. It's not perfect, but it's fun. Laverne Cox's Frank-N-Furter is terrific!
Laverne Cox || actor/activist. - iconic. - such an important figure in the community. - beautiful. - impacts so many li…
Laverne Cox on the cover of Variety! She's shedding light on the violence against the LGBT, mainly violence against tra…
okay so let's just act like laverne Cox wasn't an inspiration to trans all over t…
It's worth a shot! I saw Laverne Cox speak at my school!
I agree w/ her but MMA was also brought to US by foreigners.who start everything is an immigrant too. https:/…
Emmy-nominated actress to speak Jan. 25 at
Laverne Cox is so good in this episode.
laverne cox is lip syncing roman's revenge sLAY
Laverne Cox looks so good with dark hair wow
Laverne Cox (will speak in Boulder at the same time as Milo Yiannopoulos
instead of inviting Laverne Cox to speak at the same time as the fascist who shall not be named, woulda liked to see CU schedule it next day
Laverne Cox will be at CU same day as Milo Yiannopoulos
Relevant to u: Laverne Cox's twin brother is A Goth Male Soprano Who Plumbs the Darkness
M*lo Y*annop*ulos is speaking soon at the university fairly close to me and Laverne Cox will be speaking at the same time
Gonna call it "All Eyes On Z" and will star Laverne Cox as Z and Kevin Spacey as "Anthropomorphic Razor" book now tickets will run out soon.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
laverne cox is speaking at CU and im missing it this is fr*cked up
Laverne Cox of 'Orange is the New Black' to speak at CU Boulder during Milo Yiannopoulos visit
I just cannot believe... if Chris had said it to, idk, Laverne Cox or something, I could understand the upset. If he had called Jennifer
My Women of the Year include Hillary Clinton and Laverne Cox
You're forgetting Chaz Bono on AHS, Laverne Cox on OITNB, Candice Cayne, Educate your mind children 👊🏻
Tupac, Harvey Milk, Sally Ride, and Laverne Cox are geminis too, do you see the pattern now?
Interesting article after seeing the Fox remake with Laverne Cox. I never want to see or hear anything of that ver…
Always obsessing over Laverne Cox. After the news in the States, it's more important than ever we support our trans…
I think I need to turn this off. I love Laverne Cox and she is killing it in a somewhat confusing casting choice. But wow.
ok but can we talk about the fact that Dylan Gelula loves Adventure Time and Laverne Cox... can we like... get married rn?
dafuq?? Youre two weak to handle cox realness and post laverne depression
I have the biggest crush on Laverne Cox. So eloquent. lavernecox's photo
don't know who laverne cox is. Then again I don't know who most people are.
Laverne Cox celebrates black trans womanhood and Trans Awareness Week.
Laverne cox doesn't know what conceding means in an election (psst it means it's over and hillary legally accepted…
When I grow up I wanna be Laverne Cox.
What did we do to deserve an angel like Laverne Cox? 😍🌈💕
Laverne Cox has the patience of a saint tbh
why is Laverne Cox literally the most wonderful human
I love Laverne Cox so much. Thanks for constantly fighting for us queen.
LRT: laverne cox owning whiny cis white boyy
Honestly Laverne Cox is one of the top 5 most beautiful women I've ever seen in my life and she's such a role model
It's so important to have healthy female role models that you can relate to whether that's Kim K,Laverne Cox,Michelle Obama,ya mate or mum.
Do u guys understand what an incredible feat it is for Laverne cox to be a visible famous black trans woman like do u know how COOL that is
The Bradberg Concerto, in the style of Laverne Cox
we really don't deserve Laverne Cox
Adam Lambert, Annaleigh Ashford and Laverne Cox are the only ones who seem to know what movie they're in.
I loved it! Laverne Cox was really good as Frank'n'Furter 😍 xxx
Laverne Cox is fabulous, Victoria Justice was much better than I expected, and it was over the top and ridiculous.
Laverne Cox was really good but Tim Curry will always be my Dr. Frank-N-Furter. 👄
Love Laverne Cox, but she deserves better than this lousy remake.
Day 6338 on Earth: Have still not yet married Laverne Cox. Will send my proposal in the mail. Again. For the 396th time.
Think I made the right decision watching Rocky Horror instead of the Al Smith debacle. Laverne Cox was fantastic
I loved the new RoHo.Kudos for Tim Curry's participation and Laverne Cox was AMAZING-the whole cast was great!and I'm an OG RoHO fan!
Laverne Cox being the first transgender person to play Frank-N-Furter just shows how far we come
People who claim Laverne Cox isn't a woman, but then whine that a woman is playing Dr. Frank-N-Furter.
anyway I've decided I want to go live in a *** polyamorous castle with laverne cox as my queen
Just saw the Rocky Horror remake. It was...okay. Laverne Cox and Victoria Justice were wonderful and were the highlights of the film.
I like Laverne Cox, but Frank N' Furter was seriously miscast. There was no heart or consistency behind the character.
Scariest thing about this remake is how awful Laverne Cox is as Frankenfurter.
Laverne cox is playing Tim Curry's role?
Laverne Cox is my favorite Frank N Furter. She slayed it 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Agreed. Everyone is stoked for Laverne Cox in the lead role, but I think it sends a very wrong message. She is NOT…
I don't know if I can handle Laverne Cox as Frank n Furter. Granted getting a real tranny to play the role was a sensible call.
The new Rocky Horror was amazing Laverne Cox took Adam Lambert's spot as my queen but Adam Lambert played Eddie and he was amazing
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Laverne Cox's Frank N Furter was so effortlessly great, she stayed true to the character without and give it just a HINT of her own pizzazz.
Laverne Cox as Dr. Frankenfurter was something I didn't know I needed in my life until after it happened
Laverne Cox's dinner outfit just won her the next seasons of both Project Runway and RuPaul's Drag Race.
So no one on TL for this account watched Rocky Horror. Pity, Laverne Cox was WORKING all that lingerie, with her turrble accent.
I love Laverne Cox but why remake Rocky Horror if you're adding nothing and doing pretty much the exact same thing
thoughts: enjoyed Laverne's Frank N Furter, loved Columbia, but overall it was a little too pop-y and shiny.
I think the whole reason for this remake is just to put Laverne Cox in amazing outfits and I'm 100% ok with it
"Why are the sparkly people killing Laverne Cox" - a rocky virgin
This lady killed it! Here's some reasons why is so important as a icon:
Honestly was brilliant. I am more in love with Laverne Cox than I've ever been.
RIP Me : cause of death Laverne Cox slaying me
And where can I get some Laverne Cox sass?.
Tbh, I think Laverne Cox sold trans women out by being in a trans woman-hating production made by a man who thinks trans women are fake.
HMMM, Does God want us to sit back & let these people promote killing of babies? I think not. via
That was two hours well spent. Laverne Cox totally rocked it as Frank-N-Furter.
I question some (many) of the creative decisions in the new Rocky Horror, but it was nice to see Laverne Cox get to be…
I literally can't understand one word Laverne Cox is saying
I feel sort of bad but I'm not really liking Laverne Cox as Frankenfurter. Love her. Just not in this role. Am I alone?
Laverne Cox and Reeve Carney are making this FLAWLESS!
Laverne Cox was an uninspiring Frank Furter. No life or swag like Curry had
I need the original as a palate clenser. Laverne Cox, Riff Raff, Columbia, Tim Curry were great, BUT it missed something.
I like Laverne cox but you can't beat Tim Curry❤️
Favorite things from :. Laverne Cox. Brad in the Gold outfit. Riff Raff. Dr Scott in fishnets. Columbia's PJs. Victo…
I'm not able to watch at the moment but i already know laverne cox and Tim Curry saved 2016
Laverne Cox's Frank N. Furter was based on some Beyonce but I'm ok with that!
Laverne Cox seemed to be having fun, but she definitely paled in comparison to Tim Curry. Speaking of, every time Curry showed up, I got sad
Thought it was very good. Laverne Cox was fantastic!
They should've just called this the Laverne Cox one-woman show and cast her in ever role.
That said, Laverne Cox is a beautiful Frank-N-Furter even if I couldn't bring myself to watch the awful remake.
I liked Rocky Horror and loved Laverne Cox, but I miss the pure sex of Tim Curry. Nothing hotter (for me) than a man in a corset & heels.
He was Narrator. Ben Vereen was a great Doc Scott and Laverne Cox killed it as Frank. Dorian Gray actor fr Dreadful grt RiffRaff
the only thing that saved this remake of Rocky Horror Picture Show was Laverne Cox being in it
Laverne Cox and costars on the cult classic's 2016 transformation
Laverne Cox singing "Sweet Transvestite" for Fox Rocky Horror musical. Appreciate the attempt, but I don't like it.
Laverne Cox in Halston Heritage at her 'Dr. Frank-N-Furter' of The Rocky Horror Picture Show Wax Figure Unvei...
Make sure to check out our awesome Power of Women issue tomorrow: Scarlett Johansson, Laverne Cox, Miley Cyrus, Helen…
Laverne Cox Changes the Narrative Around LGBTQ Communities: By her own admission, Laverne Cox has seen many d...
Countdown to the 2016 Emmys! Mary J. Blige, Regina King, Ashley Madekwe, Laverne Cox & More Step out for Pre-...
See the latest looks Jenna Coleman, Rita Ora, Jaden Smith,Pixie Lott, Sonam Kapoor, Laverne Cox & more at
Laverne Cox and more stars who dared to show off their natural hair
What is all about? Here's what you can expect from this new legal drama:
for Laverne Cox to be Babette, they'd have to change her house...she'd definitely be as tall as Morey.
"Her character on Doubt, attorney Cameron Wirth, is transgender, but that's not the only thing that defines her."
New post: "Laverne Cox, Katherine Heigl were white-hot and twinning at TCA party"
.just made major TV history because she's a badass queen 👑
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Rest easy, Laverne Cox is returning to OITNB for season 5 while making history on Doubt:
ICYMI: [VIDEO] The new Rocky Horror Picture Show gives us ... hope
Laverne Cox on historic broadcast TV role: 'I did not see people like me on television'
Laverne Cox, first-ever transgender actor, on historic broadcast TV role:
Laverne Cox Makes History and Lands Network Series Gig as the First Transgender - The Shade Room
Is Laverne Cox too busy to return to 'Orange Is the New Black'?
Speaking of and diversity, I'd kind of like to see Laverne Cox on the TV show. Kids seeing themselves in Trek is i…
Laverne Cox 'grateful' for her breakthrough casting on TV's Doubt - *** Star News
"We are not what other people say we are..." - Laverne Cox
Also the term pass is stupid. It implies we're pretending to be something. As queen Laverne Cox, said. "i am a woman, im passing as myself"
"the cast looks super promising -- especially Laverne Cox, Victoria Justice, and Adam Lambert"
Daily Mail Laverne Cox carries on her fashion streak in tight white dress at CBS TCA party…
Laverne Cox talks about what her breakthrough TV appearance meant to her:
I applaud Laverne Cox, she's breaking barriers.
Just saw a post on Laverne Cox being the first transgender female to star in a series on CBS and the slander in the comments was just...ugh
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Laverne Cox looks so good and slays on that Rocky Horror trailer
Laverne Cox: 'Frank-N-Furter role is tons of pressure' via
For the good of America, I want Laverne Cox to objectify Ryan Lochte on live national television.
judging by the Brad and Janet casting it's going to be utter rubbish. Probably still worth it for Laverne Cox though.
The one with the pretty eyes tries too hard, the short one looks like sponge bob, the other one looks like a walmart version of Laverne Cox
I was totally opposed to a Rocky Horror Show remake, but Laverne Cox is playing Frank-N-Furter so maybe I can be brought round to the idea
Janet Mock, Laverne Cox & Laura Jane Grace all entered the public eye when I was coming out & they all gave me some form of confidence
Caitlyn Jenner, is, well, Caitlyn Jenner. If only the things that Laverne Cox and Janet Mock says got as much attention as what Cait says.
Laverne Cox attends the 2016 Billboard Music Awards at T-Mobile Arena on May 22, 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada. 😍
Megyn Kelly asked Laverne Cox if transitioning solved problems in her life or "made new ones". Here's her answer:
So I met Mara Keisling and Brian Sims, saw Debbie Wassean-Shultz (she's short) and saw from afar Laverne Cox. POTUS was there too.
Could we invite Tim Curry and Laverne Cox instead? (Sorry if petty toward Susan, but you know?)
I'm in love with Alex Vause but honestly, Sophia Burset is the most interesting character in the show.Laverne Cox is amazing and beautiful😍
Since Laverne Cox reprised Tim Curry's part as Frank N Furter, how about Laverne Cox as Pennywise in IT then?
a movie FULL of LGBT+ people. A movie starring Neil Patrick Harris, Ellen Degeneres, Jim Parson and Laverne Cox
Laverne Cox as Frank-N-Furter in a Rocky Horror Picture Show remake? Oh, yes, I will be watching that.
Laverne Cox has responded to criticism about the Rocky Horror Picture Show:
Laverne Cox looks so beautiful. (idgaf what negative comments u have to say about her)
Laverne Cox has arrived and she's here to take everyone's breathe away with this look😥😍
I just saw the Rocky Horror Picture Show trailer and let me inform you that Laverne Cox looks so snatched
Laverne Cox, Chanel Iman, Niecy Nash and more bring the heat this week!
Trump will be called transphobic by lefties for not saying he likes Laverne Cox, & Lawyer phobic for Rob Shapiro
star Laverne Cox opens up about her childhood
Laverne Cox to star in new CBS drama, breaking new ground for transgender actors
Amiyah Scott and Laverne Cox are the most beautiful transgenders ever!!
no hence why I referenced Laverne Cox & Amiyah Scott.
*** ppl consider Laverne Cox & Amiyah Scott more masculine than Bruce Jenner that makes no sense
U may have brushed this off but it also stars Steven Pasquale, Laverne Cox and Dulé Hill. Ah now we doubt our doubts
6. Laverne Cox. Obviously. Trans woman of color. Stars in OITNB. Was on the cover of times mag. Unapologetic
Frank-N-Furter, we meet at last!. Image released showing Laverne Cox's portrayal along with Dr Scott. . Remember,...
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
'The Rocky Horror Picture Show': First look at Laverne Cox as Dr. Frank-N-Furter and as Dr. Scott!
We are incredibly lucky that Laverne Cox will be giving a lecture on campus on May 9 at The Plaza at Union South @ 7:30 pm
Hey universe, I would like a Nicholas Winding Refn directed ODY-C staring Beyonce as Odyssia, Doona Bae as Ene & Laverne Cox as Gamem please
These Trans People Can't Use a Restroom in North Carolina - Laverne Cox, Amiyah Scott, D. Smith and more.
Today we salute all the transgender activists from Marsha P. Johnson to Laverne Cox and Cecilia Chung who battle everyday…
'Orange is the New Black' season 4: Will Natasha Lyonne and Laverne Cox leave show?
Laverne Cox "Seeing a black transgender woman embracing and loving everything about herself is inspiring."
Laverne Cox, Kiernan Shipka and Ellie Kemper were among the celebrities walking the carpet at the awards ceremony on Saturda…
. Sir, not sure if Bobby Darling, Caitlyn Jenner, Laverne Cox or Isis King will oblige.
Im looking at her criticism of Beyonce, Nikki Minaj and Laverne Cox's femme presentation.
Laverne Cox is WERQing that at the luncheon:
Rocky Horror Podcast Show ep.30 - Laverne Cox on Tim Curry, Richard O'Brien on the Remake, & More
You cannot tell me that "Laverne Cox, Janet Mock, Caitlynn Jenner, etc. did it this way so its only valid if its done that way" (cont.)
📷 soph-okonedo: Laverne Cox, winner of Outstanding Performance By An Ensemble in a Comedy Series for...
so talk about Laverne Cox or Janet Mock? Or Laura Jane Grace?
Update your maps at Navteq
Laverne Cox is always out here SLAYING
it has Laverne Cox and Adam Lambert so I'm cool with it
Wait, Laverne Cox is playing Dr. Frankenfurter in the Rocky Horror reboot? Sign me up!
Laverne Cox slays the Golden Globes red carpet in a simple white dress. .
I would like to petition for She Hulk to have her own Netflix series. I want Laverne Cox casted.💚 http…
Laverne Cox, actress on is coming to BC to speak at an event hosted by
I added a video to a playlist Laverne Cox Talks About the Importance of the Image Awards | Black
I juts told my dad to watch the t word by laverne cox n he might do it later
They coulda had Kerry Washington, Laverne Cox or a whole host of other women on those last two covers
✨💚✨ Laverne Cox lights up the night in Lorraine Schwartz emerald and diamond pendant earri…
Laverne Cox keeping it simple and classy in Elizabeth Kennedy.
What if Laverne Cox played a male character and did great. Would she be eligible for best actor or actress award?
Laverne Cox, the transgender actress from Orange is the New Black, is the same situation. Nominated in actress category.
Victoria Justice, Ryan McCartan, Reeve Carney, and Staz Nair are joining Laverne Cox in the cast of FOX's Rocky...
So Victoria Justice is Janet in Fox's "Rocky Horror Picture Show" remake. :\ At least Laverne Cox & Ryan McCarten will be great.
Victoria Justice, Ryan McCartan Cast in 'Rocky Horror' Remake: Justice and McCartan join Laverne Cox for the u...
Victoria Justice will play Janet to Laverne Cox's Dr. Frank N. Furter on Fox's reboot of Rocky Horror Picture Show.
Victoria Justice, Reeve Carney of the "Spider-Man" musical join Laverne Cox in Fox's "Rocky Horror" TV remake:
: Ms Colombia does not look like Sophia Vergara. She looks like a fair Laverne Cox. Ms U replay. Better to be fashionably late than never.
2015: stripped back, 'The Interview' and 4 other pivotal April moments
Laverne Cox is a phenomenal woman ooohhh my
Laverne cox is a big celebrity to people who are involved in the LGBTQ+ community but if I asked people in my grade who she+
they could've taken Laverne Cox?She's a working girl making her way in the world. BUT NO. Caitlyn Jenner.
“I am not just one thing, and neither are you.” - Laverne Cox
Laverne Cox on the other hand is a great leader for the trans community
exactly I don't condone what she did everyone puts her on a pedestal I love Laverne cox
That's not the most flattering photo ever taken of Laverne Cox...
Laverne Cox would get a wax figure before Lil' Kim?!?!
Only great thing here is Laverne Cox✌🏼️
Laverne Cox is always getting it every time I watch a Live Beyonce show.
hiya that's a transphobic slur that you shouldn't use!! it would be so easy to look her up (Laverne Cox)
cishet girls are always praising Laverne cox and calling her 'their queen' but the second a trans girl is in the women's bathroom its WW3
This guy on the view compared Laverne Cox to Cait Jenner... The former is like 30 and the latter almost 70.. unfair comparison
Also her number 4 for the second is / with Laverne Cox btw I forgot to write it 😩 (we have one switch out lmao)
-to be able to depict an accurate but also sensitive portrayal of a trans woman OITNB and Laverne Cox come to mind-
I mean, I'm sure there are other people named Laverne Cox, but I'm sure you can't use fake names on PayPal either...
Laverne Cox Calls for Transgender People to Be Counted Differently in Census Reporting by via
Kenny Ortega is the hero we all deserve:
imagine Laverne Cox as Strom oh my god that thought gives me life
Time mag and some award show awards Laverne Cox because she was a shame case who came out and appeared in a Netflix show as a prisoner?
"Our lives are often in danger, simply for being who we are, when we are trans women." - Laverne Cox
Before there was Caitlyn Jenner, Laverne Cox or Jazz Jennings, there was Tracey "Africa" Norman.
Gugu as Lando's daughter! (W/ her partner Laverne Cox) and Gina as Poe's lil sis. I want to live here.
Amandla Stenberg, Ruth Bader Ginsburg make feminist celebrity list
Laverne cox is so beautiful omg. Hella underrated. I mean, she has perfect teeth, no wrinkles, a natural glow. THIS IS WHAT I WANT IN LIFE.
John Waters is always fascinating on the subject of identity. Miley Cyrus, Laverne Cox, Lady Gaga & others break stereotypes.
Listening to Laverne Cox speak was a religious experience.
Today I got to meet an amazing advocate, actress, and activist. The amazing Laverne Cox. T…
Laverne Cox and Caitlyn Jenner, while you're anatomically female right now, you have no business winning woman of...
The Green Music Center looks AMAZING tonight. Very excited to see Laverne Cox and hear her thoughts…
Check out the latest looks from Diane Kruger, Michelle Monaghan,Laverne Cox, Selma Blair, Allison Williams & more at
Laverne Cox on Bullying and Being a Trans Woman of Color via
Laverne Cox to star in "Rocky Horror Picture Show": The Emmy nominee will star in a two-hour special on Fox th...
Laverne Cox to star in Fox's Rocky Horror reboot - Entertainment Weekly
"Now, more than ever, we need individuals like Laverne Cox in media and living their lives proudly." -
Hilary Clinton, Laverne Cox, Valerie Cherish and more go purple for
Nor Caitlyn Jenner or Laverne Cox deserves woman of the year imo. Give it to a WOMAN. . Marilyn Mosby, Ava Duvernay, Viola Davis... etc.
Honored to be in the company of Laverne Cox, Dusty Springfield, Evan Wolfson.
Sage Steele, Mark Cuban, Laverne Cox, Meryl Streep, Ryan Murphey, Suzanne Collins and Mark Spitz all inspire me.
No RHA meetings tomorrow! Instead, we will be meeting in OVH at 6:00 & going to the OC to see Laverne Cox! Remember to bring yo…
Looks from Taraji P. Henson, Laverne Cox and more at the 67th Emmy Awards.
Read Ally's story about Laverne Cox's powerful speech at Wait Chapel here:
“We must count ppl in order to help ensure rights” at
And I get to meet Laverne Cox tomorrow night. Everything is okay.
Just found out the wax figure of Laverne Cox at madame tussaud's is the first transgender wax figure :)
Q : would u consider King Amiyah Scott your role model ? . A: No I don't look up to her 👏🏾 Laverne Cox is my role model she opening doors
Syd was almost targeted for attacking Laverne cox all bc she lost her Fitbit
Waiting for Laverne Cox to speak and
my friend Adam from Trans Youth Channel got to introduce Laverne Cox on stage today!
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