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Laura Palmer

Laura Palmer is a fictional character from the television series Twin Peaks, created by David Lynch and Mark Frost.

Twin Peaks Sheryl Lee Dale Cooper Agent Cooper David Lynch Angelo Badalamenti Jennifer Lynch Black Lodge Audrey Horne Donna Hayward Arnold Palmer

Laura Palmer is such an iconic name
goood night , i love Laura Palmer, Dana Scully and Billy Hargrove immensely.
*** Laura Palmer and looking for coffee runs
yes I have a laura palmer tattoo and yes that means I relate to her on a spiritual level, especially after the third season.
I have finished watched all of it just a few days ago. The whole Laura Palmer arc is perfection. I st…
In what I can only call a terrible omen, my map of America began to fall off the wall while I was crying to Laura P…
I thought it couldn't get worse than the Laura Palmer Pop and they go and make a Funko Pop of a ma…
I think I see Laura Palmer in the corner over there
Laura Palmer and Annie do appear in the Lodge when alive, but the latter's due to Windom Earle's intervention (and…
my EP sounds nothing like my past work so if u want more songs like ‘lovetrue’ + Laura Palmer i’m sorry
Laura Palmer's Theme is genuinely the most beautiful thing I've ever heard
Angelo Badalamenti explains how he wrote "Laura Palmer's Theme". Julee Cruise - Falling . "Ba…
I'm watching a Franklin documentary and Laura Palmer's theme just came on lol. Fitting, I suppose.
Rare promo of FWWM from Japan w/an eerily prescient quote from Coop: 'Diane... is the murder of Laura Pa…
Xiu Xiu - Laura Palmer's Theme (Experimental). this is the reason why I wanna watch Twin Peaks tbh
*watches Twin Peaks once*. *listens to Laura Palmer by Bastille on repeat for 6 hours*
every time I wear my Laura Palmer shirt out people ask me about it. pls don’t I am shy :-/
Norwegians don’t want to come to America because of that time Audrey told them about Laura Palmer’s death. . Right,
Twin Peaks is real. Laura Palmer is real. Special Agent Dale Cooper is real, and strong, and he's my friend.
I thought this was a Laura Palmer gif at first.
Laura Palmer, bungee jumping from the rafters with a baseball bat.
Audrey Horne, great Audrey!”. Coop’d just finished packing a bag of supplies and was wearing very…
Sheryl Lee is great as Laura Palmer. Equally striking is her performance as Madeline Ferguson.
I’ve almost got Laura Palmer’s Theme on piano. I can do the dark bit and up until the climax, but I am really strug…
and Doesn't she look almost exactly like Laura Palmer?
So the name Laura Palmer means nothing to you?. Look..I don't know what you want, but I'm not her. Your father's nam…
His will 2 protect, 2 correct, 2 understand, 2 survive could have been so strong that…
Last minute putting together a Black Lodge Laura Palmer costume... really makes me want to get a tattoo
Laura Palmer (aka starred in a Q&A after a special viewing of Fire Walk with Me:
The president calls for peacefoul resistence by
In that case you'd also make a fitting Laura Palmer doppelganger ^^
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Angelo Badalamenti explaining how he wrote "Laura Palmer's Theme" with David Lynch... 💯
🙃Let's not forget she was also responsible for the death of Laura Palmer...hope Mueller throws the book at her!😬
Dunno if flowery is the right word either, it’s for my Laura Palmer costume. I think I found a reasonab…
I think she and Laura Palmer action figure would get along.
The son of Laura Palmer will never be traded.
At least she didn't ask if he ever found out who killed Laura Palmer...or did she?
In episode 5 of Alyssa who looks like Laura Palmer gets a doppelgaenger that looks like Shelly Johnson... delicious!
Each episode of ends with different song reminiscent of Twin Peaks & Alyssa gives major Laura Palmer vibes
I learned my lesson when I got unfollowed by someone for spoiling who killed Laura Palmer on Twin Peaks 26 years ago!
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Will Byers is to Stranger Things as Laura Palmer is to Twin Peaks
5 of 5 stars to The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer by Jennifer Lynch
It's not about the law!. Did the American colonies have the right to secede from England according to english law? No they di…
It's a slow day so I'm reading The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer when I have nothing else to do
Been listening to Falling by Julee Cruise on repeat for the past 27 years and I don't even know who killed Laura Palmer yet
Laura Palmer. I got it from the autopsy, Diane, it's the same thing. I told you I had a feeling I'd see this again.
Is it weird that I wanted my blood to be part of my tattoo forever? 😂 who killed Laura palmer?…
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Carrie Page really IS Laura Palmer going under an alias!?
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Explore & get a free copy of The of on Audiobook narrated by htt…
Paid tribute to for my company costume contest. Laura Palmer for the win!
Congratulations to the independent Republic of Next week I will submit a motion to the Finnish Parliament for y…
me: Donna Hayward was *** coded and she would have dated Laura Palmer. me: au were Malek is Laura and Dallas is Donna. me:…
Disgrace. PM says has abandoned european values. No. Only did this by beating hundreds to h…
I have seen it once several years ago. Loved it. The heroine reminded me of Laura Palmer.🔥
Mr. Cole, Hawke thought you should know we've found a page from Laura Palmer's diary. It contains language which suggests..…
fans can visit the real Laura Palmer house, as long as you're nice and polite:
'Twin Peaks' has a new 'Who killed Laura Palmer?': Where is Agent Cooper?
The new season of Twin Peaks was delayed for several years because David Lynch couldn't find the big photo of Laura Palmer
Laura Palmer and Maura Tierney are the best examples of their names
Just listened to the first section of the Secret Diary of Laura Palmer. You can literally hear Sheryl Lee smiling. I'm done 😭
I'm finally listening to the audio book of "The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer". It's 10 times creepier coming from Sheryl Lee.
The terror and pain and mania that Sheryl Lee can convey with her eyes is unparalleled. She gave Laura Palmer a bleedin…
Just a reminder: Sheryl Lee recorded a 6-hr audiobook of The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer earlier this year and it's an amazing performance.
Is it the end? Quantum karma, Laura Palmer and implicate order of the universe. My review of the finale:
My reaction to pretty much everything these days is Laura Palmer screaming in the Black Lodge during the Twin Peaks finale
Laura Palmer is still the one person everything in Twin Peaks circles around
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Agent Cooper lunchbox - it would have been perfect if he put Laura Palmer's bloody ketchup on top. 🍱
Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter and there is a Twin Peaks duo of Agent Cooper and Laura Palmer at the Black Lodge. :)
Black Lodge Agent Cooper and Laura Palmer, Ren & Stimpy, and Chip & Dale!
14+ episodes and no one thought it was weird that Ben Horne has a portrait of Laura Palmer on his desk.
Nicci is Laura Palmer, Ben is Audrey Horne, Matt is Maddie Palmer and Joe is Nadine.
Jealous that you got to meet Laura Palmer though
This week on the creation of BOB (I think), possibly the reincarnation of Laura Palmer, + post-modernism = *** ?
As with 25 years Laura Palmer and Agent Dale Cooper, the Firewood gang knows to keep a commitment
A message from The Log Lady about Agent Cooper has lead us back to Laura Palmer. The story continues, TONIGHT at 9p/8c.…
Dan Smith explaining that he pretty much wrote Laura Palmer to get people who heard Laura Palmer to watch Twin Peaks and love it or hate it.
Laura Palmer in the Red Room as seen in "Twin Peaks", by David Lynch and Mark Frost (1990, United States).
I have to imagine Ray Wise's decision to portray Laura Palmer's dad felt a lot like pulling the trigger on a face tattoo.
"When will he be Dale Cooper?" is definitely the "Who killed Laura Palmer?" of the new Twin Peaks. In impatience as well as importance.
There's a great fan-made "film" called Northwest Passage that condenses the Laura Palmer storyline into 5…
I had a friend that knew Laura Palmer's theme on piano made me cri ever tim
Re-watching Twin speaks: Fire Walk With Me to jog my memory since the show is back. Laura Palmer was kind of an irrational freak show.
Twin Peaks will be back in a few days. Good enough excuse as any to listen to "Laura Palmer" over and over
David Lynch on and why revisiting Laura Palmer's mystery was easy as pie
Watching the first post Laura Palmer murder episode of & growling in the dark that Piper Laurie is not c…
This… is Laura Palmer's theme… the Twin Peaks theme is the one with the bass track 😐
Am I the only one who gets the Twin Peaks vibes in Fake It? It's like, yo this is very Laura Palmer~
Laura Palmer is the official unofficial Twin Peaks soundtrack 2017!
With round the corner, my favourite artist does a hypnotic cover of Laura Palmer's Theme.
This reminds me of of a body bag you could probably do a chic look of dead Laura Palmer wrapped in plastic.
Angelo Badalamenti explains how he & . wrote "Laura Palmer's Theme" for .
Angelo Badalamenti talks through how he and David Lynch created "Laura Palmer's theme" for Twin Peaks:
As the two wrestlers, Laura Palmer and Shonna Lynn are getting ready to
On this day in 1989 Laura Palmer was found wrapped in plastic and Dale Cooper was called to the tiny town of
*crying in marina joyce saved her favorite episode on Twin Peaks and played Laura Palmer language*
Laura Palmer: The Whole Town cries . Lily Kane: She was my best friend!. Jason Blossom: Yeah whatever.
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Looking forward to the Sheryl Lee audiobook of The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer - years since I read it.
1990 spin-off novel "Secret Diary of Laura Palmer" coming to audiobook read by Laura herself, Sheryl Lee
The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer excerpt as read by Sheryl Lee. Priceless.
Laura Palmer's "Secret Diary" is becoming an audiobook this May, narrated by Laura Palmer herself ht…
Petition for Alice and I to make uncovered VHS-style videos documenting the dirty diaries of Laura Palmer and Donna…
Sheryl Lee & Sherilyn Fenn will always be Laura Palmer and Audrey Horne. As is probably true of most of Twin Peaks cast
Who killed Laura Palmer?! is coming and the suspense is real! >>>
I plan to become OBSESSED with Twin Peaks in 2017, I even ordered The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer. where are u season three
jus found out there's a similish translation of Laura Palmer. thanks Dan
"Laura Palmer" is one of my favs. Also, Twin Peaks reference (because Dan is a big fan of the show). ht…
The weird thing about Mike Pence is that his hair turned white overnight after he murdered his daughter, Laura Palmer
As much as the resolution of the Laura Palmer case was rushed, it was still extremely unsettling seeing Lela…
I haven't been this tense watching TV since they were about to reveal Laura Palmer's killer.
Andrew says he doesn't like Twin Peaks but that's a lie because here we are at episode 5 and he really wants to know how killed Laura Palmer
Hey Twin Peaks fans, this is a Kindle deal right now!. The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer for $1.99
Okay, so, by episode 9 of season 2, Coop knows who killed Laura Palmer...what are the next 10+ episodes about?
Reason why Twin Peaks' second season was so uneven was because ABC forced them to reveal who killed Laura Palmer.
Someone is having a pie and Twin Peaks themed get together tonight and idk if I should go dressed as a cherry pie or dead Laura palmer.
so i'm watching Twin Peaks and there's the video tape of Laura Palmer at the picnic and at one point they zoom into her eye and it reminds
Palmer is here... Working on my Prus Project
the left one is from the Laura Palmer video! The right one is our recreation :)
This appears to be a new officially licensed Laura Palmer t-shirt. Order now -
"Get f- better.". Laura showed up. She's the greatest.
poor Harold 💔 there's a movie about Laura palmer before the murder and his part's hella sad !+ glad to know u r enjoying this!
Hey Laura's Custom Cases thanks for the follow!
📷 theatregraphics: Keke Palmer and Laura Osnes take a curtain call during the final performance of...
📷 Dan hugging a banana and Kyle wearing clothespins behind the scenes of Laura Palmer
I don't fully understand what happened to Laura or Carson Palmer.
The Owls are not what they seem.. Dale Cooper and Laura Palmer in…
Let's get started on a court order to open that safety deposit box, maybe we'll both find out a few things about Laura Palmer.
Blech. I am SO sorry to hear about this, Laura. :( I hope you aren't taking these actions to heart!
Check out Laura Blue Palmer 's artwork Unknown on
watching Twin Peaks w jrem can't wait until he finds out who killed Laura Palmer!
Seriously?A third season of Twin Peaks?HOW?? We all know who killed Laura Palmer-at least those of us who have taste in cool TV.
Wondering if fellow marathon runner could sneak any memorabilia for prizes for our auction/raffle 😘😘😘 xxx
Laura Palmer dollbaby: She actually has an entire chapbook of poems inside her published by Horse Less Press.
I want to watch Twin Peaks again, but I think I'll skip to the end after Laura Palmer's killer is caught.
My favorite thing about last night is that a man told me his teenage children really liked my Laura Palmer act. 🙀
I love Twin Peaks, but I'd feel a bit weird and creepy wearing the new officially licensed t-shirt of Laura Palmer's high school portrait.
When they savagely beat you in an abandoned train car like Laura Palmer... you know you've found someone special
I like the cybex Priam TBH think it looks great and the reviews are as good if not better than the bugaboo
Congrats to SME's Laura Palmer who was named as one of the 16 LA County Teachers of the year! proud https:…
Twin Peaks vibe but with Angelo Badalamenti updated with Synthwave Will is our Laura Palmer
Hey we're planning a charity event for and would love some lives music if any of your students are in great bands??
"I know who acts in and around Laura Palmer. Yes it CAN wait till morning!" (This is from the show)
Twin Peaks Theme, Laura Palmer's Song and Audrey's Dance always get me. Every *** time. ❤️
Well. I just found out who killed Laura Palmer.
Bastille 'Laura Palmer' at V Fest; a song Dan once described as a 'love letter to his favourite…
Also I see he ripped off Jennifer Lynch's "The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer" in one of those poems.
Harry! It's Cooper. Meet me for breakfast, 7 a.m., the hotel lobby. I know who killed Laura Palmer. ...No. it CAN wait 'til morning.
In Twin Peaks, Laura Palmer's cousin is IDENTICAL to her. (this was before Jurassic Park when we learned how genetics actually works)
that Bastille song, Laura Palmer is in my ears right now and I'm not complaining. Also, ... wait for it ... . HAPPY SUNDAY!!
.fyi Lynch got funding for a new season of TP. Kevin is on board. "Digging up Laura Palmer" or, "crying over spilled coffee"
Being told I look like Laura Palmer is the highest compliment
Trying to hunt down the fan edit Twin Peaks Fire Walk With Me - Teresa Banks & The Last Days of Laura Palmer... Anyone have it, by chance?
Laura Palmer was a *** and no one can convince me otherwise.
When the shop is playing Bastille's Laura Palmer
If I said "Laura Palmer" would you know what I was watching??
When ur girlfriend finally finds out who killed Laura Palmer
"Dec. 31: The corpse of Laura Palmer makes People magazine's list of the 25 most intriguing people of the year." . . oh dear.
You will recall on the day of her death, Laura Palmer wrote the following entry in her diary - "Nervous about meeting 'J' tonight".
"Suspense is clearly lacking...[and] long before the climax Laura has become a tiresome teen." IN WHAT WORLD IS LAURA PALMER A TIRESOME TEEN
I have a feeling these people know who killed Laura Palmer.
my sister and i just had our first fight about who killed Laura Palmer
when he turns around and we saw the assless chaps for the first time, as big a TV cultural reveal as Laura Palmer's killer.
Bastille performing 'Laura Palmer' at the Beale Street Music Festival (© disneycass)
When you mysteriously lose your drink? I call that a Laura Palmer.
Now playing on WGMU: Laura Palmer by Bastille from Bad Blood
Laura palmer by bastille seem so nice 💕
jakefogelnest with repostapp. ・・・. Who's this bozo on the phone with? LAURA PALMER??! No,…
After all this time it was Thom Yorke that killed Laura Palmer.
Laura just shot gunned an Arnold Palmer in school 😂😂😂
Snacks, wine, and Laura Palmer from last night's girl's night in with the matriarch, and …
I know who might of killed Laura Palmer
Laura Palmer comes back from the dead and lands a role on One Tree Hill
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Glamour god channels Robert Palmer in his new campaign for
read this as Laura Palmer... Much confused
We waited exactly 25 years for the 3rd series of as Laura Palmer said. Chapeau.
Almost everything between the resolution of the Laura Palmer storyline and the finale is misguided or worse.
Laura Palmer by Bastille is in Pier Eight. Download it now at
Ever had a Laura Palmer? Think Arnold, but ☕️ instead of 🍵. It's delicious, refreshing and will…
Maddy dressed up as Laura Palmer at the gazebo in Easter Park
The latest book by the Author of House of Leaves has this concoction: Laura Palmer = Arnold Palmer + grenadine
Crying rn bcs there's a lady named Laura Palmer at my old high school.
hey, and if you need a young Laura Palmer for flashback scenes in here's
ARTFINDER: Beginnings II by Laura B. Palmer - These are too fun not to make and I am wanting ... - via
ARTFINDER: Travels by Laura B. Palmer - Traveling lines flow across an aqua background,... - via
Today is the anniversary of Laura Palmer's death-and Dale Cooper's arrival in Twin Peaks...
Laura Palmer's Diary's Last Entry Is Dated February 23rd 1989: "Tonight is the night that I die"
We are excited to announce an expanded territory with American Colors! Read more: …
id like to remind everyone that the person screaming in that song 'the hills' is Laura Palmer (r.i.p.)
Laura palmer was playing in gym class today. Then laughter lines came on & I almost cried. I think I scared my friend
ARTFINDER: Raven by Laura B. Palmer - Beautiful Raven is small but but pretty and can... - via
ARTFINDER: Blue Jay by Laura B. Palmer - Beautiful Blue Jay is a good mid sized square a... - via
ARTFINDER: Tree Swallow by Laura B. Palmer - Beautiful Tree Swallow is cute and can be bulke... - via
ARTFINDER: Lolo Peak View by Laura B. Palmer - Based on my family walk tonight. I took many ph... - via
ARTFINDER: Yellow Finch by Laura B. Palmer - Beautiful Yellow Finch is a good mid sized squa... - via
ARTFINDER: Painted Sky by Laura B. Palmer - Montana skies are hard to beat - Here is a west... - via
Hey plastic wrap makers, It'd be great if I didn't come out looking like Laura Palmer wrapped in plastic each time I use your product
Laura Palmer unique way of doing the cool down and getting dressed 󾌴
Bastille's Laura Palmer.has it got something to do with Twin Peaks
In the original series Laura Palmer tells Agent Cooper she will see him again in 25 years //
to when I saw Laura Palmer at southeast grind.
"You have the same dimples of Laura Palmer" im so flattered right now
Invented a drink called Laura Palmer. It's just Arnold Palmer but when you drink it you get murdered mysteriously.
Why do I empathize so heavily with a coke addicted High School girl with secrets? — remembering Laura Palmer
To commemorate Japan's 1993 release of FIRE WALK WITH ME, a ceremonial funeral was held in Tokyo for Laura Palmer. https:…
Why are Ernie Hudson, Melissa Joan Hart, and Laura Palmer's pop in God's Not Dead 2? ...Oh...
What is Laura Palmer's dad doing here?
“Your fellow classmate, Laura Palmer, has died.”
also, if you're a fan: Laura Palmer's secret diary, the autobiography of fbi special agent Dale Cooper, and the Diane-
Who killed Laura Palmer? Twin Peaks was very good. Bit of a dip mid season two but over all very Decent. Need to check out more David Lynch.
Laura Palmer's dad was Robert Palmer. If you've never seen Twin Peaks, this is the mystery they solve.
with ・・・. Laura Palmer aka Sheryl Lee from the end of the feature film Twin Peaks : …
In last Twin Peaks ep. in Black Lodge, Laura Palmer tells Agent Cooper she'll see him again in 25 years. That's when new season starts. 2017
Awesome live shot of my Laura Palmer 'See You in 25 Years' show with The Double R Club at Twin Peaks UK Festival...
I still always associate your wedding with dead Laura Palmer wrapped in plastic.
Dan looked so good in the Laura Palmer video I'm still not over it
Dan and Ralph singing the acoustic version of Laura Palmer is everything.
Dan ,today i realize 'Laura Palmer is my favorite and Laughter Lines & Turning out +These Streetz +noScrubs
dan behind the Laura Palmer's video scenes
dan, today my english teacher mixed some songs for us to learn the english tenses and Laura Palmer was in
I'm about to watch James Woods team up with the saddest Baldwin and Laura Palmer to fight vampires.
you're awesome at drawing Laura Palmer and suck at drawing Debbie Harry
Laura Palmer with the midget in the Red Room... And more pie!! by chrisdingwell
This week is the 25th anniversary of the Secret Diary of Laura Palmer. Bryon and Ben discuss the book.
I WASNT SURE BCS LIKE I was like okay either flaws or laughter lines and then I was like . no it's laura palmer
I tried to make my Spider-Gwen look a little like Debbie Harry but the more I look at her I just see Laura Palmer.
The episode where we find out who killed Laura Palmer still sends shivers down my spine.
I'm fundraising for Baby Beat Appeal & I'd love your support! Text SOBE55 £2 to 70070 to sponsor me today. Thanks.
billboard: Watch Bastilledan's reimagined (and powerful) rendition of "Laura Palmer"
25 yrs ago today Secret Diary of Laura Palmer was published. Will the circle be unbroken?
My three favorite things to be wrapped in plastic are Roy Orbison, Laura Palmer and Carl Steadman, thanks to all of you who asked
like I know who killed Laura Palmer and everything but I guess we have the same exCt taste in TV shows 😂
How did James Hurley get with both Laura Palmer and Donna Hayward?? He isn't even cute he's just a bad boy. I'm getting too into this
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I read the The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer and The Autobiography of F.B.I. Special Agent Dale Cooper: My Life, My Tapes
Jennifer Lynch is David Lynch's daughter. She wrote the book The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer (1990)
Can someone make me some Laura Palmer art or just Twin Peaks in general
SPOILER!! I can see True Detective 2 turning into a 'Who killed Laura Palmer' kinda thing.
oh man except Sheryl Lee as Laura Palmer is maybe a better performance than pretty much every other actor on the show combined
finale Laura Palmer tells Cooper she will see him in 25 yrs. that's 2016. Was David Lynch planning a revival from the finale?
with Twin Peaks coming back, there is no other choice! secret diary of Laura Palmer!
After all these years, Laura Palmer's theme still completely breaks my heart. The most beautiful sad piece of music;
Albert Rosenfield: So she’s not talking? . Dale Cooper: Laura Palmer did not commit suicide.
i'm having emotions about Laura Palmer
I'm not very good at being serious 😐 This is day 2/100 of my 🎉 Dead Laura Palmer…
Laura Palmer: What’s up at this thing called the twenty-third and nothing else.
I think I'm in love with Laura Palmer But She's Dead
This panel is making me want to track down a copy of the diary of Laura Palmer. (maybe?)
A new favorite: Laura Palmer's Doom by on
Update your maps at Navteq
The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer is so sad. It's breaking my heart into little bits. Why do I love sad things.
Dr. Jacoby: Laura Palmer. . Benjamin Horne: Exactly. . Dale Cooper: No, no! He hit me! . Dale Cooper: I think I'm holding in there are
Maybe the new Twin Peaks will just be all the surviving characters being all "Hey remember when Laura Palmer died? That was a thing"
I seem to have gotten Laura Palmer confused with a screenwriter who once wrote a movie named "Legion of Fire: Killer Ants!"
Dr. Jacoby: Laura Palmer? . Laura Palmer: Through the fifth century AD. The dog ate my questions are able to you.
Peakies: I finished re-reading Secret Diary of Laura Palmer. I would never have figured out who the killer was. What were the clues?
Black Flag but with Laura Palmer's mother singing.
I managed to only get 4 comix and a shrinky dink Laura Palmer magnet with no pupils. I wanted...
How many RT's to take you out on a date, Laura?
remember when hot Anthony was in my apartment in female bell bottoms and I walked into my room and he was rolling on my Laura Palmer diary
"Laura Palmer is not dead" surprised to find this graffiti in
tbh watch it if only to taunt people by yelling WHO KILLED LAURA PALMER and then act superior when theyre like ???
Can make an amv to Laura Palmer by Bastille? has no ideas.
darregood book to read Come Here by Richard berendzen and Laura Palmer
I know who killed Laura Palmer and I will tell you for $400.
Electronic Device Insurance
Lana Rey is a deep complex individual like Laura Palmer or Audrey Horne
wait are you talking about who killed Laura Palmer?
Well, they revealed who killed Laura Palmer, and my friend was right -- that was completely missing the point of the show
On this episode of Twin Peaks, we all killed Laura Palmer. It was all of us.
E expectation. L laura palmer. I i bet my life. Z *. A always be together. tagged by
First rapper to call cocaine 'that Laura Palmer' can have the rap game
OMG Laura Palmer are you saying you want me to be murdered?
in many ways, you remind me of Laura Palmer. Most people I've met are James and Donna. God I hate James and Donna.
Maybe the weirdest sketch card I've ever done. Dead Laura Palmer in a bag from Twin Peaks.
Here's a sample episode of Entourage. Who killed Laura Palmer?. This is *** fine coffee you have in Hollywood
I added a video to a playlist Bastille - Laura Palmer (RAC remix)
Been watching Twin Peaks. Does anyone know what happened to Laura Palmer? I mean maybe her car broke down in woods and shes fine
A Twin Peaks fan lived out Laura Palmer's life | Dazed
Dream Laura Palmer turns out to be still alive, and you can see snippets of her life in the background of Mutual of Omaha commercials.
Sushi did you just change ur name to laura palmer
My brothers are outside playing football and listening to Laura Palmer on repeat. They are mental.
I wonder what Laura Palmer and Alison DiLaurentis talk about in the Black Lodge.
Watching Laura Palmer doing yayo is low key making me want to go out and get some
There's something about who killed Laura Palmer.
I bought a locket with a picture of Laura Palmer in it today
It must be weird for Bastille fans who have never seen Twin Peaks. I assume they have no idea who Laura Palmer is.
yeah and this shot reminded me of when Laura Palmer's mother had that vision of Bob hiding behind a chair
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