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Larry Murphy

Lawrence Thomas Murphy (born March 8, 1961) is a former Canadian professional ice hockey defenceman. He currently serves as an analyst and sideline reporter for the Detroit Red Wings on Fox Sports Detroit, and a studio analyst on NHL Network.

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Heres a photo gallery by Larry Murphy from Holmdel's thrilling OT win over Sterling in the girls Group 2 semis.
Smell of my bag. Could take off my boxers and use them like a chloroform-soaked rag. Larry Murphy calls that killing two birds with 1 stone
welcome to Toronto Russell Martin, Have you heard of Larry Murphy?
Larry Murphy is retiring. Now is your chance to join the screening committee for the next principal ...
Jen Kirkman joins Todd Barry, Janine Brito, and more at Larry Murphy's weekly stand-up/sketch party "Myrtle Comedy"
If you don't insult your friends at least once a day you're not true friends. . Mikey Murphy you're ugly and annoying.
Kevin Klein is our Larry Murphy, just as we expected
"Our main issues are safety for students, safety for staff and safety for the school community" -Brendan Murphy @ WSC …
It's Toronto not the coach. Larry Murphy is the prime example.
Murphy, God bless u for the good work Brila fm n crew are doing tonight but pls replay Oga Larry's reactions on Nig vs SA match.
Murphy, I have known Dr. Larry for more than 10 years when he use to anchor sport program at OGBC 2 every 7:30am.
Murphy as U replay Larry's Comment waiting Bro..!!!
Dr Larry is on point I think we lost it from the beginning. Pls kindly replay the double D interview again.I beg u Murphy Ijemba
Murphy, pls Play the voice of the double doctor Big Larry again. I didn't tune in on time..
Larry murphy went on to win cups. is the problem the player or the team ?
wondering if fans remember when Larry Murphy was horrible.then went on to win cups in Detroit.
Remember Larry Murphy? Take a good look fans, pfanuef will get much worse over 7 yrs later
I learned it from my college coach at Larry Murphy. I was part of a second unit called the "Green" team. It rewards effort!!
lolol unreal . He got a pt when it was 8-1. Its coming henny its coming. Can you feel it? Larry murphy dion out of town.
I don't understand how these fans booed Larry Murphy off this team but game after game Phaneuf gets a pass? Time for a change
they need to understand that Larry murphy is going to have nothing on what these guys will bring on themselves
I think Dion's reached Larry Murphy territory among the *** haters
just listing everyone people only blame, forgot Larry Murphy too
If Dion was ant kind of leader he would give the C away and volunteer to sit in press box Reminds me of Larry Murphy in Toronto
a Larry Murphy or THE Larry Murphy? I could probably swing one of those.
was driving next to Larry Morgan truck on my way home. You know the name?
Turned on Larry Murphy back in the day, like he stole their girl or something.
We love Larry & Jamie Murphy! Such a great time celebrating on Saturday!
Ha! Left the Leafs out of the Larry Murphy sub-head.
The "pressure" of playing in Toronto. With the exception of Larry Murphy, what Leafs player ever had it bad in this city?
Toronto is there own worst enemy. (media) Larry Murphy laughed and told me that himself.
Did You Know? Mike Modano's 1st career NHL goal was assisted by fellow Hall of Famer Larry Murphy.
Larry Murphy vs. Todd Gill vs. Dion Phaneuf - Captain Dion is definitely the best of worst D in T.O. over 30 yrs
HOF players for the and Leafs: Tim Horton, Larry Murphy, and Tom Barrasso
The curse of Larry Barkley coming to you 2015.
J.J. Watt has as many receiving TD (2) this season as Reggie Wayne and Larry Fitzgerald. He has MORE than Wes Welker an…
Great times last night celebrating Jamie&Larry Murphy tying up the knot!
Cognac and I mix about as well as Larry Murphy and a club full of women
Every season for as long as I remember fans need someone Larry Murphy, Bryan McCabe, Dion,...
And Larry Murphy and Ulf Samuelsson and Brown and Cullen (both good in PIT) and Errey and Barrasso
Larry Murphy was booed out of Toronto. Won multiple cups after leaving and is a hall of fame d- man.
VSU's Kenny Murphy lead the Blazers with 6 tackles, Duran Lowe had 5 and Larry Murphy had 4 stops in the half.
VSU's Larry Murphy picks off Cato's pass and the Blazers will take over from FIT's 38.
time to larry Murphy dion out of Toronto. We won't regret it because dion is and will never be as…
Update: and Larry Murphy also both touched the Calder Cup ring for good luck this season.
Seriously? What the eff is this? First the Indo 'joking' about Larry Murphy and Brendan Smith and now this!
I cannot wait for Roy Keane to find out that the Indo put him on a list with Larry Murphy and Brendan Smith!
You know that people like Larry Murphy and Brendan Smith ruined people's lives, right? You know they're not a joke?
Yes, I was lolololing away at Brendan Smith and Larry Murphy never doesn't raise a chuckle. Wtaf, like??
"no of course I'm not Larry Murphy,I'm erm erm.Harry Turphy"
oh for sure. This is going to get bad in october he's going to get the larry Murphy treatment.
I want to pretend your Grandpa Larry is Larry Murphy.
Squads - best of luck to Tom Sheridan (U14) and Larry Vereker plus Alan Murphy (U16) in their suad games this weekend
US Senators' Letter to and asking for tougher penalty for Ray
thank you Larry. Really appreciate you taking the time to watch our little film and your kind words
thanks Larry - will be thrilled to hear it! Lot of work went into it from a lot of people
there he is , all over crime line the other night . Some Larry Murphy that fella . 😲😲
Matt Bomer: Normal Heart: Directed by Emmy® Award winner Ryan Murphy and written by Academy Award® nominee Larry Kr
Eddie Murphy eating steak and fries off the back of a model somewhere in Europe, 1985 '
Me and Nicole were talking about how I get along with everyone and she said "you'd get on with Larry Murphy" wth
Three awards go to 3 rewarding administrators: Beth McCoy, Bob Silveira and Larry Murphy. Congratulations!
Is Lucas Duda becoming a poor man's Larry Walker??? Is Murphy a mix of Utley and Wally Backman??? You tell us, fans!
Ima beat yo *** next time i see you , you don't won't these problems 😂😂 Larry Murphy
Bed feels really comfy, like I would let Larry Murphy spoon me if it was in this bed right now
I'm representing the ghost of Larry Murphy tonight
That was the season I gave up on "Murphy Brown." Though I did watch "Love & War" long enough to see Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld's cameo.
Who let Larry Murphy leave his optometrist like that?
Larry Murphy and George o Connor should be back for it aswell!!
Garth brooks, Larry Murphy, 14yo pregnant irish girl who got married recently. The usual.
New personal best with running, 200 cals in 12mins! I ran like Larry Murphy was chasing me 😰🚶💨
Off to Wicklow for Sligo game and some possible Larry Murphy sightings
A well known international pedophile has been spotted in Dublin. Larry Murphy won't be too impressed.
. Love seeing Erin Tabatha Murphy on 4th of July!
Happy 4th of July! The best things America has given us are comedians Seinfeld, Larry D, Eddie Murphy, Tina Fey, the list goes on…thanks USA
Ask Pat if Larry Murphy attacked one of her kids would she still be interested in doing the Christian thing???
Prince to team shirts for Charlie Murphy and Ashy Larry.
It was the addition of ...wait for it...LARRY MURPHY ...sorry.
On time on referred to a guy's death from a Murphy bed closing on him as a "Moe, Larry, the cheese" death
It's then picked up off waivers by Larry Murphy.
get your mates together and search for Larry Murphy.
He'll get a new deal because he gets goals,if Larry Murphy was a good striker he'd get a club,no morals in football!!
Did Dumars join Holland in the war room today? Good Lord, now let's coax Larry Murphy out of retirement and pair them
far away from you anyway Larry Murphy.
Just struck up a convo with a guy at Kroger wearing a Crosby/crying penguin shirts. "I'd rather have Larry Murphy back" over Quincey. Lol
Hey fans I here that Larry Murphy can still skate
Maybe he'll wear Larry Murphy's number 55 for 5.5?
So he avoids being the 2014-15 version of Larry Murphy. But he still has to visit the ACC many times.
Who would get a warmer ovation at the ACC Gorges or Larry Murphy?
Josh Gorges will be the new Larry Murphy if he changes his mind. Better to go to a Western team now.
Like if Larry Murphy was following me down a dark ally I wouldn't recognise him,I don't actually know what he looks like . Google images pls
I apologize 😂 but when people start to actually think my name is Larry Murphy it's time to change 😂
Omg is that Larry Murphy askin these questions or wat?
Larry Murphy - This man is a child molester/rapist/attempted murderer and he has been moved in West…
Photo: to Cami Murphy on your 2009 from Larry Upton at Southwest KIA...
Piers Morgan life stories. Bill Roche,Rolf Harris. Can't wait for the Larry Murphy one.
"Did you get home alright?". "No I'm currently in a wifi accessible area of the mountains with Larry Murphy , but thanks for asking"
is now doing "Larry the Lobster" jokes about illegals? Can they stoop any lower, e.g. hire Eddie Murphy to tell them?
A safe bet. He's just like Larry Murphy or Bart Simpson in this scene:
Yeah we are going somewhere in the middle of no where ,I don't want Larry Murphy coming near me
pick up nhl 94 you can play as your pops and Larry murphy!!! Best game system ever
Flora and Fauna En route to En Fuego, Murphy. Get back to work Larry. Glad you're healing up!
Why isn't Larry Murphy still in jail what he did was disgusting why isn't he in their for life HELLO wake up ireland
I'm scared bc I wouldn't know Larry Murphy if he walked by me
Sure just get a Red Top to go Totes OT * T like they did with Larry Murphy huh?
Larry Murphy's London lover: Woman who fell for 'Beast of Baltinglass' heartbroken when she ...
interviews rapist Larry Murphy's lover. explains why women fall for monsters. Only in today.
Sunday World front page, talks to Larry Murphy's girlfriend
fifty-five... who do you think you are, bro, Larry friggin Murphy?! Absurd.
Gibbs hoops coach Larry Murphy confirmed that guard has transferred to Tarpon Springs.
Odd thing Kinsler pops up Murphy catches it
To all the single fellas out there...larry Murphy has a girlfriend and you don't💁😂 no but seriously what is wrong with people😷😳
Notorious rapist Larry Murphy has been living and working in south London, it has been revealed.
Sunday World. Rapist Larry Murphy's cover blown in London after he accepts invite for BBQ and Chablis in posh Irishman's home.
We have confirmation that Josh McGrail and Larry Murphy are NOT in the County Commission Race for District 4.
I can confirm that both Josh McGrail and Larry Murphy are out of the County Commission Race.
Goodwill find. What a blast from the past! Larry Murphy sighting...drafted in 1980.
People of war. Never return. To total sanity. The shock has been. Too great. Oddly Murphy. Larry of Arabia. Oliver South. Brother Brad. John McInsane
however, similar analysis of Larry Murphy's time in Toronto would also be interesting.
Notorious rapist and serial killer suspect found at in
Sex beast Larry Murphy barred from his local pub in London
Fifth Ave: where you're likely to chat with Danny DeKeyser about pool then wait on Larry Murphy. 😂😍🐙
RAPIST Larry Murphy has said ‘sorry’ for the rape and attempted murder of a young woman in 2000.
Ew ew ew ew Larry murphy is in London please take care of yourselves girls ! Aslong as he stays out of Ireland !! Mind yere selves
See tomorrow's for more exclusive revelations of rapist Larry Murphy's move to London
This guy, Larry Murphy, is a convicted rapist in Ireland and highly suspected of eight other…
I'm that bored I'd play chasing with Larry Murphy
Rapist Murphy in London with a new woman: Convicted rapist Larry Murphy has been tracked down to London where he...
"Has Larry murphy not moved to the Ballycanew area " ha . Ha . Ha . My Baes are so funny :)
"Larry Murphy says ‘sorry’ for raping woman – but denies killing anyone hire this man
My stint on Irish radio after confronting notorious rapist Larry Murphy.
would Larry Murphy be the poster boy for this?
Thanks to for having me on earlier to talk about our story on rapist Larry Murphy's move to London
So reporters from the are following Larry Murphy around London now?
Sex beast Larry Murphy tracked to new London lair / Sunday World:
Larry Murphy has been living in London since last March, the Irish Sun revealed this Morning.
How Larry Murphy used four fake names as he lived a secret life in London - see today's Irish Sun exclusive
Hamilton Collection
Larry Murphy spotted in London. Says sorry for attack -
ISO: Larry/Jake Murphy born Dec31,1977. Canadian, believed to be in the US. Contact dkarr1if you have info.
Rapist Larry Murphy says he is 'sorry' for his crime
For more Larry Murphy revelations, see tomorrow's paper. It follows on from this...
More Larry Murphy revelations in tomorrow's following today's exclusive interview with the rapist.
Larry Murphy has told a newspaper he's 'sorry' for an attack on a young woman which saw him spend ten years in prison.
Evil sex beast Larry Murphy says 'sorry' for his vile crimes after he's tracked down in London http…
The Red Wings always had Larry Murphy and Sergei Fedorov. They were always something to watch.
Fast 6 with my love Larry Murphy and grilled chicken, fresh butter garlic asparagus and mashed taters!!!
Saw and was moved to tears throughout most of it. Kudos to HBO, Larry Kramer, Ryan Murphy, and the entire cast. AMAZING!
was a gift. Thank you, Larry Kramer, Ryan Murphy, HBO, et al
Larry Kramer and Ryan Murphy did a wonderful job with The Normal Heart! It was moving, sad, and completely opened my eyes
Bravo Ryan Murphy, Larry Kramer, and Mark Ruffalo for sensitively bringing such a powerful piece of theatre to the screen.
Ryan Murphy displayed incredible grace and style as the filmmaker behind HBO's exquisite, gripping film of Larry Kramer's The Normal Heart
If I hate Ryan Murphy but like Larry Kramer, should I watch TNH or would I just be frustrated?
"The Normal Heart" Thank you Larry Kramer, Ryan Murphy, cast & crew, & HBO for reminding us the sad lessons to be learned from history.
My highest praise to Larry Kramer, Ryan Murphy, and the entire cast of An important and devastating masterpiece!
Thank you, HBO, for bringing THE NORMAL HEART to our televisions. Larry Kramer, you are a pioneer. Ryan Murphy, I thank you.
brilliant job Ryan Murphy. beautifully done by all. so so moving and sad. Bravo Larry Kramer.
This morning I asked my mom if she wanted the Ryan Murphy/Larry Kramer film recorded (cont)
on "It was a more personal project for me." Watch here:
Fr Murphy's Ladies out in force at Ruislip
'The Normal Heart': TV Review . Ryan Murphy collaborates with Larry Kramer to bring his acclaimed, searing drama ...
LARRY MURPHY thinkin he's funny as usual
Countdown to At the Larry Kramer had phenomenal things to say about cast, and director Ryan Murphy.
Watch tonight on directed by Ryan Murphy & based on Larry Kramer's groundbreaking play.
should bring in Larry Murphy as a geust cameo
well that went better then i planned (y) wheel hub is all fixed but sadly cost me more then i wanted to, thanks to a couple good friend for their help today as well., Larry Murphy, Brent Evans, Kim Hardy
Happy birthday Uncle Larry Murphy may God bless you with many more. Luv ya
Happy birthday to our pastor, Supt. Larry Murphy, Sr.! We love you!
Breast Cancer Awareness
Luiz sold Lampard released. Terry gets new deal good old Chelsea get rid of the sound talent and keep the scumbags. Looking forward to the midfield dynamic of Joey Barton and Larry Murphy next year with up front partnership of El Hadji Diouf and Charlie Manson.
Woke up with all kinds of energy. Right on top too :D See you guys at Alley Kat Tonight. :D Due to a double booking unfortunately we won't be upstairs. Still free all night. Esteban Kue Larry Murphy Noey Lopez Adam Hi-Tone
Bill Murray and Larry Bird finishing their round of golf even after Michael Jordan gets sucked down a hole.
The very funny Larry Murphy ladiez and gents. every Thursday y'all.
Thank u Valerie Murphy & Larry Murphy & sissy bug Katie Adams can u show this to u r mom ty :)
, heard your ahead of Larry Murphy on irelands worst sex offenders;)
Signed Red Wings hockey stick and jersey. Signed by Martin LaPointe, Shanahan, Dandenault, and Larry Murphy. Offer up
We always mistake people for other people.. Mistaking The Rock for Larry Murphy
Jesus is that Larry Murphy dancing on stage?
Wow! Great News! Our own Larry Murphy is the Massachusetts Principal of the Year.
Larry Murphy could be watching this. Keep that in mind .
Sure wish I could get rid of my Larry Murphy Leafs jersey. Maybe I can trade it in for a Clarkson.
TONIGHT!! John Roberts Jr. (Linda on Bob's Burgers ) John Early (30 Rock) Andy Blitz (Conan) and Ryan Donahue (Bahston) join Greg Johnson and Larry Murphy (Bob's Burgers) at Splitty this week. 8pm. It's going to be great!
Trevaughn Parker Tay SaucyBoy Hayes Boomie Badazz Larry Murphy Torry Buchanan we need to start doin that bra its thursday *** near
Wow Rick Nash receiving the Larry Murphy treatment from Ranger Fans lol...
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
Does Larry still have things behind his back.lid.
Just been on the Luas sitting literally 10 feet from Larry Murphy. The man has the most evil look in his eyes I have ever seen
With Dale Hunter come and gone and Ron Hextall off the market, the Caps will look to hire Larry Murphy to get the next piece of 1988 Game 7.
what walk ? Ps Larry Murphy jogs in the pheno seriously xx be careful bby boo xx
This Thursday! That's Andy Blitz from Conan, John Roberts and Larry Murphy from John Early from 30 Ro…
Larry Murphy the convicted rapist was around here for awhile
Who is Larry? — How can you not know ?! That was such a ridiculous should be a...
Id have a sleepover with larry murphy to go back to hardwell
I remember some awful Barasso losses. Having good D in front of you makes a dif - & T.B. had Larry Murphy, Coffey, Ulf...
Wow Letang is tied with Larry Murphy with most post season goals by a defenseman for the Penguins
INTERESTING READ: Describing AIDS activist and playwright Larry Kramer, GLEE creator Ryan Murphy, who directs the... h…
a cross between max Clifford and Larry Murphy.
Letang is now tied with Larry Murphy for first among Penguins defenseman in career playoff goals. Let that sink in.
Kris Letang Milestone: 15th Career Playoff Goal (ties Larry Murphy for the franchise all-time lead).
Letang's 15th career playoff goal ties Larry Murphy for most in team history.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
The change on the goal to Kris Letang ties him with Larry Murphy for most goals by a Pens defensemen in the playoffs.
Letang's goal was the 15th of his playoff career, tying Larry Murphy's franchise record for defensemen.
Kris Letang's goal opens the scoring & ties him w/ Larry Murphy for first among defensemen w/ 15 career play…
With that goal, Kris Letang has tied Larry Murphy’s franchise post-season record for defensemen at 15.
everyone's sent them to Larry though 👯👀
Well done Fr Murphy's camogie team on reaching the Tara seven's final today , great prrformance
Love and War. Ryan Murphy and his all-star cast bring Larry Kramer’s catalyzing 1985 play The Normal Heart, which...
This weekly comedy show is hosted by Greg Johnson & Larry Murphy with some of the funniest performers around. It happens every Thursday at Splitty in BK.
Larry Johnson is raising the bar for the OSU D-Line. by Patrick Murphy
Key and pelle aint funny they a fake *** charlie murphy and ashy larry
Happy 50th Anniversary to my grandparents! Thanks for showing us what love is and always being there for us. 💛 You!
Olivia gave herself her first haircut tonight and she did a pretty good number. Theresa Lynagh Murphy and Larry Murphy that's your granddaughter, guess she wants to work at the salon with grandma and aunt Ashie. Will be visiting Ashley Ibarra Saturday maybe she can help fix it ;)
Felt like an absolute pedophile at walterstown disco tonight Larry Murphy would be in his element
Seeing all the baes (Van, Jesse, Zach, Nathan, Jack, Dave, Larry, etc) in 8 days and I can't cope.
Mother and her 8 Year old daughter on the bus beside me having a discussion about serial rapist/murderer Larry Murphy.
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
The insect that appeared last night made me have a restless night.. If Larry Murphy had been outside I'd have asked him in to get it!
Larry Murphy would be calling this 3rd period "scrambly."
Thank you so much to Katie Murphy Rich Carr ,Shelley Carr , Bonnie Murphy, and CW4 Larry Murphy for making my family day and graduation day so incredible. Words cannot describe how much it meant to have you by my side through this journey. I can't begin to thank you enough for your continuous support. Love you babe 143
Ozzie is awful bring back Larry Murphy
Yes, and put in a camp with mom Samantha separated from dad, Darrin
.Larry Murphy runs a hot dog stand but keeps eating all the hot dogs and is losing money badly
The Golden Child"Eddie Murphy returns to China town, in order to save the world from great evil,what movie?"
Some random lady drove by hanging out the sunroof yelling. Yeap, she was living like Larry!! 😂🙈
do you know how hard it is to win a Norris trophy? Weber, Doughty, Phil Housley & Larry Murphy never have!
Patrick Murphy received another position after his termination from ISU in December. President Larry Dietz made the decision. More info soon
Still an Aaron Lynch believer. Beyond him, Trent Murphy & Kareem Martin have starter potential. Larry Webster is + athlete.
Pens need to employ Larry Murphy to teach the team how to effectively dump the puck out of the D zone. Pi-ti-ful.
Larry Murphy burning the capitals for 10 points in 1995 will always be the greatest.
Larry Murphy is probably going to get do the best ever
Ok...I have no idea but I'm going with : Paul Coffey, Larry Murphy , and Brian trottier. Enjoying the show...thx
Finally have a zapper for my gates! No longer have to get out after nights out in the creepy dark afraid of Larry Murphy to open them 👍
Playing hockey this summer to try and fulfill my destiny since my God Father is Larry Murphy and my name is "Stanley Cupp"
I think it's clear the Wings need to bring back Larry Murphy.
If Lindback played for Toronto, they would run him out of town Larry Murphy style
Having the word 'respect' on Ashley Cole's shirt is like having the word 'consent' on Larry Murphy's shirt
You need to rehire Larry Murphy. He was the only one who dare to critize a red wing player.
Larry Kramer feared Matt Bomer was 'too beautiful' to appear in The Normal Heart . But director Ryan Murphy convin...
i buried so many shots w/ Larry Murphy from the blue line on Blades of Steel...ridiculousness
So proud of Matt, and thankful for Ryan Murphy, Larry Kramer and Matt's team.
Brendan small & Larry Murphy congrats to Brendan on his engagement!
Bob's Burgers serves up 'Ted' on an all new episode on FOX, see if we want more of Larry Murphy's character after...
Ok so here is my thought for the day-my cousin Larry Murphy,aka bub. Is playing with his band at the poor house in dundee tonight. They are amazing. Instead of sitting there watching tv get up get dressed and come on over. You don't have to drink just come on out and support our family. Rides--- carpool silly. I want to see a bunch of you. So that's all I have to say so love to you and yours peace over and out
The Los Angeles Kings this Thursday night will honor former standout forward and current club broadcaster Jim Fox as the organization continues this season’s popular Legends Night Series presented by McDonald’s. Fox will be honored on March 13 prior to the Kings-Toronto game at STAPLES Center and it marks the third and final Legends Nights this year (Larry Murphy and Jay Wells were honored previously). Game time is 7:30 p.m. The Kings will also wear their Vintage Jerseys as part of this special evening and Kings fans in attendance will receive a special Jim Fox “bobble head” which is co-sponsored by FOX Sports West. Fox is ninth on the Kings all-time scoring list, ninth in assists and 11th in goals with 479 points (186-293=479) in 578 games. A winger, he spent his entire 10-year career as a member of the Kings after being selected in the first round (10th overall) of the 1980 NHL Entry Draft. A three time 30-goal scorer, Fox enjoyed his most productive season in 1984-85 when he recorded 83 point . ...
Larry Murphy failed his Mocks. Just goes to show
My anointing won't let me settle for being mediocre. God is about to use my anointing to disappoint those who wanted me to fail. (Pastor Larry Murphy)
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Larry Murphy and I am in section 13 row K seat 1
"Be careful in Dublin now Megan, that Murphy lad Larry is back so don't go near him." Linda's words of wisdom.
RAPIST Larry Murphy has returned to Ireland for the second time since he was hounded out of the country, gardai fear
is Barry McGee the other sex offender that Larry Murphy is associated with in Amsterdam ?
stop with the repeats your station has no originality , is Larry Murphy on the pay roll !
I get really freaked out in baltinglass over Larry Murphy
Pens should hire Larry Murphy as PP QB coach for Kris Letang while he's out on IR
Larry Murphy has been spotted in shangan🙈
Some lovely photographs have come in this weekend including this one from Maura Murphy. Thanks, Maura. "My Dad, Larry Murphy and two his sons, Paddy and Billy, Paddy is on his right and Billy is on his left. coming or going to Croke Park. circa 1953"
Well whoever tried to rob my bike yesterday I hope all your nannys get raped by Larry Murphy and you's get rickets
If I was to compare Sunday to a person I'd probably say Larry Murphy.
. congratulations to Fr Murphy's player Jackie Shiels on her performance for Ireland yesterday Twickenham
Larry Murphy Sr. Is possible one of the greatest Dads alive! 1. He could have been like every other father and leave before we were born. 2. He's been one of my biggest supporters ever. 3. He raised three children on his own. 4. He raised three children on his own with a disability! 5. He's funny! 6. He's smart! 7. Definitely understanding! I would not or could not trade him in for anything. I know ill always have him in my corner! Today is his birthday and I had to let the world know of this holiday in my book! How does it feel to have kids that are old enough to remind you how old you truly are? Reminder: you've always been taught to respect your elders and now youve reached an age where it's impossible. Have fun! Eat up! Enjoy your day! I misses you daddy! I LOVE YOU SO SO SOOO SO MUCH!
Typed Talking Angela into google. The Exorcist and Larry Murphy showed up at me door step raped me to bits, freddy crueger fingered me aswell..all my information went to the illumanti and a rapist that lives up in Dolphins Barns and they're on the way up to me now to blow me head off with a twelve gauge. Some of the spoofs people come out with on this
The tiniest silver linings of the USA losing: There are none. If there were it would be teemu selanne is awesome. Oil maata is the next poor man version of Larry Murphy. Jussi jokinen is rolling. Also Russia isn't in it anymore.
ODD. Hairdresser made small talk with me this week about how she heard Larry Murphy was "on the loose".
"Did you hear Larry Murphy's back in Ireland, can't wait to meet him." -
Oh here we go! Please, Larry Murphy is not in Ireland. A poor fecker was getting his haircut in Dublin and ...
Monumental news.bigger than the Olympics, Stanley cup and dunderdale stepping down.Larry brewer snipes on a break…
Parents neighbours son is a detective and yes Larry Murphy is around D8 area and was spotted in the Phoenix Park - so be careful
Larry Murphy is in ballyer at the johns just to let everyone no hope he gets bet around!
How many people did Larry Murphy actually get proven guilty for ? And did he just rape them or murder them too ? 😳😳😄
Larry Murphy spotted in crumbling last night
Am nearly sure Larry Murphy was playing poker on the same table last night serious
Had a dream I was being chased by Larry Murphy. Absolutely terrifying, and weird!! 😳
Hi All just got following text from my friend not sure how true it is better to be safe ! I was in the cobbler in castleknock today and a lady was there too...she works in the office of public works in the Phoenix Park..Larry Murphy the serial killer is currently living in Islandbridge...the Gardai have him under surveillance and they told the opw that there is red warning in terms of danger in the park at the mo..she said they must b v worried because they rarely declare a red be careful if you are in the park or anywhere in general at the moment and maybe pass this on to others
Larry Murphy seen on Thomas st earlier, watch out ladies!
Message posted by a resident. Apparently the convicted rapist & suspected serial killer Larry Murphy is living in the island bridge area and the office of public works on the Phoenix Park have issued a red alert, warning women not to walk alone in the Park. A lot of people from Cabra go to the park so pass it on and be careful.
We will have 4 new barbecue sauces in all Coming to the Market in 2014 season lower cost better taste quality. So please watch for the update of the new products and the new Names. Thank You Larry Murphy
McMaster Curl for Heart Feb22; RCO rink is ready to go--Lorne Ebel, Dave Proctor, Larry Dee, Fred Murphy. Drop in to OCC to cheer them on!
kidnap her put her in a cage and make her into a sex slave sell her to Larry Murphy! Or Ian Watkins
👀 so if I asked my 2 year old little brother is Larry Murphy in Dublin will he say yes
I actually look like Larry Murphy atm
I thought you were talking about Larry Murphy there, whoops
Because Larry Murphy was tried before 2001, he doesn't have to be supervised now that he's released, absolutely ridiculous
Does anybody know were Larry murphy is worried he is in my area
moyes looks a bit like Larry Murphy..,
If your home alone you dont tell the whole world, Larry Murphy could end up outside your house👊
We are doing the Larry murphy route tomorrow.
Feel like I went 12 rounds with Larry murphy
Larry Murphy living down where I went to school as a kid?
“Rumours are suggesting Larry Murphy is back living near Island Bridge in Dublin.
Anto Healy why did you show me that picture and it said larry murphy is in Dublin i am not going outside that door unless i am going shop or somewhere with you
Can't believe that kid came at Larry I wanna bake his *** like some papa Murphy's
lol Yo daddy look like Charlie Murphy fused with ashy Larry
My mam just told me I can never go to the Pheonix Park again because Larry Murphy is knocking around again
worse thing anyone can do, would rather get a tattoo of Larry Murphy's chin dint on me neck
Always the ugliest that moan about Larry Murphy, he's not gonna go near you, he done his time so shat up
As happy as Larry Murphy at a playground
Larry Murphy is gone to the dogs altogether.. Looks like something you'd find out the Athy road
Most recent picture of Larry Murphy. Beware girls!
Walked into lidl and security guard came straight over and told me to get out ? Must of heard me and larry murphy were stallin it around ...
Ryan Murphy, thank you for ruining:. Finchel. Brittana. Quick. Samcedes. Pezberry. Ect. And everything great about Glee. http:/…
latest picture of convicted rapist Larry Murphy, in Dublin at present. He is HARDLY RECOGNISABLE so please look out
99% positive Larry Murphy walked past me on dame street earlier, wearing a blue jacket with hood trying to cover face and smoking a rollie
1 of 2: This person in the Media down plays possible sightings of Larry Murphy whether he is here or not & this.
SEX beast Larry Murphy is not back in Ireland despite rumours to the contrary.
There's been that many people getting abducted all over this country for the past number of years, and lately it's almost 3 to 4 a week. The law puts them down as missing, because it doesn't sound so bad, and it doesn't cause public out cry. I wonder when the people will actually stop pulling the blankets over there heads, and start to understand, that we've got some nasty *** going around snatching young and old daily. The country is Afraid to say the word , SERIAL KILLER. And at the rate people are going missing, i reckon we have a few SERIAL KILLERS in this country at present. Then again the government, let that many foreigners into the country from Eastern Europe, they must be having a field day, hence the pun, field day,lol. Sure why would't they, as our very own Larry Murphy got the green light, or in SERIAL KILLER circles, it must be regarded as the keys to the city. So people, be aware, because the law doesn't care, to busy fighting over penalty points. So people, Open your eyes to the realit ...
This Day In Hockey History for Jan 24th… → 1960 - Chicago's Glenn Hall tied the NHL record for consecutive games by a goaltender, when he appeared in his 328th straight game, a 3-2 loss to the Montreal Canadiens. Hall tied the mark set by Montreal's Georges Vezina. → 1981 - Islanders' right winger Mike Bossy scored twice in a 7-4 win over the Quebec Nordiques, to become only the 2nd player in NHL history to score 50 goals in the first 50 games of a season. Maurice Richard was the first in 1944-45 season. → 1981 - New York Islanders score five power play goals against Quebec Nordiques. → 1981 - Los Angeles' Charlie Simmer scored his third career hat trick to give him 49 goals in 50 games, as the Kings beat the Bruins, 6-4 in Boston. → 1986 - New York Islanders' Mike Bossy scores his 1,000th point. → 1991 - Ray Bourque had two assists in a 3-0 win over the Hartford Whalers, to pass Bobby Orr and become Boston's all-time leading scorer among defensemen. → 1999 - Team North American beat Team ...
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