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Larry Sanders

The Larry Sanders Show is a satirical television sitcom that aired from August 1992 to May 1998 on the HBO cable television network in the United States.

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Odenkirk has always been interesting to watch going back to Mr Show and Larry Sanders.
Alright Danny, grab us Larry Sanders or Andrew Bogut and we'll be happy.
Cavs plan to waive Larry Sanders, sign D-League big man Edy Tavares, free agent Dahntay Jones
Bernie Sanders' brother Larry to run for David Cameron's seat in Witney
Thompson MRI is precautionary though his 447 consecutive played game streak in jeopardy. Cavs have recalled Larry Sander…
Oh good someone from The Commune is here. Also, nice poster on the lot of The Larry Sanders Show.
you & Gary Shandling on the Larry Sanders Show. Amazing!
I'm watching the Larry Sanders Show, from 1993, and Shandling just said "I'm trying to find someone Donald Trump hasn't screwed".
No,if if he's stretched out Knicks pay everything I think,at least that's what happened with Larry Sanders this year
Larry Sanders was cut from the Cavs because he missed the team bus to the the airport on Tuesday in Miami.
A really dumbed-down stupid version of the Larry Sanders Show, for Marxist ***
Timing was off for Larry Sanders in Cleveland – Cleveland Cavaliers Blog
After his release from Cleveland would Larry Sanders be someone the Raptors should consider signing?
New story: A look back at the failure to launch that was Larry Sanders' time in Cleveland
The Cavs will release Larry Sanders to make room for Edy Tavares. Signing Tavares to a multi-year deal.
The Cavaliers will officially waive Larry Sanders today and will sign Dahntay Jones and Edy Tavares to fill their final…
Cavs are waiving Larry Sanders to make room for 7'3" Edy Tavares. (Y!)
Cavs officially waive Larry Sanders. Roster now stands at 13, clearing the way for a pair of signings. Details:
Cavaliers will waive Larry Sanders and sign center Edy Tavares.
Cavs release Larry Sanders and plan to sign Edy Tavares, per
waive Larry Sanders and are expected to sign both swingman Dahntay Jones and 7-3 center Edy Tavares for playoffs.
ICYMI: Cavs have cut Larry Sanders and have signed Center Edy Tavares. He averaged 10.6pts/7.7rebs/2.7blks in 48 games…
Sources: Cavaliers to waive Larry Sanders, sign center Edy Tavares. report on
Some of our amazing Green Party members! Larry Sanders (Bernie's brother) & ! 💚
Sandwiched by 15 picks Larry Sanders in 2010 and Maurice Harkless in 2012
how does your Bio not include Beverly from Larry Sanders?
Looks interesting with Larry Sanders, brother of US senator, Bernie Saunders, we shall be attending :)
Cavs should've signed both Larry Sanders and Eric Moreland as rim protectors. Cavs need way more defense in the paint.
Larry Sanders should make his D-League debut tomorrow against Windy City. Him and Eric Moreland are about to be some defensive bullies.
Going to be fun to see if Nate Reinking slides Larry Sanders next to Eric Moreland in the Charge starting 5. All. The. Blocks.
Larry Sanders is making his debut on last played December 23, 2014...
I guess all these LeBron haters would rather have Korver, D-Will, Bogut, and Larry Sanders over Kevin Durant. Interesting.
Larry Sanders is making an NBA comeback with the Cavaliers
Cleveland Cavaliers agree to deal with center Larry Sanders, reports say
Every time I see Larry Sanders I think about Lance dunking on him in his Hornets debut and sending him into early retirement
Bucks are gonna play against Larry Sanders first round 👀
have officially waived Andrew Bogut and signed Larry Sanders.
The Cleveland Cavaliers just gave the NBA veteran the same number as a former fan favorite.
make signing of Larry Sanders official. Bogut waived.
My boy Larry Sanders can't smoke for a few months now
In honor of Larry Sanders returning to the NBA
Larry Sanders makes NBA return, signs with Cavs
Cleveland Cavaliers have signed former Bucks center Larry Sanders and waived Andrew Bogut. 6'11 Larry Sanders will wea…
Sources: Larry Sanders is in Cleveland w/ his agent Joel Bell: Cavs' physical exam this morning. Sides finalizing option…
The Cleveland Cavaliers agree to a contract with former Milwaukee Bucks forward Larry Sanders.
Larry Sanders is back in the NBA; Agreed to a contract with the Cavs, per https:…
Cavs get Bogut, then quickly lose him for the season to injury. So naturally they go replace him with...Larry Sanders?! Out of nowhere!?
Larry Sanders' road back to the NBA and the defending champion Cavs. video essay.
This dude Larry Sanders hasn't even played in 2 years and ya'll are acting like the Cavs just picked up prime Hakeem.
We'd be happy to teach you guys the Larry Sanders chant.
He congratulated Larry Sanders. Nothing to see here just a trash fan page reaching for click-bait material.
BREAKING: The Cleveland Cavaliers have signed free agent Larry Sanders.
Larry Sanders here at Hopkins just landed (for those who keep asking me if we were on the same flight) yes!
the cavs waive Bogut and Signs Larry Sanders, man 2010 me would of never believe that headline.
AP source: Cavaliers to sign forward Larry Sanders
Andrew Bogut's final message as a Cavalier.
ESPN reporting Larry Sanders has signed with the Cleveland Cavs. That puts 4 Rams on NBA rosters, a school record. https:…
getting Larry Sanders = unbelievable. Smart man who runs the floor well, rebounds & block shots. Wow.…
If he can get back to his 2015 form, could be precisely what the need on defense.
Cavs have reached an agreement to sign Larry Sanders to fill Andrew Bogut's spot on the roster.
The Cavaliers have officially signed Larry Sanders and waived Andrew Bogut. . Larry Sanders will wear
signing Larry Sanders is good for Tristan Thompson.
Cavs have... Larry Sanders, Deron Williams, Derrick Williams, and Bogut (injured). That's so unfair, lol.
"he can be Larry Sanders, Barry Sanders, Jerry Sanders...if he can ball, welcome aboard!"
So can we quit the "Lebron gets even more help" nonsense.. Larry Sanders hasnt played in years..Frye, Korver, Derrick/Derron Williams r role
Larry Sanders has agreed on a deal to make NBA return with the Cavaliers, w/ likely 2017-18 option date, league sources…
Larry Sanders could be cool. I thought it was a bit more clear that Derrick Williams would bring athleticism/energy right away.
Mid-season additions for the Cavs: Deron Williams, Andrew Bogut, Derrick Williams, and Larry Sanders. Gave up nothi…
It might be in the Cavs best interest to sign both Larry Sanders and Eric Moreland to shore up the front court for playoffs.
“Hopefully we give him an opportunity. Why not?” . LeBron is open to Cavs signing Larry Sanders
Opposing GM tells AmicoHoops he's been informed by Larry Sanders' camp that Sanders wants and plans to sign with "ear…
Just finished the entire Larry Sanders series on DVD. Brilliant!
Sources: Cavs, Larry Sanders in serious contract discussions. report on when Sanders could sign.
Former NBA center Larry Sanders and the Cleveland Cavaliers are in serious discussions toward a deal, league sources tel…
put up the Larry Sanders bat signal
ROFL! Every Cavs fan wanting to sign Larry Sanders. Turning over half the roster isn't enough. Maybe Brad Daugherty still has some gas Ieft.
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Only other options for the Celtics now are Larry Sanders or Terrence Jones
Free agents I want Boston to sign by the deadline in order. 1. Terrence Jones. 2. Andrew Bogut. 3. Larry Sanders. . 9. Brandon Jennings
I just really hope Ainge has a backup plan.. If we can't land Bogut, go grab Terrence Jones or Larry Sanders! ☘
If we can't get Bogut, there's still Larry Sanders and Terrance Jones as potential options
Derrick Williams is Terrence Jones. Cavs have got to be smoking crack to pass on Larry Sanders if they don't get Bogut
If for some reason Bogut goes somewhere else, I am told plan B remains Larry Sanders, or reaching out to Terrence…
Larry Sanders? Instantly brings better energy to the frontcourt. Could see Terrence Jones as well.
Cavs are looking at Deron Williams and Larry Sanders too.
I need Larry Sanders to the Cavs so we can potentially have TWO VCU players in the NBA Finals this year. I'll watch.
In the car I heard Jeff Phelps on 92.3 bring up a good about Larry Sanders. assts. Jim Boylan & Larry Drew coached him first 4 years
Tyronn Lue and assistant Larry Drew will oversee Larry Sanders' workout with Sanders will undergo physical/meeting f…
One team source described Larry Sanders' workout to ESPN as "due diligence." CLE assistants Larry Drew and Jim Boylan coached hi…
The Lakers will meet with Larry Sanders today. He is very serious about his NBA return.
so many great episodes of that show, the Larry Sanders Show was also a good one on HBO from back in the day
I just always think of that phrase Hank uses from the Larry Sanders Show when someone hints at something sexual!
yea not sure. Might just finish up the Larry Sanders Show and revisit this in 2 months.
It's always sunny in Philadelphia, The life and times Of Tim, Review y el show de Larry Sanders menciones honoríficas
Funnier than anything you've been involved in since the Larry Sanders Show.and you couldn't act in that!
It's the scene where Larry Sanders visits David Duchovny, isn't it? that isn't just me?
Watching an old Larry Sanders where his guests are Gene Siskel, Warren Zevon, and John Ritter. You know, that is now a very sad lineup.
Had to google him. Only thing I've seen with him in was Larry Sanders Show in 1994.
This is great, cannot wait, binged both Larry Sanders and Garry Shandling Show the past year
Brandon Jennings said he would've re-signed with Bucks back in day but money went to Larry Sanders. Loved it here in Milw in summer.
along with the Larry Sanders Show, THE BEST
Is the Nigel Farage Show like Larry Sanders? Y'know, where the host is grotesque caricature of a self-interested dead-eyed opportunist?
(has theme song to Larry Sanders Show stuck in head. no. it says applause.)
less so for me, but I did think the Larry Sanders Show was genius.
More old TV morbidity... Richard Simmons on Larry Sanders. If you don't know what's going on with him now, it's really weird and sad.
This is a v Janeane Garofalo-heavy Larry Sanders ep: the only way to improve Larry Sanders would be to have her in every scene for no reason
"I didn't know Harrison Ford did impressions, his Carol Channing is terrific!" - Rip Torn on Larry Sanders.
Larry Sanders speaks to the people of Witney (Bernie speaks at 11:11)
Boris could you listened to rip Larry Sanders. Matbaren that Mr Dean Stanton documentary on to attempt to.
Coming up on I'll be speaking to Larry Sanders, brother of Bernie. Was the wrong candidate?
yes, I was a huge bird fan. And Ralph Sampson. Timmy is prolly 6 on my list, the Admiral 7,Glen rice 8,Lamar 9, Larry Sanders 10
Rip Torn as Artie is my favorite thing about the Larry Sanders Show
10-4 that babe. Let's see: Larry Sanders (I would), Insecure (might be good), Divorce (.), Ballers (nah), Big Love (phttt)...
So thrilled The Larry Sanders Show is on HBO go.
Were you around for S4 premiere of Larry Sanders? The OJ runner with Hank is hilarious
The Larry Sanders episode where he's dating his intern makes me want to die. But, you know, in a good way.
I love the Larry Sanders Show and Gary Shandling - he went to palo verde high school with my parents on eastside tucson. Youre too young
Quiet as kept Larry Sanders is the most important person in the NBA title hunt
Does anyone else remember the Larry Sanders episode where Hank becomes the host and gets too famous and eventually…
Aint That The Truth to pass on to kids- Losing With Class
Larry Sanders with the dope costume
talking about Larry sanders.obviously lol
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Larry Sanders unfollowed me and I can't feel. I'm sorry
Bernie Sanders backs brother Larry in Witney by-election
Larry Sanders got kicked out of the game for giving thumbs up after an initial T.
The number of people on The Larry Sanders Show who are not around anymore is pretty depressing
HBO has classics tho, The Wire, The Sopranos, Larry Sanders Show. If we judge entire catalogs of what they've put out, HBO wins in
The Larry Sanders Show is a good show to binge when you're sick.
was already getting joked about going to prison back in 1994:. The Larry Sanders Show July 22, 1994: https…
Bernie Sanders should dress up as Larry David for Halloween.
✨☺️-You too funny and are you related to Larry Sanders
The Brave Little Toaster is a classic, plus anyone who wrote for Larry Sanders has got to be brilliant.
The Warriors might need to go ahead and sneak a medical marijuana card to Larry Sanders & finagle him out of retirement.
Currently drinking Scotch, watching Larry Sanders, and hoping I get hit by an asteroid.
I hope it's an all-star political cast;Will Ferrel as Bush,Tina Fey as Palin,Larry Sanders as Bernie, Dana Carvey as old Bush...
No election respite to be found in Larry Sanders reruns
During this Larry Sanders Show rewatch I sometimes get sad. There's a scene with Garry, John Ritter and Gene Siskel. All gone too soon.
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Been watching The Larry Sanders Show in my spare time. Seeing Shandling's character have a heart attack was soul crushing
So Bernie does endorse the Green Partyl. Still love Bernie! There is a reason Larry Sanders is Green. Vote Jill Stein and go Gr…
The Warriors should really get ahold of Larry Sanders
If the Warriors had Larry sanders on this team, they would be the greatest team ever
'Bernie lost better': Larry Sanders takes fourth place in Witney by-election - the guardian
As a green I support Larry Sanders in this race.
Is the Green candidate really named Larry Sanders?
an appalling article that doesn't even mention Larry Sanders (Bernie's brother) standing for the Green Party.
yep, just read it on Reuters. Larry Sanders has lived in the UK since 69. Green Party candidate
I’m standing in Witney because Britain can do better than the Tories | Larry Sanders
Fantastic endorsement from of our wonderful candidate Larry Sanders http…
Larry Sanders would get a workout invite from me dude had talent but his mind was gone.
Just watched you on Larry Sanders, Wow, heavy hitters on there with you Warren Zevon, John Ritter, and so on .Hey Now
Larry Sanders, bro, is running as a Green for David Cameron's old seat. Good luck https:/…
You told me to go watch Larry Sanders last night, Mike, then, my Internet zapped, I called White House, it's back on! Not kidding!
Larry Sanders, Bernie’s brother, is running for David Cameron’s seat in the British Parliament
I agree with you totally on Michael Beasley. Just another Larry Sanders in the making. (sad to say) too many off court issues.
Bernie Sanders' brother is literally called Larry Sanders & he's running for David Cameron's old seat
"I will try to land punches on the Tories" Larry Sanders on how his brother's fame has energised him https:…
when are the cavs going to sign Larry Sanders or josh smith?
📹 politico: Larry Sanders casts tearful vote for brother: Our parents ‘would be immensely proud’ By...
SEE IT: moved to tears after brother Larry Sanders casts vote for him at DNC
By name alone, Larry Sanders and Bernie Sanders sound like a mean spades duo
Larry Sanders cast the final vote for w/ tribute to their parents… An emotional moment for the Senator.
Bernie's brother, Larry Sanders, fighting through tears to cast the final vote from Vermont for his brother, Bernard https:/…
That was beautiful. FYI: Larry Sanders lives in the U.K.; the final tally was Clinton: 7, Sanders: 10
is Larry Sanders' song even worse than you imagined? (It is.)
How quickly you go from the hope of Dewayne Dedmon, Willie Reed, and Larry Sanders to Ian Clark, James Michael Macadoo, and Anderson Varejao
THEN they sign Larry Sanders too who isn't so bad.. Rondo. Wade. Butler. LeBron. Sanders. 😳
did you have mushrooms today Krueger? Larry Sanders is not a character guy although a better 49er fit. Simpson?
I hope they take a look at Larry Sanders, maybe use the TPE on Rob Covington or Wilson Chandler
Couldn't help but notice Piven rocking a Beatrice talk radio shirt during my third Larry Sanders ep of the night.
Keith sent to remote locales feels like Hank Kingsley being moved off Larry Sanders's couch.
for a Rim protector. . how about Larry Sanders ??
Larry Sanders: "I will be voting in the EU referendum...we're better in than out"
You look at shows like The Simpsons or Larry Sanders or Curb Your Enth...
I was thinking that. Would be like Larry Sanders meets Last of the Summer Wine.
Democrats Abroad convention held today in Berlin. Oxford's Larry Sanders (actual Bernie Bro) elected as delegate:
Actual Bernie Bro, Britain's Larry Sanders was elected as a Democrats Abroad delegate at their convention in Berlin ht…
Theus, Burgess and Maynor all signed up for our alumni team (Eric as a booster). I'm a Larry Sanders signup away from a really good day.
Right now Amazon is recommending for me: Big Ang's book, Leah Remini's Scientology book, and Larry Sanders. Amazon might as well marry me
Giannis joins Larry Sanders and Ersan Ilyasova as Bucks who have finished top-3 in Most Improved Player voting over past 5 years. So, yeah.
When is Larry Sanders coming back to ? Can't they just put it on HBOGO right now? It's their show, no?
He was brilliant. Larry Sanders Show was hilarious.
I'm still re-watching the Larry Sanders Show, in tribute to Garry Shandling dying last month. I cant keep up with all the celeb deaths.
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I started watching the Larry Sanders Show.
Still sorta gutted by Larry Sanders ep last night that had John Ritter, Gene Siskel, and Warren Zevon. Also had dewey-fresh Josh Malina tho.
I assume u have seen this not sure if u were a fan -Greg & I loved the Larry Sanders Show
Overdosing on Larry Sanders tonight in homage to Gary Shandling. Looking forward to explaining 90s 'celebs' to the young Elder leeches.
No doubt, Larry Sanders was comedy genius.
Watch Garry Shandling's greatest scene: Larry Sanders makes love to David Duchovny:
Watching me some Larry Sanders right now. What a shame, too young to go...
Might be making loud, exasperated noises at how many young people associate Garry Shandling with the MCU instead of Larry Sanders.
RIP Passed in LA at 66 yrs young. One of my very favorite comedians. Just watch a few episodes of Larry Sanders to see why!
I recall watching Larry Sanders when I was young & being intrigued by it. It may have helped spark my love of satire
Really, really loved Larry Sanders. Brilliant characters. Hank Kingsley was a joy. Even gave us Mr Selfridge
When I was young I watched the Larry Sanders Show on HBO. I didn't totally get it was fictional, so for me it's always been groundbreaking.
what a loss, the Larry Sanders Show is one of the best ever, super funny guy, way too young
I have been watching Larry Sanders Show. I find his death sudden. His i/v on stern connected me, he was very practical & wise
Larry Sanders was my reference for what we wanted when Amazon began in TV. Its Garry Shandlings Show blew my young comedic mind. A big loss.
One of my favorites. His "Larry Sanders" show was comedy gold. RIP Garry. No Flipping: Remembering Garry Shandling
If you are too young to have seen Garry Shandling's show on FOX and then later, Larry Sanders on HBO, check them out. G…
'Larry Sanders' paved the way for a new direction in comedy. Too Funny. Too Young! RIP
When I was a kid (and too young to watch) I was always confused: "Is his name Garry Shandling or Larry Sanders?" RIP
RIP Garry Shandling. I used to watch the Larry Sanders Show when I was young & the Garry Shandling show reruns on Comedy Central
Larry Sanders Show was awesome when I was a kid feeling as if I was too young to watch (I probably was)
Very sad. However we still have a Larry Sanders: British Green Party spokesman and Elder brother of United States Senator Bernie Sanders.
time to sign Larry Sanders and Baron Davis and just bet on crazy
What's Larry Sanders up to these days? Does Mike Conley still have Greg Oden in his contacts? Where Reggie Evans at?
'Bernie's brother , Larry Sanders, looks just like Gary Shandling, who played...
Tony Wroten. Dorrell Wright. Kevin Martin (if bought-out). Joe Johnson (if bought-out). Anderson Varejao (if waived). Larry Sanders?
lol now he has his former Bucks Ilyasova and Brandon Jennings. All we need are Larry Sanders + Ellis it's 2012-13 all over again
It's interesting that his name is Larry Sanders and he kind of looks like Gary Shandling.
The one with Larry David as Sanders (the first time) was very good too.
Larry David and Bernie Sanders, together on "Saturday Night Live" at last
A GOP strategist explains why he fears BERNIE more than HILLARY. … … … … via https…
He has Larry Sanders written all over him, I almost hope for his sanity he doesnt get mega paid
People in Alabama vote 14.4x for The Larry Sanders Show on The Greatest Sitcoms in Television History
you were only in Mil. for a short time, but did you get to know Larry sanders enough to be surprised by him quitting basketball?
In addition to my broken Samsung T619, and it does appear that Larry Sanders is perhaps just what the Bucks need:
HRC at Victory Missionary Baptist Church, w/ Sanders looking on. "If we were to achieve everything about banks... would tha…
All the *** go wild sharing that awesome SNL Beyoncé skit but where was the love last week for Larry David as Bernie Sanders? Bad ***
So people have noticed that Bernie Sanders sounds exactly like Larry David, right?
Bernie Sanders and Larry David spoof Curb Your Enthusiasm on SNL - (press release) (blog)
"Bernie's main platform is almost identical to the Green Party's"
The transitive property says if Larry David plays a great Bernie Sanders & Jason Alexander plays a great Larry, JA would be a great Bernie.
Look out, Larry David: Jimmy Fallon just unleashed a killer Bernie Sanders impression
The brother of is now the UK Green Party's health spokesman
.sums up America's dysfunctional relationship w/ Trump:
Bernie Sanders can 'easily' become US president, says UK-based brother via
Markieff Morris, Ron Artest, Lance Stephenson, and Larry Sanders brawl it out in an alley way. Who is walking out alive?
Bernie Sanders&-Larry Sanders? That was a great show back in the day.
Larry Sanders: Why my kid brother has my vote for US President
Larry Sanders was a spoof chat show in the very early 90s with Garry Shandling and Jeffrey Tambor. It's dead good!
Larry Sanders was a great guy and a top chat show host.
Larry Sanders is now the Green Health spokesman. Life imitating art, this time as farce. Surely he should be given his own show, at once.
I loved The Garry Shandling Show. Some of Larry Sanders is just brilliant.
How brilliant that there is a politician called Larry Sanders, takes me back to the Larry Sanders Show starring Garry Shandling
Larry Sanders though? Is Gary Shandling going to show up with Larry David on the next SNL? That's where my mind went.
I’m just delighted that his brother is named Larry Sanders, like in the old TV show - he sounded great on
Larry Sanders will reportedly 'look into' making NBA retur... via
I remember him fondly from the Larry Sanders Show:
The Carson show where you run through Larry Sanders story ideas with Johnny reairs at 11 PST on Antenna TV.
Feature: Oxford resident Larry Sanders is backing his brother Bernie Sanders for US presendency – Oxford Mail
The last three picks John Hammond has made coming after a playoff appearance: . Rashad Vaughn. Giannis Antetokounmpo. Larry Sanders
How does profile not mention Bob Odenkirk's Stevie Grant character from Larry Sanders? Pretty much the roots of Saul Goodman, IMO
You're missing '5. Jews'. See Sanders, Bernie and David, Larry for an example of future me.
Work is progress. Progress is greatness @ Larry Sanders Sports Complex
Bernie Sanders.. Imagine Larry David up to something got another politics
Sir I would rather vote for Larry David before I would vote for Bernie Sanders! Good luck to you!😀
Binge watching The Larry Sanders Show and being reminded how much of a comedic genius is.
WHO'S greedy? Bernie Sanders' complaint about the Koch brothers is 'mind-blowing' irony
Bernie Sanders is gonna be on Larry Wilmore tomorrow, w00t!
Bernie Sanders will appear as a panelist on Comedy Central's "The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore" tomorrow night.
Tonight Bernie Sanders shares soul food with Larry Wilmore on the Nightly Show on Comedy Central! Tune in at 11:30 ET/ …
I read it in Larry David's Bernie Sanders voice.
can do more. Vote for Bernie Sanders ! . Larry Campbell write in candidate for Senator of KY 2016
If this doesn't spell age discrimination I don't know what does. Take a stand, vote for Bernie Sanders. Larry Campbell
A vote for Bernie Sanders is a vote for four more years of Larry David on SNL
Clinton and Sanders cash dash tells tale of 2 campaigns
Larry Sanders Walked Away From the NBA and $27 Million, and He’s Never Felt Better via
since Larry David plays Bernie Sanders on SNL my 13 yo brother actually thinks Larry David is Bernie Sanders
Apparently Bernie Sanders doesn't understand how laws work ~ Aww, like--you know, laws just get in the…
Likening Trump to Bernie Sanders is a disgrace to Senator Sanders!
Hey children!Life with Sanders,90% tax on your paycheck!Health care that makes the VA look like Valhalla,destruction of businesses and jobs!
Said it before and I'll say it again, Larry Sanders>Larry David
Has anyone seen the BK Chicken Burger commercial. The old dude is like Bernie Sanders and Larry Davids father.
If Bernie Sanders was a comedian, he'd be Larry David.
Bernie Sanders, in Congress since 1991, says he's not a career politician. Larry David would even laugh at that one. http…
I miss when the Bucks had Brandon Jennings, Larry Sanders & Monte Ellis 😕
Yes the Eric Maynor 2 minute finale n the CAA tournament & the blow out the next year led by Larry Sanders & Eric
Jason Thompson from Rider. Eric Maynor and Larry Sanders out of VCU. Kent Bazemore from ODU. The list goes on.
ha! He was also the agent in Larry Sanders! Those two are smashing it!
Catching up on Tivo'd Demo debate..listening 2 Bernie..channeling Larry Sanders..Hill needs 2 reline her dentures..O'Malley has spit bubbles
Jeffrey Tambor - Hank Kingsley of Larry Sanders, George Bluth of Arrested Development and role on Transparent
Larry Sanders was a better show than Seinfeld.
OMG... Happy Birthday to . The man that invented two comedy genres with Larry Sanders & It's Garry Shandling's Show
Irks me how players like JR Smith, Delonte West, Beasley, Larry Sanders, etc are treated. Clearly needed help, but thrown under bus instead.
Channeling Larry Sanders to combat overexuberant youth with his baby sister No flipping. cc
Larry David as Bernie Sanders was the best thing on SNL in I don't know how long.
Bernie Sanders forces a smile as plays video of Larry David as Bernie- in front of him.
Having watched The Larry Sanders Show makes me ache.
Does the old guy in the eharmony sales pitch look like Bernie Sanders impersonating Larry David..
Video: Sanders laughs his head off as he watches the Larry David impersonation during interview with Charlie Rose
Maddow interviews Bernie Sanders -- and I have to say: I can't even LOOK at him, let alone listen to him, without seeing/hearing Larry David
Joy Behar finally gets a smooch from Sanders on The View and Raven-Symoné gets him mix... - Daily Mail
I still haven't seen Bernie Sanders and Larry David in the same room.
Larry David as Bernie Sanders is dangerous cause I literally though Bernie Sanders was on SNL.
I could watch Larry David's Bernie Sanders impressions all day long:
Larry David as Bernie Sanders on was perfect!
Larry David's impression of Bernie Sanders is uncanny.
Sanders: 'It's true' -- Larry David and I are the same person
Stand with as he stands with Verizon workers
."It is important to stand up when the going is tough."
Elections as told by media: Trump, Carson, Clinton, and Sanders. Elections as told by Larry Lessig: PACs & Lobbyists
My political convictions are simple, I'm voting for Bernie Sanders because I want to see Larry David play him on SNL for t…
endorses for President and it's pretty pretty pretty good
Loosened Andrea Mitchell was so excited to laugh and applaud Bernie Sanders and his impersonation by Larry David she keeps talking about it.
What ever happened to Larry sanders
he's the Larry Sanders in this scenario.
Sanders responds to rumors that he and Larry David are the same person:
Chris Johnson, Dwight Freeney, Carson Palmer, Larry Fitzgerald. The Cardinals are like a Madden fantasy team from 2008.
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