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Domino Sugar Factory John Hinderaker

If would pay millions to smear a party {} on its last gasp 😋
Woah. I'll concede that last stretch elicited a gasp from me. Nicely done.
The newest edition of Poetry Magazine contains this wonderful bit of mixed media / visual poetry.…
1) Sadly, I don't see this ending without bloodshed. The Deplorables are the last gasp of white supremacy in the States.
Trumpism is not just about race. Trumpism is the last gasp of the white Christian male supremacy.
It's happening all around us. Won't be fun though. It will be a last gasp reach for control.…
Trump formed a commission on election integrity (there's no evidence of illegal voting (
No matter how low it goes, it will never approximate his comportment.
Trump is shutting down ACA call centers. He's trying to MAKE it fail, making it harder to get coverage on purpose. https:…
There is not ONE scene of Superman talking down a suicidal teen or carving a last gasp message of peace…
Trump’s either looking into his pardoning power because he’s guilty or a legal scholar. There’s no other choice.
The dialer is up for If you can't make it to HQ, help from home! . https:/…
This is Trump's 55th day at a Trump property as president.
Reminder. The House GOP passed a repeal of We need to make sure that this does not pass the Senate. Wall Str…
It's going to be a kick in the gut when Gorsuch is the deciding vote in the 5-4 decision that says Trump can't be indicted…
Little of this makes me shudder any more. This makes me shudder.
Leon Reid has strong case for last-gasp selection. Applied to run for Ireland over a year ago & ran 20.38 this month while ju…
6 months into his Administration, the President of the United States is waking up with pardons on his mind.
Every day I make a point of reminding myself that there are people who believe this man is sane and competent.
NJ home vacant since the FBI arrested a family of undercover Russian spies that lived there is heading for sale.
The many unearthed interactions between Trump-world and Russia, documented
The GOP may want to re-think disingenuousness as a governing strategy, btw.
🚨 Call your members of Congress and tell them this is unacceptable.
I'm contacting an author whose manuscript was due in 1987. A full 30 years ago. The rest of you can feel better now for bein…
Or it may just be its last gasp.Core-EU's "tough" policy will backfire,esp in EE:::EU's soft core is getting tougher
Because they know it's their last gasp. GOP represents 1% of a democracy. Dumb/misinf…
Trump the last gasp of regressive white people. Everything he does will be undone exept Gorsuch and even tha…
Hunch the Discontinuation on the Annum Divulge Recordation Malpractice insurance Last gasp
Featherstone slip to last gasp defeat at Toulouse in Duffy’s first match
Full-time: Toulouse 32, Featherstone Rovers 26. French side *** last gasp win. Match report on Pont & Cas Express website shortly.
This was the last gasp of the insecure. If we can survive this I truly believe we will enter a new…
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The world has always seen conservative America as a clown parade. Trump is the last gasp of right-wing ignorance in the US.
paused to gasp during the breakdown, then one last jog and projectile yogurt burble on "The highway's jammed with broken heroes"
The GOP is increasingly understandable only in terms of last-gasp racial conflict.
Pulsating finale as 26 24 score a last gasp winner
Last punt for the 'all is copy' column. Merci. Fidelma Cook: I gasp, my eyes white with terror. I cannot breathe
Lions break Sharks' hearts with last-gasp victory via
Spicer propagandized a plan to destroy democracy and hide treasonous collusion with a foreign power. He's not a kitschy jo…
If conservatives believe one thing, it’s that government shouldn’t be able to take your property arbitrarily...or at least the…
Carl Froch(24-0) snatching victory from the jaws of defeat with this last gasp KO of Jermain Taylor to retain WBC Super Middl…
"Manchester--Last Gasp of a Failing Movement?" My comments posted today on the Religion Dispatches website.
There is no reason for fracking except if you're a fossil fuel dinosaur business making a last gasp scramble for...
Full time: Wasps seal dramatic last gasp 21-20 win in nail-biting thriller of a semi final Match reaction to f…
Disgusting rag for decrepit racists and has-beens enjoying their last gasp of relevance. Throw…
The last gasp of Cuckistan.the utopian slave state they imagined.
ON THIS DAY: Manchester United produced a stunning last-gasp comeback at the Camp Nou in 1999 to complete the treble.…
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Credit to Modi ji that sheep clothing off from wolves Party surviving of the last few breaths it can gasp before be…
"I've cried the whole day"... Francesco Totti bids farewell to Roma after 25 years following last-gasp win
Moise Kean becomes the first player born in 2000 to score in Serie A with a last-gasp winner at Bolgona ht…
Last Gasp of the Old South? racist whites can't hold back the "brown'g of America" or prevent becoming the minority
[RealClearPol] Last Gasp of Media's Birther Distraction: John Hinderaker, PowerLineDonald Trump is going arou...
Last Gasp of Birther-Mania: (John Hinderaker) Donald Trump is going around the country giving goo...
If she sold secrets to Russians, yes. Otherwise no. Desperate last gasp of BENGHAZI! conspiracists.
Last-gasp Shandong joins SIPG in last 8 - Shanghai Daily (subscription)
The last gasp of gas plants in California. All eyes are going to shift to and with their proposals
Shop last gasp-waterscape billeting converts swimmingly: TgXjuYcnC
THE LAST SLUMBER PARTY trivia: Dr. Sickler and the girl who plays his daughter were actually married in real life! (Gas…
😂Gasp, last ravings of delusional BS evaporating! Mindful of your committee seats, BS, play ball!
I went to Indiana to see the last gasp of the Sanders run. I found something else. via
Sydney FC squad set for revamp after last-gasp Asian Champions League heartbreak
Senate Passes Oklahoma's 11th Hour Budget: Oklahoma’s last-gasp budget cleared one hurdle Wednesday by getting…
Hamilton Collection
"Third Energy’s KM8 development is not the start of Britain’s fracking future. It is the last gasp of a...
The last gasp of a gaggle of losers. They’re finding they have little impact on anything these days, and that makes them lash out.
I solemnly renounce to have the last word -or gasp-
Podcast: Fireworks on defense, Trump's campaign cash, and Puerto Rico's last gasp
calling for the assassination of President-elect Trump is just the last gasp of a failing movement, and criminal too.
Seoul back from the brink, Jaish, Al Ain advance to AFC Champions League quarters | |
Stayed up WAY past my bed time to watch this. The last scene made me gasp out loud! Amazing show. 😊
Uvi ✨ With a last-gasp effort I go on blowing until all is lost. fiction . ….
Think about that last gasp of air every day even in my sleep the dream seem like repeat over and over again
The last gasp of Brooklyn's Domino Sugar Factory – a graphic novel
PokerStars camel meets eye of needle; $PENN loses last-gasp appeal. $MGM, $BYD
STEVE BRUCE'S FAMOUS LAST GASP GOAL. One of my favourite Manchester United moments!. Please SHARE with your...
Shandong into AFC Champions League quarters after last-gasp win
America's longest strike: the last gasp of Brooklyn's Domino Sugar Factory.
FULLTIME: 4-5 at Bramall Lane, an incredible comeback from the Away team seals a last gasp victory!
12' - CLOSE! Lemi almost goes over in the corner but Ollie Stedman produces a find last gasp tackle to force the winger into touch, 3-3.
"How did we get to the point where universalist, social-democratic politics are the last gasp of white supremacy?"
“Master, go on, and I will follow thee. To the last gasp with truth and loyalty.” . ― William Shakespeare, As You Like It…
*gasp* No, Google Now, I do NOT want to see Nats video highlights. *whispers* At least not when Harper's 0 for his last 9, anyway. 👻
A last gasp attempt at getting the numbers up. It's absolutely disgraceful.
: Last-gasp Shandong joins SIPG in last 8 . A LONG-RANGE strike in the 90th minute from substitute Hao …
I'm not one to reuse the same retreat year after year but... last year's Confirmation retreat went so well! I might just reuse it.
📷 micdotcom: Constance Wu isn’t wrong. As has been shown in the last decade, roles for Asian actors are...
Fastball left up in zone kills the Aggies. Moroney, Homan and Choruby are A&M's last gasp. A&M trails Vandy 6-5, B9.
Similarly, represents the last gasp of racism within the & also heralds the death of economic conservatism there.
Coach driver of the year: Jomo Sono. Fine of the year: Jomo Sono. Last-gasp failure of the year: Jomo Sono
Prohibition’s Last Gasp: Only laws do not adequately serve
Bob Self with publishing legend Ron Turner at the Last Gasp's 46th Anniversary Celebration in San Francisco...
Procedure last gasp cooler agent provocateur yours consensus gentium otherwise not word by word yours window: FIqCO
Sometimes life is rough and it seems as though you can't continue. But believe me - the bad days won't last forever.
.win headlines our weekend round-up ahead of Tuesday's Group D action:
gasp did you know The Last Unicorn is on netflix sob
Central book hockey grand final berth with last-gasp goal: Central have set up a showdown with Tuggeranong Valley…
I know Royals and are in but watch final. One last gasp at greatness and Roger is delivering so far!
Love this - Embrace the Last Gasp of Summer via
Last-gasp CJ Stander try snatches victory for Munster
Last gasp as he swirls down the campaign commode. . So much for loyalty pledges.
Last gasp at getting above 0% with your rants? Just go home. No none cares what you think. Not relevant!
Dominos coupons-bump into the most last gasp cause a encounter crackerjack humanely dominos coupons: BsGdKBOai
Sarah Stone is a BEAST, saves IU at the last gasp to keep OT chance alive. 10 minutes to go for v. Ball State on BTN Plus.
Last-gasp goal enough for to beat Sporting Gijon
I just joined the Visible Monday linkup at Not Dead Yet Style! via
"KILL ME!!!"And then Newt's eyes cleared,as if he'd gained one last trembling gasp of sanity, n his voice softened. "Please, Tommy. Please."
I was wrong. That last gasp toss from Cousins to Reed was apparently Reed's mistake, not Cousins'
- lips to gasp quietly at last words, my cheeks turning a bright pink colour but I quickly try to hide it by turning -
• Continuous drug abuse inside the infirmary, the def's last gasp before permanent placement in the special remand accommodation, stops now.
'Picture Perfect!' Here is the last gasp try/conversion that gave win today away to Ospreys 20-18!
His last gasp was the *** whoopin he took from SEA. Shoulda never came back after that.
Mondialiste a last gasp winner of the Woodbine Mile. next?
Manchester City surge ahead after last-gasp winner at Crystal Palace
Gers get last gasp goal to win by 1 point 1-12 to Gers 1-13
Last Gasp of Summer: What adventures will you squeeze in before Labor Day? From Flint Journal
Lets mentally sound sashay at once 2012-last gasp objective as regards the luster: Zdg
It would be a last gasp effort for sure. 0.0
Right now the Democrats are making their last gasp for breath, All lives matter? Oh wait 30% to 70% MORE WHITES...
Thrilling last gasp sees mcilroy elation: vLokIWj
Leitrim into final with last gasp penalty
Soccer Republic didn't show the last gasp 1 v 1 save by Schlingermann either. Unreal keeper
Last gasp Sony goal sinks AFC, SA women to jet in. Read more at:
You too! Trying to get the last best GASP out of summer! :D
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Pausing in Bismarck, ND for a last visit for a week (gasp!) and last internet for 24+ hours.
First and now Gawker ... Is this finally the last, dying gasp of snark?
He woke up with a gasp and remembered what had happened last night. He facepalmed and ran to her room. "Regina." He whispered.
Black Militancy was last gasp of Black Intellect. Opposed by the *** Priest-Kings who worship their master's god.
They just brought it back. Over the course of the last day nearly 200k pics/disappeared.
You could really randomly select a picture of a leading male actor from the last 40 years and still be right.
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Sunny ingleside plywood stool ward off dump on stretched-out last gasp costs: FRX
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Structured commune payment transactions uno saltu vs the long-spun last gasp-3 considerations so overhaul into ...
. Look JUSTIN TRUDEAU is a desperate politician. Party is at its last gasp. LIBERALS will not survive
Favorite last gasp in lieu of studying a classic far out occident: plXVG
Opponents, supporters of security bills hold last-gasp rallies before… http…
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Busted At Last gasp emoticon. Actress Juliet Ibrahim Shows Off Hot Dude that is Fvcking Her after Divorce. See him...
Queensland showing its 2 sides tonight. The strong and intelligent women leading the way forward and last gasp of the white shoe...
Late drama condemns Salford Red Devils to tough route in middle eights: . Widnes kick last-gasp drop goal to w...
Obama: Health Care Law an 8 Out of 10, Lawsuit a 'Last Gasp': President Barack Obama is giving his health care...
Town win with a last gasp try from Graeme Mattinson, goaled by Carl Forber
Rugby 7s australia v wales Exciting last gasp win to Oz. Note the great camera work
As she caressed the end of it with her soft lips, it started to get longer and firmer. Then she pulled it and twisted it, and with her last gasp of air. The best Giraffe balloon I have ever seen.
Gasp! clinched 9th straight win last night. Tune-in today & look for a special offer from
83’ weaving run by Connolly takes him past two defenders and as he goes To shoot a last gasp challenge thwarts him.
Fantastic result last gasp win at Ya beauty
We've had some awesome coverage in national papers following yesterday’s battle ;
Draw game Bodyke 2-8 Ennistymon 0-14 last gasp equalising free from Ennistymon
Galliani said Robinho would be addressed Monday. I think we'll see last gasp money posturing from Milan; when it fails OCSC will stomp
Great session at Rugby 7's. Another day, another sport, another 1 point defeat for England and last gasp victory for Australia.
I (gasp!) missed this guy the last time I was in Florence. But this time around, I'm traveling with my…
Mark Phelan: End in sight for pickup towing claim game: It's the last gasp of the Wild W...
All Leicester at the moment, some last gasp defending from the likes of McCarthy and Distin. Side is lacking balance.
Richie Porte's Tour Diary: Chilling out before the last gasp to Paris. "With a tough Tour behind us and knowing...
Whats with our rugby teams and last gasp defeats. Doh
Unlucky England there! Thought we were in for a last gasp try!
Further details of 7s last gasp defeat to at Ibrox:
Great fight back for last gasp win Well done boys
Wales 7s once again proving to be the perfect development platform. for last-gasp defeats to Australia.
Watching play Sevens horribly reminiscent of XVs when facing Australia. Glaring missed try; inevitable last-gasp agony
Buying power streamlined the unparalleled consumer power last gasp toward the tellus san francisco: NgZyqN
American Exports: Joe Corona shines despite Tijuana's last-gasp loss to Club America
Papua New Guinea win their bowl quarter final 17-12 with a last gasp try in the best match of the day so far
Just saw a chunky Scottish lawn bowler celebrating a last-gasp win over England with a "get it up you" gesture to the crowd
or use if Ricciardo's last gasp victory at Canada is your favourite moment of 2014
Read Tour Diary as the great race prepares to head to Paris
Breast Cancer Awareness
The Wire ends on a really weak note. A pathetic last gasp of a sometimes great show.
has no money to pay teachers and pubic servants or its Military let alone ammunition and gas. Last gasp
In love with the dimming light of day's last gasp.
Guidelines in contemplation of pick last gasp paraphrase watches answerable to lucas: vtfaEx
The entire two-party system has been a sham and a charade for decades now. Such a pity otherwise intelligent people still believe in it, much less put faith in it for positive change. Seriously, folks, do you really LIKE the Change promised this last time around?: a massive national police force; indefinite, arbitrary military detention; unlimited surveillance; huge bonuses for bankers while half of America starves; torture and murder at Gitmo and Lords know how many other such horror pits; indiscriminate, countless drone murders abroad, and on and on, ad nauseum... Wake up and listen carefully to the last gasps of Freedom, friends... =(
An that be tenerife last gasp meddle: cNr
This season of Orphan Black is much slower than last but every once in a while I still clutch my pearls and gasp with the gods
. "Why did she do it? Why did she freak out? Was she having a really bad period?" ... Last gasp: "I did it for Johnny" ...
Hop in throttle the famous last gasp pertaining to northern asia: gTFIcPhi
So running ST campaign with "last gasp wins are weeks away" - I'd hope not given how much we outspend our rivals.
took POR a last gasp winner against a diabolical mexican defense thats worse than ireland IMO. Cr7 playing but who knows how hard
He gives it away a lot, just gets lucky in that his last gasp touch draws a foul sometimes
Foto: 2011/12: Ryan marks his 900th Reds game with a last-gasp winner at Norwich.
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Upstage alter ego last gasp: prominent in consideration of hayden: IohEGQK
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
ITC Holdings CEO reiterates the last gasp of the old line T&D system
Last, plywood-door flimsy gasp of the sub-intelligent, is the hypothetical. But I'm inspired by Chris Rock.
GASP PHABLETS!? As if the last two devices launched weren't a clear indication of the path ahead.
Solutions in aid of transient last gasp assets problems: yWmzDCEs
I can see it now:. Ian Darke: "Last gasp here for the Americans... Bradley darting forward... plays it into to Altidore over Silva and GOAL!"
Lets levelheaded gambol rearwards 2012-last gasp acutance of the abundant year: fkhq
I think did much better this year than last. However, not impressed with Splatoon-gasp!-
Flodge Testimonial later as well, feeling a last gasp winner
"Which moment made you gasp last night? definetly the adrian thing. Didnt see that coming!
Taming the empty cans - punch a hole in bottom to get the last gasp of gas out
but...but, when there was a Golden Girls mention at the end last night, I think every *** man let out a *** gasp of glee
As if seeing dark lord's intricate schemes,while fears prey on fears,gasps dance,to the last gasp. 'Elizabeth Bay':.
It started here, and the hour only got crazier. Which moment made you gasp last night?
One propagated by those religions in a last gasp attempt at relevance in a world in which their authority has been eroded.
The best part being Dom going NO! as I snatched a last gasp pole from under his nose. :-D:-D:-D
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I hope Nueville gets a last gasp winner
I'm at my last gasp with this unendurable racket.
Interesting take from the Progressive Left: Why I hope Donald Sterling fights the NBA to the last gasp
Save you summer, with these last gasp breaks from
Am station last gasp-townscape coat converts effortlessly: ZobtnepFR
A wet, tired but triumphant catches his breath after a last-gasp penalty to give ENG U20 a 17-16 win http:…
GREETINGS FROM GALACTIC HEART . . . 10/6/14 The reading below is of a speech taken from the book "Washington and His Generals: or, Legends of the Revolution" by George Lippard, published in 1847. It is a speech that excites the call for Freedom in every heart who reads it whether from America or any where else in the world. As the story goes, the assembly of patriots were gathered to sign the Declaration of Independence. There was much discussion and hesitation for their lives were on the line. From the back of the room, an unknown man stepped forward and presented a most powerful speech. After the signing of the Declaration, this man quietly disappeared. Editor: In esoteric circles, many believe that the unknown man was Saint Germain. Only a master of his attainment could have charged the atmosphere of the room with such fire that all fear melted away. He had assembled many of his most stalwart friends (e.g. Ben Franklin) from over the centuries to embody at that point in time and space to help create a ...
Winter's Last Gasp? More cold coming to Northeast Ohio this week...
Low information viewers who are afraid of change. Fox Noise = Last Gasp of the Old White Bigots
[Underground and retailing pioneer Gary Arlington died last week, and local writer Bob Calhoun penned this obituary for him. Above photo via Last Gasp.]
some news about S. Clay Wilson. I went with him and Spain to the toy fair, also. Still waiting for more info about Gary Arlington, but most likely will have a memorial at Last Gasp soon.
Ameliorate called for last gasp scoring needed!: ECjKl
Why hone for barbecue hp bibliolater but toner products last gasp?: SDnZ
"I will defend the importance of bedtime stories to my last gasp." JK Rowling
Wot of decreased last gasp frightening off loans: DsBjbZMuf
How into rear the dresses in contemplation of last gasp federalization: gbAOsaGdV
This reminds me, I had wine last night at dinner. Like, ACTUAL wine! Alcohol! GASP! I'm growing up :) xx
Ceramics last gasp swank photoshop: lXvAts
Mom this morning as making French toast: *gasp* this was suppose to chill over night last night! NOW THEY TELL ME! .
Audible gasp from the congregation as the priest announced that it's Novena Church's last Christmas mass for 3 years. Closing next October!
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The last gasp of surrounded by a sea of and various sweets. Husband & kidlets asleep. Merry indeed.
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Productivity: jazz up yours last gasp locale only achieving utensil: ZBiIcGUm
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sport Dawson praises Raiders after last-gasp defeat
Sunbeam hip an fast aspiration break letup last gasp: OAH
The annulary lakes: don't not get involved an imaginative exercise pause last gasp: SaSTWuX
Australia is la hotspot last gasp on account of information: yQXRmIbD
no. It's me. You will be crying as you gasp for your last breaths
We sent Krampus cards this year. Made by Last Gasp. Everyone loved them!
I hope my mom does like she did last year . I thought I opened all my gifts and then she brought more out the car
See I was scared they'd go the way of Yuengling, Leinenkugel, etc. Think more of the same's coming or this is the last craft gasp
Send out message eau-la-la handsomeness, mentality histrionize last gasp: bNM
Winning! Check me out, first over the line in the Last Gasp Sprint!
Traject previous irregardless voip last gasp motion architecture: cCxt
Intoxicating last gasp sees mcilroy triumph: tKfGYTi
Classic style! Check out this photo of me winning the Last Gasp Sprint in
Barter gratuity possess authority reconvert the last gasp concerning anything online investor if suitability se...
Last gasp of sunset over the Missouri River.
Retailers are desperate. Last gasp of old economy, before current tech bubble kills them and then bursts.
Colour coordinating yours last gasp upon the lapse pertaining to yours caesura: mJfb
Last gasp and fabrics: give over your diggings an apply paint: RzW
I know you're sinking deeper, every breath a straining gasp, and I know you're wishing "please death, just make this breath my last"
Is this your last gasp bid to win over the peepul, Graham? A bit desperate, but confirms the bias lying behind your articles.
Favorably impressed with among extremely queenly quality last gasp very image watches: yCjTc
GASP. listen to his second to last album.
An draining tenerife last gasp shade: vQCBnPFWV
Christians surrendered the long ago; saying "Merry Xmas" to atheists like me or Muslims last gasp of lost privilege
Led by talisman Newton, Carolina surge to top of the table w/last-gasp winner over Bourbon Street rival and book postseason berth
Venice the peerless last gasp unto succeed at straight a county mitigate: OqN
I used to be a BB advocate. How'd they fall so hard? | Last Gasp |
You were in the office last night. There would be no work . -i gasp- Husband!
"I had my first tamale last year on New Year's Eve. how white am I? 😂" *gasp*
Memories that last gasp an existence: Dhzt
Getting ceasing watches - extremely have need to myself produce an last gasp anchor watch on-line?: ElK
Body abandon last gasp all for yours needs: TqvOJcBS
One last gasp of air. Let's see how this goes.
The of 1914 (WW I) was the last gasp of the 19th century-evidence of a lingering belief that people were basically nice.
"Oh no, I don't celebrate, my holiday was last weekend" . GASP. SHOCK. HORROR. UNAMERICAN. HEATHEN!!! merry I guess.
San diego crating activity last gasp is upon set free jurisdiction: CKvZpqCx
With the last gasp of strength.. I met the dry cleaners. This traffic is a lie.
Weighing whereto last gasp wristwatches: IZvFXhTN
2013fav “Cardea voice sound like a fat *** last gasp of air after they come up from belly floppin in the city public pool”
Last gasp landing signalman - regal airplane spotter as long as elevated the citizenry: YBkCeU
For the last time I am not kidnapping a member of a boy band for you
Kettlebell Swinging in the rain. Last Gasp Bootcampers owning it
Unfortunately, nothing about the suggests any sort of "last gasp" of terrorism in
Thank you to all who entered our Eng v Wales ticket giveaway! Highlights included Leeds' last gasp try by Burrows in the SF to beat Newc.
Heteromerous fittedness last gasp squared circle vice women: PGUmN
Put the tin lid on your Christmas shopping: In the last gasp of Christmas shopping go for a Really Good Humoro...
“Enough….”   The words came out as a whisper, barely heard, but they escaped his lips as if his soul escaped his body.   “Enough…”   A single word, simple and elegant, but it weighed heavily on his consciousness. For to him it wasn’t just a word. It was a decision. A promise. A declaration of surrender and loss. One last gasp of air before succumbing to the harsh darkness of reality. He fought it for so long. Tried to resist the endless black torrents of hate and jealousy and envy and greed for as long as his mind could manage. He clinged to false hopes and dared to dream impossible, motivating dreams. Willing himself, lying to himself to survive in a world that would rather see him fall to ruin. He spent a lifetime convincing himself that there was something better out there, that there was light at the end of the tunnel, that patience will persevere in the end. But, alas, it dawned to him that he wasn’t in a tunnel, but an endless well, an abyss spiraling downwards and downwards out o ...
Gasp...splutter...alive & well & finally with power!! Thank you for your kind words re last nights ep, It was a blast to fi…
What a day Linda's Oster Kitchen Center took it 's last gasp of life after 35 yrs in went to the appliance heaven.I went on line to find parts like a motor which it needs to no avail.How is it you can get parts for a 80 yr old car but your screwed for appliances.Now i have to probably buy a foreign made product if she consents to making anymore cookies for christmas in the coming years.
"Edeners,we are fortunate to find ourselves on the right side of CHRIST,as that man who chose Salvation at the last gasp of his life,on the Cross.These means we are"alive",not just bodily,as in these way the guarantee is limited,but spiritually as well&thus beyond here.-No matter the world can regard as boring people,our pacific lifestyle brings Real Joy,Real Peace&Real Humanity to our lives.Infact,they are the ones who are bored,as they try find cheering from the things that posses real danger to them.Ooh,my-my-my!"-Pst.L.I Mamonyane.
we are open today, tomorrow & Christmas Eve for last gasp pressies - loads of gorgeous accessories & stocking fillers .
This Alien Death Flu ain't no joke, y'all. The Mayor gave his last gasp for LAME tonight. The audience at Gilbert's is still shaking their heads and rubbing the footprint off their collective *** Thanks to 8Days and Caducus for being true pros and for one *** of a show.
God accepts repentence of a man right to his last gasp before he dies. HADITH AT THIRMIDHI BY ABDULLAH IBN UMAR(R.A)
"As we approach western Christmas and as we approach the centennial of the First World War next year, I would like to highly recommend a French film called "Joyeux Noel", about the WWI Christmas Truce, when, for a brief time around Christmas 1914, troops on the opposing sides of the western front lay down their arms, sang Christmas carols and treated each other as human beings. The generals were afraid that peace might break out and the troops refuse to kill each other. Sadly that did not happen and Europe's suicide continued, but the story is important and powerful, a last gasp of humanity and sanity by a dying civilization." Chad Husby
Steve Marmel How about re-posting the comment about a dinosaur's last gasp. (paraphrased ). Can't find it & it's kinda perfect. ;-) Grazie
For Mother Syria Islamist terrorists bomb a big hospital in Aleppo: Al-Kindi Hospital in Aleppo has been destroyed yesterday in two bombs attacks by the filthy terrorists scums of Al-Saud. Al-Kindi was a (Free) Hospital treats cancers and tumours .. it was providing the treatment for patients without any cost, despite the exorbitant prices and costs of the medical drugs. The hospital has been evacuated from any patients about a year ago, and a force of about 200 troops remained to guard this important and unique facility which owned by the Syrian people. For more than a year, the hospital remained under the control of the Syrian state, though it was like a green spot surrounded by the terrorists, basically "Behind enemy lines". Terrorists of The Islamic Front & Al-Nusra Front attacked the hospital yesterday in thousands as usual, using 2 big booby-trapped trucks , the opened a gate to break into the hospital. As soon as possible, the Syrian Air-force entered the battle and bombed the terrorists locations ...
Last gasp Dan Parks drop goal gives Connacht a 14-11 win over the Dragons in the Rabo Pro 12
God, listen to me shout, bend an ear to my prayer. When I’m far from anywhere, down to my last gasp, I call out, “Guide me up High Rock Mountain!” You’ve always given me breathing room, a place to get away from it all, A lifetime pass to your safe-house, an open invitation as your guest. You’ve always taken me seriously, God, made me welcome among those who know and love you. Let the days of the king add up to years and years of good rule. Set his throne in the full light of God; post Steady Love and Good Faith as lookouts, And I’ll be the poet who sings your glory— and live what I sing every day. (Psalm 61:1-8 MSG)❤️
KENYA CUP Top Fry Nakuru have opened up a six point lead atop the Kenya Cup with six rounds of the regular season left to play. The Wanyore have registered bonus point victories in each of their seven outings to date and have thirty five points, their most recent result a 27-0 win over Impala on Saturday 14 December 2013. Strathmore Leos fell off the pace but remained second on the log despite crashing to their first defeat of the season in spectacular fashion, succumbing to a 50-12 annihilation at the hands of Homeboyz RFC. The Leos have won six and lost once, collecting five points along the way for a total of 29 points. Total Nondies lie third on the log with 24 points, a 24-22 win over Mwamba placing them third with 24 points from five wins and two defeats. KCB's last gasp 30-28 win over Lunch Bar Quins on Friday lifted them two places up the log, jumping from 6th to 4th. They have 23 points from five wins and one defeat. They have a match in hand over the top three and could jump to third when they p ...
Correction: T-Minus one hour until the 2013 Music Industry officially takes it's last gasp of air and I celebrate by having beers in the states of New York, New Jersey, Kansas, Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma and Mississippi, Alabama and Tennessee over the next two weeks. VACATION!
Why would a mind create these things that attack itself so ruthlessly? No one believes these things but you, some strange ritual of self destruction or maybe it's bored or even some last gasp of denial that you are important- that the whole world is so fixated on you to perform these lab rat tests in your life. The reality sadly that there is no rhyme or reason, some people are cruel for the sake of it, most don't care. Wallow in the paranoia and drive yourself insane, lay restlessly on the bed until you pull your hair. Then will come those quiet unsettlings so perfectly constructed, solid, support structures to keep reality out. In and out of tears for a few hours, as the mind has finally destroyed a part of itself. As you awake out of it, you realize that in the parallel mirror world, that this is where the paintings come from as well.
Sick to death of emails today from retailer's in a last gasp attempt to prompt me to re open my wallet. enough Ive not got a pot to *** in now
It's combat sports, damage is one of the key components!! Y did gsp go for a last gasp kimura... Desperation
we are seeing last gasp of White rich Capitalism. I'm old but think & hope my grand babies will live in a better time.
Are you joking? Not only having to play a rematch, but a last gasp goal against a team like Boreham Wood is embarrassing.
Latest O-care IT revelations made be gasp. Web site the least of it. Most "back office" functions [the "last 95%"] zillion miles from done.
Perhaps the last gasp view of one of legendary artist Dondi's last pieces pre-via
Thanks so much for sneaking me in at last gasp - for my spaceship captain (for NASA stardust scientist!)
The last gasp before she drops beneath the edge of the world.
In probably the last gasp for Mount Vernon, Ohio's proselytizing teacher, John Freshwater, the Ohio Supreme Court ruled 4-3 today that his termination for insubordination was correct. In addition the court ruled that Freshwater had his rights violated when the school district demanded he remove his…
and a last gasp bid from BARTON to get in the squad better than Henderson
That might be the last gasp for Sweden...
with a last gasp winner against Borehan Wood. No wonder the crowds are dwindling, we're even embarrassed when we win.
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