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Larry Jordan

Larry Jordan is an independent filmmaker who has been working in the Bay Area in California since 1955, and making films since 1952. He has produced some 40 experimental and animation films, and three feature-length dramatic films.

Larry Jackson Ancient Mariner

He made fans SO emotional with this confession!
If Wentz craps the bed next year with AJ Green and Larry Fitz as his WRs and Jimmy Graham and Jordan Reed as his TEs, then ok. Write him off
Bernard King turned 60 today and Larry Bird turns 60 on Wednesday.
Larry Fitzgerald moves to No. 3 on the NFL’s all-time receptions list.
Khalil Mack vs Von Miller vs Justin Houston. It's like Larry vs Magic vs Jordan off the edge right now. Sit back & enjoy
Larry Fitzgerald's Hall of Fame case keeps getting better. . He passes Andre Johnson for No. 10 on the all-time receiving list. h…
Pretty sure Joel cried when JORDAN left, not Larry. Anyway, don't rly know what was said - couldn't really hear.
Larry cried for Jordan leaving. Then Joel cried for Larry leaving
Did Dec just say Joel was crying when LARRY left? It was Jordan.
I'm just glad that all my faves minus Jordan, Wayne and Larry made the final
Nobody to hangout with everyone's fake just jordan and samira.
Latest NZ health survey reveals half a million people have indicated they choose not to go to the GP because of cost - Dr Larry Jordan.
I'm gonna need someone to put the Crying Jordan face on Jurgen Klopp
He's made fans SO emotional with this confession!
Should I start Jordan Howard or Melvin Gordon as my RB2? Also Larry Fitzgerald or T.Y Hilton as my WR2? Standard 8 person league
Larry lamb is so cute crying at Jordan leaving the jungle!! What an absolute sweetheart ☺️
"Can't help but think that after all the things I've done wrong, maybe I did something right"
Always a couple psychotic Kentucky fans that show up after 1 loss and act like the season is over. . I love this team, t…
I would rather lose early than lose later in the season. It will be a good teaching moment for them.
Larry Legend...and I'm a Magic and Jordan mark 4 life.
I still can't believe people like her over Larry or Jordan.
Shame it's not Larry, Wayne or Jordan in the with Scarlett, Adam and Joel
team with michael jordan, Kevin love, ross teeter, larry bird, and Gavin young
did Lisa smoke 😂 tbf I've only seen Adam Joel Larry Scarlett Wayne and Jordan on this
List of everyone who has averaged 28 - 7 - 7 in an NBA season:. Oscar Robertson. Larry Bird. John Havlicek. Jordan. LeBron. Russell Westbrook
Not bein funny but how has Sam made it to the top 4 but Jordan, Larry or Wayne didn't?
Michael Jordan and his older brother Larry
Larry crying over Jordan leaving broke my heart 😢😢😢
I'm A Celebrity's Jordan Banjo to 'propose', and Ola Jordan strips off: What the celebs are up to since leaving the…
This is the most disgusting candy bar I've ever had
Ok my slippers weren't very festive (also they weren't actually mine if I'm honest) but they were all I had. Special 🐰 a…
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Larry's comment, Martin nasty totally out of order. Bully
team with Russell westbrook, wade carnes, Kevin love, lebron jordan, and larry bird
team with david west, larry bird, lebron jordan, Damian Bates, and kevin garnett
Cute! melts our hearts with this admission about Larry Lamb!
1.) Jordan 2.) Lebron. 3 is tough. I'd lean Larry Bird but you can argue several people. You?
Larry Nance Jr. suffers knee contusion in loss to the Raptors.
A final from Larry Jordan gymnasium, MT 57 Southeastern 29. Good start for the Panthers! At Massie on 12/6 4:45 freshm…
Meet the Nominee: Best Actress in a Musical - (Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty
He also lost as many final series (4) as Jordan Larry and Kobe combined. Just saw that the other day. Ouch lol
team with justin riley, puss n boots, Deandre jordan, larry bird, and dakota thompson
team with damian lillard, Deandre jordan, shrek, larry bird, and ross teeter
When ppl don't know if or who you're dating they tend to Michael Jordan reach for clues and answers lol
it's only person can be the 🐐 it's Jordan n if u wanna keep going it's Kobe n if u wanna keep going it's Larry bird
Did people say this about Larry Bird? Pete Maravich? Jordan?
Larry Bird said something similar about Jordan in '86 :)))
Wait. Deandre jordan on first team and demarcus on second? 🤔🤔🤔
"That's a white myth, like Larry Bird or Colorado" -Tracy Jordan
By this same rationale, one must conclude that Larry Bird is better than Michael Jordan.
.with the best ad since Michael Jordan and Larry Bird teamed up!
I don't think he's half bad. He was able to identify Jordan Clarkson and Larry Nance as late rd pickups and I thought they were
the f are you talking about if you think Russ is intense Jordan was triple that should be fired
Wishing Larry our 3 minors Jordan,david&philip and all the minor team good luck on Sunday against Armagh
Jordan at Point, Kobe at SG, Larry at SF, KG at PF and Shaq in the middle.
team with lebron jordan, larry bird, Tim duncan, Trey ebert, and kobe bryant
Jordan had to get through Isaiah Thomas Pistons Larry bird Celtics Dawkins and Webb Hawks penny and Shaq Magic Ewings Knicks come on now
when I worked at I-44, everyone worth their salt was compared to Ole Larry. A legend.
do you think uncle Larry will be alright?
I was a Bulls fan before Jordan. I also liked Chris Mullen, Clyde Drexler, Larry Bird, and others from that era. Good plyrs all.
2002-03 sp authentic dual excellence sign michael jordan / larry ... . - Bid on this now >
Waiting on the Jordan face put on Derek fisher 😩
team with shrek, chris paul, larry bird, Deandre jordan, and jerry west
Neither did Kobe, Jordan, Duncan, Larry bird or even Bill Russell
Byron Scott shares his best Michael Jordan and Larry Bird stories: Former Laker player Byron Scott shares his...
Project Manager Matt Turner (left) and Larry Lott, president and COO (right) with Fayetteville Mayor Lioneld Jordan.
team with larry bird, michael jordan, Kevin love, spider-man, and blake griffin
If Golden State gets eliminated, Jordan should restock the 72-10's just to be petty.
Magic, Larry, Cap were all past their prime. Jordan never faced the Dream in the playoffs.
Congrats to Jordyn Haverty for winning the Larry Pope Memorial Award tonight!
mr Larry bird over Jordan joined the convo
Please never compare this team to the Bulls ever again, and don't EVER say Jordan and curry in the same sentence unless we…
Check out our podcast chat with Larry Jordan live from NAB this morning! Our part starts at 29:44.
Larry Jordan playing in the band, makes a call "Hey Mike, this is your borther Lary. You know that new style you were looking for?
Larry Legend won 3 MVPs and NBA titles- tune into his 50 greatest moments, NEXT on NBA TV!
All I want in life is to go golfing with Michael Jordan, Bill Murray, and Larry Bird
Made a song with should drop sometime soon…
Made a song with should drop sometime soon 🔥
1987 Larry Bird talking about Jordan "He's good, he's awfully good." lol so simple
Jesse & Uncle Larry are gonna destroy your PS4 or if not something else of yours with Uncle Larry's truck!! Ohh boy!
It takes Larry a couple of minutes. It took these 7 guys about an hour and a half.
Medical marijuana patient targeted by feds for his home pot garden dies from cancer.
Not okay Not okay Not okay Not okay. Not okay Larry's so real in this Not okay.
Scan results came back all-clear but Jordan Henderson has still not returned to training. Discomfort on the ball of his foo…
HENDO NAGAZAKI remains a major doubt for Liverpool's trip to Arsenal
Jordan Henderson could line up against Arsenal on Monday amid reports that the captain has been given the all-clear fo…
Can the boys stay in space? I mean like even Larry is real there, Niall and Liam are so *** hot and we can get out of …
West's Lakers beat Bird twice in the Finals, not Magic's. If Larry had won 5 would people be so quick to put Jordan ahead of him? Dang West.
I went to red robins and there is a chalkboard and someone wrote Larry is real😂😂😂 . ?😂
I would like to thank Jordan For turning me into a Larry Shipper ❤️ THANK YOU BOO
Catch Us On Digital Production Buzz Tonight at 9PM PST: Getting ready to talk to the world famous Larry Jordan...
I'm Jordan's first dribble, Larry Bird's first triple
Harry supports *** rights, quit making everything about Larry
The way people go on you would think Venus is Larry Jordan or Tito Jackson lol
Had a great time talking with Larry Jordan on the Digital Production BuZZ -
a rare look at Michael Jordan and Larry Bird not on the court
Magic or isaih point, Jordan at SG, Larry Bird at SF, Tim Duncan at PF, Shaq at Center.
Michael Jordan is the white version of Larry Bird-Brody Skaar
Remember when Larry Bird said God was just disguising himself as Michael Jordan? >>>> Steph Curry
My all time playoff team would be . PG Magic Johnson. SG Michael Jordan. SF Larry Bird. PF Tim Duncan. C Bill Russell. 6th man: Paul Pierce
By Larry Fine AUGUSTA, Georgia, April 10 (Reuters) - Jordan Spieth threatened to turn the year's first major into a runaway as he fired a
Horry. Larry Bird is second, and Jordan is 3rd.
Brah that video made me think it was really the Henny her an me 😂😂 *jordan & what Larry gotta have fun too
The Bryant stuff was fun. Lots of good natured humor and mockery. I compared him, unfavorably, to Jordan Danks.
"Same. "IM TAKING PIERCE OR JORDAN did you guys notice larry bird? Pierce? Naa
Jordan waved back at us , seen Melo ,. met Larry Sanders & now Nicki boutta perform 💪💪💪
My top 3. 1. Jordan. 2. Larry Bird. 3. Kobe. Plus as my forth Ray Allen.
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Larry, Jordan, Kobe, Curry, Allen, (Kyrie though he ain't there), KD, Melo, Lebron(Maybe). Any of them and I'm fine.
The guy that had the greatest finals performance ever and Michael Jordan
In Jordan Danks' first game, he had no strikeouts, no LOB, and the Sox won. . Danks > Bryant.
How cool is this pic??? Michael Jordan playing ping pong, Larry Bird playing with kids toys to the…
I'm Jordan's first dribble. Larry Birds first triple
Ya know, Jordan Danks raked in AAA and Spring Training too.
Congratulations Jordan; 1st team ALL WNY, a scholar-athlete in the junior class at The Park School of Buffalo.
Everyone wanna be Jordan but can't even be Larry Hughes
Did Ms. Amy just say Larry Legend was greater than Michael Jordan?
"Top 5 nba players of all time?" My list Jordan, Kobe, Magic, Larry ,Wilt
Learn How to Improve Your Job Hunting Skills with Larry Jordan and others in this all day workshop
ALSO, happy shared birthday to , Michael Jordan and Larry the cable guy. But mostly Paris Hilton.
Everyone says that Jordan is the Goat, but I'm thinking Larry Byrd or Wilt Chamberlain.
Larry Bird was 100 times better than Jordan
Jordan did his I search on his uncle Larry 😂🔯✊
Breast Cancer Awareness
Favorite quote about Jordan. Larry Bird " that's god, just disguised as Michael Jordan"
Michael Jordan and Larry The Cable guy have the same birthday, and are the same age 😳
The only game I've attended at Wrigley was the exhibition v Cubs game where Michael Jordan played.
Michael Jordan would not have a rival.. no Magic or Larry either.. not in today's game.
and Michael Jordan and Larry the cable guy.
If my Chillicothe Sports Trivia serves me right, it was named "The Pit" by Coach Larry Jordan. Am I right?
What does comedian Larry the cable guy and Michael Jordan and I have in common?
Me, billie joe armstrong, ed sheeran, larry the cable guy, paris hilton, and michael jordan have the same birthday so i think ill be famous!
I wish I was able to see Jordan, A.I, Larry, And Magic play in there prime
Egypt: Kill my people we bomb your strongholds. Jordan: Kill my people we bomb your territory. Obama: Kill my people I g…
Happy birthday Michael Jordan, Larry the Cable Guy, Paris Hilton, Richard Karn, Ed Sheeran, and Angie Miller!! lots of good birthdays today!
's name on IG is LJ... Is that Larry Jordan... Or Larry Jamal or... Larry Jackson...
Happy birthday to my favorite celebs- Larry the Cable Guy, Billie Joe Armstrong, Michael Bay, Paris Hilton and Michael Jordan!!!
Happy birthday to Larry the cable guy, Michael Jordan, Paris Hilton. And the pride of Pentucket enjoy it my friend
I feel like not enough people truly care about the fact that Michael Jordan and Larry The Cable Guy were born in the EXACT. SAME. DAY!
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"He's like god disguised as Michael Jordan" - Larry bird
People who share birthdays today:. Michael Jordan. Jim Brown. Larry the Cable Guy
happy mutual birthday! Jerry O'Connell, Michael Jordan, Larry the Cable Guy among others all have a bday today as well!
Not sure about before Jordan. DePaul hoops was a bigger deal than the Bulls before MJ came along.
Let me say this right now The Bulls have the best fans in the NBA before Jordan and after Jordan and even right now.
Today is packed with birthdays... Myself, your son, Michael Jordan, and Larry the Cable Guy all have a birthday today!
How would you feel about this starting 5. 5. Jordan Hill. 4. Larry Sanders. 3. Tobias Harris. 2. Kobe Bryant. 1. Rajon Rondo
Your down by3 who do you have to take the last shot with3 seconds leftmichael Jordan or Larry bird?I got Larry legend
Larry Sanders the player would be perfect next to Cousins he'd be like a poor mans Deandre Jordan Larry Sanders the person needs jesus!!
The best ever born today. To compare any player to 23 shows no knowledge of the game. "Its just god dressed as Michael Jordan" -Larry Bird
February 17 is birthday to many celebrities. Michael Jordan, Ed Sheeran, Paris Hilton, Larry the Cable Guy, and the beautiful Kadey Depriest
The fact that I share a birthday with Ed Sheeran, Denise Richards, Larry the Cable Guy, and Michael Jordan just proves why I'm so dope 😎💁💜🎉
I share a birthday with Paris Hilton, Larry the cable guy, ice T, and Michael jordan. all legends. all feb 17th
"He's the most exciting player in the game...its just God disguised as Michael Jordan." - Larry Bird
“Quick question to the "he played in the east" *** does that still matter for Michael Jordan or” Larry bird, wade,bron
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"I think he's God disguised as Michael Jordan" - Larry Bird
A few celeb Bdays today Michael Jordan is 52 Larry the Cable Guy is 52. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is 34 Paris Hilton is 34 Ed Sheeran is 24~kenny
The time I rode in a freight elevator with Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan vs. Larry Bird one of my favorite games on sega
Not the same exact day. Jordan and Larry both in 1963.
Larry is for sure top 10. But Jordan was the best is the best and will always be the best.
Michael Jordan and Larry the Cable Guy were born on the same day so yeah.
From a PhD friend of mine: Kurdistan's Future in Bible Prophecy The Kurds have often been overlooked throughout history. As close relatives to Iranians, they often live in the shadow of their neighboring cousins. Every sibling with brothers or sisters experiences the irksome episode of being outshined by a smarter or more athletic sibling. On a national scale the Kurds have experienced this at the hands of their Middle Eastern neighbors almost as much as George Obama and Larry Jordan. Who? Exactly. The Kurds’ ancient ancestors (known as the Medes) were eclipsed by the neighboring Persian Empire. During the conquests of Islam the Kurds were overpowered by more numerous Arab and Turkish dynasties. The Kurds experienced a golden age during the Middle Ages but their glory was dashed by a Mongol invasion followed by centuries of Turkish and Persian rule. There was a glimmer of hope after WWI that the Kurds might gain a homeland out of the wreck of the Ottoman Empire. These hopes were dashed as most of Kurdis ...
I recommend players in NBA these days to watch Larry Bird not Michael Jordan because Larry made everything easy , but Michael is a Miracle .
Jeff and Jordan from season 11 and 13 got engaged at the BB house
Jordan. The only player good enough to beat the Monstars!
or yogurt in love. Whichever works 😏
FunFact: Jordanity is a cult/religion made by Larry Bird made up of people who think Micheal Jordan is God in disguise. Search it
😂"Women don't take the And1 shorts, they take your $60 Jordan shorts.”
My top five best nba players of all time. 1:Kareem Abdul Jabbar. 2:Wilt Chamberlain. 3:Michael Jordan. 4:Larry Bird. 5:Bill Russle
if you would love to see Kobe and Jordan Play 1v1 🏀
Kobe is the G.O.A.T. ! Kobe had less help to bring the Larry Obrien home. Jordan needed lots of help.
u mist be talkin bout the Larry Nance 23s 'cause these Jordan 23s are fantastic! Lol
Larry Bird was so raw back in the day😁
Jordan just called me a a lift to get to the light rail & it's this old man named Larry his car smells 😭
Michael Jordan plays golf with Larry Bird and Bill Murray; his dog eats his lucky Tar Heel shorts.
so do great scorers from Larry to Adrian dantley to micheal jordan
Anyone want to trade a Larry fitz got my Cameron Jordan?
Jordan when he caught that hang time Larry bird thas the shoota given face time
magic changed the game Larry bird changed the game Jordan change the game
Larry David is the funniest man on the planet
Teaching my nephews about Michael Jordan and Larry Bird.
MAHFH sends a big welcome to our newest Board Members! Michael Jordan, Steve Layson, Rabbi Larry Schlesinger, &...
"Sherman is a media guy" so was Jordan and Larry Bird and shaq technically
Jordan was playing against Larry bad boy pistons Clyde magic Hakeem the mail man Seattle
that's why Larry and Jordan both sitting at home still 🙊👀
Dude just said larry bird was better than Michael Jordan 😂😂
Orson Welles narrating Samuel Coleridge's poem and animated by Larry Jordan. This… ★ Rime of the Ancient Mariner
Tailored for flight. The Air Jordan 'Team Orange' drops tomorrow at Nike Georgetown.
“Kanye 'Michael Jordan' West lol who he playin against? Larry David?
thank you, Larry! Hope you're enjoying your time over there! 🍀
but 3 doesn't have solid match ups for Jordan and Larry at the same time??
who are you putting on Jordan Arthur? If Lebron, Larry having a party
you can't guard Larry or jordan and then you got the all time leading scorer in the post and the best pg in the guard in the game
via senior Nate Leonard: We all bought into Larry Coker's vision
New post from Amsoil racer Larry Pegram:. me getting interviewed by At the Chuck Jordan...
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Enough with the Michael Jordan lebron James and Kobe Bryant HOOPLAH. Larry bird the greatest to ever play.
that's why he is not KOBE, Jordan, or Larry and magic for that matter
Larry Bird schools Michael Jordan. MJ the greatest my ***
Michael Jordan and Larry Bird play a game of H-O-R-S-E for Jordan's bag of McDonald's, 1993
. said Jordan didn't play against as many GOOD HOF players as Lebron . Hakeem, Larry, magic, Malone, Kemp are all wack?
Amazing how Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Michael Jordan and Bill Russell won all of those titles without HOF teammates.
"Michael Jordan, Carmelo Anthony, and Larry Bird could be headed to Miami. How many championships would they win?" -ESPN
Larry Bird saying “He is god disguised as Michael Jordan” after Game 2 of ‘86 playoffs legendary because Jordan was only in his 2nd year
I'm the Michael Jordan, Kevin Garnett, Allen Iverson, Moses Malone, Steve Nash & Larry Bird of my family. I'm the real MVP.
Michel Jordan can play with the flu. Larry bird with an injured back & a concussion, but Lebron can't play because he has cramps?
Great and fun to read editing truths at Larry Jordan's page:
we are the Larry Bird's Boston Celtics + Jordan's Bulls + Johnson's Lakers all togheter :)
This nba finals is the reason why lebron James is no Michael jordan, Kobe Bryant, Larry bird and magic Johnson
SMU lands Brooklyn 7-footer Jordan Dickerson - New SMU coach Larry Brown now has a big man to rebuild the...
Larry “Jordan never got worked on his own floor!”
Aye my *** Larry, Jordan, Jacob, Darrel, Anthony be 10 toes for the family 💯
Why do we keep comparing LeBron to Jordan when he's not even better than Larry?
Update: Missing West Jordan, Utah Man, Larry Hutcherson, located safe at relative's home in Washington. Thx for your interest!
Jordan? He hasn’t even surpassed the greats at his position, like Larry Bird, can’t do Jordan dirty like that
Can we put Duncan number 5 all time now over Larry? Best post Jordan player. Monster peak. Longevity. Rings. MVPS. Intangibles.
"Why do we want to compare lebron to Jordan. When he isn't as good as Larry?"
I'm sure Jordan wouldn't drop 50 or 60 if he was surrounded by scrubs...
Michael Jordan never left Chicago and team up with Larry bird.Jordan is a proven leader...LeBron took the easy way out!
To be better than Jordan, LeBron has to at minimum, match Jordan's stats...
I told Larry & Jordan too... Rodney too... 😞😞 it's not really a secret anymore, is it?
I don't think he will ever surpass Jordan. Ever. I don't even hear that. He still has to surpass larry and Magic.
we get it, Jordan went 6-0. But he's not the only great player to play in the nba. That's 16 finals for Larry n Magic
Btw when Larry Jordan and not Rich Cho is the team president. I’m done with this team
Kobe stuck with the lakers and won championships! Jordan stuck with bulls, magic stayed with lakers, Larry bird stucked with the celtics
Nobody in the NBA will ever be able to change the game like Bill Russell, Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan and Larry Bird did..
yea Larry brown a slept on coach. Jordan was stupid for firing him
Larry Bird didn't Magic didn't list goes on..but only Jordan Bulls and Shaq's Lakers did in recent memory
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This magic wants to team up with his competitor while the actual wants to beat Larry birds breaks off he's magic not jordan
I will say this for the last time LeBron isn't Jordan he is a bigger faster version of magic the problem is he doesn't have a Larry bird
and Jordan and Dr.J and spud Webb and Larry bird
All I know is Kobe Bryant Michael Jordan magic Johnson shaq time Duncan keream Larry were never blown out in the finals in any game
now all we need to do is get Michael Jordan, Wilt Chamberlain, Dr j, George gervin, & Larry bird. to get this ring 😭😭
: "how the *** did Larry Bird play for Indiana State? That's like Jordan playing for Tusculum."
but Lebron lacks the HEART and ATTITUDE to be to be compared to Jordan, Julius, Magic, Shaq, Larry, Isiah, or kobe
Jordan couldn't and wouldn't beat the Larry bird Celtics in a finals series
Forget the Jordan talk is lebron better then Larry bird?
My LRT, Michael Jordan and Larry bird said it best!
When did Michael Jordan become part of the conversation? Or Lebron, or Lance Stephenson, or Larry Bird All of whom said they were the best
Miami look like they need Jordan, Kobe, shaq, Kareem, magic, KD, Larry, AI, dr irv, and kyrie 😂
Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, Jerry West, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson check there stats there team won when it counted
Lebron just called Wilt, Jordan Kobe Larry and Russell to replace the starters 🙊🙊🙊🙊
do you know how much cramps hurt ? I promise you even Jordan , magic , and Larry bird couldn't play thru cramps
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Tim Duncan has more titles than Larry Bird. As many as Magic and Shaq. One less than Kobe. Two less than Jordan. And two more than LeBron.
*** magic johnson eliminated Larry bird in college but bird was still great jordan is top 5 all time idc who died
Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Zeke, Shaq, and any other Hall of Famer would not let his squad go out like this
that's like saying where's Jordan and magic Johnson and Larry bird sit down lol
Larry magic Jordan Kobe many more to go. Just not there. Give time.
All I know is that Larry Bird, Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson never were down 20+ points in back to back finals home games in their career
After he loses these finals, people Comparing lebron to Jordan should just cause laughter. Lebron isn't even as good as…
Unfortunate that Larry Bird has great contemporaries like Magic Johnson Mike Jordan&Shaquille O'Neil etc.!
chats up celebrities during a game. Can you imagine Larry Bird, Russel or Jordan doing that?
his passing has improved throughout the years too. He's more Larry Bird than Michael Jordan.
he is soo boastful I mean he even got an app made for himself.. C'mon now lol Jordan, Kobe, Magic, Larry none of them act like tht
What do I do at night? listen to the radio. LIVIN LIKE LARRY!
didn't see magic or Larry or Jordan or kobe handle it that way. It's not hate, he couldn't answer he bell like the legends.
the only thing Jordan is the best at is starring in movies with Bugs Bunny, and he almost lost out on that to Larry Bird
happy birthday uncle larry . Missing you a lot . But i know i will always keep the promise we made . ❤️☺️
First Jordan, now Jay-Z then we go bring it Larry Bird way.
Big Shots Alums Phil Cofer to FSU, Larry Austin to XAVIER, with Jordan Cornish the last one to choose
when u have de best player in de league, every now & then he does hadda tek ova a game ask Larry Bird ask Magic ask Jordan
that's Donald sterling, larry johnson, and michael jordan. - -
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I Don't Want to Be Magic, Jordan, Larry, or Isaiah none of them when my career is over I wanna look on the mirror and say I did it my way
I think this is the episode Larry Bird and Michael Jordan make their cameos. — watching Game of Thrones
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Mondays night weren't the same without - happy as Larry that's it's back on my telly!!
Arizona State assistant coach Larry Greer will travel to Chicago this week to join Jahii Carson and Jordan Bachynski at the NBA Combine.
Final Cut Pro X is a major new update from Apple. So, Larry Jordan went back to the drawing board and totally...
3 sources have confirmed to that a grand jury has indicted ex-detective in fatal shooting of Larry Jackson http:/…
According to ELO rater, Larry Bird was better than Michael Jordan. Now, I don't know much about basketball, but that seems crazy. Is it?
According to ranking Austin police, retired APD officer Charles Klienert has been indicted for the shooting death of Larry…
they do sell Jordan futures. Champs got the bright highlighter color. For $150. Seen em yesterday
Marshall Henderson is the hero the Bucks need. Him and Larry Sanders would be like Pippen and Jordan, Lebron and Wade, Shaq and Kobe.
Low key Larry bird would beat Michael Jordan one on one
S/O to the my children who provided a wonderful dinner and entertainment for me today. I SO appreciate the adult children you have developed into. Larry Jordan, Jma Jordan, Devin L. Jordan, Reva Jordan. hugs and kisses!
jordan i think nascar is on if you wanna go watch it. Larry the cable guy is racing sarah palin
Idk how people can call Jordan's as a whole corny especially over Kobe's, KD's, Ray Allen's, Shaq's, Larry Bird's,D. Rose's...shall I go on?
I miss my uncle larry so much.. Why did you have to leave us? 😥😔
This Mother's Day is my first Mother's Day as a mom (: but I got to say happy Mother's Day to my mom Kim Patterson-Jordan and my mother-in-law Sharon Stone. To my sister Tara W. &sister-in-law Kayla Larry Jordan as they are first time moms as well. Also to my aunts Terrylynn Harvey, Kim Patterson, Pam Helton Patterson, Jodie Dollar Patterson, Deloris Jordan & my cousins... Rebecca Patterson, Kristen Smith, & Stephanie Barton! And a could never forget to say happy Mother's Day to my Mawmaw Patterson and Mawmaw Jordan. And to Eli's meme (Melissa ) and great aunt Jane Stone
A very special thank you goes out to Celina Paul Shiaka Irish Jennifer Gaskin Cash Hawk Larry Jordan Eruption Sound Tanisha Hotgyal L Stacy Munroe-Patino and Keisha Eddy for all your hard work and help in D Basement this morning. I truly appreciate each and everyone of you. Take care and Happy Mothers Day.
Happy Mother's Day Katy Stanberry. Lovely photo by Larry Jordan-Photography is a feast for the eyes! I love you to the moon and back❤️
I had a ball last nite til da morn light wit my gurls Carolyn Blair & her boo Larry Jordan & Sharonda Thornton @
great one that but Jordan, look at what they did to Larry Bird and ul laugh hard btw
My baby bro! Hope him and Jordan had a sick time racing in Bristol over the weekend! 👌
no his name is Jordan. I call him PD Larry white the PD stands for powdered donut
I broke my record of 172 points with Larry bird with Jordan's 190 points
Feels good to watch miami finally catch some kind of competition. Jordan had to go up against the bad boys, Larry...
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Enjoyed visiting the Calhoun County GOP tonight! Thanks for your leadership Larry Jordan and Pastor Max Kaster.
me Larry Jordan moss Neal tuna and big o that was 09 WR's I'll put my bread on them 7
Today, we present 'The Rime of the Ancient Mariner,' a 1977 experimental film created by Larry Jordan, an independent filmmaker who tried to marry...
larry rudolph can do back to topping jordan from breathe heavy and let britney and us stans breathe. BYE
Just found out that my dad as a sports caster interviewed Michael Jordan,larry bird, Dr j, Patrick Ewing. ect. Why did I not know this!!
BATTLESHIPS! "Larry hit the band up for some thoughts on the new single they're touring and more!" READ:
You pebbles in the pond only on your first ripple. I'm Jordan's first dribble; Larry birds first triple.
if I've said it once I've said it a thousand times, Larry Bird was better than Jordan
Earlier at urbanyouth1 panel/event ..earlier with president jordan brand Larry Miller…
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Me and the president of "Jordan brand" Larry Miller today at their event ... I'm a small fry right now…
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