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Lauren Hart

Lauren Hart (born January 10, 1976) is a professional recording artist based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Kate Smith God Bless America National Anthem

I feel so blessed to have my children in my life it felt so strange today my eldest son contacted me and told me he loves me and my second eldest told me that she wants me to know she loves me and that no1 will ever replace me in her life my baby will always kiss me but I really needed that words from them I love you bradley,lauren and lee never forget that
Hope to see you all there durban. Sies.
Us girls making a Webkinz right now >> 😂
sure do some may not be my real biological sisters but in my heart they will always be Maranda Webb Sabrina Quezada Barbara Hart then my friends that r like my sisters Brittany Sprinkles Jenna Lynne Bonett Jennifer L. SiegBurhans Tiffany Courtney Moctezuma i love u guys with all my heart and then my boo Ashley Worth gotta love her she is my ride or die biotch she has had my back through everything love all u guys to death
So so cute when guys make their girlfriends the
To the person in the black Chevy that rang my doorbell 3 times, banged on my door, then slammed your truck door and sat in my driveway for a solid 3 minutes, pulled out and parked at the end of the street: you scared the bajeepers out of me. Don't be a creeper. Just call me if you want something!
Alright...I feel like giving something away. If we can get 50 people to comment in this thread and tag one friend in their comment, we'll give away 2 VIP passes to the festival to one of the 50 taggers. That includes access to the VIP lounge, food, and preferred parking. Only one entry per person. COMMENT AND TAG AWAY!!!
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I'm strangely excited for you to get yours off.
Well that was a long day with Lauren Hart
I don't care who but someone should text me 📱😊
So.Whos the best tattooist round Lincoln?
Pfff! Show me some competition ;) you know what I'll let you and your teammate Emily go up against me
I know I was just messin. But yeah no, not happening!!
well you're supposed to like imagine me magestically spiking it on you, with you looking terrified because I am a beast
I coulda sworn you were a girl... but lauren if you're hiding something you can tell me
You're in a mental hospital. Use the first seven people on your chat list (no cheating!) Your roommate: Tammie Swan Person licking the windows: Joe Hart Shaw Person trying to help you escape : Fuz Eller Your doctor: Mark Nicolson Person running around naked: Norman M Macleod Person shouting nonsense about clowns: Nicole Lammie Person you went crazy with: Ross McInnes
I think some doctors go by their last names to decide what specialty to go into. So far I've seen a Dr. Skinner who is a dermatologist and a Dr. Payne who does back surgeries for chronic pain. Coincidence? I think not.
What book are you most excited for the release of? Author and Title please
I forgot to share this before but if anyone is in the area and has some free time tonight consider coming to check out this awesome (and free - except like $2 for parking) WAYVE presentation!!! For all you past team members - this could be a great chance to see what the team is up to now and maybe even see some familiar faces. Share share share. And come!
We are hiring a full-time accountant for our office in Hydro, Oklahoma. A degree in accounting and/or equivalent experience. Must have excellent computer skills, interpersonal skills and the ability to work independently. Knowledge of QuickBooks is a plus. We offer competitive pay and benefits and have a great working environment! Please email your resume to Mickie Hart at mhart
My baby Lauren is so nice for making me tea even tho I'm not rilly hungry I'll still eat it becoz I love her food she makes u baby have grown so much in my hart over these mounts together every day it gets stronger u help me fro the up and downs u mean so much to me x
yoo phones facing some technical difficulties ... Soo good night beautiful , sweet dreams☺
I can't believe that 7 years on 6-25 the thought crossed my mind to jump off a bridge. I had been struggling so bad that year, wrestling with God and in a split second satan tried to wipe me out. I don't share this lightly. Our enemy is cunning, tricky, and at times appealing to us. Don't let your gaurd down. He will find a way to destroy you. Stay in Gods word and even if where he's leading you doesn't make sense or isn't where you want to go follow him in faith knowing that he has your best interest in mind.
I have everyone's curse requests for tonight...Its more of a revenge or Karma now spell. a real curse I consider ill health or death or family curse. I do them VERY tonight is kinda a stop what they are doing that is hurtful and harmful. or let them feel what they made me feel , or have them stay out of my life etc. I have Plenty of room under my Blue shed if the spells dont work.he he he snicker..:P..BUT dont worry they will.I will do my best and those requesting the voo doo doll curse from my girlfriend she has already done them for you.Have a great night all.:)
I feel like I'm going downhill with volleyball ...
Scott, James Earl, 69, died Monday June 24, 2013 at home on Liberty Road. Jimmy was born June 11, 1944 to Hazel Scott, delivered by his grandmother Audrey Hart in Harlan County at Blackstar Coal Camp. His parents Hazel and Charlie Scott moved to Liberty Rd when Jimmy was 5. He attended Kenwick then Bryan Station High School and maintained many lasting friendships from those days. Jim is not one who is easily forgotten. He joined the Navy at a young age and served in the Bay of Pigs during the Cuban Missile Crisis. During that time he and wife Jo Ellen, had two children, James Earl Scott, Jr. and Kim Ann Scott-Hopkins. Never one to play strictly by the rules, Jimmy granted himself military “leave” to visit his growing family. His rebellious and spirited attitude made for an extremely colorful life. Jimmy’s quick wit and generosity gave him countless friends from all walks of life. He is survived by his sisters Elizabeth Ann (Libby) Money, Debra Roberts, a brother Tommy Scott. His two child ...
Gettin' out Brittany Murphy on at the Coney Island tea cups Lauren Hart
that little girl looks just like Quinn!
well I gotta go to the ortho. So I can't keep arguing on here so you win 😔
Finally changed her profile picture, she may be a thug but those eyes>>>
I beat people up on the daily. So sounds good!
put Adam on. I wanna talk to him instead.
since I'm losing I'm just going to correct your grammar. Ain't isn't a word!
NAAHHH you wronnngg:) I mean i ain't never seen a nose on someones cheek
anythings possible. Just like :') is a dimple. It's obviously a nose -__-
Watching that trailer just made me fall in love a billion times more! 😍
I keep forgetting I am leaving for vacation this weekend. 😄
yeah but I had to go to your ask since I don't have an account it doesn't notify me.
Lauren ask me a question! Then tell me how you get the answer if you don't have an account. Please? :)
Just my luck no one would ask me anything.
Ohene Cornelius Tyquan Sounds Que Cee Tev Ninetyfive Shottie Ideefour Keith Edward Lay Henry Chenevert .. by the end of the year, we are gonna need suits and passports.. know that..
I kinda want to make an ask thing but then kinda don't.
I am so happy to be home in Houston and can't wait to see these people Teena Tasha Gomez Priscilla Hart Eliska Dillon Kaylon McNeal Ronnisha Harris and my best best friend in my life Ahneshey and Tyson my brother
Is it bad I still think about ya before going to sleep?
Wedding people! I'm looking for venue info to pass on to a sweet gal getting married next June. Smallish budget, 125 guests, time of day/menu/alcohol is not an issue at this point. Indoor/outdoor- doesn't matter. Thanks!!
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yeah, last thing I heard they got it up in a tree. But I'm pretty sure it's still in his yard.
is it still in Steve's yard? We thought it was a hawk at first...
Seizure med question for all the WHS Mommas: who has used depakote? Ty was put on clonapin and keppra as a baby after being diagnosed with generalized myoclonic seizures. Basically he was having 1-2 second seizures multiple times a day. Never anything super scary, like stopping breathing lie some of our precious babies. Just lots of twitching. Anyway, the meds controlled them and we have not seen a seizure since December 2010. We had a Normal EEG last December and weaned off the keppra this past February. Right after he finished the keppra step down I noticed some muscle and extremity twitching only as he was falling asleep. Our neuro wanted me to increase the clonapin (0.125 mg/3x a day as opposed to twice a day). I kept forgetting to dose him in the afternoon and over the next few weeks the twitching went away. I've only been giving the 2 doses per day. So now we have a new neuro and she says "why is he on clonapin? That's a rescue medicine" I'm like, what?? He's basically been on it his whole life." S ...
The injured owl in my neighbor's yard is the cutest but also saddest thing ever! 💗
It makes me so mad knowing when gets her license I won't have even taken drivers ed yet :/
I could put up with the annoying antics if he could sing. I will take Lauren Hart anytime.
No one does it quite like Lauren Hart.
Lauren Hart is so much better. He was flat.
He's no Lauren Hart but can certainly help the goosebumps build before a hockey game.
I'll take Lauren Hart singing the anthem over that queermo anyday
Do the folks in Boston REALLY think their anthem singer is good?! Ouch.
This is nice it would make a sweet Christmas present!!
Selling 42 inch Samsung smart tv , moving overseas so open to offers, 6 months old. Looking for around 350
Very big shipment in for "REAL WOMEN SIZES!" We have lots of new cute things for women of all shapes and sizes :)
When was the last time you purchased a "real" book and what was the book??
Surprise Lauren Hart. I might not the whole story(just what i gather from everything, my verison. Sorry if its not 100%) Either way you deserve top prize and so much more!! Go to the page and go to Laurens pic&&LIKE it! Do it NOW:) please
Misty's big announcement is ready... and you're going to have to watch the whole video to find out what it is! Trust me, it's worth it... :)
Just had a nice little catch up wiv Lauren-ashley Hart bit of shopping can't beat it!!
You are in a horror movie, use the 8 first people on your friend list ! First one to be killed: Amy Jean MyVan Conger (sorree . . .) Screams all over the place: Pennie Ogreefa Hidden in a wardrobe: Benjamin M. Perry (good idea!) Boogeyman: Andrew Cottrell Is being tortured: Lauren Kronson :P Takes a shower in the dark: Tessa Hart The smartass who gets killed anyway: Sharon Ahrens (your hubby ain't gonna like this . . .) The hero who won't die: Maria Grundmann
Howzit and welcome to The Fastlane. I'm on air from now till 7pm with Lauren Mungur. Wayne Hart is in Johannesburg on an Algoa FM showcasing: have fun my friend. I'll try not to break anything.
Hey this guy need a girlfriend wanna hook him up?
I'm ready to find Mr. Right I wonder if he's out there?!?!?
John Cena's latest endorsement deal is for Capri Sun kids drinks. Kraft Foods produces Capri Sun in the U.S. market. Cena commented on a shoot: "Cleans done now to photo shoot for after gym i could use a drink!" _ Yes this is my anti-Cena side speaking when I say, there goes my childhood drink. -William
Three Daughters There were three daughters and they all wanted to get married but they couldn't afford it and neither could there parents. So the parents said "We will give you all a joint wedding and then you will all be able to get married". So they got married and all three daughters then said "I want a honeymoon but we cant afford it". The parents couldn't afford it either so they deiced they would have the honeymoon at their parents house. So on there honeymoon night their mother woke up and deiced to go downstairs and get a drink. On the way down she heard the first daughter screaming but she juts ignored it. When she reached the second daughters bedroom she could hear laughing and just ignored it. When she reached the third daughters room she could hear nothing and deiced 2 ignore it. The next morning at the breakfast table she said to the first daughter "Why were you screaming?". And the daughter replied "Well mother you told me 2 scream when something hurt." Then the mother said to the second dau ...
REALLY really unhappy about my 7:06 wake up call telling me I had to come to work!! I have already worked my 3 days and wasn't really wanting any extra!
What a fantastic day!!! Despite a few injuries - our netball presentation day was great!! Starting with a training session & mothers v's daughters netball match.despite their best efforts the Mummzies went down to the too powerful Sparks by one goal! Next up bowling and the presentation of trophies :) with a very close vote count we had two very deserving runners up Katie Haustorfer & Annie Arton-Po.winning best & fairest by ONE vote was India Hart! And the best surprise from my gorgeous Sparks was the lovely frame with your beautiful words of thanks x It's been a fantastic season girls - just one big game left! Lets finish this season the way we started having fun!
This is very disturbing to hear. Hopefully this will help put your minds at ease. When we bought the Play House in March of this year we set out to make this play centre the best in the area, to ensure all parents and kids felt at ease and enjoyed their time, this to a large degree has happened with many new faces coming in as well as our regulars We are trying to get to the bottom of this very disturbing issue and potential damage to our reputation and will keep you up to date. The Play House is booked out on weekends for catered kids birthday parties and also for private hire where we are not there. We give them the keys and show them how to open and close everything and confirm at the end of their booked time that everything is back in order and it is locked up tight. We assure you that even though the photos are of us there is / was no intention to host any type of party of this description. Thank you for your understanding and support. This means a great deal to us.
About to end this great day I've had. Me and Mesa went swimming with Lauren Herbert and Teresa Lampard. Then I kicked back a bit and caught a break with Alexandra Andersen. Finally a movie, and then MoonWatching with Hart Miller and Matthew Stafford. I'm give out. :)
Quick, first author that comes to your mind?? GO!
I don't get Boston and Chicago using dudes to sing their National Anthems, were so blessed having Lauren Hart in Philly.
15 individualized owls made, chosen and named, birthday party done, sleepover ended, 12 YW, their leaders and moms fed at a decorated luncheon, and jello salad for funeral delivered. Can I say that I am so looking forward to the Sabbath? Oh wait. I forgot. Tomorrow we are doing Fathers Day! Next Sunday (my day of rest) can not come soon enough!
Spent the morning snuggling a little blonde curly hair blue eyed girl.. Watching my boy play on the floor and smelling bacon cooking... Is this what a Saturday is suppose to be like... Lauren Pfluger Hart
Seeing as it was Lauren Flack who I dropped off in reading last week, how much of the bus lane penalty should I make her pay?! Suggestions welcome
At White Hart Lane with Lauren Cann at the Spurs girls presentation.
Earlier this month, we took submissions for the Evansville Otter National Anthem contest. One lucky winner will be selected to sing the National Anthem at the
drinks with my girls Lauren Ginn El Hart Georgia Harford x
YOU'RE IN A MENTAL HOSPITAL Name the first 7 people on your chat list in order My roommate: Hannah Hudson Licking the windows: Hunter Hart Person helping you escape: Lauren Rison Your doctor: Nathan Howard Person running around naked: Emmalyn Benjamin Person yelling non since about clowns: Sierraa Russell person you went crazy with: Cam Helton
I made all stars with Aubrey Scarborough, Baylie Bialas,Sydney blackmond,Lauren hart,shara Beth,Emma Claire Johnson,and more so we go to state July 13 I hope family come show support
*** man i remember my aunt took me to Paula deen restaurant down there in GA. Well, guess i wont be grubbing there no more.
The child is addicted to the 80s cartoons .. Fun house and nightmare .. Oh to be young again :)
Hey all my friends. I need to find a horse rescue in savannah georgia area!! The Animal Rescue Site Animal Rescue Resources Best Friends Animal Society Helping Animals Rescue Team (HART) ASPCA The Humane Society of the United States Lauren Fagan I just need some help getting this sweet gal a home. If anyone knows someone that wants a good horse please Share and spread the word. Lets get this gal a happy place to romp.
Claire Hart & Lauren Candies - hope ya'll are ready to see me in three weeks.
I might of over stepped... But it felt right, when I said to a complete stranger as he an argued about a sibling quarrel. The elderly mothers pain was evident and it hit home. " it's not about your own egos who's right or wrong, but lifting the pain off her shoulders trying to keep her family together. A broken hart is worse then any illness in a loving mother" enjoy the years you all still have together". Sorry but she reminded me of my mom. Was I completely wrong?
Any suggestions on a good place to get higher waisted denim sorts. .. I said DENIM SHORTS, NOT to be confused with denim PANTIES!
Thanks to everyone who came out to our CLE event last night with Christian Eiroa and Lauren Ferraro. Make sure to join us next week for our Drew Estate cigar event with John Hart! John is always a blast, and our Drew Estate events are always a big hit. Make sure to drop by and check it out.
God, when I lose hope, help me to remember that your love is greater than my disappointments, and you plan is greater than my dreams
Thanks to all who came to our Waterloo gig tonight. Now sitting in the car with the heater on coz its so cold! Bloody smokers wanting to smoke outside all the time. Sorry I'm FB Venting.
Bestselling authors Lauren Dane and Megan Hart deliver two stories of longing, lust, and love in futuristic worlds where love comes first—then survival... “Land’s End” by Lauren Dane…The Land’s End highway is one of the most dangerous places in the univer...
Tha was the worsed thing eva watchin them put harley to sleep propper sobbin my hart out xxx
Just had dinner with the awesome Lauren Dane and wonderful Megan Hart and am back in my hotel room. Heading to bed soon as tomorrow is a busy day for me.
Doing a free yoga class on Sunday at park area in square down town prescott. All are welcomed. Starts 10 am and goes til 12 noon.
Man Paula Deen, you were my girl. I sholl didn't know you felt that way!
I need a great photographer to take Ella's pictures. I've been a bad mom and haven't had any made in way too long!!! I don't want to pay a fortune though :) Any suggestions?
And I totes hate Rene Rancourt almost as much as Lauren Hart. Sorry Gene
Kate Smith/Lauren Hart singing God Bless America at Flyers games is way cooler than that Blackhawks National Anthem. Way cooler.
Lauren Hart singing God Bless America with the help of Kate Smith is amazing. you know what I'm talking about.
Do we not get Lauren Hart and Kate Smith?
Why am I watching some "Pia" song as not Lauren Hart. Lets go please put the flyers game on
Hey guys getting Flyered Up. Any minute now I'm hoping I'm going to hear Lauren Hart and Kate Smith so I can get my usual goosebumps and tears. Gotta love the Flyers. LETS GO FLYERS!
Please join Garrett Getlin Snider & Saks Fifth Avenue Philadelphia in an evening to support the Ed Snider Youth Hockey Foundation. Enjoy holiday shopping, cocktails and hors d’ouerves while in the company of guests such as Lauren Hart, Bernie Parent, Bob Kelly, Joe Watson, Doreen and Paul Holmgren, ... offers diagnostic & repair information.
He doesn't get how much he hurts me...
I hate how he can go days without talking to me like its no big deal!
I just want to talk to my boyfriend...
Yankees doing God Bless America in the 7th inning stretch has nothing on Lauren Hart and the fat old lady in Philly at Flyers games.
Noone sings God Bless American as good as Lauren Hart
As good as this chick is at singing God Bless America... Lauren Hart and Kate Smith will never be topped
Difference between ralph lauren and USPA *kevin hart voice* You gon learn today
sucha sod am I ;) where did you find this *** proper retard lauren aha
I'm sorry, unless "God Bless America" is sung by Lauren Hart or Kate Smith, it's just not worth hearing
Why do people care if girls wear makeup? If it makes them feel good about themselves, what's the big deal!? Even if they look like a clown.
I have a feeling this is going to be the best seventeen magazine yet :)
I don't know I can't look at the pictures
Wait let me rephrase that.. I like Miranda Hart because she reminds me of Lauren. And I love Lauren. I think.
I love Lauren because she reminds me of Miranda Hart
lauren youve never seen kevin hart !?? No way this is possible...
Amsterdam, Italy, Spain.. U have the life.. Bring me with in your suitcase please! Prague 2013? Safe flight & have fun!
Kevin Hart on the VMA's . Shadap ... You are not funny ... Quit shouting!
I miss being at the Wells Fargo center and hearing Lauren Hart preform the nation anthem starting a flyers game off right
I'm sure Joe hart was just having a cuppa and reading the paper then!
I have to meet miranda hart before I die
If I was Joe Hart I'd be tempted to take an iPod or something onto the pitch next half
Miranda hart should be one of me besties
Just watch highlights, I don't think Hart is going to touch the ball anyway.
though my moneys on hart gettin bored from doin nothin goes wandering, their gk hoofs the ball into our net, tim howard stylexD
If San Marino do get past the midfield and defence, still gonna have to take some wonder strike to get past hart :s
Review: Hot and Haunted by Megan Hart, Lauren Hawkeye and Saranna DeWylde: Nothing Else Matters by Megan HartAft...
Tracy's Place: Review: Hot and Haunted by Megan Hart, Lauren ...: Lira and six others are encamped in a synagogue...
Marty Sim, Armando Merlo, Kirill Levchenko, Lauren Hart, Bradley Sim which one of you brought this miserable Cape Town weather back with you?
Lauren Hart starting it up right now, flyers jerseys on the smell of beer, hartnell giroux rocking back and forth getting pumped,
yeah i'm going to sophs :) i'll text you tomorrow so we can meet for some drinks before with tom! X
I'm coming into town now, Lauren's are meeting us at 7pm at the theatre. Meet you 6:30 at The White Hart? X
"God Bless America" as performed by Lauren Hart, with help from Kate Smith, takes on a special meaning in the United States following the killing of terroris...
Players still at city since before Mancini took charge: Hart, Kompany, Lescott, K.Toure, Zabaleta, Barry, Tevez, Richards. Only 8 players.
Told my 6month old kitten Lauren Hart about flyers hockey - she meowed to me whats hockey?
Take me to kevin hart so I know it's real...
I miss you Taylor! Lets go to Walgreens when we get back. ;)
I miss you and you guys are lucky you didn't have to go to practice today... it was hard :(
My thoughts go out to my fellow Texans Lauren, Alyson and Debbie and the rest of the Ledet family for their loss. My prayers are with you.
Hart of Dixie's ratings are absurdly terrible. They renewed that show why??
Olympian Lauren Wenger on hand for Nevada Union Lady Miner win: Photo for The Union by John Hart Lauren Wenger, ...
Rolling to Columbia for Bryant Smith and Lauren Hart wedding! Rehearsal tonight then the big day Tom! Congratulations you two!!
My reward for the most painful cme course today was meeting the coach of the Flyers, Lauren Hart, seeing Ed Rendell and mayor Nutter at happy hour!
Lauren Hart + Kate Smith sing God Bless America before the start of Game between the Philadelphia Flyers and Pittsburgh Penguins in the 2008 Eastern Confe...
Approximately 45 minutes left in My Little Quiz Game. So far: Reid Tucker = 1st Lauren Hart = 2nd Jason Bonton = 3rd Kayla Hayes = 4th Dinieka Armstrong = 5th David Wilson = 6th Kyle Smith = 7th Candice Jade Earnest = 8th Kodi Sniezko = 9th But the race is NOT over! This is the home stretch! Plenty of Bonus Pts and Direct Bonus Pts out just gotta find 'um! GOOD LUCK! ...and don't forget to like statuses!
Loading the truck, then hitting the Dunes with Kelly Costello, Brad Lehman, Lauren Hart, Chris Anderson, Megan Anderson and the rest of the crew...
Fun afternoon/evening with Emily Hart, Alice N. Renaud, Bryant Smith and our Birthday Girl; Lauren Hart. Lots of laughs and a little bit accomplished!
Accordian player is Phillies' version of Kate Smith/Lauren Hart good luck charm.
Recording track for Skip Denenberg at Craig White's new studio, The Lab. Lauren Hart on vocals. Beautiful.
well going to Heber With my girls next saturday :D Kailyn Elizabeth and lauren Hart cant wait going to have so much fun LOVE Y'ALL
“Alright alright alrighttt (kevin hart voice)” Hes my favorite I can't even his stand up hysterical "I wish you would booboo"
IF YOU'RE NOT DOING ANYTHING TOMORROW NIGHT go to the scb student workshop show at 7 at hart high school. oh and its FREE so bring friends!
Wearing my new Ralph Lauren Oxford around with Nike shorts because it's comfortable..cute.
Lauren was the one who squished us this morning not me !
20 thousand people wearing Orange shirts standing up listening Kate Smith and Lauren Hart. That's what I think of
If Lauren Hart were to appear and start singing it too one could hardly blame you.
Lauren Hart commented: This is a wonderful read. Thank you for sharing this.
Imagine being best friends with Miranda Hart though, omg
We're texting and then you randomly turn your phone off! Thanks could of just said bye...
Yes Lauren. Anything is possible if you just believe like me andhe hart. One say we will be married with 7 children ;) xx
Great friends, blue moon, Blacksburg parade, and Love the 4th!
154948_Detroit Tigers Head to the World Series! 728x90
Makes amazing play. coach isn't watching
Thank you for the great video. Nothing better than Kate Smith and Lauren Hart.
I was in the house for this. Video doesn't do it justice. God Bless America by Lauren Hart/Kate Smith.
Don't know wether to get vans, blazers or ralph lauren shoes, any ideas??
now Lauren Hart sings it for us an the play video feed of kate and they duet :) gives me chills everytime
I'm kinda surprised kevin hart is being compared to denzel, don, will jamie, samuel... I don't think kevins there yet..but that's just me...
I ain’t say you can’t watch it. I just thought of Kevin hart
Performed before the viewing party at the Wachovia Center during Game 7 in Boston.
Keianta shut up you ain't gone do shi (Kevin Hart voice)
Kevin Hart can say a joke about Lauren Hill and we all laugh.. But when Ray does, threats start coming, ppl sat Fck BET...ALL *** brakes!!
i never realized how DARK Kevin Hart is !!
I did too! We hugged and it was perfect. I also met Casey, Paul and Lauren. Pia waved at me, Lauren smiled at me.
he got bottles so I got bottles.lmao kevin hart
Kevin hart can tell Rick Ross to wear a sports bra && yall laugh... But when Ray Ray say somethinq about Lauren Hill yall get mad ?
Omg Lauren the house viewer looked like joe hart mmm
Im so classy even my cutoffs and homemade shirts are Ralph Lauren haRTshe's all done ✌🇺🇸
watchin The Hills in bed.. I should be on the couch at 404
I interact with lots of people, and it's not only you. have you ever thought of that, for at least once?
Its weird knowing that in an hour my parents will be getting up and I haven't even went to sleep yet.
So boring, why doesn't anyone post anything at 2 am!
If it was Kevin Hart that said the Lauren Hill joke noone would have said a thing!
Kevin Hart made a joke about Lauren Hill's tax accountant. I forgot what he said exactly
ye I know it wasn't I was just putting Hart to good use ;) ;)
"The ridiculous moment you have over 24 shots on FIFA & only score 1 goal" - only when you play against joe hart
What did Kevin Hart say about Lauren Hill? I missed that part
Just thought about last year when Kevin Hart rode off with the helmet & the scooter lol reminded me of
If you are going to take 8 minutes to respond just don't even text me!
Poor baby Ava Grace. Prayers go to the Hart family
I don't want to be in that stinking Hall of Fame anyway! Not without Eric Lindros, Kate Smith and Lauren Hart!
Joe Hart completed more passes (45) last night than any other England player. 15 of them went to Andy Carroll.
I just really HATE the fact that Samuel Jackson is hosting the BET Awards. The best host was Monique and Kevin Hart!!
Think I might actually be crushing on Joe Hart right now.maybe I'm still drunk
just ordered my ticket for the Cubs game for Hayley March's bachelorette party with Kelsey Franklin Kalyn Fischer Kimberely Diehm Lauren Hart Maura Eileen Becca McGee ! WOOHOO can't wait!
Just realised I won't be seeing Gerrard or Joe Hart on my tele for a long time now!
Don't know if this is more or Style Lauren, pattern Megan.
After Diamanti scored the winning pen, all the Italians ran to him except Balotelli who went to console Hart
Lauren just asked me was Justin Weaver Kevin hart -___-
But let's be honest, Joe Hart is still beautiful
I've changed my mind, Hart all the way. He's the sexiest, you agree *** best friend? :)
England was poor but joe hart was amaze I want to snog his face off
Happy for Italy.although Joe Hart is right up my street :)
Aw, Joe Hart, its okay baby I still love you x
Gutted we lost joe hart is still amazing!
Joe hart isn't half a beautiful man though😍
Did no one else find Joe Hart's faces quite scary in penalties?
I'd take Hart one too.. P.S I have a new skirt to show you bby! You busy tomorrow?
Find it funny how all the girls have just started liking joe Hart, bore me later
Joe Hart will always be the only member of the England Team all the women of England will forgive when we loose. because he's nom.
Joe hart has to get naked now to make us all feel better.
The only good thing from England in that game was Joe Hart's facial expressions during the penalty shootout.
same! I hate it, I only watched it cause Ive always liked Joe Hart &I knew he was playing;)but still not as perf as Juju! ;)x
Did anyone see Joe Hart pulling faces though LOL?
joe hart might have the looks no *** but at the end of the day Buffon is hero :)
Makes me want to be something to do with football so I can rub down Joe Hart!
Not blaming it on Hart because he's just beautiful..
Credit needs to go to Hart. At 25 he showed control like today..
Thanks to my two best friends Lauren Hart and Aaron Phillips for helpin me with Cam last night and for babysitting him today!! I love yall :)
the customer is always right Lauren!
na :( that would of been better tho!! I saw the England advert n my future husband Joe hart
I got three just ask for the Calvin Klein or Ralph Lauren slim fit suits or even hart Schaffer Marx they cost doe!
No, I think so. That is all that matters.
I don't like Lauren but I have to be best mates with her☹
Rereading some of my fave erotic books for inspiration. One of my all time faves? Tempted by
"All Things New (Acoustic)" was recorded at White Cabin Studio in November of 2010. Download more music from Brett Younker on itunes.
Watching Kevin hart with Lauren , think she sleep to 0.o
This game is PINEAPPLES kevin hart voice
20. My favourite song is 'never surrender' by Corey Hart
Nice touch: Canadian National Anthem sung in both English and French. Let's see Kate Smith/Lauren Hart top that one.
Dont know wether to get a pair of vans, converse, fred perry or ralph lauren pumps/canvas :/
On page 130 of 280 of Dancing Naked in Dixie, by Lauren Clark: If you like Hart of Dixie on CW you'll love this one.
the awkward moment you realise his names not Danny Hart its Joe Hart! LOL
@ The Clapton Hart with & - exciting new pub. Amazing decor...
Everytime my boyfriend falls asleep texting me at night, I make sure he wakes up with a million texts from me😁 sorry I get bored..
Joe hart is a proud salopian!! football is back and I've missed it! roll on august and football
nooo way! He's nice but not as nice as Joe hart!
watched the england game with petes family. So hard not to perve over joe hart!
As for ibrahimovic.. Wonder if your screaming at hart now eh.. Shut it
Hart is a bloody good looking boy and a good goal keeper.
Is Ibrahimovich still giving Hart a mouthfull now !
However Joe hart didn't go at that long haired Swedish *** then I'll never know
Wish Joe Hart would dive on me like he dives on that ball lols
I know I don't shut up about him but seriously, Joe hart could not be more gorgeous
so you don't think Joe hart is hot and your quoting Justin bieber. Oh no Lauren :-(
! I dribble he plays for my team so privileged"Oh Hart you are looking beautiful as ever"
Joe Hart has a really nice face tbh
England playing football is much better with Joe Hart playing.
Lauren stop commenting in everything joe hart does
according to lauren, joe hart is the male version of me:L
Joe Hart and Scott Parker on my tv again, Yes!
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I'm sorry but Joe Hart is beautiful
Katie Todd,Elizabeth Ellis and Lauren Hart. I thought you would like this article...and anyone else who is planning a wedding!
The kid singing the National Anthem doesn't hold a candle to Lauren Hart.
Wish it was Lauren Hart singing the National Anthem tonight.
Me and lauren just had the most failed attempt at shottgunning
are you serious? It's only a matter of time for me... Ugh
I love Lauren now, but when she was on Idol I always wanted her to have a big moment. I always though she should've sang Jar Of Hearts.
Just heard one of the most horrible renditions of God Bless America ever. Can't New York find better singers than that? Give me Lauren Hart any day over this trash. It was an insult to veterans everywhere. At least the Yankees choice is more capable of performing the song.
Lauren Hart, with help from Kate Smith, performs "God Bless America" at the 2012 NHL Winter Classic.
guys the day has finally come.. Shattered the screen on my phone
You should start singing the anthem with Lauren Hart.
Easter: The day Jesus slapped YOLO in the face.
Philly athletes for her and Lauren Hart for me. We have it all worked out
Love that Miranda Hart has mixed Dolce and Gabbana top with trousers from Next! MIC's Ollie Locke is in Ralph Lauren+Pro Green wears McQueen
"But imagine if Miranda Hart hosted Jeremy Kyle" who wouldn't watch that?!
I'm not thinking, I'm watching Kevin Hart lol
Debating whether or not you really have to use the bathroom because it's such a struggle to untuck and tuck in your uniform
Watchin Kevin Hart Videos,and am laughing so hard,not only cause hes funny as *** but because it reminds me of Hermon, Lauren And Lydia. :)
Lauren Hart, ranked anthem singer in the NHL. How can't you love that?
Not impressed with the Devils' National Anthem singer. She's no Lauren Hart.
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