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Larry Hoover

Larry Hoover (born November 30, in Jackson, Mississippi) was the leader of the Chicago street gang called Gangster Disciples outside of northern Illinois and Indiana.

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By the time I heard Larry Hoover was in jail, I had a plan to get him out
Man I'm so mad y'all *** think bein a *** is sweet now 😡 std gettin easier and easier to catch
Baby i aint ready yet i might just do you wrong
I dont care what you say, a woman who makes sure you never go hungry cares about you..
Rick Ross also said he's Rick Ross, but Rick Ross already existed. Claimed to be Big Meech and Larry Hoover.. he's…
I'm A Disciple of Larry Hoover . . Not a gang but a 6rotherhood 💯
You shop at the dispensary cheap lungs
"So gang it's like you brought Larry Hoover back"
please play crazy with me because I be READY.
"You the CEO of your Life. for a check or u still ain't with it 👐 ijs larry hoover? wippin work? 👋 man get in.😂 ~smash
*** always worried bout what the next *** doing I think y'all mfs some *** or something
Why did someone put on larry hoover to never talk to them again in a message when I woke up this morning.. I'm shook yall!
From Larry Hoover to Chief Malik, the U.S. government fears anyone who can organize Black Youth. [VIDEO]
Mfs wanna see you do good but not better than them...👎🏾
Know you winning when yo friends start acting like some haters
Kyrie Irving apparently wants out of Cleveland. Which team's jersey will he rock on NBA2K18's cover?
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
That's cray how jay z was just talking on oj and now he bout to get out
Neither did Larry Hoover, OJ still orchestrated a robbery whether or not he held a gun is irrelevant
Distinguished academics make case for 3% growth potential. et all.
Stay out them feelings and stay in your bag.
Whatever happens is because it's supposed to.
Now they jus need to Free Big Meech and Larry Hoover
I be feeling like Big Meech , Larry Hoover All them 🦅👑
Traces of poo bacteria in drinks at McDonald’s, KFC and Burger King, report says
Gotta holla at Larry Hoover about this.
Blow the larry in the air let em smell that
Ms has Morgan freeman . MS has jerry rice . MS has oprah . MS has Larry Hoover
Nelson Mandela in the front, Larry Hoover in the back. ZBo bringing the to Sacramento.
" The day I take the *** serious is the day Larry Hoover get out of jail. & he serving 6 life sentences."
ya MCM think he Big Meech, Larry Hoover... flipping an ounce, he 27
I liked a video G Herbo Says Chicago Youth Wouldn't Listen to Larry Hoover or Jeff Fort
That's an absolute fact..thats why Larry Hoover will never see the light of day...he would unite The Folk Nation
I can only give you... what you give me... those the rules..
Malcolm X, Huey P. Newton, Larry Hoover, Tookie Williams, and 2Pac are Gods to me.
I met a homeless guy who told me he hung out w/ Larry Hoover after he got me beer when I was 19 & DJT didn't even think to call
I thing I'm Big Meech, Larry hoover
Vrs..i feel like Larry Hoover they breaking laws to lock me down/cause im trying to grow and develope my whole hometown/harassed and bullied
J. Prince/Larry Hoover relationship would be my requested truth behind, hard to do w/out incriminating J. But any J prince stories.
On Larry Hoover himself Eminem killed that No favors by Sean told us
Lol 3 always the number whose asking anyway we all thots lol
Think I should just stay to myself and be single, not fw nobody. Cause I refuse to get my feelings hurt 👌
Meek broke in Nicki crib no debating 😂😂😂
Reminds me of the days of Jeff Fort and Larry Hoover.
1. I don't believe that the Cleveland Pastor has talked with top gang leaders. Did he talk to Larry Hoover or Jeff Fort?
When you successfully convince the president that he has the support of Jeff Fort and Larry Hoover so he'll fund yo…
Lmao David Barksdale and Larry Hoover been locked up for at least two decades
Larry Hoover was still taxin *** in the 90s but for the most part u right
larry Hoover and Jeff Fort the leaders of folk and people nations are on 23 hour lockdown at a Colorado supermax.
and yet another follower gave Larry Hoover a good review, Salute
until you speak to Larry Hoover and Jeff Fort your meeting with Trump is totally irrelevant. CLOWN
Very real...Larry Hoover, Chief Keef, & Lil Reese called son up and said let's get this done lol
Check out HomeGuard President Larry Hoover on the latest Simcoe County Shop Local! -
So is Darrell Scott gonna get Trump to free Larry Hoover?
Free Larry Hoover. He has been incarcerated since 1973. Been incarcerated 44 years straight…
Tb your roommate did that. "I'm nah, I even put Larry Hoover on it so everybody will know it's my work"
Free political prisoner Larry Hoover let's get him clemency , so he can organize the street…
what gang leaders is he talking about? Last time I check Larry Hoover, Jeff Fort and King David ain't on the streets
You are not broke, you are just pre-rich
People were working with Larry Hoover to help stop the violence. They had success. Then white people eliminated the program
So is going to free Larry Hoover now?😒
if u wanna lower the killings FREE LARRY HOOVER AND JEFF FORD 🗣
FREE LARRY HOOVER that's where he needs to start at
I added a video to a playlist Larry Hoover Documenatry
Yeah. As if Martin Luther King or Eldridge Cleaver would have condone and supported people like Larry Hoover and Jeff Fort.
"They think I'm Big Meech, Larry Hoover, whippen work, hallelujah"
Happy Gday to the 1 and only KinG Larry Hoover may you forever live and prosper
Larry Hoover. Founder of the Gangster Disciples. One of the best gang members of all time
Larry Hoover dove off a mountain top and turned into a Golden eagle.
Necked me in the whip it was decent
You ain't never seen a big before it get shade down
She say she through then she through
Who really being loyal the whole bid tho
Rambo they just talk good you know they scared to do it compare me to somebody it be Larry Hoover
Told cuz he gotta stop eating all that 😺
Big up's to Larry Hoover jr man...dawg so humble🙏 ...we yelling free them atl OG's kk, Lionheart n nem too.
Ladies if your man or friend or side *** or whatever been good to you do something nice for him tomorrow, the real ones deser…
Ain't none of y'all loyal 😂 might as well just have me a cute disloyal than a ugly 👐🏾
Smh don't even know real Larry all *** wanna see is purple
I get it i get it I swear that i get it
Sit back watch the phone ring getting lazy paper
Can't wait until I run into the right 💦💦💦
God *** whoever came up with this is right...
Al Capone is literally a hero here, but you can't say Larry Hoover's name in a song on the radio...
Always talking bout can't none these *** hit it
Girls in relationships play real crazy
Y they always start off the twerk like that
Hard to slow down when you got a line outside
G Count on the Impact of Larry Hoover on Chicago -
How many people actually know who Larry Hoover really was?
I ain't gotta trip on the load Cuz they blessing me
I told this chick I'm Larry Hoover at the train station
Girls really know how to use that mouth piece to get what they want I dun seen it all today
They did it to the Panthers also to my honorable chairman Larry Hoover also Hon.Chief Malik Jeff Fort they got Huey n panthers.💙
thats what the main issue is, theres no leadership in the gangs anymore, if Larry Hoover or Jeff Fort were running it there'd be
We are praying for the immediate release of Jeff Fort and Larry Hoover two men who were…
he also shouts out Larry Hoover and... Shaquille O'Neal.
My therapist is a cool *** OG named Larry he cool as a fan..I call him Larry Hoover. Lmfao. The Dude is...
It's your world baby I'm just living in it
My mom and my sisters gone be straight and I put that on Larry Hoover !
When you do favors for people or loan someone something it's like they're always rude when it's time to give back what…
Thank you God for wakin me up this mornin
Lol the whackest head in the city smh 🙊🙌
Im kinda glad they all turned they back on me
Only time you pouring syrup is on yo momma waffles
Cut the snakes out the picture like I photo shopped it I just play the background I be photo bombing
Mfs be just calling other mfs broke... How Tf you know somebody *** finances over the internet. Gone head on somewhere
All purpose parts banner
🤕🔋 I miss yo funny *** bro 😂💯 " on Larry Hoover and David BARKSDALE I ain't touch that girl" 😭😭 you hilsrious but we gotta link up 😎💪🏾💯
Tood, *** my cuzo Jermaine, my uncle Bryant, & Larry Hoover
I think I'm Big Meech, Larry Hoover Wipping work, hallelujah
Lol *** dont be really pouring up like that 🔴🔴
Logic says Ricky or Eric, but guts say Larry.
I feel like Big Meech, call me Larry Hoover
It blow your mind 💢💥 when you got a dime that rub your 🌰 when you 🚼💦 her from behind 🙈🙊
I always gotta be the one on the waiting list 😩
You never know who watching . Remember that
As long as I get one that's worth it I will forget about everything else that's not 😇
That Tatts *** wanna be famous so bad. They started a Go Fund Me to get that *** outta here. 😭😭😭😭
If I aint on I swear I aint answering
How is not being in the street a bad thing? Nothing good ever came from me being in the street.
I don't like asking anyone for anything.
She say she love me but i kno just how that act a be
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Drug dealers and strippers that's in my entourage. Rt
im systematic w my blunts, I never roll as I go- every pack of woods I roll them all at once so I can always have severa…
I'm not sitting n nobody face I know don't like me or feel some type of way about me
If Larry Wilmore sucked any harder he would put Hoover out of business.
Other people business don't interest me. Idgaf bout what no mf got goin on
Bre you really crazy wit your lurking *** smh
Coulda got 40 in those mountains but I couldn't be greedy
The best moments are the ones that don't make it on social media 😌
"Larry Hoover jumped off the bridge and turned into a golden eagle , flying to gangsta city behind the moon"
I told them a heart break really feel like your heart broken.
Larry Fly rejected Hoover’s request. Hoover never forgave him and was after him till his dea
Suspect turns himself in for attempted break-in at Arab American News:
and HomeGuard Home Inventory are spreading awareness about the need for home insurance policy reviews…
I'm 23 now when I turn 25 I have to put these babies in somebody.
Purple Reign better than EVOL high key
on Larry Hoover my cat turned the game off, the 4th just started
Even though Larry Hoover is alive, Chicagoans still merch things on him up to 10 thousand times a day.
Larry Fly knew media law and Hoover’s request violated not only the Fourth Amendment but Sec
I liked a video from Larry Hoover : changed Gangster Disciples to Growth And De…
Respect Larry Hoover long story short my mother work with his mom back in the day and was invited to a house...
2016 . The new Larry Hoover signature T shirt.. weworking.
"I think I'm Big Mitch,Larry Hoover,Keep and Work hallelujah . One nation,Under God,real n*** gone get this mothef*** do"🎼
I hate the bricks I ain't never like GDs big pants strap hat wearin *** *** Larry Hoover shoulda never flipped pancake *** ***
If we don't come together with each other then we are all going to parish - Larry Hoover Sr.
Happy Gday to mr.larry Bernard Hoover I embraced your teachings as a youth and as a man https…
You not finna scare me with space Larry Hoover g
Lol Larry Hoover tryna watch the game too
Lmao thought Larry Hoover was an old US president 😂😂😂
Man I woke up at 2pm today I haven't did that in so long
I've been up I've been down I go through the motion
This year imma try not to get cut off so much lol
In here watching cameras I ont never watch no T.V
People so funny that's y it's a New Year u can gtfo cuz I'm done😊
The first year I wasn't up to say happy new years . I was too drunk
That one time we googled Larry Hoover.
Think im Big Meech, UH! larry hoover like im whippin work hallelujer!
Leadership is diving for a loose ball, getting the crowd involved, getting other players involved. – Larry Bird
Sitting here smoking scrolling down my TL
I've never, not once, mistaken myself for Big Meech... or Larry Hoover.
It's what happened to Big Meech and Larry Hoover
I think I'm Big Meech, Larry Hoover, whipping work haleluigh
If she got this type of talent she can be wifey💍👰
She come right in and strip Cuz she kno what time it is✌
I don't want a relationship but she do
GM Jim Pfander receives the Larry MacPhail Award! It's official! Thanks to our amazing fans...we love you ht…
Hamilton Collection
Even on Gangsta it's nothing but love , on Larry Hoover -future
Remember when kd spit on Larry Hoover son?
These fast food cashiers be so sick
I think I'm big meat Larry Hoover huh we can work
sometimes I like to think I'm Big Meech, Larry Hoover
All the fat girls work at wall mart
Good things don't last but we lasting ain't we
Forever wishin bae would put in work like this😩🙏
54% of Chicagoans believe Larry Hoover should be released from prison. 23% of these individuals are actual GDs.
Spike lee visiting Larry Hoover in prison
Most of y'all females really confused y'all don't kno what y'all really want
when I told my mama it was Larry Hoover bday she cursed me out 😩😭 she thought ian know *** I was talking bout when I said he a king
Happy 65th Birthday to the Chairman. Larry Hoover, I thank you for startin an organization that structured alot of young men and women
I thought since u were here u knew the story?? Mlk, Larry Hoover, Jeff Fort just to name a few that led black youth
A source told me they traveled with Congressman Bobby Rush to a Colorado prison to meet with Larry Hoover & Jeff Fort ab…
They need to make a movie about Larry Hoover and David Barksdale
Ok wait 1 frig'n minute. Did any1 see similarities in Derrick Rose & the young Larry Hoover w/ his new knotty 'fro
Congrats to our new friends, the on earning its 2nd straight Larry MacPhail Award nomination by the Eas…
"From d pilgrimage of larry hoover,through d tribes of Judah,we liveour lives through ya"
Spike, I grew up in Chicago--"Jeff Fort/Larry Hoover" days. Not sure why violence in Chicago is news really?
I got Larry Hoover scared to look me in my eyes 😂😂😂
Didn't Larry Hoover say don't be on them street corners?
Republicans hate people like , ,Larry hoover, and WE CANT BE CONTROLLED.
Larry Hoover still in jail but y'all allow the grand wizard of the kkk to roam free...
I think im Big Meech, larry hoover, whippin work, hallelujah
Remember when Rick Ross thought he was Mc. Hammer, Big Meech and Larry Hoover?
Tonight big party with Big Meech and Larry Hoover homies
I wonder what the following people are doing at this exact moment:. Jimmy Walker. Edgerrin James. Jimbo Fisher. Laurence Fishburne . Larry Hoover
This is the story of Larry Hoover. The most famous and powerful gang leader in U.S. history!
Was a pleasure to meet the owner of Nob Hill Theatre Larry Hoover.
on Larry Bernard Hoover you can EAD bih! 😎
Larry Hoover got shot 6 separate times
I think I'm Big Meech, Larry Hoover . Spendin' $82 dollars on a piece of paper with an access code on it
I think I'm Big Meech, Larry Hoover. Whipping work, hallelujah
I think im big meeech larry hoover whippin work hallelujah one nations under gard
Larry Hoover dove off the mountain top & turn it into a Golden eagle.
Free larry hoover free larry hoover free larry hoover. 3 shots, its real.
"A motorcycle and a tunnel is all a *** need. If that's the case then Larry Hoover would've been…
Who was bigger in Chicago Larry Hoover or Willie Lloyd ?
Alotta *** acting *** these computers... hate that this gangsta *** got bars.. like larry hoover- Montana of 300
I wanna talk to the Honorable Larry Hoover Sr. About the current state of the nation. America is getting weird.
you can't do that because you're Big Meech...or Larry Hoover
I think i am Big Meech larry hoover 💸
"I think I'm Big Meech, Larry Hoover, Juniper, hallelujah" -the dishwasher
I think I'm Big Meech larry hoover Rick Ross - Blowing money fast   10% Off
I think I'm Big Meech. larry hoover. whipping work. hallelujah. one nation under god. real *** getting money from the fcking start.
Every time I hear BMF I think of my ex. Smh. This man wasn't affectionate at all. He would call me Larry Hoover and say he was Big Meech
Yes guys my cats names are Big Meech and Larry Hoover. Enough questions.
Just know this gangsta got bars like Larry hoover
Why carry a gun when you can carry a suit case -Larry Hoover 🔯
Join us in the main quad tonight! Senior Hoover Fellow Larry Diamond speaks on global democracy.
Laugh now but don't act like you were day 1s with adis when his name is with larry hoover and el chapo.
I added a video to a playlist LARRY HOOVER
I think I'm Big Meech, larry hoover...
August 5th is the 13th Annual Hoover Walk. For more than a decade, Larry McAlpine has been walking to raise money for various...
What happened to Kindra Chapman who was found dead in her cell in a Hoover Al jail. She was 18.
Hate that this gangster got bars, like Larry Hoover
Larry hoover making 10m Awrek in jail that *** a god frfr but if he would Eva get out he ah get smoked iwl
ESN : Giangrosso takes the helm as principal of Spain Park: HOOVER—Spain Park High School Principal Larry…
What age is too old to be stripping? When you were stripping before the likes of Larry Hoover or Big Meech were even born?
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
"Zach Randolph: strongest, surest hands in the league" free larry hoover
One time for Big Meech, Larry Hoover. Real ***
I think I'm Big Meech, Larry Hoover! Gettin work! Hallelujah!!!
Larry hoover... Dotman. Tbanks... These *** be disturbing the whole school! we got Talent!
My great grandmother = Larry Elder. She was so racist it was unbelievable. I’m surprised she didn’t just pass and becom…
From the city of Al Capone, Larry Hoover, Jeff Fort, Flukey Stokes, King David & Willie Lloyd
the free Larry Hoover poster in the background. He sold a ton of dope. 😂😂😂😂
somebody goin smoke you .. Larry Hoover
This wasn't the plan me and Larry Hoover was making, killing brothers, sisters and babies! wheres the unification?
Larry Hoover ain't never getting out of jail.
Larry Hoover was a fun song to stroll too
Do you think hoodlums in Mexican and South America look up to guys like Big Meech and Larry…
I think I'm Big Meech, Larry Hoover. . No. . Just kidding.
Z-Bo really had a poster of Larry Hoover on MTV Cribs.he kept it way too real for national television
well when it comes to our momma she gone say i better so we can be rich lol what u think Larry B Hoover 󾌴󾌴󾌴
so until then, I think I'm Big Meech, Larry Hoover
I've got a big meat, Larry hoover, whipping work, hallelujah
Larry Hoover been locked up since '73, ***
That's what Jeff Fort wanted.. That's what Larry hoover wanted.
I think I'm big Greg. Larry hoover. Flippin burgs. Hallelujar.
I feel like Larry Hoover with my Tux on 😎
I look up to Marcus Garvey, Huey Newton, Tookie Williams, Larry Hoover, Noble Drew Ali. leaders that wanted to UNITE US AS A WHOLE
The internet has spoken and this dude has beaten Larry Craig, Roy Kohn, J. Edgar Hoover, Ernst Rohm, Ted Haggard,...
he had 8 on larry hoover I needs that
And i still don't understand why folks beef with folks and people with people that's why larry hoover created the folks & people...
look it up lol. And he got Larry Hoover posters and a GD star on his pool table
oisins mouth is a Hoover sucking all them ballz
Yo. Jus found out my pops used to hoop wit Larry Hoover...
Yu better get Larry Hoover to come to my studio
would you still consider Larry Hoover a real *** wit the knowledge you kno about him now?
I think I'm Big Meech . Larry Hoover . Whippin work. Hallelujah
comey My son should be returned to my custody this a gang hit im related to king Larry Hoover Robert Brunt is his enemy
They call me Big Meech huhh Larry hoover 😂😂😂
All my friends are monkeys, and I was a goat.
My immediate boss Larry Hoover and the only mental health professional on base blew a woman's face off, and Bob lied on the
I'm for the most part into guys that love to make excuses, guys that in general don't know how to take responsibility. Like that's so hot
Larry hoover made moves for his people im just tryna do the same
Soon as the flute starts in you can't tell &me that we aren't Big Meech &Larry Hoover. Judge whomever you'd like
I feel like Big Meech Larry Hoover 👌😏
My Papa Refuses to talk to me about what Him & My Uncle Larry Hoover used to do 😩 i be so curious .
I also want a brownie, but we can't get everything we want
People who put tapestries in their rooms. Like ones from urban outfitters are obviously very cool people
Larry Hoover been tryna get yall *** to ride w/ the 6 for 40 years... Drake drop 1 mixtape now yall 6 crazy SMH.
Farrakhan I never knew king Larry Hoover but he is very close to me why was i ransomed beaten attacked then became infertile
King David was the 5th founder of Black Gangster Disciples Once he passed away he left it wit Larry Hoover you kids don't even know the real
Let's not forget J. Prince had Larry Hoover calling up and hosting Geto Boys albums
Dawg J. Prince had Larry Hoover from BMF doing phone tracks on the Geto Boys' album back in '96.
dawg... J-Prince had Larry Hoover doing skits on Geto Boys tape while he wus locked up... LARRY HOOVER...
"Someone has to get Birdman off his high horse. He think's he is Big Meech." Larry Hoover
"i dont trust you on the aux mand" Larry hoover not a rapper I was bs onnat one
"“Herb the best outta Chicago”Uhh have you forgot about Kanye West? Common." Larry Hoover...
"I think I'm Big Meech, Larry hoover, whippin work, hallelujah"
"I think I'm Big Meech, Larry Hoover!" - excerpt from the song "B.M.F. (Blowin' Money Fast)", performed by the artist
Larry Hoover had the dream of King with the vision of Malcolm but the devil be busy…
““Btches be thinking if they on they bf pages they won't get cheated on😭😭.” goofy 😂”on Larry Hoover 😂
“Texas gets on the board first as they take a 1-0 lead on a goal by Derek Meech.” Larry Hoover
Nice Larry Hoover is gonna suck it up!
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