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Laura Prepon

Laura Prepon (born March 7, 1980) is an American actress, best known for her role as Donna Pinciotti in the long-running Fox situation comedy That '70s Show, for all eight seasons.

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"New York, Concrete jungle where dreams are made of. There's nothin' you can't do..." (Except give Laura Prepon fan mail…
Laura Prepon wants me to come back to her? Pinch me, I must be dreaming.
Someone please hide all the tweezers from Laura Prepon this is getting out of hand
Laura Prepon and Sam Elliot in the Hero out now in select cities in the US πŸ‘ŒπŸ»
perhaps a bit late to the film casting party, but do you not have Netflix over there? Laura Prepon…
Freudian slip from Laura Prepon as she possible reveals she is having a baby girl (credit to )
Laura Prepon attended Amber Tamblyn show last night in New York
sharing the latest in from Laura Prepon Shows Off Growing Baby B...
Yes but she is having a baby. She's bringing another life into this world. Laura Helene Prepon. She's having a baby
Laura Prepon shows off her growing baby bump while on red carpet with fiance Ben Foster.
Be β€˜Like a Vause’ & snag this tee that supports The Lowline in NYC! Get yours https:/…
What did we do to deserve Laura prepon LOOK. AT. HER.
Laura Prepon with Sam Elliot and Ben Foster at 'The Hero' premiere in NY 😍
I have to be up briefly in a matter of hours but my *** is too busy having a breakdown over Laura prepon, what's new
First Phill Lewis was on this show, and now Laura Prepon???. I LOVE HIMYM.
Imagine 5 years from now Laura looking back at this pic and showing her little girl what she looked like pregnant with her…
Laura Prepon, love her πŸ’• Anyway, have a blast in NYC, you lucky guy πŸ™‹
Orange is the New Black 8 inch x 10 inch PHOTOGRAPH Laura Prepon Reading to Taylor Schilling on Top..
Take a look at some of the most famous members of The Church of Scientology.
Laura Prepon rejecting every man on tinder is the best thing that exists to this day
If Rose Dix, Sasha Pieterse, Hannah Renee or Laura Prepon could love me that would be great
Laura Prepon - Orange is the New Black Special Screening in New York City
Laura Prepon from Big Day stars in Northern Exposure, Numb3rs about a cynical Social worker named Evelyn
Norm Macdonald tries to interrupt Laura Prepon on Conan via
So I just found out that Laura Prepon is ENGAGED. AND IT'S NOT TO Taylor Schilling. It's to a mAN. A MAN. I AM unBELIEVABLY outraged !!
Laura Prepon, Taylor Schilling, Emily Deschanel & Cate Blanchett (whaaa can't pick just one)πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‡
Laura Prepon is engaged to Ben Foster? Wasn;t he dating Robin Wright? I didn't even know they split
Tucker James aka Ben Foster might be a secret Scientologist. Damnit. It explains why he's engaged to Laura Prepon all of sudden.
Laura Prepon, I swear to GOD, if you make Ben Foster a Scientologist.
I had no idea Laura Prepon and Ben Foster were even together. .
Laura Prepon of 'Orange Is the New Black' engaged to actor Ben Foster
So, will Laura Prepon & Ben Foster have a traditional wedding? via
'OITNB' star Laura Prepon reportedly engaged to Ben Foster .
Is the whole β€˜OITNB’ cast engaged? Laura Prepon is tying the knot with Ben Foster
Laura Prepon & Ben Foster are engaged! See the rock she debuted on the red carpet last night:
He put a ring on it! Congrats to Laura Prepon and Ben Foster:
Congrats to Laura Prepon and Ben Foster, who are engaged!
I would like to make this clear: Laura Prepon in real life is not Alex Vause and Lori Petty isn't Lolly. they are people w/ names.
Just love Laura Prepon...if she everwants a real *** relationship, I am here! Makes my body tingle just listening to
Laura Prepon and Topher Grace behind the scene of That 70s Show.
I want Laura Prepon to be Donna Pinciotti forever.
Hello, My question and Laura Prepon vc and *** in real life not only in series
Laura Prepon and Taylor Schilling great each other on the black carpet at Season 4 premiere
More photos of Taylor Schilling and Laura Prepon from last night 😍😍
Yo, Jarret. None of the guys were outstanding. Also, Natasha Lyonne, Samira Wiley, Laura Prepon and Taylor Schilling
Laura Prepon and Taylor Schilling at the season 4 premiere β€” see all the photos
Laura Prepon Wants a phat disco that slangs trucks
Some actors get to hang out on lavish period sets (see Outlander) or chic, contemporary apartments (think Kerry
Laura Prepon Does a fresh cash that smokes thugs
Laura Prepon Knows a straight raver that *** drugs
If I could marry Laura Prepon I'd do it in a heartbeat ngl
*** I forgot how gorgeous Laura Prepon is
Laura Prepon is Alex Vause on Season 4 is now streaming on
Taylor Schilling and Laura Prepon SLAY this season. The finest acting I've seen from them h…
Laura Prepon on Orange Is the New Black and More via
Laura Prepon Does a cold disco that trips jugs
It's nuts seeing Laura Prepon as Alex Vause. She was Donna forever
I wish I could hear laura prepon irl that deep badass voice shes me I'm her we r 1
Laura Prepon is actually so pretty like girlfriend has a great face
Taylor Schilling has a crush on Laura Prepon and there’s nothing anyone on this planet can say or do to convince me otherwise
I wish Laura Prepon would've called people "sneaky dillholes" in OITNB like she did in that 70s show
laura prepon went from 100 to 1000 in between seasons I'm crying
Laura Prepon Wants a dirty ride that flashes nugs
Laura Prepon Wants a clean cash that farts butts
Laura Prepon with her Sister, Nephew and Sam Elliot on the set of 'The Hero' via
Only 2% of the world's population are redheads, also only 2% have green eyes. Laura Prepon, everyone.
The gorgeous Taylor Schilling and Laura Prepon,both are amazing x natural beauties x
Laura Prepon coming to Ridgewood to sign new healthy-living book
What is sexy? Laura's voice is sexy. And everyone needs to listen to this.
You can always turn a bad kisser into a good one.
I don't want to do anything like Can't Hardly Wait, I don't want to do anyt...
Gorgeous in studio Friday 8:30am!! So today I'll be making out w my poster. http…
. Lol and it's such an old episode I know but I'm just so excited because it's Laura Prepon and House
as if laura prepon was in an episode of how I met your mother
Starting to think my female celebrity crushes have a type: Gaby Hoffmann... Natasha Leggero... Krysten Ritter... Laura Prepon in OITNB...
New Laura Prepon picture from the The Stash Plan posted via
Doug and Mary talk to Laura Prepon of Orange Is the New Black tomorrow!! Are you ready for another 3 seasons?
Hey guys! If u have check out tomorrow 2/25 9:30am! I'm going to be live with talking a…
Laura Prepon and Elizabeth Troy guidelines for The Stash Plan signing event via
All I want is to go to orange con and meet Laura Prepon kk ty
I am so proud of my sister she knows whats best and that's Laura :,)
I showed my sister the picture of Laura's almond bread and started talking about her book and now she's super excited about it!!!
I've said it before n I'm gonna say it again, Laura Prepon is HoTSTUFF
If she stans Laura Prepon she constantly wants to die.
The Stash Plan best seller I can see it now. Proub of you reguardless!
Tune into for the beautiful & talented Orange Is The New Black Actress & Author, Laura Prepon calls in at 10:30 EST / 7:30 PST.…
Laura Prepon, Allison Janney and Emily Blunt on the set of The Girl on the Train
us fans are so proud of you Laura I'm so excited !!
I'm more excited about the stash plan than I am my birthday (Which is the day before yours Laura) 😘
Narrated by Laura Prepon, here's an excerpt from her new book, 'The Stash Plan'. (part three)
Joan Allen is on Live w Kelly & Michael the same day as Laura Prepon & all of lauras fans will be there & i'll just be like IM HERE FOR JOAN
Saoirse Ronan, Kate Mara, Laura Prepon and Giuliana Rancic Sparkle in Forevermark Diamonds at the 22nd Annual Screen…
Laura Prepon won for and she also won on the carpet Carmen Marc Valvo:
Laura Prepon's SAG dress had a dramatic journey to the red carpet - Belfast Telegraph
Laura Prepon said to follow you. Would love to see her and Topher Grace get back together again for 70's follow up series.
Laura Prepon with Kate Mulgrew at The Wannabe premiere in NY
this Christmas Eve I'm thankful for blonde Laura Prepon and blonde Hayley Williams
but Laura Prepon is in OITNB and amazing so OITNB is better πŸ’
6 Ruby Rose / Stella is also another one of my girl crushes. But Laura Prepon is better ;)
1 Alex Vause is my baby.I STAN her so much. She's the MAIN reason why I literally watch this show. 2 Laura Prepon is hot af
is it just me or Laura looks like taylor swift here bye
When it's just too awkward kissing Zac Efron and you decide you'd rather have Laura Prepon back πŸ˜œπŸ˜‰
I only want one thing, and that is to go clubbing with Laura Prepon. (Vine by
If you scroll down on the page Laura Prepon's book there is Leah Remini's book. I laugh until tomorrow. Sorry but πŸ˜‚
Laura and polka dots. Taylor and stripes. Jenji and rainbows. Taystee and bar-b-q sauce
[LAURA PREPON'S IG UPDATE] Our official final cover!! So excited to share this with you guys. Pre-order on Amazon (…
I'm so proud of Laura and I can't wait to get this❀️
Laura Prepon or Taylor Schilling, the world will never know
Laura Prepon attends That 70's Show press tour at universal 2005 πŸ€—
Laura Prepon as Natalie Rhodes in an episode of Castle 2011 πŸ”₯😍
When they know how much you like Laura Prepon you get this 😍 πŸ™ŒπŸ» πŸ€“πŸ‘“
Can we all agree that if mass effect was ever live cast then laura prepon would be the PERFECT miranda
I would donate my body to science but it's so useless I might as well donate it to Scientology (tell Laura Prepon I'm sorry)
i will forever stan Laura Helene Prepon
I love Laura prepon. . that is all.
PIC: Laura Prepon and Emily Althaus singing a Weezer song on Karaoke at OITNB wrap party via https:…
"if I had girls like Natasha Lyonne and Laura Prepon in my life you can bet that I would be a *** "
πŸ“· ladiessource: Laura Prepon attends the 67th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards at Microsoft Theater on...
Laura Prepon and Eliza Taylor could shove their *** up my *** and I'd cry tears of joy
Taylor Schilling is my bae. Laura Prepon loves to slay. How am I alive today?. I don't know, I'm just *** .
I liked a video Laura Prepon & Taylor Schilling Talk Sex Scenes in Orange is the New Black
My girlfriend thinks Ruby Rose is hotter than Laura Prepon and I'm gutted.
. I did something and remembered you. In college I 'm Laura Prepon and no one can prove the opposite πŸ˜‚
okay so I've been meaning to tell you this for days but YOU LOOK SO MUCH LIKE LAURA PREPON I LOVE IT
Post a picture of your favorite movie actor! β€” Laura Prepon
Laura Prepon with black hair is my aesthetic
when will Demi and Laura Prepon meet?!.
Just saw that pic of Laura Prepon in Montana. I'M FINE *Ross Geller's squeaky voice*
I was just told for the second time today that I look like Laura Prepon. I don't see it though
the laughter of Laura Prepon is the best in the world !!
I just love how happy is Laura Prepon in Montana.
Taylor Schilling & Laura Prepon being adorbz in real life:
Who won the Emmys red carpet? I say Laura Prepon in Christian Siriano
She is my inspiration,my soul,my heart, my badass,my hero...I love you Laura PreponπŸ˜πŸ’œ
Old school photos of Laura Prepon at various events in 98/99
Gina Rodriguez, Sophie Turner, Laura Prepon, and Giuliana Rancic Shine in Forevermark Diamonds at the 67th Ann...
photoset gif 1x07 Laura Prepon okay Orange is the New Black Alex Vause
Laura Prepon will be wearing a custom Christian Siriano gown at the Emmys this weekend according to Fug Girls via
I added a video to a playlist Laura Prepon at the Critics Choice Television Awards
Dear Amy Poehler, Seth Meyers, Ben Vereen, Laura Prepon, and Caroline Rhea...Can and I join your squad?
People I need to meet in order to fully enjoy my existence:. - Jesus. - My great grandpa. - Laura Prepon. - Ruby Rose. - Beyonce. - Chris Evans
I want Laura Prepon to repeatedly run me over with her motorcycle that's how I want to die
I love Laura Prepon so much it goes way past a crush
All I want in life is a picture of Jessica Capshaw, Sara Ramirez, Laura Prepon and Taylor Schilling together
A stunning remake of "Ratatouille", starring Laura Prepon and Leslie Mann
Why do cool celebrities have to be scientologists? Elisabeth Moss, Beck, Laura Prepon: I AM DISAPPOINT.
Laura Prepon on OITNB sex scenes & chemistry with Taylor Schilling at OrangeCon ht…
I liked a video Taylor Schilling and Laura Prepon on How β€˜Orange Is the New Black’ Revolutionized
Binged watched season one of 'Orange Is the New Black.' Taylor Schilling & Laura Prepon rock!
The cast of oitnb is me when Laura Prepon and Taylor Schilling
// I got told I look like the lovechild of Frances Bean Cobain and Laura Prepon today and I can dig that.
Foto: Laura Prepon and Taylor Schilling photographed by Mark Seliger for Rolling Stone Magazine, 2015.
I can't refer to Laura Prepon as anything but "Donna". Even while I'm watching OITNB. Alex is nonexistent to me. It's Donna.
I should have started watching Orange is the New Black a long time ago simply for Laura Prepon. Forgot how much I love her.
It ends when referees John Cone and Scott Armstrong see Piper and Laura Prepon hit the ground at the same time.
Tbh I can't see Laura Prepon (Alex in OITNB) as anyone other than Donna in That 70s Show
Laura Prepon is trending today on Google. - Laura Prepon is trending today on Google. United Statesβ‹…Friday, June 1...
yea Drake Bell!! Oh the Homolvkas are the *** they made the movie Karla about .. The one with Laura Prepon
My nominee for is Taylor Schilling and Laura Prepon
my nominee for is Laura Prepon and Taylor Schilling
Taylor Schilling and Laura Prepon at the OITNB Season 2 photo call in London - May 29th 2014 πŸ˜πŸ’•
only women I find sexy who have low voices are Linda Hamilton (T2 days), Laura Prepon, and ScarJo. THIS lady scares me! 😲
everytime I see a picture of Laura Prepon. yay Taylor Schilling you feel me
Me gustΓ³ un video de Laura Prepon & Taylor Schilling talk about Orange is the New Black
Photo: katys-katycats: If Taylor Schilling and Laura Prepon had a child…
Laura Prepon and Taylor Schilling are so beautiful. πŸ˜©πŸ’•
I have the worlds biggest crush on Laura Prepon - abigail-harvey: And not even slightly apologetic
Remake "Il Mare" as a western movie starring Laura Prepon and Aaron Taylor-Johnson
yep, we better start plotting before he gets to Laura Prepon 😐
I sense a giveaway coming up, details soon on how to win one of these Laura Prepon canvas paintings
can u please get laura prepon on the show? Or other oitnb people. Lauren Morelli was great
I started watching Orange is the New Black and I have decided: That I like it, that Sophia is my favorite character, and Laura Prepon rules.
i can see my self still being obsessed with Laura Prepon when she is a cute pensioner
I can't believe it's already been a month since the most perfect day of my life!! πŸ’πŸ’‘
Really hope I didn't send that pic of laura prepon to the office printer
I just thought: if my body really can't regenerate, could they imprint me on Laura Prepon? That would be fitting.
Taylor Schilling and Laura Prepon Make lots of spice (Orange is the New Black)
Laura Prepon doing the cutest thing ever with her tongue.
Laura Prepon is seriously so gorgeous
Laura Prepon certainly brings the body to OITNB
Anyone who has ever been in the same room as Taylor Schilling and or Laura Prepon is my hero honestly.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Taylor Schilling and Laura prepon onset of oitnb
Laura Prepon is gorgeous, may I say
PICS: Laura Prepon out and about in Beverly Hills April 17th 😍
i just want new Laura Prepon interviews. hurry up promo!!!
To sit on Laura Prepon's face. That is all.
I love Laura Prepon but she's another one people say I look like that I don't see...
Laura Prepon (Alex Vause) being bacd for season 3 of Orange Is The New Black is the main reason I'm excited for it!
I just threw my phone across the house bc of Laura Prepon?
When you remember that Laura Prepon is in every episode of season 3.
I ship Laura Prepon with the word 'tumultuous'
Happy birthday! Bryan Cranston, Brandon T Jackson, Tay Jardine, and Laura Prepon have the same bday as you!
β€œLaura Prepon 😍😍 She ages the same way Jennifer Anniston does. She just doesn't. If only...
CELEBRITY WATCH : Laura Prepon from the new hit show . Orange Is The New Black is dressed from head to toe with...
Every time Laura Prepon wears all black a *** dies
ugh if someone I know was actually as attractive as Laura Prepon.
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
I have the hugest crush on Laura Prepon
All in all I am completely and utterly in love with Taylor Schilling and laura prepon
JUST SAW LAURA PREPON from Orange is the New Black and That 70s Show
Such a lucky guy and an amazing Laura Prepon picture :)
Today's been amazing bless Laura Prepon for making me scream/ cry in public
Cause of death: Laura Prepon in all black.
Photo: Laura Prepon poses for Interview Magazine in 2001 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Greg...
My second question is pretty straight forward. Victoria... &
β€œCONQUEROR I am so ready for season three
Laura Prepon say some good stuff for season 3. I can't wait until June! Please do something
Great news if you have Amazon Prime. The Kitchen (2012 film) is now available to stream. Watch it today! Write a... ht…
Laura Prepon, always, but I guess there's nothing new here lol
My life goal is to get sassed by either Sarah Paulson or Laura Prepon
Laura Prepon knows I exist. Everything's fine with the world.
Taylor Schilling and Laura Prepon getting their workout on 😍πŸ’ͺ
*is once again ignored by Laura Prepon*
This is why Laura Prepon is my fav I'm so emo don't touch me
Please please please God make it happen may Laura Prepon tell me her fav videogame. I need a game!
Imagine if Laura and Taylor did a livestream and answered questions from fans and it went on for hours and hours
just saying that Taylor Schilling is way more beautiful than Piper Chapman, but Alex Vause is literally sexier than Laura Prepon
Laura Prepon and Topher Grace from That '70s Show meet up at ...
Imagine Jennifer Carpenter and Laura Prepon in a film or series together. That would be brilliant
Googling pics of Laura Prepon, texting 4 people simultaneously, listening to Will Smith and download all my shows... life is good!
Orange is the New Black's Laura Prepon and Jason Biggs Interview - After...: via ΰΉ€ΰΈ‚ΰΈ΄ΰΈ™5
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I almost had a car accident because I saw someone that looked like Laura Prepon walking by
i would pay Laura Prepon to punch me in the face
Top 3 *** nude scenes with . Taylor Schilling and Laura Prepon.
I ask myself, why haven't I been following Laura Prepon on Instagram until now? 😍😍
Sasha Alexander and Laura Prepon on House in the episodes I watched today. It was good.
Like Katherine Heigl's entire mouth and Laura Prepon's bottom teeth. I see them and then I can't stop staring.
EVERYONE tells me I look like Laura Prepon from orange is the New Black πŸ˜’
Why is Laura Prepon so gangster in this picture? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸ‘
How are Laura Prepon's eyebrows always so on point in OITNB? You know they don't allow the good tweezers in prison.
why am I so attracted to Laura Prepon
Unknown Fact Laura Prepon originally auditioned for Piper and Uzo Aduba auditioned for Janae Watson
I've had a celebrity crush on laura prepon longer than I can even remember and orange is the New Black doesnt help this
If the akinator can guess laura prepon I will rip my boob off
can you do another Laura Prepon Lockscreen?
what even are Laura Prepon's eyebrows
Ruby Rose is gonna be Piper and Alex's . 'lust object'.
Laura Prepon will you be my lifeline?
Laura Prepon and Taylor Schilling are quite pretty ?
And then taylor was like "Yeah... Laura... Laura's got a voice."
Have spent the past hour looking a pictures of Megan Fox and Laura Prepon. My life is sad
Order Miche Bag Online!
we call in the pickle expert, Laura Prepon
I get Laura Prepon every single day.
Ooh so obsessed with oooh I have a crush on Laura Prepon Shes so beautiful yummy πŸ˜‹πŸ’‹πŸ’˜
Miles Teller, Laura Prepon, Jeremy Piven, & more with trees at
PICS: Laura Prepon attends Weinstein Company and Netflix Golden Globe after party 😍
Golden Globes fashion commentary: 1st Look Red Carpet Special - Whoa, that's quite a dress on Rosamund Pike. She gave birth Dec. 5th! Laura Prepon's dress fits her very well. I like the lacy delicacy of the necklace. Her hair is too dark for her, but I know it's black for her role on Orange is the New Black. Judith Light went from "Dallas" to "Transparent". Chrissy Tiegan - hair is too light, too highlighted. Julia Louis-Dreyfuss in white. She knows what works for her body. Naomi Watts in yellow Gucci and a Bulgari necklace. Amy Adams in grey-blue. Pretty. Gina Rodriguez in a simple black sheath. Badgley Mischka. It's classy and age appropriate, though maybe a little boring. But she's well-accessorized. She brought her eldest sister, aw. Allison Williams in bright red. Beautiful! Glittery ball gown. Layers of lace? Haven't seen enough of it, yet. Ellie Kemper in a silver beaded dress. Nice. Intricate beadwork. Whoa, Katie Cassidy! Honey, you're gorgeous, but you show boobs or legs, not both. *** ! She's . ...
Laura Prepon proves black is the New Black on the red carpet--see more looks: http:/…
Laura Prepon is gonna be in all season 3 of orange is the New Black 😩😍 YES!
SAG Ensemble is determined by episode count, not screentime or billing. Laura Prepon didn't qualify, either.
I am deaf in one ear and failing my a levels and still all I care about is laura prepon
At -- today's goes out to my twin Taylor Schilling and Laura Prepon. both talented,...
& yes I need season 3 of OITNB SOONER bc I need to go to their press events bc laura Prepon everyone oshsbsnan
At -- I know Laura Prepon once said that, "it's never too early for pickles" in an inter...
Its so weird seeing Laura Prepon's boobs in it though.
How did Laura Prepon get hotter as she got older, like whaaat
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
there's a laura in this fandom and sometimes I don't know if people are referring to her or prepon
also some of the most beautiful women are tall (Laura Prepon) prominently chinned (Angelina Jolie) or deep voiced (Emma Stone)
laura prepon: breathes. me: stoP IM GA Y
Do you like OITNB? Would you like to act with Laura Prepon?
Natasha Negovanlis is a younger version of Laura Prepon with better teeth.
What's something good that stars Laura Prepon in it (aside from oitnb, karla & that 70s show)? I feel like watching something.
How I feel when I see photos of Laura Prepon/Lana Parrilla/Jessica Capshaw/Taylor Schilling
Republican is the New Black: Laura Prepon edition!
omgschilling: Gather round kids on this wonderful Sunday and let's talk about Laura Prepon
Does anyone know about this leather metal bracelets Laura Prepon wears most of the times?she have it for years now.
I'm so attracted to Laura Prepon's lips don't even look at me
At -- repost via from Oh no I haven't been on in a while ...
Sometimes it hits me how attractive Laura Prepon is and I have to take a seat and think about my choices in life
So in love with laura Prepon and tatiana maslany 😍
I'm not being funny but I can't stop thinking about Laura Prepon and Evelyne Brochu
If you don't ship these two off and on screen there's something wrong with you
Laura Prepon in a beanie I'm drowning in my own tears
Laura Prepon is the reason I have no social life
this is Laura Prepon. you're welcome.
Finally getting round to watching season two of Orange is the New Black. Such an awesome show. And... Laura Prepon. Uh... Mmm. Yeah.
My friends may have money and nice things but I have Taylor Schilling and laura prepon gifs so who wins (me)
Let's talk about Laura Prepon for several hours.
Your glasses/hair in this pic are giving a real Laura Prepon vibe. (Which, in case you were wondering, is a Hottie McHotterson.)
Am i the only who fall in love with Laura Prepon everytime i decide to whatch oitnb??
Can Laura prepon not be a Scientologist
At -- Laura Prepon at the Lowline Anti-Gala Benefit Dinner on October 8, 2014
Where do I get an emotional support Laura Prepon
I'm straight, but I would take Laura Prepon over Channing Tatum any day.
At -- Oh gosh...Is it weird that Laura Prepon (the girl from orange is the New Black) he...
I've always kind of hated Laura Prepon... But her with dark hair 😍😍😍jeez bananas!
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If only I was as hot as Laura prepon
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