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Larry Hoover

Larry Hoover (born November 30, in Jackson, Mississippi) was the leader of the Chicago street gang called Gangster Disciples outside of northern Illinois and Indiana.

Big Meech Jeff Fort Rick Ross Gangster Disciples David Barksdale King David Tookie Williams Al Capone Black Disciples Black Panthers Vice Lords Tupac Shakur Latin Kings Young Lords Fred Hampton

Freeway Rick Ross, Larry Hoover, Frank Lucas. Those weren't gangstas, they were just some other lost ***
It was King David and Larry Hoover when everything kicked off
Work all day, get paid. Boston tonight for some overnight night work and then a 3 day weekend
"Some things are really just better left forgotten.."
Ooh, Lawd, look at all tha Fraud conducted in ya Servant' Name!!! It could be Yeshua called Jesus or Larry Hoover and tha devil work tha same!!! Foolishness and lies celebrated by tha slaves to they own pleasures!!! Until they in Prison claiming tha Cision drive every endeavor!!! Time ta Grow and time ta Show and Prove what we Respect and Represent!!! Daily Thoughts of Disciples are in tha Bible and Jesus shared our sentiment!!! Prophecy coming to Fruition, Tuition paid in Heaven's Kingdom!!! Angels was dispatched ta my aid to see me Made a Fighter for Freedom!!!
When I think of Larry Hoover and my own awakening from my slumber, I thank Got I got More Power in Love and Truth than in tha strength of numbers!!! "Giveth us Free" like Amistad, Translations!!! Striving not for surviving but thriving and saving youth from damnation!!! G up and free up your Mind from them chains!!! Bloody and painful picking at tha locks put on y'all brains!!! From tha web ta tha TV, they got y'all turnin up fa dope and sex!!! Diggin eachother and leading ya Brothers ta get a hole in tha chest!!! F-ck that!!! Ever since y'all was watchin Rug Rats I spoke ta dead FOLKS!!! I been in Loyalty from Boy ta G from tha Get Grow!!! Let go of earthly pleasures cuz tha measures of a Man is wack!!! Put this Flame in ya Brain and let it Reign, RETURN OF THA MACK!!! Chuuch!!!
Attention: please take the time to take a look. Its about time for LARRY HOOVER to atleast have a fair chance.
BMF by Rick Ross was on my mind. Larry Hoover*
Da real larry hoover founder of G.D's folk nation from Chicago
if larry hoover got out he would be disappointed in his BD and GD
"Post: ""Are you using the Benjamin Franklin - Larry Hoover method of making important decisions?
I still remember ZBo on MTV Cribs with the Free Larry Hoover pool table set
bet y'all ain't know , Larry Hoover from Ju city 😏
You think you Big Meech larry hoover , you hold the heat but you not the shooter 🔫
“"White people are always losing . me
I think I'm Big Meech...Larry Hoover...Remy Danton.hallelujah...
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happy birthday Larry Hoover, I love you and ima miss you when you graduate 😭😭😫😫
i think im Big Meech Huuhhh larry hoover
Shizz flow on OG Larry Hoover so fiyahh
THE MIXTAPE REPORT Born in Jackson, Mississippi, Hoover's parents moved the family north to Chicago, Illinois, when Hoover was four years old. By the time he was 12 years old, Hoover was on the streets with his friends. Calling themselves "supreme gangsters," the group would often ditch school together and ride the train around the city.[3] As the gang grew, Hoover emerged as the natural leader. Known as "Prince Larry," Hoover, along with rival gang leader David Barksdale, decided to merge their gangs into one: the Black Gangster Disciple Nation. In 1974, after Barksdale died from kidney failure due to an earlier shooting, Hoover took the reins of the Gangster Disciples Nation, which now had control of Chicago's South Side. Under Hoover's rule, the Gangster Disciples took over the South Side drug trade. While incarcerated, Hoover helped form the Folks Nation, which added other gangs such as: Black Disciples, Gangster Disciples, Imperial Gangsters, La Raza, Spanish Cobras, Latin Eagles, Maniac Latin Discip ...
they think we Big Meech Larry Hoover get the money that's how we do you lol cut throat and Twizz M.G.F to death do us part
“Ever since white girls started twerking things just aint the same” Lmfao
Whoever invented the spork, i love you
Ready for delivery let's go Larry Hoover Team No Sleep vamplyfe
When I was in a rap battle once, a web warrior said I was on Larry Hoover's d--k... I wrecked his *** for hours until tha showers of sweat washed his ignorance down tha sewer QUICK!!! If it quacks it aint a Turkey, beware tha murky waters that you step in!!! My Children and Chief are those you speak of that get that *** reckoned!!!
The(GDs) at Larry Hoover direction, have struggle to transform our image from a criminal organization to a formidable organization for grassroots empowerment called (Growth and Development.) Throughout Chicagos ghettos we have organized neighborhood cleanups and food drives in which hundreds of bags of Cornish hens and soul food dinners were given away to the poor. The (GDs) power continues to grow although still imprisoned Mr. Larry Hoover. GDs have made the greatest strides in the right direction. The new Afrika struggle behind the walls now follows the laws of it's own development, paid for in it's own blood, intrinsically linked to the struggle of its own people, and rooted deep in the ebb and flow of its own history. To know that history is to already know its future development and direction. The time r serious. Our youth, our women and therefore our very survival as a people r at stake. We need only, both inside and out, to unite around a struggle agenda, organize, and fight for it, and we shall w ...
"When you gon' cut your hair, G???" When they Free LARRY HOOVER SENIOR!!! Braids had to come out tonight. Takes longer to unbraiding it!!! PML
Five mins is up its a dub factss Larry Hoover
I'm jacking single for good if this *** dony call me in five mins Larry Hoover
I enjoyed visiting my Cuz today Larry Hoover Great seeing you. Love you and hope to see you for Easter!!!
UPDATE AND CLARIFICATION FOR THE MEMBERSHIP!!! It has been brought to my attention that there is confusion among membership about United in Peace. First and foremost let me tell you what and who I am for those of you who do not know. I'm RaQim Salahuddin, a/k/a Rayfus G, a/k/a RJ. I'm a member of the society of Growth & Development, a straight Gangster with over 30 years in this organization. But also I'm a Muslim, a father, a son, a brother, a friend an associate and the Director of Operations at United in Peace, Inc. from 109th & Racine in Chicago, Illinois. This is not a resume, it is a testimony to what United in Peace, Inc. is and what it is not, what we do and what we don't do. So pay close attention membership. United in Peace, Inc. is a legitimate and legal non - profit organization with articles of incorporation filed legitimately in the state of Illinois. We are a civic and political grassroots organization inspired and created through the vision of the Honorable Larry Hoover and our President W ...
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All u *** say hi to my baby Larry Hoover he daddy
LBS I want a gun and wanna get my gun permit but God keeping me from it because ik Imma clown fa 48hrs rs , they gone put me with Larry Hoover LBS rls ijbh
Okay a few thangs i gotta say a lot of ppl c me as a kool as *** which i like cuz i do wanna b kool wit niggaz but imma b real wit yall im not wat yall thinkin I'm really down 4 wateva so just no dat when I'm da bigga *** and i laugh it off and walk away i just saved yo lyfe ON LARRY HOOVER plz let me just b wat u think i am gone
Larry Hoover dove off a mountain top and became a golden eagle
- Larry Hoover was one of the most know leaders in the Gangster Disciples.
Like you're exempt or more slick than Al Capone or Larry Hoover.
Blacks such as Raymond Washington, Stanley Tookie Williams and Larry Hoover destroyed humanity accidentally by...
I'm from the city of Al Capone, Larry Hoover, and Jeff Fort...Flukey Stokes, King David, and Willie Lloyd.
Nat Turner, Malcolm X, Huey Newton, Jeff Fort, Larry Hoover, Marcus Gravely, Tupac Shakur and y'all have yet to understand.
Don't hate on anybody's music and I'm really conservative type when it comes to beef, I don't like I think everyone has their own lane and should stay in it. as far as the vs beef Goes... I Didn't know lil jojo so I'm not Gonna take his side even though I'm a but what I will say is if thinks Dey takin that beef anywhere but in boy y'all younG *** z Dumb A.F that's why Larry Hoover moved away from y'all ignorant *** city. Because you are not BD's and y'all whole is based on the mentality of "sets" instead of "structure" and if you really wanna meet a real here's James Austin who is starting a movement towards politics and while a like James King McCoy is close to signing a record deal to support his campaign for the betterment of our as a instead of *** But know Sneek *** this is real we been on here
First and worst thing they ever did was locking up Jeff Fort and Larry Hoover cause say what you want about gangs they had order when both them men were on the streets. There are no figure heads now and these young *** reckless and claiming sets they know nothing about and killing innocent people
Another Angry Inbox ... This Time Police & Peace are the Topic: First Off ... My Original Comment was Not to Say a Man of My Skin Tone Hadnt Committed a Crime B4 1970 ... But as a collective our Communities where Non~Violent & God Fearing... We where the victims of Countless Violent Acts before we ever Resorted to It... Lynchings/Police Brutality & Klan Mob Justice b4 it was Legal for a Man of my Tone to Own a Gun ... We Learned Violence by watching Ourselves Go Thru It! We Learned Hate & Anger By Surviving It... We Learned to Kill from Slavery...the Rosewood Massacres ... The Burning of Black Wallstreet in Tulsa ... The Persecution & Assassination of More the 10 Non~Violent Leaders (MLk/X/Heuy Newton/Fred Hampton/TUPAC/Jeff Fort/Larry Hoover & the List Goes On) ... Now were the problem? Now were the violent & angry ones that deserve to be shot down in the street? We're the Ignorant Ones? Its Hipocracy!! Not to Say our Actions are in anyway ok ... But to First Change Something we Must Understand It! Never ...
Me Being Born in Milwaukee, Wi I wanted to take the time out to represent my Southern and Quacker Roots. And Paying homage to the Jim Crow Laws. As the # 1 Mothee... let me say this it would have never been brought up if i was fromvthe South. So before you try to beast up like your Gotti or Larry Hoover . Remember you remembered your roots and forgot to pay your own respect. Slavery is always respected. That is why the North never owed the South think about it.
I'm saying trael if anything you the creator of the you the Larry Hoover and niño brown of da game 😂😂😂
imagine if all these dude who started these big gangs used their influence for other things lik King David, King blood, Larry Hoover,Og Mack
Cooling wid a bottle of ciroc, watching some Larry Hoover ish, Gangster Disciples if you know then you know nuff said, Donny was a real boss!
*** statement of the day: On MSNBC's FB page, I guy is saying Larry Hoover should be freed. If you don't know the name, he founded the Gangster Disciples. He murdered, sold drugs, and general destroyed Chicago streets. Why in the *** should this scumbag be free? He's in his 60s now. Let in die in prison, he did release a plague of destruction.
Larry hoover lock the door dred i should leave he *** here tonight
Best QB of all time.. Not even a debate.
because he thinks he's big meat like Larry Hoover
I think I'm Big Meech Larry hoover whippin' work hallelujah one nation underdog real g get money from the f--king start
I think im Big Meech larry hoover whippin work halleluiah
Elkins Lake couple synchronizes Christmas lights and carols: Larry and Martha Hoover have decorated t...
I think am Big Meech larry hoover oh my god
they call me big Mich, Larry Hoover
Im livin like a king call me Larry Hoover
The Best Man Holiday would make Larry Hoover cry my *** *** ain't ready for that movie
I think I'm Big Meech .. Larry Hoover ,, whipping work .
I miss my Big Meech and Larry Hoover 😕❤️
He think he Big Meech larry hoover he holdin heat but he not the shooter
well Ross thinks he's Big Meech. Larry Hoover
sorry Larry only one baked turtle but I keep it real wit tha turtle followers
Rollie on my wrist say I'm important
I was trying to but Steve told me Fran didn't want anybody else over
I'm just brain storming wondering how many people knew who Nelson Mandela was an what he stood for...I am not trying to force the African men that had a voice on people in to people... But go study the African men who became political prisoners because of there ability to see pass the unjust an wrong doing of people. This did not just happen in South Africa it happened right here in America with the wrongful imprisonment of Larry Hoover & Jeff Fort...I know a lot of people that will look at the negative things the media has placed in front of them..but look in to the heart of the men an the way they are being treated 23hr lock down an no ability to speak to the youth...Because it would be a message of peace an a rise of Men& Women African that is!
You know you are from Old School Chicago if you remember an old school gangsta from the 70s on the south side named Flooky, Larry Hoover and Jeff Fort.
Please tell me yall just saw Dwight Howard give a shout out to Big Meech & Larry Hoover after the game. Ha.
(me an chad till we black T 6 Gang) The Gangster Disciple is a gang which was formed on the South-side of Chicago in the late 1960s, by Larry Hoover, leader of the High Supreme Gangsters, and David Barksdale, leader of the Black Disciples. The two groups united to form the Black Gangster Disciple Nation (BGDN). The gang has made several attempts to legitimize their image. Some members dropped the "B" and began to call themselves GDs or Gangster Disciples. In the 1990s the Gangster Disciples entered into politics in the Chicago tradition of Black Panthers, Black Stone Rangers, Latin Kings, Vice Lords, Black Disciples and Young Lords through the formation of the "Growth and Development" movement. Outside of Chicago some gangs will still go by the old name of BGD. black T 6 gang 4life
I think I'm Big Meech , Larry Hoover . Whippen work hallelujah.
A lot of establishments across Illinois have pictures of gangsters on their walls one in particular Al Capone. But no Larry Hoover and no Jeff Fort.. although the following are not gangsters not even huey newton ;bobby seal or Fred Hampton *(panther) just saying. no disrespect to no one
Rap use to be fun and about talent now its jus a bunch of clowns tryin to fool u that they can rap when they have no talent rappers today tell u about sellin dope and the girls and the cars that come with drug money they don't tell u about the court dates the court fines being locked up for getiin caught wit dope ur momma crying ur kids growin up without a father u ur girl creepin on u all while u tryin to protect ur *** from getting raped in prison lets keep it 100 I hate hip hop now because its created this fantasy world where every *** in the hood thinks he's scarface and he cam sell dope and kill ppl amd live happily ever after *** this ain't a movie u ain't Big Meech ain't u ain't no *** Larry Hoover get off ur *** get an education and make sum of urself we gettin old I ain't sayin get rid of ur dreams or goals bit sumtimes u gotta make new goals when things don't go as planned
I think im Big Meech Larry Hoover whipping work hallelujah
"I think I'm Big Meech, Larry Hoover". -> I think i got a big *** , barracuda
Uh,I got that Archie Bunker/and its so white,I just might charge you double I think am Big Meech,Larry Hoover!
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I feel some big changes coming for me here real soon. Excited for my next chance... Big Meech and Larry Hoover!!! Cannot wait to get with my love love. Thoughts and prayers for Love Bugg. Wish things were different so I could be there for u thru ur loss like u always told me u wished u cud be there thru mine. No matter what tho I love you to death and always will.
Naw I aint 7.4. but kick it w/ Board Members & Governors who love Larry Hoover. Naw I aint Vice Lord, but I kick it w/ ppl who bang the left
Why carry a gun when you can carry a briefcase- Larry Hoover
"Who's Larry Hoover?". —99% of people who like Blowin Money Fast
King like T.I. but in the Chi, Larry - Hoover, Hova both are, American gangsters you choose who's -- colder
my boy Larry Hoover had to hold it down in pong for me we played 6 cup an I was seeing 12 😂😂😂
I think im Big Meech getting money larry hoover
“I think I'm big LEAF larry hoover is why we're not friends
I think I'm Big Meech, Larry Hoover...I run this city...cocaine in my big vein...I'm self made...blowing money fast...
Free our honorable chairman Larry Hoover.. staying in the vision
Not larry hoover, not Big Meech catch posted up right by junkanoo beach!
Current lecture is on Larry hoover.!
May all your ups and downs be in between the sheets
is Rick Ross schizophrenic ?cuz He thinks he is Big Meech, Larry Hoover and Mc Hammer,
Larry Hoover was born November 30th 1950 in Jackson MS. - one day the world will understand why I stand ten toes down fo…
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He think he Big Meech "Larry Hoover!" He hold the heat but he not the shooter
My grandma was born in the same town hospital and everything as Larry Hoover in Mississippi. They really grew up together lol
I think im Big Meech, Larry Hoover. Whippin work... Hallelujah 🙏
I think Im Big Meech, Larry Hoover,whipping work,Hallelujah.One nation under God,real n* need money from the f* start.Rick Ross
I got up this morning thinking about how much I love the city I was born and raised in Chicago Illinois, A place that showed me how to b a leader and taught me that I can make it anywhere! The home of great men like Elijah Mohammad, Louis Farakahn, Harrold Washington, Jessie Jackson, Both Daley's Father and son, Larry Hoover, Jeff Fort, Fred Hampton, Fred Hampton Jr. And dnt forget are commander and chief Barack Obama made his career in Chicago man I love the Chi, So please Lets rejoice in are city's accomplishments, and stop the violence!
Every generation helps the next one be worse since the 70s. Martin Luther dreamed in the 60's Panthers tried to get his point across by force in the 70's. Gangs formed in the 70's and Stormed in the 80's. Larry Hoover and Jeff Fort tried to reform their organizations in the 90's them people give both of em life without Parole. Tupac spreads unity throughout hip hop somebody sets him up he destroys everything he worked for and some knuckle head kills him. Then they kill Biggie too. Enter Cash Money. They make everything about money, cars, and *** now its not cool to be a workin man in the 2000's. Crack was destroying everything in the mean time. Now the 2010's we get a Black president but there are more murders and all these drugs Molly, lean, and all types of pills got the youth goin retarded. All while a white/hispanic dude gets away with murdering a black child because of his appearance. When will this madness stop? We need God in our lives. Yeshua (Jesus) heals all just pray for them better days yall . ...
Talm bout Larry Hoover was a stone 😒
Me and was known at east for being Big Meech and Larry Hoover on face book
I think im Big Meech, Larry Hoover 🎶
I think I'm Big Meech, I been Larry Hoover ..
“Chainsaws were originally created as a tool to help deliver babies.” Word
To my *** larry Hoover for diz 74 shyt we world wide with diz shyt GD'z & Hoover running shyt on da set...
I do it for my NATION free LARRY HOOVER
I think im Big Meech , Larry Hoover.
Did Rick Ross make a song about Larry Hoover or with ?
I think i'm big meetch, I BEEN LARRY HOOVER
"its tmrw ?? And Jamal ik u got tht fire reggie" best mids in town
Got 30 hours of work in already this week, I luhhh dat extra money $
I think I'm Big Meech Larry Hoover,. Whipping work, HALLELUIAH
both of em. And Pac and Big. King Tut & Mandela. Larry Hoover and Tookie Williams.
Things fell apart when Larry Hoover went to Federal Prison cuz he was the king that kept the GD Chicago empire together
MLK overrated.Tookie Williams, David Barksdale and Larry Hoover all realer *** than MLK
7-4 till the world blow! We always been on that. LARRY HOOVER shxt my ***
I think I'm Big Meech, larry hoover, getting money, one nation
I think im Big Meech, Larry Hoover 💥🔫
"They call you heartless; but you have a heart and I love you for being ashamed to show it."
In life you gotta use your 5 P's that proper preparation prevents poor performance Larry Hoover words .
"And I'll get back at cha when I wannaaa!" Lhh classic moments
Thought I was Big Meech just now.. Maybe even larry hoover.
Youngins think the flags and colored are a dad still pays his ties to Larry Hoover
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How you a gd and don't know who Larry Hoover is
larry hoover on the you know its a G..and the shoes vice lord backwards...LV
aye check out my new video on youtube called Fa Real Fa Real - Brainstorm official video Li Larry Hoover and Jeff Fort nephew
Just *** designer furniture off the street. Your trash is definitely my treasure!
Kyla think she Big Meech..Larry Hoover..
And in case yeen know its 974 folk gang nicca, shout out to Larry Hoover, lil Larry and the whole chi town gangsters...
So no one caught that said "hes the real LARRY HOOVER" oh ok.let that sink in ...ill wait
*** be thinkn they Big Meech, Larry Hoover holdin heat but they ain't the shooters smh
"he think he Big Meech, Larry Hoover . he holding heat , but he not the shooter" 🔫👐
why did I just watch a documentary about Larry Hoover? I have no idea... but it was interesting tho lol
Cocaine runnin in my big vaines! I think I'm Big Meech. Larry Hoover.
On Larry Hoover I was finna goto McDonald's and buy moesha Sum to eat
Remember when everybody thought they was Big Meech & Larry Hoover?
why do you go to work right when I get out ? ARE YOU TRYING TO AVOID ME?
Ohh yeaa! Your dentist called me and said you have an appointment with Richard... Whatever that means
just cause cassidy isn't on the radio doesn't mean he's not good. He's under ground he does diss tracks. Don't argue with me
Cassidy isn't even good bruhh you stuck in 2003
At work feeling like Big Meech... Larry hoover
So Riff Raff just going to sit back and not drop a reply to Kendrick Lamar?
all you do is skate and golf... So shutup trick
If the angry black youth is hollering Larry Hoover and Big Meech, then obviously the arm chair leaders who can't relate have no impact.
I know but I gotta eat shower and do my hair and makeup(two hours) and clean my house. Don't tell me my routines
I ate burnt clam cakes my *** you ate meat. I feel fine minus my uterus is gunna flop on the floor
Rick Ross get so excited when he say he Big Meech/Larry Hoover 😒
Senior quote: I think I'm Big Meech, Larry Hoover
All I see on my TL is Jackie, Yaz, Brandon and Larry Hoover
I asked my mom if I can call her Larry Hoover because I thought she was Big Meech. That slap was unnecessary though.
idk but she better know how to say Larry Hoover 😏
i think im Big Meech , Larry hoover
I think I'm big mech. Larry Hoover. Whipping work. Hallelujah.
connects over there & I ain't talkin Big Meech or Larry Hoover
I think I'm Big Meech.. Larry hoover..
you think you Big Meech . You think you LARRY HOOVER
actually, shes like stage 7. she thinks shes Big Meech AND larry hoover
I think I'm Big Meech, larry Hoover - John terry
"I love it how your my little freak when your boyfriends not around." Lmfao
Larry Hoover ain't do it , Big Meech ain't do it tony Montana ain't do it so what was Gucci thinking ?
I think I'm Big Meech, Larry Hoover. He carry heat, but he ain't the shooter
they about to put us away like Big Meech and Larry Hoover
I think I'm Big Meech UHHH, Larry Hoover,whip and work one nation under god. ,
He thinks he Big Meech, Larry Hoover, he got the heat but he's not the shooter !
“lets hit the atl for some roscoes” !!! .. road trip, Tie em to the roof tho shed cramp our style
Free the chairman there are serial killers with shorter sentences
Standin on my 6 point shorty since I was 13 , never met him face to face but Larry Hoover birth me!
I think im Big Meech aka Larry Hoover
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Congratulations to for getting the cover story in a queens magazine! So excited for you!!!
I think I'm Big Meech Larry Hoover. Wipping work, Hallelujah ! ♬
S/O to Larry Hoover he really changed my view on life and this nation.
Rick Ross angers Larry Hoover. So uncommon. Hoover's disciples vow to crash his shows. "Fiending for millions"
on Larry Hoover lbs . Ain't no gdk parties
I think I'm Big Meech, larry hoover, whipping work hallelujah! One nation
I thought I was Big Meech but it turns out that I'm jus Larry Hoover..
Larry Hoover is my leader and my inspiration!!! PML
it was wild... Where you there with ??
Had a really awesome weekend thanks to this kid. Love you lots
Been hanging out with big and - aka Larry hoover - all weekend. I feel like I'm in a Rick Ross video
I think I'm Big Meech, larry Hoover, WHOOP!
Hate be the new love 3 piece suiter *** I'm the new blood 👌they love me like I'm Larry Hoover
Things I've accomplished today:. 1. Got two pairs of cleats (SG & FG). 2. New Tires on my Car . 3. Worked . 4. Figured out who Larry Hoover was
needs his own TV channel like Oprah
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Fake Lucas, since when is you ah Larry Hoover?
I can name someone.. LMFAO Nah I'm just horsing around(;
I must've been kidnapped cause idk who the *** Larry Hoover is..
Kyra should've said she Big Meech or Larry Hoover
Super huge congrats to my sisters husband for getting a job at google!
I'm just trying to smoke some cones and watch spring breakers on demand for $4.99, lets get it
neva wanted to be superman. more like Larry Hoover
"up next to a gal in a Prius terrormobile. Cranked the Hank, rolled coal and yelled,"Smells like freedom. Diesel baby. …
he thinks he's Big Meech. Larry Hoover.
For all you Singing "Larry Hoover" google his name and read his story. Then let me know if you…
lmao , This niggaz name iz Larry Hoover...S/o to that *** .
At least my ac is breathing icicles
I think im Big Meech uhh.. Larry Hoover
Idk how some people don't work... I'm so bored, back to the real world Monday and i can't wait
I think I'm Big Meech, Larry Hoover, God's children, halleluyah!
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She drain me like a sewer, I think I'm Big Meech I've been Larry Hoover
They call me Big Meech. Larry Hoover.
Big Rexx, Big Meech, n Larry Hoover... I be on the same sh% t! LOL T
Larry Hoover and her posse is the Queens of the Curve smh
I think I'm Big Meech Larry Hoover whippin work hallelujah one nation under got gettin money from the fckin start
My thoughts on Larry Hoover, Jeff Fort and The U.S. Government's Fear of Black Youth Organizing for Liberation
Umma hustle till the day they let Larry Hoover free
Met some dudes from Chicago, Larry Hoover they follow They motto is “when you move it make sure you lookin’ for potholes”
A lil *** told me you gotta go and get that cream but imma thro that C up till i hit that gleam 🙏🙏 - Larry Hoover
I think im Big Meech , whaat Larry Hoover ,
PLEASE!!! - "Free 'Em" - new rap (M$T) talks about freeing larry hoover, lil boosie, and young turk!
I think I'm big Meach, Larry hoover, gettin work, hallelujah
I can't wait to go to that kid rock concert. Anybody else attending?
Big Meech Larry Hoover I don't play football,but y'all won't win,in 🏈or🏀
Cho Hook *** up "All these Brick *** girls, Larry Hoover would be proud 😂"
he thinks he's Big Meech, but he's really just Larry Hoover
Dude your 55 years old your not bug meech or larry hoover an your not a boss
by Rod Emery From Chapter One: "The Gangster Disciples" pp 10-15; permission requested from Morris Publishers The Black Gangster Disciple Nation was born out of two organizations. In the beginning, there were two separate organizations: The Disciple Nation, whose President was David Barksdale, and the Gangster Nation, whose President was Larry Hoover. There were many branches of both organizations. Some of the Disciple Nation under David Barksdale’s leadership were: Devit’s Disciples, Falcon Disciples, Royal Disciples, Renegade Disciples, Executioner Disciples, Boss Pimp disciples, East Side Disciples, Sircon Disciples, Motown Disciples, Dutchtown Disciples, Gonzato Disciples, Six-Tray Disciples, Maniac Disciples and four-Tray Disciples. Also during this period of time, David Barksdale controlled the Del Vikings, the Black Souls, and the West Side Cobras. Some of the branches of the Gangster Nation under Larry Hoover’s leadership were: The Supreme Gangsters (the first branch was considered to be the ...
Tookie Williams and Larry Hoover... Peace be with the Gods...
Larry Hoover changed GD to stand for Growth and Development instead of Gangster Disciples and is punished for it
The enemy arrested Larry Hoover after he changed GD to mean Growth & Development, instead of Gangster Disciples.
Larry Hoover leader of Gangster Disciples after he changed that name to Growth & Development...he was more danger…
Like MF you are not Noriega, the REAL Noriega, Big Meech, Larry Hoover...none of them ***
Soo for those that wanted to know I just had a meeting with sercurity and my supervisor. Turns out I'm not Big Meech or Larry Hoover my *** came back clean, I've been cleared they apologize to me and my supervisor my lock has been replace the investigation is now done. Now I can move even slower and keep my eyes even lower because I think I'm the big man on campus
Big Meech, Larry Hoover and El Rukin (aka Jeff Forte) real *** (you aint even know it).
Headed to Detroit to get this store set up...old school cat told me hair is the new dope that case..."I think I'm Big Meech, Larry Hoover!" (Ross vc)
I'm 6'1 217lbs of Trayvon Martin,Mutulu Shakur, Tupac Shakur, Malcolm X,Nelson Mandala,Marcus Gravey,Halie Selassie I,David Barksdale,Jerome Freeman and Larry Hoover rolled into one Massive Dreadhead Rasta so Babylon don't trend on me!PML
Larry Hoover was the leader of the Chicago street gang called Gangster Disciples.
"Time can have 1 of 2 effects on a man.. it can harden him; or it could make him think.." -Larry Hoover
"BMF - Rick Ross" I think am big mitch... Larry Hoover
My dad is getting picked up in a limo to go to work everyday.
TO GOD BE THE GLORY, this makes me and my brother Larry Hoover very proud, I can say this about him and his...
Rick Ross think he Big Meech Larry he El Jefe??.Misguided dope tho
loool Big Meech and tulisa is larry hoover. Im joking calm down willy wonka and his side kick umpa lumpa
*Hoover and *carter BOFL who Larry Bird and DwayneWade “Larry and (cont)
"I think I'm Big Meech, Ughhh, Larry Hoover." -Rick Ross voice and grunt
"70% of people enjoy old songs because of the memories they've attached to them.I THINK I'M Big Meech. LARRY HOOVER
Chris "Larry Hoover" Rodkey is the first black person to say he's white and denounces country music
Flippn flippn good day-passport back, all paperwork now finalised, leaving date confirmed :D - Going up north to party with my uni lot. Martin Masenda, PrinCe Hamaada, Gilsir Kalonje Jones, Larry Hoover.
Free Big Mech & Larry Hoover. But what happen too Willie Lloyd & Jeff Fort .. Lol dey deaded cuz they azz was fo Real
I'm so fake Big Meech and Larry Hoover at the bar.
"Building Forts from broken dams, what a Hoover could do." Sons of Jeff Fort and Larry Hoover, build shelter from your broken bridges.
Obama won't touch this at all, with a 10ft pole. *** need to know bout Larry Hoover! 34yrs locked up. *** Gator Bradley, Antwan Walker
Finally found out who Larry Hoover is
Larry Hoover is much more effective selling Crack than teaching Non-Violence.
I think im Big Meech unhh larry hoover , whippin work hallelujah !!
Chicago been violent since the days of Larry Hoover, the black p stones and willie lloyd
Im not shooting, I just gotta strap in case I have to, I keep peace like my honorable Chairman Larry Hoover
How tf did larry hoover jr get to dat mf dey wildin
Momma Dee looking just like her twin Jafar
*** K.Michelle's booty THO, how many church's chicken biscuits she been eaten??
I think Joseline looks better this season but Lord them hands lol
Where my *** 2 chainz, Big Meech, and larry hoover?
I think I'm Big Meech, Larry Hoover, gettin work. Hallelujah 🎶do you
NY folks need to get out more... I get asked about Cheif Keef, Larry Hoover and GDs every single day
I member when you ran around and say I think I'm Big Meech! Larry Hoover! But do you know who meech really is?!... A changed Person Freehim!
BBQ for breakfast while watching Larry Hoover on American GanGsta >>> Gets no better
The girl next to me in chem is watching a movie on Larry Hoover...
I made her watch a 2hour Documentary on Larry Hoover so I kno its real.
I think I Big Meech, Larry Hoover, car windslowww
my dawg Larry Hoover on the come up. keep grinding my dude ! God got you.
Mfs talmbout Gdk..who cares..Ion evrn think Larry hoover Gd Nomo
I have NO idea why but every time i see some1 vacuuming i have to say to the person "you think you Big Meech Larry Hoover!!" lol
If he was a real *** he would have owned up to it well he wouldn't be bitter but still
So he denied that it was about her then puts a look a like in the video then the end u just ah
The bitter *** syndrome is what he is suffering from
Big Meech, larry hoover. Who are these guys, the new host of yo mtv raps.ctfu
I think I'm Larry Hoover I think I'm Big Meech I think I'm Bobby Seale I think I'm Huey P
who are you? Rick Ross, Big Meech or Larry Hoover? the rap game is like halloween every day
I think in Big Meech, Larry Hoover !
Here is a good question, did Rick Ross ever decide whether he is Big Meech or Larry Hoover
Larry Hoover just called Jessie Jackson Jr and said " how does it feel to be me" then slammed the phone
Teflon Don, Big Meech, Larry Hoover, and Mike Jones. I see you lol
I gat christening in the Morning An Im still up Hoover
oh no sir, you've made an enemy. 👊 How can you let this fine lady go to bed in that condition?
"Do you think about my old jeep, think about the stars in the sky. -Eric Church" ;*
I think i'm Big Meech, larry hoover..
Yeah, they're about to find out that Zach Randolph knows the real Larry Hoover.
BREAKING: reporting terror suspects believed that they were Big Meech and/or larry hoover.
“hey we're starting a new verse like. Reunited! It's been too long
The Arizona Biltmore, stayed in by every president after Hoover, Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry King, George Clooney.. And now Sam Fee
Me and my *** banging larry hoover. We will never switch the code 74 til this world blow..
Not no *** weed day , smoking weed aint going make you successful In life it aint going make you a millionaire unless you Larry Hoover
I told you this how things get after a month or two
RiFF RaFF's music is only for people who already enjoy life. If you don''t like his music then you are unhappy with your own existence
Big Papi talk like he Iron Sheik class bubba
Bout to be Larry Hoover up in on and around this
Rick Ross Canada Show Cancelled Over "Safety Concerns" thought he was Big Meech and Larry Hoover!!
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