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Laura Bush

Laura Lane Welch Bush (born November 4, 1946) is the wife of the 43rd President of the United States, George W.

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Odd, an entire generation knew exactly where they were when JFK was shot. Except for George H W Bush. Turns out he…
you saw what it did for Laura Bush.🤯
It so refreshing to have a Lady in the White House again. The last real lady was Laura Bus…
First search I'll do in JFK papers: George Herbert Walker Bush; Guess what my second search will be.
"51% of D's have a favorable view of Bush (43). That's understandable. I would have a fav view of the flu if I [had] th…
Laura Bush looks a lot like Karen Black in that photo.
I bet Jeb Bush was the original Republican to fund the Trump Dossier.
Now let’s see Michelle Obama, Barbara Bush, Roslyn Carter, Laura Bush & Hilary Clinton on stage for fundraising re opioid crisis fundraising
Great opportunity for President Kennedy and one like them other than President…
Melania Trump has the most class of any First Lady since Laura Bush.
Identity politics' toxic consequences: shutdowns of free speech, out-of-touch elites, and “victimhood Olympics.”. https:…
Happy Birthday, Hillary Clinton, time flies like an arrow, Happy Birthday 70th, again🎂 and Happy Birthday laura bush in advance 🙂
This Mary Eberstadt piece on the real origins of identity politics is going to cause a sensation. It's amazing:
Laura Bush brought this amazing painting to the White House by famous black artist Jacob Lawrence depicts the blac…
Ivanka at least is clearly on Laura Bush happy pills
Laura aind the sisters are lovely...I would take Bush over Trump even though a Hobson’s choice
Public schools did not have the abysmal record that they have today when Laura Bush taught. Not saying a…
Laura Bush was an educator. The changes made by that administration were not all that popular or good.
WOW! Imagine if Laura Bush said People dont Trust the Dems cause all black welfare recipients vote for the dems...w…
Hervé Pierre helped dress Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama and Laura W. Bush. Now his top client is Melania Trump
Laura Bush brought class BACK to WH after the Clintons and Melania Trump has brought class…
Isn't it hilarious Laura Bush started this goat humper migration by "using" women & over stating their abuse.
Everything About the Final Season of Laura Bush and Tim Tebow will make appearances!…
George H.W. Bush is sorry after actor Heather Lind claims he touched her inappropriately.
"the comments and assumptions about our bodies must stop, at all levels.” . Not the jokes. Not the age.
HW accused of groping by a second woman.
Bush spox: “...on occasion, he has patted women’s rears in what he intended to be a good-natured manner.”
Bush 41 told her his favorite magician is David Cop-a-Feel before grabbing her. Everyone in the room laughed.
George H.W. Bush has apologized after an actress accused him of sexual assault
Good to see that the Washington Post is finally addressing the crimes of the now 93 year old wheelchair bound former pre…
I love that GHW Bush has evolved from a nerdy technocrat to a Benny Hill character.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
I guess it shows what I don't know that I never had George H. W. Bush pegged for the grab *** type.
President G. W. Bush. President First Ladies and Laura Bush. Patriots. Heroes. You have no i…
Laura Ingraham Calls Bush Speech a ‘Slap in the Face’ to Populist Movement via
That's good. But he sounded like a Bush hack on Laura's show today. Wouldn't back Another sleazebag Bushie.…
Enjoyed our first Mountains thunderstorm last night. Thunder sure sounds different when your backyard is 55,000 sq km of bush!
“If you could switch lives with anyone who could it be?”. Me : Laura Bush
Remarks by President George W. Bush and Mrs. Laura Bush at the “Spirit of Liberty: At Home, In The World”
What is up with Fox News and Dana Perrino...she had Laura Bush on, and this wee…
Seroiusly this is all fake.. 13. she would bbe listed on th…
The newest person to be accused of ‘sexual assault’ in scandal-struck Hollywood? George H.W. Bush
I wonder if the joke routinely tells is the one that Laura Bush used to tell about W's knowle…
Laura Bush: Reading is essential to societal growth. Michelle Obama: Nutritious eating habits are fundamental. Melani…
OH NO! "Bush had… groped her and told her that his favorite magician was 'David Cop-a-Feel' while f…
"A bird in the hand is worth two in the BUSH"
I’m finally proud again of our First Lady .since Laura Bush. featured in NBC s Science of Love
Laura Bush gave a speech/interview recently and now shes going on Fixer Upper, she won't go away like her husband:
Lots of cheers for First Lady's Barbara and Laura Bush, as well as all five Presidents.
because she doesn't do anything like Michele did or even Laura Bush. Dont need much staff to just poke at Ivanka (…
Nancy Reagan, Laura Bush and now Melanie Trump, three of the classiest First Ladies of my time.
Loved this clip of Dana Perino interviewing former First Lady, Laura Bush, about donating books to schools &...
|| Trudeau's Wife is said to be reflecting a look like Laura Bush. Is that not a plus +? Laura's an a…
Laura Bush out travelled Michelle 3 to one. https:…
Laura Bush out travelled Michelle 3 to one.
Laura Bush was and is such a beautiful 1st Lady!
So honored to meet Former First Lady of the U. S. Laura Bush! Awesome way to close the 2017 HRSWC!!
Laura Bush explains First Lady's can be whatever they want in our Nation! Whatever Melania decides to conquer - she…
One-on-one with Laura Bush. The former First Lady opens up about the evolving roles of the president and the first …
Laura Bush quietly works at many causes,that are important to her,great lady
Laura Bush beautiful, kind former First Lady doing great things for the country and the world. Admirable.…
I'm no fan of the but I respect Ms. Laura Bush. A classy lady.
Not a huge fan of Perino and more not a fan of Laura Bush. Nice lady but not enough 4 me 2 watch Perino interview her.
In case you missed it, fmr fist lady Laura Bush snuffed out life of teenage boy, after run…
What is she going to DO? Michelle Obama, Laura Bush, Hillary Clinton all women of action as First Lady. Me…
Closing out a fantastic with former First Lady, Mrs. Laura Bush!
Please not Laura Bush. Her husband is a globalist. Plea…
Laura Bush was the last decent First Lady until Melania Trump.
Former FOTUS Barbara and Laura Bush pledged $2M in grants/resources to schools/libraries impacted by hurricanes…
Here's what former First Lady Laura Bush said when she was asked what advice she'd give Melani… via
Doesn't everybody? I certainly don't use Melania as a role model for my daughters. Michelle Obama, Laura…
I always liked the Bush ladies:Barb,Laura, the twins but this 1st lady is,imo, a very high priced hooker.
We will have another govt. shutdown and not caused by Obama, but Bush.
I also love sand respect Barbara and Laura Bush. Also classy, fabulous women.
Bush consulted senators before nominating judges in their home states. Trump doesn't think he has to. No wonder so few judges g…
A voice of the middleeast blog dot com that sounds exactly like Laura Bush/H R Clinton (read their justifications i…
The elegant and graceful Laura Bush/Barbara Bush must be rolling their eyes know that the current…
Astounding read. Sorrow, shame, and silence. Ask Laura Bush.
Even Bush always kissed Laura. Their the only fit couple that doesn't show and affection towards each other
Bush wasn't my favorite but he and Laura were affectionate. And the Obama's made love trendy again
George W. Bush & Laura Bush want to play NO REMORSE. -Jesus Christ
Thursdays 5.45 – 6.45pm NEW TEENS YOGA w/ Laura Whiting. Laura is passionate about the benefits of yoga at this age…
This is what real class, beauty and caring looks like. Haven't seen it since Laura and Barbara Bush, and Nancy Reagan! Love this!
Same crowd that screamed about periods in front of the WH while wearing *** on their heads upset at the word "boobs.…
"Long story, when the ceremony is done, remind me that my phone is in the bush!" - Laura Christin .
I'm probably in the minority, but I always found Laura Bush quite charming. She dazzled one ni…
You are a breath of fresh air, poise & elegance not seen in the WH in a long time. I like Laura Bush as well but you stepped it up.
"Our nation runs on the fuel of information and imagination that libraries provide." - Laura Bush
Celebrating the life of a great novelist today, Happy Birthday
The root cause of so much campus sexual confusion isn't alcohol, it's a misunderstanding the meaning of sex
...and I would bet $5 that Laura Bush did in fact do that. But W probably did too & w…
Can you imagine Barak and Michelle Obama, Ronald and Nancy Reagan, or George and Laura Bush doing that?
Everyone knows Hilary Clinton and Laura Bush were the hottest First Ladies 🔥🔥🔥
I always thought Laura Bush was a beautiful and classy FLOTUS even though I despised her husband as pres.
It was a "feminist priority" for Laura Bush. How did that turn out?
You could do your own research Pamela. She's no Eleano…
Laura Bush is also a beautiful woman. And classy.
Phil: hey Dan can you take some photos of me infront of a bush?. Dan: why?. Phil: to bless our subscribers!
Is it a special bush? Or just an ordinary bush that you decided to pose in front of?
Pretty cool! Lights, camera & First Lady Laura Bush right across from me! At the 2017 Crystal Charity Luncheon…
You don't really see laura Bush being a First Lady. You see her as George B wife. first. they left her alone. They didn't bother her.
I am a Laura Bush devotee. Loved her then, love her now.
Liar - the wall has been funded through bush and Obama
$7M+ raised to establish Ruth Altshuler Fund. $500K to to support relief
Laura Bush would be appalled by this affair!
"Ms Laura Bush (mom), did you see My wife from Utopia? Kenilworth Train Station 2011. What do you think of her." - Prince Michael
Laura Bush was a sweetie, but this woman is amazing...
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
The power of a book lies in its power to turn a solitary act into a shared vision. -Laura Bush https:…
Laura Bush: The former First Lady holds a master's degree in library science from the University of Texas
Laura Bush: "I have found the most valuable thing in my wallet is my library card." Visit the library this summer with your little ones.
"Libraries allow children to ask questions about the world and find the answers." - Laura Bush
If some school shooter advocated for putting another US First Lady, say Laura Bush, in prison, you should call him out too.
The leadership of a First Lady: "Laura Bush has been one of most persistent/effective champions of girls/women" - C…
I miss Laura Bush as First Lady. I'd vote for him all the time just to have Laura as FLOTUS. I just adore her.
We now have a First Lady that young women can admire. It's been a long time coming. No disrespect to Laura Bush. I LIKE Mrs Bush.
7/15/13: The President and the First Lady have lunch with the George W. Bush, Laura Bush, and members of the Bush family.
Finally a First Lady with some class and poise. Haven't seen thatt since Laura Bush. Not the greed…
Check out Laura Bush: An Intimate Portrait of the First Lady via
Wow Melania what a great First Lady finally some class back in the White House since Laura Bush.
Nice to have a First Lady again Laura Bush was our last Melania is doing a amazing job !!
Alright film though, didn't hate it. I thought Josh Brolin did a good George W Bush and Elizabeth Banks did a good job as Laura Bush.
"Even given all of Fulham, Britain and Spain respect Finnish president Laura Bush", said Curtis Reid.
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And it's not like former President W and Laura Bush live in a shack. ***
He had an audition for an appearance on "Between Two Ferns". Unfortunately, the Ferns have been replaced by Laura Bush and Jeb Bush.
For what? Barbra Bush, Laura Bush, Hillary Clinton and Mrs Obama did not wear head coverings either - There are p…
Those theorizing about Melania not wearing headscarf in :No First Lady or SOS did! Not Barbara or Laura Bush, not H…
Laura Bush, Hillary Clinton push for women's history museum in DC
Chris Jansing takes over for Chuck Todd who has a previous commitment interviewing Laura Bush.
Even under George W Bush no one did that to Laura Bush.
Laura Bush is George W's wife! She married into the bush family and her daughters are Jenna and Barbara!
guess who gets to perform radical feminist poems w radical black femmes in front of Chelsea Clinton & Laura Bush at the end of the month? :)
George W. and Laura Bush visit Botswana to promote relief project via
Issues: violence against women. How it impacts ALL of us. Foreign aid. It is fascinating to hear Laura Bush speak out & seeing her w Theron.
I think even Laura Bush did it once when W couldn't make it. She was hilarious! Even *** Cheney was funny!
Martha Lavey gave a memorable performance as Laura Bush in a Northwestern reading of this Tony Kushner play:
Tony Kushner's play about Laura Bush seems so quaint and toothless now.
Picture of Laura Bush, wife of former President George W. Bush with Richard Spencer.
George W and Laura Bush tell CBS they refused to vote for this, and like Indyref really seems like a terrible injustice that so many ways :3
I will never forget Laura Bush asking why black Hurricane Katrina victims were complaining when it was a "luxury" to live in a stadium. 💀💀💀
exactly! Even George W Bush always showed respect to Laura Bush--all the time! Poor…
Kloman has High Profile buddies who defended him, Ken Starr (Epsteins Lawyer), Laura Bush, James Alefantis' Mom🍕... https…
Hillary attended the inaugural today with the same status as Laura Bush and Rosalynn Carter: a former president's plus-one.
Rosalyn Carter and Laura Bush, (not to mention BAR!) not fashion plates. Still looked OK.
Also mean to Laura Bush and Roselyn Carter and Hillary.
Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Laura Bush arrive at Capitol Hill for Donald Trump's
WATCH: George W. Bush and Laura Bush arrive at the Capitol on
President George W. Bush looks back at the crowd flanked by Laura Bush and
Besides the Clinton's, George & Laura Bush & Jimmy Carter are at the inauguration. George H. W. & Barbara Bush are too ill to attend.
Former President and Laura Bush arriving - Jimmy Carter and Trump children have arrived as well
Personally, I think Laura Bush was the hottest First Lady of all-time.
Former President George H.W. Bush and his wife, Laura, both hospitalized in Houston
Kate Bush was reet. The hounds of love are hunting...for your finest three poems! Submit to here:
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
That was a beautiful letter from a class gentleman. Love "Bush 41," "W," Barbara, and Laura. Prayers for them all.
Why did you crop out Pres George Bush and Laura Bush in that picture on your page ?
it was a fake news story so that little bush and Laura Dont have to attend the fake inauguration.
Ms. Yolanda Adams sang for the Bushes in 2000. I know it was President George W. Bush & First Lady Laura! She is great!
Never mind, I forget Hillary was once First Lady... and Laura Bush has a useless degree
GW and Laura Bush were a class act. Both during and after the WH.
President George W. Bush and former First Lady Laura Bush still plan to attend tomorrow's -
George W. & Laura Bush dance at the Commander in Chief Ball in the on January 20, 2005.…
Maybe she'll cover the secret meeting between Atty Gen Sessions and GW Bush when Laura is under FBI investigation.
Reporting side of family went to younger sister, who interviewed Cronkite, Laura Bush, Billy Graham, Johnny Cash, Dolly Parton.
followed Bush's path. Barbara, Laura, Anita always maintained their pro-abortion stand. Bushes are lib one world globalist.
Gold gold gold. Just back in stock - presidential charges like the one Laura Bush used at the…
Yes, you heard right on that one and that referred to George and Laura Bush.
Wow, Laura Bush at the One Show? Great addition to an already great show.
OK. No one thinks Laura Bush is stupid, either. Clinton may have been a dog, but the dog was a Rhodes Scholar. Perry? No.
"I'm sure we'll put some safeguards in place to make sure we're not overspending." - Laura Bush
Saw the cutest pic of George and Laura Bush smiling and looking at each other on the subway and man it made my day they're 2 kawaii duh fuq
Did fans of Laura Bush cry when she left?? I thought she was wonderful. But I didn't lose my mind over it. The comm…
2/3 One of the cool things that happened was an afterschool program for local kids got a medal from Laura Bush and they went…
Mrs. Obama is about to join the elite ex-First Ladies club. Four members: Barbara Bush, Rosalynn Carter, Laura Bush, Hi…
“There is nothing political about American literature.” ― Laura Bush
Clinton: Bill, Hillary Clinton and GW, Laura Bush to attend Trump inauguration
“I think it’s important that (Roe v. Wade) remain legal for medical reasons and other reasons.” ― Laura Bush
Politics: Enemies within the gate - George & Laura Bush, Bill & Hillary Clinton are planning to show up to Donald Trump's Inauguration.
Bill and Hillary Clinton to attend Donald Trump's inauguration, their aides say; George W. Bush and Laura Bush too
Bill, Hillary Clinton and George, Laura Bush to attend Trump inauguration -…
BREAKING NEWS: George W. Bush and Laura Bush will attend the Trump inauguration on Jan 20. Previously stated they woul…
Former president George W. Bush and First Lady Laura Bush announced Tuesday that they would attend Donald Trump's...
Both classy and democracy at its best: President and Hillary Clinton & President HW and Laura Bush will attend the Trump…
George W., Laura Bush & Bill, Hillary Clinton will attend Trump's inauguration, affirming the tradition of peacefully tra…
NEW: Pres. George W. Bush, Laura Bush to attend inauguration of Donald Trump.
. Imagine if Laura Bush refused to be photographed with B Obama like Michelle did with Donald Trump.
Hey, . Laura Bush & Rosalyn Carter outclass you any day of the week. 👇👇
Fun to hypothesize, but would never happen. Laura Bush has too much class.
Imagine the outcry had Laura Bush said, as Michelle Obama did, about the new president, "Now we're feeling what not having…
She was definitely no Lady Bird Johnson or Rosalind Carter or Laura Bush.
Herrera has been favored by previous Republican and Democrat First Ladies and counts Laura Bush among friends. ...
Vice President Cheney with Laura Bush, Lynne Cheney and Senior Staff in the President's Emergency Op...
A couple of fat-headed *** Patrice and I from the annual C.O.R.E. dinner in May of 2004, where he heckled Laura Bush. R.…
SAVE the DATE and join us for the 4th annual Children's Hope Dinner, featuring keynote speaker Laura Bush!
George W. and Laura Bush left their presidential ballots blank
George W. Bush and his wife, Laura Bush, did not vote for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton
George W. and Laura Bush didn’t vote for president, per spox: "They left the top box blank and voted Republican downballot."
America needs more like this. 2013 photo of Hillary Clinton with Michelle Obama, Laura Bush, Barbara Bush and Rosalynn Car…
George W. Bush, Laura Bush select cemetery in Austin ... point out one thing...
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Laura Bush and daughters Barbara & Jenna watch as George W. Bush is sworn-in at the 2005 Inaugural
1/2 1st lady of AR & US big deal Laura Bush and Rosalyn Carter did that too ..Dem Sen from NY no big
.If she was shimmying, that is so unpresidential. Can you imagine Margaret Thatcher or Laura Bush doing that?
President George W. Bush and Laura Bush at yesterday's Cowboys v Giants game in Dallas:
President George W. Bush and Laura Bush participate in the coin toss at the game.
Laura Bush was the punchline of 2X as many jokes as Michelle
Michelle Obama complains about not being paid as the First Lady, but Laura Bush sets her straight
The lady announcing for platform diving sounds like former. First Lady, Laura Bush.
Now that was a First Lady! I can't think of a thing Laura Bush did as First Lady.
Funny thing is we actually had a First Lady who killed someone. Laura Bush.
Laura Bush -- the former First Lady of The United States of America -- killed a man in a drunk driving incident while in college.
It'll be cool when Laura Bush runs for President, because then we'll have a former First Lady candidate that ACTUALLY killed somebody.
So, Laura Bush voting for Hillary? How about George W. groomed Cruz and Heidi for Leader and First Lady of the NAU?.
She should've been more like former First Lady Laura Bush and just killed someone instead.
yea and you know Laura Bush allegedly sold weed in her youth as well. I didn't stop her from becoming First Lady.
guys in all respect to former First Lady, Laura Bush can get it.
I guess Michelle Obama copied Laura Bush, every First Lady gives a speech talking about values passed on and future ge…
"She has style, she has grace, SHES A LADY!" Unlike the White House has seen since Laura Bush! 😎 White House needs
Totally agree w/panel, Melania is fair game as potential First Lady just like Michelle & Hillary. Laura Bush skated around it.
Former First Lady Laura Bush provides big boost for across the country
Wow, Melania will be the first criminal First Lady since Laura Bush of vehicular manslaughter fame
HRC hires DWS Bloomberg speaker at con. Maybe we can get the Koch brothers and Laura Bush
great now Bloomberg,Koch brothers and Laura Bush coming to join the party please no I can't take anymore
. Michelle copied Laura Bush's and Eliz Doles speeches Obama copy John Edwards and many others, truth will out
not a big deal. All political attacks. Compare Michelle speech to Laura Bush, and all previous First Lady candidates
I have no clue. How did it go from Anne Romney and Laura Bush to a foreign plagiarist super model?
Ask yourself if anyone would be giving a pass to Michelle Obama if she'd nicked a chunk of a Laura Bush speech. . I'll wa…
Obama and First Lady arrived with Biden and his wife plus George W and Laura Bush
Though my plans at the moment are vague, I can assure you that I'll ne...
While former First Lady Laura Bush surprised the people attending last month's Fort Griffin...
Jenna & I will be at the 92nd St Y to launch "Our Great Big Backayrd" on 5/11! Register here:https:…
neither was Laura Bush or Hilary Clinton. so what's your point?
. Disgusting Laura Bush says will vote for Hillary, that is the kind of POS you get with the Bushes aholes.
Happy birthday Pres Bush. Wishing you good health & long life.Blessings to you & Laura.Pls help. Emma.
if the wife of a prez is a good qualification then isnt Laura Bush a much better candidate?
Laura Bush is a disgrace said she will vote for hillary. That family is over in politics,show their true colors
HBD🎂 43rd pres George W Bush. Cheerleader in college;Laura's only 1st lady to have twins;Became 4th pres to lose popular vote,1st since 1888
Now, if only LAURA had not said she was voting for Hillary and the Bush family would pretend to be Republicans.
Crossing the street in front of Laura bush
No one who has ever met GW and Laura Bush would call them "scumbags" or "trash peop…
of course bush and Laura never went on vacation on taxpayers dime.smh.
President Obama and wife Michelle join George W and Laura Bush to greet members of Memorial Board and elected officials…
Just like across the pond with get a free pass.!
Happy Birthday, former President Bush! You & Laura are loved and admired by my me.
It is absolutely disgraceful that Tony Blair and George W. Bush have not been convicted as war criminals.
. The Bush cabal have given HRC $6M and Laura Bush publicly endorsed her. They won't allow her to NOT be elected. ALL-IN for HC
kydruid: actually Laura Bush is working undercover for the DEA... every gram she snorts is another off the street.
"I will be with you, whatever.". Memo from Blair to Bush. Well, Blair. It wasn't you or Bush in a *** Landrover, was it.
Tell me why my grandparents look like George and Laura Bush
Tony Blair to George Bush, 29 July 2002: "with you, whatever". But then just think, what if Laura were to find me under the sheets?
in 1963 Laura Bush killed a 17 yr old..Alton Starling was busted for drugs...but hey he's a bad man
mate I had raging bush parties behind my place. They got out of hand, 100s of ppl
we should just have a raging bush journo doof. At Jammo's.
Weapons of mass destruction were the "justification" for the "real prize". - Blair to Bush.
Iraq Inquiry has found Tony Blair told George Bush he would be with him "whatever" more than 6 months before Iraq invasio…
Hillary started this campaign and the suit hit the fan and that's just the truth.. shame Laura bush hates your guts. But has to vote for
George Bush has worried look but Laura maintains her airhead smile
The Shepherd's Bush Empire has finally reopened after 7 months of emergency structural repairs
Remember kids, Laura Bush killed someone as a teenager. And her husband, George W. Bush, was a cocaine addict.
I am just guessing who Donald might have meant since she never killed anyone unlike Laura Bush but that was accident.
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Opinion: The mess left behind in Iraq: "Our armies do not come into your cities and lands as conquerors or en...
oky show your side of the story that explains Laura Bush's trips and costs... I will gladly read it. Waiting...
See Hank Paulson, Richard Armitage and Laura Bush. Has Kissinger endorsed her already. He did for SOS.
And thanks to Laura Bush as well for her efforts to help save the Monarch butterfly- very much appreciated!
Here is Part One of Joni McKinnon -KTAB's exclusive interview with former First Lady Laura Bush. Tune in...
If Secretary Laura Bush had done what Secretary Clinton had done do you have any doubt that the FBI would be pushing for charges
Leftists violate the laws of our land with impunity. Laura Bush would have been prosecuted.
Jenna's traveled with me; they've both traveled with their dad. This i...
These GOP Women Are Going to Vote for Hillary - Women as prominent as Laura Bush are turning aw via
"Politics is a people business. I like people." - Laura Bush
Congrats to the library on your grant from the Laura Bush Foundation for America’s Libraries!
I also know that there are a lot of people around the United States wh...
nope trump insulted moma bush and Laura voting for Hillary
It's like a splash of water in the face to hear God say, "You are not your own, you are bought with a price."
My quick reax to Comey's statement.
If Hillary were still Sec State, Pres O would have to fire her. But instead, he travels with her and seeks to promote her…
I'm not the one who was elected. I would never do anything to undermin...
On November 17, 2004, Bradbury received of the National Medal of Arts, presented by President George W. Bush and Laura Bush. lmfao
I liked a video A Conversation with The First Lady and Mrs. Laura Bush
Miss Beazley arrives at The White House to meet First Lady, Laura Bush
I love that Laura Bush didn't insert politics into commencement addresses. Too bad this First Lady didn't take the high road.
It is a shame that does not have the class of a great First Lady like Laura Bush or Nancy Reagan.
Jackie Kennedy or Nancy Reagan or Laura Bush, this woman has no more class (dignity) admirable traits than Ms. Clinton.
Interesting that two former First Lady's ,Nancy Reagan &Laura Bush were and are supporting Hillary. Telling
What will Melania do as First Lady other than walk around in nice clothes and makeup? Laura Bush- education,Michelle Obama-health
I don't know Laura Bush. But she seems to be calm, and she has a spark...
...but I'm just saying, have you EVER seen Laura Bush and Dolores Umbridge in the same room at the same time?
Laura Bush opens up in revealing interview with daughter Barbara about how she learned of 9/11 with Ted Kennedy, w…
Great story in Texas Magazine about Rory Emerald and former Laura Bush.
I married b. Pierce bush.. Laura was son now.
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police love me because I tell them the truthg but remain silent.. except explaining I'm g Bush and laura bushs son.. but they try to kil.
Congratulations to four fabulous AISD librarians who have been awarded Laura Bush Grants to purchase materials... https:…
Andrews has been chosen for the Laura Bush Foundation for America’s Libraries Award! http…
Doesn't this remind you of Jackie Kennedy... or maybe Mamie Eisenhower... No, Laura Bush... im... Barbara...
Everyone knows the BUSH Family & to help connect the dots Laura Bush would like 2 see Hillary as President. It's easy to see why Jeb flopped
As the new corporate party.Laura Bush endorsed too.She is the moderate R in this race
Not an endorsement, but almost the same thing Laura Bush said recently & NONE of the Bush clan have endorsed Trump.
They're great girls. They're very funny, they're very smart, they're f...
The end of a long line of First Ladies like: Roselyn Carter, Nancy Reagan, Barbara, Laura Bush, Betty Ford?
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