Larry Sanders & Rip Torn

The Larry Sanders Show is a satirical television sitcom that aired from August 1992 to May 1998 on the HBO cable television network in the United States. Elmore Rual Rip Torn (born February 6, 1931), is an American actor of stage, screen and television. 2.7/5

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"I didn't know Harrison Ford did impressions, his Carol Channing is terrific!" - Rip Torn on Larry Sanders.
Rip Torn as Artie is my favorite thing about the Larry Sanders Show
Larry Sanders not playing for the Bucks against the Knicks. No Rip Torn or Jeffrey Tambor, either.
Re-started watching Larry Sanders again, forgot how amazing Rip Torn is.
I'm on a "classic" TV kick. Larry Sanders Show (all seasons) on Xfinity. Rip Torn, yes. Good morning.
Flipping channels in movie King of Kings actor Rip Torn plays Judas.Torn was Larry Sanders producer in Shandling show. watching too much TV
Happy to discover that 1st 4 series of Larry Sanders Show is on Instant. So ahead of its time & Rip Torn is a God amongst men!
Rip Torn on Larry Sanders used to remind me of my producer Rian Murphy SO SO MUCH, except Rian's hella funnier! Not that… well, you know.
Of the 3 main guys in "Larry Sanders" Rip Torn is the purest, no undertones, the producer as shark.
Has there ever been anyone as brilliant as Rip Torn on "The Larry Sanders Show?"
The Larry Sanders Show is awesome...Rip Torn is awesome.
Rip Torn is sporting some fresh ties in season 4 of Larry Sanders. Gonna remember them patterns and get me sumadems.
that's his own fault. Rumor is he would never do a "split pants" take on Larry Sanders. Rip Torn + ripped pants = gold
Having recently watched all six seasons of The Larry Sanders Show, I love Rip Torn and Jeffrey Tambor more than ever.
Also (also) John Goodman is doing his best Rip Torn on Larry Sanders impression for Community.
I picked it up from watching Artie (Rip Torn) on The Larry Sanders Show. THAT was a talk show.
Seinfeld was a benchmark show although I must confess I did prefer the Larry Sanders Show, if only for Rip Torn's character :-D
This is Scotch whiskey; Glenlivet; single malt. When you die, you'll go to heaven. You say "Hello" to God, and when God says "Hello" to you, this is what you'll smell on his breath. -Artie from The Larry Sanders Show. So many great quotes by Rip Torn on this show.
I need to develop a work persona along the lines of Rip Torn on the Larry Sanders Show.
Re-watching Larry Sanders. Rip Torn, Garry Shandling, and the rest are great. But Penny Johnson doesn't get enough credit.
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