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Laura Linney

Laura Leggett Linney (born February 5, 1964) is an American actress of film, television, and theatre.

Tom Hanks Ian McKellen Paul Giamatti Laura Dern Clint Eastwood Julianne Moore Richard Gere Steve Coogan Rebecca Hall Holly Hunter Academy Award Bill Murray Maura Tierney Downton Abbey Seth Numrich Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Scarlett Jayhansson starred in The Nanny Diaries with Laura Linney and are several species of medium-sized usually colorful and noisy birds
Big time supporting cast. John Mahoney, Andre Braugher, Maura Tierney, Laura Linney, the Chicago scenery. Underrated as ***
one day we’ll, as a society, be ready to talk about the fact that Tom Ford cast Laura Linney as Amy Adams’ mom in a movie l…
Two of my favorite other such examples are Jackie Weaver for Silver Linings Playbook & Laura Linney for The Savages.
I love Love Actually. The heartbreak of Laura Linney and her brother. Emma Thompson and Joni Mitchell. Yes, I love the schmaltzy stuff too.
A Love Actually sequel that is just Emma Thompson and Laura Linney driving to the Grand Canyon
Tickets now on sale for Lillian Hellman’s THE LITTLE FOXES, starring Laura Linney & Cynthia Nixon, on Broadway:
Laura Linney and Cynthia Nixon are heading to Broadway in Spring 2017 in "The Little Foxes" >>…
Wedding Crashers, starring Laura Linney and Peter Dinklage. Directed by Wes Anderson, music by Taking Back Sunday. Budget: $5
Takeaways from the new Nocturnal Animals trailer 1) The score 2) Amy Adams' bob 3) Laura Linney. End of list, but it's enough.
Nocturnal Animals isn't being released until Nov 18 but that won't stop me from going as Laura Linney's character for Hallo…
I have great affection for Topher Grace. I worship at the altar of Laura Linney.
Laura Linney was in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie? well now I'm depressed
you just know Speaking of Emily starred Laura Dern and Laura Linney.
. Only great acting in the whole movie:. Laura Linney (of course). Emma Thompson (of course). and Alan Rickman (of course)
W/ & we just collectively confused Holly Hunter, Helen Hunt, Bonnie Hunt, Laura Linney and Laura Dern with one another.
I'm lucky because I don't like being in the sun a whole lot, just beca...
Laura Linney, Holly Hunter, Lauren Holly, Holly Hunter, Hellen Hunt, Bonnie Hunt only get cast to confuse us all, right ?
The scene with Sister Jude passing is so poetic. It brings me to tears. She died in peace and fulfilled. *** you, Laura Linney.
I am very lucky, because for the most part people are very nice to me,...
Traits like humility, courage, and empathy are easily overlooked - but...
Laura Linney is me when I wake up and remember I have a new dress to wear to work. 👗
A lot of what is publicized now is really pretty trivial stuff - you k...
Laura Linney&reason to hide she was pregnant at 49
I've seen the greatest actors in the world transcendent talents who can't find a home - Laura Linney
Just because you're not famous doesn't mean you're not good - Laura Linney
Whose can I steal to give to Laura Linney?
I grew up in Manhattan and, since my father was a playwright, all I ev...
Laura Linney! I kinda take her very personally. Gawd, I love that woman.
I'd also throw Glenn Close Laura Linney & Bette Milder on that list of How the *** Do They Not Have Oscars!
I've always thought that I'm sexy in my own right, but not in a way th...
I liked a video Out of the Shadows | On-set with Laura Linney
I have an instinct to want to be part of a group of people. I feel saf...
I have a bag with a toothbrush and toothpaste and all the things I mig...
My family is from the South, and I can remember all those ladies I gre...
I am still mad at Laura Linney's character in "Love Actually" for tending to her brother over that man.
Morgan saying "I'm Laura Linney" is almost my favorite part of this season!
And at 9:20, you can check out Colin Firth, Jude Law, Nicole Kidman, and Laura Linney in GENIUS:
also. - Julia Louis-Dreyfus. - Laura Linney. - Sia. and so much more lmao I'm a multifandom mess
I tend to make low-budget movies but yeah I make more money than I ever thought I would make - Laura Linney
Next, I'd like PBS to apologize for putting Laura Linney on the beginning of every *** Downton Abbey episode
Laura Linney *and* Tom Wilkinson? I'd forgotten what a great cast Derrickson's mainstream break had.
Primal Fear (1996) has female roles played by Maura Tierney, Frances McDormand, Laura Linney, and Alfre Woodard. Wow!
Sorry, Laura Linney, but you can either introduce Downton Abby on PBS or you can be in . YOU DON'T GE…
You're in a scene with Laura Linney or Oliver Platt or John Hickey or Alan Alda and these amazing actors and (1/2)
Ghost, starring Laura Linney and Richard Dean Anderson. Directed by Tommy Wiseau, music by Soulfly. Budget: $500,000
The Savages: Siblings united in guardianship, Laura Linney & Phillip Seymour Hoffman hit the hard truths of adulthood with aging parents
has got tons of special guest stars tonight incl: Steve Buscemi, Laura Linney,
OKAY you can't preview Jennifer Hudson, Maggie Gyllenhall and Laura Linney and than just make me wait a week
Mr Holmes starring Ian McKellen and Laura Linney by Bill Condon.Exquisite is reborn . Such a masterpiece.
I never get tired of watching Laura Linney lose her innocence in a supermarket.
Laura Linney and them used to have me going thru it
I NEED TO WATCH GENIUS, because Nicole Kidman, laura linney, Colin Firth and Jude Law are in it
@ Genius: it's not a period piece unless it's got Laura Linney, is it
Doing the right thing has power. Laura Linney. Read more at:
Reminder that Love Actually guy Laura Linney ditched is playing Jesus
Honestly, the only way I would see Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is if Laura Linney were playing all four Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
They're shooting something for TMNT 2 outside my subway stop and all I care about is whether Laura Linney is near.
Laura Linney co-stars in MR. HOLMES as “The Most Dismissive Person on Earth”.
Laura Linney is outrageously wonderful in the big C...this is gonna be a new fav show- feel it in my bones
The real Primal Fear is Laura Linney's bad skin in that movie
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
just rewatched Primal Fear and remembered how much I love Laura Linney. You?
Not to contradict but what if Laura LINNEY was Wolverine
My dog just put herself to bed without any request - 😳 this is big. Like, Laura Linney reaction big
But I also love the movie Congo. Ernie Hudson + Laura Linney + Tim Curry + talking gorilla = childhood favorite
I think Laura Linney would really like me. Not romantically but as a friend. I just think our personalities would click.…
oh no I totally just mistook Laura Dern for Laura Linney too, oh god. ***
oh yes ok a movie where Laura Linney and Laura Dern rent a beach house and neither of them get sick and they just are quietly…
I actually need a movie where nothing but good things happen to Laura Linney for two hours
Anybody wondering why I won't bemoan Holly Hunter in BvS or Viola Davis in Suicide Squad, it's b/c I saw Laura Linney in the TMNT2 trailer.
So now that Leo's taken care of, who is the new Lee Westwood of acting? Probably a toss up between Gary Oldman and Laura Linney?
I am very aware that playwrights, particularly good ones, have a intention ...
hi You real Laura linney there how are you there Follow you I miss you beacuse you not anymore actress new film Movies
Congratulations to Laura Linney for receiving a Golden Globe nomination for Lead Comedy Actress!! :D
Just walked by Laura Linney she's at least 6'4
I like to be challenged in that way, and always end up learning something I didn't know. ~ Laura Linney
It is always good to explore the stuff you don't agree with, to try and understand a different lifestyle or foreign worldview.~Laura Linney
I hope that anyone I worked with wouldn't exploit our relationship. Linney
Also Laura Linney basically has to constantly nag everybody while also looking dumpy and acting dumb, and she still KILLS it.
I remember when I was doing 'The Crucible' on Broadway with Laura Linney, a...
Hmmm, how about Nancy Drew? The first 7 Nancy Drew books read by Laura Linney are really good.
- Laura Linney's role in Mr Holmes was overlooked as a supporting cast member. at …
A sequel to "You Can Count On Me," but where Laura Linney unconditionally likes every one of Mark Ruffalo's Instagram post…
Paul Giamatti & Laura Linney as the Adamses are fantastic yet grounded. They are phenomenal & make the show
Laura Linney's self-hating laugh in the car on the way home from her assignation with Broderick's character is amazing acting.
"I'm Laura Linney and you've been watching Downton Abbey for 5 hours, cue the trumpets"
Laura Linney is a goddam national treasure.
It would still be if she didn't say "I'm Laura Linney". Just a thought.
we need to talk about how Laura Linney's last Oscar nomination was in 2007.
Comedy is a way to make sense of chaos. It's a way of dealing with things t...
I'm so happy, I love You Can Count on Me (2000) so much. Hoping to get the feeling of Lonergan! Laura Linney!
wait is the black dude Tobey saved with his kidney, going to kill a pregnant Laura Linney... this movie might have become simply bad
Wait.. now Laura Linney is performing *cough* acts *cough* on Tobey... the cat pillow behind him, side-eyeing him is perfect
Also queen Laura Linney plays a crazy cat lady... and it is all amazing
just had to look up Laura Linney on IMDb because I released I haven't seen her in much recently.
I love to work in all sorts of different situations.
Laura Linney is in TMNT2, which makes me riotously sad
just watched this and I'm so angry! She's just amazing... reminds me quite a bit of Laura Linney.
I can scarcely stand to have a manicure. I have to have them because you do...
abit disappointed he didn't recognise Laura Linney tho!
What I love about a play is that it's such an investment because only time ...
Hyde Park on Hudson is pretty good so far. Bill Murray-ing it up w Laura Linney.
I loved the savages. Laura Linney another one of my favourite actors. They work so well together here.
Laura Linney, thank you! I have been trying to figure out who she reminded me of...
Aww, a definite Laura Linney in Love Actually vibe to that 40-something lady. She deserved better!
she looks so much like Laura Linney. What a horrible *** that guy was! Basically slated her looks for no good reason!
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is this Laura linney and Liam Neeson in Love Actually?
Who else keeps thinking about Laura Linney?
The good thing is that I'm always honest.
I'm getting major "Laura Linney in Love, Actually" vibes from this lovely sensitive lady.
Richard Gere, Steve Coogan and Laura Linney to star in 'The Dinner':
I enjoy the way Laura Linney slowly turns into Elvira over 7 episodes. The resemblance becomes uncanny.
Excited to announce that Richard Gere, Steve Coogan, Laura Linney, Rebecca Hall, and Chloe Sevigny will star in Herman Koch's THE DINNER!
Richard Gere, Steve Coogan, Rebecca Hall and Laura Linney are signed on for Oren Moverman's film The Dinner, based on Harmon Koch's novel.
Richard Gere will join Rebecca Hall, Chloe Sevigny, Steve Coogan and Laura Linney for drama film The Dinner.
Ben Daniels with Laura Linney in a photo shoot for Les Liaisons Dangereuses (2008).
Reading the Gordon Lish interview in and have learned that actress Laura Linney's father was named Romulus.
Wow, I love I just won this for free, MR. HOLMES (2015) Starring Ian McKellen, Laura Linney -
Laura Linney wasn't the only American actress in Love Actually. Denise Richards and January Jones were also in it.
Are they going to start marketing it as "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2, featuring Academy Award® nominee Laura Linney"?
It's got Baxter, B&R, A not messed up in reshoots Shredder, what Laura Linney makes it seem like a portal to Dimension X, Casey Jones...
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Would like either Naomi Watts or Laura Linney,no longer sure about Kate Winslet.
Laura Linney: "My experience is that's rare - that you have a script that is... what they call 'film-ready.'"
this is terrific still waiting/hoping for Laura Linney to play an older girlfriend character please keep me posted thx
Paul Giamatti & Laura Linney are great. Stephen Dillane is great. Washington LOOKS great. Dude playing Hamilton is terrible.
Mr Holmes starring Ian McKellen and Laura Linney is our next film on 15th November. Doors open at 6.30 for refreshments and tickets.
Laura Linney is a great Abigail Adams, too.
My Favorite actress is Laura Linney she was in Absolute Power and Law and Order Episodes. Love you Laura ❤️!
If I ever meet Laura Linney I wanna ask her how she channeled Abigail Adams' raw sexuality. I bet she'd be flattered as ***
returns this Friday @ 7.30pm with Mr Holmes, starring Ian McKellen and Laura Linney Full trailer here
my version of a blackout is using my phone's wifi hotspot at 1am to look up pics of laura linney on my laptop because THIS IS AN EMERGENCY
chrisstineoo: Sac Sessions!. What's in the 'sac?. 1 x Hyde Park on Hudson starring Bill Murray and Laura Linney…
celebs-nudes:. Laura Linney - The Other Man HD Nude. Liam Neeson is a cuckolded husband who discovers that his wife…
I love that Laura Linney did the voice over advert for Soo A big 👍 from the crap part of Seattle!
ICYMI Check out Laura Linney talking about her father Romulus' season.
Laura Linney remembers first season featuring her father, Romulus Linney.
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I keep thinking I see Laura Linney everywhere. Am I like, VERY ill?
Line for Laura Linney, 2003:. "Don't judge. I'm telling you, Marc, don't judge. (Pause). And it's not that you're no better; it's not."
Real talk: why is Laura Linney the voice of masterpiece classic? Is she secretly British royalty?
Laura Linney is great. She should totally be in more stuff.
One similar premise with a similar dark tone (with Laura Linney from The Truman Show!):
am i crazy for how impressed I am with Laura Linney in Mr. Holmes or has this been talked about for awards?
Guys, Laura Linney should get an Academy Award for Mr. Holmes cause I was watching and asking myself if it was her and had to look it up.
I can experience the magic of Bruce Campbell being gorilla-murdered, Tim Curry's "Romanian" accent and Laura Linney's laser gun again
"Was that the guy Laura Linney was in love with in Love Actually?" is a question I ask far too often
Laura Linney was so great playing Abigail Adams :D
Laura Linney is also bad but in less obvious ways.
First tricker treater was Laura Linney helllo
Just finished watching solid acting by & Laura Linney. Story was good, not great 6/10
No matinee today. Tomorrow at 4:15: Ian McKellen and Laura Linney in MR. HOLMES (dir. Bill Condon)
Northeasterners are 4.8x more likely to vote for Laura Linney on The Best Actresses in Film History
I hate myself almost as much as I love Laura linney
Laura Linney's accent in MR HOLMES is weird...
i cant believe i not only thought about making a Laura Linney vine to Trap Queen but was also IN THE PROCESS. She's classy af what am i doin
Laura Linney on her father Romulus: “He felt validated." More here .
[serious] So why does Laura Linney get to introduce masterpiece theatre?
if you could get Laura Linney round and take a few snaps 👍🏻
I'm a Teri Polo in a Laura Linney world
Watching John Adams bc apparently it's all Colonial America all the time here now and *** Paul Giamatti and Laura Linney are great actors.
Clint Eastwood's new film SULLY will film (in part) in
Filming takes off on Clint Eastwood's starring and Laura Linney:
HOW did they get Laura Linney to do that commercial
One time Laura Linney didn't want to talk to me, a total stranger, and if she thinks I've forgotten I HAVEN'T, LAURA
Also I have questions about the Laura Linney storyline too.
A magnetic personality doesn't necessarily indicate a good heart. ~Laura Linney
Laura Linney, 51, says: “I find the whole disdain for aging crazy.”
Little Giant Ladders
Laura Linney's Aha! Moment: How She Realized What to Look for in a Man
but please more guests like Laura Linney, less guests like Edward Burns.
Heartbreaking that they are going to euthanize Laura Linney after the last episode of Downton Abbey airs in the U.S.
Laura Linney's aha! moment: how she realized what to look for in a man.
Jerry Greene: Participating is a positive, not a negative:
If you had to choose: Helen Hunt or Laura Linney?
is worth at least 95 fresh Acting awards all around for , Laura Linney, and young Milo Parker!
This week's only made me miss Laura Linney more!
Always walk Laura Linney to her car.
Sean Penn and Laura Linney have zero on-screen chemistry. She was horribly miscast.
Laura Linney is set to join Tom Hanks in Clint Eastwood's Captain Sully movie
discussing with what the world would be like if Laura Linney was married to Sinbad
Running of the Bulls 2015: Men In Blazers Best of Show | Esquire Network the laura linney intro was amazing.
Captain Sully movie adds Aaron Eckhart and Laura Linney to cast -
Laura Linney joins Tom Hanks in flight movie
Laura Linney joins Tom Hanks in flight movie - Page Six
Laura Linney joins Tom Hanks in flight movie via
Laura Linney joins Tom Hanks in flight movie
Laura Linney joins Tom Hanks in flight movie: Laura Linney will play Tom Hanks' wife in Clint Eastwood's "...
Thanks for the follow. And for the record, I worked with Laura Linney a while ago and she still introduces herself.
Just watched "Mr Holmes"--happy to report my Laura Linney crush is still firmly intact.
Showing today at 2 & 7:30 p.m., the movie "Mr. Holmes" starring Ian McKellan and Laura Linney.
Laura Linney will star opposite in Clint Eastwood's upcoming biopic
That Laura Linney joke on Difficult People was beautiful.
Laura Linney to play Tom Hanks' wife in Sully? - Hindustan Times
Laura Linney, Tom Hanks may team up for 'Sully'
The Laura Linney joke on this week's DIFFICULT PEOPLE is some next level hilarity. My favorite show!
"Always walk Laura Linney to her car"
Laura Linney joins Tom Hanks in hero biopic -
At the gym. Laughed so hard I almost fell off the treadmill at the Laura Linney joke on is killing me!
Do you ever go to the bathroom and wonder what Laura Linney's been doing?
Laura Linney: Actress to star alongside Tom Hanks in 'Captain Sully ...
I feel like and could relate to this little piece I wrote about nerdy collecting: http:/…
btw, whoever that was who did the "I'm Laura Linney" for your Aaron Schock video had me rolling on the floor!
You'd think you can't lose when a movie stars Laura Linney, Liam Neeson, and Antonio Banderas, but that is not the case here.
Laura Linney & Jane Lynch guest on Live with Kelly and Michael. Paula Abdul guests on The Talk. Andie MacDowell on the View.
A solid percentage of that movie is Ian McKellen affectionately bickering with Laura Linney and I am SO DOWN WITH THAT.
"Their daddy is a king. And a king knows what to do and does it" Laura Linney, Mystic River.
Please ask Laura Linney what it was like to work with the hotness that is Idris Elba!
If the central focus is on Laura Linney you've got a ticket-buying customer :)
I am paused at the previously on masterpiece voiced by Laura linney
Laura Linney is in it too. Usually a good sign.
it's a bit dated, but it is about 15 years old now? It's what made Laura Linney though, so def worth atch. Have you read novels?
Laura Linney plays alongside in directed by Academy Award winning director Bill Condon.
Legendary is joined on screen by a stellar cast including Milo Parker, Laura Linney and Hattie Morahan htt…
Why is Laura Linney the face of Masterpiece Classic?
Whenever Laura Linney does the intro on PBS shows, I get all Billy Bob Thornton in Sling Blade with "I like the way you talk, mmHmm."
“I was obsessed with Sherlock Holmes as a kid.” - Laura Linney. See in TO & VAN 07/17 + more cities 07/24!
it's awful. I talked to Laura Linney about Congo recently ;)
I would've found the ending even more compelling than it already is. But *** good movie and Laura Linney kicked *** as well. Good stuff. :)
Looking forward to see Mr Holmes starring Ian McKellen and lovely Laura Linney!
"My theory about creativity is that the more money one has, the more creative one can be.". -Laura Linney.
Laura Linney on Frasier is the most Frasier thing to ever Frasier.
Thank you, Cherries, this is wonderful. I adore this woman, and of course, Laura Linney's portrayal of her was...
Was just talking to Laura Linney about that! It was the first Broadway play I saw back in early 00s and she happened to be in it
Laura Linney is marvellous too. A surprising role for her, one that would ordinarily go to the likes of Emily Watson.
Never mind his. If I hadn't known she was in it, I'm not sure I would have recognised Laura Linney. Great film though.
not even the great Holmes would be able to solve the mystery of Laura Linney's accent.
On the blog, Tez reviews Mr Holmes, starring Sir Ian McKellen and Laura Linney:
“I was obsessed with Sherlock Holmes as a young kid.” – Laura Linney in theaters July 17.
''Top of my bucket list? Do a musical. Learn to sing first''. Me too, Laura Linney. Me too.
Happy 4th to all! I am binge watching John Adams on HBO in celebration. Laura Linney... Colonist hot.
HBO is showing all the episodes of John Adams today. Paul Giamatti & Laura Linney are exquisite as JA & AA.
and for what it's worth, Paul Giamatti won an Emmy. I think Laura Linney, too.
Gentle correction and omission: Jon Tenney played Laura Linney's boyfriend in You Can Count on Me.
Trying to remember if Laura Linney and Ernie Hudson hook up in "Congo" and will be disappointed if not.
Laura Linney and Maura Tierney in Primal Fear cause me to fan myself like its 100 outside
Channing Tatum to star in 'The Forever War,' Laura Linney joins
It's a sweet story though. I like movies about siblings, like the one with Ruffalo and Laura Linney back in the day.
Watched the play Switzerland last evening. What an amazing performance by the talented Laura Linney and Seth Numrich
Is that Laura Linney doing all the PSA’s on??? - sounds just like her!
Saw Laura Linney as Patricia Highsmith last night. Linney was incredible; Highsmith was horrible.
I bet he could win but then Laura Linney would come in and ruin it all.
careful, might mean he did it. Like that time Laura Linney was just a random acquaintance of the deceased.
Just saw the N. American premiere of at -Wonderful story and brilliant performances by Sir & Laura Linney!
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
I'm VERY close to the stage. Laura Linney and I will obviously be friends by the end of the show
Watching the world premiere of starring and Laura Linney! So excited!!
and 'wake up Number 37' and what happened on that bridge is also tied to the chaos we experience. Laura Linney corners rails W XO
| OMG I never noticed how much Laura Linney looks like Julianne Moore. Ed Norton is so young in this!
very powerful writing and amazing performances in Joanna Murray-Smith's Switzerland with Laura Linney & Seth Numrich at
in the movie Dave, I just realized the girl the real Prez (Kevin Kiein) has his stroke with is Laura Linney
The Laura Linney episodes -- the last few -- are great, and there are several winners earlier in the season too.
After Julie-Anne Moore wins last night prolly Annette Bening or Laura Linney are the next most deserving actresses without one
Laura linney . Ur bush is so hot . Its burning like the wailers
Laura Linney is up there, Viola Davis too.
Laura Dern or Laura Linney, in my book.
Congrats for the overdue Oscar, Julianne Moore. Dear we still have Annette Bening, Laura Linney, Joan Allen, and many others.
Glad that Julianne Moore got her overdue Oscar. Fingers crossed that 2016 is Laura Linney's year
I also later had a pic that included Laura Linney and Joan Allen; I await their inevitable statues as well.
Have to confess, I haven't seen it. But then, I only like movies with Laura Linney, Kris Kristofferson, Jeremy Irons, or K. Knightley.
For those keeping track, Laura Linney has now moved to the top of my criminally overdue list.
Yo thanks for Julianne. Now can we get together and get one for Laura Linney next? Kthxbai
Julianne Moore, Susan Sarandon and Laura Linney are my favorite actresses easily.
I always get Laura Dern, Steve Carrell's wife, and Laura Linney confused
I love this woman! She and Laura Linney, best actresses around!
If you see only one film in which Laura Linney cuts gorillas in half with a laser gun, make it CONGO.
My favorite is when the good gorilla calls Laura Linney an "ugly. woman."
I like how Laura Linney was already pitching herself for the Masterpiece Intro job that long ago
Now Julianne Moore is going to win an Oscar, can we make Laura Linney our next campaign? (Can we also get her back in good films again?)
Is there a word for the emotional gap between Laura Linney and Viggo in this picture?
And the Emmys go to Paul Giamatti and Laura Linney in the first two minutes.
followed at a close second with Laura Linney NEVER hooking up with Karl no matter how many times I watch Love Actually.
Laura Linney + Philip Seymour Hoffman Savages? It's interesting but kinda hard to watch from what I remember.
baby but then Gabriel Byrne who was hella rich tried to get the baby back for his wife Laura Linney bc she really wanted a baby? And the
Easy. Get Scar-Jo or Laura Linney to introduce you.
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I'm very *** my bags because I tend to carry a lot of stuff with me. Laura Linney
Dramas starring Laura Linney with 1 title to watch.
Did you ever see "The Big C" with Laura Linney? The show wasn't just about cancer, it was about a family.
Riding in my MINI with actress Laura Linney
Laura Linney Is cutting white gorillas in half with a laser and I love it like I love chocolate.
Dude randomly starts fondling Laura Linney's hair completely out of the blue. No precedent, just "Heheh... Nice hair...".
Wow. Laura Linney really took exception to the gorilla calling her ugly.
I'm changing this to a Laura Linney fan account
Bill Murray: Hyde Park on Hudson: Academy Award nominees Bill Murray and Laura Linney star in this delightful look at
is a great show! Can't remember the last time I've powered through episodes like this. Laura Linney is amazing! 🙌
I added a video to a playlist Inside The Actors Studio with Laura Linney
Follow Unofficial fansite for fans of actress Laura Linney.
Makeup not the greatest, but one thing you can always count on in a Laura Linney lawyer film is her hair game being completely on point.
The Exorcism of Emily Rose. I love Laura Linney. Courtroom drama crossed with horror? Just what the doctor called for!
Clint Eastwood and Laura Linney in Absolute Power directed by Clint Eastwood Written by William Goldman
Laura Linney: "I'm not someone who likes to have my picture taken, let alone see it plastered all over the place."
BEATLES dANCAKES cause it's Joes' BdAY. LAURA Linney is a Prime mover. She cornered the rails
The Laura Linney plot in Love Actually is possibly the weirdest thing to ever exist ever. Ever.
.sets Laura Linney, Seth Numrich for U.S. debut of 'Switzerland' by Joanna Murray-Smith
Celebrity Birthdays of note for the week of Feb 2 – Feb 8, 2015 Gabrielle Anwar, James Spader, Laura Linney... more
Laura Linney to play Patricia Highsmith in Joanna Murray Smith play "Switzerland".
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