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Lars Anderson

Lars Anderson (born September 25, 1987, in Oakland, California) is an American professional baseball first baseman in the Cleveland Indians organization.

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Lars Anderson brings this game back to even, 5-5!
Check out another track by my bestie Lars Anderson. I hope you dig it!!
Few more from the European Bike show at Lars Anderson Museum Brookline MA
Chief here the story was given to sports writer Lars Anderson a few yrs ago and there were 12 unive…
Legit thought Lars Sullivan's name was Lars Anderson for about a month.
Chill bruh! Ian Anderson flute more metal than Lars flailing arms.
PODCAST: Lars Anderson w/ Chris Baker talking about the Lawrence Phillips documentary on Showtime next Friday night.
Andy Marte, Lars Anderson, Will Middlebrooks, Anthony Ranaudo, Henry Owens. Couple guys from over the years that people didn't want to deal.
Kopech was a high profile prospect yes. But more likely than not, they don't pan out. Lars Anderson, Henry Owens, etc. Sale is the real deal
Lars Anderson of shares 5 strategies that other brands must-follow | ETtech
At least the Red Sox got Steven Wright in a trade for Lars Anderson. Lmao
put him in the pile with Lars Anderson Etc
is Lars Anderson still around? Maybe a Owens for Anderson deal... Change of scenery!
at the day at Lars Anderson. this van thanks to you. Park wherever I want in this custom
Lars Anderson goes deep to RF for a solo HR, his 7th, in the 3rd trimming Frisco's lead to 3-2. Game on 1430 the Buzz.
Tulsa's Lars Anderson cracks a solo home run in the third. Now 3-2 Riders.
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Drillers in Frisco tonight tied 1-1 going to bottom 2nd. Drillers run - triple by Timee Locastro, RBI ground out by Lars Anderson.
How old is Lars Anderson. He has been around forever it seems.
I hear this Lars Anderson guy really tore through the lower minors. Future superstar?
Forty-seven years ago today on this date: Gene, Lars and Ole Anderson defeated Aldo Bogni, Bronko Lubich and George Harris in Raleigh, N.C.
Hmm. is Lars von Trier in fact *the* exact opposite of Wes Anderson? I think you may be onto something here...
Did you miss the awards luncheon at Catch photos and highlights here!
fun pics taken by art photographer Lars Anderson
Fifty years ago today on this date: Bobby Shane and Jesse James defeated Gene and Lars Anderson in Lexington, N.C.
Benedict, Lars and the guy who plays Anderson! So this is quite normal 😊
Wishing a happy birthday to Brother Lars Anderson!
I went to a SABR meeting in 2008 and somebody there said Lars Anderson was the next Ted Williams.
agreed, but when I hear "you can't overvalue him like Lars Anderson and Garin Cechhini" I figure they've never watched him.
Along with former 1B Lars Anderson we make bats, check out our story on ! Thanks.
Only if they get more credit for including Lars Anderson in the Bauer/Choo deal.
The Tribe should get more heat for trading Stephen Wright for Lars Anderson
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Former Red Sox, Lars Anderson is hitting .303 in his last 10 games.
MD of the has arrived, together with her brothers Lars Anderson and Anders Anderson
Remember that time the Indians traded this guy for Lars Anderson? 😒
I think the Indians want a redo on Lars Anderson for Steven Wright
We're founded with 1B Lars Anderson, we'd love to be featured, how can we make it happen?
Lars "Starfox" Anderson steadies his aim to fire a moon beam shot out of stadium…
Hey doll, do you know Lars Anderson? He's an old friend of mine.
I didn't realize how dominant Steven Wright for the Red Sox this year. Glad the Indians got Lars Anderson for him...
Traded in 2012 to Boston for Lars Anderson, who later went to Arizona in the Bauer deal. Still don't get that initial trade.
Well, the final guest has departed from a great cookout at the Lars Anderson Park. The weather might not have...
Yes cause is Lars Anderson helping the Indians? Nope
"I read this quote on an audiobook...". -The Lars Anderson
Didn't Kehrt drive from Tulsa to OKC (or vice versa) to get there for a doubleheader last year? Or was it Lars Anderson?
As Christopher Smith of points out the Lars Anderson-for-Steven Wright trade at the July 2012 deadline was pretty darned good
boy that Steven Wright, Lars Anderson swap is looking great right now
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Lars Anderson finally paid off in the form of Steven Wright: Bill Foley (Contributing…
Just a reminder that Cherington traded Lars Anderson to the Indians for Steven Wright at the deadline in 2012.
Brandon Wood in the third and Lars Anderson in the fourth?
Other Dodgers minor leaguers in Peoria are Lars Anderson (93), Adam Law (91), and Brandon Trinkwon (69). That game started at 6:40pm PT
Forty-nine years ago today on this date: Gene and Lars Anderson beat Les Thatcher and Roger Kirby in Atlanta, Ga. http…
Don't forget to make fun of Lars Anderson as if that's relevant, though.
Did Ole Anderson have two brothers that also wrestled: Gene and Lars?
This Opti-Coated came in for a Maintenance detail to prep it for Lars Anderson German Car…
Lars Anderson Auto Museum in Brookline ran a great electric car event last weekend.
Friend gave me rasslin from new Zealand promoted by rickard-early 80's.watched enough Lars anderson & farmer ipu matches 2 last a life time.
Paul Thomas Anderson and Lars Von Trier, two of my favourite film makers (photographer unknown)
I head the same thing about Lars Anderson and Anthony Ranaudo, Sprowl. Trade 'em all for proven talent or pitching.
Just removed Alferdo Amezega, Lars Anderson, Josh Bard, Adam Kennedy, Marcus Thames and Chone Figgins from the BP Annual
Dodgers get De Aza, Boston gets Lars Anderson back... no
Not sure many writers could draw a comparison between failed prospect Lars Anderson & DFS…did and its good
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Lars Anderson can play some drums. True story: had a band called Lars Attacks.
my signed Lars Anderson baseball agrees.
Sports Illustrated senior writer Lars Anderson at this week's luncheon. You don't want to miss it!
On this day in May 13, 1972~ Lars Anderson & Paul DeMarco defeat Pepper Gomez & Rocky Johnson for the San Francisco NWA World Tag Team Title
But...but...but Lars Anderson had the potential to be next Casey Kotchman!
great article today, except a few years ago it was Lars Anderson and Middlebrooks that couldn't be moved in any trade.
Really wish I went to UA so I could take one of Lars Anderson's journalism classes. Guy is such a great writer.
Check out Lars Anderson, master archer. Learn how to parkour and you will become an assassin.
Can't believe the dumped Lars Anderson . He had so much potential
The Bruce Lee of Bow & Arrow - What a bad *** Danish archer, Lars Anderson doing his thing (video)
hey I'm a journalism student at Alabama and Lars Anderson and I would like for you to skype our class one day, DM me if you can.
NASCAR Preview: Tom Annino, Don Hawes, and Lars Anderson talk about the upcoming season.
Lars Anderson...or just a bow and arrow.
Brian Anderson this looks like you and Lars Toensing on 30 incline he he
if you say so, I remember a bloodied Lars Eller and an intimidated Habs team. Anderson played his part too no doubt
Fascinating archery skills and archery-related facts that you may not know by Lars Andersen
Lars Anderson isss... Urgh y gotta ve so great in archery?? -_-
Lars Anderson makes me wanna be an epic archer like him.
Friend sent me this debunking some of the Lars Anderson archery video, okay most of it.
u should check out Lars Anderson on u tube the guy is a legend with a bow and arrows
Wes Anderson - cannot bear. Right up there with Lars Von Trying in the doing-my-head-in stakes.
Lars Anderson: A new level of archery. Watch it on YouTube and I guarantee you'll be amazed.
the only guy I ever saw in minor league ball that wasn't was Lars Anderson.
Have you and Danielle seen the Lars Anderson archery video? Gotta take it with a grain of salt, but it's awesome stuff.
That video of Lars Anderson has fooled many (Including me). He is very fast but makes up historical evidence. He...
A nice solid argument to the Lars Anderson Archery video right here: I agree the trick shooting is cool, but history
Who do you want on your team. Lars Anderson or Legolas
I saw your response to Lars Anderson and found many flaws in it. This is my response -
What happens when you take historical reserach and look at Lars Anderson and Anna Maltese's rebuttal.
Thanks for that video debunking Lars Anderson
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When's Lars Anderson gonna make a comeback? Guy was the most hyped prospect back in the Jason Bay days.
Archer Lars Anderson Fires Three Arrows in 0.6 Seconds and Shoots Arrows Fired at Him Out of t…
Those of you who were dazzled by Lars Anderson's archery video (like I was) should see reply:
Learning the global secrets behind the - presented by Lars Silberbauer-Anderson.
I believe that God made Michael Haneke in his image, that the 2nd coming has already arrived in Paul Thomas Anderson. Lars von Trier- Judas.
Do the have interest in signing Lars Anderson to another minor league deal or have they parted ways? He had a solid 2014?
Nick Saban radio show coming up. Lars Anderson is the media host.
remember when Lars Anderson and Casey Kelly were future hall of famers who we didn't want to part with for anyone?
"Jason Heyward of the Braves. Rick Porcello of the Tigers. Lars Anderson of the Red Sox."
Stephen Bruno is removed from the game. Lars Anderson moves to first, Christian Villanueva to second base, and Dustin Geiger moves to third.
April 27 'softened' Nick Saban, ensured 'he would never leave,' author Lars Anderson says -...
and also all the stuff by Wes Anderson, Lars and the real girl.
The only real Anderson was Lars and he didn't even have the trademark Anderson bald spot.
think a package built around Lars Anderson can land him on the Sox? Maybe add Stolmy Pimentel?
depending on times, there are Lars Anderson, Olmstead, and Smith. Franklin Park is kind of whenever.
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Thanks to Lars Anderson and his ppl for an advanced copy of his new book "The Storm and The Tide"... Coming soon
.talks Marshall, Malzahn, and his new book on (video)
Red Sox prospects like Lars Anderson are exactly why I hate the word potential
Why haven't we renamed a town for him? We've got Beckett, Wakefield, Lynn, heck, Lars Anderson has a park in Brookline?
Hargis Park welcomed pitcher Johan Pino today! Pino got a bullpen session in w/ Lars Anderson!
Will Lars Anderson style combat archery be the next step?
Valaika played short in the second game. They brought Mota up from double-A and activated Lars Anderson from the disabled list.
Iowa cuts the OKC lead down to 2-1, after Lars Anderson scores on a Logan Watkins FC.
Lars Anderson leads off the 7th and final inning with a double. I-still trailing 2-0.
The I-Cubs tie it 5-5 on a RBI double by Jonathan Mota! One out with Mota in scoring position for Lars Anderson. B7.
Lars Anderson has also been activated from the disabled list, as planned, and is in the lineup for the game 1 and playing first base.
Official. Cleverly 1-0 Suarez. Anderson 4-0 Suarez. You would love this one. Evra 5-0 Suarez. Oh yes. Gerrard 0-0 Suarez
I-manager said the game plan is for Mota to be brought up tomorrow and Lars Anderson to be activated from the DL.
Cleveland Indians Days of Future Past: Steven Wright deal him for Lars Anderson - still head scratcher
Lars Faaborg-Anderson is a disgrace but he is toeing the party line. Where are the UN ?waste of time bought and paid for
In case you missed it, here's Lars Anderson's post on the excessive waste in our beloved sport & what to do about it.
Can't wait to read The Storm and the Tide by Lars Anderson! Pre-order, done.
Well Lars Anderson is certainly nowhere to be found.
The Lars Anderson book on the series of games Army and Carlisle played is a great read.
they're not all winner Joe. Where's Lars Anderson at?!
"Professional baseball has always been a bit behind the evolutionary curve, and we celebrate this." -Lars Anderson .
“How will my actions affect the generations to come?”, former & current org , Lars Anderson asks.
Define "top prospect." Myers was one, so was Lars Anderson, so was Andy Marte. Majority of "top prospects" shouldn't be top
Interesting spectrum of prospects/former prospects all went deep in the Omaha/Iowa game: Christian Colon, Lars Anderson, Javier Baez.
I just remember the HOFs, Tony Sipp and Lars Anderson!
Alex - Didn't know Lars Anderson had left SI. Any idea where he's working now?
Lars Anderson makes the play of the day. Reaches into the stands and pull a popup back in for the grab. Nicely done. Hair s…
"Remembering The Legendary Minnesota Wrecking Crew" Gene Anderson: Gene last name actually was Anderson. Gene was trained by Verne Gagne. He began his wrestling career in 1961. Four years later, Gene took his career to the next level when he was teamed with his “brother”, Lars. The original Minnesota Wrecking Crew made life difficult for tag teams in the AWA, and other territories. In 1969, Gene replaced Lars with his “other brother”, Ole. They moved down to the Southern Corridor, where they dominated from 1969 to 1981. Gene then retired from active competition and spent the next three years as a wrestling manager. After his managerial career was finished, Gene moved to North Carolina and became a Deputy Sheriff. He continued with that career until his sudden death, from a heart attack, on October 31, 1991. Lars Anderson: Another Minnesotan, Lawrence Hein8mi was trained by Verne Gagne and Eddie Sharkey. As mentioned above, Lars joined forces with Gene Anderson as the Minnesota Wrecking Crew. After ...
Paul Finebaum talks to Sports Illustrated's Lars Anderson about his cover story for the magazine on Auburn.
Pat Patterson debuted in Montreal, Quebec in 1958 as "Pretty Boy" Pat Patterson, an effeminate wrestler who wore red lipstick and pink trunks and was accompanied by his pet Poodle. Patterson wrestled frequently for affiliates of the National Wrestling Alliance throughout the 1960s, and was a ten time tag team champion in San Francisco with a variety of partners. His most famous pairing was with Ray Stevens, the two of them forming the heel tag team, the Blond Bombers. Also, in San Francisco, Patterson was a six-time United States Champion. After Stevens turned face in the late 1960s, he had a feud with the heel Patterson, culminating in the 1970s Texas Death match, in which Stevens won the title from Patterson. In 1970 and 1971, Patterson wore a mask during his matches, and would cheat by placing a foreign object under the mask to add power to his head butts. In 1972, Patterson turned babyface, after feuding with Lars Anderson, who was managed by Dr. Ken Ramey. Later that year he teamed with Rocky Johnson ...
Sounds like Steven Wright having another good night. How many HRs does Lars Anderson have for Cleveland/Columbus
Wrestling Roundup. Rob Black is set to bring back XPW on 31st October. The return show will host a 12 man tourney for XPW title. Matt Cross will be appearing on American Ninja Warrior. Jerry Jarrett will be inducting Rock n Roll Express, Midnight Express & Jim Cornette into the Hall of Heroes next month. Other inductess incluse Magnum TA, Les Thatcher, Danny Miller & Lars Anderson. MsChif & Michael Elgin married over the weekend. MVP has stated he isn't interested in going to TNA. Triple H's new 3 disc DVD boxset is called "Thy Kingdom Come". Happy Birthday to JC Ice (41), Barry Hardy (50), Hillbilly Jim (60), Jerry Sags (48), Rico Suave (42) and Tatsuhito Takaiwa (40). RIP to Waldo Von Erich who died in 2009. He passed away from injuries after a fall at home.
BOT 7: Jason Berken with six scoreless innings for the who lead 3-0. Lars Anderson with a HR.
Surprise! Crosby keeps feeding Lars Anderson curveballs, and he manages to squib one to first to being home Josh Phegley.
Pooor favor , sempre me pedem video , pronto eu fiz . agora eu to pedindo pra curtirem e acessar ! por favor .
traded for Lars Anderson. Raburn was on the radio with Hammy and Rosy?
he’s DHing and “running” with the dreaded Lars Anderson waddle so I was wondering/kind of hoping he had an injury excuse
Bobby Allison and Sports Illustrated writer Lars Anderson talk NASCAR and Talladega on Wednesday's Alabama Tonight at 6:30pm
Next, I'm sure I'll read something about Lars Anderson hiring 4 HR's for... whatever the jerk team he plays for now.
This is Lars Anderson from SI here. I was hoping to chat with you about something. Could you follow me and I'll send a DM. Thx.
There will also be a field work day Saturday at 8am sharp at Lars anderson...the welcome any and all help!!!
Yes, Casper Wells & Lars Anderson both were claimed by on waivers at one point. They ended up selling both players.
wind up purchasing both OF Casper Wells & 1B Lars Anderson, two players who have been DFA'd three times each in ’13.
Lars Anderson with a two-out single to left. The other Anderson looking to replicate the first.
Lars Anderson hits into a Fielder's Choice scoring Gallagher. It comes down to Josh Bell - runners are on the corners with two outs.
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Brent Morel keeps it going with an RBI single to plate Tolleson. 5-3 now and the bases are still full of Lars Anderson up next.
The strike for three in the top of the fourth. Lars Anderson up to bat first in the bottom of the fourth.
Graph Theory in Memory of G.A. Dirac (Annals of Discrete Mathematics) book download Lars Dovling Anderson
Casper Wells may be hot on Lars Anderson's heels for teams played in a year period. DFA'd by Oakland today. If he leaves it will be team
Casper Wells and Lars Anderson may set a new single season DFA record.
opening day @ Lars anderson,come 2 the ballpark 2 watch the face off against the defending state champs at 330
Thanks for linking the Lars Anderson story. Truly is a masterpiece. Also hope I will soon find you somewhere on my Sirius dial.
Difficult to think of April 27, 2011 without this Lars Anderson masterpiece. SI Vault
and Lars Anderson was instrumental to making the Trevor Baur trade happen. Bet wouldn't have done it w/o him
Hey fans...don't forget that Lars Anderson was a BIG part of the Trevor Bauer deal
Bryan Shaw is something special. Can't believe AZ gave him, Albers and Bauer up for Didi Gregorious, Tony Sipp and Lars Anderson.
Video of all four Doug Anderson dunks. Championship.
Yeah, sometimes they're too careful and they turn into Lars Anderson.
Wright was acquired by Boston in a trade for 1B Lars Anderson late in the 2012 season--he was 10W:7L in 25 starts last season
Scotty!! I saw your TV dad, Richard Dean Anderson, on an old episode the other day, talking about Steven Lars. Hilarious
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White Sox acquire Lars Anderson from Blue Jays bring home all A's we'll go c a game this summer! In Chicago!
trade Lars Anderson to chicago gets younr athletic player for the future
Mailbag: The Chase needs to better reflect variety of tracks: With NASCAR returning Sunday, Lars Anderson open...
Hall goes from Tampa, to Carolina, to Tampa, to Philadelphia in a matter of 19 days. Who does he think he is, Lars Anderson?
Dear Ahdaf, I'm trying to send you an email, but your inbox seems to be full. Best, Lars (lars.anderson
have traded Lars Anderson to the Chicago for cash considerations. Anderson was DFA'd last week.
send non-roster player Lars Anderson to the for cash and promote canuck Adam Loewen from New Hampshire to Buffalo.
Top story: White Sox Acquire Lars Anderson: MLB Rumors - see more
Lars is the better & more likely to be sold if an offer of ~€25m is made. I rate him above Anderson/Cleverley, he can start
Adam Loewen promoted from New Hampshire to Buffalo without even playing a game because of Lars Anderson trade
Bisons release: Adam Loewen promoted to Bisons from the Fisher Cats after Lars Anderson was traded to ChiSox. Loewen is now an infielder.
Good for Adam Loewen, promoted from AA New Hampshire to AAA Buffalo after Lars Anderson trade. Justin Germano opening day starter
I got 4.78 and then 4.69 on another one FWIW. faster than Lars Anderson in my database! Lol
Roster News: INF Adam Loewen promoted from New Hampshire. INF Lars Anderson traded to White Sox on Monday.
First baseman Lars Anderson on the move again
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Recommendation by :Lars Once a top prospect in the Red... Sox
.1B LARS ANDERSON cleared waivers,was assigned to was traded2 for $ consid.."April Fools? Please? :(
“That Lars Anderson interview on the show on TWCSC will be kind of awkward tonight, don't ya think
“The have acquired Lars Anderson from the in exchange for cash considerations."
Sox acquired 1b Lars Anderson from Toronto for cash considerations.Anderson will report to charlotte.
trade Lars Anderson to for cash after he clears waivers following being designated for assignment.
Does anyone change teams more than Lars Anderson?
Ex-1B Lars Anderson is becoming well-traveled. Since Aug 2012, he has been w/Bos, Cle, Arz, WSox, Tor and today back to WSox.
LARS ANDERSON cleared waivers and was traded to for cash. gonna have to take holly to Chicago this summer.
A bit surprised the Jays wouldn't want to stash Lars Anderson in Buffalo. I know he ain't much but it's not like Luis Jimenez is either.
Former prospect Lars Anderson has been traded again. The Jays sent him to the for $$
Jimenez will be the primary DH there, Lars Anderson is likely at 1b. will he play 1B in Buffalo?
Yes. Strootman for Anderson & Lars Bender for Darren Fletcher would be ideal signings this summer.
As of now, we're short of a CM. If we sell Anderson, we should sign at least 2 CMs. I prefer Kevin Strootman & Lars Bender.
Forty-four years ago today on this date: *** The Bruiser and The Crusher defeated Larry Hennig and Lars Anderson in Milwaukee, Wis.
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What We're Watching: 3/22/13: Posted by: Lars Anderson, Director, Public AffairsAt the end of each... (Via
39 years ago today on this date: Larry Heiniemi (aka Lars Anderson) defeated in Chicago, Ill.
Lars Anderson was so good, he was DFA'd before Spring :). Sipp is a fly call lefty going to a hitter's park :(
Oh Tony Sipp, Lars Anderson, and Didi Gregorius! They must be really good!
Writing a paper that references drummer Lars Ulrich. Realized halfway through that I was typing Lars Anderson by accident every time.
Today we will be out at the pro day to support non draft class client Lars Anderson.
I'm supporting non draft class client Lars Anderson at the pro day. Last year he tore his pec on the bench. Redemption time
(2/2)...Larmond, Murray, and Noel. Two former players also participating are Lars Anderson and Ifeanyi Momah.
Everything you could want to know about Lars Anderson. Lars Anderson can shoot arrows fast. Faster than movie her...
Lars Anderson, who tore a pec doing the bench press at the 2012 pro day, will also run at this year's pro day.
Thirty-three years ago today on this date: Alexis Smirnoff and Ivan Koloff beat Tony Atlas and Lars Anderson in Atlanta, Ga.
35 years ago today on this date: Ole and Lars Anderson defeated Mr. Wrestling No. 1 and 2 in Columbus, Ga.
"Lars Anderson doubles to tie game in the top of the 8th. McFarland still on mound for where's Gene & Ole
MLB - Johnny Damon would like the Yankees to give him a call - Mark Hamburger suspended 50 games for drug of abuse - Vernon Wells plans to retire after his contract is up. (2014) - Blue Jays claim Lars Anderson off waivers from White Sox - Mike Napoli scheduled to make spring debut Friday - Kyle McClellan shut down with more shoulder problems - Derek Jeter hoping to make spring debut on March 10 - Pablo Sandoval makes weight, avoids benching - Ryan Madson ready to throw on back-to-back days
Lars Anderson is a blue Jay. Well, a bison, fingers crossed he finds a time machine before he needs his passport.
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What does Lars Anderson's .259/.355/.416 in 1,509 PA at AAA translate to in Canadian?
Anyone know a decent drummer who would be keen to go in a studio for a day ?
NL 1B Individual Player Blurbs: Here are the NL 1B blurbs, in reverse order of the rankings. Lars Anderson- Its ...
Return trip to Boston? designate Lars Anderson for assignment -
Check out the several new baseball items listed today including Lars Anderson & Bryce Harper.
yankees sign travis hafner its ok its better than lars anderson YO
The fact that Lars Anderson was once a "top prospect" says more about people not understanding minor league 1B than it did about his talent.
Sorry for the lack of posts, but I've had school then work the past few days. Last night was a bitter one for both the Bulls and the Blackhawks, though both games were very close. Blackhawks will try to rebound tonight against the Flames (9 p.m. CT) and get back in the win column, and the Bulls face the Hawks at 6 p.m. CT. In other news, the Cubs invited top prospect Javier Baez to attend spring training and the White Sox acquired 1B Lars Anderson from Arizona off waivers.
never heard of Lars Anderson. Only Lars I've heard of is Lars Larson
Wasnt' Lars Anderson ours at one time?
This is awesome. Old lost archery technique done by Lars Anderson.
“The announced that they claimed first baseman Lars Anderson off of waivers from the
acquire first baseman Lars Anderson from the
Hey what do you think about Lars Anderson joining the
claim Lars Anderson off waivers. Left handed hitting first basemen.
they signed lars anderson the dbacks 1st base. And the new gm awhile ago said they might not sign him back
Future 1Bman? Ha!RT have acquired first baseman Lars Anderson off waivers from the Arizona Diamondbacks.”
“Lars Anderson claimed off waivers by Chicago White Sox
Chicago White Sox claim first baseman Lars Anderson off waivers from Arizona ... - Washington Post
Our next chapter in the Slight and Shame Saga as Tobi chats with Professor Hunter Vaughan!
This guy is a high school baseball player. And it's his real name. I guess he was born to be a ball player.
Looks like Lyle Overbay has chosen to sign with the Boston Red Sox. MiLB deal w/Spring Training invite.
MLB: Other signing news off the MLB Trade Rumors page... Red Sox OF Ryan Kalish is set to undergo surgery on his non-throwing shoulder, and in a counter move, the Red Sox sign OF Ryan Sweeney, who played with them last season. Royals clam C George Kottaras off waivers from the Oakland Athletics and designate INF Tony Abreu for assignment. Orioles agree to sign former Braves RH starter Jair Jurrjens. Rockies sign C Yorvit Torrealba to a minor league deal with an invitation to spring training. White Sox claim RHP Zach Stewart from the Pirates. Stewart was traded to Toronto in 2011, then aquired back, then traded to Boston last year, DFA'd by Boston, claimed by Pittsburgh, then DFA'd by Pittsburgh. DBacks have designated 1B Lars Anderson for assignment. Rays sign OF Luke Scott, RHP Kyle Farnsworth, Juan Carlos Oviedo (Formerly known as Leo Nunez), RHPs Jamey Wright, Roberto Hernandez (Formerly known as Fausto Carmona, and Juan Sandoval, and OF Shelley Duncan. Also, former Brewers and Nationals CF Nyjer Morga ...
Wow, Lars Anderson was released by Arizona yesterday. What a fall from grace for him. Once one of Boston's top prospects, now w/o a home.
Im going to miss brett Lars Anderson Daniel Aldaz
Hiking the boardwalk of the Paynes Prairie State Park La Chua trail outside of Gainesville, Florida.
Archer Marathon with Ian Machina Anderson - best.snow.night.ever.
Any chance the claim LF/1B Lars Anderson off waivers from AZ? They have a place for him now.
Oh FFS! What is with all the Lars Anderson love this week? Have we already forgotten how much he sucked?
While highly valued and coveted, minor league prospects are a gamble that can never be counted on. That's been proven time and time again. Here's further evidence: Andy Marte was the player the Red Sox received in exchange for Edgar Renteria after the 2005 season. Marte was projected to be a star. Signed by the Braves when he was just 16, he outperformed players that were older than him for the next few years. Marte was a high school-aged kid consistently outperforming guys in their 20s. Marte posted an OPS of .831 in the Sally League when he was only 18. He posted an .840 OPS in an extreme pitchers park in the high-A Carolina league when he was 19. At age 20, he played at double-A Greenville and notched an .889 and the next year he had an .878 in Triple-A at the age of 21. As a minor leaguer, Marte was projected to be a star. But a funny thing happened along the way; his career fell off a cliff. The third baseman never played a game for the Red Sox. A month after being obtained by Boston, they shipped hi ...
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Harmony Korine slated for Star Wars 8! You guys hear this? Dead C doing the score.
Arizona designate alum Lars Anderson for assignment - (via
Music / Lyrics: Stig Anderson Tivedshambo was recorded on January 16 1986 in Benny's attic studio at Polar Studios in Stockholm for the appearance of Abba's ...
So-- JJAbrams to direct Star WARS, after Star TREK. How confused are folks going to be? (And cue the haters saying the 'JJ' stands for Jar Jar...
A toast of to for trading Lars Anderson for Bauer then be able to claim Lars off of waivers 3 weeks later
does this shoot down any interest in Salty for Smoak? I know looking for 1B to rotate in. Lars Anderson free now too
Arizona Diamondbacks designate Lars Anderson for assignment: The Arizona Diamondbacks have designated first base...
The Arizona have designated first baseman Lars Anderson for assignment.
A waiver claim of Lars Anderson the Sox answer as a lefty backup 1B/OF? Can't say he even rates as that these days. .. ***
I might as well say it, O's might as well claim Lars Anderson and see if he develops!
Hey guys, Lars Anderson just got DFA'd. Yep, Cherrington, you know what to do.
Ben ought to be reporting to Pedro. :) They should sign Lars Anderson.Forget Smoak.
As has been suggested by followers, Lars Anderson was once a huge 1B prospect. Things can change quickly. He was designated today.
1B/OF Lars Anderson was DFA'd by the D-Backs. had interest in him last season when Mat Gamel was injured.
but, they just released Lars Anderson who they got in the Bauer trade, so maybe they don't know what's going on
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Diamondbacks designate Lars Anderson for assignment, once a top-20 prospect in baseball with Boston.
“Diamondbacks announce Lars Anderson DFA” may have interest on minor league deal
Diamondbacks Designate Anderson For Assignment: The Diamondbacks announced that they have designated first basem...
“D-backs Designate Lars Anderson For Assignment"never heard of this Lars guy but he's now my favorite player
Lars Anderson DFA in Upton deal to make room for new additions. Helped being in Bauer. Meanwhile, Steven Wright is on Red Sox 40 still.
I still do not understand why we traded Steven Wright, a SP for Lars Anderson. With need for SP, very strange to me.
If Lars Anderson fell in the woods no one would hear him
The D-Backs have designated 1B Lars Anderson for assignment after the Upton trade today in order to clear space on 40-man.
PS : Giving a minor league deal to Lars Anderson would not be bad
so Arizona DFA's Lars Anderson - one of the 3 guys they got for Bauer. Now deal is Gregorius/Sipp for Bauer/Albers/Shaw?
have designated 1B Lars Anderson for assignment.
The Astros can really help themselves by claiming two players on waivers in George Kottaras(C) and Lars Anderson (LF/1B).
I'd love to see the Astros claim Lars Anderson who is still only 25 and can play 1B and LF. Sounds like a cheap LH OF compliment.
Diamondbacks designate 1b Lars Anderson for assignment.
Arizona DFA'd Lars Anderson. are full up on 40-man.
1B/OF Lars Anderson designated for assignment to make room on 40-man after trade. Updated DFA tracker:
D'Backs designate Anderson for assignment - Lars Anderson | ARZ: Diamondbacks designated 1B Lars Anderson for as...
The Dbacks have designated Lars Anderson for assignment. The Sox do need a 1B/OF. How would you guys feel about Lars coming back to Boston?
Arizona Dfa's Lars Anderson, first baseman they received from in Trevor Bauer deal
Mark Kearly from Hicks Outdoors in Clio, MI set-up this demonstration for the show that gives a fair comparison of compound bows and crossbows. Which one ten...
Votes on best(favorite) working directors? Mine: Terrence Malick Werner Herzog Wong Kar Wai Ron Fricke David Lynch with a h/t to Godard who’s alive, but not very productive these days. thoughts on this?
Fake Trade Sox Proposal 1): Lars Anderson...straight up.oh wait they already traded him...for Craig Breslow.
SIWriters: Lars Anderson: Ash, Texas take big step forward vs. Oregon State: For much of the last two seasons, D...
My takeaway from Texas' win last night over Oregon State in the Alamo Bowl.
Question 2: Lars Anderson, do you see him getting a legit shot to make the big club?
Happy holidays Derrick! I was intrigued by the acquisition of Lars Anderson. Always liked the kid. Outfield perhaps?
Ahora diganme un baterista Go go go !!! /../, Mdevil
SI Lars Anderson predicts Jimmie Johnson, Danica Patrick among drivers to watch in 2013
Lars Anderson: Jimmie Johnson, Denny Hamlin top list of drivers to... JJNews
Lars Behrenroth-subconscious dark this tune killed me 2day nd I fully enjoyed my bornday tnx 2 house music
All I want for Christmas is for to tell me if Lars Anderson will ever stick in the majors.
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a world where Cody Ross is worth 26 mil. And Trevor Bauer is worth Lars Anderson... Maybe the world did end
Kevin Towers has traded Chris Young, Trevor Bauer, Matt Albers, Bryan Shaw for 2 SS's that can't hit, Tony Sipp, and Lars Anderson.
You going to miss Jason Donald? Can't believe D'backs gave up on Bauer so fast and Lars Anderson just makes me laugh.
The D-backs pulled off a three-team trade with the Indians and Reds that will bring shortstop Didi Gregorius, left-handed reliever Tony Sipp and first baseman/outfielder Lars Anderson to Arizona.
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