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Laura Nyro

Laura Nyro (October 18, 1947 – April 8, 1997) was an American songwriter, singer, and pianist. She achieved critical acclaim with her own recordings, particularly the albums Eli and the Thirteenth Confession and New York Tendaberry, and had commercial success with artists such as Barbra Streisand and The 5th Dimension recording her songs.

Stoned Soul Picnic Billy Childs Thirteenth Confession New York Tendaberry Joni Mitchell Stoney End Kate Bush Carole King Elton John Steely Dan Todd Rundgren James Taylor Dianne Reeves Dionne Warwick Nina Simone Lou Reed Billy Joel

"In 1969 I stopped trying to write songs that sounded like The Move and started writing songs that sounde…
"People, you must win for thee . America, her dignity. For all the High Court World to see...". -laura nyro (1971).
"I'm crying... I'm mad at my country. & I've been treated bad". (Laura Nyro lyrics from "When I was…
I LOVE Laura Nyro too! Someone from the press took me to see her at the Troubadour very early on in her career - it was amazing
Today I Will Use the 4th.Tomorrow Is Laura Nyro_ 'The Fifth Dimensions' Day'.'Stoned Soul Picnic' if you...
Also, did you know that both Alice Coltrane and Duane Allman play on this Laura Nyro album? I did not.
Thankful that Laura Nyro existed at all.
don’t even care what the theme is when you play Laura Nyro…. i must say it every time you play it.. made my day!
Not sure if they're flat-out favorites, but somebody's gotta throw Smokey Robinson and Laura Nyro into the conversation.
Every week I shine a light on deserving artists! And have fun!!
video OFTHE week NYC Laura Nyro passed 20yrs ago
Wow Laura Nyro has a beautiful voice
My favorite version of Laura Nyro's 'Save the Country'
The First Songs by Laura Nyro. My first from this lady. I'm really getting into this album. Glad I pick…
"Wedding Bell Blues" track from "Stoned Soul Picnic: The Best of Laura Nyro" album by Laura Nyro
So many stray things make me think of Peter Culley, and miss him, because he loved them: lawnmowers, Laura Nyro, peanut butter *** ..
Now Playing: Smile. by Laura Nyro . at 04:54:09. on Jazz90.1 Listen Online at
Did you know that Laura Nyro recorded a tribute album of soul music that inspired her?…
Well there was Eli's Coming, *** that's Laura Nyro, er Out in the Country, *** that's Paul Williams.
Wonderful talent - The passion and soul of Laura Nyro
A tribute to who died 20 years ago this month in 1997
Groovy track from the 60s on WBOM: Stoney End by Nyro, Laura.
A nice little article about Laura Nyro.
Carol King, James Taylor, Laura Nyro and The Drifters : Up on the Roof via
Very chuffed to have this story on the misunderstood Laura Nyro in the new issue of Uncut. Lots of new reporting an…
This list doesn't claim to be complete, fair enough, but no Joni? No Nina? No Laura Nyro? And nothing against Pat B…
Save the country...Laura Nyro vibe is needed
kisses from the queen of soul, Laura Nyro 😘 come hear croon her tunes at OBERON this week!
Did a large retrospective on Laura Nyro with all new interviews from collaborators, Cameron Crowe, Jackson Browne +…
the first two that come to mind.. Laura Nyro and PJ Harvey. I love their voices a lot. If I think of more, I'll let you know
After a sold-out run in 2015, One Child Born: The Music of Laura Nyro returns to
Sunday Service: Eli And The 13th Confession - Laura Nyro. Not feeling as bouncy as the record yet.
timer by Laura nyro would be the hardest song ever to cover
Laura Nyro makes my day a LOT of days
Laura Nyro Poverty Train Monterey Pop Festival // I saw the devil and he's smiling at me (8)
sold-out run of in 2015. don’t miss out- get tix for her return engagement ASAP!…
Today marks 50 years since Laura Nyro released her first album. Here's my salute to her from Music Aficionado
Me too, one of my all time faves along with Joni Mitchell and Laura Nyro
LAURA NYRO you don't love me when i cry via
Enter to win free lottery tickets to One Child Born: The Music of Laura Nyro at on 3/14:…
Every day is women's day. One of my favorite female singers of all time. Laura Nyro the first really feminist...
Well, that's why we read, isn't it? To learn stuff! My favorite of hers, Laura Nyro's "Stoney End":
Jan. is the 50th ann. of Laura Nyro's 1st LP. I like "Stoney End" thanks to seeing sing it
American Masters is on. Think this is David Foster. Don't know. They're talking about Laura Nyro right now.
Speaking of Laura Nyro (see previous post), The Fifth Dimension's version of Laura's "Wedding Bell Blues" hit the...
Dusty, Laura Nyro, Minnie or Sandy Denny. Super excited and so looking forward ...
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That's why the word singer-songwriter exists! Because Carole King, Nina Simone, Laura Nyro &c were outliers. And even they did some covers!
I liked a video LAURA NYRO spanish harlem (LIVE!)
Laura Nyro can save your soul this morning 'Stoned Soul Picnic'
The Staple Singers-Stoned Soul Picnic via how can you better Laura Nyro-have Mavis Sta…
I liked a video LAURA NYRO Stoned Soul Picnic
6:23am Sweet Blindness by Laura Nyro from Eli and the Thirteenth Confession
Thank God, bout time. Love the new open, much more loose and more YOU. Hands off the man.(FlimFlamMan -Laura Nyro)
Laura Nyro was a prolific song writer, mostly for other artists. I present her own rare voice here.
On the turntable: Laura Nyro / Eli and the Thirteenth Confession (1968) on Columbia Records
Really adore your version of Stoned Soul Picnic on the Laura Nyro tribute record, listening to it now, so ethereal and beautiful
Some super clean used classics, out today. $2-$8! Laura Nyro, Carole King, Cat Stevens. Our Jazz section is bursting at the seams!
LOVED Laura Nyro. I'm sure I have a vinyl album from the 70's somewhere. You've inspired me to dig it up!
Mr. Zal tell the good folks at home &in their factory jobs the preceding video was by the late Great Laura Nyro live
LOVE Laura Nyro. She was such a great songwriter.
beautiful, interesting songs. I knew you reminded me of someone. Suddenly came to me - Laura Nyro
Having a moment here in cause they're playing "Stoned Soul Picnic" by Fifth Dimension. Where's the Laura Nyro fans at!
From Diane Garisto's "Laura Nyro Songbook" show yesterday at the Highline Ballroom NYC. Thank you to wonderful...
Check out the songs on this playlist I made for The Guardian -
A beautiful, beautiful afternoon spent celebrating the genius and artistry of Laura Nyro at the Highline Ballroom...
Remembering singer/songwriter, and pianist Laura Nyro who passed away on this date April 8, 1997 at the age of 49.
Apart from Lou Reed, did any singer have more NYC spirit/edge/grit/beauty/passion than the great Laura Nyro?
What are people's fav versions of Mine is Laura Nyro's. If this song doesn't lift your spirits, not much else can!
A Thousand Years (or an old Laura Nyro song, ask Dad, lol)
at least two of Joan's hits are covers. Which brings me to Leonard Cohen and Laura Nyro with zero hits.
does Laura Nyro tonight at the Gardenia, 9pm!
Spending The Weeknd editing my new book and listening to Laura Nyro...
A rose is pressing through a clock on the wall. Springblown. Laura Nyro
19 years ago today the exquisite Laura Nyro left us. We celebrate her vision, her passion, her heart, and her...
8Apr/1997: Laura Nyro dies of ovarian cancer at 49 - the same age as her Mum when she died of the same disease
In 1997, singer-songwriter Laura Nyro succumbed to ovarian cancer at age 49.
have you heard of Laura Nyro Tony? Stoney End is a good song and she has many others
Thomas Cohen's playlist: Laura Nyro, Kate & Anna McGarrigle and more
Nyro died of ovarian cancer in Danbury, CT April 8th, 1997, at the age of only 49.
Remembering Laura Nyro by giving her second album "Eli and the Thirteenth Confession" (released…
Laura Nyro, who died on this day in 1997, plays a passionate "Save the Country" in 1970.
Remembering singer-songwriter Laura Nyro who died of ovarian cancer nineteen years ago today on…
While doing research on Laura Nyro's songs, I discovered that AL COOPER, who was founder of Blood Sweat and...
Scott reminded me that it was 19 years ago that the great LAURA NYRO died. Laura was a prolific songwriter, and...
“Laura Nyro embodied what everyone in our line of work could be, if they only had the guts.” -
One of the most brilliant & soulful women who ever lived left our world on this date in 1997. Laura Nyro is forever. http…
I'm listening to The Bells by Laura Nyro on
for me: . Amy Winehouse, Back To Black. Bjork, Homogenic. Patti Smith, Horses. Laura Nyro, Eli and the Thirteenth Confession
"Author Lorrie Moore is notable in her familiarity with showtunes, as well as more contemporary artists, like Laura Nyro"
Billy Childs jazz concert in Bethlehem to pay tribute to Laura Nyro
Luke found my old Laura Nyro album. Fiddling with it on grandma Olga's turntable.
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Stoney End - Barbra Streisand. Kicks the show off at Written by Laura Nyro.
12:24am Christmas In My Soul by Laura Nyro from Christmas and the Beads of Sweat
Laura Nyro - Eli and the Thirteenth Confession --surry down to a Stoned Soul Picnic
Linda Ronstadt was no surprise. Just needed to get nominated. Laura Nyro was a surprise.
Just listened to New York Tendaberry, by Laura Nyro (
And Laura Nyro - her influence can be heard in not just female artists (like KB), but early Steely Dan & Todd Rundgren.
NO Laura Nyro FFS. The 60 greatest female singer-songwriters of all time | via
Laura Nyro: Once it was alright now (Farmer Joe) via
Now going thru the entire Laura Nyro catalog.
Listening to Laura Nyro...she really did no wrong. Might be my fav artist of all time, ever!
Go on then.. First Christmas tune of the year courtesey of Laura Nyro
Walk On By by Laura Nyro via @ this is a dark and subverted slice of bubblegum
. Written & first recorded by Laura Nyro. Hit version was Barbra Streisand
Laura Nyro & Labelle - The Bells | Patti, Sarah and Nona sound great..
Just listened to Stoney End, by Laura Nyro (
"Will people catch up with this, as they had with Nick Drake, Judee Sill and Laura Nyro?"
"Morning came to the windows of the street..." Laura Nyro, Brown Earth:
I can't do it man. My playlist goes from Wu Tang to Laura Nyro real quick
Late night music, listening to Laura Nyro, what a remarkable talent. Died way too young! Brilliant lyrics!
My new cd arrived today, by the amazing Laura Nyro! Surprise gift from my mom!
In 1969, Laura Nyro was the songwriter in the world. An expressive and daring singer-pianist-writer!
wish I wish "Blown fleets of sweet eyed dreams" to fellow fans of Laura Nyro's unique music.
Now playing at the downtown Portland EM! Laura Nyro and Labelle!
now playing "he's a runner" by Laura Nyro Bronx stand up thank you
. Laura Nyro originally but they did a great cover. Well spotted. 👏👏
I have just listed: 'Stoned Soul Picnic: The Best Of Laura Nyro', for 5.94 via
Sue Keller map to the treasure Laura Nyro. via
Just listened to side one of Laura Nyro's Eli and the Thirteenth Confession for the first time. Overwhelmed.
LOL..."Up on the Roof" by Laura Nyro, cool but her version is best!
today 4.45pm I realised Laura Nyro was the greatest singer I've ever heard. A class apart from Joni,Judy,Van.
domain names
Amazing night at if Laura Nyro & Fela Kuti had a baby it would be you my dear ❤️
Looks like Natalie Wood in this picture. Reminds me of the late great Laura Nyro sometimes.
Laura Nyro could be my mother...I mean they were born on the same day
Laura Nyro’s Stoned Soul Picnic now on Cruising with The Commissioner
you must check out To A Child by Laura Nyro and My Smallest Child by Virginia Astley. You might need tissues... 😢
Laura Nyro with David Crosby, Neil Young and Graham Nash in Los Angeles. photo by Henry Diltz
Gorgeous track from Billy Childs & Dianne Reeves in tribute to Laura Nyro plays next ☀🌈🌼😃
Previous archive article. Today is remembrance memorial day Laura Nyro passed away. Laura Nyro Dead at 49
Laura Nyro at Pratt College in 1969. Revisit her album, ‘New York Tendaberry,’ on
2:28am Save the Country by Laura Nyro from New York Tendaberry
u remind me of a young Laura Nyro.😍👍👌🙏 still my impatient Aries heart💓
At 2:59 to the end of Laura Nyro's "Eli's Coming" reminds me of Eli Manning. Not Eli Whitney, not Eli Whiteside, just Eli Manning.
Ian Dury & Laura Nyro are the soundtrack to this morning's commute into London
"And only now am a virgin I confess of all the daughters I was born a woman not a slave..." - Laura Nyro
December's Boudoir by Laura Nyro is in RWCMD Students Union. Download it now at
I noticed that you are a Laura Nyro fan, I'm starting to skim the surface that is Laura Nyro, any recommendations?
Sung by many people. I do enjoy this version. Walk On By by Laura Nyro
"For fans of Laura Nyro, Joni Mitchell and Carole King" - a radio programme on Judee Sill:
So much better than the over production of the official release. ♫ Stoned Soul Picnic - Demo – Laura Nyro
Laura Nyro, writer of many 70's hits...and great artist in her own right. ♫ Stoned Soul Picnic – Laura Nyro
good LORD i'm listening to laura nyro
I could fall into Youtube lol. You should check out laura nyro live performances on YouTube.
9:17am Time and Love by Laura Nyro from New York Tendaberry
“Map to the Treasure: Reimagining Laura Nyro” by Billy Childs is the soundtrack to somewhere that I want to live.
Once in a Lifetime you get to hear genius: Laura Nyro - New York Tendaberry: via
The Nightly Nyro... Laura singing a great song from one her few songwriting peers, Bacharach/David -
Another great singer to whom Miss Fischer paid tribute: Laura Nyro-The Bells-live.
I added a video to a playlist LAURA NYRO Stoned Soul Picnic
Laura Nyro / my inspiration, & patently one of the best singer song writers. Her secret: she wrote,…
Happy New Year to the beautiful,genius, über talented musician,song stylist,poet, the divine Laura Nyro...   10% Off
Map to the Treasure: Reimagining Laura Nyro [+digital booklet] Billy Childs | Form...
"David Clayton Thomas!!! And When I die, there will be one child born to carry on.". Laura Nyro composer
Amazon cd: Map to the Treasure: Reimagining Laura Nyro - Billy Childs (Artist) $11.96
tell me this wouldn't be a great lip synch! It's playfully desperate for great dramatics. Laura Nyro:
Wishin' and hopin' and thinkin' and prayin' that we get a little Laura Nyro tonight 9pm NYE show
Looking for a musical Oasis from Holiday tunes, look no further. Preparing Menu for Today's Whole 'Nuther Thing. I'll be serving up some tasty morsels from Billy Joel, Jackson Browne, The Byrds, Laura Nyro, Ray LaMontagne, Tom Petty, The Buckinghams, Steve Miller Band, Elton John, Quincy Jones, The Grass Roots, Steely Dan, Beau Brummels, Ben Sidran, The Turtles and much more. Our Main Course is Al Stewart. Remember,we're portable, just like when we were kids, with Tune In Radio, Live 365 and iTunes Mobile apps for all platforms and on your Car Radio at 88.5 FM or on Cox Cable Channel 967 in Orange County, California. Or online with link below, so there's no excuse for not tuning in. Tunes start flowing at 3PM PST, 6PM EST.
Take your pick of what to love about Laura Nyro: her winding harmonies, her everlasting melodies, her fantastical wordplay, her rocking, swinging way with sounds reminiscent of Broadway, soul, jazz, folk, Brill Building pop and much else. The Bronx-born pianist, singer-songwriter and Rock and Roll H…
It's a coffee, Laura Nyro kind of day. Sunday morning's coming down again.
I added a video to a playlist Billy Childs - Laura Nyro Stoned Soul Picnic
The Nightly Nyro - "Laura Nyro bombed at Monterey Pop" - just another story the media got wrong.
When are they going to make a Laura Nyro biopic?
Laura Nyro - When I Was a Freeport and You Were the Main Drag from Christmas and the Beads of Sweat
"Goodbye Joe" by Laura Nyro is probably my favorite song about
Listening to Laura Nyro on Youtube as I work. An incredible artist we lost far too soon...
Also ON with now..The pianist talks Reimagining singer-songwriter Laura Nyro.
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'You've Really Got a Hold on Me' by Laura Nyro and Labelle:
The crowning apex of her 3 previous albums. This is a contiua...
"As beautiful as simplicity is, it can become a tradition that stands in the way of exploration." - Laura Nyro
Giving a listen to another recently acquired album in my collection. Laura Nyro may be better known for the songs...
If I could sing I would want to sing just like Laura Nyro. She was one of the great underrated NYC talents.
Absolutely LOVE Laura Nyro's cover of "Spanish Harlem." This is beauty:
The Nightly Nyro... Amazing how much beautiful music Laura managed to pack into this one song.
Laura Nyro is a great singer and a genius at song writing, but her music is the wrong thing to listen to when you're depressed
Dianne Reeves w/ Billy Childs on his new CD of Laura Nyro songs right now on
I liked a video 2011 Hall of Fame Inductee Alice Cooper Discusses Laura Nyro
I'm listening to this right now. hit's the spot!. Laura Nyro - Billy's Blues: via
Laura Nyro wrote a song about enjoying Christmas while making war in far off places. I had thought it appropriate...
Huge CONGRATS to for his Grammy nominations for "Map to the Treasure: Reimagining Laura Nyro"
I think listening to a bit of Laura Nyro will soothe the soul right about her!
Now on blogs on the genius of Laura Nyro, Billy Childs tribute
Alison joins Shawn Colvin & others on a tribute album to songwriting icon Laura Nyro, available now: http:/…
On my way to sing Laura Nyro with Billy Childs - honored to be there.
Watch our exclusive premiere of the lyric video for cover of the Laura Nyro classic "Stoned Soul Picnic"
Hey y'all! The time has come for me to sell all of my records and CDs. I haven't gotten around to cataloging the CDs yet, but here are the records I have. Every record (including 2LP sets) is $5. Just send me an fb message or a txt if you're interested in record(s). :-) LPs I have * = in rough shape Voivod / Killing Technology Aus-Rotten / The System Works For Them Band Of Susans / Love Agenda -- / Blessing And Curse Live Skull / Positraction -- / Don't Get Any On You -- / Snuffer EP -- / Dusted -- / Cloud One Quicksilver Messenger Service / Happy Trails* Cpt. Beefheart & The Magic Band / Lick My Decals Off, Baby -- / Shiny Beast [the one with "Bat Chain Puller" on it] Genesis / Seconds Out (2LP) The Fall / Dragnet -- / Room To Live (2LP) Grateful Dead / Europe '72 (2LP)* -- / Blues For Allah* Laura Nyro / Xmas And The Beads Of Sweat* [prolly my favorite album title] -- / New York Tendaberry* [with the orig. poster insert]  Laura Nyro and Labelle / Gonna Take A Miracle Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks / Real ...
Feminism and women's experience. A reflection on Kate Bush, Beyoncé and the incredibly wonderful Laura Nyro.
is it rude of me to say that I think Laura Nyro is the greatest singer/songwriter/pianist period
"Embarrassment is liberating, if you press into it." On Bush, Nyro and taking women's art as seriously as men's
Was def not impressed with Kate Bush. Immersed in Laura Nyro, Ann Briggs, Linda Perhacs this morning to compensate
This fab piece by on female as quality not qualifier is balm for unbearable maleness of everything
Kate Bush, Beyonce and Laura Nyro: being female makes for good ...
There was a stretch there I was convinced that Fiona Apple was the new Laura Nyro... Between "Tidal" & "Extraordinary Machi…
There are to many Laura Nyro wannabes in the music industry.
Here's a preview of Billy Childs' "Map to the Treasure: Reimagining Laura Nyro" with &
Laura Nyro, we will love you always!
The late soulful genius of music, Laura Nyro, is finally getting her due.
I'm 2 tracks into Laura Nyro tribute and my mind is jello. Amazing work
I sang "Been on a Train" for the new Reimagining album. It's out 9/9 htt…
The BEST. If you like her, try Laura Nyro. Eli and the Thirteenth Confession and New York Tendaberry are excellent albums.
Listening to Laura Nyro and making Rolo pretzel sandwiches for movie night tonight. Hurrah!
I'd like a Laura Nyro day. Maybe a whole month.
all i do all day is sit inside and listen to laura nyro i should see a MOVIE
Laura Nyro - Eli And The Thirteenth Confession | £25.00 | just arrived in stock on the vinyl tap web site
I always think Laura Nyro never gets enough credit too. It borders on the criminal really.
Not really fair. Taylor Swift's not Laura Nyro but she's a competent pop songwriter.
You can now preview the Billy Childs/Laura Nyro track ‘And When I Die’ with Alison Krauss! Thanks !
Laura getting ready to start her weather broadcast at our Berkshire gardens
Todd Rundgren said Laura Nyro was a big influence on him and on that song I can definitely hear it.
Love you for the Laura Nyro reference, bless her soul. Now I can't get Stoney End out of my head. Not like I mind.
could be much much worse than Laura Nyro! "The Bells" one of my favorites?
Yep. Worse things than that. Sadly, I wonder how many know who Laura Nyro is these days.
I've had a few drinks and it feels as if I'll never get Laura Nyro singing Stoney End out of my head. And I'm okay with that.
Are you sure he wasn't a harbinger of doom/Laura Nyro in an elaborate man costume?
The roadside record guy persuaded me to buy 2 Laura Nyro albums: "For when you're feeling quiet."
What an absurdly inappropriate voice to introduce people to the voice of Laura Nyro. But what a great album that was.
Listening to Laura Nyro is a pretty chill way to end a night
.to be featured on Good Morning Britain on Monday when Laura does the weather tune in from 6am
Gonna sit in the garden now and listen to some Laura Nyro… Her amazing 1970 album ‘Christmas and the Beads of Sweat’
Angel in the Dark: Angel in the Dark ~ Laura Nyro (41)7 used & new from $59.98(Visit the Best Sellers in S...
Laura Nyro. New York Tendaberry. i love her deep voice.
.I saw Laura Nyro at the Union Chapel in 94. I sat next to Bill Oddie., who audibly gasped when she came on.
I love that Lp...and he is clearly a Laura Nyro fan.. Seeds of Spring is the son of Stoned Soul Picnic.
At 19 I was working in a petrol station. At 19 Laura Nyro was doing this: Laura Nyro wins at being 19. Incredible.
Time to play the song I always get stuck in my head around now. 'Emmie', by Laura Nyro:
I added a video to a playlist laura nyro - will you still love me tomorrow
N is for Nyro - Laura Nyro. Just 1 of 52 poems in my book - E is for Elvis.
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Did I mention I freakin' love Laura Nyro?. You can tell she loved girl-group soul. She was 21 when she did this. 21.
Laura Nyro - When I Was A Freeport And You Were The Main Drag: via this is the one. La…
the same person turned me on to Lou Reed, also Laura Nyro. Hollywood, CA, 1977. I will be forever grateful.
I was only half-kidding about Laura Nyro. Keys needs to sequester herself and get a steady diet of Nyro and Nina Simone and free herself
I just wanna lock Alicia Keys in a room and make her listen to Laura Nyro albums all day.
Look at my page. Laura Nyro. You are welcome. A woman singer needs to know this woman.
just posted this weeks video of the wee::Laura Nyro::
The late Laura Nyro has a FB page. She was a great artist.
I know I know. I also need to fit in Laura Nyro and Dusty Springfield.
And about 2 pages in here about Laura Nyro. pffftt. I need to write a book about women in rock. It would be a *** of a lot more inclusive.
If Jewish race then it was Laura Nyro - Flynn ..Found Your Question
Everytime my wife and I listen to Laura Nyro, we hear your voice...any chance you might record some of her music?
Tonight (sat) at the Blue Whale Jazz Club I'm playing with the Billy Childs Ensemble and his Laura Nyro project.
Joni Mitchell on Laura Nyro. How can you claim to know anything about music w/o acknowledging Laura Nyro's greatness
Nyro Laura - Wedding Bell Blues lyrics and translations
Laura Nyro was among the most gifted singer-songwriters of the Sixties and Seventies, and one of the first female singer-songwriters who didn’t come from the folk-music world. Her music reflected a combination of spirituality and street smarts. Bursting with talent, she possessed a soulful soprano,…
(not nearly enough footage on YouTube) LAURA NYRO He's a Runner & Save the Country 1969: via
"O-o-h Child" written by Stan Vincent was originally recorded by the Five Stairsteps in 1970. Laura Nyro's cover of the song was recorded live at Fillmore Ea...
If you want a sample with a beautiful female voice, peep Laura Nyro.
Quote of the day (pop proverb # 40!) "So winter froze the river And winter birds don't sing So winter makes you shiver So time is gonna bring you spring..." - Laura Nyro (happy spring face bookers! remember, nothing cures like time and love...)
Listening to Laura Nyro. Forgot she is on the play list. And then U2. But then that pesky Lady Antebellum song. Need to reprogram.
Some beautiful Laura Nyro..don't put her down until you give this a fair listen..
Billy Childs and Moira Smiley. Laura Nyro re-imagined. Do not miss this show. I will be there!
A mashup of The Kingsmen's "Louie Louie" with Laura Nyro's "Lu," both of which have a "Louie Louie" chorus. It includes a lot of elements from Gentle Persuas...
Aside: my 33 1/3 submission didn't make the final cut. Anyone want a longread on Laura Nyro, pop songwriters, and 1968 NYC culture?
And from the sky come the Lord and the lightening. --Laura Nyro
I liked a video Laura Nyro in Pittsburgh COMPLETE SHOW
Laura Nyro, fantastic singer songwriter, was hailed as a "genius"--passed away of ovarian cancer, the same disease which took my mother from us.
Jesus, even more of my 1001 albums journey... this time I get the pleasure of an artist I'd never heard of before.
Laura Nyro is one of my favorite artists ever.
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Video: pissingonmyfeet: Laura Nyro Poverty Train Monterey Pop Festival (1967) Does it get any better than...
anything by James Taylor. Up on the Roof by Laura Nyro. Thunderstruck by ACDC :-)
Here's the Laura Nyro record from their list:
Just beautiful. Wish more people were aware of Laura Nyro!
"...its influence apparent on everyone from Kate Bush and Tori Amos to St. Vincent and Joanna Newsom."
I vouch for underapprecisted baby-boomer LPs by Roberta Flack, Dire Straits and Laura Nyro
Laura Nyro - A Free Thinker lyrics and translations
Video: 3rd decan Laura Nyro ruled by Mercury. You know that woman’s gonna let ya know and find a way...
60s singer-songwriter Laura Nyro had 3 Jewish grandparents. On a less exemplary note, so did 70s serial killer David "Son of Sam" Berkowitz
Oh and Joni Mitchell, Joan Baez, Laura Nyro, all of the folksy ladies from Woodstock era, DUH.
I also get Laura Nyro which makes me real happy
This makes me wish she'd done an album with Labelle a la Laura Nyro.
Funny: What advice would 90yo mother give 27yo who is 10 days away from scheduled C-section with firstborn?; did Laura Nyro cover this?
Whoever you are, however good you may be, if you're not Laura Nyro, you didn't do this at nineteen. Or ever.
7:31pm Captain for Dark Mornings by Laura Nyro from New York Tendaberry
pft at these people in this random article calling Laura Nyro's voice an 'acquired taste' ...
are you too spending the day in bed, listening to Laura Nyro? let's be friends.
I was on I was going to call it the Poverty Train (after Laura Nyro) but I know it had another name.
Here she is, Ladies and Gentlemen! . Laura Nyro. Stoned Soul Picnic . (solo demo). See what I mean? Simply. the.
Also on the bill for the third date (when Keith Jarrett joined the Miles band) was Laura Nyro.
There'll be trains of blossoms. There'll be trains of music. There'll be music… ♫ Stoned Soul Picnic by Laura Nyro —
TONIGHTThursday February 20 KJ Denhert with Geoff Gallante! Guitarist and songwriter, KJ Denhert, calls her music Urban Folk and Jazz. Her voice is powerful, her lyrics full of intelligent insight, and her musicianship is impeccable. Her eclectic yet unified performances reach out to audiences without compromising her music and beliefs. She performs the unusual feat of being both highly individual and quite accessible. KJ remembers, “I picked up a guitar when I was ten and immediately I started writing music. I loved Sergio Mendes’ songs and really got into James Taylor and Joni Mitchell who I still consider my two main influences. I also loved the singer-songwriters of the time including Carole King and Laura Nyro and later fell in love with Steely Dan’s music, and just wore out my copy of Hubert Laws’ Rite of Spring.” KJ co-produced her CD, Number 9, supported by a strong cadre of players, including longtime New York Unit band members Mamadou Ba , (Harry Belafonte, Regina Car ...
12 recordings that resonate for me, have inspired me and have created great joy for me throughout the years. How about you? 1. South Pacific- Original Cast Recording (also Carousel) 2. West Side Story- Original Cast Recording (also On the Town) 3. Company- Original Cast Recording (and numerous other Sondheim shows) 4. Tosca- Callas/Gobbi (and pretty well anything Callas recorded) 5. Leontyne Price's debut recording (also Tebaldi, Sutherland, Pavarotti, Domingo). 6. Boris Godunov- Melodiya recording purchased in Moscow in 1967 7. Beatles- Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts' Club Band (and various other Beatles' efforts) 8. Bernstein- Mahler (plus my first exposure to all the Beethoven symphonies) 9. Frank Sinatra- Come Swing with Me (and lots of others). Plus 60s Tony Bennett. 10. Judy Garland at Carnegie Hall (plus Elaine Stritch and Audra McDonald) 11. Barbra Streisand One and Two (and several others) 12. Laura Nyro's second album (with the first a close second!) (and Joni Mitchell!)
We need your help! We want you to vote for your favourite 3 themes for our shoe parties. Which ones would you choose for Heather to perform if you were hosting a party? The theme list is fairly long, so give it some thought!!! •Tribute to Australian Music (Paul Kelly, Wendy Matthews, Ross Wilson, and many others) •Girls of the 60s – Dusty, Sandy, Petula, Cilla, Laura Nyro, Diana Ross, Dionne Warwick, Mary Hopkin •Fleetwood Mac and others from the 70s (Carly Simon and Linda Ronstadt) •Folk •Country •Stage and screen •Piano people – Billy Joel, Elton John, Carole King •Smooth operators •British groups in the 60s •Tribute to Bacharach and Jimmy Webb and other great song writers •Heather’s Dudes – Elvis, Garry Puckett, Walker Bros, Righteous Bros, Tom Jones, Roy Orbison, Willy Nelson •The 70s – songs made famous by Rod Stewart, Olivia Newton-John, Meatloaf, Jim Croce, Abba and others •The 80s •The 90s •The 21st century •Mardi Gras •Rock Chicks – Blondie, Pretende ...
Did ANYONE go to the 1967 MONTEREY INTERNATIONAL POP FESTIVAL.? I have a vintage copy of the "annual" (the Program) from which I have posted some pictures. Performers included Barry McGuire, Eric Burdon and the Animals, The Association, The Beach Boys were scheduled but were no-shows, Beverly,Big Brother and the Holding Co., The Blues Project, Booker T and the MG's, Buffalo Springfield, Paul Butterfield Blues Band, The Byrds, Canned Heat, Country Joe and the Fish, Electric Flag, Grateful Dead, Jimi Hendrix Experience, The Impressions, Jefferson Airplane, The Mamas & the Papas, Hugh Masekela, Scott Mckenzie, Steve Miller Blues Band, Moby Grape, Laura Nyro, The Paupers, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Lou Rauls, Otis Redding (singing RESPECT with Carla Thomas), Johnny Rivers, Ravi Shankar, Simon and Garfield, Dionne Warwick, The Who, and more. - I can't type any more, but if you were there, how about some feedback. I was one lucky long haired hippie with flowers in my hair! Click on the photos to see the ...
TODAY'S CUTE 60s not only a looker but was also an extremely talented and influential singer/songwriter/artist: Laura Nyro... who wrote quite a few hit songs for other artists and was admired and respected by musicians as diverse as Joni Mitchell, Bette Midler, Rickie Lee Jones, Kate Bush, Elton John, Cyndi Lauper, Todd Rundgren, Steely Dan, Duane Allmanand Melissa Manchester. Todd Rundgren stated that once he heard her, he "stopped writing songs like The Who and started writing songs like Laura." Cyndi Lauper acknowledged that her rendition of the song "Walk on By", on her Grammy Award-nominated 2003 cover album At Last, was inspired by Nyro. Elton John and Elvis Costello discussed Nyro's influence on both of them during the premiere episode of Costello's interview show Spectacle on the Sundance channel. When asked by the host if he could name three great performer/songwriters who have largely been ignored, he cited Nyro as one of his choices. John also addressed Nyro's influence on his 1970 . ...
Just watched "A Home At The End Of The World" beautifully conflicted...KUDOS Director Michael Mayer and the soundtrack, BANANAS...they end the movie with Laura Nyro feat. LaBelle "Gonna Take A Miracle"...really??? BTW, where is Colin Ferrell...? One last thing, I LOVE CISSY SPACEK!
So I am still working on my 12th book every single day and it is no joke. Did not help that my computer crashed the week of Christmas and I lost like mad pages and several days of writing. Yes, I definitely did back up, but still. Spent Christmas Day at an overly crowded Apple Store. That was crazy. Had to go back and start several pages and chapters from scratch, this memoir. But it is definitely flowing again. Days of not going out, not shaving, etc etc etc. Been listening to all kinds of music for inspiration (everything from Laura Nyro to Lauryn Hill to the LeBron Brothers to Joe Bataan to Duke Ellington to the Everly Brothers to the Beach Boys to Lupe Fiasco to classic Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, and Snoop to the jazzy vocals of Queen Latifah and Diana Krall) and watching a lot of movies (Meryl Streep rocks the house in "August: Osage County" and so does Bruce Dern in "Nebraska"). But at the end of the day writers must write, and must write alone. I pace a lot. I sit in silence a lot. I stare into space a ...
Announcing Kickstarter project: my book about Jimmy Webb and Laura Nyro and songwriting and the 5th Dimension and America
Laura Nyro (1947-1997) is one of my dear friend N's favorites. This video is made for her. La-La..., sweetie. :-} ** ...
Went to the music store looking for some Hip Hop on vinyl and came home with Laura Nyro instead. Yeah you could say my taste is eclectic!
It is so splendid right now. Snow on the lake. The golden retriever playing in the snow with his frisbee. Laura Nyro singing followed by Billie Holiday and me doing needlepoint in a comfy chair.
Are any of my FB friends fans of Laura Nyro? Watched a movie from Netflix on David Geffen and it brought back all kinds of memories about her and how much I loved her music. Have been listening to her all day. She was such a prolific song-writer and most people don't even know it's her stuff. I am feeling 21 just listening to the music she wrote for people like me.
Oh goody! We've got the Goodees! Plus a couple of Fats, the over-aliased Country Paul, the only good thing to come out of bad Grape jokes and 60's 'Frisco music, a little Zydecajun, and a great, if wildly multi-tempoed Laura Nyro joint. Oh, yeah, that reminds me…we have Max Roach, too! Join us! Saturday, Dec 14, 6P E, 3P P, on The Loft SiriusXM30 and online on Sirius On Demand.
This rock group from the 60's and 70's recorded hits written by a diverse group of top songwriters, including Harry Nilsson, Laura Nyro, Randy Newman and Hoyt Axton. Name the group and the songs.
Just got to NYC!! Next 4 days recording vocalists and soloists for my upcoming Laura Nyro CD - Larry Klein producing.
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