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Lauren Hart

Lauren Hart (born January 10, 1976) is a professional recording artist based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

God Bless America Kate Smith Ed Snider National Anthem Keith Allen Rene Rancourt

Lauren has Kevin Hart on Instagram notifications goodbye
Willy "better than Hart with his feet" Caballero with a free kick, tries to hit the full back, straight out of play. https:…
with Emma Varron, Lincoln Eyre, or Arisa Lauren Lucord, you will be forbidden from conversing -con-
going near or talking to Emma Varron and Lincoln Eyre. Mister Oliva, yours is for Arisa Lauren -con-
Lauren Lucord. What she claimed she found very worrying however was not only what the videos were -con-
Sweetest girl until you pass a line that you shouldn't.
is it just me? Did anyone steal work boots or a Hart hat ???
We're about to drive on this curvy road and goes "if it's anything like rainbow road we're screwed" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Aside from Joe Hart, feels telling that Yaya Toure not even among the subs for Pep Guardiola's first game. Toure fit, just…
I just want to dress up and go on a cute dateπŸ€—
I wonder if Michael Phelps is sick of hearing the National Anthem. Also, I think Lauren Hart should be singing it every time, because, duh.
My name is Lauren and I am addicted to online shopping, filling my cart with a bunch of stuff I like, then not buying a…
no and i would love to change it to Lauren Rose Hart but I might want a double barrel middle name or surname idk
Congratulations to Heather Gannoe and Geoffrey Hart ! . This wonderful photo was taken by Lauren Cisneros who was...
When u listening to cold hart at 2 am and u lit then get sad
Kevin Hart got married and still and put up pictures
*** s Bells by Lauren Shera is in White Hart, Gosport.
Lauren your hart is at the right place and so is your brain. Helping our own people should be the way to go. πŸ˜‰
Oregon is so beautiful and I want to live the rest of my days here
October, November, and December are the best months. Don't even try to argue.
Lauren Hart with Kate Smith is the only "God Bless America" I will listen to.
very stylish look Lauren...I'm sure what's under the little black dress is even more powerful πŸ’ͺ😘
I bet you looked sensational in your LBD. I can only imagine how lovely you looked. Lucky bugger he was. Xx πŸ’‹ πŸ’ž
Bon voyage for next week superman! You will be dearly missed in our little fantasy world.
It was the best of times, it was the "starring Kevin Hart" of times.
Underneath this big brown coat is a v powerful little black dress. I love a good dinner date booking
If you aren't following you're doing it all wrong. Is it sexist to say she has more balls than most Ameri…
Hey Is Carter Hart any relation to Gene and Lauren?
Ready for a night out _lauren__hart laurakatebowden area you ready πŸ·πŸ™‹πŸΌπŸ‘―
my dad just got an instagram and he is following only one person, kevin hart, not even Amanda or I...
Lauren is that person that leaves their car on while pumping gas
Update your maps at Navteq
PP reviewers agree that is a treat to return to... again and again...
they won't be as lovely as the gorgeous Lauren Hart.
bdubs dates with Lauren are the best
when Lauren says she's leaving it must mean in ten minutes
My favorite diva even tho this person left along time ago and was a comp player. Lauren Hart.
Some wrestling nickname suggestions for and - πŸ‘€ the full interview➧
good evening lovely Alice & Lauren & hello to both of you cuties enjoy your evening good night & sweet dreams
Big ❀️ to Lauren Hart for contributing her gorgeous voice to upcoming EP. http…
happy bday Lauren! Love u so much I hope you have the best day ever girlyπŸ’•πŸ˜˜
Heard when won Hart Sid told him "I'll help you carry it but first let me put this down"
Congrats to Mattie Bell, Lauren Taylor and Lindsey Hart - finalists in the National Individual Events Showcase...
Me: Jessie name another player on GSW that you know other than Steph Curry. Jessie: Kevin Hart & Lebron James
"Bachelor" stars Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell have landed a spinoff reality series
The Master(ton) of Perseverance. The Sultan of Seeking Speed. The "Hart" of Hockey.
I can't begin to imagine how amazing that must be...
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Good luck with your assignments. Fun times no doubt. πŸ˜‚ . Xx πŸ’‹
Taking a break from escort related admin till I get my final 2 assignments done πŸ˜‚ must stop procrastinating
Still gorgeously sexy and sensual. Xx 😘 πŸ’‹ πŸ’‹
you look amazing. But the tousled ruffled hair look made you look so different. Bu beautiful tho
The perfect evening of debauchery with
beautiful photos. Are they you Lauren?
Scratch my last post. I had such a fun time in Sydney I've booked my next tour already! 18-22 Aug, pre-book now 😘
What a perfect way to start your day😍 Very classy lady πŸ˜ƒ
there is still time I got a whole day πŸ˜πŸ˜‰
Lucky Perth getting to see the beautiful Lauren Hart. Xx πŸ’‹ πŸ’‹
my dad got one for free through work and thinks it's stupid πŸ˜‚ He wore it for like 3 days
I'll take Ghaleb over Lauren Hart's shrieking every day of the week
I cant wait to hear Kate Smith and lauren hart sing God Bless America
Lauren hart has been pounding Mountain Dew all day and hyped up for this game!
Not exactly Lauren Hart or guy in Chicago, but it was good anthem.
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All I'm saying is Lauren Hart is gonna kill it game 3
Lauren Hart is better than even this nations Troop's
I'm so hype to hear Lauren Hart sing the National Anthem on Monday for Philly
Puck about to drop for Caps-Flyers. Unfortunately, we'll have to wait until Game 3 in Philly for a Lauren Hart sighting
Pres. Ann hart can't hide from these students.
Jealous of YouTube makeup artists that receive boxes on boxes of free makeup ☹️
Lauren Hart shoulda done the anthem
Never gotten so many steps in my life...only when you're in two workweek hustle competitions
My first HK review! Found one of my own (a kiwi) over there. Or he found me should I say...
Happy birthday Meegs hope you have the best bday, you deserve it... Love you bπŸŽ‰πŸ’˜
Lauren Hart of Once Human in Manchester last year! Really like this shot, I completely forgot about it somehow.
Lauren Hart (will return to with her new piece, "I'm not (t)here anymore".
Come out tomorrow night and bid on the one and only Lauren Tielbur AND her hedgehog
New Tour: visiting Perth, to pre book visit
Mike Richards says the Lauren Hart anthem in Philly is better than the anthem in Chicago. Not sure about that.
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
One of the last things Ed Snider got to see in life was Lauren Hart give a rendition of GBA and the Flyers post-game celebration.
Mr Snider had a heart of gold and the flyers organization was truly his family . Witnessed his caring with Gene & Lauren Hart , beyond words
Touching use of tech here: Flyers owner was present to hear the Philly crowd cheer one last time via FaceTime.
Today's random song from my iPod: God Bless America by Lauren Hart, Kate Smith
It still doesn't feel real that Mr.Snider is no longer with us, seeing Lauren hart FaceTime with him on Saturday...
Didn't realize what Lauren Hart was doing while at the game. Very well done!
Lauren Hart FaceTimed Ed Snider so he could witness God Bless America
Ed Snider took part in the last God Bless America thanks to Lauren Hart's FaceTime.
Lauren Hart describes FaceTiming with Ed Snider during 'God Bless America' on Saturday
Lauren Hart face timing Ed Snider before Saturday's game was brilliant!
"I'm so glad I was given that opportunity to let him hear the roar of that building one more time."
Lauren Hart>>>> Rene Rancourt. Every single day and twice on Sunday's.
NO ONE beats Lauren Hart as an anthem singer. She is simply the best there is.
Same with Philly 2012. Long time anthem singer Lauren Hart didn't sing, Patti Labelle was chosen instead.
Shout out to my friends for letting me drag them to the gym with me today 😘❀️
Psalm 42:1 Β As the hart panteth after the water brooks, so panteth my soul after thee, O God.
Happy 18th Birthday to my best friend in the whole 🌎 I can't begin to imagine the past 13 years…
Review Private Escort - December 2015 - Lauren Hart and Dahlia: Just a quick review to share some fun ...
tall guys are for tall girls. y'all oompaloompas need to move around & find you a Kevin Hart, bye.
pretty sure I get break checked every time I drive oops πŸ™Š
By the way, Lauren Hart who sings before every Flyers game is just awful anymore. She is very pitchy and I think it is time to move on!
Isn't Lauren Hart supposed to be good
Just a little flat on land of the FREEE, Lauren Hart.
Lauren Hart is the best Anthem singer in the NHL hands down
How many times is Lauren Hart going to sing at the Flyers games? Kind of wearing it out...
Fernandinho and hart are the only ones who want it this season, rest of them need a serious kick up the backside
What was it Stokies said about Hart when they lost 2-0 to them? Wasn't it "England's number 2"?
I do not want to work. I want to lay in bed and watch movies...
Melbourne's is your down-to-earth, mischievous & extremely naughty courtesan. https…
Fancy being the filling for our sexy sandwich? Fulfil your fantasies with and
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Don't fight for someone's attention. If they really care, you shouldn't have to..
Lauren Hart has my heart. This person has NOTHING.
I hate you. I love you. I hate that I want you. you want her, you need her. and I'll never be her.
Hart of Dixie will always be my favorite❀️
Of all be great things from last night, best part was hearing Lauren Hart sing our anthem and being in close proximity to Ryan Miller (1/2)
your secret is safe with me Lauren. We live similar lives!
Don't miss at the O2 Academy, Glasgow on Mon 14th Nov 2016. Tickets on sale NOW. http…
Great season with my boys. Made some lifetime buds. We will be back next year.
yes definitely. I still wanna get dressed up and go to dinner 😁
Kevin Hart and Ice Cube are in St. Louis and at the Anheuser-Busch Brewery WHICH I WAS SUPPOSED TO GO TO TONIGHT. 😭😭😭
Can Netflix FIO I'm trying to watch season 4 of Hart of Dixie
just a glimpse of Lauren's wisdom tooth experience❣
Something a little different was on the agenda this time...
It's a shame Lou Nolan won't be at the Royals game on January 22nd, but Bernie Parent & Lauren Hart will be!
Lauren Hart with the National Anthem at -- Steve Mason in the net for Philly
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'I think your whole life shows in your face... And you should be proud of that'. Lauren Bacall ❀️
i can't wait to go court dress shopping with Sunday in Chicago πŸ’ƒπŸ½
Last night I dreamt that I got married and Lauren Dane & Megan Hart were the wedding singers. LOL!
I want to fall asleep by your side.
S/o to my hampton people for making court! You guys deserve it! πŸ’™πŸ’›
ONE NIGHT WITH THE BILLIONAIRE by Lauren Hawkeye. Certifiable genius Mari Hart has spent her life focusing on...
2010-06-16 'Sports'. Jay: Does your boyfriend enjoy it?. Lauren: What? Shut up! No,,, yes, yes. http:…
TE Zach Ertz is active, as is Taylor Hart after being inactive for all 16 games last season.
when you see you have an A in AP World but then remember you have a test tomorrow
Taylor Hart finished preseason as PFF’s 6th best rated 3-4 DE.
Very awesome meeting and Lauren Hart from Once Human last night! Pick up their album! It's badass!
2012-9-14 'Lost in Vietnam'. The long and winding road to the... Lauren: Monastery... Monastery http:/…
Lauren Hart just sent me a snapchat to let me know my fish died.
Happy Birthday I hope you have the best day ever. I love you πŸ’•πŸ‘­πŸ˜˜πŸŽˆ *hugs* πŸ˜‰
don't wanna take the ACTs tomorrow though 😐
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never forget this beautiful moment when lauren just came out nowhere with her "SAY HEYYY MS. CARTER" impression
What's better than Lauren Hart and Kate Smith singing God Bless America? .
just want someone who I can tell everything to
** THIS SATURDAY ** so the First Kevin Hart Show is sold out and they added a 1030 show!!! This after…
Just bought tickets to go see Kevin Hart in October.. Andrew's already laughing πŸ˜ƒ
it was a pleasure to meet you sexy minx. Champagne showers πŸ˜πŸ’‹πŸ‘
Last night before unwrapping the sexy for a birthday boy! πŸŽ‰
I wish I had someone to do fall stuff w πŸ˜”πŸ’”
Episode 6 from w guests collective Detroit, Lauren Hart.
Lauren said she could play piano by ear a couple years ago I wonder if she's learned more since then
Someone please take me to see Kevin Hart! I'll be your girlfriend
The Hart of Dixie is seriously my favorite thing in the world right now.
I hope Lauren & Camila write twitlonger's or something so that it might finally get into people's heads that they aren't …
Our thoughts are with the family & friends of Andy Ashman. R.I.P. Killed in tragic accident doing what he loved
That's how you know you've done your project right. β˜ΊοΈπŸ’πŸΌ
Get out and support Boys Soccer today at home vs. Moline. Game starts at 6 and the theme is neon! Wear the brightest cl…
My love for Kevin Hart is indescribable and now that I'm going to see him live literally makes me so happy
I absolutely hate you, but I'm a better person because you were in my life. So thanks for that
SA Athletic League Athlete of the Year to Lauren Buchanan, receiving award from Brian Hart.
Lauren and I being sly mofos in the background
everyone should come see Saugus's Spring Concert tomorrow at 7 at Hart😏 10$πŸ’™πŸ’™
Unfortunately a bed and sleep can't fix my kind of tired.
Who does Sydney choose - the hot Henry Hart or the smart sexy Professor Sparling??? Find out in Emma Lauren's...
That blew. Nothing like a Lauren Hart rendition of the ol' stars and stripes before a game
This guy is good. No Lauren hart singing 'God Bless America' tho...
booking us for a bi-double. Here is her ad. She is super sexy!
My girlfriend is here on a short visit and we are available for play time! She leaves next wed so PM me if you're interested in (1/2)
nothing annoys me more than slow replies lol don't talk to me if ur gonna take the actual *** smh cbaA
i have a hart shape pan I don't need that
Lauren better watch out though because Hart hates women and is Hilter in case people forgot
Lauren and and Hart's relationship melts my hart main
Here's an update from Shawn and Lauren (Pfulger) Hart in Africa:...
I really should get out of bed and go to school but the problem is I don't want to
Congratulations to Lauren Winkler Hart the WINNER of our Scarf Giveaway! We can't give just one...
see the way my bank account set up I got a checking and a saving *Kevin Hart
Please help in searching for missing Lauren Hart Wright . She's been gone for a week now .
none of the other dancers touch the girls like that guy touches lauren I want him DEAD immediately
Have I ever said that I love Lauren Jauregui?
Dinah yelling at Lauren while Lauren's cursing and Camila making out with Ryan... Why do I stan😩
Lauren Hart Wright has been missing from Encinitas, CA since 5/1/15. She may be headed towards the Oregon border.
I might be obsessed with wade from hart of Dixie..
When you do something wrong you turn it into something I've done wrong πŸ˜”πŸ‘
I found this bag in my closet last night. I opened it up and it is full of Lauren Dane and Megan Hart books. Now they are on my book shelf.
Crack up through any movie Kevin Hart is in πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Warm, oily body slides are my new favourite thing:.
Unfortunately no trips planned but send me an email if you'd like to be sent a message when I do make plans x
I hate myself now that I understand how it felt when I hurt you
Even as a penguins fan I cannot deny, Lauren Hart is the best anthem singer in the league.
"NOBODY sings the National Anthem better than Lauren Hart"
I couldn't decide until I could see them in person. So stressful! πŸ˜‚
Now I just have to decide what color to get.
oh wow. They look so different to the sales puctures.
This anthemist sounds like a baby seal getting clubbed... She's no Lauren Hart
imagine going on a ride with Lauren I would pee myself and it would have nothing to do with the ride
yeah and if I had *** I'd be singing God Bless America at games instead of Lauren Hart. Doesn't get us any closer to a cup.
Lauren Hart is driving these two goofballs around in the cold.
It's spring when you can actually roll the window down because it's not frozen shut.
and FOLLOW us to Sundays free large pizza of your choice Collection today only! # your nearest branch! Warrington|…
Lauren Hart Glad I've been standing in line for an hour and about to miss my flight due to the slow...
fantastic bra, beautiful eye but I need to ask about the lighthouse tattoo
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I need a break from my own thoughts.
Watching Miss Congeniality and Lauren and I have agreed that she's Gracie Hart and I'm Cheryl Frasier
Oh he's bad. He shoulda been retired 30 yrs ago. Lauren Hart is much better. So there's SOMETHING I like about the Flyers πŸ˜€
yo Lauren hart is so much better than Rene Rancourt
He ain't better then Lauren hart but he sure is right behind her singing the anthem
Bostons anthem singer sounds like trash compared to lauren hart
S/O to snap chat this morning😘 thanks for the support. WE LOVE YOU!
blaming me for something I haven't done, thanksπŸ˜”
Have you met Henry Hart yet???. When It's Love by Emma Lauren:...
Lauren is so freaking humble that's such an amazing quality she has
β€œI love you and I love you and I love you” awe love you too bb ❀️😏
I love when I get to spend time with Lauren Hart sharing in our awesome energy exchange cause we both "get...
Tune in to Southern Miss Today now to hear Elisha Barnes-Booth and Lauren Hart discussing the nonprofit...
Once you listen to Lauren Hart. No one else compares.
Watching rugby with uncle adam and giving him water... Bless . Lauren Hart x
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Sleep over at auntie amandas & uncle Adams x Paige Pete Lauren Hart
let's go πŸ‘Š but after I beat cha *** bring me to see that Kevin hart movie 😊😏
And we shot in my house. So...where else would I put her? :o
Because I had a mini breakdown before the shoot this morning and Kate came to my rescue ^_^
I am in a studio, with women who have consented to me being there, watching photos being taken.
Excited to see the at brother. Ric Flair, Shawn Michaels, Outsiders, Jimmy Hart...tune in Monday, …
Don't forget there's an all-new on tonight! Check out my chat with before tuning in!
Watch Kevin Hart tell the story about the time he spilled pineapple juice all over Jay-Z and Beyonce:
"I think I'm one the dopest people on this earth" - Kevin Hart
Try Sophie's Adventures by *** King-Smith, Foxy Tales by Hart & Smith and Clarice Bean by Lauren Child
if you're in absolute agony, go to the chemist, ask for Paxyl spray. Keep in fridge, will numb burnt area.
aloe vera. Dr Kate is prescribing you aloe vera.
I always get chills when Lauren Hart sings the National Anthem before games.
so excited for Chicago this weekend 😜
Hi Lauren, looking great. Wishing you a great 2015.
|| if you don't take photos no one would believe you Laur lol β„οΈβ›„οΈπŸŒ€
I couldn't believe the difference from trevethin to blaenavon ! Really is on a different level πŸ˜‚
sorry I forgot to get the bikini shot πŸ˜“πŸ˜“
Official announcement, I'm back from holiday! Avail in And here's a new pic taken by a friend last month.
I see the pattern you're trying to point out
I'm so mad, I am never talking to you again, I expect my Hannah Hart book back tomorrow
Yes, but anything would look great on Lauren ;-) I think Praline is a nicer pattern, though.
You have got to be kidding me. Maybe Chris should be sent to a mental institution...with Ashley of course.
lauren loves playing WoW with Harley
Britt just made Chris turn into Ashley.
I stand by it. lauren hart should sing every nationally televised sporting event
Lauren Hart does a solo of God Bless America; unofficially, Flyers are 96-28-4 with the song.
I love hearing Lauren Hart sing the National Anthem
Lauren Hart sounds different to me this year.
Conelison is great, but I'll take Lauren Hart with Kate Smith...
β€œThe only thing I try to do is sing it the best. I don't have any gimmicks.” - Lauren Hart. See this Rene Rancourt?
Someone get Dr. Bob Kelso off my tv and tell 'em I want me some Lauren Hart and Kate Smith to sing "God Bless America"
Does any one else miss Lauren Hart right now?
Lauren Hart is still the best in the leagues singing the National Anthem
CHARACTER COUNTS – Eight Wise County high school seniors shared $20,000 in scholarships Thursday night at the first Character Counts Scholarship dinner at Weatherford College Wise County. The event, sponsored by Stephens Bastian and Cartwright Insurance of Decatur, awarded each senior a $2,500 scholarship. Recipients were nominated by teachers for their leadership, honesty and character. Honored were Lauren Hart of Alvord, Kayla Laraine Boaz of Boyd, Derrick Stanford of Bridgeport, Misten Kittrell of Chico, Billy Carr of Decatur, Rachel Smith of Northwest, Katy Skogberg of Paradise and Isaac Davis of Slidell. Chico Mayor J.D. Clark was the keynote speaker for the event attended by several hundred persons at WCWC.
Lauren Hart vs Sweet Dee Reynolds in wading pool full of Vaseline, let's make this happen
Excellent win last night against the Avs. Nice tribute to Keith Allen and I still love Lauren Hart. Keep up the good work boys and Mason looks great!
Upon my arrival home and into the house I go,after work. Turn on the heaters is the first thing I do. Its 50 degrees in here. It was 14 in Poulsbo this morning at 5a.m. Next,I turn on the tv. The channel already set for the Flyers game. There was a moment of silence, in rememberance and respect for Keith Allen. Flyers executive who passed away earlier theis week. Then,"Sweet Lou"Nolan introduced the lovely and beautiful Lauren Hart. Yes...the late Gene Hart's little girl. A Phine lookin Philly,filly. She is adorned in her Flyers sweater. 1967-68 was the 1st year of Flyers existance. And I must say.she was Lookin Good!! She belted out her rendition of "God Bless America"!! With Miss Kate Smith in accompaniance on the overhead scoreboard. To me.this is a heartwarming,goosebump making,emotional moment!!! so.GO FLYERS!
RIP Keith Allen and love the Lauren Hart / Kate Smith rendition - Let's go Flyers!
Tonight anthemist Lauren Hart is being escorted to the ice by US Army Command Sergeant Major Martin Wolfe from New London, PA.
Don't worry everyone. Snider ordered a hologram of Kate Smith that is going to sing next to Lauren Hart to ease the pain.
I just wish I had someone to text 24/7
So I'm sitting next to Lauren Hart and I think to myself why am I friends with this sexy *** mofo...
Congrats to Ashley Lauren Quiggins and all the Wanda Quiggins on her new job at Hart County high. I did my student teaching there!
I feel so blessed to have my children in my life it felt so strange today my eldest son contacted me and told me he loves me and my second eldest told me that she wants me to know she loves me and that no1 will ever replace me in her life my baby will always kiss me but I really needed that words from them I love you bradley,lauren and lee never forget that
Hope to see you all there durban. Sies.
Us girls making a Webkinz right now >> πŸ˜‚
sure do some may not be my real biological sisters but in my heart they will always be Maranda Webb Sabrina Quezada Barbara Hart then my friends that r like my sisters Brittany Sprinkles Jenna Lynne Bonett Jennifer L. SiegBurhans Tiffany Courtney Moctezuma i love u guys with all my heart and then my boo Ashley Worth gotta love her she is my ride or die biotch she has had my back through everything love all u guys to death
So so cute when guys make their girlfriends the
To the person in the black Chevy that rang my doorbell 3 times, banged on my door, then slammed your truck door and sat in my driveway for a solid 3 minutes, pulled out and parked at the end of the street: you scared the bajeepers out of me. Don't be a creeper. Just call me if you want something!
Alright...I feel like giving something away. If we can get 50 people to comment in this thread and tag one friend in their comment, we'll give away 2 VIP passes to the festival to one of the 50 taggers. That includes access to the VIP lounge, food, and preferred parking. Only one entry per person. COMMENT AND TAG AWAY!!!
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I'm strangely excited for you to get yours off.
Well that was a long day with Lauren Hart
I don't care who but someone should text me πŸ“±πŸ˜Š
So.Whos the best tattooist round Lincoln?
Pfff! Show me some competition ;) you know what I'll let you and your teammate Emily go up against me
I know I was just messin. But yeah no, not happening!!
well you're supposed to like imagine me magestically spiking it on you, with you looking terrified because I am a beast
I coulda sworn you were a girl... but lauren if you're hiding something you can tell me
You're in a mental hospital. Use the first seven people on your chat list (no cheating!) Your roommate: Tammie Swan Person licking the windows: Joe Hart Shaw Person trying to help you escape : Fuz Eller Your doctor: Mark Nicolson Person running around naked: Norman M Macleod Person shouting nonsense about clowns: Nicole Lammie Person you went crazy with: Ross McInnes
I think some doctors go by their last names to decide what specialty to go into. So far I've seen a Dr. Skinner who is a dermatologist and a Dr. Payne who does back surgeries for chronic pain. Coincidence? I think not.
What book are you most excited for the release of? Author and Title please
I forgot to share this before but if anyone is in the area and has some free time tonight consider coming to check out this awesome (and free - except like $2 for parking) WAYVE presentation!!! For all you past team members - this could be a great chance to see what the team is up to now and maybe even see some familiar faces. Share share share. And come!
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My baby Lauren is so nice for making me tea even tho I'm not rilly hungry I'll still eat it becoz I love her food she makes u baby have grown so much in my hart over these mounts together every day it gets stronger u help me fro the up and downs u mean so much to me x
yoo phones facing some technical difficulties ... Soo good night beautiful , sweet dreams☺
I can't believe that 7 years on 6-25 the thought crossed my mind to jump off a bridge. I had been struggling so bad that year, wrestling with God and in a split second satan tried to wipe me out. I don't share this lightly. Our enemy is cunning, tricky, and at times appealing to us. Don't let your gaurd down. He will find a way to destroy you. Stay in Gods word and even if where he's leading you doesn't make sense or isn't where you want to go follow him in faith knowing that he has your best interest in mind.
I have everyone's curse requests for tonight...Its more of a revenge or Karma now spell. a real curse I consider ill health or death or family curse. I do them VERY tonight is kinda a stop what they are doing that is hurtful and harmful. or let them feel what they made me feel , or have them stay out of my life etc. I have Plenty of room under my Blue shed if the spells dont work.he he he snicker..:P..BUT dont worry they will.I will do my best and those requesting the voo doo doll curse from my girlfriend she has already done them for you.Have a great night all.:)
I feel like I'm going downhill with volleyball ...
Scott, James Earl, 69, died Monday June 24, 2013 at home on Liberty Road. Jimmy was born June 11, 1944 to Hazel Scott, delivered by his grandmother Audrey Hart in Harlan County at Blackstar Coal Camp. His parents Hazel and Charlie Scott moved to Liberty Rd when Jimmy was 5. He attended Kenwick then Bryan Station High School and maintained many lasting friendships from those days. Jim is not one who is easily forgotten. He joined the Navy at a young age and served in the Bay of Pigs during the Cuban Missile Crisis. During that time he and wife Jo Ellen, had two children, James Earl Scott, Jr. and Kim Ann Scott-Hopkins. Never one to play strictly by the rules, Jimmy granted himself military β€œleave” to visit his growing family. His rebellious and spirited attitude made for an extremely colorful life. Jimmy’s quick wit and generosity gave him countless friends from all walks of life. He is survived by his sisters Elizabeth Ann (Libby) Money, Debra Roberts, a brother Tommy Scott. His two child ...
Gettin' out Brittany Murphy on at the Coney Island tea cups Lauren Hart
that little girl looks just like Quinn!
well I gotta go to the ortho. So I can't keep arguing on here so you win πŸ˜”
Finally changed her profile picture, she may be a thug but those eyes>>>
Get your iPhone insurance today!
I beat people up on the daily. So sounds good!
put Adam on. I wanna talk to him instead.
since I'm losing I'm just going to correct your grammar. Ain't isn't a word!
NAAHHH you wronnngg:) I mean i ain't never seen a nose on someones cheek
anythings possible. Just like :') is a dimple. It's obviously a nose -__-
Watching that trailer just made me fall in love a billion times more! 😍
I keep forgetting I am leaving for vacation this weekend. πŸ˜„
yeah but I had to go to your ask since I don't have an account it doesn't notify me.
Lauren ask me a question! Then tell me how you get the answer if you don't have an account. Please? :)
Just my luck no one would ask me anything.
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