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Larry David

Lawrence Gene Larry David (born July 2, 1947) is an American actor, writer, comedian, and producer.

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episode not ready for prime-time with Larry David's awkward Holocaust monologue, Baldwin's Trump/Weinstein gag:
What to observe on Saturday - Lifetime's Robert Durst movie, Larry David on 'SNL' --
loves Larry David — and 9 more celebrities with famous crushes
is there a reason Larry David is wearing an Electron Motors jacket on the newest episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm? 🤔
Donald Glover, Eric Andre, Keegan Michel-Key, Seth Rogan, and Billy Eichner? The only thing that could make this be…
I liked a video SNL Host Larry David Prefers to Ride Alone
"Curb Your Enthusiasm" was a comedy tv series on HBO that premiered on October 15, 2000. The…
I remember playing Spain and capello had brought Beckham back , the 1st half was embarrassing . David…
What is it about old Larry David looking white men that makes them talk endlessly to you even when you look @ them…
Larry David won't ride the elevator with Miley Cyrus in their promo 😂.
returns on November 4 with host Larry David and musical guest
Your right Larry David is too hot to compare with Taylor Swift my man looks like a discount Bernie
I ❤️ the person who replied 2 "I rather watch Tiffiany haddish with Miley Cyrus" w/ "I'd rather watch Taylor Swift with Larry David" bc mood
Larry David, Taylor Swift, and Chance on SNL. Yes. Yes I would like that.
If you give us John Stewart and Larry David we'll give you the land
They're all awful. I do that Larry David thing where I go yeah I'd love to come, and then invent a co…
Except not even Larry David was enough of a white savior to give him the alibi that truthfully saved him. Broken system.
Larry David and Rhea Perlman. ESPECIALLY Larry David for my dad. The resemblance was uncanny
Jerry Seinfeld + Larry David is how the world will solve all of its problems.
A stain on the careers of Lorne Michaels and Larry David
I could listen to Salmon Rushdie insult Larry David all day.
Like the fictional Larry David, the real-life Maddon just can’t win when it comes to public opinion nowadays. https:/…
Salmon Rushdie telling Larry David about "Fatwa Sex"...yeah that's America 😆
Larry David and Salmon Rushdie need to be a regular comedy duo.
Brilliant! Salmon Rushdie is on joking about a fatwa with Larry David. Teaching him how to live…
Lol Salmon Rushdie just called Larry David a wuss.
I swear this Larry David disguise looks like 'Messy Geraldo Rivera'.
MUST WATCH: The moment that and Larry David learn that they're related:
*** documentary from and Larry David got me shook 😂
.on how Jewish and Goyish comedy has evolved from Lenny Bruce to Larry David.
Fun outtake: The artist likened the pendulum wrecking the store to watching Larry David on Curb Your Ensthusiasm
In honor of the best show on tv returning tonight let's take a look at Larry David describing playing at Augusta National…
I’m so glad Curb Your Enthusiasm is back on the air. Larry David is such a great horrible human being.
Of course Larry David would be issued a fatwa and a death sentence by the Ayatollah
We need you, Larry David. Now more than ever...
That was a great episode of Larry David hasn't missed a beat. The 🐐
true story: a dude was up for a death penalty charge which he avoided ONLY because larry david happened to catch him in an ep…
Curb Your Enthusiasm season 9 episode 1 review: Even in 2017, Larry David is still unafraid to go there
Where is everyone getting the Larry David emoji?
I started watching curb when I was 15. I love Curb. But there is way less yelling in adult life than Larry David led me to believe.
Season 9: EP & director Jeff Schaffer walks us through the season premiere, "Foisted!"
Larry David is my spirit animal I swear. .
Larry David, of ALL PEOPLE, would not leave on his phone's keyboard clickety-clacks.
Perspective "Curb Your Enthusiasm" is back and so is Larry David, TV's greatest philosopher
Tonight, I've seen the word "foist" on my TL more than I've ever seen it in the rest of my life. Thanks Larry David
I need a safe space to talk about Larry David’s biceps
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The new season of was absolutely worth the wait!Thank you Larry David for bringing levity to so many sensitive subjects.
My life is an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm and I am Larry David
I know I say this a lot but I love Larry David.
To celebrate the return of "Curb Your Enthusiasm," we've put together some pretty, pretty good Larry David quotes to make you lau…
The world needs Larry David now more than ever. returns to tonight at 10PM.
In the year 2017, Larry David is the hero that we need
If you can’t wait for re-watch Larry David go full Larry David with the writing staff. https:…
It's been 6 years, but Larry David is still his same old savage self
Man, the . balled on the Colts like Larry David and creating Seinfeld! 💪💙🎉…
Foisted. Lampin. Two new words I learned today thanks to Larry David. .
Larry David is on tv, the Bills are number on in the AFC East, Zima and clear Pepsi are available, and OJ is a free man. T…
I didn't realize how badly I needed more Larry David.
If you've ever wondered why I'm single, watch Curb Your Enthusiasm. I am Larry David.
Ah yes, now Larry David saves society
So happy to see is back. Tonight’s episode was amazing, start to finish. Way to go, Larry David!
In honor of the return, my parents are throwing a party. In honor of Larry David, they're not inviting a…
Larry David has the tiniest nipples I've ever seen on a full grown adult 👀😂
Curb is freakin hilarious. Larry David’s still got it
'We're not Game of Thrones' – Curb Your Enthusiasm's stars on their unsexy TV sensation.
Absolutely loved the return of Larry David is the cure to SJW craziness and the slow death of comedy *…
Larry David STILL got it!!! His humor is NOT for the faint of heart!
I feel like Larry David understands me...
I think America really needed that episode of and the entire season to come- thank you Larry David for you…
I bet Howard Stern looks like Larry David when he takes his wig off.
For every Howard Stern. there is a Larry David inside.
The Big Picture -- Seinfeld On Stern: There’s something wrong with him. We keep thinking Larry David is the odd…
Heard on the radio this morning Larry David's mother wanting to be a postman like Newman 😂😂😂
Coming from a Seinfeld & Curb Your Enthusiasm fan.. this is truly incredible. Obsessed w/ this pic. Larry David sto…
Is there no end to Larry David's brilliance? (Clue: no, there is not)
Just watched a brilliant Netflix doc called about a guy cleared of murder by Larry David from Curb Your Enthusiasm. True story!
Larry David made an appearance on Seth Meyers late show that looked like it was taken out of Curb Your Enthusiasm.
Larry David joined Seth Meyers' writers room, and it was as uncomfortable as Curb Your Enthusiasm
Larry David and death row: the amazing tale of how Curb saved one man's life
Long Shot review: a gem of a documentary explaining how Larry David's Curb Your Enthusiasm saved one man's life
Don't care what anyone says Larry David is hot af.
Are bald men sexier? Larry David says it's 'a crock of s---'
Larry David on doing more "If I do another season, I'm not going to wait five years"
Larry David on why hasn't changed: "I don’t think the fans want me to be politically correct"…
Is Judaism a religion or an ethnicity? Ask Larry David. (h/t
Omg Larry David can go get the smoking jacket back now
Larry Chan, chairman of Liwayway China Co, and David Preston, chief executive of Boehringer Ingelheim China were gr…
Why do I feel like a 25 year old Larry David
Gonna have to break my no hashtag rule just for Larry David!
This might be a good time for Larry David to get that smoking jacket back
WATCH: Larry David is back with more and we couldn't be happier!
Oh man! When you can't wait for the new season of Larry David's to begin and now you can't wait for it to…
Larry David is clearly excited to be awake this early to talk
A message to Larry David from Susie Essman at the premiere
Larry David and Ricky Gervais know the truth:. We can all compromise and be boring nonentities. Or we can grow some bal…
Former heavyweight boxing champ and Army vet, David Bey, recently died in a construction accident at age 60.
Larry David had better get his smoking jacket now.
Larry David says fans are Disappointed when they finally Meet Him via
They should have called it Jerry Before Larry David.
Thanks for answering this Larry, and for asking David.…
Did Larry David ever get the right smoking jacket back from Hugh Hefner?
Dinner with Larry David sounds like a literal episode of and describes the experien…
Larry David shows you how to settle an argument.
Larry David and brought the ruckus to the red carpet premiere. More on Story…
OK, I saw Larry David trending and was aghast.
Larry David cursing on the Today Show. Curb debuts this Sunday
Larry David's father and Hugh Hefner can now exchange their proper smoking jackets
Vulture - - Larry David is a Pretty Pretty Awful Late Night with Seth Meyers Writer
Larry David 'joins' the writing staff of Late Night with Seth Meyers
Seth Meyers creates Late Night version of Curb with Larry David
I'll be at tonight at 10 w/ Zak Schaffer, a wonderful amalgam of Andy Partridge, Jon Brion, Alex Chilton and Larry David.
Why not? Costs a bunch to get a ticket to shul for holidays. Just ask Larry David.
Has his stand up ever really been. I would argue that the Jewish influence in “Seinfeld” was Larry David not Seinfeld.
I wish Larry David and jerry would do a revival of Seinfeld, same cast, but of the 2…
Pretty well oiled in the Larry David sense: sometimes Stavros, sometimes i am just warming up the tr…
.makes a compelling case The Last Winter (2006) is the best climate change (or 2017?) movie ever made.
Right- all Jews are Neocons. Jon Stewart, Bernie Sanders, Larry David, my Jewish friends, my Jewish relatives, & I…
Pop culture wise Larry David is BIG but Kevin Smith is right there with him,its actually a really good…
Just heard argument who's a Bigger guest between Larry David or Kevin Smith,Peter & Kay were so off thats a real tough one IMO
I love how standoffish Larry David is in real life. The show is that much better, because I know this is the real him. Lol
My Uber driver just started googling “Larry David net worth” on the freeway.
"We don't spend time together because I don't want to spend time together" - Larry David
My TV Hero is Dan Lauria - Jack Arnold (Kevin's Dad) from The Wonder Years who taught me to understand my own Dad.
"Larry David’s semi-improvised comedy paved the way for an entire new generation of shows.
I know it's a tough sell, but I wrote about a good horror film virtually no one saw and things too scary for movies.
David Boren is retiring at OU. I hope we don't replace him with a politician or an academic. We need a business leader like Larry Nichols.
How incredible would it be to hear this phone call from Larry David to George Steinbrenner?
Also, Larry David is always very tight lipped regarding the plot of "Curb" prior to it airing.
I hope Larry David is having a great day. And tomorrow. And the day after tomorrow.
Larry David is to situation comedy what Mozart is to music:
Larry David in Curb Your Enthusiasm. He was co-creator of Seinfeld. BTW - I am your Dad and I know e…
Want to know what Larry David and Bernie Sanders' son would look like? Want no longer!
Larry David ot Lisa Simpson – life lessons from TV's top roel models
Larry David to Lisa Simpson Life lessons from TV's top role models
You have to love An agree with the commandments of Larry David
greeny is going full on Larry David this morning.
Good news ladies - Larry David is easy to break up with!
David Bey, Army vet who fought Larry Holmes for world heavyweight crown, dies at 60 via
I'll only get star struck for Larry David.
Thank you for this, great post. Especially for the Larry David reference, :)
David Bey, a former top-ranked heavyweight boxer from Philadelphia who lost to Larry Holmes in a championship...
A super treat, and one of the funniest things I've ever heard: Larry David on Jeff Garlin's podcast!
If you want a super treat, please listen to Larry David's appearance on Jeff Garlin's podcast!
Why are all my favorite people/inspirations named David? Bowie, Lynch, Sedaris, Cronenberg, Larry David.
When I think of Trump trying to bully reminds me of when Larry David hooked up with Vivica Fox and she tore Susie a new ***
'Curb Your Enthusiasm' Oral History: Larry David on Crazy Auditions, Art of Cringe back soon can't wait!
If you're going to tease 'Curb Your Enthusiasm's Larry David, better to call him bald than old . CLICK BELOW FOR FULL STORY... ...
Curb Your Enthusiasm theme: Larry David explains origins of iconic music and why it works
If you're going to tease 'Curb Your Enthusiasm''s Larry David, better call him bald instead of old
There is hope: Larry David is back.
Larry David reveals why he decided to make more episodes of 'Curb Your Enthusiasm'
Larry David reveals what annoyed him the most about shooting the new 'Curb' episodes
Larry David's back and "nothing has changed" in 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' season 9 trailer:
Of course Larry David! Larry descended from slave owning Jew who lived in Mobile, Alabama is a Curb Your Enthu…
If they do a season 10 of Curb Your Enthusiasm, it should just be Larry David walking around Harlow Town
Larry David is surprisingly sweet about this one thing
I wish i could be as blunt as Larry David.
Shelley Berman, Stand-Up Comic and Larry David's Dad on 'Curb Your Enthusiasm,' Dies at 92
Shelley Berman obituary. Also know as Larry David's father in
stand-up trailblazer, Larry David's dad on dies at 92:
R.I.P. Larry David's TV dad on has died at 92:
You might recognize him from his role as Larry David's father - Shelley Berman, Dies at 92
Shelley Berman has passed away at the age of 92.The actor and comedian famously played Larry David's dad on the HBO
New post: Shelley Berman, comedian-bard of everyday life, has died Shelley Berman and Larry David
Rest in peace Shelly Berman! What a funny man. He played Larry David's father on Curb too!
RIP Shelley Berman. Perfectly cast as Larry David's dad in Curb, who didn't tell him his mum had died 'because he didn'…
Berman was a pioneer and an original. He was a comic patriatch of Larry David, and how lovely and brilliant that David cas…
RIP Shelly Berman. I never thought someone could make digging up Larry David's mom could be so funny Mr. Berman did.
I'm basically a combination of Michael Scott, Abed Nadir, and Larry David (the character) and maybe Ben Wyatt a little
Shelley Berman, influential comedian who acted alongside Larry David, dies at 92 - Washington Post
RIP Shelley Berman, Larry David's TV dad has died at the age of 92 - Consequence of Sound (blog)
Larry David freed an innocent man who was about to be locked up for murder. Wonder if he can do anything for Robert Shmurda
It's the Quaker Oats guy doing his best Larry David impresssion
New post (Accused murderer freed thanks to Larry David) has been published on World Fast News -…
Shelley Berman, stand-up comic and Larry David's dad on dies at 92
Shelley Berman was hilarious as Larry David's dad in Curb. Rest in Peace.
Comedian Shelley Berman, who played Larry David's dad on 'Curb,' dead at 92 - New York Daily News
The Ross Barkley thing reminded me of Larry David's standup career
I spent all my time studying the greats. Brooks, Wilder, Jackie Gleason, Larry David, Howard Stern, Tony Danza, Eddie Murphy, Baldwin etc...
To avoid criticism during a natural disaster, Trump should golf with Larry David in Martha’s Vineyard.
I liked a video Jason Alexander discusses 'George Costanza' being based on Larry David-
This pretty, pretty, pretty good Tesla (almost never driven) is for sale. It used to be Larry David's. .
I thought Larry David as Bernie Sanders was pretty good
He's got that Larry David 'Everyone is having a good time but him' vibe down pat.
The more I watch Curb Your Enthusiasm the more I realize I'm actually a young Larry David.
It's like the child of Larry David and Armando Iannucci are writing the script for at the moment.
Larry David's shoes on Curb Your Enthusiasm are the prototype/creative inspiration Under Armour uses for Steph Curry's basketball shoes.
Larry David asks why Kollerstrom lost his honorary research fellowship at the University College L…
Larry David, Donna Pescow, and Fred Stoller preceded me at this trash heap.
I feel like I was Larry David in a past life
Turns out Larry David and Bernie Sanders are related after all.
If you can't handle me at my Larry David you don't deserve me at my George Costanza.
'Seinfeld' (1989 - 98) was a television series by Larry David & Jerry Seinfeld.
Larry David's long running "Bernie Sanders" character is about to get rumbled, end of an era
Bernie Sanders and Larry David share some 'identical DNA'
Is Larry David is reprehensible to you?
Larry David is right! Bald white men should be a minority. There... I said it
Bernie Sanders and Larry David are ‘third cousins or something,’ DNA analysis shows.
I'm beginning to wonder if we're being punk'd. Larry David couldn't come up with a whackier script.
Also David Soul as Ben Sears is great is favorite (with Fred Willard as Larry Crockett a close second)
It's been two years since I framed a picture of Larry David and put it in my parents bedroom and they still haven't noticed
Bernie Sanders and Larry David share some ‘identical DNA’ as distant relatives, says Captain Obvious!
.😁 and that was a true story that Larry David did when he was at SNL
Imagine a show that had Larry David, Jerry Seinfeld, Bill Burr and Louis CK all living under the same roof. Holy *** that would be amazing
CAN YOU SEE THE RESEMBLANCE? Bernie Sanders and Larry David are distant relatives:
Bernie Sanders and Larry David discover they are distant relatives:
Larry David went on PBS’s FINDING YOUR ROOTS and found out he is *literally* related to Bernie Sanders.
humans are but fickle creatures. they live, they die. they are forgotten. but Fashion... Fashion Is Eternal. - larry david , 1…
It turns out Larry David and Bernie Sanders are actually related - News & Observer
TV host: Bernie Sanders and Larry David relation couldn't have been 'scripted'
Bernie Sanders and Larry David are distant relatives
I love that show anyway, but now I must see it. The first time I heard Bernie Sander…
it's Krugman. when I read his stuff I hear it in my head in Larry David's SteinBrenner voice.
(AP) Actor Larry David and Senator Bernie Sanders are third cousins.
DNA test on upcoming TV program finds actor, comedian Larry David and US Sen. Bernie Sanders are related
21 uear old I'm dating didn't know who Larry David or JonBenet Ramsey is.
ConBody CEO Coss Marte has worked with Stephen Lang and Larry David.
Larry David explains why 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' is returning this fall
Larry David will be a plaintiff on Judge Judy on new season on Curb Your Enthusiasm via
Reminds me of the little kid on Curb Your Enthusiasm. The one Larry David buys a sewing machine for.
No one makes us cringe and laugh quite like Larry David. "Curb Your Enthusiasm" and more of HBO's best series:
Larry David is the dad who abandons you at the mall 8 times, but he's funny, so you forgive him.
Larry David explains why Curb Your Enthusiasm is back for another season
Really, I am sure Larry David know he is a *** Denial is the first sign.
biblewords3: Larry David claims he's actually related to Bernie Sanders:
Larry David says he and Bernie Sanders are related
According to upcoming TV special starring the comedian, SNL impersonator Larry David is distantly related to Sen. B…
Larry David says his blunt 'Curb' character is no Trump
Larry David's spot-on Bernie Sanders impersonation? Maybe it's in his blood: How did Larry…
Larry David will learn he's related to Bernie Sanders on 'Finding Your Roots'
Wait, Bernie Sanders and Larry David are ACTUALLY distant cousins. Can't even right now 😂😂😂
Larry David and Bernie Sanders are actually related, and now it all makes sense | TravelWireNews
Larry David on the difference between himself and President Trump: "Well I don’t conside…
Larry David has discovered that he is actually related to Bernie Sanders:
Larry David Reveals How Lorne Michaels and Ari Emanuel Recruited Him to Play Bernie Sanders on ‘SNL’ via
Larry David and Bernie Sanders are like third cousins, for real
Larry David reveals that he is related to Bernie Sanders:
Larry David may just save us all. .
Larry David and Bernie Sanders are actually related
I added a video to a playlist Larry David and Jason Alexander Full Interview
Crazy. I'm like Larry David tho. Stuff only happens to me. My wife sai…
Three Seeds: Walter White, Vic Mackey, Frasier Crane, Larry David... that's all for me...
Jason Alexander: "George got less interesting as a character when Larry David left the show"
"I'll tell you something about good looking people - we're not well liked." Larry David's standup opening line when he l…
Larry David is back Oct. 1st? Yay! And not a moment too soon. 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' Season 9 Teaser ..
Larry David & "Curb Your Enthusiasm" are back Oct 1. Here are the best sports moments in the show's history.
"Curb Your Enthusiasm" is Back for Season 9 and Larry David is Dressed Like a Roman For Some Reason:
HBO has announced that Larry David and Curb Your Enthusiasm will return for its 9th season on October 1st.
HBO will unleash Larry David's ninth season of 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' in October
Curb Your Enthusiasm returning Oct. 1st. Larry David like top 5 of all time.
Larry David is back. returns for Season 9 on October 1.
Brett the Hitman Hart, Larry David, SwolyBible, and my niece. Clearly only the coolest people are born today.
Happy born day to the gawd Larry David the big 7-0
Happy birthday to one of my favorite comedians, and a man clearly after my own heart, Mr. Larry David! Bring on Cur…
Larry David with Kenny Kramer (his neighbour and the inspiration for the character of Cosmo Kramer from Seinfeld). https…
More deracinated than Larry David but clearly Jewish branch. And probably no illusions that he's f…
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I remember when Larry David picked up a prostitute so he could use the HOV lane to get to the ballgame in time. (1/2)
In doubt three people you should engage in your soul - what would Larry David, George Carlin and George Harrison do
I want to live in a universe where Larry David didn't scare Lucy Lawless away with a story about his ensnared ***
Like that episode of curb. Larry David breaks it w/ a hammer. Removes the battery, still goes off. lol
Bannon who cashes big checks off the genius of Larry David and Jerr…
the only time scolding is good and hilarious is when Susie Essman curses at & chews out Larry David's *** on Curb Y…
There is 3 people I would fangirl over if I saw them IRL:. 1- Larry David. 2- Anthony Hopkins. 3- Jake Gyllenhaal. what's your top 3?
Larry David needs to write one more episode of Seinfeld called " The "
Selina Meyer, Larry David & George Costanza share so many of the same qualities
Larry David casting werner herzog to play him and nick cave to play Richard Lewis in a new season of curb would be hilarious
David Lynch: "Everybody loves to laugh. Larry David is great. Albert Brooks. Mel Brooks. I like girls that cry."
Baldwin as trump and Larry David as Bernie is perfection, rest pretty crappy imo
My top 7 influences of all time: Eminem, Larry David, Bill Simmons, Tina Fey, Garry Shandling, Nash (Dirk), Jon Stewart
I had this guest that looked like a mix of Larry David, Bernie Sanders, and Bernard Madoff. He had the East Coast accent too!
I mixed up Larry David and Larry the Cable Guy. In related news, I know how to fix the CARS movies.
Order Miche Bag Online!
Larry David should have gotten an Emmy for his role as George Steinbrenner
That time Uncle Junior thought Jeff & Larry David on his tv were himself and Bobby being filmed by the Feds.
Larry David takes his daughter to tour every Civil War battlefield
Larry David's daughter has a new web series - Jewish Telegraphic Agency
In real life Jerry and Kramer (and Larry David) lived in subsidized housing for artists in midtown
A little like the seder scene we witnessed last night - if the kids were Larry David!
Bernie Sanders sounds an awful lot like Larry David's George Steinbrenner
It's a Larry David episode. Curb Your Enthusiasm has got to be the funniest show of all time.
Clinton and Gore gotta be up there. Al Gore cheated on Tipper with Larry David's ex wife
Bernard Madoff had once said, he was like my former NY neighbor Larry David (Seinfeld), only better looking.
At the wrap party for "Curb Your Enthusiasm" with Bob Einstein and Larry David.
Can't decide if reading this in the voice of Larry David as George Steinbrenner makes it more or less mortifying
Dave Chappelle, Larry David and Sacha Baron Cohen have made me laugh harder than any other humans. Needless to say, today is big for me
If you like Larry David or Woody Allen, you'll love Caveh Zahedi. His THE SHOW ABOUT THE SHOW is now playing. Tix:…
Tim Allen: I'm a Brownshirt. I will put Larry David in a camp
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Kramer is to Jerry where Larry David is to George. Even the play on the last names is crazy. After watching Curb Your Enthusiasm
Larry David: Anyone can be confident with a full head of hair. But a confident bald man – there's your diamond in the…
Love the chemistry between Larry David & David schwimmer in season 4 of
With every episode I watch of Curb Your Enthusiasm, the more I realize that I'm a less vocal Larry David.
You way too corny to be Larry David
I used to get Larry David and Jeffrey Tambor confused all the time but now I recognize that one is a comedian and the other is a "comedian"
My all star dream interview would be to hear interview Martin Scorsese or Larry David. Marc, any chance of this in the future?
Kramer is to Jerry Seinfeld what Larry David is to George. Elaine Benes
Larry David, Jay Leno, Jonathan Katz and more join me tues 5PM on
there's value in the tripe for sure. And for the record - you're more of a Larry David. Who is a lovable curmudgeon. I'm in favor.
Cmon Kevin. Bernie is everyone's crazy liberal uncle. Free stuff! I am expecting to see Larry David on SNL soon.
I was replying in my best Larry David voice..
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