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Last Stand

Last stand is a loose military term used to describe a body of troops holding a defensive position in the face of overwhelming odds.

Harry Leslie Smith Achilles Last Stand Hernan Cortes Little Big Horn Superman Returns Led Zeppelin Dark Zone David Horton First Class

I am starting to work on episode of my podcast Harry's Last Stand which is about & August 1939 https:/…
Burial site for soldiers, just above Custer's Last Stand area. Officers' remains later removed for burial elsewhere…
Arsene's Last Stand: Talking Points from the FA Cup Final | Busy summer ahead after huge win for
Almost home after the tour Poland-Switzerland! A last coffee to stand up and that's it! 😥
I just checked in at Mustards Last Stand with Download today!
The best hanging baskets in Kent you'll see all weekend! - only £15. Quick while they last 👍Curry Wood stand 1…
My latest. This is our last stand - we have no choice but the brutal truth. https:/…
Utter privilege to stand on stage last night honouring the great Lisbon Lions and introducing Brendan Rodgers, atmosph…
Still very very angry that I said to some random girl who lost her friends she could stand with us last night, gave her my jacket cos she
Donald Trump and his wife Melania stand before The Last Judgment. . Photo
So touching seeing the memorial last night, what a country we are, stand together x
Season ticket sales now stand at 683; still 73% ahead of the same stage last year. Keep pledging your support to be part…
"If we lose freedom here,. there is no place to escape to. This is the last stand on Earth.". Vote Trump To Save America.
The Queen’s Last Stand by TheRogueRipper on Arrhale series
Last day here at the RDS House event, upstairs in the Art Loft, stand F28, open until 5.
LAST CHANCE! Visit our stand at enter our comp to a gaming keyboard! Winner announced…
Corbyn should turn up as a last minute "stand in" for Labour and put that cowardly PM in her place
Last day of uk Vaper Expo... don't miss out on our show special! Stand D35
Little stand we did last week for . 2017
So many laughs at stand up show last night at the
What an end to the gig last night. It finished and 50,000 people kept on singing stand up for the 22
After last week's exciting cliffhanger, let's see if they're any further on with mending that umbrella stand.
At least after last night. It is VERY apparent where we stand.
Heard Matt godden mentioned as well he scored 20+ last season
nah. a lot of ruin in a (white) nation. Australia is still ~90% white. sentiment on migrants is moving rightward. i…
It's making it's last stand here, I Expect the heavens to open as I ignite the BBQ 😂
Have you watched our matches from the Manjappada Stand at the East Gallery last year???
Last day of MCM. Thor style. I'm on the NEO stand 1-3.15pm today. Come say hey if you're about :) https:/…
As proven over the last few yrs only MPs stand up to auste…
huge thanks for the last few years. This is how much we fans think…
My thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected by last nights attack on this beautiful city. We will stand together i…
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
The last day of has arrived! The Arrow stand is open all day outside Screen 3 so do pop by and say…
Theres the silence theres my last chance i stand up with shaking hands all eyes on me... 😂😂
No bring on Saders , i said last week we'll be 1st to beat them in 2017 . I stand by that
Lets pray for&support our military ..taking the last stand for democracy and integrity against terrorists & the president ...
Sounds of gunfire, explosion heard as Maute makes 'last stand' in Marawi
Wait, you want more stand-up comedy?! Oh, go on then! Come to on Tuesday at 7pm for our last 'One N…
Came to me last night in bed. The angles of the cross make 4 "L"s. Those 4 L's stand for LOVE. LOVE God, yourself/family, nei…
The "Last Stand" DLC is a must When you reach Max level. Its an all time grind. You have to put time a…
From what I hear, if Freddy didn't pass his maths GCSE last year & in Nov resist, he won't stand much of a chance this summer.
I dislike crowded place so much how do i even stand showcase last time; i might prefer seated tix
I'm tomorrow for last day of . Pop along to stand C1 and see this original PATHWAYS while it's…
Some guy sat next to me on the train last night, looked at me, and then made me stand up next to him to confirm how tall I was
Yet top quality candidates like were pressured to stand down for lacklustre LibDem man. LDs…
LAST CHANCE! Visit our stand at & try our eye-controlled demo! Best time wins this gaming keyboard!
ʬ Custer's Last Stand : Documentary on the Life and Death of General Cus... via
Being awake at 11:30p on a Saturday night doing research for Colin's Last Stand makes me happy. History is all about tellin…
The servers are back up & the invisibility glitch has been fixed. The Dark Zone & Last Stand are back to normal! No…
Today, Macaulay Culkin is exactly as old as George Custer was the day of his Last Stand (13,352 days).
When the enemy you face is the one you least expect, Alpha's Last Stand narrated by David Horton
When the end of your quest is only the beginning, Alpha's Last Stand narrated by David Horton
see also: the clip of Tyrion slapping Joffrey for ten minutes set to Led Zeppelin's Achilles' Last Stand.
Has someone looped that guy punching the Nazi to Led Zeppelin's Achilles' Last Stand yet?
Cavett describes LITTLE BIG MAN as “TOM JONES goes to Custer’s Last Stand as told by Jane Fonda…”
Hi Ian, you can watch 'Bob Monkhouse: The Last Stand' just here: :)
Neocon's Last Stand: U.S., Poland accelerate deployment of troops from Fort Carson to Baltics
Army Corps gives the Left a Last Stand in North Dakota - Wall Street Journal
Catching up on mags, and omg. A Polygamist Cult's Last Stand: The Fall of Warren Jeffs via
Remarkably good read, lots of stuff in here: . Inside Donald Trump’s Last Stand: An Anxious Nominee Seeks Assurance
The view from Custer's Last Stand at Little Big Horn. Was it out of…
Something to ponder: More Than a Last Stand: Reflections from Little Big Horn Battlefield
Conquistador : Hernan Cortes, King Montezuma, and the Last Stand of the...
I liked a video from Last Stand hip hop beat test Produced by Geovanne
Last day today..come and see us at Stand E39 for all your & requirements produced by our fantastic team
"When you look me in the eyes like u did last night. I can't stand to hear u say goodbye. Well it feels so right" 🎶
I got one stand I put up just for him but last yr too hot no foggy mornings so took that 8 point instead
I will now name your baby. Give me a last name and the baby's gender.
I'm hoping this practice stops NOW. Young women tried to take a stand last year but were told it was "tradition."
I love all of them i was waiting for a song that will stand out to me like how exodus and hurt did in their last album but there were none
Stand out moment from last night's debate: Cameron voter grills him on uncontrolled immigration https:…
Last thing I'll post today - we're so excited we can hardly stand it!
Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power.
The last stand of the mighty Dwarfs
Instead, they looked at the map and said "Where should we die?" And picked the best place to make a last stand
The dead German soldier in this June 1944 photo was one of the "last stand" defenders of German-held Cherbourg. https:…
The UK is gone, Britain is nearly 70% and the are is in full effect - last stand!
. Never from first, stand on the last class 😉💙💙. Eat everything 💙💙🌸'. Yeah, Fighting my dear 💙🌸'. Jila will see later this time ..
Bernie's last stand is the best thing I've seen on snapchat
Where do the candidates stand in the delegate count after last night's primaries?
Not sure how to feel about the fact that the concession stand I work at locks from the outside & the last 3 nights someone has locked me in?
We seriously just paid our last bill to TWC & canceled earlier this week. Huge sports fan, I can't stand…
First Class, days of future past, wolverine origins, apocalypse, x-men, x-men2, wolverine, last stand, deadpool. Väl?
Just talked to savage my brother stand by his last name STRONG󾭞🏽
The last place you need to feel is down. you been there, you saw the evil, you felt the pain. No more, we can't stand for it
I was all Warriors last year, this year I am all Cavs... Go figure ! Don't like LBJ but can't stand those 3-pts junkies anymore.
This was LeBron (and the squad's) last stand. They played well once, but that's over. Warriors in 5.
HRC crushed Bernie's last stand in CA.
Life lesson from Judah last night: . It's okay to ask someone to stand just a little closer when…
GS y'all just going to stand around huh ??!!! I should SLAP every last one of y'all
I think watched Bo Burnham's last stand up so much that I can't compare his new one to it
I hope every last person hurt at trump rally sues city of san jose, pd& mayor 4 stand down orders that got them hurt h…
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
The DNC is the Last Stand for me. If we go down, we'll go down swinging. Then take the movement & go
Trump in last 2 weeks - incapable of focusing on IG report, attacking judge's heritage, a new stand on Libya - shows no g…
This is their last stand, and they are bringing everything they can to try to stop the inevitable. We need unity to keep each other safe.
A look in the stand of the UK during this last edition in
When a girl walks out after a 1 night stand it's called a "walk of shame" but if a guy does it, it's called the last time so…
Scary time in our history, last stand before total anarchy. Why we need before it's too late.
sorry, I said politics aside & I stand by that, if a judge boycotted me last year I'd expect him to recuse himself
*** you started last week 😂😂😂😂 I'm crying. It's seriously that good tho lol
I started season 1 like last week and I'm about to finish season 3 😳 & *** ya it's crazy. I can't believe some things.
I'd wanna be gene gray. she's a bad *** Especially in the last stand when she becomes the Phoenix.
Tried yet? . Fortunate to have had them in front of my stand at the expo last week 😁👌🏾
Bill Cosby Again Seeks to Have Indecent Assault Charge Dismissed: Cosby was ordered to stand trial in the case last month.
Buy tickets for Harry Leslie Smith: Harry's Last Stand. Here at The Arts Centre on 15th June ht…
Cussler's Last Stand: I have read every Clive Cussler novel featuring the character of Dirk Pitt. Back in the...
As someone who happily paid for Last Stand and X-Men Origins Wolverine, I'm obviously still seeing this. But yeah, agree.
here's me hoping for X-Men, Last Stand, and Wolverine: Origins. Sigh.
Yeah, I think with Last Stand it was just that and Superman Returns so much easier times!
Yeah. Def gonna end up around Last Stand on RT. The first Singer film below 76. Superman Returns.
Last Stand: Vikings that could be wearing purple for ..
Last Stand: Which might be wearing purple for the last time in 2016?
If you missed yesterday's service you can WATCH it now --> Love's Last Stand - Pastor Jay Haizlip --
Last Stand is Like Helm’s Deep with Rats in Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide
"Last Stand is like Helm's Deep with rats"
X-Men: First Class is much better than the Last Stand.
I prefer the Golden Maned Custer analogy in that famous bar room painting of Custer's Last Stand. His men look astonished.
Underground, Survival & Last Stand. Open new territory, unlock the Dark Zone & more! DLC £10 off WBW
"Victor's Last Stand" Marissa and Noah deliver the final blow on Victor
spoilers for week of Feb 29 - Victor Newman's Last Stand! Check out the new promo video. http…
George w. Joy's 'General Gordon’s Last Stand' (1885) - Miss this painting so much. Saw it in Leeds Gallery. A stunning one, of course.
- Last Stand of the Paris Commune. The page
Mitch McConnell and the Coal Industry’s Last Stand via
see a reenactment of Custer’s Last Stand at Little Big Horn. Travelscope at 8:30pm.
The Battle of the Greasy Grass/little Bighorn: Custer's Last Stand in Memory, Hi
They are..the smug columnists are a bit like Custer's Last Stand,we're like Lakota, Northern Cheyenne, and Arapaho
lmao. Watch it be a small cameo or a throwaway character appearance like every mutant in Last Stand
From Custer’s Last Stand to the death of Jesse James, this is a history of the West like no other
Looking forward to our gig with Heal the Last Stand next Saturday 7th November at the Wrexham Methodist Church.
I like you tonight you better have a lot to say. The Daily Show is one of the last (partially) unfiltered media I can stand.
Miss our last Here's wooden plant stand tutorial:
I'm still a little salty from last year can't stand royals lol
As much as I couldn’t stand Anika last season… I just want her to have some friends one time.
We make our 1st trip to Minnesota on October 22! Make sure it's not our last: let's pack
Last weekend I got roped into working the concession stand at a game. NEVER AGAIN.…
I like how Dems last nite wore their D rating by NRA as badge.Time has come to stand up to NRA abuses which are making US a Wild West.
The Last Great Stand » 150,000 Russian Troops in Syria with Chinese Aircraft Carrier and Iranians Backing Them -
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Normal is the last thing I want. I want to stand out.
The debate last night was horrible , nobody had the balls to stand up to Hillary
That last part Cookie said I can't stand to hear it. It gets too real.
Sadly after last night it's apparent Hilary will walk the floor on Bernie. He really doesn't stand a chance, he's a good guy.
The media at large has resorted to 1984 "good think" strategy as a last stand to control the "truth". This is so easily broken though
yep my tree stand slipped last year. I dropped probably 5 ft before it grabbed the tree again!
Can't stand when somebody asks me what time I work. The same *** time I been working the last 3.5 years. 💩 ain't changed. Ugh❕
Bye Royals, tonight will be your last stand!
You are listening to: Adelitas Way - Last Stand on
If 1d next album is named kinda like "it's not mine" or "just a fantasy" than u know it's the last one bc it ends the one night stand story
Last day of if you haven't popped by the stand we'd love to see you!
Check out Allevo at in less than 2 minutes - last day to have a chat at stand N49
WATCH: Anthony Azzopardi's Kevin in Bangkok had a stand-out win at last night. What a record he…
Not a fan. She gets on my last nerve. I can't stand drama queens.
Only one Dem candidate last night didn't promise to double down on all of Obama's failed policies, and he doesn't stand a chance.
isn't it ironic that sitting bull fought at Custer's last stand?
- You are finding a Pulse in an America thought to be Dead. It's the Heartbeat of the Last Stand. 🇺🇸
Patriots! If U watched the debate last night,U know this is the Last Stand!Good VS Evil!Win or All's Lost! It's Epic
Will Zeti leave office next year on a high or on a low from the weaker economy & controversies surrounding 1MDB?
I can do a hand stand and a split at the same *** time
I almost cried last week because you stand against rape, but puts u in a show glorifying it? Plz tell me it against that..
This is why being in school the last year for me has been an extreme, emotional roller coaster. I can not stand being away from my kids.
My upcoming album is part part Starts releasing this weekend!. My Last Stand on
So i live my life like every day is the last
I was proud to take this stand in last Thursday’s debate.
The *** hanging around the corndog stand at this year's Harvest Festival are way hotter than last year.
stand down to help homeless Read the last lines. This may be a problem for some.
Here are some more pictures from last week and this weeks events. Stand with us representative Rena came to...
lol it depends on ya last name tho cause I can't stand *** last names 😂😭😂
Come support our stand out seniors & last regular season home game this Friday vs Orchard Farm at 7pm! http:/…
Martin doesn't stand a chance! They ALL GAVE the nomination to Hillary last night! It's ALL a ploy 2 elect her!
Where the 2016 Presidential Candidates Stand on Climate Change: The first Democratic debate kicked off last ni...
I liked a video from Star Wars: Battlefront | "Last Stand of the Rebellion!" (Rogue
Words not heard during the last night, not surprising. Stand with Liberty, and freedom.
Thank you Bernie - You did a great job last night and made us PROUD- We stand by you -
I know that our Redeemer liveth & shall stand at last, put your trust (
A Master's Last Stand: Francesco Schettino, vilified for Costa Concordia casualty, speaks out
Visit the site of Custer's Last Stand at the Little Bighorn Battlefield NM
Excellent, exciting, witty Christian thriller. "Last Stand at Lighthouse Point" Read first three chapters
better brush up on the Sherman Anti Trust Act, Eli Whitney and Custer's Last Stand
It's officially the last day of summer! Rewind back to Summer's Last Stand with these Top Ten Moments via
Redskins: Peyton Manning's Last Stand (Rotoworld): Patrick Daugherty breaks down all of...
I love seeing a Vulcan in the air. It's beautiful. It's the rabid fanbase I can't stand. Remember Vulcangate last year?
Improvised mic stand at last nights gig
My stand on OROP has been consistent for the last 20 years and more.
Hamilton Collection
the i wore last night industry drinks .. today catwalk and stand B16 ht…
Last full week; go see 1315hrs at Opium, 1210hrs Stand 2, 1230hrs Voodoo Rooms
Some snaps from last Thursday's Get Up Stand Up! event on making black histories visible for those who missed it:
I wanted to get like everything at the merch stand last Thursday but I was standing there talking to Sam and kody and felt
On the third anniversary of conflict, let us stand and hope it will be the last. via
This book provoked the living day lights out of me. It is a must-read. 📚
Didn't her white, male husband stand for leader last time? Are we to vote for Yvette simply because she doesn't have a *** Dim
last rep just drove from the station shaking his head at people who dared to stand near his path out. Embarrasse…
I hope Mr. Coldeen fixed my schedule ever since last yr like I asked bc holy poop I do not want to stand next to sweaty bodies to fix it!
I'm not going to stand for these blk women laughing & having fun.Their enjoyment won't last. I'll get them kicked off h…
I respect people who have their 'last seen' and blue ticks on, cause then you know where you stand with them.
They have reasons they stand on. Something we can consider but they should really put opening the boxes as last option.
Stand Join her movement to ensure ALL girls have access to a quality education.
Harold playing with the mic stand last night! 😂 . This dork nevr act normal 😂 .
Our Get Up Stand Up event last week addressed some important debates around black history, identity and activist art.
-- bed with my foot] You're a lot lighter than my last one night stand. Hotter too. [Smoothing my hands over your round --
So greatful for bb recaps especially with the last two weeks as I can't stand the people in power but am still able to keep up
Stephen You had a tough week last week. I was trying to be supportive.I'll stand back and keep quiet.Onwards.
I really enjoyed the scenarios and the last stand was my fav! I had 3 Knights back to back in the middle and my scouts in woods 1/2
Last week to enter our competition and stand a chance to win a Linksys XAC-1200 Dual Band Smart Wi-Fi Modem Router.
5sos merch stand at the venue last night - Emily ❤️
Thousands throng Lime Street to see the last Home Guard parade through the city in Dec 1944 before their stand-down
This time last year he couldn't stand up, this week he's bought his very own 🙏🙏
Last day of this page folks! Come over to Duncan Phillips Music for all activity on Duncan Phillips and The Long Stand.
$DAX 10,000 is the last stand for Bulls. Looks like it will be tested.
Can't stand when people change there mind at the last minute about something
Last night I was at the ER, cause I threw up and was so weak and dizzy I couldn't stand up.
Last chance to register for we are stand Join us there!
Last I heard he walked into the biggest frat and hit an 80 second keg stand
"drilling boreholes that last a lifetime" with at 2pm & 4pm today. Stand B9 - UPGro-RWSN
.& will battle it out for Group B's top-spot in the last game, but as things stand it's Pirat…
Two perspectives from the bar on the criminal action:.
If anything, it's a natural extension of Physical Graffiti. Achilles Last Stand and Hots On For Nowhere are two of Zeppelin's best.
Days of Future Past, as Bryan Singer repaired the damage done by X-Men: Last Stand in style
My shortlist for Metal Gear Rising stuff would've been Last Stand, Double Cross, and Danger Patrol
So fantastic four was wasn't awful but it's down there a about 10 notches above Last Stand and X-Men Origins.
F4 was easily better than Green Lantern, X-Men: Origins, X3: Last Stand, Daredevil, etc.
Trail to Wounded Knee: The Last Stand of the Plains Indians 1860-1890 (National
The Joint Chiefs of Staff are the Last Stand against a Bad Nuclear Deal with Iran
fighting against a coalition of Native American tribes. The battle is popularly known in American history as "Custer's Last Stand."
Sleuthing the Alamo: Davy Crockett's Last Stand and Other Mysteries of the Texas
I'm going to at Last Stand - Qantas Credit Union Arena in Darling Harbour Nsw, Australia - Dec 17
Check out this great item: Last Stand: Bolos 4 [Bolo Keith Laumer,David Weber, S. M. Stirling
X-Men: Days of Future Past is 3rd best film of the franchise I think, after First Class and Last Stand
"For I know that my Redeemer lives, and at the last He will stand upon the Earth." - Job 19:25
❇❇❇ Sanders: Stand Up to Wall Street, Break Up Big Banks: Speaking last night at the…
yea. Had a crazy dream last night I quit in some sort of crazy stand.
Started watching Ghost Hunters with my gf since last week. She likes it, but now I have to stand by the bathroom whenever she goes lol.
When INDIANA Played as Road Underdog - Last 4 years - Coming off 1 game home stand - Coming off 1 ATS win: OU is 1-9-1.
I wish we had business leaders who would take a stand on ANY issue. Last I remember was Ackerman
"And I wanna stand so much closer than you would ever let me..." -Original **last few days to vote for me a...
VIDEO: David Lee Roth smashes his mic stand in to his nose last night while taping for Kimmel. via
like I said in your last one we're both not people person. I can't latterly stand going in side stores on less it's hot topic.
In the last days, Israel will stand alone?
Who's gonna stand in the gap in theses last days?
games like last Saturday night and A-I semi 2011 stand out for being rare
he is &he's one of my favs also.I was introduced to his stand up comedy last year,I think he'll be great for the position.
The verdict is still out on Trevor Noah. I watched his stand up special last night. I guess...
- I looked at his stand ups on YouTube last night and he's funny as ***
MISSING: 'Admiral Ackbar' action figure. Last seen: 1983. THE TRUTH WILL COME OUT!. (Stand down - turns out it's in my …
Thanks GK, much appreciated. I can't stand the the uncleanliness of the coaches, and the last driver smelt of Wotsits.
Stand Up Tall by Dizzee Rascal is in Anytime Fitness, High Wycombe. Download it now at
I've Actually realised so much things over the last few months and I actually can't stand some people 😂😂
So apparently I forgot to turn my phone off last night and it lost 10% battery power just sitting on my night stand 😑
Someone in New Mexico threw a banana peel at Dave Chappell during his stand up last night. Way to go, NM, you're a bunch of racist ***
FTFY, one last time. MT I stand with Cisgender heterosexual privilege is worth protecting.
Lets go Michigan State, win the NCAA Men's Championship. The last team from a Blue state! Stand up for working families!
Really can't stand people who cancel plans last minute. 🔫
Last day to donate to indiegogo! Help stand with women as they fight for rights
.to NJ Dems: Be bold! As notes, last night he was electric! Thanks!
Then I said "Lol the second time was the last time tho , So its a 2 night stand"
so I need to stand outside for about 20 mins to get sum vitamin D mines was a 9 last week.😔😔
The first amendment is still valid, the last time I checked. .
I don't know where I stand with you, nor do I know what I mean to you. All I know is that every time I think of you, I want…
As things stand last night, APC has 95.6% in my state. Borno! Lest hear the final result.
I almost threw up during sws yesterday so for the last 3 songs I had to literally stand there completely still ugh
You are lol for the last three days the lefts been bent out of shape for a law th…
Today is the last day to rebook the same stand you had for Business East 2015 so don't miss out and call us on 01206 752443!!
Achilles Last Stand and royal Orleans were incredible. Daily tracks to listen to
Cumulative 14/15 soybean inspections stand at 1628.5 mln bu, 153mln ahead of last. year’s pace.
Today is the most saddest day that Ive been through last year during final exam. I cant even stand by…
After last night I now have 6 pair of Oakley and I need a stand now
Charlotte has the same problem. Curren$y came last week and I had to stand through 3 hours of openers
When is the last time you stood up and fought!? It's time to Stand Up for Ted Cruz!
"Presence" was released on this day in 1976 and contains my favorite Zeppelin tune, "Achilles Last Stand."
How upon safely last shift leaving out conjoint stand for as far as ancillary with-it australia: oAZCNW
And Pakistan will always stand by them,unlike India who tries to suppress them,British Raj didn't last nor will your occupation
Last day of in Orlando today. If you've not already visited the Spooner stand come and see us on booth 630
The talks stand a good chance if none of the parties try to raise the stakes at the last moment. The balance must …
Didn't really know who he was until last night. Very funny. Will need to check him out. Love live stand up.
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
JFK was the last US president to stand for the people and not corporations
I am one happy camper -my Eric Pooh proposed last night!!! I love him so much and I can't stand it!!!
Last sunset view from where I stand. . Instagram :
" This isn't the last of One Direction ". Zayn you're the one who said it but you didn't stand for it 😡😡😡.
It's officially an APC state like I said last night. Just gubernatorial left. "Benue state where do you stand
Listen I'm here for Trevor Noah. I listened to several of his stand ups last night and was crying laughing.
I doubt if they are hungry. Too 20 mins to get a pie in North stand last night.
Ofcourse you can be unhappy with player's performances. But the last thing you do is insult them and hit their cars. . S…
.They're parallel figures, it's true. X-Men: Last Stand made Jean Grey like Scarlet Witch, right down to the red costume.
Awesome Tower Defense game for Wii U, ZaciSa's Last Stand is still on sale for 2 more weeks!
The shamrocks are TOTALLY dancing in time with Enter The Haggis - Marti's Last Stand. Adorable!
“I've never read a book with so many things worth quoting. Harry's Last Stand by Harry Leslie Smith
Harry's Last Stand by Harry Leslie Smith. We must all do something as worthy as this with our political voices. http:/…
ICYMI: Here is my story on a truly inspiring guy, Harry Leslie Smith, author of Harry's Last Stand.
Oh good, the guy responsible for X-Men origins, Last Stand, not having Deadpool green lit, and hating Comic books...
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
I suddenly remember that X-Men the Last Stand exists and I want to punch out Brett Ratner
And from Amanda Kendal: Harry's Last Stand by Harry Leslie Smith "short, clear, beautifully written, passionate and mov…
I don't see how anyone can glorify Custer's Last Stand. For Pete's sake the man graduated last in his class at West Point. He was a dunce!!!
After the Battle of Little Bighorn aka Custer's Last Stand, the Cheyenne and Lakota fami...
Whenever I feel my foot fall asleep and I feel that buzzing feeling I like to let it last and see how long I can stand it. Lol
I know people say it's "just a game," but until white people stand up and denounce the events in Columbus last...
Don't have to. Decked both of them. Stand up to bully's. Never throw the first punch, but be sure to throw the last.
Big thanks to everyone who came to visit my stand at Top Drawer London in the last three days. Lovely new...
yeah and it's all stand seats for season tickets I should know have 4 for last 5 years
just started to watch the last few mins of normally can't stand it BUT KTHopkins is making it worth while
I want Ariana to just stand on the stage with a microphone and sing her heart out to one last time acoustically, at the grammys
3:02pm. Mw2. Salvum shoots someone, but that person drops into last stand. "At least you got a second chance." Salvum sighs.
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