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Larry Drew

Larry Donnell Drew (born April 2, 1958) is an American basketball coach and the current head coach of the Atlanta Hawks of the National Basketball Association.

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Turning the ball over a la Larry Drew II I am disgusted with these ***
I'm a freelance nutritionist. I could make Meghan HEALTHY and trim in a few months!
that is a touchy subject, but I've thought the exact same thing. She is very pretty and could be...
Very smart, feisty, potential for gorgeous. But Insecure. I implied she's chubby. She told me off!!
I would say Lebron's Cavs, larry hughes may not have been an all-star but he was solid. Z was a beast, Drew Gooden was solid.
Meghan McCain can get pissy for sure
Plus other schools spitting out goons like Bryce, Nyheim, Collin, Larry, Matt, Drew, Moses, etc. Our goons end up on the block 😂
I'm not saying that his team was allat good and Actually Larry Hughes and Drew Gooden weren't bad that year...better than Z
Larry Hughes is a lock for HOF same for Drew Gooden
Drew has a weird tongue but it doesn't matter because "Something Just Like This" is the best song in the world.
The only explanation for Vandy's strong finish is Coach Bryce Drew.
Just like Larry Scott drew it up in his call to the officials.
Yea but they've had just a lot of lethargic outings. 1 or 2 is cool. But this team reminds me of those Larry Drew teams at times
Game tied at 3. Larry Leitha drew a one-out walk, took second on a WP and scored on Ryan Rijo's two-out single to LF on a 2-2 pitch.
Woods gonna be a Larry Drew II before it's all said and done.
My niece drew "tattoos" on herself today and obviously chose blue and green hearts because Larry attacks me daily 💚💙
This is almost as good as the Larry Drew lip licking gif.
Larry Drew knew the Hawks loved him. Then the Bucks hired Larry Drew in May of that year
LeBron had Larry hughes, Daniel Gibson and drew gooden...
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I would've been fine with it tbh if he threw in jeff teague because we've been 😍 for him since larry drew
Obviously he's a class one rump ranger pervert!
😬 ok to a tiger yes, but hawk fans gotta protect their own! Imagine him dissing... uhh... Larry drew?
Larry isn't letting PG go that easy...
Dream Tee, Automatic n Larry Clark was calling my name.
Wasn't a huge fan of Brandon Knight when he was the No. 1 option for Laconic Larry Drew in Milwaukee. His regression, though, has been rapid
Our players seem to really enjoy playing for Coach Drew.
drew the dynamic duo, I hope you guys like it 💞 please help them see this x
The Lakers have inquired about Paul George. Imagine listening in on that conversation between Magic and Larry.
Boy Larry Drew was so sick Kendall took his starting spot he took it to another school 😂
My WatchESPN feed is so far behind, Larry Drew II just turned the ball over.again.
Reminder: Stilman White was a late addition to UNC's recruiting class ... after Larry Drew left the team
Look, if Larry somehow throws the Lakers a bone here, I’ll stop pointing out that he looks like the old version of the…
Dr. Larry Nassar charged with 22 additional counts of CSC. Drew is in Lansing with latest.
Magic Johnson and Larry Bird discussing a blockbuster trade. Doesn't get better than that.
In the car I heard Jeff Phelps on 92.3 bring up a good about Larry Sanders. assts. Jim Boylan & Larry Drew coached him first 4 years
Tyronn Lue and assistant Larry Drew will oversee Larry Sanders' workout with Sanders will undergo physical/meeting f…
One team source described Larry Sanders' workout to ESPN as "due diligence." CLE assistants Larry Drew and Jim Boylan coached hi…
head coach Ty Lue is not yet back from Nebraska after last night's jersey retirement. Larry Drew ran practice.
What a Father's Day for Wolf Pack Soph. Lindsey Drew! Watching his father Larry Drew coach in the NBA Finals Game 7! https…
i'd rather have Rick Manning& Matt Underwood announce the game. At least they have good away the game banter& not Larry Drew on treadmills
How dare LeBron leave Larry Hughes, Sasha Pavlovic, Ilgauskas, Gibson, Damon Jones, Drew Gooden and Donyell for a better team in 2007
Bubba what do you know about Larry Drew?
Larry Drew was the greatest coach for the bucks of all time 👍🏻
Drew runs away after Larry turns on the hot-water in her shower. And she's a big airplane scholar, whose books Vicky collects.
Here go your doppelganger top right . Larry Drew
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
on at Larry's- not sure about Drew Carey's bleach hair- also what happened to the old announcer he was much better
Congrats to and for making the Allstar Team at Hoops In The Heartland.
Larry Fitzgerald doesn’t want to play for any more bad Cardinals QBs:
Larry Fitzgerald: 'I don’t want to go through any other QB situations'
My drawings keep getting real, I drew this in 2014 lool
I drew Larry in pencil, put it in my math book and now there's a pencil stain in my math book in the shape of Larry holding hands.
Kings added Woodson to their coach interview list. Seems like Monty, Larry Drew and Byron Scott when available will join the mix.
That guy in the video is Larry Lindsey, the one the article is about. Get your story figured out, then come back.
WR Larry Fitzgerald in the studio w/ and
On 9/2/72 Milt Pappas pitched a near perfect game at Wrigley Field. With 2 out in 9th Larry Stahl drew a walk. Pappas did get a no hitter.
I drew on a post it note today not my best drawing but it's dark and cute I guess
And now Drew Rosenhaus officially has terminated Johnny Manziel, making him second agent in two months to fire the talent…
KD was drafted to be option from day one. Giannis is from Greece and had Larry Drew from day one.
Bryce Drew's Mom/Dad moving Nashville and his brother-in-law added to staff. Looks like the Drew family is here to stay.
I still give Bron props he took Sasha Pavolivic, Larry Hughes, Drew Gooden and Big Z to the Finals
Much like George, Larry is not actually a corpse with marfan's syndrome I just drew him that way…
I mean Larry Drew went to Cleveland as an assistant..
Hey guys what are y'all's Plantsonas? I drew mine. It's just Larry the Cucumber on the Jolly Green Giant's Body -
So I've just been introduced to this theory that Larry Drew convinced the Bucks to draft Giannis before Atlanta could. That coulda been fun.
Larry Drew is being used as someone's hypothetical good coach in the comment section. I have now officially seen it all.
Giannis goes over to hug Cavs asst. Larry Drew before tip-off - Giannis' first NBA head coach.
if it left up to Roy Williams, Marshall would have neve played the point. Larry Drew was Roy's choice.
Roy Williams was an infinitely better basketball coach when my only point of reference was Mike Woodson and Larry Drew
Id like to see curry take Larry Hughes, Drew gooden,boobie Gibson, Eric snow, donyell Marshall an Shannon brown to the finals
Hi i drew u, hope u like it. Could you pls follow me n my friends? . 💜💙
Isn t it kind of strange?Drew carey looks just like Letterman,Have fun with Larry King
Larry Drew must've drew that play up cause I KNOW coach Bud wouldn't do such a thing
*** I'll even take the Larry drew hawks at this point
no you didn't I'm stairing at larry drew the 2nd rn
Roy, please, we beg you to put Paige at the point. Roy stayed with Larry Drew over stupid.
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It is amazing that Roy can't see that Paige should play the point. I remember Larry Drew, how stupid Roy was then.
Wow!! Dr Drew why are you enabling Farah? She is responsible for what happened with Larry. Farah needs to be called out for that.
Drew, confused, "Larry doesn't really get like that." America, blank stare, "Are you new here? Have you met Farrah?"
I hope when it's Farrah's turn that Dr. Drew brings out Larry.
Berry can't play point , can't shoot , can't take care of the ball, plays like Larry Drew
But this is the same Roy Williams that started Larry Drew over Kendall Marshall and Ginyard over Danny Green, highkey idiocy.
Jay is right. Almost like when Roy wouldn't start Kendall Marshall for Larry Drew.
Larry Hughes, Sasha Pavlovic, LBJ, Drew Gooden and Ilguaskas. Fam what? He took that team to the finals bro lol
Pierre's obsession with Drew Doughty is making me uneasy.
the Larry Drew situation makes Roy hesitant to do what needs to be done. He know Hicks should start at this point
Has LeBron taken a seat next to Larry Drew?
I think he and Kevin Durant are both top five. Reverse chronological: Steph, Durant, Ray Allen, Reggie Miller, Larry Bird
Larry Drew looks back at Kings first season in Sacramento. Cowbell Kingdom, ...
I watched the game & feel he got the best chances Real Madrid had but missed, last week he missed penalty & they drew
We woman drew this conclusion first. But I love Larry, anyway.
Played worst game of year and still only a single-digit loss. Maybe Meeks will never play this year. He is Larry Drew to me.
As a boy growing up listening to games on a transistor radio, Larry Drew, Stipo, Sunny...I'm embarrassed for FIX IT NOW
I will pray to Ashy Larry that your fortunes are good
Shea Weber & Drew Doughty for a bag of pucks obviously
I get a chance to do an in-studio interview with AND Larry Joe Taylor today. So…
Kidd is an enormous upgrade over Larry Drew and has some successes here. But a ground-chicken taco is an enormous upgrade over Larry Drew.
Powerful read: The book drew me in with a suction-like force.
so you sit there and blame Roy for not having PGs when Larry Drew was the number 1 rated PG when he came out plus Kendall
and you sit here and act like Roy could magically make a PG appear when Larry Drew transferred
Roy had six commits from CA. QT, Deon Thompson, Alex Stepheson, Larry Drew, Wear Twins. Four of the six transferred out.
LeBron to Griffin at half time "yea griff this ain't working, promote Larry Drew"
One of a kind friendship love you both
I love you, you love me? . Fav for '' yes'' . Ignore for '' no ''
Can you follow my recents followers? we love you
When you're not even a directioner but still Larry af.
Justin and John are friendship goals
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Not worse thanLBJ. Lebron went to the finals with Snow, Larry Hughes and Drew Gooden.
We are OBSESSED with cover of for He smashed it!
Let's buy the new album of Justin Bieber on iTunes :)
Uncle Drew teaching these youngbloods this 4th Quarter! He's up to 19 points (and counting) this quarter!
Bron had such good role players around him tho. Big Z, Drew Gooden, and Larry Hughes all averaged double figures that year
Justin Bieber is so funny in snapchat 😂
Congratulations to Justin Bieber for the award "favorite song" with "what do you mean" he deserved!
My friends and I have the best group of dad's names: Jim, Doug, Jeff, Joe, Larry, Chuck, Tom, George, and Scott
*** ! Looks like is now in the for 21 WEEKS!
Don’t forget that Justin Bieber is human, don’t forget that is real
Did you see on our today? How many of you are back to school just like him?
still trending. Too cool. Ok, back to work.
have NBA's best 2nd half D; As Larry Drew started to say, continued efforts in transition D will be key.
When you saw HSM live and see Drew instead of Zac and find out years later it wasn't Zac singing in the movies
I read JP was last years Larry Drew so Roy didn't want to rock the boat much
forgive me. I was actually talking about Strickland, McDonald, Larry Drew, William Graves & the other great wing, John Henson.
Mary Hart is more of a Larry Drew or Tim Frazier type of gal.
Larry Drew II's one fan is about as smart as you think.
Larry Drew II? Ik he didn't play great in Las Vegas but I still think at least 2nd team.
How dare Larry Drew II be mentioned in any dignified manner related to basketball
San Antonio's Kyle Anderson was just named MVP of summer league. Seth Curry was named to all-league first team. Larry …
They can keep Seth. We want Larry Drew. He gone get out there and get AD the ball.
Great to have Sharon (and Larry Drew on campus to drop off their son
Larry Drew sighting! Apparently it all worked out after the fired him.
Kendall Marshall won plaing time over Larry Drew. Ingram would have brought unc a title but wont bring duke one. pieces not in place at duke
The biggest mistake Roy made was thinking Larry Drew the second was a starting point
😁 Larry Drew and Andre Dawkins are outta here
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Larry Drew and Desmond Hubert gotta be the worst recruits Roy has had in his tenure at lol
Bulls have an open roster spot to add a PG. NateRob out there, Larry Drew and Tim Frazier looked alright. Obvious call is AARON CRAFT tho.
THERE WAS Larry Drew- Philly, Tyler Johnson- Miami, Henry Walker- Miami, and I guess you can count Shabazz Napier.
So Harvey Grant, Glenn Robinson, Tim Hardaway, Larry Drew all have kids playing in the league. Does Mike Smrek have a son ready to go pro?
Prior to Josh Smith's coaches in career: Mike Woodson, Larry Drew, Maurice Cheeks, Stan Van Gundy. Not a lot of wealth there.
I'll just say this Steven, I'm really glad Jason Kidd is Giannis's coach now & not Larry Drew. Now Giannis is all good IMO.
Heat have reached agreements with Tyler Johnson, Khem Birch, Shawn Jones and Larry Drew to join their D-League affiliate, Sioux Falls.
Sporting a sleek gray suit and high-top sneakers while carrying a garment bag over his shoulder, Jason Kidd was in a rush as he arrived at the training facility.ST. FRANCIS, Wis. (AP) There is so much to do when it comes to rebuilding the Milwaukee Bucks. Under new ownership and boasting a new star in rookie forward Jabari Parker, the Bucks have nevertheless cautioned that the rebuilding process will take time. The team is young. The franchise hasn't won a playoff series since 2001 - not exactly the kind of pedigree that lends itself to becoming an NBA destination. "I think the destination comes with winning. You can look at Utah - nothing against Utah; I've never lived in Utah. Winning helps - Stockton, Malone - people wanted to go there because it was winning," Kidd said, referring to retired stars John Stockton and Karl Malone. Winning was in short supply during Milwaukee's franchise-worst 67-loss season. New owners Marc Lasry and Wesley Edens fired Larry Drew in the offseason and brought in Kidd, who ...
Cavs also have Larry Drew, James Posey, and Tyronn Lue coaching
CLEVELAND, OH – The Cavaliers have finalized their coaching staff and named Jim Boylan, Bret Brielmaier, Larry Drew, and James Posey as assistant coaches on head coach David Blatt’s staff, Cavs General Manager David Griffin and Blatt announced today. They join Tyronn Lue, who was named associate hea…
Cavaliers finalize coaching staff: Former Milwaukee Bucks head coach Larry Drew has been added as an assistant...
'Blatt adds Larry Drew to Cavs' coaching staff'
Blatt adds Larry Drew to Cavs' coaching staff
Cavs coaching staff to include Larry Drew as assistant coach
Jim Boylan, Bret Brielmaier were on 13-14' staff. Larry Drew was Mil Bucks HC last year. Posey was Canton Charge asst.
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General manager Danny Ferry called on his past experience with San Antonio to select Budenholzer to replace Larry Drew.
According to Gary Washburn of The Boston Globe, the are again being rumored to be adding Larry Drew to the coaching staff
are making another addition adding former and head coach Larry Drew to David Blatt's coaching staff
Byron Scott. ..I hope he considers Larry Drew to the staff
Larry Drew takes the high road after firing by Milwaukee Bucks - Los Angeles Times
¦ 886 ¦ Bucks agree with Nets for Jason Kidd, fire Larry Drew ¦ The Milwaukee Bucks have reached an agreement with t…
A deal between the Milwaukee Bucks and the Brooklyn Nets will bring Nets head coach Jason Kidd to Milwaukee to replace Larry Drew.
Former Mizzou star Larry Drew out after one season as coach of the Milwaukee Bucks. Replaced by Jason Kidd -
Larry Drew fired one of his assistants in Atlanta by text!. What goes around..
Larry drew took Mike Woodson's job in Atlanta the same way Kidd took his
You can't complain how the new owners handled Jason Kidd/Larry drew. Get over it. Love them or hate them
Everyone is talking about how bad they feel for Larry Drew. Dude won 15 games last year. Of course he lost his job
Definitely not saying I was a fan of Larry Drew as a coach but they handled this wrong. Also the handling of Hammond in this was wrong too
If I was larry drew they definitely would have had to smell my cologne before I got up outta there...LMAO *** Yeah
.There's not really any evidence that Larry Drew or Scott Skiles could coach either.
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NBA Coaches don't just wake up and land these jobs. They dedicate their LIVES to get where they want to be. Good...
Jason Kidd's move to Bucks breaks unwritten rule JKidd isn't into the niceties of life.
Larry Drew got fired on his day off
What the *** is Rick Carlisle talking about.What Jason Kidd did cannot be accepted or alibied away.Larry Drew still pulling out knife.
Could the Jason Kidd hiring really be more humiliating than his (Larry Drew's)15-67 record
When treat players like they did Larry Drew it's a business. Stop the double standard. The Bucks have the right to improve.
After Kidd tanks in Milwaukee, he'll never be a head coach again after what he did to Larry Drew
I agree that the Bucks did Larry Drew wrong and now everyone using Kidd's personal life against ...
can't feel sad for Larry Drew after he had his son sneak out of Chapel Hill overnight
Larry drew embarrassed himself when he only won 15 games last year
ask Larry Drew how good he was to him, totally unprofessional and unethical
Bucks: Jason Kidd to coach Milwaukee after Nets agree to deal, Larry Drew fired -
1/7/14 Nets acquired second-round draft picks in 2015 and 2019 from Milwaukee allowing Jason Kidd to become Milwaukee's coach. Bucks Fired coach Larry Drew. Magic waived Doron Lamb and Jameer Nelson. Sixers waived G James Anderson. Raptors traded John Salmons and a 2015 second-round draft pick to Atlanta for Lou Williams and the draft rights to Lucas Nogueira
I don't think I will ever be a Buck's fan after what the new owners did with Larry Drew. Why would we ever hire a wife beater?
Larry Drew did the same thing with Woodson. BUSINESS!!!
Larry Drew got that 5 million dollar severance package tho for doing nothing.
W/ Kidd going to Milwaukee suddenly a bunch of capable assistants are on the market. Bob Bender, Jim Cleamons and Larry Drew himself.
Lol "Larry Drew got fired on his day off. .
Larry Drew got fired on his day off. . lol
I'm guessing Larry Drew is not the biggest Jason Kidd fan right about now.
Bucks new owners kept Larry Drew just in case they couldn't get Jason Kidd...You can tell these owners never owned a basketball team.
All this anti-Kidd... karma and all, all he hasta do is ask Larry Drew about that!!
Larry Drew is out as Milwaukee Bucks coach - Kansas City Star
The Milwaukee Bucks have completed a deal with the New Jersey Nets to make Jason Kidd their next head coach, ending Larry Drew's tenure after one year.
Not sure Larry Drew got a fair shake in this, but new owners usually mean a fresh start with a new coach. GO BUCKS.
I been thinkin...if the Brooklyn Nets didn't want Jason Kidd back and Kidd said he wasn't going back, instead of buying out his contract, give up two 2nd round picks and pay Larry Drew's salary the next two years, why didn't the Buck's just wait for Brooklyn to release him and grab him (Kidd) for virtually nothing when compared to what they gave up? Is this what progress looks like?
300 more US troops headed to Iraq WASHINGTON - The U.S. is sending another 300 troops to Iraq to beef up security at the U.S. Embassy and elsewhere in the Baghdad area to protect U.S. citizens and property, officials said Monday. The new injection of manpower brings the total number of... Read more on CBS News Nets: Jason Kidd Free To Coach Bucks After Agreeing To Deal NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) – Just like that, the Jason Kidd era in Brooklyn is over. Kidd is set to become Milwaukee's coach after Brooklyn agreed to a deal Monday with the Bucks, who paved the way for Kidd's arrival by firing coach Larry Drew, the Nets... Read more on CBS Local
I don't get this but in NBA news today the Bucks gave up 2 2nd round draft choices to the Nets so Jason Kidd could become their Coach. Why ? He's not nearly as experienced as Larry Drew who the Bucks fired today. Drew had done pretty well with Atlanta prior to getting the lowly Bucks. Kidd and the Nets made the playoffs despite his coaching. They had Deron Williams, Joe Johnson, Paul Pierce and 65 year old Kevin Garnett in the lousy East. How were they not going to make it. Lol.just don't get it. It's like some Laker fans hoping Pau Gasol will stay with the Purple and Gold.
Larry Drew was done dirty by Bucks.
Larry Drew got screwed out of his job in Milwaukee, but it was merely another part of the coaching circle of life -- a circle that helped Drew get...
WHAT bucks/j. kidd DID to LARRY DREW was TERRIBLE.
Let's recap what the Nets gained from one year of Jason Kidd as head coach: they lost 5 more games than the previous season (you had one job), a 144 million dollar operating deficit, a second-round playoff exit in five games, two second-round picks in the trade to the Bucks, and Milwaukee coach Larry Drew lost his job after Kidd subverted his way into his new job. That's Tom Clancy-level franchise destruction. I really do feel for you, Bucks fans.
Never claimed to be the smartest strength coach, and in fact, wasn't. Far from it. Never bothered me one bit. However, the situation played out the past several days with Jason Kidd does. It illustrates one uncompromising principle: no matter what you know, or how much you think you know, knowledge and success do not make up for, or replace, your integrity. You don't pursue a job behind your own employers back, and you never pursue or show interest in a job where there is no job vacancy. I replaced several friends at several schools. It was personally painful, but their positions had already been vacated. Jason Kidd has burnt a serious bridge within his own coaching fraternity. At least with the one's who aren't themselves rats. And the Bucks allowed him to do it. In plain public view of their own coach, Larry Drew. Yes, it's a cut throat business. But it always boils down to a personal decision based on your ethical compass. There is a right and wrong way to advance your career. Given the circumstances, ...
So mark jackson of the warriors, now bucks larry drew, man is doc rivers the only african american coach that gets a fair shake in the nba? am i the only one noticing a pattern?
Do you think that coach Larry Drew had a fair shot of coaching the Milwaukee Bucks,or a setup?
Bucks fire Larry Drew after one season...anyone else think Jason Kidd will do a better job with the lack of talent & fan base in Milwaukee?
The Milwaukee Bucks should have had at least the decency to fire Larry Drew BEFORE deciding to trade for Jason Kidd...that's just cold!!
Bucks coach, Larry Drew, got fired and replaced by Jason Kidd
Larry Drew out*Jason Kidd in. Milwaukee Bucks gets a new coach.
Larry Drew is a great example of why coaches are hired to be fired. Jason Kidd is next in Milwaukee.
Might be late to the party here but Jason Kidd totally owes Larry Drew a free one right in the mouth
Never thought I've have a serious take on the NBA but this Jason Kidd story has got me going. If you believe the so called East Coast sports experts, Kidd is nothing more than a spoiled brat coach who has no loyalty and really doesn't want to live or coach in town like Milwaukee. Don't get me wrong, Kidd has had his problems as both a player and coach, but what Buck fan was truly excited about Larry Drew returning after the worst season in team history? Oops, just heard a pin drop. Right, no one! The new Bucks owners may be brash and handle things with little tact, but in the course of a few months, they have proposed a plan to make the Bucks relevant again, injected money into the team, drafted one of the most exciting players in the country, and now grabbed one of the best players in NBA history who just happen to lead the Nets to the second round of the playoffs in just his first year on the bench. That's more excitement than the the team has had in the last decade combined. Yes Milwaukee isn't ...
The Milwaukee Bucks have relieved Head Coach Larry Drew of his coaching duties, the team announced, after an NBA worst 15-67 record.
Mixed emotions about Jason Kidd coming to Milwaukee but he will lure in better players than Larry Drew.
According to ESPN, the Milwaukee Bucks made a coaching change Monday afternoon, firing Larry Drew and picking up the Brooklyn Nets’ coach Jason Kidd in the process. In the trade, the Bucks sent two second round picks in 2015 and 2019 to Brooklyn to… [ 233 more words. ]
They really hoed Larry drew... Smh milwaukee bogus for doing that... Larry drew was excited about coaching Jabari Parker
Bad business indeed. Kidd transfers from Brooklyn to Milwaukee even though Larry Drew is still there? Coaching fraternity protocol dude -_-
-Lebron James is pushing for a max contract with Miami ($20 million per season) -Cleveland will extend a max offer to Kyrie Irving (5 years $90 million) -Jameer Nelson has been waived as indicated yesterday -Detroit have given Greg Monroe a qualifying offer -Evan Turner will become an unrestricted free agent -the Bucks have fired Larry Drew and are offering Kidd a deal between $12-15 million over 3 years -James Anderson is now a Free Agent -Chauncey Billups is now a free agent (will likely retire) -Ekpe Udoh is now a free agent -the Magic have claimed Willie Green off the waivers -Doron Lamb has been waived -Pau Gasol will meet with OKC, Chicago and GSW -Several teams are after Vince Carter -The Raptors want to lock up Lowry's contract before other teams can speak with him
Valid point I just read.. What if the Bucks fire Larry Drew before negotiations begin and then the Nets refuse to make a deal? We're left without a coach, and management gets burned.. Yeah, it *** that Drew got fired the way he did, nobody deserves that, but did we ever have another option? And please don't say Mark Jackson... He didn't coach, his assistants did.
The days of Jason Kidd as the coach of the Brooklyn Nets will soon be over. According to reports, Kidd has been hired as the new head coach of the Milwaukee Bucks to replace Larry Drew.
LOL - "Jonathan Feigen: Bucks cite Larry Drew's "first class manner." Apparently not something they wanted in a head coach."
The Bucks have fired Larry Drew and hired Jason Kidd as their new head coach. The Nets will get the Bucks 2nd round picks for next year and 2019. -Nick
*** the Bucks just fire Larry Drew for no reason and get Kidd! Bogus
Jason Kidd's reputation as a coach killer remains renowned. Just ask Larry Drew, who two days ago thought he was about to coach the perhaps resurgent Bucks back to NBA eminence. But Kidd had other plans, and rather grandiose ideas about himself.
Official announcement from the on their decision to part ways with Larry Drew.
Larry Drew was fired after one season as head coach of the Milwaukee Bucks. Larry Drew attended the University of Missouri. Sounds about right.
So my cousin Dan wants me to weigh in on the whole Bucks thing-ey. Well I think the Bucks are looking good. We just really got the best player in the draft, likely rookie of the year in Jabari Parker and we got a slew of decent rookies. Sure, we coulda grabbed a SG but Ersan and/or Henson are flippable for talent. But I think we'll grab Shaun Livingston and trade Mayo and be okay. This team is exciting but still years away. Then there's the whole Jason Kidd thing... I think he's a decent coach; he brought a aging Nets team to the playoffs after everybody wrote him off. After his management had tried to get him fired. He's a players coach who I think will be good for the Bucks. He also raises our profile as a team. He may fail, but I still think he's better than Larry Drew. Larry Drew was a horrible coach, and though he seems to have gotten that shaft, he also was the coach that shares the blame in doing the same thing under Mike Woodson in Atlanta so he in some ways, perhaps deserves this. Really, the Buc ...
Hiring Jason Kidd and firing Larry Drew seems unfair to Larry Drew but its hard to defend a guy who has a 15-67 record.
Kidd goes to Bucks for 2 2nd round picks. Bucks fire Larry Drew because of this move.
Milwaukee Bucks officially announce head coach Larry Drew has been fired - -
Larry Drew who signed a $28 million dollar contract with the Milwaukee Bucks fired after one year lol Mike Brown still is owed $27 million after also being fired.something is wrong with the system
I'm excited about J. Kidd coming to coach Milwaukee! Sad that Larry Drew had to go out the way he did though. Also, to the people who have a problem with this coach change, you need to realize that this can't affect our record any worse than it was last year.. Go Bucks!
What did Larry Drew ever do to anybody?? Look Owners can hire n fire whoever they want, in this case, BAD BUSINESS!
Circumstances were shady.but Larry Drew led a team that was trying to win to the worst rec in the league while about 6 teams were tanking
Watch Stephen A. Smith go on a rant about race with Larry Drew being fired.
Larry Drew won 44 games his last yr in Atl w/Horford,Smith,Korver,Teauge & Lou Williams. Kidd won 44 last yr w/Pierce,Garnett,JoeJ & Deron.
The Nets should hire Larry Drew. How the league can allow this to happen is beyond me.
Larry Drew deserved better than what? He had the worst record in the league. THE LEAGUE CRAIG
Be in prayer for Larry Drew...Larry is being sent to Vidant Medical Center to have a heart catheterization performed on Tuesday.
On Thursday, Larry Drew was the head coach of the Milwaukee Bucks looking forward to coaching all these new draft picks. On Monday Larry Drew was calling to find out if the D-League had any coaching vacancies...thanks Jason Kidd...
So that I'm clear: the Milwaukee Bucks have a coach under contract, Larry Drew, but they go out and hire Jason Kidd then fire said coach that is still under contract. Yet, people are chastising and calling Melo, LeBron, D Wade and Chris Bosh disloyal for exercising their union negotiated right to enter free agency."The media's the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that's power. Because they control the minds of the masses." Malcolm X
I enjoy how everyone is forgetting Larry Drew exists. So nothing's really changed.
The Milwaukee Bucks have fired coach Larry Drew after agreeing to send two second-round draft picks to the Brooklyn Nets to secure the coaching rights to Jason Kidd, sources told on Monday.
Larry Drew's coaching stint would've been better if Josh Smith had been more of an unselfish player
Sports Update: Jason Kidd hired by the Bucks. Bucks fire current coach Larry Drew to make room for Kidd. Nigeria falls to France 2-0. Lebron wants max contract with Miami. Jozy Altidor cleared to play for USA tomorrow
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The Bucks did Larry Drew worse than Whitley Gilbert did Byron Douglass at the wedding.
The really embarrassed the league today with how they handles Larry Drew. Great guy and great coach, deserved better
I wonder what the conversation in a bar between Lawrence Frank and Larry Drew would be like.
The Bucks have now officially fired Larry Drew and Jason Kidd will be the next head coach of the Milwaukee Bucks
The Nets and Bucks agreed Monday on a compensation package for Jason Kidd to leave Brooklyn and become the head coach in Milwaukee, league sources told The Nets get their own 2015 second-round pick, which Milwaukee owned, and the Bucks' 2019 second-round pick in return for letting Kidd out of his four-year, $10.5 million contract after only one season, sources said. It is not clear whether Kidd will agree to a new contract or the Bucks will inherit his existing deal with Brooklyn. At least for now, Kidd is being hired as head coach and the deal has not affected the status of general manager John Hammond or asssitant GM David Morway, a person familiar with the new ownership group's plans told But Kidd's goals in pulling this power play were clear. In recent weeks, he had pushed for full personnel control and a president title with the Nets after only one 44-win season as coach. That request culminated in the past 24-48 hours with the Nets' Russian ownership group, led by Mikha ...
In the last 7 months Jason Kidd has had Lawrence Frank and Larry Drew fired.
Byron Scott, Avery Johnson, Lawrence Frank, Larry Drew. Coaches Jason Kidd has undermined, and somehow teams still want to hire Kidd.
Jason Kidd's behavior is despicable. To essentially push out a respected, and classy coach in Larry Drew to fulfill his own selfish agenda is about as classless as it gets. I wish Jabari Parker nothing but the best...can't say the same for Kidd.
Are you crazy Larry Drew is the worst coach in the league, They hired him to lose to get Jabari
The way that they've made coaches disposable in the league is deplorable.Regardless of what u think of Larry Drew he deserved better
Larry Drew has been fired by the Bucks to make room for Kidd. -Jarrod
The Milwaukee Bucks have fired head coach Larry Drew.
I hope the Lakers sign the Ex-Laker for the Head Coach position. I just pray it isn't Larry Drew. 😂😂😂 Smh.
Adios Larry Drew! I will NOT miss your wildly inconsistent rotations and your seemingly bullheaded decisions regarding not having the best players on the court. Here's to hoping J-Kidd helps Mayo and Knight.
Larry Drew did an all time tank job last season, coached the Bucks to be the worst team in the league even with Philly losing 26 straight.
This just in: Dan Gilbert has personally guaranteed that Larry Drew will win and NBA championship before the Milwaukee Bucks do.
So, I guess Larry Drew isn't coaching the Bucks' summer league team?
So Larry Drew just introduced Jabari Parker as a Buck the other day , now he was just fired for Kidd wrong move !
Jason Kidd as Bucks head coach is not the worst that could happen; he could be president of basketball operations. The new owners didnt hire Larry Drew and wanted to head in a new direction and I can't blame them for that.
“The Bucks have officially fired Larry Drew.”straight scumbags come coach my dream league team
Why are people feeling sorry for Larry Drew? He had the worst record in the league and he's still getting paid from Milwaukee
I've said it a few times, I'll say it again: I've lost all respect for Jason Kidd. Be prepared because I'm about to go OFF: He gets hired, fresh off retirement, to coach a very popular Brooklyn Nets team with clear title aspirations, does so for ONE year, BARELY beats a highly inexperienced Raptors team to get to the 2nd round despite a pretty obvious advantage with the whistle, gets busted up by Miami in the 2nd round, and decides he deserves to be President of Basketball Operations. What the f**k!?!? Who does this guy think he is to act so entitled!? What dues did he pay? Phil Jackson and Stan Van Gundy EARNED it. He hasn't earned a thing. I sincerely hope he falls flat on his face and Jabari Parker demands a trade next season. What a disrespectful jack off. And shame on the Bucks for doing Larry Drew wrong like that. Not cool.
Is there a bigger ingrate Then Jason Kidd the Nets give him his first Coaching Job no experience stick by him after his DUI demends more power in Nets Organization then lobbies for Bucks Job when the Coach Larry Drew is still there they were teammates. Nets told him to get lost so nets traded him and got 2 2nd Rounds Picks for him. Kidd 's reasoning Dereck Fisher got paid a little more. Jason Kidd made 200 million dollars in his career. It never ends well with this guy.
cautiously optimistic. He's not Larry Drew, so I know we no longer have the worst coach in the league.
In my opinion I think they did Larry Drew wrong in Milwaukee. Man getting ready for Bucks summer league & look up he got replaced.
You have to feel for Larry Drew though. There is a coaches code in the league and Kidd spit on it.
Larry Drew was getting his stuff together for Summer League action. Turned on Sportscenter and started unpacking
Granted I do think Larry Drew is one of the worst coaches in the league, but he doesn't deserve this
Larry Drew had to endure so much losing last year to land a top talent, only to have his job stolen by Jason Kidd. Brutal league sometimes.
If you have two first names, will find & make you his victim: Byron Scott, Lawrence Frank, and now Larry Drew.
I think Larry Drew would be a better coach in LA than Byron Scott.
Here's what the Milwaukee owners had communicated to coach Larry Drew about negotiating a deal for his job w/ Jason Kidd: …
Don't think Larry Drew has been a good head coach in this league but man this brings new meaning to dirty deeds done dirt cheap...
The Milwaukee Bucks' new owners stepped in a mess, blindsiding general manager John Hammond and coach Larry Drew by
But good for the Bucks if the deal goes down. Larry Drew is pry a top 3 worst coach in the league and not good with young guys.
While GM John Hammond and head coach Larry Drew introduced 1st round pick Jabari Parker to Milwaukee, the
Nobody should feel sorry for Larry Drew or John Hammond.
Thank you, Larry Drew, for putting the Bucks in position to land Jabari Parker. & now...good riddance.
Not sure if Larry Drew is the answer for the but I'd rather they stay away from hiring Jason Kidd.
There is so much wrong with that article. Larry Drew and John Hammond are highly competent? I don't want Kidd either, but don't lie.
Who will Jason Kidd make write scouting report for Him,Larry Drew or John Hammond?
I do not want to get rid of John Hammond as GM. Phenomenal drafting last few years. Larry Drew can leave tomorrow, but not John.
*John Hammond enters his home, loosens his tie, and turns on the lights* *Jason Kidd is behind him*. "You happy with Larry Drew?"
He'll get what he wants in Milwaukee. And he'll throw away everything John Hammond and Larry Drew are building in Milwaukee
Brew Hoop >> What does the Bucks' interest in Jason Kidd mean for Larry Drew and John Hammond?
I just want to know what the text conversations are like right now between Larry Drew and John Hammond.
So I guess this means Larry Drew is definitely outta here? Thank god. Does anyone know where Scott Skiles is? Or George Karl?
Should the bucks keep Larry Drew and John Hammond?
Get this dudes jersey down from the Smith Center he made Larry Drew look not so bad
Michael Jordan, Matt Millen, Kirk Gibson, Magic Johnson, Larry Drew...the list goes on and on.
I see why Sterling lasted so long in this game with that mindset cuz the NBA is run by closet racist. There were 5 coaches fired Jackson, Corbin, Woodson, Brown & Mo Cheeks back in Feb. All black. That only leaves 7 black coaches including Kidd who's mixed. 7 out of 30. Hmm. Even in baseball that *** Kerr & Van Gundy just hired & Utah wants John Stockton who never even showed interest in doing anything b-ball related since he retired. None of the above or Avery Johnson, Hollins, Byron Scott, Isaiah, Sam Mitchell, Jacque Vaughn, Larry Drew or Keith Smart seem to fit. Guys that have been coach of the year, won championships as players, took their teams further in the playoffs then ever before or who did the best possible job with the least amount of talent. I luv the game but I see the politics.
Mike Brown, McHale, Larry Drew all have jobs but Hollins, Karl, Jackson & both Van Gundy's do not..
I think Larry Drew is the bottom turtle of the "it's turtles all the way down" NBA coach hierarchy
Good point Stephen A...just glad Larry Drew not coach my squad anymore. Trash rap
Did James Johnson get suspended also,or did Keith Smart or Larry Drew become coach of Memphis ?
Marc Lasry, Wes Edens, Herb Kohl and Larry Drew react to Donald Sterling punishment
Was there a more hated fantasy coach than Larry Drew this season?
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