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Larry Murphy

Lawrence Thomas Murphy (born March 8, 1961) is a former Canadian professional ice hockey defenceman. He currently serves as an analyst and sideline reporter for the Detroit Red Wings on Fox Sports Detroit, and a studio analyst on NHL Network.

Brendan Smith Adam Foote Brian Leetch Scott Stevens Dion Phaneuf Darren McCarty Graham Dwyer Paul Coffey

.scored his 79th career goal and passed Larry Murphy (78) for 2nd on all-time list among d-men.
Larry Murphy, Randy Carlyle and Sergei Gonchar each did it four times, Kevin Hatcher and Ron Stackhouse each three times.
On this date in 1981, Larry Murphy set an record for most points by a rookie defenseman with his 66th
St. Joseph (Met.) vs St. Augustine at Jackson Liberty on March 10, 2016 ( Larry Murphy | for NJ Advance Media )
I hear the girl last nyt u went Larry Murphy on is thinking something along them lines 👮🏻😉
Great to see that business was brisk at stand outside Larry Murphy's on Baggot St
When Larry Murphy confuses lady gaga with the Zack brown band 😂
First Pa with a H in a relationship now Keith Kelleher, 2016 is really creeping me out next in one could be Larry Murphy😳😳
Praise and celebrity are the new coins of the realm. Trump mints them daily.
Sounds like an Uncle of mine. When did Americans become so thin skinned???
OMG, Larry Smith is ordering copies of Frigga bless those beautiful people, as my son might say. GOING TO BED NOW REALLY
Kris Letang moves into a tie with Larry Murphy for the second-most goals by a defenceman in history with 78 (Coffey - 108).
Kris Letang sets a career-high with his 12th goal of season. He ties Larry Murphy for 2nd-most goals by a D-man in franc…
Happy 55th b'day to Larry Murphy who won 2 Cups with Pens & Wings and was runner-up for '81 Calder while with Kings.
Phil Housley had 19 goals rookie year and Brian Leetch had 23 goals rookie year leads all Defenseman. Larry Murphy 76 Pts.
Adam Foote and Larry Murphy trash talk before the outdoor game
Christ, Larry Murphy was already a Hall of Famer when he went to Toronto.
Foote and Larry Murphy talking about rivalry.
Current status: Listening to Adam Foote and Larry Murphy talking…
Stage is set for chat with Adam Foote and Larry Murphy.
It is 12 hall of famers! Apologies. How did I miss Larry Murphy? Dude used to be my neighbor!
Spoke with Adam Foote and Larry Murphy at length for this one. Man, Avs vs. Wings was a *** of a time
Just sat next to Larry Murphy at bww in Birch Run!
Hey Zuckerberg, Larry page etc. Please pay off my student debts & invest into Gavin Murphy ideas
Only because I believe it should have an original score by Larry O'Keefe and Kevin Murphy. ("Time After Time" can stay.)
I hope Larry Nance Jr. watched and has some ideas for next year. Maybe jump over Kobe in his wheelchair?
Actually convinced I'm going to get Larry Murphy'd now like I'm not able
Patrick Murphy's rich Republican father-- a Trump partner-- paid the DSCC $34,400 for Reid and Schumer to atta…
Maybe it will turn out like Larry Murphy: run out of town, only to win a Cup with his new team.
I only love 4 things: Seinfeld, Larry David, Murphy's, and my mattress.
Ok so interesting chatting to business owner in Shankill todsy.. Apparently larry murphy the, infamous lived in...
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Gibbs& the general HC Larry Murphy looking to upset Coral Mariner(23-3). Expect the tandem of to show out tonight.
"Fr.Murphy's Ladies ready for the New Season" by on
Larry Murphy would've kept that one in
ICYMI: 4X Stanley Cup Champ & HHOFer Larry Murphy says pressure will be off Phaneuf in OTT:
, hall of famer Larry Murphy, and another hall of famer Ted Lindsey!
Ella Foxworthy and Aidan Murphy with Principal Dalby while being honored by at Town Hall. @
I googled Larry Murphy and I see how that goes now lol
phaneuf will be the next Larry Murphy. Leaves Toronto and flourishes.
Wait why haven't we been talking about Larry Murphy?!?!
playoffs next 3 years we will love it. Never under estimate how much TO impacts players. Larry Murphy for one.
This Dion Phaneuf trade is reminiscent to the Larry Murphy trade for me
Phaneuf on the second Ott D pairing, less pressure.remember Larry Murphy leafs fans?
What is likely going to happen with Phaneuf is he'll be the next Larry Murphy..go from derision in Toronto to being appreciated in Ottawa.
Larry Murphy was spotted out canvassing with Enda Kenny today :D . ~ RevRepBrady ~
This the new generation's Larry Murphy. Goes on to win multiple cups after being booed out of town by the fans.
As a leafs hater, I really hope Dion Phaneuf turns into Larry Murphy after leafs fans also booed out of town.
Can Phaneuf help Ottawa in their playoff drive more like Larry Murphy did Detroit (1997) and less like Thomas Kaberle did Boston (2011)?
Unless Phaneuf gets his Larry Murphy moment and becomes a born-again defenceman.
Hey! We have great memories of Larry Murphy. And Bob Rouse. And Jamie Macoun.
Remember when the booed Larry Murphy out of town and he went on to be an integral part of 2 consecutive cups for the
Good trade. Yet I can't help but think of Larry Murphy 🙂
Hey! Larry Murphy was dumped by a team that couldn't use him. He was very capable.
Yall were watching Larry Murphy thinkin he was OG cuz he won back-back cups with the Wings when he won back-back cups with the Pens as well.
bring back Larry murphy and Mike Ramsey.
Their first powerplay unit back then was Jagr/Lemieux/Ron Francis/Larry Murphy/Kevin Stevens. 4 hall of famers.
sad news. Went to school with Fitz at St. T's. A Friday night sniper at Weller St. outdoor rink in Kings Larry Murphy jersey
Arrived at the Frank Murphy Hall of Justice, waiting for the sentencing of Larry Gaulding in the "voluntary manslaughter" of
Murphy the Says Br 10°Brother Larry Doing Ok 🙄in rehabbut it's going to be a long road for him Thanks Prayer🙏
Dave Chapelle, Ashy Larry, and Charlie Murphy should do a movie.
And it won't be for a bag of magic beans. Murphy
umm is it possible that BARB MURPHY has a huge crush on Dr. Pepper's Larry Culpepper. spicy!
I saw ashy Larry & Charlie Murphy before Dave left the show never sit front row .I learned my lesson
I'm just tryn smoke wit Charlie Murphy Ashy Larry and Chapelle.
Why can they never claim somebody we don't want? Like Larry Murphy or Gerald Keane...
we should be more worried about Larry murphy coming back
Thanks to James Labourout Kelly for the update:. REPORTS COMING OUT OF SALLYNOGGIN!!! . Rapist Larry Murphy has...
Only 3 people Ik when I first got to Murphy was Bri ,Hunter ,and Larry 😂
Calm down Notts county fans - seen it all before Larry Lloyd, Colin murphy, Steve Thompson. Log off calm down be young be foolish be happy x
I'm still reeling from Murphy saying Exeter didn't want a winner as they'd miss out on playing at Anfield.
if Larry isn't following u🙊. I'll add u in a dm. Turn my notifications on🙉. MBF us🙈.
Former champ Larry Murphy in first race in seven years wins a-main
Murphy the Says 45°🌧 been long week for everybody 🤓 , Me , and especially Brother Larry Hope get Better 🙏🇺🇸
Your Snapchat is essentially Colin Quinn meets Larry Murphy meets the editor of
It stands for Larry Charles David Soundsystem, bc James Murphy was meant to write on S
Winston is the daddy. They may as well have put Larry Murphy in the house
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can you confirm the sighting of larry Murphy in Cluny park, Dublin? Please
If Exeter score a third, I reckon Murphy's going to go full Raffy.
Fun Fact of the day. Murphy Lee is wearing an Indiana State Larry Bird jersey in the "Shake ya tailfeather" video
Gibbs coach Larry Murphy said tore his ACL in last night's win over Bradenton Bayshore.
Boys Basketball-Gibbs HC Larry Murphy says stud 2018 starting G Pierce)is out for the season with torn ACL.
has Jonas become the Larry Murphy of TSN?
& Mary wasn't a virgin she was Larry Murphy'd in a barn 😂😂😂
Jones leaving NSH reminds me of Scott Stevens situation with Caps - true value "buried" behind HOF'ers Rod Langway and Larry Murphy.
Murphy the Says Cold 19° thinking brothers Larry's honor do one of my favorite cartoons Marmaduke 😆
I was fortunate to watch him, Al MacInnis, Rob Blake, Larry Murphy, Paul Coffey, Scott Stevens, and Brian Leetch. Great D-men.
.asked Kris Draper and Larry Murphy if Sergei Fedorov's No.91 should be retired. Here's what they said -->
. Nope. Instead I got to hang out with Larry Murphy and Valeri Bure. Cool guys.
Larry Murphy: Politics isn't a spectator sport or an inside game unless we let it be.
Larry Murphy sounded a bit winded after the first half.
Got up to make a Larry Murphy lunch, missed the Wings goal.
Are you Larry, are you Larry, are you Larry Murphy in disguise?
Playing in today's game for team Canada is Paul Coffey, Tiger Williams and Larry Murphy! Connections. .
U.S. flight command center in Vietnam,1966. Photograph by Larry Burrows.
she was the only one not to accuse Titus bramble of rape and he is after more court appearance than Larry Murphy
asked Mario once if he saw Larry Murphy on CC winner open -M "I saw him" as deadpan as ever no more ?'s on it
Only thing better than having Reimer to kick around would be if Larry Murphy still played for the
I could have sworn that was Larry Murphy. Great picture.
I keep My Daddy,Murphy, and Larry on me everyday
Fr. Murphy's Ladies Football & Camogie London, have a team in Run in the Dark in support of Jamie .
The Fr. Murphy's team is now complete, coach Erin McDaid and 9 girls from All over Ireland to run on Nov 11
All about the Benjamins. Ice Cube, Mike Epps, and Kevin Hart. Featuring Charlie Murphy & Ashy Larry.
Think ben dressed up as larry murphy on Saturday
Gibbs Basketball HC Larry Murphy says Stetson will stop by practice tomorrow.
Enjoyed Gary Powers Jr on The U2 Incident tonite, co-hosted by Larry Murphy at
Not gonna award the Norris to 52 just yet but he looks like a different player without Larry Murphy.
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Watching Larry McCarren w/ Prez Mark Murphy. Met and took time to talk. 1 of the nicest guys I ever met.
I don't think the crowd is all that enthused over Murphy being Larry's guest.
now we know what really happened to Larry Murphy.
Larry Murphy of The Final Code has been selected as a guest lecturer at UCLA. . He will be lecturing in the...
"Fr Murphy's Ladies Football & Camogie Club are entered into Run in the Dark for the Mark *** Trust."
Nicole Murphy hosts OCEANS, all-white party at Rose Hall! We flipped history & repurpose that wretched plantation. http…
You mean you don't want Daniel Murphy???
Has anyone ever dominated the LCS and choked in the World Series like Daniel Murphy? Wow.
I'm pretty sure Larry Murphy could field better than Daniel in this World Series.
I know we have to be realistic here and take what we can get, but how about 0 income tax?
Call to action from Larry Drain of HopeWorks Community. This bill would end federal funding for peer support as...
th ey'll probably be more manly and harry might grow out a beard instead of a "beard" *cough LARRY *cough *cough
We had a Mets fan who sounded like Larry David screaming at another fan. "You gonna blame David Murphy? You're smoking crack!"
Dallas Drake, Kirk Maltby, Larry Murphy, & Darren McCarty with some fantasy campers
Murphy the Say out to see Larry this morning he's doing good 67° partly cloudy 😳🇺🇸
Order Miche Bag Online!
I'd actually trade my sister for Larry Murphy 😾
Tables are set for tomorrow's dinner theater. Thank you Janice Murphy Lois Ulbricht Graff and Larry Ryan for...
I'm not suggesting anything, but has anyone ever seen Caitlyn Jenner and Larry Murphy in the same room?
I'd say that Murphy got back at Larry Bowa for that beaning threat!
Can we get a live look in on Larry Bowa as Murphy celebrates that hit?
Should have just listened to Larry Bowa and just put Murphy on first with one pitch.
Guess you should have plunked him, Larry Bowa.
Larry Bowa how'd ya like that. EAT IT. Murphy keeps ripping cover off ball
Can we get a shot of Larry Bowa please? I want to make sure Murphy was allowed to celebrate.
Daniel Murphy’s ribs are probably lucky that Larry Bowa is not the manager.
Daniel Murphy was very proud of himself after that play. Larry Bowa less than impressed, probably.
Larry Bowa? lol Cursing and threatening Murphy the following day after his home run? Not so much
Larry Bowa went on about quick pitching, but seemed mostly mad at Daniel Murphy?
VIDEO: Larry Bowa is ejected, drops F-bombs, threatens Daniel Murphy with a beaning
Murphy abeg nw,talk to Dr Larry 4 us,bring ur station to Ibadan,we are missing d fun abeg
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Anonymous said: I saw someone on tumblr point out that Larry Bowa was wrong for threatening Murphy, but...
So Larry Bowa called Daniel Murphy "weak" and says he expects a letter from MLB saying "Dear Larry, I miss you."
Larry Bowa went a little nuts last night at Daniel Murphy, it was awesome.
Larry Bowa was obnoxious last night. getting on murphy was uncalled for. definitely should be suspended
Watching the replay from the Phillies broadcast, Looks like Larry Bowa was still on Murphy for his bat flip Monday...
The last time Jim Johnson did this much good to Pittsbugh, he was traded for Larry Murphy and Peter Taglianetti
I was reading Larry fic and I couldn't stop picturing them as Bellamy and Murphy this is BAD
This guy was in media in toronto chasing Larry Murphy (HOF) out of town I believe. Matt Sakeres
pls tell murphy say him and the A team they make me go crazy seriously i need to ask doctor larry were he murphy
ask larry murphy to get of terry :D
now Larry can come out with no fear❤️🌈
Last time I remember Pacers fans wondering how Larry was going to get rid of someone he flipped Murphy for Collison. Which was pretty good
"Jesus Giada take that hood down I thought you were Larry Murphy" - Nanny
If Kessel doesn't get traded he's going to get Larry Murphy'd
Playing a UVA team that can't get a pitch call in from the dugout; bedtime 11:45.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
If news gets out that Kessel doesn't lift his no trade clause for Arizona, prepare for Leafs fans to destroy him worse than Larry Murphy.
"Oats provide the best break crop for winter wheat from a take all point of view" Larry Murphy Teagasc
James Murphy is my Dad and Larry David is my Grandpa
As reported by (thanks Dino), welcome to our scouting staff . Here he is with Larry Murphy!
SOH presents commendation to Dr. Larry Kaiser for staff's heroic response to Amtrak accident.
Good piece with Dave Guiney, Larry Murphy et al on Sunday, Dermot. I hope it works out for the chap.
You can't prove to me that Larry the lobster isn't supposed to be Murphy
😂😂 poor Ciamh forever alone so Larry Murphy for her it is 😋
Here is Jason with Hall of Famer Larry Murphy listen to our latest to find out how they met
From that Larry Bird quote, it screams "Troy Murphy" and not in any good way.
Larry Murphy was 3rd and 5th in leafs scoring and he only played roughly half the year in yr 2. Fans expected too much.
Larry Murphy must be todays star and
Larry Murphy is so disrespected in TO that everyone has forgotten he was the 3rd guy on the Gretzky-Lemieux rush at 87 Canada Cup.
Larry Murphy was run out of DC too. Caps fans were brutal on him. They'd go "Whooops" every time he got the puck
Chris Murphy on Why thinks the cloud is a much better business than on-premises software:
last week, I got to attend banjo workshops with Lynwood Lunsford, Pat Murphy, Greg Cahill, & Larry Gillis, learned a lot of great stuff.
UCC Gaelic Football President Dr Con Murphy welcoming Cork legend Larry Tompkins as our new Fresher Football coach.
Happy Father Day to My Uncle Terry Hampton and Darrin Murphy and Larry Hampton the three men who helped raise me...
Happy Fathers Day Larry Murphy thank you for putting up with me and still loving me in the end!
Why Piper Chapman is literally the worst
Rich Sutter blows by Larry Murphy on the left wing, beats a sprawling Brad Tolliver with a wrister. Blackhawks 3, Penguins 3.
I'd happily give my little brothers to Larry Murphy to be in the home tonight
So I just won a Larry Murphy signed puck, his bobblehead, Lemiuex bobblehead, and James Neal signed 8x10. I'll call that a good day!
Some evil *** like Larry Murphy or Graham Dwyer knows what happened.
Some phyco like Graham Dwyer or Larry Murphy knows where and rest of disappeared women are
Just watchin the game in the presence of Dino Ciccarelli, Larry Murphy, and Darren McCarty it's coo. Go green & go wings
“Larry Murphy: I never asked out of Toronto good read
Larry Murphy: I never asked out of Toronto
Larry Murphy: I never asked out of Toronto -
Larry Murphy: I never asked for a trade out of Toronto
Larry Murphy to on his tough times with Maple Leafs.
1961 - Former d-man Larry Murphy was born in Scarborough, ON. http:/…
Today's birthdays in and James Van Der Beek, Hines Ward, Kenny Smith, Freddie Prinze Jr., and Larry Murphy.
What george gibney, David Drumm, pearse MC Auley & Larry Murphy prove is that Ireland is the best country in the world to commit a crime
Its hard being a Leafs fan not cause team *** but how fans treat players. Larry Murphy, David Clarkson Kessel and Phaneuf is embarrassing
for those old enough Dion is the old Larry Murphy, for those to young Google him
Guys, Larry Murphy is at the Pistons game and he was just on the kiss cam. Thick rimmed glasses and all. Cc:
Chris Chelios and Larry Murphy rivalry was great
I honestly hate to say it but I hope he gets Larry Murphy'd out of town
After Larry Hogan is sworn in as Md. governor, his budget will do the real talking - Washington Post: After La... http…
Depends on who you ask. The NFL, Hugh Grant, Eddie Murphy, and Larry Craig all have different answers to your query.
Nobody will ever confuse Ehrhoff with Larry Murphy at the point.
Liverpool have had some good build up play. They just need a predator in the box. They should sign Larry Murphy.
I believe they were Aki Berg and Larry Murphy jerseys!
How long before Dion gets the Larry Murphy treatment from the fans? Will they boo him every-time he touches the puck? featured in NBC s Science of Love
Terror & Romance! Angel in Flight. Who is chasing her? Can she escape?
you think he has Larry Murphy Disease?
then there are the new Kings fans, I have a friend with a bobblehead of Larry Murphy with no clue who he is
Back in the 80's when the Leafs really sucked fans did not throw sweaters. They just booed people out of town. (ie Larry Murphy)
or booing future HOFer Larry Murphy outta town.
Hmm hometown, Larry Murphy my honorary Godfather, parents married in '92. Yeah
Oh, and my bad, it was a Larry Murphy bobblehead
only thing Baldwin's rant was missing was Charlie Murphy and Ashy Larry standing beside him saying "yeah son."
Follow Sam's initiation into the and her search for her father's when (and where) abouts.:
Great to see Larry murphy back amongst the winners,first winner since his injury last year. Hard work and dedication pays off👍
why do u have a tribute to Larry Murphy in ur bio
Until Murphy calls for a Knighthood for Chic Charnley, it's impossible to take him seriously.
Jesus navas is like dwn the wing but wit the end product of larry Murphy!!
I just spotted Larry David on the 1984 Eddie Murphy-hosted SNL that aired on NBC last night!
On nights like these I wonder what crackhead Larry is up to rn
Watching SNL from 1984 and that bald *** Larry David is sitting in the background while Eddie Murphy is about 30 years away from Norbit
Eddie Murphy as Gumby hosting in 1984 with comedy genius Larry David filling out the background.
So many have been examples of the opposite. Steen, Larry Murphy, Modin, Clarkson, Robidas. 2of2
Walking thru WWII memorial reminds me of WWII veterans Dan Murphy Norm Felde & Larry MaCleod. Proud to know them!
I'm old enough that I still don't understand why we ran HOF Larry Murphy out of town. Some things don't change 30 years on.
A very worthy cause hailed by my uncle and mentor Larry Murphy
he'll be the next Larry Murphy with another 5 years left on that awful contract! Highest paid 4th liner.
Bucks’ Larry Sanders has been suspended at least 10 games for violating the NBA’s drug policy ht…
Something tells me Larry Krueger and Brian Murphy won't be going out for beers after work together anytime soon.
What's the problem with Lester Levenson, Hale Dwoskin, Larry Crane and Joseph Murphy?
KNBR used to have Brian Murphy, Ralph, Damon, and Larry as the non company men, but don't call them boot lickers! Lol
I'm not having a bevvy in January to raise money for Cancer Research UK If you would like to sponsor me click below.
Is it true that Larry Murphy became a jihadist?
Larry Murphy and the Samuelssons weren't available?
Jesus mother of murphy...Wow that was a crazy dunk by Dominique on Larry Bird! Larry got crowned nicely and should a retired after that. 👏👏👏
Thank you to 4X Stanley Cup Champion & 2004 Hockey Hall of Fame inductee, Larry Murphy, for the private signing time.
ohh the lost season where he quit and they have Charlie Murphy and ashy Larry host?
Would they ever change the name of Larry Murphy's on Baggot Street :/
Sat at 10pm: is one of my favorites ever: Eddie Murphy/Honeydrippers 1984. Martin Short, Larry David, Chris Guest
Gibbs coach Larry Murphy said Latroy Killens quit playing basketball this season. Gladiators did get Marquez Walls back from suspension.
John Berry Concert last night with Michael C. Steele, Larry Murphy, Debby , Karen, and Donna.
Thornton is tied for 40th on the all-time points list with Larry Murphy and Jeremy Roenick. 39th is the late Jean Beliveau with 1,219.
Keith barry calling meabh's dad "Larry Murphy" by accident last night was just YUP
Re: the criticism of some fans and media re: , I remember years ago when Larry Murphy was booed to Detroit, the Cup and HHOF.
Heres a photo gallery by Larry Murphy from Holmdel's thrilling OT win over Sterling in the girls Group 2 semis.
Smell of my bag. Could take off my boxers and use them like a chloroform-soaked rag. Larry Murphy calls that killing two birds with 1 stone
welcome to Toronto Russell Martin, Have you heard of Larry Murphy?
Larry Murphy is retiring. Now is your chance to join the screening committee for the next principal ...
Jen Kirkman joins Todd Barry, Janine Brito, and more at Larry Murphy's weekly stand-up/sketch party "Myrtle Comedy"
If you don't insult your friends at least once a day you're not true friends. . Mikey Murphy you're ugly and annoying.
Kevin Klein is our Larry Murphy, just as we expected
"Our main issues are safety for students, safety for staff and safety for the school community" -Brendan Murphy @ WSC …
It's Toronto not the coach. Larry Murphy is the prime example.
Murphy, God bless u for the good work Brila fm n crew are doing tonight but pls replay Oga Larry's reactions on Nig vs SA match.
Murphy, I have known Dr. Larry for more than 10 years when he use to anchor sport program at OGBC 2 every 7:30am.
Murphy as U replay Larry's Comment waiting Bro..!!!
Dr Larry is on point I think we lost it from the beginning. Pls kindly replay the double D interview again.I beg u Murphy Ijemba
Murphy, pls Play the voice of the double doctor Big Larry again. I didn't tune in on time..
Larry murphy went on to win cups. is the problem the player or the team ?
wondering if fans remember when Larry Murphy was horrible.then went on to win cups in Detroit.
Remember Larry Murphy? Take a good look fans, pfanuef will get much worse over 7 yrs later
I learned it from my college coach at Larry Murphy. I was part of a second unit called the "Green" team. It rewards effort!!
lolol unreal . He got a pt when it was 8-1. Its coming henny its coming. Can you feel it? Larry murphy dion out of town.
I don't understand how these fans booed Larry Murphy off this team but game after game Phaneuf gets a pass? Time for a change
they need to understand that Larry murphy is going to have nothing on what these guys will bring on themselves
Update your maps at Navteq
I think Dion's reached Larry Murphy territory among the *** haters
just listing everyone people only blame, forgot Larry Murphy too
If Dion was ant kind of leader he would give the C away and volunteer to sit in press box Reminds me of Larry Murphy in Toronto
a Larry Murphy or THE Larry Murphy? I could probably swing one of those.
was driving next to Larry Morgan truck on my way home. You know the name?
Turned on Larry Murphy back in the day, like he stole their girl or something.
We love Larry & Jamie Murphy! Such a great time celebrating on Saturday!
Ha! Left the Leafs out of the Larry Murphy sub-head.
The "pressure" of playing in Toronto. With the exception of Larry Murphy, what Leafs player ever had it bad in this city?
Toronto is there own worst enemy. (media) Larry Murphy laughed and told me that himself.
Did You Know? Mike Modano's 1st career NHL goal was assisted by fellow Hall of Famer Larry Murphy.
Larry Murphy vs. Todd Gill vs. Dion Phaneuf - Captain Dion is definitely the best of worst D in T.O. over 30 yrs
HOF players for the and Leafs: Tim Horton, Larry Murphy, and Tom Barrasso
The curse of Larry Barkley coming to you 2015.
J.J. Watt has as many receiving TD (2) this season as Reggie Wayne and Larry Fitzgerald. He has MORE than Wes Welker an…
Great times last night celebrating Jamie&Larry Murphy tying up the knot!
Cognac and I mix about as well as Larry Murphy and a club full of women
Every season for as long as I remember fans need someone Larry Murphy, Bryan McCabe, Dion,...
And Larry Murphy and Ulf Samuelsson and Brown and Cullen (both good in PIT) and Errey and Barrasso
Larry Murphy was booed out of Toronto. Won multiple cups after leaving and is a hall of fame d- man.
VSU's Kenny Murphy lead the Blazers with 6 tackles, Duran Lowe had 5 and Larry Murphy had 4 stops in the half.
VSU's Larry Murphy picks off Cato's pass and the Blazers will take over from FIT's 38.
time to larry Murphy dion out of Toronto. We won't regret it because dion is and will never be as…
Update: and Larry Murphy also both touched the Calder Cup ring for good luck this season.
Seriously? What the eff is this? First the Indo 'joking' about Larry Murphy and Brendan Smith and now this!
I cannot wait for Roy Keane to find out that the Indo put him on a list with Larry Murphy and Brendan Smith!
You know that people like Larry Murphy and Brendan Smith ruined people's lives, right? You know they're not a joke?
Yes, I was lolololing away at Brendan Smith and Larry Murphy never doesn't raise a chuckle. Wtaf, like??
"no of course I'm not Larry Murphy,I'm erm erm.Harry Turphy"
oh for sure. This is going to get bad in october he's going to get the larry Murphy treatment.
I want to pretend your Grandpa Larry is Larry Murphy.
Squads - best of luck to Tom Sheridan (U14) and Larry Vereker plus Alan Murphy (U16) in their suad games this weekend
US Senators' Letter to and asking for tougher penalty for Ray
thank you Larry. Really appreciate you taking the time to watch our little film and your kind words
thanks Larry - will be thrilled to hear it! Lot of work went into it from a lot of people
there he is , all over crime line the other night . Some Larry Murphy that fella . 😲😲
Matt Bomer: Normal Heart: Directed by Emmy® Award winner Ryan Murphy and written by Academy Award® nominee Larry Kr
Eddie Murphy eating steak and fries off the back of a model somewhere in Europe, 1985 '
Me and Nicole were talking about how I get along with everyone and she said "you'd get on with Larry Murphy" wth
Three awards go to 3 rewarding administrators: Beth McCoy, Bob Silveira and Larry Murphy. Congratulations!
Is Lucas Duda becoming a poor man's Larry Walker??? Is Murphy a mix of Utley and Wally Backman??? You tell us, fans!
Ima beat yo *** next time i see you , you don't won't these problems 😂😂 Larry Murphy
Bed feels really comfy, like I would let Larry Murphy spoon me if it was in this bed right now
I'm representing the ghost of Larry Murphy tonight
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