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Larry Klayman

Larry Elliot Klayman (born July 20, 1951) is an American attorney and activist. He is known as the founder and the former chairman of Judicial Watch, a public interest and non-profit law firm, which attained notoriety through the initiation of 18 civil lawsuits against the Clinton Administration and an unsuccessful lawsuit against Vice-President Dick Cheney to obtain information about the White House's energy task force.

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Larry Klayman who founded the group is listed as a hater on Southern Poverty Law Center web site
Literally the only person to score a real victory against it is Larry Klayman.
Larry Klayman: Relegate GOP elites to ash heap of history
- Judge again refuses to let nationally known lawyer defend Cliven Bundy ( Larry Klayman )
good job quoting rightwing media. Larry Klayman is someone you can believe in? U R helping spread the fear
Orly Taitz, Larry Klayman, Stephen Pidgeon, and a few more come to mind. :D
like his words taken from Israel first scumbag, Larry Klayman? 😂
Larry Klayman was the lawyer for one of the girl friend . I think Jennifer Flower. He got death threats
Yay for Larry Klayman! Cruz fans are sadly misinformed and being used by a narcissistic sociopath.
Larry Klayman is far incompetent than Mike Arnold but he apparently makes a lot. Always room for more grifters.
Sanders supporter hyping lawsuit filed by RW birther Larry Klayman, whose job it is to sue Obama/Clinton
"The suit, filed by Larry Klayman” also from the site :your crackpots
Judge again refuses to let nationally known lawyer Larry Klayman defend Cliven Bundy
Larry Klayman's legal challenges often lose in court but win in Public Opinion because of the documents he exposes.
Larry Klayman burns more calories than he eats every day just by grinding his teeth
Larry Klayman or Judge Napolitano for attorney general . Ron Paul for VP or treasury secretary go for it DT
Judge says no to r-w lawyer Larry Klayman defending Cliven Bundy. But LK can try again.
In 2014 Larry Klayman filed a FOIA request with the BLM on behalf of Michele
Genius *** says Larry Klayman is coming to defend Cliven Bundy. She did so in Oathkeepers intrvu. Jesus.
Michelle Fiore and fellow thugs are trying to get info on BLM employees involved in Bunkerville.
Interesting list of names Larry Klayman filed this FOIA request on behalf of.
.EFF attacking the TPP: "EFF Praises the Tea Party, FreedomWorks and Birther Larry Klayman".
.TPP I've read it. I don't buy the hysterics from the EFF:
Malzberg | Larry Klayman on Scalia’s death and controversy surrounding it - YouTube
Here's where they're getting their TPP hysteria. LOL: and too stupid to know it.
Yep. When they're true colors start shinin' through:
.What concerns me about the TPP is the *** spreading stupid:
Evil,greedy white men of GOP establishmen Exclusive Larry Klayman likens elites' action on Trump to Mu... via
Larry Klayman is a horrible hero, but we have to support him and hope that his lawsuit against Keith Alexander...
Larry Klayman and J.B Williams to appear on FREEDOM FRIDAY WITH CARL GALLUPS today
LOL did that *** => cite JudicialWatch, the lie pile of birther *** Larry Klayman?
All purpose parts banner
Orly Taitz, Larry Klayman, and Mario Apuzzo, challenged Obama's eligibility, and have also asserted that Cruz is not eligible.
Crazy crazy article by Larry Klayman arguing that politicians should be subject to the rule of law:.
I liked a video Larry Klayman Declares Victory for The Constitution
Court: Larry Klayman challenge of the National Security Agency’s metadata collection from phone calls
spotted it a couple of days ago. They are hiring Larry Klayman
Larry Klayman column - Bad news for our 'Muslim' president
Larry Klayman continues to be more enthusiastic than effective. .
Court re Larry Klayman claim Obama, Kerry, Clinton schemed to fund Hamas, Muslim Brotherhood
Larry Klayman is suing the federal government because of Ebola. Yes, really.
Larry Klayman: There will be a 1776-style revolution if conservatives don't win the 2016 election
FreeRepublic: Is Hillary NOT ELIGIBLE to be President? [Larry Klayman "Hillary's email scandal should en...
RW Fear Mongers! RW *** & BTW, if there's a revolution, it will be the majority bringing it! via
President Obama named in Rico Lawsuit for helping terrorists fight Israel. Attorney Larry Klayman, fresh off a...
The case for Obama's removal Larry Klayman is suing this fraud on behalf of the SEALS that Obama Admin murdered.
Judicial Watch founder and litigious anti-Obama crusader Larry Klayman claimed in an interview with Newsmax yesterday that President Obama’s remarks on income inequality are a sign that “h
Obama, Kerry, Clinton And U.N. Secretary General Sued For Racketeering (Rico) In Providing Material Support To Terrorist HAMAS In War To Annihilate Israel RICO Complaint; follow this link and download RICO lawsuit as PDF Larry Klayman, the founder of Judicial Watch and now Freedom Watch, and a former U.S. Department of Justice prosecutor who helped break up AT&T, today announced that he and other plaintiffs have filed a civil lawsuit in federal court in D.C. (Case no. 14-1484) under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act "RICO" for criminal acts by President Barack Hussein Obama, Secretary of State John Kerry, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and the U.N. Secretary General for laundering U.S. dollars to the terrorist organization HAMAS. This money has been been foreseeably used to buy rockets and construct tunnels to attack Israel and terrorize and kill American and dual American-Israeli citizens who reside or are located in Israel.
Mind baffling to see how right wingers can torture logic+facts until their "truth" confesses >
Obama told to come out with his hands up. Don't forget! Vote.
Remember this OBAMA told to come out WITH YOUR HANDS UP! VOTE! .
"This president bows down to Allah. [We] demand he puts the Koran down & gets up off his knees."Larry Klayman
Larry Klayman, a former U.S. Department of Justice attorney, who also founded Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch,...
Latest ruling in wingnut Larry Klayman's suit w/
Judge slaps down vile Larry Klayman's attempt to abuse discovery in lawsuit.
Court re claims arising out of articles about child custody proceedings involving Larry Klayman
Lunatic birther Larry Klayman wants to deport President Obama
Larry former US attorney, suing to get Barack deported from United States. Klayman founded...
Larry Klayman: US must fight a "holy war" against Islam, and start by kicking Obama out of office
Along with 'Larry Klayman sues President Obama for not instituting Ebola travel ban, blames anti-white racism.'
Atty. Larry Klayman Calls For Revolution if this your picture of America vote Gop if not
Atty. Larry Klayman Calls For Revolution this is what the founding a fathers looked like
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Larry Klayman Suing Obama On Two Fronts! MVI 3841 when n history has a Potus been sued
Didn't Larry Klayman already do that? (Pictured: "millions.")
Also, the *** is with the "rising like a sphinx in the dark night" bit? Larry couldn't think of a scarier monster?
Larry Klayman says Obama is just as racist as George Wallace ... because of Ebola
So should Cliven Bundy. So should Chris Christie. So should Larry Klayman. So should Scott Walker, Darren Wilson. endless
Larry Klayman, the former Justice Department lawyer and founder of Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch, is suing to have President Barack Hussein Obama deported. “In sum, deportation proceedings should be immediately commenced, an investigation undertaken, a full evidentiary hearing held, … Continue re…
Tea Party *** outraged that GOP con is in Cleveland. Too liberal, too fat and out lake bugs really gross him out!
I guess squeaky wheel and all that...laughing Larry Klayman has a long road ahead
"You know the midges are a lot like the Tea Party. An annoying swarm that gets in your face and has an extremely...
Larry Klayman sad GOP will have its convention in Cleveland, a city of "losers" and "liberal fat people"
FYI, Cleveland is too fat to host the GOP convention
Racist gadfly Larry Klayman slams Clevelanders - too fat to host GOP convention
T Party gadfly Larry Klayman slams Clevelandrs as too fat 2 host convention
Chances are Larry Klayman won't be receiving the keys to the city in Cleveland in this century.
Was U.S. Chief Justice John Roberts blackmailed into approving of Obamacare by the NSA and CIA? That suggestion was recently made by Larry Klayman, an attorney who has won legal battles against the National Security Agency and has come to be known as 'the NSA slayer'. “If the government wants to des…
Tough questions about Extortion 17 by Allen West This week America has been confronted with tough questions about leadership. The first queries came on Thursday at the National Press Club. I attended a press conference moderated by Larry Klayman of Freedom Watch. The subject was the horrific special operations mission of Aug. 6, 2011, call sign Extortion 17. America suffered its single greatest loss of special operators – 22 Navy SEALS of the famous SEAL Team VI, five crewmembers of a U.S. Army CH-47 and three U.S. Air Force tactical controllers. Parents of four of the fallen warriors were at the press conference, which was live-streamed on The event called attention to the importance of leadership because appalling, systemic failures in leadership resulted in this tragedy: Why was the quick reaction force called into action that day? Why were they transported in a CH-47D instead of the typical Special Operations MH-47 aircraft? Why was a CH-47D sent into the hot landing zone of a t ...
Larry Klayman is going to rehabilitate Richard Nixon and warn you all about Hillary Clinton, all in one fell swoop.
The reason the stand down at Bundy Ranch happened is because of Larry Klayman (stood with the SEALS & in DC for impeachment), Sheriff Mack and Pete Santilli are at the ranch. A temporary stay was issued to avoid blood shed. Women were shoved around by Obama's BLM thugs. One was pregnant. We are in a transition. We no longer have Common Law in a nation we pay the bills for and our elected reps salaries.
Monday, March 3, 2014 Choices For US In Ukrainian War! Sheriffs and Larry Klayman, If the USA wants to get into the Ukrainian War to fight Russia then they better be prepared for the US Citizens! If the USA does NOT have the Finances to keep their own government going then it CAN NOT GET INTO WWIII! Obama and Congress have 4 Choices: 1. Obama calls back ALL Troops and then Resigns, 2. Congress Orders Obama to call back ALL Troops and we do NOT get involved, 3. Obama declares war and implements the Draft, thus he is ARRESTED By WE THE PEOPLE, 4. If War is Declared then WE THE PEOPLE will pass laws, including for retroactive, for which ANY Company that makes a Profit for ANY Military Equipment will be Denied to Receive a Profit and MUST PAY the Taxes for the war! This will apply to ALL WARS, get our troops home!!!
In which Larry Klayman accuses Orly Taitz of colluding w/ Judicial Watch to harm him. p. 27
.U might enjoy this doc filed by defense attorneys re: Larry Klayman v Judicial Watch:
Judicial Watch filed this doc re: Larry Klayman's lawuit against them. CRAZYTOWN.
Meet Some of the People Helping Larry Klayman Overthrow the U.S. Government via
Sorry Y'all, but what a Joke! Charles Strange , Mary, and also their attorney Larry Klayman ... can't be happy...
Larry Klayman gets pwned by DC Court of Appeals in Klayman v Zuckerberg oral arguments yesterday.
Taking on the NSA in court: NSA lawsuit lead plaintiff Larry Klayman on ...: via
Obama eligibility attorney and founder of Judicial Watch Larry Klayman has written a new Declaration of Independence just ahead of his called march on Washington, DC on November 19, 2013. Two hundred and thirty-seven years after the original Declaration of Independence, … Continue reading →
See Michael Strange father and lawyer Larry Klayman about NSA. pictures though no camera. barracuda
WND EXCLUSIVE NSA SLAYER WANTS DEFAULT AGAINST FEDS 'Obama Justice Department is playing its usual game, to delay, obstruct' Published: 2 days ago BOB UNRUH About | Email | Archive Read 7 An attorney suing the federal government over the National Security Agency’s spy programs says the Obama administration is delaying and obstructing the court, and a default judgment against the individual defendants would be an appropriate remedy. The case was brought by attorney Larry Klayman in U.S. District Court in Washington over the NSA’s PRISM spy program that gathers details about the telephone calls and contacts of innocent Americans. Citing the privacy provisions of the U.S. Constitution, the case demands a halt to the violations along with damages. Klayman’s new motion “for entry of default” against President Obama, Attorney General Eric Holder and others is based on the new statement by the government that its answers are not on behalf of the defendants as individuals. The government argued that the ...
CONSPIRACY ??, Like Rick Perry said never a fan. The People President Clinton Didn't Have to Pardon...Because They're All Dead-Truth! & Fiction! Summary of the eRumor: This a list of people associated with Bill Clinton...all of whom have died, some of them under mysterious circumstances. Note: Our research on some of this story is still continuing, but because of the number of requests, we are posting what we have. Check back for updates. The Truth: This has also become known as "Clinton's Body Count." We'll go through the entire list and evaluate each one, but it is true that some of them had some connection with Bill Clinton, or with someone who was in Clinton's sphere, and that many of them died violently or by suicide. That raises the question of whether their deaths were related and whether any of the deaths can be linked in any way to Bill Clinton. There is no credible evidence that any of the deaths is related or can be attributed to Bill Clinton. Some of the descriptions of the deaths are n ...
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Pete Santilli got up this morning took a *** got dressed, and then went to the kitchen where he put some coffee on and made himself a couple of eggs ... When they were finished cooking he ate them ... He grabbed what was left of his coffee and headed for his studio . He made some business calls .. checked his emails ... prepped for the show and then went on the air at10:00 am PST ... On the show today he talked to Larry Klayman and Texe Marrs, he laughed about banker suicide and talked to Patrick Henningsen about news on 21st centurywire ... He closed the show and is now on a business call ... Thats all we know for now . will keep you updated as The Pete Santilli watch continues .
AT&T U-Verse poster: "I took a survey and I said I wanted The Blaze. Truth Lives Here. Many people want it. Why are you ignoring us?" Me: "Really? The Truth lives on a channel created by Glenn Beck? Perhaps in some alternate reality where everything's the polar opposite of real life, it is, but in the real world, nobody thinks fearmongering about how the president is coming to take our guns away, or send us all to FEMA camps if we disagree with him, and giving voice to dangerous seditionists like Larry Klayman or allowing David Barton to revise US and world history to make conservatives look like perfect angels, is anywhere the truth would live. In fact, many of us who lean center left or center right consider entities like The Blaze to be no better than Breitbart or World Net Daily; in other words, those places are where the truth goes to die. No thanks. AT&T customers want nothing to do with Glenn Beck, nor his online clown car cavalcade. Peddle it elsewhere, or better yet: Watch it online and leave the ...
Freedom Watch's Larry Klayman makes some provocative comments to a group at the WWII Memorial. Don Lemon has more. More from CNN at ...
Larry Klayman is one of the attorneys in this lawsuit representing the plaintiffs.
MSNBC's Martin Bashir got into a heated back-and-forth with Tea Party activist Larry Klayman on Friday over Klayman's attacks on President Obama as a foreign.
Here is just a partial list of "Her Evilness'" crimes that came to light during the Clinton administration years: By LARRY KLAYMAN 1) Watergate - Fired for lying and falsifying records 2) Whitewater scandal – This was the fraudulent land scheme, masterminded by Hillary and key witness Jim McDougal (who also mysteriously died in prison), while Hillary was a partner of the Rose Law Firm – also the firm of Vince Foster and Webster Hubbell, who later moved to D.C. with the Clintons to infest the White House Counsel's office with their "legal expertise." Hubbell was later indicted, tried and convicted for tax fraud. Foster turned up dead in Fort Marcy Park, as he was a material witness for then independent counsel Ken Starr's Whitewater criminal investigation. 2) Travelgate – To feather the nest of her friends, Harry and Susan Thomases, both Hollywood "beautiful people," Hillary had the head of the White House Travel Office, Billy Dale, fired on trumped-up claims of tax irregularities and then put the Th ...
Plaintiffs' (Larry Klayman VS Obama, Eric Holder, Head of NSA) motion for leave to file surreply to reply in support of the government defendants' partial motion to dismiss and surreply Freedom Watch February 12, 2014 (The Actual Court Pleading Below in PDF)
Conservative attorney Larry Klayman is continuing his efforts to have his lawsuit against the National Security Agency heard by the U.S. Supreme Court as quickly as possible.
Chuck Morse is joined in the first hour by Sam Blumenfeld in a discussion of the Israeli-Arab conflict. Larry Klayman, chairman of Freedom Watch USA discusses his lawsuit against the NSA.
Barbara Boston 1 BIRTHER NEWS SITE TAKEN DOWN. This after Sheriff Joe Arpaio lead detective, Mike Zullo announced on Freedom Friday radio show that anonymous top obots have been identified and at least one is working for obama administration in the DARPA unit of the DoD. Birther Report will be on tomorrow's Special WOBC radio show 8-10pm eastern. Please share this info. - From Chris Macy Breaking News: Is Google Obama’s New IRS? Google Takes Down “Birther” Site,, Alleging Violations of TOS – Puts Up Instead Warnings Claiming it is An Attack Site and/or a Malware/Badware Infected Site. Cuts off AdSense Advertising Revenue Generating Privileges! The site has been operating for years. Warning that the site is an Attack site and infected with Malware or Badware are all untrue per the site owner. Is it time to take action against the internet giants who have been in the tank protecting Obama? We are living in an Orwellian situation like what was described the novel 1984. We know that ...
1st hour: Steven Camarota, Director of Research for the Center for Immigration Studies CIS) Topic: Immigration and the Working Poor 2nd hour: Larry Klayman, Founder of Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch Topic: Lawsuit against the NSA
Larry Klayman asks Supreme Court to hear National Security Agency surveillance case via
Class action lawsuit against Obama and the NSA follows ruling against spy program (Tea Party) – President Obama and the National Security Agency are under fire in a new class action lawsuit that lawyer Larry Klayman says could top over 100 million plaintiffs. Klayman won a judgment in federal court which said that the NSA spy program is likely unconstitutional. The new claim was filed this week by Klayman in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia as a way to speed up the suit. Klayman announced that the new case was filed in an effort to streamline work on the earlier cases which are pending before Judge Richard J. Leon. Klayman, founder of Freedom Watch, is fighting the NSA’s telephone-call tracking program in federal court in Washington. A judge there ruled that the government’s actions are “almost Orwellian.” A petition for review has been filed by Klayman which would allow the cases to bypass the intermediate courts. Instead, they would be allowed to go directly to the U.S. Sup ...
My vote for hyperventilating demogogue of the year: Larry Klayman.
David Sirota, Larry Klayman and Rand Paul..nice group of heroes you have there EmoProgs.
"Thank God for people such as Larry Klayman, who keep us informed and fight in favor of us AMERICAN…" — ndrh4
Meanwhile, Patricia Millett's first sitting on DC Circuit will include Larry Klayman v. Mark Zuckerberg:
Larry Klayman has guts. I'm sending JW a check. IRS be darned!
Well you, Rand and Larry Klayman rant and rave away.
Is the biggest Obama scandal yet about to hit? Major new development in eligibility case promised by investigators Every day brings a new shocking headline: Is Obama misleading U.S. on NSA surveillance? The Obama administration states it can launch a strike on Syria without congressional approval. The Obama administration provided U.S. firearms to the drug cartels in Mexico, resulting in the deaths of two U.S. law enforcement agents and countless American and Mexican citizens, apparently in an effort to make a political case for gun control. The Obama administration covered up a debacle in Benghazi that cost the lives of Ambassador Christopher Stevens and other Americans. The Obama administration used the Internal Revenue Service as an attack dog against its political adversaries, including, but not limited to, the Tea Party movement. The Obama administration even targeted its friends in the media by spying on journalists at the largest news-gathering operation in the world, the Associated Press, along wi ...
Larry Klayman, a lawyer and activist famed for his legal actions and rhetorical flourishes, on Monday claimed his biggest success with the ruling against NSA phone surveillance.
who is your sister?? I interned in '78 at Justice in section w/ Larry Klayman,,not many "like him" i
I challenged the NSA in court because it's a totalitarian attack on human rights
Larry Klayman requested 6 time extensions, twice tried to delay hearing in case, now complains that gov is stalling.
This is a very good article proposing some harsh sanctions against those who "aid" the NSA. The actions proposed highlights the reason why we have, and must always retain "states rights." It was never the intention of our founders that we be dominated and controlled by the Federal Government. The Federal Government is WAY OUT OF CONTROL. SEVERAL STATES DRAFTING ANTI-NSA LEGISLATION Headquarters of the National Security Agency The National Security Agency operations to spy on American citizens already have prompted several states to consider prohibitions on the use of those details in court proceedings unless they specifically are identified in a search warrant. But the pushback against the federal programs is reaching new heights in the state of Washington, where a related bill to protect residents’ Fourth Amendment rights against unreasonable searches and seizures has been introduced. There, any state worker who provides any services or participates or helps “in any way with the providing of services ...
Larry Klayman says America is experiencing a revolution against Obama, but nobody knows about it
Larry Klayman's vindictive lawsuits, crappy lawyering expose his history as a
NewsFlash >> Obama Regime Tries to Block Discovery in NSA Lawsuit: After Larry Klayman's court v...
A simple discussion about the NSA turned into a major trauma for staff at WABC radio earlier today. Aaron Kleins radio program started suffering ‘technical problems’ during an interview with Larry Klayman, the lawyer who won an injunction against the NSA’s bulk phone records collection. “In my three...
Infowhores has on larry klayman as a guest, the same Zionist piece of trash who wants Iran nuked, need I say more?
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Larry Klayman's case questioning Obama's eligibility is still moving forward. Klayman is asking the court to...
Check out the request Larry Klayman made to NSA in these FOIA logs I just obtained
That is an accurate description of Limbaugh,Hannity,Larry Klayman,Beck,Conservative Talk Radio,Fox News,and the Tea Party.
I have few heroes in this life, but David and His Group are. ..Larry Klayman, Lynn Vogel, Dr,. Jim Garrows, Bill Finlay and husband , Bob.
It'll be another rally like the one Larry Klayman had. He said "millions" would show up, got about 100. Most left early
HEY do you remember what Larry Klayman said Oct 13 ? AH but Cons +RW always gets a FREE PASS ,don't they !?
Meet Larry Klayman, the activist who could upend the - The Week
DOJ files motion to block release of NSA info - Conservative activist Larry Klayman is the plaintiff in two suits against the administration.
US GOVT. APPEALS RULING DENOUNCING NSA's MASS PHONE SURVEILLANCE AS UNCOSTITUTIONAL Published time: January 03, 2014 22:26 Edited time: January 04, 2014 10:07 Get short URL The US Justice Department appealed Friday a federal judge’s December ruling that advanced a legal challenge to the National Security Agency’s bulk collection of Americans’ telephone records. The Justice Department filed the appeal with the US Circuit Court of Appeals in Washington. US government lawyers are asking for a dismissal of US District Judge Richard Leon’s ruling that called the NSA’s domestic phone metadata collection likely unconstitutional putting it under a threat of shutting down. “I believe that bulk telephone metadata collection and analysis almost certainly does violate a reasonable expectation of privacy,” Leon wrote in mid-December. “It’s one thing to say that police expect phone companies to occasionally provide information to law enforcement; it is quite another to suggest that our citizens expect ...
US spy court: NSA to keep collecting phone records By Kimberly Dozier, The Associated Press Yesterday US intelligence court: Government can continue collecting Americans' phone records daily WASHINGTON (AP) — A secretive U.S. spy court has ruled again that the National Security Agency can keep collecting every American's telephone records every day, in the midst of dueling decisions in two civilian federal courts about whether the surveillance program is constitutional. The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court on Friday renewed the NSA phone collection program, said Shawn Turner, a spokesman for the Office of the Director of National Intelligence. Such periodic requests are somewhat formulaic but required since the program started in 2006. The latest approval was the first since two conflicting court decisions about whether the program is lawful and since a presidential advisory panel recommended that the NSA no longer be allowed to collect and store the phone records and search them without obtainin ...
Court officials confirmed to WND today that the case brought by attorney Larry Klayman, who founded Freedom Watch, and most recently hit the headlines for a successful fight against Obama’s program run by the National Security Agency to spy on Americans, remains on the docket.
In the wake of bikers roaring through the streets of DC in protest and just ahead of a planned shut down of DC by truckers, founder of Judicial Watch Larry Klayman has set a date of November 19, 2013 on which he is … Continue reading →
More power to Larry Klayman in challenging the NSA's ability to monitor, store and search through all American phone calls without court order. We live in Orewellian times.
RECLAIM AMERICA NOW* AGENDA NOVEMBER 19TH!!2013 Awaiting Updates.The 2nd Peaceful American Revolution has begun!! 10:00 am in LaFayette Park Across From the White House Freedom Watch and its founder Larry Klayman call upon all Tea Party, conservative, libertarian, and other groups and persons, indeed to all patriotic citizens, to converge on Washington D.C., en masse, on November 19, 2013, and demand the resignations of President Barack Hussein Obama, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, and House Speaker John Boehner. We want all concerned activist groups to partner with us in our fight to restore the integrity of our nation and our Constitution. I. INTRODUCTION by Larry Klayman A. Knowledgeable and concerned Americans know that the United States is in great danger. Barack Hussein Obama has driven the country into the ground, and the political opposition has allowed this to happen. The nation is on the verge of economic, social, and strategic collapse, as the people’s grievances are being continually ign ...
It was a very Larry year for Larry Klayman.
Did you know that when Yr Wonket counts its blessings, we count Larry Klayman first and always? You probably did not know this, but it is god’s own truth, because if there were no Larry Klayman, there would be so much less Wonket. For real, we wrote about Larry Klayman like a dozen times this year...
Larry Klayman, who recently sued the NSA over its domestic spying programs, is hot on the trail of the Obama administration and impeachment is his goal. In a report published yesteday on World Net Daily, Klayman said the "misdeeds of Richard Nixon, who resigned in disgrace, pale in comparison to President Obama’s." “In Watergate, Richard Nixon faced impeachment for breaking into the offices of the chairman of the Democratic National Party,” Klayman told WND. "Obama has broken into the homes of 300 million Americans.” When asked by WND if he was calling for the impeachment of Obama, Klayman responded, “Yes. The NSA and the Obama administration are engaging in criminal behavior, and both are lying.” Klayman and his Judicial Watch group were instrumental in brining about the impeachment of former-President Bill Clinton during the Monica Lewinsky scandal. As much as Democrats wanted the American public to believe that case was a private matter about sex and marital infidelity, it was much more. It ...
"Larry Klayman is a pit bull. He was one of the leading figures behind the impeachment of Bill Clinton."
Speaking with Alex Jones on Wednesday, Larry Klayman said that he, like Gandhi, will lead a revolution in America that will overthrow the “evil” Obama administration. “Obama’s
If the Tea Party is smart the will unite with Atty. Larry Klayman.
Larry Klayman went on CNN and gave the most Larry Klayman-est performance ever.
Larry Klayman is still reeling from his embarrassing appearance on CNN with host Don Lemon this week, and in a WorldNetDaily interview today says that he may file a defamation lawsuit against the network, charging that the interview was a set up by President Obama, the Clintons and the Democratic Na...
"Tea Party activist Larry Klayman took offense to CNN reporting on his long history as a "professional litigant" against three different presidential adminis...
On Tuesday night's Erin Burnett guest hosted by Don Lemon, conservative legal activist Larry Klayman battled Don and legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin when he was...
I stood for over 4 hours on stage with Larry Klayman at LaFayette Park on 19 November, but I STRONGLY DISAGREE...
NEW YORK – The attorney who won a high-profile federal court fight Monday with the National Security Agency over its invasive telephone-call spy program says he was put under surveillance – and more – by the agency when he filed the case. Larry Klayman, a WND commentary contributor and founder of Judicial Watch and, more recently, FreedomWatch, told WND that once his allegations that the federal government was violating the Constitution with its “watch-every-call” strategy hit the courts, he noticed problems with his email. “People began receiving from me emails that I had never sent,” Klayman told WND, suggesting harassment in response to his work. “The government just wanted me to know they were watching me.” Support attorney Larry Klayman as he mobilizes freedom-loving Americans from all over the country to stop President Obama’s spying on U.S. citizens and to preserve our freedoms! Klayman filed the action on behalf of several plaintiffs, seeking first a preliminary injunction to p ...
Larry Klayman will be seeking national security clearance, which he expects to receive because he had such a clearance when he worked for the Justice Department under President Regan.
A CNN segment about a federal judge's ruling on National Security Agency surveillance turned into an all-out battle that led to the victorious attorney in the case actually getting kicked off the air. Larry Klayman, a longtime Washington attorney frequently referred to as a "gadfly," had from the...
Want to know more about Larry Klayman? Here's a great place to start:
"I've watched you for many years, you're an ultra-leftist," Conservative legal activist Larry Klayman said to CNN's Don Lemon Tuesday night on Erin...
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While many of people and organizations from across the political spectrum — including People For the American Way — have sued the NSA over its domestic surveillance program, it was conspiracy theorist Larry Klayman whose case against the NSA was the first to be resolved in the federal courts.
During a segment on the big court ruling against the NSA, CNN's Don Lemon cut guest Larry Klayman out after he started lobbing personal attacks at both him and Jeffrey Toobin.
READ AND DECIDE===IS OUR FLAG JUST A PIECE OF CLOTH THAT IS RED-WHITE-and BLUE or DO YOU SEE THE BLOOD OF OUR FORE FATHERS ON THE FLAG. IF YOU SEE THE BLOOD LIKE I DO IT IS TIME TO TAKE BACK THIS COUNTRY. Second American Revolution Declared Nov. 19, 2013 – Will You Join? Posted on November 22, 2013 by Dave Jolly Filed under Constitution, Culture, Government, Patriotism Earlier this week, Larry Klayman, an attorney who served in the Justice Department when Ronald Reagan was president, organized a gathering of The Reclaim America Now coalition which is composed of a number of organizations including 2 Million Bikers to D.C., Accuracy in Media, Freedom Watch, Gun Owners of America, Jihad Watch, Tea Party Patriots and the Western Center for Journalism. Addressing the patriotic crowd of about 200 people that gathered at Lafayette Park, across from the White House, Klayman told the audience that Nov 19 should be known as the start of the Second American Revolution, saying: “We the People have had enough of ...
Larry Klayman's revolution to oust Barack Obama is off to a slow start. His expected turnout of a million people across the country apparently drew only 100 people. The other 999,900 people stayed home to watch the Rob Ford tv show.
members Larry Klayman,Joseph Farah,Richard Mack,and they dug up the dead I'LL call a racist a racist.
Klayman: If Anti-Obama 'Nonviolent Revolution' Fails, 'Surely Another Recourse Will Break Out' Over the weekend, Larry Klayman joined Ted Cruz and Sarah Palin at a Washington D.C. rally where he repeated his mantra that people should demand President Obama “get up, to put the Quran down, to get up off his knees, and to figuratively come up with his hands out” as part of an anti-Obama uprising. Klayman took to WorldNetDaily to warn that if his November 19 revolution “to peacefully remove this political establishment cancer” does not succeed, then “surely another recourse will break out.” “When the people are ignored and coerced into submission,” Klayman writes, “and our military heroes are held out to dry and sacrificed to a Muslim enemy by a ‘Muslim president’ and his Republican enablers, it is only a matter of time before the people and the military rise up to remove the shackles that have been placed on them by the government.” Simply put, the "Muslim in chief" coddles the Muslim ...
Founder of Freedom Watch Larry Klayman calls on 'patriots' to descend on Washington and not leave until Obama...
Make sense when perceived in the Context of the backlash over Obamacare, and the Upcoming Nov. 19th March by Larry Klayman!
Those TENS OF MILLIONS.. need to lend their voice, support and strength, to Larry Klayman's effort to restore an Anonymous America!
Independence Day: Nov. 19, 2013. Exclusive: Larry Klayman shares draft of new declaration in preparation for D.C.rally
They are afraid... on Novemeber 19th, we will show lend our support to those that would end this Tyranny~ Larry Klayman & Co!
Make it happen again on 19th in support of Larry Klayman and Freedom from Tyranny! see you in Lafayette Park!
I see no reason the gun powder treason should EVER be forgot! On Nov. 19 th We the people, will be with Larry Klayman ...where will you be
Charlie Strange, Father of Navy SEAL cryptologist who perished on Extortion 17 will be attending along with other...
Join the 2nd Revolution Nov 19 with attorney Larry Klayman, Judicial Watch
Electronic Device Insurance
Bradlee Dean featured speaker at Larry Klayman's DC uprising to remove Obama from office
Anonymous should consider backing Larry Klayman's Nov 19th, March to demand Obama, Congress and SCOTUS step down
Video:The 2nd Revolution Begins Nov. 19! Larry Klayman is the founder of Judicial Watch. Please SHOW UP if possible!
Evening was overhearing Larry klayman talking about Martin bashir: I should have called him a *** but I don't want a fatwa on my head!
Date Set for Revolution to End Obama’s ‘Reign of Terror’
Just discovered that my spam filter catches the (evidently many) emails sent to me by Larry Klayman's Freedom Watch. Good spam filter!
Larry Klayman predicts his White House protest will morph into the Second American Revolution.
I wonder if KATU's new owners made them "partner" with the right wing extremist Washington Times newspaper & crazy spokesmen Larry Klayman.
"RECLAIM AMERICA NOW", has event plans for Nov 19 in Washington, DC. ANY EFFORT 2 Depose Obama . W/O violence is GOOD. http:…
On Saturday, October 26, 2013 4:04 AM, Tom Lawson wrote: This is the same attorney who has filed the case before the Alabama Supreme Court about Obama's ineligibility to be president. It is worth reading and passing on. Dr. Tom RECLAIM AMERICA NOW THE 2ND REVOLUTION BEGINS NOV. 19! Exclusive: Larry Klayman calls on millions to mass at White House, demand resignation Published: 10 hours ago author-imageLARRY KLAYMAN About | Email | Archive Follow rss feed Subscribe to feed Printer Friendly Text smaller Text bigger “… Then the lady sitting behind the desk; I don’t know what their name is, but the lady that was sitting behind the desk … I couldn’t really understand what she was saying because she had me on speakerphone. I remember her saying, ‘We can’t have this type of stuff going on here, so we have to release you.’ But they had locked the doors and everything; I guess they didn’t want anybody to come in there.” – Earline Davis, fired Obamacare telephone operator, Healthcare Marketpla ...
There is no house "leadership". They're nothing but - as Larry Klayman so appropriately named his book - *** Anti-American worker corporations are also working to reward liars, cheats and thieves. They're the ones who bribe (campaign donations) political prostitutes like Boehner, Eric Cantor, Marco Rubio, Paul Ryan, Linday Graham, Juan McCain and other RINOs. They don't get my money.
At a veteran-led rally that hit the World War II Memorial, the National Mall and the White House on Sunday, one Tea Party rallier had choice words for President Barack Obama, blaming him for the government shutdown and calling on him to step down. Larry Klayman of Freedom Watch, a conservative polit...
Over the weekend, a protest over the government shutdown by veterans turned ugly, and on CNN Newsroom Monday afternoon, Wolf Blitzer asked Rep. Scott Rigell (R-WI) to comment on that ugliness, specifically remarks by Freedom Works’ Larry Klayman who suggested President Obama “put the Quran down.” Ri...
Judge Greg Mathis wrote; Tea Party activist Larry Klayman should be ashamed after advocating for a Second American Revolution to remove President Obama from office because he is Muslim. The President has repeatedly stated that he is a Christian. I think its unfortunate Klayman and Tea Party supporters degrade the overwhelmingly peaceful religion of Islam by using it to attack the President. Texas Senator Ted Cruz and former Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin were both present at the Tea Party rally on Sunday and I believe they should call on Klayman to apologize for his offensive words. Republicans have displayed an unprecedented level of hatred toward President Obama – making compromise almost impossible and causing our current government shutdown. Regardless of your political leanings, this form of divisive hate speech has no place in our society.
1st Rick Joyner calls for military coup against Obama, now Larry Klayman says Obama "like Morsi before his downfall"
*** .. a Great Read. Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch founder, Larry Klayman describes his efforts to stem abuses in the judiciary and executive branches of our government. He details his legal battles with President and First Lady Bill and Hillary Clinton (Chinagate and Filegate), Vice President *** Cheney (secret energy commission meetings), and the Bush administration over illegal wiretapping of American citizens. His portraits of the likes of Janet Reno, Fred Thompson, Arlen Spector, Judge Denny Chin (who recently presided over the Madoff trial) and other Clinton insiders Klayman considers unethical, and who have come back to power in the Obama administration, reveal not always flattering sides of their well-cultivated images. Klayman also has choice words to say about media figures such as Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity and Paula Zahn, and he accuses media mogul Rupert Murdoch of sandbagging the original publication of *** by HarperCollins because of the book's negative portrait of Roger Ailes an ...
Larry Klayman is a bigger fool than Ted Cruz and the racist *** that aided and abetted his fake filibuster. Screw you Larry Krazyman!
I would call it suicide for Larry Klayman & the ones that follow him. These people are just trash.
Larry Klayman calls for armed overthrow of the government:
What an *** Indicted by a grand jury of a bunch of Ocala racist bigot losers? What a bunch of small minded bigots. Obama and Biden Indicted by Grand Jury (Ocala, Florida, October 30, 2012). BWAHA, what was that, the clown institute of *** Even if Obama was born in Kenya, his mother was American so that makes him American or U.S. citizen by birth, just like that loser Rafael Ted Cruz. You guys are such a bunch of racists ignorant losers and you will never overthrow ***. I can see by this post that no one will ever see it because Klaymoron will never have this kind of stuff on his ignorant blog. You are such a loser along with your followers. Racist and bigots. As for god fearing, I guess all of you can go to Hades.
Larry Klayman should be thrown in gitmo, and everyone else should be released.
OMG that is beautiful stuff. Apparently, this is the face of delusional. Larry Klayman, Attorney at law.=>
Exclusive: Larry Klayman calls for resignation of 'convicted' president. Obama’s reckoning is here via
.attorney LarryKlayman has set date 4 coup against Pres.Obama.I hope you're paying attention?
If Obama was truly an evil dictator, Larry Klayman would be that strange smell in the crawlspace.
-TA. Bill Bohart - . Who is Larry Klayman? Legal and Lawful are apples and oranges. We're not playing "law suits"...
In which Larry Klayman of schedules his attempted coup against Obama:
How can anyone seriously be this ignorant. We live in the information age. There is no excuse for being so...
"One man Tea Party" Klayman sets date for coup against Obama
Oh, good. Larry Klayman, masterful head of the "Judicial Watch," which post one presumes he was appointed to by Gawd Allmotty, set his date.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Larry Klayman says on November 19 he will bring millions to DC for a revolution to oust Obama
AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster   Remember when Rep. Darrell Issa refused to let a woman speak at a hearing on birth control, propelling Sandra Fluke into the national spotlight? Well,  Issa, a classic Obama-hater who has led countless failed witch hunts on behalf of his one-percent puppet masters, has done it again, blocking Stacy Ritter from testifying about how she and her daughters personally benefited from Obamacare. All this on the same day that Speaker John Boehner caved in to the Republican Party’s conservative wing by agreeing to risk a government shutdown in their ongoing push to defund Obamacare. Tonight on the "The Ed Show" at 5pET (4pCT/3pMT/2pPT), live from New York on MSNBC, Ed Schultz shows us what happened when Rep. Matt Cartwright started to tell Ritter's story.   Ed will also tear apart a bigoted call for a coup against President Obama by conservative attorney Larry Klayman, Ohio Secretary of State John Husted's laughable denial of voter suppression, Elizabeth Hasselbeck's childish attempt ...
Three months after members of now notorious SEAL Team Six killed Osama Bin Laden, a Chinook helicopter crash in Afghanistan led to 38 deaths, 25 of which were special operations forces. Three of those 25 were members of SEAL Team Six, a secretive unit that enjoyed privacy until Vice President Joe Biden and Defense Secretary Leon Panetta began talking about the unit explicitly for political gain. Larry Klayman, the attorney for the three families, stated: “Shortly after that successful raid on Bin Laden, the president – through the vice president for political purposes – released the name of SEAL Team Six. That’s classified information, and even (then) Defense Secretary Robert Gates was critical of that. So that was like putting a target on the backs of the sons of my clients.” Additionally, Klayman revealed evidence that the helicopter’s security may have been compromised by the Taliban prior to the crash. There were Afghans on board the helicopter who were last minute swap-ins for the flight ...
Freedom Watch founder Larry Klayman on the parents of a Navy Seal killed in Afghanistan suing the government for monitoring their phone calls.
WASHINGTON, June 12, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Having already filed a 3 billion dollar class action with regard to the alleged government privacy abuse by the Obama administration and Verizon, Larry Klayman, ...
Larry Klayman, Founder of Freedom Watch, believes the government has illegally spied on Verizon accounts, and spoke to Steve about being first to file suit a...
Former Justice Department prosecutor Larry Klayman amended an existing lawsuit against Verizon and a slew of Obama administration officials Monday to make it the first class-action lawsuit in response to the publication of a secret court order instructing Verizon to hand over the phone records of mi...
Today I received a very interesting letter from Freedom Watch. First of all, yes they are looking for $ to help but here is what the letter stated Larry Klayman is a top attorney for the Freedom Watch and they are bringing law suits (multiple) against Obama. They have the evidence against him and are taking it before Grand Juries. They have the proof of O,s birth certificate was forged. and so much more To Quote some of the letter,"The Freedom Watch Citizens Grand Juries will hear from expert witnesses who will testify that Hussein Obama has orchestrated the deepest cover-up and fraud in history against We the People --from sealing his college records, to criminally forging his supposed birth certificate, to passing off a fake Social Security Number as his own, to altering his draft card. There is also evidence that Hussein Obama and his administration has been bribed by the Islamic neo-Nazis in Iran to allow them to have nuclear weapons which they have threatened to use against our nation and Israel. / . ...
Trigger warning: antisemitism and islamophobia Larry Klayman has a pecking order in mind and he wants everyone...
"responds to defamation lawsuit from Larry Klayman
Not the Onion: Larry Klayman: Jew for Jesus, whose heart again throbbed in shame because of Liberal Jews, IRS & ***
"The IRS asked for our political affiliations in the first notice of audit,"Larry Klayman told NewsMax
Cue the Larry Klayman releases? Sen. Graham: Clinton should testify again on
Hold onto your hat folks while you read: Obama's Texas Muslim cover-up by Larry Klayman
Judicial Watch founder Larry Klayman the fertilizer plant explosion outside of Waco, Texas was a result of “Muslim terror.”
I forgot that Larry Klayman believes Saddam Hussein had a role in the Oklahoma City bombing.
Larry Klayman on Arpaio Assassination Attempt and Obama Fraud on Freedom Friday with Carl Gallups
Christianist Larry Klayman claims Obama has OK'd an Iranian plan 2 orchestrate a "second Holocaust" and kill all Jews
Larry Klayman says Pres. Obama has given 'green light' to Iran for second holocaust: Move over, Glenn Beck...
Looks like Larry Klayman is gettin his *** kicked again. Re: Farrah v. Esquire:
Christian Nutbag Larry Klayman: Obama Has Given the 'Green Light' to Iran for a 'Second Holocaust'
Larry Klayman: Obama has OK'd an Iranian plan to orchestrate a "second Holocaust" & kill all Jews
Islamic & North Korean genocidal aims: by Larry Klayman the "First Muslim President"
Judge Roy Moore, Larry Klayman, Virgil Goode and more: the latest birther legal case has it all:
And the GOPTP attacks and propaganda lunacy begins...According to Judicial Watch founder Larry Klayman, Hillary...
Oh, I wish more would. I know Orly Taitz has been quite busy going after Obama, she's a maverick! So is Larry Klayman.
Response to Cease and Desist Demand Letter from Sheriff Arpaio’s Lawyer, Larry Klayman
Larry Klayman fears the black helicopters & says Obama doesn't like Jews, the rich, people of faith, or white people:
Daily Kos: Larry Klayman calls for revolt in order to stop Obama's drive to "enslave" us
This Wonketeer did indeed go through those five stages of grief. Get out of my soul, Wonkette. - Super Successful...
I Hate it when I agree with Larry Klayman
Here is a look inside Larry Klayman's world...Will Smith - Men in black (HQ): via Scared of this yet?
Larry Klayman needs to take his meds... via Oh No!! Black Helicopters...Really?
Larry Klayman: Obama has "unleashed black helicopters in our major cities"; rebellion is imminent
Mar 9 - Larry Klayman, founder of Judicial Watch, is purported to have said that he wants Israel to attack Iran
Larry Klayman Wants Israel to Nuke Iran: Larry Klayman, founder of Judicial Watch, wants Israel to attack Iran...
God, I Love Larry Klayman: If Larry Klayman didn’t exist, I might have to invent him.
Larry Klayman: “The American people, whose rights to gun ownership stem from colonial times and are enshrined in the U.S. Constitution,..."
The conservative group FreedomWatch is suing the White House task force that led to the gun control proposals offered by President Barack Obama Wednesday. FreedomWatch’s suit is based on the argument that the White House group conducted illegal meetings with lobbyists without public notice that’s required. The suit, which was filed in Florida federal court, seeks to eliminate the task force and prevent any of its proposals from becoming law, The Hill reports. Note: Should Obama's Gun Ban Be Approved? Vote Here Now in Urgent Poll The 1972 Federal Advisory Committee Act requires presidential task forces that include non-federal government officials to meet in public and publish notice of meetings in the Federal Register 15 days ahead of time. “President Obama and Vice President Biden have thumbed their nose at the law and instead been holding closed door meetings with special interest lobbyists on both sides of the issue,” FreedomWatch founder Larry Klayman said in a written statement. “The Americ ...
Larry Klayman calls for revolution to overthrow Obama via
Daily Kos: Sick of Orly Taitz, Larry Klayman, and other seditious birthers?
Larry Klayman doubles down on call for revolution to overthrow Obama via
Atty. Larry Klayman, a RW is facing charges of molesting his own kids, FFS, & they ignore it. No surprise.
You know Larry Klayman even sued his own mother? He's a piece of work.
Larry Klayman is a loser. Long, long history of disciplinary actions. And alleged child abuse. He's who you're counting on?
That's not true. Meanwhile, you know birther lawyer Larry Klayman is? Very bad lawyer. And child abuser.
“GUNNING FOR REVOLUTION Exclusive: Larry Klayman says executive-order on firearms would be 'the final straw'”
Klayman Calls for Revolution: Larry Klayman, the dumbest lawyer in America not named Mat Staver...
In his latest WorldNetDaily column, Larry Klayman calls for a literal revolution to overthrow President Obama that mirrors the American Revolution against King George III. Klayman, the founder of Judi
Larry Klayman, the former head of Judicial Watch, has finally had enough. In a column for WorldNutDaily, Klayman claims that now might be the time for a revolution along the lines of 1776 . I’ve ...
We've seen some crazy conclusions drawn since Election Day, but Larry Klayman's claim that conservatives are the new N-words is obscene.
Larry Klayman is calling Obama the “Mullah In Chief” and says that the President’s re-election has made Christians and “Americans of faith” “the new *** ”
In hour From Now I will Have on my Broadcast Network Kellie Pharr & Holly and Larry Klayman founder and the former chairman of Judicial Watch voting fraud Live Report From Philadelphia Pennsylvania and Larry Klayman called Fox News and Fox News told Larry we are not going Air this News Report Report However Patcnews Will it's Better than Blog Talk Radio Live From Philadelphia Pennsylvania you do not want to miss this tag to Fox News Radio KFYI 550 and KVI freedom 570 and Komo 4 News and KTLA 5 News King 5 News I will say all this on Gods Broadcast Network
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