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Lavar Ball

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Lavar Ball get your Big Baller Brand checkbook out! Or Michael Jordan.he's from North Carolina.🤔🤔🤔
“I wish my dad was Lavar Ball not Delonte West”
Should be noted that basketball guru Lavar Ball taught his first born to shoot like he’s throwing a wiffle ball
Lavar Ball acts like an entitled *** and talks like him and his family are above everyone else.
Lol I support the Baller Brand. I respect everything Lavar Ball is doing...any proud and loving parent would go 100…
Lavar Ball make it hard NOT to root for Lonzo honestly. Like if I had a son I’d probably be the same way. Even if h…
Kevin Hart said Dwayne Johnson looks like a stronger version of Lavar Ball 🤣
Keyshawn Johnson pulled his son out of college for smoking weed. Lavar Ball pulled his son…
I’m tired of ppl taking shots at Lavar Ball honestly
Lavar Ball know better than to say some mess about Magic Johnson in LA. He'll go missing if he do that.
LiAngelo Ball can’t stay suspended if Lavar Ball pulls him from UCLA
As crazy as he sounds I really like the love Lavar Ball has for his son. He puts Lonzo on a pedestal, maybe for pub…
Trump's public feud with Lavar Ball over his son's shoplifting sentence in China has Trumpkins mistakenly trolling Star Tr…
The Poor Man's Version of Don King is NOT Lavar Ball. Trump is the Poor man's version of King. He promotes himself, his…
Pres Trump calls Lavar Ball a poor man's Don King😂. In my research of Lavar Ball, I discovered an amazing fact, we have…
Lavar Ball when he wakes up and sees Donald Trump called him a poor mans Don King without hair
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
*** Donald Trump called Lavar Ball a discount Don King. Without the hair. I need our president Lavar Ball to tell him he’…
I'm pumped for the future celebrity fight night main event of Donald Trump vs. Lavar Ball
If thinks Lavar Ball is a poor man's Don King without the hair, then Roy Moore is a poor man's Jared Fogle without the…
Trump found the time and energy to respond to Jemele Hill, Steph Curry, and Lavar Ball, but still hasn’t responded to Emin…
During Chris Cuomo interview, Lavar Ball denies Trump helped get LiAngelo out of jail since he didn’t fly the boys back in…
I never thought in a million years that Chris Cuomo would defend the against *** Lavar Ball,
Lavar Ball. Go back to little house in Chino Hills and act like an adult. U think shopping lifting is no big deal?1…
Lavar Ball is only 2 degrees of public-beef separation from Kim Jong Un.
Lavar Ball v Donald Trump main event of Wrestlemania
This guy Lavar Ball is so dumb & incoherent he makes CNN, for a brief but fleeting moment, look like a Real N…
I’d be more than willing to take back the Johnny Manziel era in replacement of this stupid *** Lavar Ball era
I'd actually love to see Lavar Ball interview Kellyanne Conway and all the other Trump bots, talk all over them and drive them…
Lavar Ball went from Chino Hills, to promoting his son all over ESPN to wishing Trump a Happy Thanksgiving on CNN in the span…
For everyone broke jobless Trump supporter that wants to call Lavar Ball dumb or a thug, realize, he managed to ach…
Tonight’s the night Lavar Ball became president.
Donald Trump's feud w Lavar Ball is fodder for discussion on Stephen Colbert and On Late Night with Seth Meyer.
I'm white and i hate trump. I don't watch much basketball so I have no opinion on Lavar Ball.
Lavar Ball will go down in American Folk Lore history right next to Paul Bunyan, Johnny Appleseed, Davy Crockett, and John Henry
Lavar Ball . I’m sure this loser will be on the cover of GQ for ‘Father of The Year’ 👎 Obama would’ve given all…
After interviewing Lavar Ball, is channeling his inner Jim Carr - "I think that went very well!"
Lavar Ball demands Chris Cuomo says “thank you” for his appearance on CNN for 90 straight seconds. This interview is a SHI…
Chris Cuomo's head is about to explode, this is rare, but I'm with Trump on this one, Lavar Ball is a ridiculous person that…
The CNN interview with Lavar Ball is amazing. Cuomo looks completely confused. Priceless
The Chris Cuomo/Lavar Ball interview is truly the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen on television. We are all dumber for hav…
Lavar Ball and Chris Cuomo are having a thank you-off. I have never seen anything like this
They're having a multi-minute argument about Chris Cuomo saying thank you. Lavar Ball is literally 100% in control of t…
"Can you say, 'Thank you, Mr. Lavar Ball,' for being here?". Man. This is peak 2017. Lavar Ball trolling Chris Cuomo on…
Donald Trump vs. Lavar Ball is the feud the world needs
Donald Trump has been very vocal about his dislike against Colin Kaepernick, Jemele Hill, Frederica Wilson, Lavar Ball an…
Maybe LaVar Ball should've spent some time explaining to his son that it's against the law to take something that doesn't…
Lavar Ball: “You don’t need a PR team when the President of the United States will do it for you.”
Lavar Ball is really beefing the the president of the United States, What a time to be alive.
I'll go ahead and collect the comments that would be considered hate speech. If any…
President Trump literally saved 3 young black men from Chinese prison and LaVar Ball won't thank him. This is proof that…
Donald Trump saying that he should have left LaVar Ball’s son in jail simply because he didn’t get a “Thank You” from him is…
LaVar Ball gave Trump all the respect he deserves, which is none. And Trump again proved he's fine with black men kneeling,…
President Saves 3 young men from a prison and LaVar Ball won't Thank him. This is proof that could…
It's clear that trump choosing to argue with LaVar Ball by saying he should've left the UCLA Players to serve prison ti…
Funny how Liberals are now defending LaVar Ball (who is defending his son for shop lifting). Democrats wil…
LaVar Ball fires back at Donald Trump: 'Did you go visit them in jail?'
Trump is using his criticism of LaVar Ball as a dog whistle to trigger his white supremacist base. Trump has to show that…
Trump has every right to call out the ingratitude of LaVar Ball. The man’s son was spared the Chinese criminal justice sys…
The Liberals are upset that people are calling Lavar Ball and his son's thuggish.. So if Stealing in a Chinese Communist…
LaVar Ball is the quintessential father that does a poor job raising his kids. He uses his son's fame to try to enrich h…
Dear China,. On behalf of the American People, we apologize for LaVar Ball. Thank you for how generously you treated our…
WARNING: The more you pay attention to Trump’s stunt beef with LaVar Ball, the less you think about his sexual assault acc…
LaVar Ball is just another example of how liberals will literally hate Trump no matter what he does- up to and includi…
First LaVar Ball picks a fight with Michael Jordan and now President Trump and I'm trying to figure out what demographic group…
It's been half a day and we already have more media coverage about Trump's response to Lavar Ball than ALL the coverage o…
When a child breaks the law & gets arrested, it's typically the father's job to sort that stuff out. It's a high luxury…
LaVar Ball is such a failure as a father that not only did he raise thieving kids, he also had to rely on another man…
Let's not forget, the main reason LaVar Ball is criticizing President Trump is to distract from his poor parenting skil…
Steve Kerr on Donald Trump and LaVar Ball fued: “Two people seeking attention and they’re both getting it.” Asked if it’s…
When it becomes clear you’re gonna make $1 Billion off Trump v. Lavar Ball at Wrestlemania
LaVar ball is proof that every thing wrong with the morale of this country began at home with bad parenting. . Every thi…
LaVar Ball's son is a THIEF and a disgrace. Apple didn't fall far from the t…
LaVar Ball is an ungrateful parent. His son would still be in China had it not been for and likely all 3 would ha…
November 19, 1863: President Lincoln delivers the Gettysburg Address, widely considered to be one of the most important spe…
LiAngelo made a classy apology but his father LaVar Ball ruined it all with an immature and ungrateful diss to the Presi…
LaVar Ball vs. Donald Trump is the epic clash of the intellectual titans America deserves.
domain names
🚨If was the horrible president and racist want you to believe he is, he would've left
Even some Trump Haters disagree with Lavar Ball dissing Trump after he helped his son with the sticky fingers.
Hard to say which is more ridiculous:. -Trump picking a fight with Lavar Ball by name. -Trump saying American citizens sho…
Obama left Otto Warmbier in a communist prison to die. Trump saved three young basketball players from spending up to 10 year…
laVar ball and trump gotta play one on one and the winner gets america
if you know what these private American citizens Trump has attacked have in common:. Colin Kaepernick. Jemele Hill. LaVa…
While y’all are busy worrying about Trump vs. Lavar Ball, millions are starving to death in Yemen because of a US/UAE/Saud…
Lavar Ball you went out Site Seeing while those Young Men were under Arrest for Stealing in a Country where they Sh…
Lavar Ball is an F'ing Mutt making money on his kids backs. He is Chris Jenner pimping his kids.
Miko Grimes, Mia Khalifa & Lavar Ball; all 3 should be banned from microphone usage. People need to stop giving them one.
Lavar Ball and Chris Eubank Sr have so much in common and both are vilified in the media . Black Father's actively suppor…
Lonzo reacting to Beverley's incessant trash talk with the dead eyes of somebody who's been playing 1on1 with Lavar Ball f…
Lonzo Ball just dropped a fork. ESPN will interview Lavar Ball for his immediate reaction. Stay tuned.
Who is this Lavar Ball? I don’t remember him like Jordan, Johnson, Shaq, Larry Bird, Abdul-Jabar, Barkley!!
Central College Softball Head Coach George Wares talked about Lavar Ball, and more. Listen here:
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Lavar Ball may be great when he's on the court, but I can't take him seriously when all I see in my mind is Sidesho…
Can we vote on this and have Lonzo vs D'angelo captains with Lavar Ball coach vs Michael Jordan
She is to Lavar Ball what Brian Windhorst is to LeBron, and that’s not a compliment.
This is not cool Lavar Ball. You don't do that to Kobe. I thought it was a Tarik Black Lakers jersey...
Lavar Ball would tell Sarah Sanders to "stay in her lane" we with
Tell Tai Lopez I'm ready to learn, tell Lavar Ball to sign me
First there was Iron Man vs Cap. Lavar Ball vs Ice Cube. Now its Daniel Padilla vs Paul Salas.
Hi David. Yahoo Sports would like to publish the video of Lavar Ball. Could we have permission please? Thanks…
Bruh say what you want about Lavar Ball. His marketing is pure gold. He's on TV everyday, and had his name in every top executive mouth 💰
Lavar Ball is the Donald Trump of the sports world
can't believe your company pulled female official from Big Ballers game to cater to *** Lavar Ball. Shameful gutless move!
For all of the baggage that come along with LaVar Ball, he is playing his game perfectly. And you're eating it up.
Per source, Court Club Elite initially pushed for an all-female crew for LaVar's game, but decided to "compromise". https…
LaVar Ball pointed to the official and yelled, "We need to get someone else in here.".
LaVar Ball's behavior condoned by Addidas and rewarded. I wonder how media would have reacted if similar actions by…
LaVar Ball responds to Shaq's diss song
LaVar Ball sounding off on the refs 😵
Shaq is really out here rapping on a diss record for Lavar Ball 😩
Get Lavar Ball on it...ESPN brass will listen to him...
Shaq released a diss track about LaVar Ball and Big Baller Brand and it's absolutely hilarious. Listen:.
I'm absolutely shocked LaVar Ball is sexist. I'm stunned he would tell female ref to "stay in her lane." I'm shocked. Ne…
Who do they love more kap or lavar ball?
I really enjoy your work but your take here is surprising. Lavar Ball was wrong and you know it. Cond…
Shaq poured gasoline on his beef with LaVar Ball in a new diss track
LaVar Ball says he's the best coach ever 😂.
Pretty gutless of Adidas to replace a referee mid-game because she had issues with LaVar Ball. Way to empower a boor an…
Lavar Ball is a moron, and his AAU team should be banned until he apologizes to the young lady official that he humiliated
Shaq just made a diss track to lavar ball oh *** naw
What's your thoughts on Shaq's diss track at Lavar Ball?
Shaq drops some HEAT in this diss track aimed at Lavar Ball's head 😭
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Shaq dropped a diss track to LaVar Ball. 😂.
Shaq released a LaVar Ball diss track last night, this world is ***
Shaquille O'Neal goes back to his rapping roots and demolishes LaVar Ball on a diss track 🔥
LaVar responds to Shaq diss track: “He gotta put my name in whatever he doing"
LaVar Ball shouldn’t have the power to remove a woman from her job. But Adidas gave it to him, shamefully. COLUMN:. http…
There are some people mad at or dont like Lavar Ball but they voted for Donald Trump.
Next on SportsCenter:. - You won't believe what Lavar Ball said during breakfast. - Who's the better Aaron?? . Aaron Judge OR Aaron Harang
Lavar Ball lambasted his star son LaMelo in front of teammates... And Tiki Barber and "The Brandon Tierney Fan...
The same people that hate Lavar Ball are the same people that Love Conor McGregor
How is Lavar Ball not pitting Clearasil against Proactive for Lonzo to be the face of their product?.
"If more blk fathers gave their kids confidence and belief in themselves like Lavar Ball our community would look different" - Uncle Mike
I would rather listen to Lavar Ball cover a baseball game instead of Jessica Mendoza
Lavar Ball was clowning the 76ers young core lmaooo
Only watchable shows. and Bryan callen are killing it after leaving . Wonder why? I think Simmons is right, Lavar Ball will
Maybe I watch empire too much but Lavar Ball is like a real life Lucious Lyon 🤔😂
Will Ferell stops by ESPN, says no to 'Step Brothers 2' and talks Lavar Ball
5) Lavar Ball is simultaneously starring in every Rush Hour film, playing both Lee & Carter, secretly in his head.
My sons would destroy Serena Williams in a tennis match - Lavar Ball
We've got a shirtless Lavar Ball on WWE Raw & the NBA Awards. Not a bad sports night for late June.
Lavar Ball is a black man loving & supporting his children. How can you be mad? We need more images like that. Black men loving & free.
we need a Lavar Ball and Ahmed Johnson Tag Team STAT
Lavar Ball looks like he's about to fight Randy Marsh during the little league baseball game
That fight was the equivalent of Lavar Ball v. Uncle Phil from Fresh Prince playing one-on-one. A complete set of total has beens.
I've noticed that it's mostly white folks and Uncle Ruckus *** *** that don't like Lavar Ball, why's that?
Adam Silver: With the 2nd overall pick in the 2017 the Los Angeles Lakers select Lonzo Ball . Lavar Ball: ht…
Lotta ppl clown Lavar Ball thinking he a big joke but that mans putting on for black father figures lot of us ain't fortunate enough to have
Death, taxes, and Lavar Ball sounding like a *** smh
NBA Draft 2017: LaVar Ball leads our look at high- and low-key winners and losers
LaVar Ball says he's been saying Lonzo was going to be drafted by the Lakers for the past 19-20 years
Maybe Lavar Ball can use Lonzo's money to buy a toothbrush and tooth paste.
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Lavar Ball, speak it into existence
you cop a BBB flask and LaVar Ball's voice comes out telling a story from Lonzo's childhood when you open it
The people that hate Lavar Ball, are the same ones that are mad because their father never loved them that hard.
Lavar Ball has shown us the power of speaking things into existence
Lavar ball: "Lonzo taking them to the playoffs the first year". Lonzo:
9 best moments from the 2017 NBA draft
If I see LaVar Ball on my TV again I will kick a puppy.
“I didn’t even know I was that fast until Coach Cal kept making me run…”. 🗣 De’Aaron Fox is FAST
LaVar Ball's hype man skills are unparalleled.
ICYMI: Why did the Lakers Draft Lonzo Ball? my column from El Segundo>>
How Lavar Ball & Lonzo Ball will walk into Laker Practice
Ya'll praying for Lavar Ball's downfall so much & He's just like
THIS just the FIRST of 1,749,368 times Luke Walton will be forced 2deal w/ question b/c of sphincter Lavar Ball.
I like the Ball pick, my only fear is if Lavar calls out teammates and that causes friction in the locker room.
Lavar Ball cuts the best NBA promos
LaVar Ball says Lonzo Ball is going to take the Lakers to the playoffs in his first year. 👀.
Lavar ball: Zeus and Jesus told me that lonzo would go to the lakers . Everyone else:
Why does Lavar Ball look like Mr. potato head
LaVar Ball told his son LiAngelo he doesn’t think he’ll make it to the NBA
Just for fun, I searched the archives for stories about LaVar Ball. An except from a column…
Markelle Fultz went yet Lonzo Ball gets more media coverage. and you wonder why LaVar does what he does.
Lavar Ball when Lonzo gets drafted by the Suns
When asked about LaVar's playoffs prediction, Lakers coach Luke Walton smiled and said...
"I knew it was happening, before it was happening" Lavar ball
LaVar Ball getting booed out the arena and threw his BBB hat in the air. 😂.
How long do you think it will take for magic to bar lavar ball from the staples center? 🤔🤔🤔
Lonzo Ball and his dad Lavar Ball are the Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman of the NBA
I'm shocked Lavar Ball didn't go up and accept the hat and speak for Lonzo Ball.
On a boat in the middle of the ocean trying to see if the Lake Show drafts Lavar Ball and his son Lonzo
Lavar Ball gonna go up on stage when Lonzo gets drafted😂
Paul George ain't playing with LeBron to bolt for Luke Walton and Lavar Ball. Do it
Danny Ainge is the smart version of Lavar Ball smh
White people don't like Lavar Ball because he doesn't tip toe around their delicate sensib…
would love to know where this "hands across America" against racism was when Lavar Ball spouts off about " slow white kids"
surprised no one has brought up Todd Marinovich in the Lavar Ball conversation. Do you get a Marv-y vibe from Lavar?
I don't usually comment on Lavar Ball as I find him annoying AF but hard to argue with how good his son…
Peace Bro. Chad... I'm doing a story on Lavar Ball. I know you bought a pair of shoes. Wanted to ask u why if that's cool? Can...
you're a sell out! From Collin Kaepernick to Lavar Ball you are so wrong and such a hater. Uncle Tom!!!
Here's the Lavar Ball interview on The Herd when he tells Kristine Leahy to "stay in yo lane".
Jason Whitlock and Kristine Leahy disparaged Lavar Ball as a FATHER. And people have an issue with Lavar calling her a ha…
Jason Whitlock just got ethered by Charlemagne after Lavar Ball said only comment on snacks LOL take yo…
No more Lavar ball slander tolerated. Dude is an absolute savage 😂 he really loves the lakers
Lavar Ball is a woman hating man who fat shames and abuses his kids
LaVar Ball reminded us again why Lonzo Ball should hire an agent
watch this video if you want to see the entire story behind the Lavar Ball interview today
Lavar Ball is a class act - and he just dropped the women's line -
Lavar Ball dropped a fork. ESPN & FS1 will dedicate the next 24 hours to cover this developing story!
Can we please get Lavar Ball off TV? Let his son do the talking on the court before his dad can ruin anymore possible endorsement deals.
I dislike Lavar Ball, not because of the interview, but because he didn't name one of his kids Basket Ball, better yet La…
Lavar Ball is the architect of his family’s success. But how much further can he push before it all collapses?
Lavar Ball told a white woman to stay in her lane on national television. BLACK KING
I'll address LaVar Ball's disrespect and sexism toward Kristine at the top of SFY today.
Sorry but LaVar is toxic and foolish and his sons are unlikely to be even 1/100th as good as LeBron. via
Both times Ball and Fox played each other, Ball was outplayed in the PG position. The fact that LaVar is STILL...
Today, Lavar Ball violated the number rule that the sports industry has for Blacks. HE PUBLICLY TALKED BACK TO WHITE PEOP…
If someone criticized my parenting, mocked my brand, made fun of me on TV. I wouldn't wanna talk to them. Lavar Ball did not…
I didn't care for lavar ball before today, but after this Whitlock joke I have to defend him until I die 😂😭.
Lavar ball got on colin cowherd show like
I got people in MAGA hats in my mentions saying Lavar Ball disrespected the woman from the Herd. Unbelivable.
The Media: Lavar Ball is hurting his kids more than he's helping them, it's about time he shuts up now. The media:
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Hey guys don't judge Lavar Ball until you walk a mile in his just kidding I'm not gonna make you do that they're trash
Bet $300 Lavar Ball walks on stage instead of Lonzo when he gets drafted
LaVar Ball probs coulda won the presidency
Kristine Leahy has received death threats following confrontation with LaVar Ball:
Kristine Leahy just got on tv and completely lied about why Lavar Ball didnt want to talk to her
Bruh LaVar Ball a down right savage lmaoo
Kristine Leahy says she's received death threats following her confrontation with LaVar Ball htt…
started watching an episode of lip sync battle, Taraji p Henson gives trump and lavar ball a run for most insufferable human Alive.
.and address yesterday's interview with LaVar Ball
In case you wanna know why Lavar Ball went off on ole girl don't speak on people's kids and not expect a response
Rick Ross could see a *** of an opportunity with Lavar Ball and Big Baller Brand.if Lavar would be open to it...
Replace Cowherd with Bill Cowher. Imagine that interview with Lavar Ball?
the only thing Richard Roundtree can comment on is SHAFT -Lavar Ball
I hope Lavar Ball & Lonzo Ball be successful. The world hate outspoken black men. White America hate that man. I'm on…
Kristine Leahy effort @ trolling & provoking Lavar Ball legit. But in the end it doesn't happen, she whiffed. Now she needs to STFU & GTFOH.
Kristine Leahy going backstage to tell someone Lavar Ball whistled at her when he left cuz he didn't entertain her BS.
Why was Kristine Leahy seated like Shao Khan in that Lavar Ball video? That kind of made everything awkward and confusing
Kristine Leahy disrespected Lavar Ball then when he refused to entertain her she turned it into an attack on all women smh h…
Kristine Leahy: "I'm going to insinuate your children fear you with dog whistle politics." . Lavar Ball: "Not talking to you.". K…
Kristine Leahy: Disrespects Lavar Ball AND his children incessantly . Lavar Ball: "Stay in your lane". Kristine Leahy:"You'…
Lavar Ball going in on Kristine Leahy and that fat *** Jason Whitlock might make me cop some Big Baller Brand apparel
Kristine Leahy: You're not parenting your kids correctly. Lavar Ball: Stay in yo lane..leave me alone. Kristine Leahy: You're…
Stay away from women like Kristine Leahy. She disrespected Lavar Ball and his family on national tv then tries to play vic…
Here's the video of what led to Lavar Ball acting the way he did towards Kristine Leahy
Lavar Ball: "I sold a good amount, like I said there are different amounts to me". Kristine Leahy: "How Many". Lavar Ball…
Kristine Leahy: How many did you sel...?. Lavar Ball:
Kristine Leahy went from, "You don't respect women!" to "Are you threatening me?" in less than 15 seconds . Lavar Ball was ba…
Lonzo Ball and Lavar Ball are basically the Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman of basketball and I love it
Richard Williams was almost just as brash and braggy as Lavar Ball, but they're being treated vv differently.
.Y'all gotta pull out the old school Richard Williams tapes and those of all his critics as a reference for Lavar Ball
So a young lady disrespects Lavar Ball on national TV and when Lavar gives her that same energy back he's the bad guy?
I been told y'all Lavar Ball was gonna lead us to the promise land
Kristine: "I don't think I would ever buy a Big Baller Brand shirt" . Lavar Ball:
In light of Lavar Ball on the Herd today let's recirculate how they lied on Emmett Till FOR THE CULTURE.
Lmfao give Lavar Ball his own show on
Every radio and TV show should permanently ban Lavar Ball.
Lavar Ball: "Jason Whitlock can't comment on anything but snacks."
Lavar Ball is the Joe Jackson of the sports world. I bet every time Lonzo misses a 3 he has to spit shine Lavar's shoes
Lavar Ball is a whole different league. Earl Woods and Richard Williams are jealous
I lose faith in ESPN the more they give Lavar Ball media coverage and keep Michael Smith and Jemele Hill on Sports Center at 6.
He ain't even that big of a star. Steve Harvey is the Lavar Ball of comedians
Sabrina Parr may be the biggest moron to have ever opened their mouth. Huge toss up between her and Lavar Ball.
Marc Cuban may be the one NBA owner who could care less about Lavar Ball or would tell him to go away and think nothing of it.
Can we please get a 1v1, Micheal Jordan vs. Lavar Ball to shut him up!
Lavar Ball: I can beat Michael Jordan one on one . Me: I cAn bEaT Micheal Jordan oNe oN OnE
"Ten years ago they were asking LeBron or Kobe? Now they're asking Micheal Jordan. or Lavar Ball"…
If the media could stop talking about Lavar Ball
Can we please fire Lavar Ball and his Buster Brown Brand sneakers into orbit? And quickly.
Lavar Ball: "I can beat Micheal Jordan one-on-one easily. He doesn't stand a chance against me.". Micheal Jordan:
😂😂😂 My reaction to Lavar Ball when he said Micheal Jordan ain't Lonzo Ball.
Another reason your ratings suck. Lavar Ball as a guest.
A movie about Lavar Ball starring John Witherspoon needs to happen.
Look at the backlash that Dame Dash received, and the backlash that Lavar Ball is getting--it tells you Blacks are scared to own…
Listening to Lavar Ball on the air reminds me of the drunk uncle at the Thanksgiving dinner table just ranting
Lavar Ball can't even beat Father in a game of 1 on 1, let alone Micheal Jordan
Lavar Ball is to shoes what Kanye is to white tee's.
Micheal Jordan's rookie shoe was originally $125 and Lavar Ball's Rookie shoe is $599 FOH 😭💀
Nike, Adidas and Under Armor when they heard Lavar Ball wants them to license Big Baller Brand
Lavar Ball in the Nike boardroom pitching Big Baller Brand like
This thread starts with Prince Amukamara clowning Lavar Ball and ends with Michael Bennett buying 2 pairs of ZO2s.…
LMAO! I keep telling folks Lavar Ball gonna have Lonzo out there like Martin.
Lavar Ball and Lonzo Ball are the real life equivalent of Joe and JD McCoy
Lavar Ball trying to explain to Lonzo about Nike .
Charles Barkley, Lavar Ball and Stephen A. Smith (ik the last 2 ain't players but just imagine this conversation 💀)
According to Lavar Ball his son Lonzo was just taken first overall in the WNBA Draft.
Looks like is not a fan of Lavar Ball
Lavar Ball is one of the most annoying people I didn't want to know existed in life
Lavar Ball talking about the white boys on UCLA like his son wasn't the one who got grilled, cooked, sautéed, flambéd b…
Lavar Ball still talking? 😂 Those " 3 White players " kept UCLA in the game vs UK while his son was busy getting the business from Fox.
Lavar Ball said he'd beat Jordan 1-on-1? *** Jordan would have dunked on this *** humming Anita Baker's greatest hit…
to insinuate that the Ball brothers were forced to play basketball because Lavar Ball is outspoken and Lonzo is quiet is just so STUPID
You put Shaq, Stephen A and Lavar Ball in the same room, and you will have Comedy Central.
Luke Maye has been adopted by Lavar Ball
Lavar Ball vs Brian Scalabrine 1v1. Someone please make it happen
I would pay next month's rent money to get a weekly 15 minute show with Lavar Ball and Stephen A Smith arguing
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
The moment we've all been waiting for. Stephen A Smith vs. Lavar Ball 💀.
Stephen A. Smith and Lavar Ball need to have their own show 😂
That Stephen A Smith and Lavar Ball debate is the best thing I've seen in my life
Do you think Lavar Ball will ruin Lonzo's career?.
Lavar Ball: Lonzo is gonna win a National Championship and be the draft pick. Kentucky:
Live look at Lavar Ball & Lonzo Ball in the UCLA locker room
You think Lavar Ball gone be able to tell Greg POP what to do? Or a Doc Rivers or Alvin Gentry lol them boys gone look like man sit tf down
I'd pay so much money to watch Steven A. Smith, Lavar Ball, and Skip Bayless argue about something
Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you... Lavar Ball the undrafted tight end 🤣😶🤔
Lavar Ball needs to seek professional psychiatric help.
"Keep my kids' name out of your mouth." - LeBron​ responds to Lavar Ball's interview w/ Subscribe
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