Laura Palmer & Twin Peaks

Laura Palmer is a fictional character from the television series Twin Peaks, created by David Lynch and Mark Frost. Twin Peaks is an American television serial drama created by David Lynch and Mark Frost. The series follows the investigation headed by FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper (Kyle Maclachlan), of the murder of a popular teenager and homecoming queen, Laura Palmer (Sheryl Lee). 5.0/5

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*watches Twin Peaks once*. *listens to Laura Palmer by Bastille on repeat for 6 hours*
Twin Peaks is real. Laura Palmer is real. Special Agent Dale Cooper is real, and strong, and he's my friend.
Each episode of ends with different song reminiscent of Twin Peaks & Alyssa gives major Laura Palmer vibes
Will Byers is to Stranger Things as Laura Palmer is to Twin Peaks
'Twin Peaks' has a new 'Who killed Laura Palmer?': Where is Agent Cooper?
The new season of Twin Peaks was delayed for several years because David Lynch couldn't find the big photo of Laura Palmer
My reaction to pretty much everything these days is Laura Palmer screaming in the Black Lodge during the Twin Peaks finale
Laura Palmer is still the one person everything in Twin Peaks circles around
Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter and there is a Twin Peaks duo of Agent Cooper and Laura Palmer at the Black Lodge. :)
Dan Smith explaining that he pretty much wrote Laura Palmer to get people who heard Laura Palmer to watch Twin Peaks and love it or hate it.
Laura Palmer in the Red Room as seen in "Twin Peaks", by David Lynch and Mark Frost (1990, United States).
"When will he be Dale Cooper?" is definitely the "Who killed Laura Palmer?" of the new Twin Peaks. In impatience as well as importance.
Twin Peaks will be back in a few days. Good enough excuse as any to listen to "Laura Palmer" over and over
David Lynch on and why revisiting Laura Palmer's mystery was easy as pie
This… is Laura Palmer's theme… the Twin Peaks theme is the one with the bass track 😐
Am I the only one who gets the Twin Peaks vibes in Fake It? It's like, yo this is very Laura Palmer~
Laura Palmer is the official unofficial Twin Peaks soundtrack 2017!
Angelo Badalamenti talks through how he and David Lynch created "Laura Palmer's theme" for Twin Peaks:
*crying in marina joyce saved her favorite episode on Twin Peaks and played Laura Palmer language*
Sheryl Lee & Sherilyn Fenn will always be Laura Palmer and Audrey Horne. As is probably true of most of Twin Peaks cast
"Laura Palmer" is one of my favs. Also, Twin Peaks reference (because Dan is a big fan of the show). ht…
Andrew says he doesn't like Twin Peaks but that's a lie because here we are at episode 5 and he really wants to know how killed Laura Palmer
Hey Twin Peaks fans, this is a Kindle deal right now!. The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer for $1.99
I want to watch Twin Peaks again, but I think I'll skip to the end after Laura Palmer's killer is caught.
I love Twin Peaks, but I'd feel a bit weird and creepy wearing the new officially licensed t-shirt of Laura Palmer's High School portrait.
Twin Peaks vibe but with Angelo Badalamenti updated with Synthwave Will is our Laura Palmer
Today is the anniversary of Laura Palmer's death-and Dale Cooper's arrival in Twin Peaks...
Laura Palmer's dad was Robert Palmer. If you've never seen Twin Peaks, this is the mystery they solve.
with ・・・. Laura Palmer aka Sheryl Lee from the end of the feature film Twin Peaks : …
In last Twin Peaks ep. in Black Lodge, Laura Palmer tells Agent Cooper she'll see him again in 25 years. That's when new season starts. 2017
Can someone make me some Laura Palmer art or just Twin Peaks in general
with Twin Peaks coming back, there is no other choice! Secret Diary of Laura Palmer!
Maybe the new Twin Peaks will just be all the surviving characters being all "Hey remember when Laura Palmer died? That was a thing"
On this episode of Twin Peaks, we all killed Laura Palmer. It was all of us.
Maybe the weirdest sketch card I've ever done. Dead Laura Palmer in a bag from Twin Peaks.
A Twin Peaks fan lived out Laura Palmer's life | Dazed
It must be weird for Bastille fans who have never seen Twin Peaks. I assume they have no idea who Laura Palmer is.
A Twin Peaks fan reenacted Laura Palmer's life, and now they want to make a doc about him:
Laura Palmer and Audrey Horne from Twin Peaks @ by godmodule
This film about a fan obsessed w/ Laura Palmer looks cooler than new episodes.
Laura Palmer's theme is brilliant in its simplicity. as soon as you hear it, you remember every little thing that happened in Twin Peaks.
With all this talk about Twin Peaks... Who killed Laura Palmer?
One of my new projects is a Twin Peaks series, by far my favourite tv show. So here are Laura Palmer’s hands befor…
I was not expecting that person to be the killer of Laura Palmer. Well done, Twin Peaks.
The famous Laura Palmer photo is real, and 9 other facts you didn't know about
David Lynch Bails on Showtime's Twin Peaks: Will Laura Palmer and Dale Cooper still have a 25-year reunion? Th...
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Thank you for singing Laura Palmer. and I swear I cried with the Twin Peaks intro. thank you so much
dude, imagine the new Twin Peaks episodes playing Laura Palmer at one point and you going completely ballistic over it
Happy Valentine's Day from Laura Palmer and Here is a first look at my Twin Peaks collection!!
Running to Laura Palmer, got intrigued, started watching Twin Peaks, now obsessed with this weirdo 90's town- so thanks
Why do they keep trying to make out that the murder of Lucy Beale has the same intrigue as Laura Palmer in Twin Peaks?
It's official: Laura Palmer is returning to Twin Peaks along with Kyle Maclachlan and Dana Ashbrook
How Showtime Got David Lynch to Reboot 'Twin Peaks,' with Sheryl Lee Returning as Laura Palmer
Excited to read that Backbeat's Sheryl Lee WILL be returning as Laura Palmer in Twin Peaks
Twin Peaks failed AFTER the network forced them to reveal Laura Palmer's killer, not before.
*** Twin Peaks, you done killed Laura Palmer twice.
In the series finale of Twin Peaks—or, given the show’s miraculous resurrection, what used to be the series finale of Twin Peaks—Laura Palmer approaches Special Agent Dale Cooper in a blood-red room and utters a single sentence: “I’ll see you again in 25 years.” Now, almost exactly that amount of...
If they don't use 'Laura Palmer' by in the new Twin Peaks, I'm gonna be mad.
"I'm long gone- like a turkey in the corn. Gobble, gobble"- Laura Palmer, Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me(1992)
I started watching Twin Peaks (Gilmore Girls is on hold until I find out who murdered Laura Palmer) & I'm weirdly attracted to Agent Cooper
Twin Peaks! The Laura Palmer theme is one of my favorite songs of all time.
Who Killed Laura Palmer? Ubisoft did. Ubisoft is the Black Lodge. Ubisoft possessed Agent Dale Cooper. Uhhh...Ubisoft is Twin Peaks?
Bob haunts the pages of Laura Palmer's diary in "Journey Through Twin Peaks":
Based on Matt's recommendation that..." it explains a lot about the series". I am reading "The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer". We're also watching S1 of Twin Peaks so thought a bit of background like this would help.
Laura Palmer is the beloved Homecoming Queen and local sweetheart of the small logging town of Twin Peaks. But that's...
In one of the final scenes of the iconic 1990s television drama Twin Peaks, the murdered American schoolgirl Laura Palmer said: "I will see you again in 25 years."
¤ 381 Twin Peaks Twin Peaks returns: But will Laura Palmer be back too? mandari6 ? GBR Dou…
The ghost of Laura Palmer said she would see us again in 25 years - and it looks like the mysterious Twin Peaks murder victim was telling the truth.
I headd Stella from is the reason Twin Peaks is coming back. She did not kill Laura Palmer, but knows who did.
Here's my blog post on creating my Laura Palmer, Twin Peaks themed nail art:
Twin Peaks returns: Will Laura Palmer be back too?
Glad to see there will be another season of Twin Peaks , Laura Palmer did say at the end of season 2 she would see Agent Cooper in 25 years so the times about right . Good luck to David Lynch lets hope it works well . Might watch the first two seasons again.
Well, it's all over my newsfeed, but: new Twin Peaks, written by Frost (who's great, and under-rated), all directed by David Lynch (not just a couple, so also should be great), and starring Kyle Maclachlan. Really good news, and they went with the angle of taking seriously Laura Palmer's promise to revisit Cooper twenty-five years in the future, which is a great way for that to work out; so far the project sounds like it has tons of integrity, and I'm happy the principals wanted to go back.
The new Twin Peaks is just Nancy Grace yelling that the main suspect obviously killed Laura Palmer, which is terrifying e…
Laura Palmer said she'd see us in 25 years. It's coming true. Twin Peaks is back! Interview with Mark Frost.
"I'll see you again in 25 years" sa Laura Palmer i 1991. Kjem Mark Frost og David Lynch med meir Twin Peaks?
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Listening to Laura Palmer and I now have the sudden urge to watch Twin Peaks.
Love this. The incomparable Angelo Badalamenti goes through how he composed Laura Palmer's theme for Twin Peaks:
I live next to Laura Palmer's house and also have been to North Bend ("Twin Peaks") a few times ;)
Laura Palmer's house from Twin Peaks is for sale
How did Twin Peaks viewers deal with Laura Palmer's voice?? 😑😒
A five hour fanedit of Twin Peaks seasons 1 and 2. Cut down to 300 minutes by focusing merely on the Laura Palmer story.
Today, we launch a new fortnightly soaps column Soap Spy, where we'll delve into the storylines and subtexts that have got us glued to our TV sets. In our first edition, we take a look at EastEnders' compelling new mystery - Who Killed Lucy Beale? In 1990, cult movie director David Lynch launched an enigmatic TV series about the investigation into the murder of a teenage girl. Its plot twists were almost as random as the ones you find on EastEnders. As secrets tumbled out after the death of Laura Palmer, the residents of Twin Peaks discovered that they never really knew her - or each other - at all. Twenty-five years on, and BBC One's biggest soap is doing almost exactly the same story, the twist this time being that the Laura Palmer character has been a part of the show for 19 years. And still she was such a non-entity that the device is actually working. In death, Lucy Beale has finally been given something to do. Wikipedia insists that Lucy had an abortion storyline at some point but I'm struggling to ...
Laura Palmer (Sheryl Lee). More behind the scenes of Twin Peaks photos by Richard Beymer:
Wow! Kinda ballsy but I like it! I dressed up as the drowned Laura Palmer (from Twin Peaks) in High School.
Quit smoking 2 weeks ago? Affirmative. Bronchitis with the fury of a thousand dying suns? Check. Logical solution? Watch Twin Peaks from start to finish. Do I remember who killed Laura Palmer? Thankfully, not at all.
Laid to rest 25 years ago today - R.I.P. Laura Palmer - if you've never watched Twin Peaks, then you'll have no idea what this post is about. Then again, if you've never watched Twin Peaks, you've missed out on some brilliantly weird genius TV.
Well I made it all of three episode into Twin Peaks before googling "Who killed Laura Palmer." Not good at delayed gratification.
People stopped watching Twin Peaks when they didn't find Laura Palmer's killer after one season. How does Bigfoot Hunters have four seasons?
People who think Twin Peaks is about who killed Laura Palmer are why I don't like leaving the house.
I’m going to be very surprised when I get to the end of Twin Peaks and find out that I killed Laura Palmer.
Last episode of Twin Peaks: Laura Palmer tells S.A Cooper she'll see him in 25 years. This was 23 years ago. Does have plans?
Laura Palmer says to Dale Cooper "I'll see you again in 25 years." Maybe is just waiting til then to bring back Twin Peaks?
Celebrity Mastermind just revealed who killed Laura Palmer in Twin Peaks... how dare they! \o/
Wishin' I could be watching Twin Peaks with snuggled up with the ac on blast. I repeat Laura Palmer is not dead!
Thanks to Miauris Torteles for this post - no, we don't think it's hopeless. "I know it's probably hopeless and maybe even pointless to even try to contact David Lynch, but at least I can vent my thoughts on this page, and maybe you will all agree with me. I think that it's not only wrong but TOTALLY unfair and a terrible injustice to all of us Twin Peaks followers that he has left us without closure for 23 years. There are so many loose strings in the last episode that I haven't been able to cope with it. At the Black Lodge, Laura Palmer's ghost told Agent Cooper that she will see him again in 25 years. For me, that means that in 2 more years Twin Peaks has to come back. It has to. And it will be only fair to so many brilliant actors that have crossed the Hollywood skies like shooting stars, with such short flights and only temporary recognition for their work in the show. They are now in the shadows, like Sherilyn Fenn or Michael Ontkean, among so many other beloved actors/characters that we would all l ...
We have the Twin Peaks box set w/extras if u want to borrow! Ryan also has the diary of Laura Palmer lol.
1,628 Twin Peaks fans already requested an audio version of the Secret Diary of Laura Palmer from via
digging thru old box of books in shed, stumbled upon Secret Diary of Laura Palmer. Now have Twin Peaks theme running incessantly in my head.
Watching (more like enduring) Winter's Bone, and there's Laura Palmer from Twin Peaks. Significantly older of course.
23 years ago today Laura Palmer's body washed up on the shores of television in Twin Peaks. Agent Dale Cooper is STILL the only fed I trust.
Broadchurch reminds me a little of Twin Peaks. David Lynch never intended to reveal the killer of Laura Palmer. *** fine coffee anyone?
“Who killed Laura Palmer?” was the question on everyone’s mind in 1990, when David Lynch’s TV drama Twin Peaks premiered on ABC.
Watching Twin Peaks with two people who have never seen it and we are on the episode where Laura Palmer's murderer is revealed.
Who killed Laura Palmer? Re-watching Twin Peaks, forgot how funny it was, apart from the backwards speaking little person - he's spooky.
Twin Peaks: "I know who killed Laura Palmer. No - it *can* wait 'til morning." (Federal Bureau of Investigation, Special Agent Dale Cooper).
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I was told I resemble Laura Palmer/Maddy Ferguson from Twin Peaks here and now I cannot unsee.
Good people, I am playing a debut gig with the lovely Larissa Perry tonight as Hello, lover. We sound like 'attending the Twin Peaks prom on the night Laura Palmer died'. Its my most lush guitar work to date, judge this for yourselves tonight at The Grace Emily Hotel. We are on at 9pm before the dolphin-friendly Tom West.
Uh oh. Hooked on Twin Peaks, again. Who the heck killed Laura Palmer? You know, I think I am still dressing like it's 20 years ago...
The Killing on AMC was a bit like Twin Peaks laura palmer story but without the scifi and comedy.
Everyone on Twin Peaks has terrible bangs. Laura Palmer may have deserved to die for taking a curling iron to hers.
is on the air w/Andy O on 98.7 WFGR and by "Twin Peaks".
So, if Laura Palmer told Agent Cooper that she would see him in 25 years. Does this mean we will see the return of Twin Peaks in 2016?
The Harlem Shake comes to Twin Peaks. How many references to the show can you spot? Featuring Kerri Doherty from Geeking Out. Subscribe to Official Comedy fo...
I just wanna find out who killed Laura Palmer :( Or watch Nadine use her super strength one or the other ok Twin Peaks not James.
My neighbor's kids spend their afternoons screaming exactly like the Laura Palmer doppelgänger in the last episode of Twin Peaks. It's not nearly as cool as it sounds.
I love the man. My hometown was Twin Peaks, and I went to High School with Laura Palmer, ( before her tragic end ) " She's dead...wrapped in plastic. "
This desk lady at the bank looks JUST like Laura Palmer from Twin Peaks. But like early thirties. Schwingg!
Hey Ryan, if you're into Twin Peaks you might like this post about casting Laura Palmer:
I got excited because I thought you meant the dead girl from Twin Peaks gave a Ted Talk! But that's LAURA Palmer.
Twin Peaks marathon on NetFlix. Best show of the 90's. And I know who killed Laura Palmer
Twin Peaks season 2 has 22 episodes? I'll never find out what happened to Laura Palmer!
Oh man! I forgot about this bit in Twin Peaks! Ha ha! Gotta research soon!
Watching the first episode of Twin Peaks...who killed Laura Palmer? Wait, don't tell me!
The only thing worse than being addicted to a show on Netflix, is being addicted to two shows on Netflix. Twin Peaks & Battlestar Galactica. o_O
23 years ago yesterday Laura Palmer was found dead wrapped in plastic. 23 years ago today FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper arrived in the town of Twin Peaks.
I just mentioned to mom that I've been watching Twin Peaks with Nik, and apparently she used to watch it every week with dad. I'm just glad she doesn't remember who killed Laura Palmer, I don't want spoilers!
We are pleased to announce that Jennifer Lynch has accepted our invitation to join us for the 2013 Twin Peaks Festival! Jen wrote what would become the most cherished of the Twin Peaks books, The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer, after being asked to write it by series creators David Lynch and Mark Frost. You will also know of Jen as an accomplished film director and writer, with such projects as Boxing Helena, Surveillance, Hisss and Chained tucked under her belt. Jen always comes to the festival equipped with tons of great stories, amusing anecdotes and a couple of surprises, so we know you're in for a great treat this year
Audrey Horne she's the only Twin Peaks actor who doesn't got THAT old. Laura Palmer looks like a new jersey's housewive now.
Watching all episodes of Twin Peaks, who killed Laura Palmer???
Twin Peaks theme party food: coffee doughnuts cherry pie black and white cookies red velvet cake *Arnold* Laura Palmer (instead of iced tea and lemonade, it’s sweet tea vodka and hard lemonade and possibly cocaine) onion rings (a stretch but WHATEVER)
I've spent the last few weeks watching Twin Peaks on Hulu. I'm not done with it yet, but I can say this: once the murder of Laura Palmer is solved, Twin Peaks just goes off the rails on its own crazy train.
Do eettt! That has a who killed Laura Palmer vibe to it...which we need, because Twin Peaks rocked!
I'm finally watching "Twin Peaks" for the first time. I'm enjoying it, but I feel like, in order to really appreciate it, you have to watch it without interruption. And it has to be 1990.
Everytime I listen to Laura Palmer's Theme&Falling always make me remember about Laura Palmer's tragic destiny in Twin Peaks
Cold outside, Twin Peaks on the telly. Never watched it before.
time for some Twin Peaks. Who did kill Laura Palmer?
I've never been clear on this: was it Lucy stacking all those doughnuts in Twin Peaks, or did everyone just do that, some weird timber county custom or what?
I was spoiled the identity of Laura Palmer's killer on Twin Peaks but the way it was revealed in the show made it still interesting :D
22 years without Laura Palmer: why a 3rd season of 'Twin Peaks' can't happen:
remind me to show you how laura palmer's parents find out she's dead on Twin Peaks and tell me you havent seen it somewhere
Finally watched the Twin Peaks episode that revealed who killed Laura Palmer. I can't believe I managed to avoid spoilers for 20+ years.
After seeing some of Twin Peaks, this Finnish song "Laura Palmer" makes more sense. To u foreigners it shouldn't though
Best early morning ever! Snuggles then starting Twin Peaks again. It's on Hulu right now for those of u who have never seen it the opening scene is filmed Kiana Lodge in Poulsbo . Lil local trivia ;)
Twin Peaks is screening this afternoon at 26 The Avenue, my room. Open invitation. I feel like Laura Palmer right now.
Now I see similarities between Naoki Urasawa's Monster (anime) and Twin Peaks. Swell!
So...being sick in bed for a week, I decided to have a Twin Peaks marathon. It was a suggestion on Netflix and I remember it being all the rage when it came out. What the heck!? Anyone care to explain? Just finished the series finale episode.
“Beyond exciting. Twin Peaks Season 3 is being rumoured. Hands up if you have Laura Palmer's diary?
As far as any associations that “Fringe” or “The Killing” might attempt, there would have to be quite an effort made to unseat David Lynch's legendary TV show, “Twin Peaks.” 22 years after Laura Palmer first disappeared, the procedural's fans still remain dedicated, and if recent rumblings are anyth...
I don't know what the fuss over Laura Palmer is all about. Audrey Horne is clearly the coolest girl in all of Twin Peaks.
Is this you first time watching Twin Peaks? If it is not, who did you guess as the killer of Laura Palmer?
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This Saturday Hold Fast presents the death of Laura Palmer, a Twin Peaks celebration. There will be a marathon of the ground breaking series, *** good pie with coffee, and because it's Hold Fast, our Tattoo Artists will be hard at work creating amazing art for human flesh. If you've not yet been by to see us, now is the perfect time to stop in and say hello. We're looking forward to seeing you.
And after 20+ years out of print, the Twin Peaks nut in me is thrilled that Jennifer Lynch's The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer is reprinted!
Twin Peaks music. Loved Twin Peaks. Who killed Laura Palmer? Still don't know.
having a love hate thing with Twin Peaks. So frustrating, but WHO KILLED LAURA PALMER?
ABC news covered the Orlando Magic cheerleader fall and used 1990s TV character Laura Palmer of 'Twin Peaks' to illustrate the dangers of cheerleading.
So, my Dad's US business partner knows *actual* Laura Palmer. Today's breakfast is sponsored by Twin Peaks.
A great NaNoWriNo would have been Twin Peaks but instead of Agent Dale Cooper it's trying to solve who killed Laura Palmer.
Tried to make a reservation at Twin Peaks restaurant today for Laura Palmer. Needless to say, they didn't get it.
re-watching "Twin Peaks" on Netflix. not as much fun when you already know who killed Laura Palmer...
I started re-watching Twin Peaks on Saturday; had I been a girl, I would have been Laura Palmer.
Twin Peaks time! Final 2 episodes... Who killed Laura Palmer? (A rhetorical question, please don't tell me!)
I knew it was Laura Palmer! It seems this person never watch Twin Peaks.
Homecoming queen Laura Palmer is found dead, wrapped in plastic, and the town of Twin Peaks falls apart. Featuring footage from both television seasons and t...
Hums famous bars as Twin Peaks theme tune strikes up,I haven’t watched this in ages,regret always knowing who killed Laura Palmer
If my location is 'Twin Peaks with Laura Palmer' is this implying im dead or just chilling in the morgue with her dead body?
I've been watching too much Twin Peaks lately. I had a dream last night I went to prison for killing Laura Palmer.
that took place in a small town called Twin Peaks, starting from Laura Palmer's murder!
Diane, This evening I poured myself a cup of coffee and sat down to start watching Twin Peaks again. *** fine cup of coffee! Remind me to tell you more about it later, Diane. I'm intrigued by the bizarre and puzzling murder of the local High School girl named Laura Palmer. Even more puzzling were the words found by her body: "fire walk with me." I believe the next episode may shed some light on these mysterious events. Oh! And Diane, I must find out what kind of trees these are. Remind me to look into that.
"what are you going as for this Halloween Party?" my response "Laura Palmer from Twin Peaks" this was rewarded with multiple high fives.
Log Lady, Laura Palmer wrapped in plastic, Jacoby... All typical Halloween characters, but what would be the CRAZIEST Twin Peaks costume?
The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer. As disturbing as Twin Peaks on TV
Ever heard of Twin Peaks? Before your time, to be sure. TV series based on the investigation of one Laura Palmer's murder.
Laura Palmer who's that girl? Twin Peaks 20th Anniversary show London. For a few short days only!
Laura Palmer's Prom by YSPWSD is simply one of the most perfect tracks I've ever heard. Love the Twin Peaks reference too.
Laura Palmer from Twin Peaks. All dead and wrapped in plastic! What you going as?
Remember when Twin Peaks forgot about the murder of Laura Palmer LOL
Twin Peaks is kinda lame after you find out who killed Laura Palmer.
Diane. Remind me to apologize to Laura Palmer...I have started to re-watch season one of Twin Peaks.
I remember Twin Peaks being creepier than it is...and less quirky. I certainly don't remember who killed Laura Palmer.
It's Leland Palmer. He killed his daughter, Laura on Twin Peaks!
Nope, it's Laura Palmer from Twin Peaks. It was the main picture of her. hehe I need to change it to something different.
Just realizing how much looks like Laura Palmer's cousin in Twin Peaks
finally I know who killed Laura Palmer after one and a half seasons peaks
Today's muse is Audrey Horne from Twin Peaks. I had such a girl crush on her and Laura Palmer and was obsessed...
only tonight when I heard the Twin Peaks theme tune that I made the connection between it & song Laura Palmer. Took a while,eh?
Laura Palmer's mom cries with no tears
Is your song "Laura" about Laura Palmer from Twin Peaks? That would be so cool. Lovely song regardless.
"There was a moment when I could have died with the actress who played Laura Palmer in Twin Peaks back in 1994..."
Mitt Romney reminds me of Laura Palmer's dad. I wonder if he's aiming for the Twin Peaks superfan demo.
I'm on season 2 episode 5 of Twin Peaks and I still havent found out who killed Laura Palmer.. lol.
Last night I finally discovered who killed Laura Palmer - no-one warned me that Twin Peaks would unnerve me so profoundly!
Watching ads for Twin Peaks (who killed Laura Palmer) on Finish airport lounge TV… kinda surreal, feels like I've travelled back 20 years?!
It samples "Laura Palmer's Theme" from the television series Twin Peaks
Thought: Is 'Laura' by Bat For Lashes about Laura Palmer from Twin Peaks? Discuss...
This is Laura Palmer's Theme from the TV show "Twin Peaks" :) Also, this is real. This is NOT a hacked game. It IS possible to play this. You just have to ti...
Breast Cancer Awareness
I always forget how utterly haunting Laura Palmer's mother is in the pilot of Twin Peaks.
If you haven't watched Twin Peaks yet you deserve to know that it was Laura Palmer's father. Also the end of LOST was about god I think.
I've decided to give close friends my Twin Peaks photo as a going away gift. "Always remember me as Laura Palmer, y'all"
Dying before Kanye West would be like Twin Peaks getting cancelled before you found out who killed Laura Palmer.
One thing I would love to erase from my brain right now... is who killed Laura Palmer. lol I want to watch Twin Peaks. I haven't seen it since it was out on TV. But I do think it would be interesting to watch it again after 20 years later.
My upstairs neighbor has her sound system cranked up waaayyy too loud lately. This means that my readings on revenge tragedy this week have been accompanied by the musical background of her Twin Peaks marathon, in loop. The bright side: discussion of poor Horatio goes surprisingly well with the Laura Palmer Theme.
Laura Palmer's killer was revealed too early in Season 2 of Twin Peaks. There were so many cool things still to explore. It killed the golden goose. Still my favorite TV show ever.
"Laura Palmer's September Song" (2012) -- Ah, memories of beautiful autumn in the Pacific Northwest! :-) ... "Twin Peaks" style :-/ . A mash-up of Sound-In tracks from Benjamin Smith, Joel Sutton, and Christiane Offenbar.
The Mentalist just referenced Laura Palmer as a victim lol...ah Twin Peaks strikes again!
Lincoln Center is playing Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me tonight at midnight. Anyone want to hang out with me Laura Palmer?
Did anyone make Twin Peaks 9/11 jokes? Laura Palmer was an inside job, etc.
Twin Peaks was a fantastic super weird show. Avoid anyone named Laura Palmer today...
For those who don't know: this is the girl who played the main character in David Lynch's film "Twin Peaks", she's Sheryl Lee, she played "Laura Palmer' in the film. pay attention to what she tells at minute 04:00 about a fake funeral, a plastic dummy and a memorial service, being done by some crazy Japanese fans of her character! isn't it funny that Michael's nurse, the one who testified in Muray's trial, is also called Cherlyn Lee ?? LMFAO :)) 2 other connections between Michael and David Lynch!The title of this song from the soundtrack of Twin Peaks reminds me of Michael's "Dancing the Dream" and the room and the floor remind me of Michael's "Blood on the Dance floor" -
Okay. I just had to turn on Twin Peaks and watch it for the 30th time. Now to go train and train others. So who did kill Laura Palmer???... LOL
Laura Palmer was introduced to television audiences in the opening scenes of "Twin Peaks"--as a beautiful dead girl, wrapped in plastic. Now available in print for the first time in many years (and in e-book for the very first time!), THE Secret Diary OF LAURA PALMER chronicles Laura's ...
You may know "who killed Laura Palmer," but how did she spend the last week of her life? Going back before the events shown in his cult fave TV series, director/co-writer David Lynch returns to the quirky Northwest town where nothing is what it seems and an evil spirit has found a place to dwell.
New version (higher definition) of a tribute to Twin Peaks (David Lynch) on the mysterious music "Laura Palmer's theme" by Angelo Badalamenti. Personal monta...
"I was out of town for a few days. Personal reason." "Went up to Twin Peaks. Killed Laura Palmer."
Per my husband's suggestion, I'm reading The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer. Love Twin Peaks. Now want to restart the series.
Bill's mom on Big Love is Laura Palmer's mom on Twin Peaks is Susan's mom on Seinfeld.
If Romney had a daughter he'd A) be pro-women's rights B) Laura Palmer's dad on Twin Peaks. The latter kinda cancels out ...
In this episode Chief Wiggum falls a sleep and wakes up in a red room, similar to the one in Dale Cooper and Laura Palmer's dreams. Lisa comes in a dances the same…
You know you've been watching too much Twin Peaks when you actually start having dreams about Laura Palmer.
Can't figure out if Twin Peaks is awesome or just utterly insane. I know I'm a couple of decades behind but don't give away who killed Laura Palmer!
Watched the 2 hour premier episode of "Twin Peaks". Who killed Laura Palmer?
So. Watching Twin Peaks for the first time. On EP 19. The general consensus is 1) That the show went downhill after Laura Palmer's murder was solved in Ep 16 (true), and that 2) People stopped watching because it generally "got too weird." (False.) New theory about Twin Peaks that I haven't heard anyone suggest before: The show is about Cooper's mysticism and Sheriff Harry S Truman's rationalism together, solving cases. Doesn't matter how weird those cases are. Anything related to those two guys, or the mystery, is interesting. Where the show loses is in all the unrelated subplots about characters who served no purpose after Laura's death was solved: Nadine going back to High School at age 48 (god-awful), Shelley & Bobby committing insurance fraud with a comatose Leo (no one cares), or Deputy Andy & Lucy & *** (kill me now). It's the unrelated, more "normal" subplots that killed the show. Want proof? Just two years later a show premiered about a mystic and his rational partner going around solving weird ...
Confined to the couch feeling poorly, Annabelle decided to devour the entire story of Laura Palmer's death in Twin Peaks in two days.
Cari Tetzlaff, make sure to tell Adam there will be a few Twin Peaks people at the con. Audrey Horne and LAura Palmer.
Rachel Rice you and your mom look like Laura Palmer and her friend from Twin Peaks, BTW. I love and miss you.
If you know who killed Laura Palmer.please do not tell me. I am enjoying the marathon.I have a suspect or 2. Nick knows.I begged him not to let it slip. Let the Twin PeakS marathon continue!
Antonio Schnabel recommends Twin Peaks - Laura Palmer's Theme / Main Title by Angelo Badalamenti, David Lynch. Listen to it now on Deezer!
A major flaw of Twin Peaks is that Donna is way more attractive than Laura Palmer.
Erin is going to do a Matlock + Twin Peaks mashup/recut where Matlock solves Laura Palmer’s murder.
In honour of what would've been our dear Laura Palmer's 40th birthday, I'm mostly listening to Twin Peaks related/reminiscent music while I write this morning. The soundtracks to both seasons and 'Fire Walk with Me' of course, plus a little Julee Cruise, Bohren & der Club of Gore's 'Sunset Mission' album, quite a bit of Bastille, a dash of Tigers Jaw, the much loved (at least by those I've talked to) Secret Fanmix of Laura Palmer, The Wedding Present's cover of 'Falling' plus 'Flesworld,' and the cover of 'Just You (and I)' by The Autumns. Oh, and of course the great 'Laura Palmer's Prom' by You Say Party! We Say Die!
A mixed bag of nostalgia today - 1298 William Wallace's Battle of Falkirk; 1973 Rufus Wainqright born; 1972 Laura Palmer born in Twin Peaks
Of Laura Palmer-ness and some Twin Peaks while we're at it...
I still love the Twin Peaks theme. And think coffee and pie is awesome. And know who killed Laura Palmer.
Fell asleep, left music playing on laptop. Woke up to 'Laura Palmer's Theme' from Twin Peaks. Now not convinced I'm actually awake.
This mash-up is from 2008, but I just discovered and dig it;s sexy spookiness. It was produced by Wax Audio and Reborn Identity, the guys behind the Mashed In Plastic project. David Lynch/Angelo Badalamenti: “The Pink Room” (from Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me) AC/DC: “The Jack” Dead Can Dan...
What there's 22 episodes in season 2 of Twin Peaks!? That's a long time to wait to find out who killed Laura Palmer. *** you David Lynch!
I should go to bed but ... Twin Peaks just reentered my life. By the way, who killed Laura Palmer?
Northern Exposure was pretty much the same as Twin Peaks, minus the whole Laura Palmer thing.
Do it man. Just watching a bit of Twin Peaks. I always wondered who Laura Palmer was. Bob's a right ***
I would be lying if I said the only reason I am watching Twin Peaks to find our who killed Laura Palmer.
I forgot to post who killed Laura Palmer. Her Dad. See he was possessed by this evil man and that guy killed her by using her Dads body. Gotta love Twin Peaks.
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Loved the 'Twin Peaks' vibe for a few days but time for city life. You'll be missed always, Laura Palmer.
So I'm nearing the end of the first season of The Killing. Is it supposed to be so similar to Twin Peaks? I dismissed every similarity until I found out Rosie worked as a prostitute at a casino. Huh? Laura Palmer?
Started watching Twin Peaks...I will find out who killed you Laura Palmer
I have form in this: watching Twin Peaks in 1990, I guessed who killed Laura Palmer months before it was revealed.
But on the plus side, I ordered 'The Secret Diary Of Laura Palmer' from Borders today. I'm just Twin Peaks-obsessed. :')
No matter how many times I watch Twin Peaks, I'll always be shocked by who killed Laura Palmer.
"Fine! It was me! I did it! I killed my daughter, Laura Palmer. Me... Her own father." ~ Twin Peaks
Ray Wise? I still think of him as Laura Palmer's father from Twin Peaks.
Reminds me so much of the beach in Twin Peaks where Laura Palmer's dead body was discovered.
So, I'm watching the Twin Peaks episode of Psych and I just realized that Paula Merral is an anagram for Laura Palmer.
It brought "closure" to the love story. But it was like watching Twin Peaks after you found out who killed Laura Palmer.
Getting into my Twin Peaks kick with a Laura Palmer cocktail @ Produce Row Cafe
Totally forgot that Laura Palmer from Twin Peaks was in this
The whole town of Twin Peaks loved Laura Palmer! Didn't you? Show your love with this t-shirt!
Directed by David Lynch. With Sheryl Lee, Ray Wise, Mädchen Amick, Dana Ashbrook. A young FBI agent disappears while investigating a murder miles from Twin Peaks that may be related to the future murder of Laura Palmer; the last week of the life of Laura Palmer is chronicled.
In honor of this Twin Peaks marathon that I've got going, I've invented a new liquor drink: equal parts vodka and apple juice, fill the rest of the glass with Squirt soft drink, and enough grenadine to redden the bottom half of the drink. I call this the "Laura Palmer."
Angelo Badalamenti discusses the origin of his Twin Peaks song "Laura Palmer's Theme"
An attempt to present the entire story of Laura Palmer's mysterious murder that was the heart of Twin Peaks, in one continuous edit.
Based on the television series Twin Peaks. Here are the actual dictation tapes of FBI Agent Cooper, Chief Investigator of the Laura Palmer murder, plus never-before-heard tapes.
So when Twin Peaks originally aired I wasn't allowed to watch it. Totally sucked being the only person Whi didn't know who Laura Palmer was much less who may have killed her. So now thanks to Netflix I shall find out. Don't tell me I really didn't look to find out. I wanted to be surprised!
Staycation continues with a Twin Peaks marathon...even if I already know who killed Laura Palmer
In this video is the legendary scene of Laura Palmer's mother having a vision about Bob hiding behind Laura's bed. Such a haunting and annoying moment! I upl...
Twin Peaks - Final Scene - Cooper meets The dwarf and Laura Palmer and The dwarf dances with "The music in the air" while Cooper listens to "The secrets"
Angelo Badalamenti describes how he invented "Laura Palmer's Theme" for Twin Peaks, while director David Lynch described the visual story to provide Badalamenti's palette. It starts slow... listen past 2:30 then see if you aren't moved.
Laura Palmer (Twin Peaks) definitely an inspiration for Rosie Larsen (The Killing).
Episode 12 of Twin Peaks: Despite knowing who killed Laura Palmer I haven't got a bloody clue as to what this show is about.
We reckon Bob, the weirdy ghost from Twin Peaks who killed Laura Palmer offed Rosie Larsen. It's the only plausible outcome...
Good casting on latest Mad Men: Laura Palmer's father from Twin Peaks (Ray Wise) & Legends of the Fall's Julia Ormond
A very good rendition of Laura Palmer's Theme from Twin Peaks performed by Ed Starink.
Finally watchin the season premier of the Killing! Love this show! Its like Twin Peaks' "who killed Laura Palmer" but w/out the Lynch twistedness!!!
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I'd like to thank everyone for not telling me who killed Laura Palmer before I watched Twin Peaks.
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