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Las Ramblas

La Rambla is a street in central Barcelona, popular with both tourists and locals alike. A tree-lined pedestrian mall, it stretches for 1.2 kilometers between Barri Gòtic and El Raval, connecting Plaça de Catalunya in the centre with the Christopher Columbus Monument at Port Vell.

Sagrada Familia Camp Nou La Sagrada Familia Nou Camp La Rambla

I've walked Las Ramblas, but not with real intent (@ La Rambla in Barcelona w/
which is not to sat don't go to Barca! Gothic quarter is amazing; Las Ramblas is a tourist *** hole - avoid.
Las Ramblas, I'll meet you, we'll dance around La Sagrada Familia ☀️🔥🎶
TONIGHT here will be my touch of Barcelona without Las Ramblas, Beach, Men and whatever else beautiful Barcelona...
Las Ramblas is one of the landmarks of Barcelona
las ramblas is amazing and the sand in Barcelonetta is unreal
"This summer in Barcelona, around eight out of ten people on Las Ramblas, a famous street, will be tourists".
Optimize our . This section of Pacific Blvd could be like Barcelona’s Las Ramblas
9:30, 10 and 10:30. If you're in Las Ramblas the trip back is not very long.
When your parents stay out later than you on Las Ramblas 😂
Love that they do this. Reminds me of Sir Charles on Las Ramblas in 92.
I don't doubt it but it's finding them rather than the touristy places on Las Ramblas.
From my bar just off Las Ramblas in Barcelona he looks just as good!
What a lovey time for a walk @ Las Ramblas, Plaza Catalunya Barcelona
Be careful at Las Ramblas! There are lots of robbers and tricksters, specially if they see someone who looks foreigner.
Park Güell is great & you have to see the Sagrada Familia! The Las Ramblas street is lovely to walk along too!
there's one called 'my bar' . Good pints and shows all the football. Just off las ramblas
Las - One of most famous shopping streets -
Good Morning Friends!!. Today we'll explain you a curiosity of Las Ramblas that just few of you will know. In...
Alien downtown the Ramblas in Barcelona, one of the typical human statues there @ Las Ramblas,…
you have to go to the Guell Park! It's amazing in here. And the markets in Las Ramblas!
Cooling down with some cocktail jugs on Las Ramblas!!
Canaletes fountain is on top of las But there are 16 more?
We done barca wrong, lets go back to Las Ramblas
Las Ramblas and are able to project, the future. Compelling, 18 years ago, Government.
up, down, up, down but the view from Tibidabo is just sick and then las ramblas; nightmare
las ramblas. Loads of sports bar round there
Bottom of las ramblas behind Burger King
Don't miss the street music along Las Ramblas!
Angiolini. Las Ramblas and new benefits system, I launched my surname to complete the BBC team of dozens of ruin in Scotland.
I loved Barcelona but was underwhelmed by Las Ramblas
its 2story pimped out right on las ramblas and I've walked passed it 5 times and it's calling my name!
It's really good, though. Just stand on Las Ramblas & ask for directions to the 'really good' restaurant.
For drinks try on Las Ramblas. Remember going in... and nothing else.
Winner of the 2015 Diners Award, Las Ramblas is a favorite among both locals and
In 2010 for 5 days, didn't make it to the beach though. Lovely tapas, Spanish guitar at the theatre and cloisters, Las Ramblas.
Cuddled in the warmth of my blankie, reminiscing Barcelona 💕 @ Las Ramblas
Axline is an award-winning & has been featured in numerous based publications.
he can cross but far too often he switches off defensively at least I know the cheaper bars on Las Ramblas
Being seeing me on Las Ramblas in March
Holiday lights starting to appear on Las Ramblas
Las Ramblas.. i remember there were a lot of sport bars & cafes.
tons of bars on las ramblas if you're in that neck of the woods? Whereabouts are you in Barca?
SSAW Autumn winter 2015-2016 on sale at Freetime in Las Ramblas, Barcelona.
Terence and I have an apartment mid way on Las Ramblas near the Bon Festes sign. Meet up?
and experience the city like a local staying in our nice apartments in Las Ramblas.
NB I-5 is now jamming up in the work zone from Ave. Pico to CA-1/PCH/Camino Las Ramblas.
Croydon international - dear me, but remember when they were comparing it to Barcelona? Las Ramblas V Centrale...
The market in Barcelona off Las Ramblas is amazing for that isn't it - loved it!
Brian Ferguson: Could former eyesore Leith Walk become the new Las Ramblas? - The Scotsman > Yes yes yes
Las Ramblas and shirk the SNP's predicted level for 72 hours.
Decent knocking shop near Macca ds on Las ramblas mate. Onni kiddin have a good en.
Have you lost a few pounds like the new swing - will work at Las Ramblas
Las Ramblas and the reality. Questions this argument about the truth. Linlithgow's representative in arguing that an apprenticeship.
Just imagine John stones at barca. Be waltzing darn las ramblas trana get a pint of boddingtons.
If I can have a weekend shopping spree at las ramblas again I'll be happy
latest is he's heading to Las Ramblas shortly for some fun
there's a restaurant called SAMOA not far from La Pedrera. Las Ramblas, Gothic Quater
mine or someone else's? . Is that the Irish Bar at the bottom of las ramblas? Superb!
Barcelona's Las Ramblas and construction over the discussion about his tears.
great city! Go to market called La Boqueria and Las Ramblas
A great second day in Barcelona. A tour of Camp Nou, shopping down Las Ramblas and fun at the beach.
.A10 I like to be near City Centre - close to Las Ramblas - everything depends upon your price point.
Yes, great ambiance right off Las Ramblas. I'll be checking it out next month.
Being a typical white girl in Barcelona, Las Ramblas
Visiting - watch out for those pick pockets, especially down Las Ramblas
Las Ramblas: La Rambla is a street in central Barcelona, popular with both tourists and locals alike. A 1.2…
They're an odd & very funny pair. I like the idea of someone catching a glance of them across Las Ramblas...
2.5 hours whistle stop sightseeing your of Barcelona part 1. Walk to parc Olympico, then el catedral, Las ramblas and back. Phew..
Watch out for Las Ramblas pickpockets...u could lose ya hat ;-)
I went a couple of years ago it's lovely but be careful up Las Ramblas at night there are lots of pick pockets.
Visit Sagrada Familia Cathedral and the Nou Camp. Avoid Las Ramblas as much as possible. It's like a Catalan Temple Bar.
First matches this morning v Linear 22 Club. Later it's Camp Nou or Some retail therapy at Las Ramblas.
Walking down Las Ramblas strip and some bloke comes up to me and kie and asks if we wanna come to a cafe to smoke some weed. 😂😂😂😂
I've changed my mind again. . Hotels in Barcelona but by the beach now, not Las Ramblas. . Any recs?
Would you rather: explore Las Ramblas or climb Montjuïc
Las Ramblas traditionally a place where you pay €20 for a glass of beer
May the road you travel lead you to something extraordinary. Find your next adventure here at Las Ramblas
Exactly one week ago...I was eating tapas in Las Ramblas...we all miss Barca a little.
“Las Ramblas, in Barcelona. A microcosmos of humankind...
Las Ramblas, in Barcelona. A microcosmos of humankind...
Stayed at Hostal Grau next to Las Ramblas. Clean reasonable price ideal for short stay.
to work as a waiter in one of the cafés on Las Ramblas
Guys&Gals. Any recommendations for a good hotel 2 night stay in Barcelona near Las Ramblas. Want to visit the Nou Camp too!
Have you ever been to Barcelona's market in Las Ramblas? Explore the world with
Las Ramblas (aka where the cheetah girls filmed parts of their second movie 😍😍) @ Las Ramblas,…
A stall fit for any chocoholic at La Boqueria market on Las Ramblas! [Photo by marcp_dmoz on Flickr]
I have been up and down las ramblas thousands of times but I have never seen this. Cyclops tree.
Nice Room close to Las Ramblas available :. Looking for a flat?. Follow me :)
I saw 3 street artists. Back when i was 13 i saw like 100 lol
Photo: Things to do - Places to see while in San Antonio ・・・ Las Ramblas restaurant...
It's the bag square just off Las Ramblas/Gothic quarter. Really nice place to be. I saw a tramp throw *** at a waiter. 10/10.
I found Barca to be really bad for drug dealers. Wee side streets off Las Ramblas. Guys with cans of beer and bags of weed.
“name: las ramblas. location: barcelona, spain /at The end, The statue to Colombus
Barcelona Update - "Barcelona here we come! Visiting beautiful Sagrada Familia and the street entertainers on Las Ramblas!"
Las Ramblas is our new featured place
It is 1:37am, and i'm walking down Las Ramblas smh
Lovely place, we went a few years ago. The tourist bus is good, there's a long strip like Las Ramblas with
Have you noticed Joan Miro's mosaic in Las Ramblas?
I, too, wish I was there. Have a drink at Las Ramblas for me.
Finally, 17 years after hearing the lyric, I've "walked Las Ramblas"
Prices for tickets are displayed at a ticket office on Las Ramblas ahead of the UEFA Champions Leagu
View from the 1st @ Las Ramblas & Andy, the winner of the La Finca Tour Challenge with
: The H10 Universitat Hotel is located approximately half a mile from Las Ramblas and Plaza Catalunya and appr...
Las Ramblas on a gorgeous Sunday... Already checked into the ship!
(this is not about me or anyone) 12. Maybe you know what this feels like: You stand in the desert, lift your eyes to the horizon. It would take ages, days, lifetimes it seems to reach the edge of your vision. Your chest lifts, soul expands. You and this land, you conspire together, plan the birth of wisdom and freedom and joy. Or you lie on the deck of a ship in the middle of the ocean at night. The Milky Way hovers, glittering and majestic. But close like it has something to tell you, a secret, the mysteries of the universe. You are on the edge of all you’ve ever wanted. I want THAT. One more time. Resting. Standing. Perched at the edge of all potential. And memory floods this moment. One more time I want to walk Las Ramblas in Barcelona where tango and flowers and music embrace me. I want another meal in the kitchen with the cook singing spanish love songs to the food, infusing that food with love–the most nourishing of all. I want to swim with sea turtles at dawn, to hear a baby say their first wor ...
DEFINITELY go up the Sagrada Familia. Go down Las Ramblas, take a cable car up the hill. Go to the gardens and eat lots of tapas!
Try a walking tour in Barcelona, go to Sagrada Familia, Park Guell, and Las Ramblas.
ahah thank you, I don't think it's so lovely anyway.. xD I visited Las Ramblas, La Sagrada Familia, Plaça Catalunya, Parc Güell
its at the top of Las Ramblas. As touristy as it sounds, Barca is best seen from a big bus tour. Also go see Gaudi's 'lizzard'
Barcelona is an awesome place, but watch for pickpockets, they're everywhere.especially Las Ramblas!
You staying on Las Ramblas? Go to the food markets for an explosion of colour. Also El Cortes Les Ingles. Cheaper than London
Simone C.'s Review of Las Ramblas - New York (4/5) on Yelp: Try the espinacas a la crema, so good! Also the Cr...
dont forget to see the Sagrada Familia and Las Ramblas
Ideally situated on Las Ramblas, Le Meridien Barcelona is within a walking distance of the main tourist attractions.
Barcelona is not v dangerous it is v nice (but dont go to Drassanes or Columbus column at the bottom of Las Ramblas at night
Going for a walk down to Sagrada Família then Las Ramblas in Barcelona! What are you doing on your Sunday?
Chocolate mousse cake for the birthday girl (and us)! @ Las Ramblas
it was a fairly basic hotel at the top of Las Ramblas… about a 30 minute train journey and…
Looking forward to walking down las Ramblas? Forget it. It's impossible. STAY HOME!!!
I want to go to Barcelona! Tapas, Beach, Las Ramblas, Party, Bershka, Gaudí... Never ending list! AMOR ❤
have a lovely time in barca. Las ramblas here you come! Love you both xx
Barcelona is a bit mental on Saturdays, beaches packed, bars packed, came back to hotel pool and bar and that's packed too. Defo a Monday - Friday destination and not a Wednesday to Sunday one
I'm looking to book a hostel in Downtown Barcelona. Can somebody recommend me a nice hostel in a central location that isn't too pricey? All advices are welcomed :)
at the bottom on las ramblas, there is a harbour, go over it, there's a mall! And at the top is high streets x
That McDonalds on Las Ramblas has saved my life at so many Sonars!
Today is the day! See you all at Silken Hotel Las Ramblas for Alma Soul Music Party, our playtime is from 19:00 to...
Coolin at the hotel for a little bit... then back out to Las Ramblas and linkin up with friends here in Barcelona
Saw the movie Los Croods last night; now we're working on a scavenger hunt along Las Ramblas. To Toledo later today!
At the bottom of Las Ramblas La Boqueria Market is lovely to nose around.
I want to live in Barcelona. Most incredible place in the world! Trust me. Yesterday I was skiing the alps, and today I'm looking at beautiful beaches.
Are you looking for real jihadist? all of them are in las Ramblas. Be afraid! Better go to Teruel
no! You need anything BUT las ramblas! my fave area is eixample in bcn. are pretty fantastico, done 2 in Madrid.
in Val, nothing and BCN I keep hearing "near las ramblas" but I found an Accor that's reasonable and nice looking. Def need recs
Headed to downtown Barcelona to see las Ramblas, go shopping, & eat ice cream!
When I'd walk up & down Las Ramblas was guaranteed to get several or at least one Black woman & White man couple or vice versa
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I think Gran Via would be the equivalent of Las Ramblas in Barcelona or maybe the street that leads to Plaza del Sol
That's such brilliant pic. I take it you're chugging down the sangria on Las Ramblas
Even though thongs are allowed in las Ramblas (specially if they are visible), men should always wear clothes on (specially if they sweat).
Having a bite at Restaurant Les 6 Portes before stumbling around Las Ramblas.
Today : Magnum Rooftop Party at Hotel Silken, Las Ramblas (Bacelona, Spain). Line up changed, we play from 21:00 - 22:00
Also re: Barcelona, I'm pleased to report I walked Las Ramblas but not with real intent.
one note of caution, big city rules apply. Be careful of pick pockets and bag snatches mostly on and around Las Ramblas.
From Las Ramblas to the beach and shopping mall. It was an amazing and beautiful day
I'm currently in McDonalds on Las Ramblas. But never fear: I'm just using it for free WiFi as I eat a delicious kebab from a vendor nearby.
Help needed - I'm looking for a hotel in Barcelona and Madrid. Does anyone know a good area in these cities to stay?
One of Barcelona's most famous streets... Las Ramblas...
Taking a train to Figueres to the Dali museum. Departs 2 metro stops from our Las Ramblas apartment. Rail networks, man.
If anyone could put me on to someone they know in Barcelona Spain that would be AMAZING I'm stranded for a couple days!
sheikh zayed grand mosque in Abu Dahbi, burj khalifa, Dubai Mall and Marina, Atlantis Hotel in Dubai, Gaudis Sagrada Familia, Park Güell and Las Ramblas in Barcelona, Gothic and Baroque styles of the Cathedrals in Salamanca and much more. They are all wonderful places but the more I travel (the more my wasteline expands lol and) the more I realize there isn't anything in the world like Australia, New Zealand and Polynesia...proud NZ born Samoan living in Oz :-)
The Sagrada Familia, La Rambla, and so much more. Barcelona is one of the best cities to visit in Europe as a tourist. It is amaz...
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The Russian Aerobatic Team performs at the air show celebrating '100 Years of the Russian Air Force'.
Does anyone have any fun, cheap, and well located hostels/bnbs in Rome or Barcelona? Trying to book travel plans and would love some advice
Buenos Dias! I'm off to Spain in a week! Do any of you have some tips for me? Beyond the usual museums and churches, can anyone recommend holistic shops and eateries in Madrid and Barcelona? - xo Kristen Arnett
Seasoned Travellers.. If you had 5 - 7 days free after being in Torino, Italy for 2 weeks, would you go to Greece, Spain or Southern France? (or somewhere else). Why & how would you get there? HELP!
Yesterday we took the Metro down to beautiful Port Vell where the huge cruise ships and massive yachts (Jim's dream) dock. We spent 3 hours in the Aquarium where the kids were amazed by the Shark tank. Biggest and closest sharks we have ever seen! We walked back up and got lost. I think I've lost about 10 lbs this trip...stomach off and walking. Still working out with Alyssa though. She is the plank Queen...competitive. Off to walk the pedestrian walk on La Rambla and do some shopping...Grammy is pumped. (That's where I get it from!!)
Tentative travel plans are as follows; Fly into Barcelona where we will explore Las Ramblas, Priorat (named after the priory and home to some of the most ridiculously amazing Garnachas the world has to offer), and Penedes (where Cava is cultivated and created). From Barcelona we will travel to Rioja and Ribera del Duero to experience another of my personal favorite wines; Tempranillo. From Rioja we traverse a short strip of land to the sovereign territory of Basque Country to see the new Guggenheim, the Dali Theatre Museum, and Txakoli. From Basque to Paris. From Paris to Burgundy and the northern part of Rhone. From Rhone to Piedmont, where Barolo is KING. Piedmont to Florence, and finally Florence to Rome. As I mentioned, these are the "tentative" plans. So, if anyone has some suggestions on "don't/can't miss" locations, attractions, museums, etc. please send them along; we are appreciative of all contributions.
was talking to Martin earlier, less than a week. We'll need to go for an Ashoka or Las Ramblas or something.
On June 19 from 5-9 p.m., downtown Menlo Park will transform into a scene reminiscent of Las Ramblas in Barcelona, Spain.
DAY 8: Excursion to Montserrat, Optional Flamenco Show Enjoy a visit to Catalonia's holiest place, the Monastery of Montserrat, located amidst the serrated peaks of the Montserrat mountain range. Montserrat has served as a place of pilgrimage since the 12th century. After being destroyed by the French in 1811, the monastery complex was rebuilt and repopulated in 1844 and now includes quaint shops and cafés. Enjoy a funicular ride for the last leg up the mountain, which affords stupendous views stretching from the Pyrénées Mountains to the Mediterranean Sea.You will enter the basilica to view La Moreneta (the Black Virgin). It has been here on the mountain since it was rediscovered in 880 AD after being hidden from the Moors. It is said to have been carved out of wood by St. Luke around 50 AD. It's dark color is due to changes in the varnish over time. You may want to stroll down Las Ramblas to the Columbus Monument, which marks the spot where the explorer stepped ashore in 1493 after his voyage of disc ...
We confirm summer is coming! It's 21C in and Las Ramblas is this crowded. Shall we go to the beach?
Tomorrow, recieves at Camp Nou. Buy tickets online or at our shop in Las Ramblas
Off inside Sagrada Familia, then to Guell Park and then Las Ramblas.
Absolutely in love with Barcelona! Visited La Sagrada Familia, La Pedrera, casa Battlo, Las Ramblas, Barcelona's Beach, FC stadium, Guel Parc - amazing day today!
Barcelona, Spain, is a major launching point for cruises of the Eastern Mediterranean, and the city’s art, architecture and culture tempt many cruisers to add some extra days to their cruise vacations to explore the capital of Catalonia.   From the cruise ship dock, head to Las Ramblas, a wide avenue perfect for strolling. On the west side is the Raval neighborhood, known for theaters, nightlife and La Boqueria, an open-air market where you can sample Iberian ham and other regional specialties. On the east side is Barcelona’s oldest neighborhood, the Barri Gotic, full of historic buildings and airy plazas. Sprinkled among the stately churches and Roman-era walls are boutiques and cafes that serve delicious tapas (small plates) of Spanish omelet, Manchego cheese and Galician-style octopus, among other delicacies.   You don’t have to be an architecture buff to enjoy the work of Antoni Gaudi, the architect most closely associated with Catalan Modernism. Several buildings in Barcelona provide a close- ...
Las Ramblas will celebrate Valentine’s Day on three consecutive evenings this year, offering a special Prix fix menu in addition to Las Ramblas à la carte dinner menu on February 14th, 15th, 16th Live music each night in the Cork Bar from 6–9 pm
OK well-travelled FB peeps I'm after hotel recommendations for Barcelona. Preferably near Las Ramblas but am open to suggestions :)
I walked down Las Ramblas for the first time in ages today and now my middle finger is exhausted.
2 rooms available at a nice apartment located right at Ramblas 42 on the heart of the Gothic Quarter, with large balconies and excellent views over las Ramblas, both with king's double bed, new woodden floors, air conditioning (hot and cold), lots of light, and double glazzing so it's quiet at nights from a 4th floor. The apartment is located at one of the coolest spots of Barcelona, one minute walk from the largest market Boqueria, the Opera Liceu, and by Plaza Reial, the seaside, Colombus statue, plaza Catalunya, the Cathedral, etc. The apartment is just refurbished and there is elevator, free internet wifi, concierge service, and it's a private gate, so it's safe at night and day with doorman and fully equipped kitchen. I have now 2 rooms available at the apartment, the first room with ensuite bathroom (private) and large shower, balcony with views to Las Ramblas, new wooden floors, AC, closet and king's double bed, 32 HDTV, bed linen, towels, etc. Then there is another that is very large of around 45 ...
Girls - it's that time of the year again! Time to put on the red hat with the tassel and think - what on earth can I buy Him this year? You've bought him the watch, the identity bracelet with your undying love inscribed on the inside, the signet ring, the cuff links with his initials and the monogrammed briefcase. He has enough designer aftershave lotion to bathe Cleopatra and he believes moisturiser is something that gathers on the car window on a frosty morning. You've gone the tech route and presented him with the laptop, Kindle and iPhone. In desperation you've resorted to DIY so he has the Black and Decker, the five-compartments tool kit and the steamer for removing wall paper ... that was a tough Christmas for the relationship. Vouchers are always handy - but he never found time to take the golf lessons, ditto the hot air balloon ride and the parachute jump. The trip to Barcelona you arranged coincided with a vital Euro match for the Irish soccer team. You were strolling Las Ramblas when he shoul .. ...
We arrived in Barcelona for our second visit today. We began with a shuttle into the heart of the city from the ship. We walked around La Rambla which is a great shopping around of locals & tourists alike. Our friends Gary & Lance found the Opera House for us before enjoying a wonderful three course lunch at Santamonica Restaurant. We then made our way back to Columbus Square before returning to the ship for drinks & dinner with more friends. Barcelona, Spain The 1992 Summer Olympics revealed to the world what Europeans and seasoned travelers already knew - Barcelona is one of the world's greatest treasures. Vibrant and earthy, commercial and cultural, this city of four million residents is the capital of Spain's autonomous region of Catalonia. Stroll along the wide, tree-lined promenades of Las Ramblas and marvel at the spires of Gaudi's cathedral La Sagrada Familia. Or visit the former Olympic Ring on the hill of Montjuic - also home to world-class parks, fountains and museums. Barcelona, which nurt ...
Big plans are in the works for Jefferson Boulevard. How about an expanded median between Zang and Bishop, providing space for a daily market, performances, art and special events? A la Las Ramblas in Barcelona, Spain To help make it happen, a vision in play would reduce the space for motor ...
Get cracking on that Christmas list at the Fira Brocanters flea market at the end of Las Ramblas! Saturdays & Sundays all year!
Get your self portrait at Las Ramblas,Barcelona! Make sure you join us next year!
Some notes on the previous week to accompany the photos I posted earlier: Friday, Oct. 26: Oonagh is at a conference in Boston and trains down to NY - I fly in that afternoon. The storm is on track to pass south of NY and hit New Jersey. We go for a walk to listen to buskers in Washington Square Park and eat dinner at the Waverley Restaurant on 6th Ave. Sat.: Everything looks normal. We go into Midtown and cruise some street markets, do a lot more walking, and have dinner at Las Ramblas - a fantastic tapas restaurant on 4th St. Sun. Very windy. Shops, etc. are shuttering up. We hit a grocery store for snacks, non-perishable food, water, drinks, etc. One more pass through Washington Square Park and hole up for the night in the Washington Square Hotel. Power goes off at 8:30 pm. Mon. Height of the storm about 2 am. We are on the 9th (top) floor of the WSH. From the stair landing outside our room all that's between us and outside is the roof and a large skylight, but everything stays together. ...
Holmfirth on tour visited the Camp Nou, Olympic Stadium and Las Ramblas today in the sunshine! Tonight its awards time
Enjoy the best Barcelona's city centre hotel: Hostal Centric Barcelona. A 2 star cheap hotel near Las Ramblas. Best rates are on the Official Site.
Large Sangria's in Las Ramblas- Barcelona, tomorrow ready for St Tropez beach on French Riviera!! :)
Las Ramblas, la Sagrada Família, Gaudi, Miro, cable car, the Olympic Park - no-one's going to miss you at the conference!
Good night out at the Fringe last night. What I love most about our noble city at this time of year is how *buzzing* it is, reminiscent of Leicester Square, Times Square, Las Ramblas or The Croisette on a hot summer's evening - people spilling out everywhere. It's like our normally very white collar middle class city suddenly goes from Clark Kent to Superman, as a bold infusion of colour strikes - and you can get away with wearing *anything*, as it's just one massive party anyway... works for me!
Totes bumped into Julio Iglesias on Las Ramblas tonight. The grannies went crazy!
Go to gaudi park in Barcelona, olympic docks, go to Sagrada Família (but don't go in). Las Ramblas. Enjoy!
enjoy yourself lovely! Without wanting to be bossy and predictable you MUST see the Sagrada Familia and walk up Las Ramblas. XX
John Stockton walking on Las Ramblas without being recognized is hilarious.
Erm, Barcelona by Freddie and Maria. Sang it at Parc Guell, at Camp Nou, on Las Ramblas...
Sorry, forgot to hit send. :P We went to the Water Park in Lloret, visited Camp Nou and Las Ramblas and that. Really great :)
Check out pictures of our 'BACK MOBILE'; our £300 competition car, due to complete the Banger Rally next month; travelling 1500 miles from Lille in France, through the Swiss Alps, via Monaco and ending up on Las Ramblas, Barcelona for an awards ceremony.
Had fun on our Med cruise and two more busy days in Barcelona. Went to church where I went 30 years ago as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Took the fam to see Gaudi's Sagrada Familia, watched the Spain vs Italy soccer game with los espanoles, walked Las Ramblas and saw the Magic Fountain show in front of the Royal Palace! Today we visited Camp Nou where FC Barcelona plays, La Boqueria (largest market in Spain) and saw more of Gaudi's architectural genius. It was so nice to become re-aquainted with Barca again. It's a fabulous city. Tomorrow, we're off to Granada and the south of Spain!
Open air flea markets in Philadelphia make me miss Las Ramblas, Madrid and
Well the 2012 European Tour continues Phil and I are now in Spain, actually we are in Madrid Since my birthday on the 27th we have spent 4 days in Barcelona and now are into day one of Madrid Just before we got to Barcelona we camped at a small town called El Port de la Selva We drove up to a church called S. Pere de Rode which was built in the 1700 about 400m above sea level. What is impressive is you start at sea level and climb 500 meters in less than 8k From there we drove to see Salvador Dali’s house and one of his galleries What was an eye opener was - Sunday morning at 10 am sitting on major roads at the traffic circle were hookers. They were sitting in lawn chairs or standing around in bedroom attire Not something you would expect on a Sunday morning at 10am Barcelona was fantastic Some of the major sites include - Las Ramblas a wide boulevards with vendors on it - La Sagrada Familia, a church that has been under construction for over a 100 years with Gaudi as their major architect - Picasso ...
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Had a moohasive meal in Hard Rock cafe now enjoying several beers on Las Ramblas. Beats Widnes.
Barcelona has everything; great architecture, a wonderful atmosphere, brilliant weather and a beach. Mel and I explored the city including Las Ramblas, La Sagrada Familia, Gaudi Park, Gaudi House, Gaudi high school, Gaudi's favourite ice-cream shop ... ok the last couple were a lie, however, it does seem like Gaudi designed everything in Barcelona though. We also went on a day trip to Montserrat which was a photographers dream.
1,600,000 - The population of Barcelona 150,000 - the average number of people who walk down Barcelona's most famous and vibrant street, Las Ramblas,...
Boulevard Culture Club is located in the space that was Club Fellini. It's position on the main street of Barcelona, Las Ramblas. The club hosts all sorts - house, techno, minimal, rock, pop, hip hop.
i love these paintings ;) taken in Barcelona on Las Ramblas 4 years ago ;)
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Anyway, time for me to leave the hotel & its free WiFi, Nou Camp tour, Cathedral & Las Ramblas just a few things on the menu today
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