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Latina Magazine

Latina is an American monthly lifestyle, entertainment, beauty and fashion magazine for bilingual, bicultural Hispanic women published in English by Latina Media Ventures.

Adrienne Bailon Naya Rivera Demi Lovato Rob Kardashian Bethany Mota Jennifer Lopez Kim Kardashian

you are the winner of the Latina magazine. Please dm us your address.
Loved meeting , creative director of magazine https:/…
Loved meeting , creative director of magazine
Perhaps their biggest accomplishment is changing the stereotype of women in wrestling as sexy arm candy.
whatever happened to awesome Latina stories?!! We need to start our own magazine and get back to New York…
Check out the current issue of magazine with a brand new feature on VAMPS discussing the new album and more…
Thanks again 🙏🏽 and for hooking up my face and hair for my interview with m…
Had so much fun magazine chatting about season 5, gentrification in Bushwick, and…
SO honored to have been with Latina Magazine for the final episode with I got to speak with the...
Does your company exemplify Diversity & Inclusion? . In its 20th year LATINA Style Magazine, highlights the best pla…
Ok Hooligans helps us get a follow from and win this Latina magazine
It just feels like one of those days. Spread the love of Latina Model Magazine
Money matters aren't just for grown ups. Help your kids build a solid financial foundation now.
Latina magazine is a disappointment to non-white Latinas everywhere, only a greater motivation to expand into a movement!
remember when Latina magazine said Bruno Mars was Afro Latino when neither of his parents are black
Actress and singer Demi Lovato covers the June-July 2016 issue of Latina magazine
Inspired by Demi Lovatos Latina Magazine makeup! Check out how I recreated her makeup look, link…
Another stunning shot of in the June/July issue of magazine with nails by…
Demi Lovato looks stunning in her new Latina Magazine photoshoot 😍
Demi Lovato to Latina Magazine: "I don't care about radio hits. When you try hard for that, it doesn't happen"
💃 The gorgeous graces the cover of Magazine next month! 🙌
"I believe that Latinos are more expressive with their emotions."
YouTube star Bethany Mota rocked the cover of Latina Magazine in our Midnight Oval Earrings in black onyx. Like...
Hottest Christina Milan stuns on the latest cover of Latina Magazine, discloses that Lil Wayne is her Man Crush...
Camila Cabello's blog in Latina Magazine - on last day of Austin Mahone tour
Make sure ya pick up that New Smooth Magazine.. Oh BTW I need 15 Latinas for Smooth Latina, it…
Gorgeous morning to do some reflection; some magazine reading.. & best of all..
We would like to have in your next Latina Magazine Cover Please.
I thought this was Latina magazine, not the Kardashian magazine
See cover, where she shows off her J.Lo-worthy booty:.
Photo: smithsonianmag: Photo of the Day: The Colors Underwater Photo by Massimo Giorgetta (Latina, Italy);...
I am a wedding photographer from India. I would like to contribute in your magazine,Check my work
- Jennifer Lopez on the cover of Latina magazine - February issue! Which one do u love more? ELLE vs. Latina
Fifth harmony is on the Latina magazine with Bethany!!! I'm gonna cry!!! can life get any better?
Did you know? The number of Latina teens considering suicide is at a record high.
Bethany looking gorgeous on the photoshoot for Latina Magazine ! . - d.
Is magazine going to point out the colorism in Empire's casting? Or ignore it like they always do.
Latina magazine is getting all the light skinned Latina actresses casted on Empire.
.Magazine profiled SCA alum Millie Jimenez for So proud!
A piece in Latina magazine about iASO's Bachata Academy at The DREAM Project
A piece about the Bachata Academy at The DREAM Project in Latina Magazine.
A piece about the Bachata Academy in Latina Magazine...
YouTube sensation Bethany Mota sizzles on the cover of Latina magazine and the brunette beauty doesn't hold back when talking about her
I added a video to a playlist Bethany Mota Reveals Struggles Latina Magazine Cover
I just liked "Bethany Mota: Behind The Scenes With LATINA Magazine" by on
wrote this for the Latina magazine blog
Latina Magazine LOVES Aveda’s Be Curly line, and for a good reason! Check out what they had to say:
Latina Magazine editorial ft. our Nicolas Jebran catsuit. Stylists, book your appointment today!…
YouTube star Bethany Mota reveals her struggle with bullying on the cover of Latina magazine:
Entrepreneur is Magazine's Septemeber cover! Get your copy in early August.
Thank you for featuring me in your magazine!!!
I liked a video from Bethany Mota Reveals Struggles Latina Magazine Cover
When your PR team hits you up saying that im gonna be contacted by Latina magazine >>>>>>>
Judy Rodriguez is an alumna turned nuclear systems operator. Check out her story:
Demi was named Woman of the Year in 2013 by Latina Magazine
Bella Thorne Spills on Writing a Book, and Her Latin Heritage in Latina Magazine: via
Latina Magazine :10 celebrity couples with a HUGE age difference! / Thalia and Tommy looks like father and daughter
I'm pretty sure she was on LATINA magazine because she is LATINA . But hey I could be wrong 😅
.& LASHED OUT at Adrienne Bailon over her cover interview:
Latina Magazine 2013 with our William 😍 We love you ❤
So is Latina and she is doing big things and got the chance to be on the cover of Latina magazine...
Meet Black Singles 300x250
For next months issue of Latina Magazine, the singer/actress completely opens up about her love life. In the...
Adrienne Bailon was interviewed by Latina magazine because she's LATINA. Kim *** think the whole world revolve around them
idk who got my info and subscribed me to Latina magazine but i'm gettin v tired of getting enchilada recipes and perfume samples in the mail
I unfollowed latina magazine because they kept referring to us as "chocolate YUM YUM" and um no we are not food to drool on ***
her article was in Latina Magazine.something you would know nothing about. They don't concentrate on Kartrashians
Black people outchea. Acting like y’all read Latina Magazine.
Find our girl featured in Magazine! Pick up your own copy in stores today!
Check out a behind-the-scenes video from Magazine September 2014 Cover Shoot!
Our girl gets REAL with Magazine on what success means to her.
Black people outchea. Acting like y'all read Latina Magazine.
And by the way, Adrienne Bailon's article is for LATINA magazine. I'm pretty sure THAT's why she got the feature.
Are you really a Latina if you don't have a subscription to Latina magazine?💃
SM: talks Big Rob cheating & says being associated with the Kardashian Space Hookers hurt her career
glad I'm not a celebrity...answered an honest question for Latina magazine and Kardashains throwing shade for being real...
Adrienne Bailon talks Rob cheating & says being associated with the Kardashians hurt her career, Kim & Khloe respond…
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Join us tomorrow, 7/31 at 1pm ET, for a webinar on how extend your blog with Flipboard magazines - http:…
Fighting words! Khloe & Kourtney Kardashian want Adrienne Bailon to know they are NOT happy:
Kim Kardashian Snaps back at Adrienne Bailon for her feature in Latina Magazine about Rob Kardashian . …
The claws are out and the shade is thick today! And it's all courtesy of The Empire Girls and The Kardashians. In case you missed it, Adrienne Bailon is the new cover girl for Latina Magazine, a dr...
The girls are getting wild today. Okay, so if you're out the loop let us break it down for you, Adrienne Bailon is covering Latina Magazine, a dream come true for her since she was a little girl. Now this is all good and dandy but what everybody is really talking about is her interview with the maga…
It looks as though Kim Kardashian has been taking some clapback lessons from Kanye. She’s gotten bold and vocal since marriage, but who would have ever thought she’d come for Adrienne Bailon? It happened last night! Yesterday, Adrienne’s cover story with Latina Magazine was released, and in the int…
It looks as though Adrienne Bailon is just about ready for marriage! The singer/actress is beat to the gawds on the cover of next month's Latina Magazine, and inside, she's dishes all the tea on he...
Kim Kardashian is proving that no one should mess with her family. After singer Adrienne Bailon, Rob Kardashian's ex-girlfriend, discussed his infidelity in the latest issue of Latina Magazine, the reality TV star had a few choice words for her. Continue reading…
Adrienne Bailon is on the cover of Latina Magazine and she totally bashed the Kardashians and Rob Kardashian as well READ THE FULL STORY HERE
SW3 is in this months Latina Magazine! Thank you Daisy Fuentes x
Retwiteado por : . Latina Magazine :. We chatted with &
Tonight we served writers from: Vogue Magazine, Curve Magazine, Latina Magazine, Parade Magazine, Huffington Post, Men's Journal, ANSA (the Italian equivalent of the Associated Press) and an add on British travel writer. Bouche and/or Kakow.
Top 10 beautiful gowns according to Latina Magazine. Check them out:
Got a free Latina magazine in the mail... I don't speak Spanish.
Why have I been getting the Latina magazine?...
looks amazing on the cover of Latina Magazine and of course I got a copy!!
This score a subscription to Latina Magazine for just $5!
“In 1985, Ebony magazine predicted what Michael Jackson would look like in the year 2000
Demi needs to change her icon and header to the ones from the Latina magazine 😩
I'm immensely honored to be featured at Latina magazine alongside other talented Latina Artists, thank you for...
Thanks for sharing my story on and Selena Gomez for Latina magazine! One...
Would it be wrong for me to subscribe to Latina magazine.
J-14 Magazine picked up my VIDEO interview with One Direction 's Liam Payne and Harry Styles for Latina magazine...
Demi Lovato Looks Stunning on the cover of Latina Magazine - and she talks about Babies -
We want to see Christopher Uckermann in your magazine, speaking about your new CD, thanks
Yess my copy of magazine finally came!!😍
is on the cover of magazine but didn't make the list for Latinas of 2013,, still beautiful
Check out the wise on the cover of this month's Magazine:
Congratulations for gracing the front cover of the December issue of magazine.(:
Magazine's list of The Top 50 singers of all time
hHey guys, check out my latest interview with Latina Magazine. Thank you guys so much for the interview and...
Love on the Dec/Jan cover of Latina magazine! Great article and looking beautiful in each picture!
"Are you agree with Latina Magazine ? calling all fighters and directioners!
music COMP LOS CHARLY’S ORCHESTRA Alm add some Latin flavour to the party!
I moved and I sent an address change request and never got a response. Not happy about not getting my magazine.
That's our girl! Check out on the November cover of Magazine!
So weird seeing people talk about Latina magazine bc my cousin's fiancé is the beauty editor for it and yeh
do they sell the Latina magazine in canada
"Fifth Harmony's interview for Latina Magazine at the AMA's Red Carpet
Of course Anthony Jamison II would give me 12. Wow. Let's see.. 1. I have over 1,000,000 views on my YouTube channel. 2. I was nearly killed in a drive-by shooting at a Wendy's when I was young. 3. I once bought a random Friday the 13th documentary at Walmart, and I found something I had edited for a friend in the Special Features. 4. I accidentally bumped shoulders with Whoopi Goldberg at an Apple Store in Manhattan. 5. I have five younger siblings. 6. My all-time favorite film directors are Steven Spielberg, Stanley Kubrick, Frank Capra, Peter Jackson, and Orson Welles. 7. I modeled for ads in Target and Oxy Clean when I was 14. 8. I once considered being a paranormal researcher. 9. My studio logo is a key plot point to a major film I plan to make someday in the future. 10. I was born and raised in what is currently ranked as the most violent city in the world. 11. This year Latina Magazine ranked me among the Top 10 Sexiest Hondurans in Hollywood. 12. I started making films at the age of 12.
Latina Magazine's Video of Monday's Interviews With Dancing With the Stars and "SnooNicole" etc
Do you have a Latino Hero you'd like to see mentioned in my Hispanic Heritage Month series on Latina Magazine?... http…
Photoset: self-loathingsfinest: Zoe Saldana for Latina Magazine by Yu Tsai I love you baby! Come home!!! lol
Latina Magazine .. just got it, has a 3/2 CoverGirl = more freap eyeshadow!
Alumni Spotlight: Do you know about the journalist and lifestyle expert known as Amy Elisa Keith, '05? You may have seen her work in magazines from Essence to Glo ( to People. This month, she has (at least) 2 cover stories, including an interview of Devon Franklin and Meagan Good in Ebony Magazine's February, 2013 issue, and an interview of Fast and the Furious actress, Jordana Brewster in Latina Magazine's February, 2013 issue. And for those who may have seen/are planning to see Django Unchained, check out her interview of Quentin Tarantino in the Dec/Jan issue of Ebony. Support Stanford Family, buy a copy! Congrats, Amy!
Open Letter to Latina Magazine -The Fascinating Stories Missed in 2012: Rosie Perez, the Castro Brot… via
THE DIRTY GIRLS SOCIAL CLUB FILM ADAPTATIONFACT SHEET THE NOVEL: The Dirty Girls Social Club is an English-language novel by Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez. It is the first commercial women’s fiction (chick lit) novel in US history to feature Latina characters, and is the most popular book of its kind ever made. The novel, which tells the stories of six educated, professional Latina friends in Boston as they navigate life and love, spent 21 weeks on the NY Times bestseller list, and was published in 11 different countries. In the US, the book has sold 700,000 copies, leading Valdes-Rodriguez to be named among the nation’s 25 Most Influential Hispanics by Time Magazine, a Woman of the Year by Latina Magazine, and one of Hispanic Business Magazine’s 100 Most Influential, twice. FILM ADAPTATION HISTORY: Columbia Pictures: The commercial appeal of DGSC was obvious from the start. Before the book hit shelves it had already been optioned by Columbia Pictures, with Laura Ziskin to produce and Jennifer Lopez to sta ...
.is on the cover of Latina Magazine's October issue!
I think it's funny how Victoria kept the Latina Magazine cover pic as her icon for like a day or 2, but then changed it to the Teen Vogue 1.
We love it when Latina Magazine puts Afro-Latinas on their cover, so needless to say we were thrilled this morning when we saw that Rosario Dawson (a gorgeous Afro-Latina!) is gracing the cover of the magazine's September 2012 issue.
Gloria Estefan stuns on the cover of Latina Magazine
Victor Cruz on the cover of my Latina Magazine
Glee's Naya Rivera looks gorgeous on the cover of the May issue of  Latina Magazine, and the actress talks all things from real high school to fake h...
Stylist visits all day .. from Dancing With The Stars to a music video with Sigur Ros featuring Shia Labeouf…to Latina Magazine. I'm officially clocked out and Vegas just couldn't be closer..
The website for Latina Magazine has a new interview with actress Sara Paxton
Even if this white wash of Latina Magazine is based on readership, Latin America is 48% African.
Naya Rivera talks music, Glee, religion with Latina Magazine
Like... the fact that you got to do a shoot for Maxim, FHM, InStyle and Latina Magazine didn't ring a bell? No? Ok.
[PHOTO] Naya Rivera on the cover of Latina Magazine
Naya Rivera on the new issue of Latina Magazine.
We would love to see in the next cover of Latina Magazine
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