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Laura Ingraham

Laura Anne Ingraham (born June 19, 1964) is an American radio host, author, and conservative political commentator.

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Who cares? She's not Laura Ingraham. She's a 24 year old bomb thrower. With a great rack. Why get upset over her?
You talk about how you can't trust news agencies other than Fox to give a fair, representative piece"
just saw your segment with Laura Ingraham. They won't let you record the interview is because they don't want to interview you
He's being totally co-dependent with Laura Ingraham right now.
Steve Bannon for Speaker of the HOUSE!! . If not Steve, then Laura Ingraham. . Note: You don't have to be an elected membe…
thank god for Fox and friends . Fox business network . Oreilly . Hannity . Tucker and Laura Ingraham
I see you enjoy interacting with Laura Ingraham. Here's another Catholic you might like.
Laura Ingraham would make an excellent Press Secretary!😎
Totally awesome! So happy he's not our VP! Laura Ingraham: I'm considering Senate run against Kaine
Laura Ingraham & Ann Coulter to the WH, Death Blow to fake media.
: I'm considering Senate run against Kaine Laura, you are a gem! I can't wait to see you beat Kaine!
Laura Ingraham on Flynn Resignation: 'This Was the Death By a Thousand Leaks' - Breitbart
Next up - CNP AGAIN! This time Senator Sessions is front & center. Laura Ingraham isn't too far away either. (2014) . htt…
Laura Ingraham advises Trump to keep his voters in mind via
12. Evidence of Guilt; Immediate denial from top Trump PR accounts; Pushing "fake news publishers" via
Cool... my book 'Scare Pollution' picked by Laura Ingraham. Amazon: Signed: https:…
Thoughts on particular political challengers?
⚡️ “Laura Ingraham may run for Senate in Virginia”.
BREAKING: Laura Ingraham may run for Senate; you'll never guess against WHOM via
Laura Ingraham to Run for US Senate in Virginia come 2018? Yes Please! via
Laura Ingraham confirms she's considering Senate bid to unseat Tim Kaine via
Laura Ingraham Confirms: I'm Mulling VA Senate Run. Never make, very few like you and you are a liar
Dear please tell me where I can donate to your campaign. Do you need volunteers? Where and when? https:…
VENGEANCE IS SWEET! Laura Ingraham Just Got Ultimate Revenge on Tim Kaine that will Ruin his Career
my top 3 are Jane Sanders, Stein and Laura Ingraham
5/ Would love to hear someone like Laura Ingraham, Ann Coulter, Megyn Kelly, Katrina Pierson, or Kellyanne Conway go 'round w Dean Richards.
Laura Ingraham accuses President Obama of 'crocodile tears' in farewell speech
Laura Ingraham, abhorant troll that she is, has never met former Speaker of the House John Boehner, apparently.
Laura Ingraham on Fox insulted Obama for tearing up at his farewell address.
I liked a video from Laura Ingraham - Goes BONKERS!!! "Demolishes Juan Williams" For
Laura Ingraham - Goes BONKERS!!! "Demolishes Juan Williams. People born without brains have to be left alone like barking dogs
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K.T. McFarland is djt deputy national security advisor & in 2008 filling in on the Laura Ingraham radio show she said th…
The Forgotten man votes for Laura Ingraham as Press Secretary.What UFC fighter would not want her in his corner?
I'm still blocked by Conservative women: Dana Loesch, Laura Ingraham & Andrea Tantaros.
The big lib? I thought Andrea Tantaros would be a good choice or Laura Ingraham. Or a man.
Re: Press Sec. a woman like Laura Ingraham or Kimberly Guilfoyle is perfect,know children are a consideration.
Yep. I will miss her morning show, but Laura Ingraham would be awesome as Press Secretary!
I am guessing it will be Laura Ingraham..but just a guess
both you and Laura Ingraham would make excellent Press Secretaries
and baby I'm in love with you you the woman you and Laura Ingraham are the best
Laura Ingraham Donald J. Trump Mike Pence Dr. Ben Carson I wrote these letters to GM back in 1989.
Listening to Laura Ingraham defend tariffs is about as painful as watching Harry Reid ranting from the Senate floor.
Donald appoint Laura Ingraham for your Press Secretary!!!
Laura Ingraham With regards to jobs/union's losing the corporation to another country has to do...
You think Laura Ingraham will b Press Sec for TRUMP ???
Laura Ingraham completely destroys Juan Williams for using the term “radical” for patriots like Flynn and Mattis.
Laura Ingraham I so admire you! I pray you are the Press Sec! A strong truthful and precise speaker🌹
Laura Ingraham, possibly Trump's new Press Secretary: "I love Russia!" Adopted two Russian boys. "They are typical…
But to say that Sarah Palin and the tea party movement is respon...
-Like that old book by Laura Ingraham: "Shut up and Sing".
Donald Trump's Press Secretary is basically an avowed propagandist. We are so hosed.
don't pick party insider Romney niece for rnc chair. Drain swamp. Go fresh, bold and outsider! Laura ingraham?
What does Laura Ingraham say? Kellyanne Conway suggests that mothers should not take White House jobs
by universe you mean Laura Ingraham?
MSM have only itself 2 blame. Years of he said she said "reporting" sans truth, have rendered it suspect. lmao:
I think[Laura Ingraham][ ]is getting ready to be tapped for Press Sect. She was at Tower , I hope she is! She'll be great.
Donald Trump press minister Laura Ingraham said to be well qualified for office by virtue of possessing blonde hair.
News you need: 'Worse than irrelevant': How Donald Trump's potential Press Secretary views…
Trump's Press Secretary? Laura Ingraham calls news organizations "worse than irrelevant"
Laura Ingraham: 'Infantile' Obama has no 'sense of personal responsibility' | Read more:
Kimberly, get tough with Juan. Do a Laura Ingraham on him. He ruins the show for me. He is really negative.
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Talk radio propagandist Laura Ingraham confirms she's being considered for White House
This “Laura Ingraham for Press Sec” thing might actually be happening.
Laura Ingraham, why are you applying for a job..that no one will show up for? Well, maybe Hannity..
Great discussion on Laura Ingraham Show today with USBIC President China's trade violations.
Monica Crowley and Laura Ingraham are talented and intelligent women. Give one of them a show.
Big thankyou to Laura Ingraham for having me on her show to talk about my new book 'Stealth Invasion' https:…
Laura Ingraham all over Juan Williams this morning for comments he made about Administration picks...I love it...
Laura Ingraham stated the case against Uber liberal Juan Williams & his ilk's outrageous truthless trashing of conservatives
- Tucker, congrats on the Big Boy haircut... and the new show. Please consult Ann Colter and Laura Ingraham.
Morning network infotainment show:Matt Lauer and Laura Ingraham (r) engaging in a conversation about media crediility. Cue the Necronomicon.
Laura Ingraham, being tapped for White House Press Secretary, has quite the history of journalistic endeavour.
Laura Ingraham under consideration for White House Press Secretary
Laura Ingraham is being considered for WH Press Secretary according to MSNBC — Yes... this Laura Ingraham. 👇
President Trump: Laura Ingraham is a great choice for Press Secretary! We all admire her!
Laura Ingraham as Press Sec is awesome! She will kick the butt of the MSM down Pennsylvania Ave and back again! Go Laura!
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Laura Ingraham is among the potential candidates being considered for the position of White House Press Secretary..LOVE i…
Laura Ingraham would be an excellent choice.
Conservative radio talk show host under serious consideration for White House Press Secretary
After a salute at the RNC, Bannon's appt - they sure are economically anxious.
Possible Press Secretary Laura Ingraham is the Perfect Face of the Trump White House via
Laura Ingraham for head of the RNC.
Radio host considered for Trump's Press Secretary Via (Harradox)
Having reviewed Laura Ingraham ytubes, I would use her behind the scenes. Kellyanne Conway as Press Sec will be inclusive
Laura Ingraham is being considered for the White House Press Secretary post via
.Laura Ingraham would make a fine White House Press Secretary
Trump's potential Press Sec, Laura Ingraham, has suggested that cis people should wear diapers rather than share bathroom…
The openly *** man who could land a top spot in Trump's administration
November 14, 2016 at 02:41PM Radio host considered for Trump's Press Secretary
Radio host considered for Trump's Press Secretary
Laura Ingraham is in the running for the White House Press Secretary job, reports https…   10% Off
CNN and Fox had Kayleigh McEnany, Laura Ingraham, Scottie Nell Hughes as regular contributors who supported Trump.
Conservative radio host Laura Ingraham under consideration to be Trump's WH Press Secretary
Laura Ingraham and Tammy Bruce are secret female leaders of the alt-right on the MSM lol
Laura Ingraham's 'LifeZette' website promotes conspiracy theory Clintons have been involved in murders
Can you imagine the line up on Trump TV. Alex Jones. Rush Limbaugh. Hannity. Laura Ingraham. Ann Coulter. Eric Bolling. Katrina Pierson. Sarah Palin
Monica Crowley and Laura Ingraham are good examples ! There are senators : as good examples Iowa, Tenn,
Laura Ingraham & Monica Crowley are both BFF's in my head!.
Effin' Laura Ingraham needs to go home to her Little House on the Prairie and stay there!
I liked a video Laura Ingraham Rips on Paul Ryan and Other Back Stabbing Republicans for Dumping
Laura Ingraham: It's not Donald Trump blowing up the GOP, it's the Kelly Ayottes & the Paul Ryans who run their mouths to the press
Laura Ingraham: We've Been Waiting for this moment
and soon I bet he'll have Laura Ingraham on too to comment. Lol😂
Laura Ingraham: The GOP establishment is willing to sacrifice the future of America because of decade old comments by Trump
"I'm gonna fight till the last second on the last day of this campaign..politics is about WINNING."~Laura Ingraham
Rove thinks there is a good chance Republicans hang onto the House, but Laura Ingraham is encouraging Trumpsters not to vote down ballot. 😳😧
Laura Ingraham: We've Been Waiting for this moment |
Laura Ingraham: We've Been Waiting for this moment via
Laura Ingraham: We've Been Waiting for Republican to Beat Up the Clinton... via
Laura Ingraham blames Paul Ryan, Kelly Ayotte for 'blowing up' th...
Apparently the folks who run this blog can't understand English. I'll help them understand tmrw on radio.
"Laura Ingraham: We’ve Been Waiting for a Republican to Beat Up On the Clintons for 30yrs (VIDEO)"
Replace Megyn Kelly with Laura Ingraham or maybe Gretchen Carlson deserves her job back! of Megyn Kelly
Don't tell me you listen to Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Laura Ingraham, Erick Erickson, Neil Boortz, The Five from Fox, etc.
Maybe you can get Laura Ingraham to introduce you to her *** bro Curtis - if she still talks to him - outed him in High school
How can you find out who's blocked you on this here box? So far I only know about Caputo, Laura Ingraham, and Mike Harrington.
FULL SPEECH: WOW! Laura Ingraham brings down the house at Republican Nat... via
sorry but Megyn Kelly is not likable haven't watched her in over a year put Laura Ingraham on instead weTuneIn
Ann Coulter and Laura Ingraham: Fighters for ethnic purity!! Let's get this on the record folks.
Could we please replace Megyn Kelly with Laura Ingraham
. Bill Maher gave us Ann Coulter & Laura Ingraham etc. At least Beck has been a known nutter since his CNBC days
Okay Ann get a hold of Laura Ingraham & mud wrestle Trump into submission. A three some on PPV😁
Ann Counter & Laura Ingraham both have abandoned First Principles to support a nascent Fascist. The sad part is, they know it.
Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham, Sean Hannity have been suckers. Trump is not a conservative. No telling what he really believes.
Laura Ingraham asked what would happen if terrorist Mateen's father was sitting behind Trump instead of Hillary.
Just received this: Power to the People by Laura Ingraham via Looks good! Thanks Yankee Clipper!
Laura Ingraham: I haven't seen the left this upset with a GOP speech since Ronald Reagan .
Laura Ingraham: "Some people don't respect rich straight white gun-toting men more than everyone else, which is disresp…
Laura Ingraham shined tonight. Ted Cruz' political career in the USA is over.
LADY TECNIQ NEWS Ingraham: Trump won by exposing phonies - Speaking at the Republican National Convention, synd...
RNC crowd erupts in cheers as Laura Ingraham challenges 'bruised' former rivals who haven't backed Trump: via
While watching Laura Ingraham, remember that she was once engaged to Dinesh D'Souza. Which means she DID IT with him.
Wake up, people -- history may indeed repeat itself, is a racist and must be defeated!
I'm about to take the stage at the — watch my speech live here:
Laura Ingraham - a lady everyone should be proud of, she is honest, fair & loves her Country. She's high on "Respect" & sa…
Laura Ingraham gave the best speech so far tonight - hands down.
Laura Ingraham spoke at the Republican National Convention today. And then this happened ...
i've always thought that Laura Ingraham's speeches, like Pat Buchanan's, sounded better in the original German. now i know why. sheesh.
WATCH LIVE: Laura Ingraham calls on Cruz to "honor your pledge to support Trump"
*** Laura Ingraham just blew the lights out at the convention. Incredible speech, and clearly an incredible patriot.
Trump should hire Laura Ingraham as one of his speechwriters. Assuming she wrote her speech.
Laura Ingraham Gives Nazi Salute At RNC - Sort of fitting, don't you think?
It's disappointing that I have to turn from Fox News to CSPAN to watch Laura Ingraham's speech while the Fox News anchors t…
Laura Ingraham salutes the crowd, if you know what I mean 😉
Laura Ingraham calls out Trump holdouts - Radio host Laura Ingraham brought the house down Wednesday night with...
Wish O,Reilly would of let Laura Ingraham finish her speech I was really enjoying it!
Laura Ingraham is a touchstone for Trump's candidacy. Rise of Trumpism began in part w/ Ingraham-backed Brat campaign in…
So... Laura Ingraham lectures that America's problems are caused by a lack of respect. Meanwhile the crowd chants "Lock he…
When Laura Ingraham gets huge applause while crowd chants as she salutes Hitler.
Laura Ingraham just DESTROYED the media at the RNC!!!
If u didn't see Laura Ingraham's entire speech because jackasses on TV talked over it, it's well worth your time. https:…
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"let's send the lobbyists packing" says Laura Ingraham at the convention for a candidate whose campaign chairman is a lobby…
Biggest standing ovation of the night so far is Laura Ingraham rebuking the frauds and phonies in the press.
I so love She rocked her speech. I loved speech... but Laura Ingraham was the BEST!
"We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children." - Laura Ingraham
This is how Laura Ingraham closed her Republican Convention speech:
What the heil was Laura Ingraham's wave good-bye at the
“Let’s reject the politics of division,” Laura Ingraham says to a crowd on it’s 4th “lock her up” chant.
Laura Ingraham rocks the GOP convention, presses for unity behind Trump
Laura Ingraham: "Trump respects us enough to tell us the hard truths about what has happened with our country..."
Laura Ingraham spoke for ALL OF US tonight. Brava for taking on the "wounded boys", MSM, the Clintons &,pollsters! https:/…
Laura Ingraham called out for appearing to make a Nazi salute
'America is on to you!': Laura Ingraham wows RNC with media-bashing via
Laura Ingraham is a straight killer 😍.
Recall that Laura Ingraham helped propel David Brat to a surprising primary victory over then House ML Eric Cantor.
Laura Ingraham just said on her show that the talk of Justice Thomas retiring after election is is completely false.
Laura Ingraham condemns media frenzy over a gorilla, but blackout on abortion Watch full clip. Agree! Agree! Agree!
has Laura Ingraham calls them it's the club for Chinese growth
Laura Ingraham alone is responsible for thousands of bites.
Sean Hannity Fox News you and Laura Ingraham need to trash Donald Trump if anybody Ivana Trump,accuses him of rape and other hideous abuses
I enjoy verbal antics, lol. Can't say the same for Kim Guilfoyle and Laura Ingraham's sandpaper voices. xD
The catholic church is being payed millions of dollars by Obama to take care of Hispanic refugees. "Laura Ingraham.
Laura Ingraham,tore into Speaker Paul Ryan,saying he fueled Obama’s exec orders on guns by giving OK to funding 4 much of W.H. agenda
Tune in to The Laura Ingraham Show at 8:35AM CT. Talking to guest host abt Listen in:
Ah yes, Laura Ingraham putting the cucked Red State in their place!
Listened to Sen. Sessions: Called on Hillary t... from The Laura Ingraham Show...
now I get it :-) thanks. Do you listen to Laura Ingraham? Sent Warren a Buzzy purse & hair net. Hilarious!
Sleeping around, Christians go *** Never to be trusted nor respected again.
Trust is very important Most of all Morality,
VT, NM, GA.. and others. Laura Ingraham said the short list on her show.
Laura Ingraham would donate a lot of money to charity if Elizabeth Warren would debate her.
Laura Ingraham: What we're seeing in Europe is almost a cultural genocide http…
Laura Ingraham is ripping on the thugs and rioters last night in Albuquerque New Mexico. She's also ripping on governor Su…
Laura Ingraham, right b4 talking to the last Confederate senator, Jeff Sessions, compares removing monuments to treason to Mao
Laura Ingraham: Donald Trump and Bobby Knight are fighters, not bullies. They fight against the bullies.
Listening to Laura Ingraham this morning all the Indiana callers are ticked, And said Knight endorsement just won IN for Trump
Laura Ingraham on the importance of Bobby Knight endorsing Trump |
Is it true Laura Ingraham lied & claimed Gov Scott Walker endorsed the liberal from NY? Well, if so, go to his FB...
Friends, today at 11:30amET, Abby Johnson: ProWoman, ProChild, ProLife will be on the Laura Ingraham Show to...
It's Juan Valdez Williams selling his book on the Laura Ingraham Show do not buy their books they attack Trump do not buy…
Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham and Sean Hannity are committing fraud telling people that Trump can solve these problems fo…
Laura Ingraham wants Paul Ryan to STFU about Jack Kemp already
When Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham, and Jeanine Pirro tell me to "get in line" and vote for Trump, that increases my desir…
Laura Ingraham & Allen West, 2 bona fide wing-nuts. I hope the salary is enough for having sold your soul. FAIR & BALANCED!
Laura Ingraham: . On today’s program, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich reacted to last night’s primary...
Ha ha. Tucker Carlson is doing a pretty fair smashing of Mitt Romney & friends on Laura Ingraham right now
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Rand Paul on the Laura Ingraham Show "Marco Rubio is not a Conservative" (Audio)
Laura Ingraham is the only radio talk show host that is addressing the military build up in the China Sea. Why is the Media silent on this?
TRUMP / INGRAHAM? TRUMP / STEELE? As in Michael Steele? I prefer Laura Ingraham. Very well spoken lady - think about it!
For what it's worth I don't like angry women - includes Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham snd michelle malkin & I consider myself conservative
- the FBI did not announce anything today..A republican former prosecutor told Laura Ingraham that Clinton could be indicted..
Does that happy new year include George Bush and Bill O'Reily and Laura Ingraham and Ann Coulter?
we want Laura Ingraham or Ann Coulter lose the burnout Megyn Kelly
from : Laura Ingraham & Michael Steele to headline RPV Advance for Saturday-on Friday!
Laura Ingraham v Karl Rove. She tells the truth as she sees it, he tells the truth as he wants it to be.
pros to the O'Reilly show: . Dennis Miller. Jesse Waters. sometimes Laura Ingraham fills in . cons to the O'Reilly show: . Bill O'Reilly
and Mark Levin and Glenn Beck and Laura Ingraham and_ fill in the blank talk radio host.
For Mark Levin, Laura Ingraham & Ann Coulter, I guess the super-majority of the Freedom Caucus are RINOs. What's an absol…
Of course, and their are people like Ann Coulter and Laura Ingraham who are obsessed. We need to try to fight back.
Laura Ingraham in an Ingram jersey with Coach Avery Johnson
Weird people. Ann Coulter & Laura Ingraham. Speak of evil immigrants. But have zero biological kids between them. Career is their gods.
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Laura Ingraham: 'We need all Republicans to be like Jeff Sessions' - Yellowhammer News
Laura Ingraham: &need all Republicans to be like Jeff Sessions&
Laura Ingraham said nominating this guy would be "like making an arsonist Fire Chief! We don't n…
Laura Ingraham "If Marco Rubio hadn't done that stupid deal with Chuck Shumer on immigration Marco Rubio could be at the...
U would think so, but look at supposedly intelligent people like Mark Levin, Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham falling for the troll
When Trump implodes people like Laura Ingraham will pretend like they never shilled for him
Was guy at Trump's New Hampshire town hall who called Obama Muslim a set-up?
How about Laura Ingraham? Didn't she adopt a girl from Guatemala?
They just hate poor single Moms, not the Laura Ingraham, Bristol Palin types.
We know the Obama Muslim question was clearly just a *** plant for another gotcha question
Was the guy who called Obama a Muslim at Trump’s town hall a plant?
Twitchy: So this is interesting. Greg Gutfeld, Chris Hayes and Laura Ingraham are all asking th...
Hmmm... Greg Gutfeld, Chris Hayes and Laura Ingraham are asking the same questions about the guy at Trump's town hall
Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham, Hannity,Rush, Mark Levin, Monica Crowley... Supposedly smart people but they want TRUMP to run t…
Laura Ingraham: There would be no Iran deal if Marco Rubio didn't vote for the Corker bill
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Laura Ingraham: Byron York: 'Yesterday we saw the two establishment candidates with half empty rooms at their rall...
How about Laura Ingraham? She can give it back to the beltway.
Get ready for single-payer brought to you by Donald Trump, Ann Coulter, and Laura Ingraham.
Like ur show but Laura Ingraham is horrible. There's not an original thought in that woman's head.
Radio talk show host and Fox News commentator Laura Ingraham with photographer Barry Morgenstein…
Already did. Dropped my BlazeTV subscription and found Laura Ingraham's radio show on TuneIn app.
you declined going on Laura Ingraham Show tough guy
declined coming on the Laura Ingraham Show today.
George Will, Fox News, Laura Ingraham, JEB BUSH JEB BUSH, JEB BUSH. I believe that Fox likes the establishment.
Scott Walker tells Laura Ingraham he doesn t believe abortion should be ☱ ☰ 84
Scott Walker tells Laura Ingraham he doesn't believe abortion should be between a woman and…
Laura Ingraham on FNC complaining Obama admin. talks about Martin, Brown, Gray and not Steinle.
or better yet why didn't Jon Stewart help to replace one RWNJ? Laura Ingraham definitely helped replace Eric Cantor.
The world is moving on. It's moving fast, and Laura Ingraham is marching out front.
Laura Ingraham: Reince Priebus: "Republicans don't exist as a national party if we do not win in 2016."
Randy and Laura Ingraham in the same week.
L2L:Un-trustworthiness on global governance Chaffetz Assesses Security &Drug Cartel on Border
Virginians vote for Vince Haley. Citizens of Henrico and Hanover, he is endorsed by Laura Ingraham, Sean Hannity, and Ted Cruz. Go-o-o VINCE
Did Texas police officer go too far?: Laura Ingraham reacts to video
i honestly want to break some peoples legs and throw them in a dumpster. if I see laura ingraham, that is happening
Did a radio interview with Laura Ingraham today-- she loves "Yo Miz" & respects teachers.
Joe check out this intvw with Sargis on Laura Ingraham: Can we schedule him?
L2L:Tom Fitton(President of the national security crisis on the border. Listen here for more:
Virginians vote Vince Haley for Senate. Laura Ingraham and Ted Cruz endorsed!
Who has to scarier job the teacher or Laura Ingraham?
Right Wing Conservative Laura Ingraham is right about Republican and Democratic establishment
Laura Ingraham’s Total Lack of Substance: I listened to this five minute clip from Laura…
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Delane Cunningham says,. "lazy" people? Try: disabled people, working people, professional people, teens in...
Laura Ingraham: expanding early voting helps Democrats get "lazy people" to the polls:
Jim Ashton commented on a link Laura Ingraham shared.
I wish Laura Ingraham would write "If Thee I Zing part 2". I believe there are many things to zing right now.
Dragomir Mikilaki commented on a link Laura Ingraham shared.
laura Ingraham is startin 2 become a fav of mine.good job on the panel
I really like Laura Ingraham. Level headed, smart and with common sense, and doesn't speak "at" people, she speaks "to" them
A woman should be in the White House but that woman should not be Hillary Clinton 🙅 maybe Mary Katherine Ham or Laura …
Baltimore Police just killed the father of children. How imperceptive is Laura Ingraham?. Baltimore cops 'unsupervised'?
Get Laura's take tomorrow from 8 to 11 a.m. on The Laura Ingraham Show, LIVE on News/Talk 1540 KXEL.
Rick Santorum announces he's going to bother us. Laura Ingraham loves Ricky. Hillary has her southern accent back. They all think we are stupid
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I swear I just had this exact same thought. Laura Ingraham in particular is just beyond awful.
has Laura Ingraham on tonight which means I'm gone. There are few people so nasty in real life I won't watch but she's one.
Laura Ingraham shouts it from the rooftops: DailyKos was so, so, so right! via That is a *** Bush!
.rules Laura Ingraham's statement She thinks we can't look at the employment stats. SHE COUNTS ON LISTENER'S TO BE DUMB.
On O'Reilly, Laura Ingraham blames "deficit of fathers" for violence in impoverished Baltimore neighborhoods:
Yup, it doesn't help when some, like Laura Ingraham, concede the lie in hopes the Left will listen to them on other things.
Laura Ingraham: Larry Kudlow: "I think Scott Walker is right about not participating in Florida for 2016 race."
Why do i confuse Ann Coulter and Laura Ingraham?
Laura Ingraham: U.S. ambassador 'was dragged through the street' in Benghazi via
Yes, I think for now it is. We would not have let Hitlers SS immigrate during WWII. I don't see the difference...
Scott Walker to Laura Ingraham on GOP straw poll in OK: Ben Carson and Ted Cruz “paid for folks to be there.”
Fox Newsclown Laura Ingraham predicts children's shows will have "a Hillary push." Yeah, Clinton wants to sweep the too-young-to-vote vote.
. Many studies show that 80% of American mosques teach Hate, Extremism, and/or Violence.
Update on the Laura Ingraham Show. I am on standby. Stay tuned.
I think Laura Ingraham is, unfortunately, in that group.
domain names
Scott Walker: I May Not Compete in Florida: The governor tells Laura Ingraham today: "If we chose to get in, I...
via A RW talking head not totally braindead
Perhaps somebody forgot to give her the correct script?
Laura Ingraham shouts it from the rooftops: the antiwar liberals were right! via
Laura Ingraham on Jeb: "You can't still think going into Iraq now as a sane human being was the right thing to do." http:/…
She explains that people need to learn from stupid decisions like invading Iraq. And this from a right wing...
Laura Ingraham shouts it from the rooftops!
Jeb Bush **still** supports the Iraq Invasion. Even Laura Ingraham thinks that's the wrong answer:
Ingraham to Jeb Bush: "As a sane human being," you can't still voice support for Iraq invasion
Laura Ingraham shouts it from the rooftops: Jeb is so dumb via Laura at her best stating the Repub lunacy.
We don't have to gloat over the Jeb/Iraq snafu. It's just too easy. Laura Ingraham is doing all the work for us:
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