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Latin America

Latin America (or Latinoamérica; ) is a region of the Americas where Romance languages (i.e., those derived from Latin) – particularly Spanish and Portuguese, and variably French – are primarily spoken.

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Vice President Mike Pence has landed in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Second stop of his Latin America trip.
Netanyahu planning to be first sitting Israeli prime minister to ever visit Latin America, as Israeli relations grow.
Chile is at the vanguard of a remarkable renewable energy transformation across Latin America: v
Pence to begin Latin America tour as global crises grow - New Zealand Herald - via…
“We see as a train that nobody can stop” - Latin America's rapid growth in and
When the world wars happened, thousands of European refugees fled for Venezuela, a bastion of democracy in Latin America.
v- Can you walk into India and raze Gandhi to the ground, raze Mao to the ground in China, or Raze Bolivar to the ground in Latin America.
Trump fails, or doesn't want to understand something Obama did re Latin America: tough rhetoric alientates US, unites Americas vs Washington
Trump’s threat to Venezuela is aggression to Latin America, says don
Highest literacy rate in Latin America & 6th in the world in terms of primary education enrollment
ii- We, White people, will never rename monuments named after Simon Bolivar because he laid the genesis of modern Latin America.
Not just Latin America, so called think tanks, pressure groups & lobbyists have been working against people interes…
Latin America must choose between falling for the interventionist rhetoric or toughening sanctions against Venezuela.
Latin America to slam 'military option' threat
Venezuelan Foreign Minister speaking now: We’ve declared Latin America a zone of peace.
Nuclear war threats, Nazi's marching on college campuses, potential military conflict in Latin America... this is 'winni…
Startups in Latin America have to be extra scrappy to build their ventures.
Trump's threat to Venezuela forgets a long and terrible history of U.S. interventions in Latin America.The threat might…
Latin America closes ranks after Trump threatens to use military in Venezuela via
Venezuelan FM Arreaza: "The daring threats of President Donald Trump intend to drag Latin America and the Caribbean…
How a poor economy and an increasingly authoritarian leader turned Venezuela into Latin America's powder keg
If the US invades Venezuela, Maduro and Latin America wi…
Weirdly, Latin America is really sensitive to any hint of US interference, especially military intervention, into their int…
Latin America to slam 'military option' threat on
here to remind you to tour Asia and Latin America next tour Little Mix
Here's how Atlas Network, a libertarian American think tank, is remaking Latin American politics by lhfang
Renewable Energy Transitions in Latin America and the Caribbean via
Latin America to slam Trump's 'military option' threat
Don't miss online course on website building + design! Register by 8/13 [Spanish]:
Let a thousand Pinochets bloom... "Among its other exploits of late, Atlas has played a role in a Latin American...
Worth resharing after the latest sanctions and threats from the US towards Venezuela & Nicaragua.
Trump's military threat aims to drag Latin America into conflict: Venezuela |
Latin America was increasingly critical of Venezuela. Now Trump threat essentially forces region to side with Maduro ht…
Symposium: Dilemmas of exchange rate and monetary policies in Latin America. Damill M, Frenkel R
People from across Latin America are coming together to stand for clean air & justice! - Gracias…
Latin America always has amazing breakfasts - filled with fresh fruit you can’t find anywhere else in the world…
Checking out "Iran’s Top Export to Latin America: Radical Islam" on Tea Party Command Center:
Mr President Trump, please press the dictator Maduro. Latin America is supporting you in this.
Awesome mission to Latin America - great vision. Honored to dream with
Pray today for the Pittmans in Latin America & Young Life Europe. Devotional>
Jose Gonzalez leads off the game for Latin America reaching on a two base error
Can you answer this? The Cuban Revolution was the most important event in Latin America
.takes its digital education programmes to international markets like Japan, Latin America, UK & Ireland https:…
Record breaking numbers in the Latin America market for YVR in the first half of 2017:
Will they come to Latin America together? 😓
It is not everyday you get to bring communities fn Malaysia and Latin America together and this what makes…
economic catastrophe dwarfs any in the history of the US, Western Europe, or the rest of Latin America
Interesting. And it's amazing how this topic is always just below the surface in Latin America.
Please follow me! Hope someday u and Johnny come to Latin America❤
LGBT folks face horrific violence throughout Latin America and many have to leave their home countries for safety.
We have a strong presence in Latin America. Moving forward need to work c…
Maduro just banned all private property rights.
stupid switch stupid high price nintendo you do know latin america's purchasing power is WAY LOWER. Where is the lo…
Climate change impacts alone could cost the region $100 billion a year by 2050.
Of course latin america is known for football but let's get away from football & get down to business!…
Not learning from history is a time honored tradition in the USA it's why we torn…
How can you look at the history of U.S. intervention in Latin America & be like "hmm...this time its gonna be different f…
eSports in Latin America is Far From Being a Sport in Brands’ Minds » Portada
So excited to announce we are coming to Latin America this fall!! We can't wait to play in so many new places 💛🎉✨
Let's not forget his threatening neighboring countries of essentially waging war to "liberate Latin America."
Latin America is on the rise. It is cautiously emerging onto the economic stage an…
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"I want the cities of Africa, of Asia and of Latin America to be as prosperous as the cities in America. That's her…
BBC News - What lies ahead for divided Venezuela?
US imposes sanctions on Venezuela leader
I'm happy Maluma, J Balvin & Anitta are taking over America & the world Latin music is beautiful & they're making the music industry diverse
.met with girls in the U.S., Canada, Iraq and Nigeria. Up next? Latin America! Follow 👉🏽 fo…
This is an important milestone towards strengthening Malaysia' ties with La…
.& I argue that has much to gain from bucking Trump & strengthening its climate change agenda https:…
Venezuela faces bloody protests and sanctions after election 'win'
US imposes sanctions on Venezuela's President Maduro, calling him a "dictator" after Sunday's vote for new assembly https:…
state department "actions" in Latin America, where have i heard this one before
Information and communication technologies (ICT) are boosting agriculture in Latin America #
Import: Latin America: French Guyana was reported at 0.00 USD mn in Jun 2017.
There are 30 impact bonds being developed across Latin America, Asia, and Africa.
And of course European immigrants are more likely to do well than Mestizos…
This is what teen pregnancy looks like in Latin Am...
Really, really, really trying to Make America White again. Immigration from Asia, Latin America, Africa is what scares them.
Latin America has such great talent for animation & entertainment industry, full of people with so much magic…
I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it:. Brazil's ex-President Lula convicted of corruption -
Whoa - google is going to build a massive Brazil-US fibre optic cable. will be good for Latin America, the world, and for…
Good luck in your concert today, Latin America MBB is waiting for you, we love you! Fighting! 💚
Any chances you'll be hitting Latin America? :3
I'm appalled that Russia tampered with America's elections the way the CIA tampered with democracy in Latin America &…
New study reignites debates about in Mexico, Latin America
This week's We take a look at the sport loved throughout Latin America & around the world
Must have something to do with those blue-eyed blonde kids he supposedly picked up in Latin America, not Ireland
yr wcw is roots are from indigenous Latin America and she identifies as Hispanic :/
Political cyberhacker reveals how he digitally rigged elections across Latin America:
It's a different world in Latin America
I agree with that we had the happiest Justin of all Latin America, Puerto Rico did that
BBC News - Surfing community fights tide of building on Chilean coast
. . Please Big Hit considers our continent. If you want extra money, Latin America is the answer 😎
Exclusively for Esquire Latin America Maluma is featured in Dolce&Gabbana.
studies gender and conflict in Latin America
These sobering portraits will change the way you think of teen pregnancy: via
ex-President Lula convicted of sentenced to 9.5 years imprisonment.
How sad, the Mexican President of UM worked for the most incompetent PRES of Mexico n Latin America, illiterate FOX.
Brazil's ex-President Lula convicted of corruption and sentenced to nine years in prison
Foo, Spanish isn't even the original language of Mexico or anywhere in Latin America
Former President convicted of charges and sentenced to nine and a half years in prison
Unfortunately that's true. They were, however, the best rulers Latin America ever had as kings of Spain.
*Stalinists FTFY How many has capitalism killed via imperialism in the Congo? All of Latin America? Africa?
If these sad, sheltered republicans saw the true left - in Europe, Latin America, even Africa - they'd tremble in fear. 2
Chadbourne & Norton Rose Fulbright combined - on-the-ground experience in Latin America h…
Farewell to Latin America: Loss of foliage erodes the Amazon forest’s role as climate regulator and giant water pump
Next week, I will be back on my to meet girls in Middle East, Africa & Latin America. 4/
Latin America is not Western because it is Roman Catholic. You need a history lesson.
an industrial and retail firm. He also owns America Movil, a mobile phone company operating across Latin America and that has stakes in KPN
EU signs contracts of €37 million for implementation of EUROCLIMA+ program to fight climate change in Latin America
We are funding NEW project in Latin America, this summer!
Wages in China now higher than in most middle-income economies from eastern Europe and Latin America
I'd rather get players I've never heard of from Latin America than players I've never heard of who have been in the minors for years.
marries his childhood sweetheart Antonella Roccuzzo in Latin America's "wedding of the century"
ties up with Pictures Television Networks to start in Latin America
Thyroid Cancer Market growing at a CAGR of 29.43% in Latin America, DL free sample report @
Bringing a slice of Latin America to Whanganui - New Zealand Herald
Being considered negra in Latin America doesn't translate the same way over here. They need to have a seat.
NEXT: Latin America's biggest YouTube stars experience the best of Canada!
Never forget Cuba's role in supporting liberation movements throughout Africa, Latin America and even in Palestine. ht…
Mexico mass grave: Exhumation of 116 bodies in Morelos BBC News
dynamics, passages ,timbres opening a consistent path for the music of synthesizers in Brazil and Latin America. http…
Join us Saturday July 29th night of music, dancing, good food as we celebrate in solidarity with Latin…
The Trump whisperer: Marco Rubio has the president’s ear on Latin America
is coming for the first time to Guatemala! One of the most renowned conferences in Latin America! Save the d…
Colombia's Farc has completed disarmament, UN says: The transfer of the rebels' personal weapons was a key…
I told y'all latinos are not politically correct, that's why latin America is the only place where islam is not gro…
Brazil's Michel Temer charged with corruption -
Your fans from Latin America are ready to watch 😜 We made this for you ❤️
BBC News - Brazil's Michel Temer charged with corruption
Latina = from Latin America . Afro = of African descent . The 2 aren't mutually exclusive
Latin America to reform laws based on the / a summary on the trends in the region
Colombia's Farc has completed disarmament, UN says
Salvador Allende, Latin America's first elected Marxist leader, was born on this day in 1908. His govt was overthrown i…
Breaking: Brazil president Temer has been charged with corruption by chief prosecutor. .
Brazil's president Michel Temer charged with accepting bribes by chief prosecutor
There is a whole region, Latin America & Caribbean, whose thoughts are mostly neither western or ME.
UPDATE: DJ Lolita replaces Nicola Cruz. She'll be bringing Caribbean, USA & Latin America club bangers to the…
Let us show you why Dominican Republic is the destination for golf in the Caribbean and Latin America.…
We know how to stop the violence in Latin America. . Why don´t we do it. See how
congratulations for Cody, It's a great app. Do you have plans to bring it to South and Latin America? Partnerships? :)
Manu Chao is turning 55 on 21 June. The man loved by whole Latin America, singing French, Spanish, Portuguese,...
$SRPT working very *** the Expanded Access Program, not only in Europe. but also Latin America, North Africa & the Middle East!
With set to tee up new Hezbollah bill, on Hezbollah threat from Latin America. https:/…
PhDCourse:‘Soc Protection for Devt in the Emerging Welfare States of Latin America and the Caribbean' Univ Agder.
「Versailles 10th Anniversary World Tour 2017」. This long-awaited five-stop tour in Latin America and Asia is the... htt…
showcased a fun collection inspired by the vibe of Latin America at
What’s the economic impact of violence in Latin America & the Caribbean? explains
My mom's funny, wants me to find a girl and she's like "but you waiting on Ms. America." 😂😂 Nah mom just Ms. Latin America what you sayin?
Novo Nordisk preps Saxenda sales drive in Latin America after its 'phenomenal' Q1 $NVO
Are you an Awesomenauts player from Latin America? Join the Awesomenauts Latino Discord server!…
Hello from Latin America! It's true that you gonna play Phoenix Ikki on the Saint Seiya live-action film?
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
PhD course on Social Protection and Welfares States in Latin America - Deadline 26 June
Ivan Castellanos, Technical Service Manager for Latin America, will present at InnovationsFORUM Mexico June 14:…
We're Click to apply: Coordinator, Office - Latin America -
GMEP is on offensive in Mideast & AsiaPacific, GWP is on offensive in Latin America over Brazil & Venezuela; EU being a battlefield in b/w+
A new era for startup investing in Latin America
No. I don't like Hillary's stands whatsoever. Especially in Latin America,…
El Pantalón Building: The first intelligent building in Latin America looks like a piece of clothing.
Congratulations who won top published Latin America photo at last night's
Learn how you’re helping to protect oceans & coasts in Latin America – join us for a live webcast May 18 at 7pm EST. https:…
Why only in North America? What about Latin America and the rest of the world?
Characterizing commercial oil palm expansion in Latin America: land use change and trade via
Christianity is not a white, Western religion. 2/3rds of all Christians are in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.
Cultural exchange programs are bringing Japanese traditions in the arts to Latin America: http…
The most dangerous cities in the world?not in South Asia or Middle East or Europe but in Latin America
Organization of American States calls for action on child marriage in Latin America and the Caribbean
The departs for its Caribbean and Latin America tour:
*** if our losers were only this gracious. *** no, like a Latin America guerrilla they proclaim ; "I j…
But in Latin America, people with heritage from the Iberian Peninsula are white, and have all the privileges that come with it.
At the same time, an US citizen joined the government in Western countries as governors welcoming SA to Latin America.
Hubs had his first top 5 finish on the PGA tour Latin America this weekend at t-4! Thank you,…
Latin America... WOW! Honored & humbled by your dedication & passion. Colombia amazed us tonite- this whole tour some o…
should take on every single product of toyota in Latin America & smash its domination with better vehicles than Coaster, Hiace, etc
Open Veins of Latin America, Eduardo Galeano. this is all Latin America.
4 yrs ago SJ SuperHeros back from Latin America. Invite fans to welcome them at 4am at Incheon Airport.
We've come so far already, please help us take the next step for & other elephants in Latin America
"Savage exploitation of labor is not incompatible with intensive technology; It never was." -Eduardo Galeano, Open Veins of Latin America
On page 21 of 317 of Open Veins of Latin America, by Eduardo Galeano
This week students from AHIS125 Arts of Latin America are in for a real treat: Treasures from our Boeckmann Center collectio…
Doing the hard yards. Inspiring story how is building ecosystem for Latin America
in Latin America? Don’t miss on building a successful social venture.
Here in Uruguay (Latin America, South) people clap but at the end of the movie
Nope, it's just that the "Heat" is in the West now, not just East Asia, Mid East, Africa or Latin America, so we fe…
Combate Americas is not longer live on UFC Fight Pass. It will be live on Azteca TV and ESPN Latin America
The cities with the highest homicide rates are mainly Christian and once again all are in Latin America.
Christianity has shifted from Western world to global South. By 2020 66% of Christians will live in Asia, Africa & Latin America.
I got to make a pres on United Fruit Company (el pulpo) and the history of imperialism in Latin America. I drew som…
Latin America's oldest city is spending millions to attract more tourists
As well "Latin America" is a colonial imperialist concept, not one concei…
Latin America's oldest city is spending millions to gentrify, attract more tourists via
Latin America's oldest what? What about Puerto Rico and it's 119 years under the US…
You do know like 90% of US smack is from Latin America those fields in Afghanistan are to keep the…
Are you riding from Alaska to Argentina, Buying a motorcycle in Latin America, I share my personal...
.Already, Chinese investment in Latin America & Africa significantly exceeds that by US, World Bank & releva…
Cheap flights to South America: Norwegian to launch flights from Madrid to Latin America
A 2-day workshop on “Turkey and Latin America in Comparative Perspective” 20-21 July 2017 at . Plea…
Global Team Builders We have the System - AUS/NZ - Europe - India - Africa - Latin America - Vietnam - Join our tea…
Today's Destination: Latin America. We hope to see you at The Traveler inside The Bookmarket Eatery!
Aircraft Carrier operations in Latin America to cease | Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses
I might be having too much fun building hidden discussion of liberation theology into my course readings on Latin America and human rights
National Cyber Center to be established in Latin America by Israeli Consortium - i-HLS - Israel Homeland Security
after last Summer Olympics where America made it's usual *** of itself, Latin America wants…
Podcast of: 'Blood of Extraction: Canadian Imperialism in Latin America' with Todd Gordon and Jeff Webber out now: https:/…
Latin America has been suffering for a long time because of USA and americans have the nerve to think they are the only country that matters
Our President & Founder, Dr.Neumann, on Al Jazeera English this morning, discussing event in Latin America in... https:…
This song by Ruth Lorenzo was really good 🤓 she should have released and promoted it around Latin America 🤓.
When K-Artists announce a world tour, but they only go to LA and NY and one country in Latin America, and skip Europe. htt…
Tough day for democracy in Latin America. First the agression against a Univision journalist in Venezuela and now this…
Everywhere, democracy is under threat from politicians who will not move aside when their terms are up.
You think these illiterate kids from Latin America aren't sucking up our resources for our kids in our schools?
to the capital of Latin America! Every player in the world would love to live and play here.
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
This team really impressed me today! Thanks Latin America, you truly demonstrate what Farmer Centric is all about. h…
Don't recall sounded in 12 countries (Latin America... — thank you for the info!!!
In order to restore peace & security in Latin America, we should join forces & lend our voices to holding Maduro & his regi…
Jobs in Latin America: where there's a skill there's a way | Mario Pezzini and Andreas Schleicher via https:/…
How can we transform disaster response using Insights from and ht…
Waze Carpool targets more U.S. cities, Latin America for expansion
Mexico singer Pepe Aguilar's son held for people smuggling - The son of a popular Mexican singer was arrested a...
Paraguay congress set on fire amid presidential controversy by via
As Islamic extremism grows in Latin America, some want Trump to take action via the Android app
Paraguay congress set on fire amid presidential controversy
"Saudi, Islamic State, Iranian activity in Latin America “major security threat” to US"
Coffee trees are cultivated in over 70 countries, mostly in Africa, South Asia, Southeast Asia, and Latin America.
last night was peak when some blokes from Latin America come up to me in my Argentinian jacket speaking spanish n am just like "que" ffs
Did you know that is the largest producer of wind power in Latin America? Learn more: http…
General Record holders for also found in Asia, Africa, Latin America.
It is what the immigration ban involving Mexico, Central & Latin America, the 7 or 6 designated Islamic countries all countries is about.
'Foreign trade has taken refuge outside the EU. Spain's main customers are Latin America, Asia (JP, CH, IN), Africa and the US.'
And the only head of state from Latin America that you had seen traveling around with the Jesuit communist Pope was Raul ca…
Students from Latin America and the Caribbean - Graduate Studies & Postdoctoral Fellows - Simon Fraser University...
New at Springer! Journal of -incl. Latin America & the Mediterranean. Welcoming your submission
I won the Kings of Latin America achievement in Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 for 123 pts
Labour market: The key to women's equality in Latin America - Jamaica Observer
New investigation shows connection to mass in Latin America https…
New investigation exposes connection to mass in Latin America htt…
Is populism really retreating in Latin America? | Brazil | Al Jazeera
Friday, the military unveiled a black granite memorial wall for US commandos killed in Latin America, the Caribbean
OP-ED: The Labour Market Is the Key to Equality for Women in Latin America - Inter Press Service
Today is Carnival Monday in Latin America,. Trinidad & Tobago, New Orleans, USA and cities around the world.
McManus discusses a service trip/study opportunity she had with Dominican Sisters in Latin America just after 9/11.
Chile was the first country in Latin America to attend world famous GDC! Join us this year for our 6th annual pavil…
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
Come to the Latin American Cultural Center tomorrow @ 8 for a screening of the third part of the documentary series Black in Latin America.
Omg Zayn , I need a tour of yours for Latin America, tell me which saint I need to pray for this to happen 😂😭
This is for all the fans in Latin America
Alleged frontman for Vice President of Venezuela purchased $16.5 million Miami mansion via
Latin America is under threat from Trump- Will you answer Pepe's call for help?. Details:. Sat, 11 Mar. https:/…
IDG Connect – How technology will help Latin America to feed the world via
What about the other countries in Latin America?
When are you going to give the dates for Latin America?
NSC staffer, Craig Deare fired for criticizing Trump foreign policy in Latin America. Glad they fired him!
Lifestyle of the rich & revolutionary: Venezuelan's $16.5 million Florida estate, discovered by
Odebrecht bribery scandal spreads in Latin America
One policeman killed, 30 other people injured in explosion near bullring in Colombian capital Bogota
Hey you can make a whole continent happy by releasing tour dates, isn't that crazy? Release the Latin Amer…
and how is your Spanish going? I mean if case you come to Latin America soon
Hezbollah getting closer to our borders. Read more.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Hungry in Venezuela: 'We were never rich, but we had food' via
Only Latin America's fans voting for you in what do you think?
they were able to create one of the strongest networks of grassroots organizations found in Latin America
.turns to Latin America for his ultra-refreshing shaved ices with smashed strawberries.
election: Ruling party candidate Lenin Moreno in lead
Ecuador Votes as Latin America’s Left Sags, a Generation of Icons Gone
only Latin America's fans voting you in
Malaise among leftists in Latin America spreads as a generation of iconic leaders departs
If you come to Latin America, I would have one too . I love come Latin America
Dear Shawn Mendes: . I'm waiting for you to come to Latin America . Not only me but all your Latin America fans . We hope to see you here . Love
Shawn when you will give the dates for the tour in Latin America? We're still waiting, I hope it's soon...
chose one: dates to Latin America or Follow me.
In 1959, Cuba was the wealthiest county in Latin America. Cuba, before and after Fidel. Democrats praise Castro⁉️ https…
TMB never went to Latin America, the South East Asia, China, Africa etc. The BTWB snubbed the Middle East and India.
Ecuador election may be Latin America's next big score - Buenos Aires Herald
I can't believe still allows cruelty to hens in its supply chains in Latin America!
Skilling up: human capital and Latin America
Theresa May has announced plans to send refugees heading to Europe to Asia and Latin America v…
nobody is scapegoating Latin America. Plain and simple, people make choices, some good, some bad. Lay in your bed, or fixit
Escogido + Licey were on the bench. The only team formed in Latin America with 4 HOF. Mariscal Lantigua was in the…
Damage caused by a drift away from prudent macro policies is now being reversed in Argentina & Brazil
One week and the kicks-off again in Latin America. Mexico, how excited are you? 🔥 Make some noise!
Fading empire & young up & comer. We practiced in Latin America to get up to speed, though, hit the ground running
if you come to latin America we stop bullying you then
"Shine!" On-air gathering of supporters & friends all across Latin America. TWR Bonaire, 800 on AM dial. Online at https:/…
no surprise this virus is spreading even to latin america. Many *** believe trump behaves like a nazi. Unbelievable!
Manav Jain has served in US posts in Africa, India, and Latin America.
Business-friendly, environmentally conscious administrations are making a leader in renewable energy:
Haiti: Jovenel Moise sworn in as new president
please include freaking Latin America ( and not just Mexico)!
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Suicide in Ciudad Juarez: Where life has little value - BBC News
Hey I hope that one day you're able to visit Latin America, specifically Ecuador 🇪🇨 I love you ❤️
Latin America is a friend of USA.No stolen our resources.NOenslave our People
A new collective features Latin American and African photographers producing overlooked stories from their countrie…
Crime and violence cost Latin America and the Caribbean 3.55% of GDP
Latin America prepares to welcome influx of Chinese tourists
I am VERY excited about the new Pod Save the World episode dropping tomorrow with Latin America expert https:/…
If these accusations are correct, Odebrecht really did infiltrate the political class of most of Latin America.
What is at stake for Latin America in 2017?
5/ aloof from Latin America's populist turn and instead tethered its economy ever closer to the U.S. But good luck selling that line to
Brazil troops patrol city of Vitoria hit by police strike
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