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Larry David

Lawrence Gene Larry David (born July 2, 1947) is an American actor, writer, comedian, and producer.

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Bernie pulled a Larry David and there is no more meta. Meta humor is done, folks. It had a good run.
What I love about Larry David hosting is that it's like George Costanza hosting SNL.
Welcome back authors Larry Correia, David Farland, Tracy Hickman, and Richard Paul Evans to
my life is like that. I wonder am I the *** or is it other people or what percentage of each? I am Larry David on curb
Larry David has to be one of the funniest people in history
Hard to play the resentment that 2 Jews Larry David/Julie Taymor made Bannon rich w/ artistry out of his reach
I measure my forehead. As soon as it to recedes I'm going to a 1 all the way around. Once it's all gone might do Larry David
For my money, Brad Beal still the best I've seen out of St. Louis over Larry Hughes and David Lee. We will see if Tatum can join as a pro.
Julie Hargis, Edward Gabis, Lisa Verax Reckner, Ross Flannery, Larry Misleh, David Storm, this is our beloved...
and Melissa McCarthy wasn't even hosting - I know snl does cameos (Baldwin, Larry David) but… assault with intent to maim?
Having learned he has a hot daughter, I'm waving my hands in exasperation from not knowing as if I were Larry David.
"There's no room for humility when a brand does a good deed. They’re always Larry David and never anonymous donor.".
You can’t do a show about the without Larry David. So CNN should have no trouble getting him to talk, right? Righ…
Someone called me a *** and tried to fight me backstage at a Rufus show in LA at the pier for cracking a Larry David joke.
You guys I just bought these. // Larry David Earrings by IdolLeisure via
Larry David is all, all is Larry David
I respect the move but only expect it from someone like Larry David
It's creepy how much Larry David is like my dad and I
either Larry David was signaling something he knew about Donald Trump or that's a quite extraordinary coincidence
Remember when wrote this same article when Larry David's daughter had only 6K followers (and not 74K)?
I see another Larry David/Bernie skit on SNL in the near future.
what was it like playing the role of a cop that tells Larry David to keep moving
Sometimes I feel like Larry David and the Curb Your Enthusiasm theme is constantly playing in the background. That's my life
"only two types of people wear sunglasses inside: blind people and *** - Larry David (as I remember it)
It's the scene where Larry Sanders visits David Duchovny, isn't it? that isn't just me?
You said you'd take on Wall Street but went on to support Hillary Clinton, you're the fraud, Larry David
My life up until now was a movie produced by people like Larry David with no musical score.
Larry David = best dialogue writer. The more screen time, the weirder the character gets. An insight applicable to most people IRL.
they start w/ fiddler on the roof to transition to Seinfeld then larry david& before u know it we're assaulted…
I just got carded trying to buy kombucha at the Whole Foods and I felt like a millennial Larry David
Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer. Oh. My. God. Better than Larry David as Bernie Sanders. Better than hot cocoa in December.
Honestly thought Larry David and Chevy Chase were the same person and now It makes sense why Chevy Chase's hairline moved so often in pics
I will go with what Seinfeld & Larry David once wrote: sweat pants in public - unless you're working out -means you…
Larry David,Chris rock,will Ferrell,Kramer, George and ElaineLouis CK,Bill Burr, Kevin Hart all a list comedians just to name a few
When will Larry David restore my happiness and bring back Curb Your Enthusiasm?!
Larry David got me hungry for Palestinian chicken. Shout out to HBO. Curb Your Enthusiasm was for the culture. I miss that show.
What great American novelist links Alla Nazimova and Larry David?
Curb Your Enthusiasm - Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld at lunch
I was listening to a Podcast with Larry David and Jeff Garlin today and Larry David talked about how much he loved Degrassi. He's my guy.
I'm totally comfortable not being as funny as Larry David.
It's 2017 and I'm still watching The Daily Show from April 2015. When they foresaw Bernie Sanders would be played by Larry David.
.Means only way for Clinton to win is to pick Larry David as VP. :P
Larry David has moved up to number 1 on my favorite Jew list. Sorry Jesus.
To the great delight of either Larry David or Jeffrey Tambor, apparently
Love these 2 more than words ❤️Merry wishes from Larry David, James Bond & Mother Theresa…
For Christmas I want a threesome with Larry David and Jeffrey Tambor. I asked Santa so we'll see.
All the old white men in LA be trying to jack Larry David's style.
He did kick Larry David out of NYC after Micheal J. Fox framed him.
Larry David re-edited Newman's first offscreen voice to be Wayne Knight & George's dad as Jerry Stiller, why didn't they change this?
I was thinking the same think more like Larry David to me
Is it me or does that actor in the diner look like a cross between Larry David & Patrick Stewart?
Turns out, not all comedians like the "getting coffee" part. With Jerry Seinfeld, Miranda Sings, Larry David, Fred A
Oh yeah and I'm thankful for Kate McKinnon, Alec Baldwin, and Larry David. Y'all are the real MVPs.
Called my mom to confirm Jews are people. Waiting on calls back from Larry David, Jon Stewart and Optimus Prime.
Bernie Sanders should dress up as Larry David for Halloween.
SNL's Pete Davidson opens up about his romance with Larry David's daughter
Rodney Stuckey could be evil Wade or evil 50 Cent, and Dan's Christopher Lloyd impression was spot on, or was that Larry David
Just saw that Pete Davidson is dating Larry David's daughter??. Mind blown... That must be one hilarious dinner table
Pete Davidson (SNL) talks His New Tattoos and about dating Larry David's daughter:
Follow the top Larry David stories for Oct 22 on our topical page:
Donald Glover is the modern day Larry David...Atlanta is genius television and he is worthy of a mention…
I was thinking Larry David, but yeah
When ppl say Jerrys not funny and it's all Larry David, imagine the show with Chris Kattan instead of jerry
Larry David quit SNL on Fri, then showed up Monday pretending it never happened. Advice from Kramer. Can this always work?
was pretty interesting tonight eh? . In an ideal USA Liz Warren as POTUS & Larry David as VP . I got my wish up here
CallawayBOT: SNL brought back Larry David as Bernie Sanders for a political Family Feud
Watch Darrell Hammond and Larry David return to as Bill Clinton and Bernie Sanders:
I will always love Larry David unless he burns my house down
I see Larry David robin Harris George carlin and hypertension bravo just me a fan
Jets superfan Larry David warming up to Ryan Fitzpatrick
I have so many heros. Tommy Ivo, Gary Nixon, Malcom Smith, Alby Urich, Mel Brooks. I'm adding Larry David. Caught his movie on Amazon.
Podesta is an evil hack pimping an evil, corrupt, greedy *** of a politician. Think Suzie Greene to Larry David
After my episode of 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' ran, Larry David and JJ Abrams were like, 'I disc
brilliant...almost as if Larry David or Mel Brooks had written this sketch! ha ha
Don't you even try and tell me that Larry David wouldn't be the best *** Rick Sanchez
Opposing party candidate acting more Presidential than President/Golf date w Larry David of utmost importanc…
"S/O to Allen Iverson, Larry David, Will Smith & Kobe Bryant, for making me the man I am today. Both on and off the court"-
Returning to CURB S1: Richard Lewis was kind of hot, so many earth tone throws, Larry David truly the funniest ever
Hope Solo is one of my favorite instigators of all time. I got her, Rasheed Wallace, and Larry David.
I have an unpopular opinion when it comes to Fey. Larry David.. Or the actual Dubya would do for me.
I read this for a second and thought it said Larry David. This is almost as good.
Dear . Why is Larry David screaming at me?. Love,. Riley.
Would love to see Bryce Harper on Curb with Larry David talking about hair.
Martin Short’s impression of Larry David is aces. .
Watch Jerry Seinfeld get coffee with Amy Poehler and Martin Short’s Larry David:
Gotta ask this about guy in the row behind us last night... A) Larry David. B) Tim Reynolds in 20 years. C) Both. Go!
A new book for us true fans of Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld!!
The REO Speedwagon singer is kinda going in Larry David mode when co-performing with Pitbull
Richard Lewis vs Larry David . The vote is in. Best LD/RL fight!.
A mind like Larry David, money hungry like Bobby Axelrod.
I'd like to thank one for convincing Larry David to do a ninth season of Curb Your Enthusiasm! Well played, sir!
Larry David resurrecting Curb Your Enthusiasm for HBO vs
Larry David just green-lit the show's ninth season. This is pretty, pretty, pretty good!
starring Larry David, will return to for its ninth season.
So excited! Larry David's Curb Your Enthusiasm is returning for a ninth season!!
Larry David needs to have a Curb storyline about a young actress who wants to date him and actually cast Jennifer Lawrence.
David Mandel "keeps fingers crossed" Larry David will return for more 'Curb Your Enthusiasm'
Larry David is thinking of bringing back "Curb Your Enthusiasm," says JB Smoove
young voters love old white guys from VT. Mmmm give me that Larry David hotness.
did you watch Maya&Marty? One lmao segment. An interview with Larry David by Jiminy Flick (Martin Short). Hysterical!
Terrance Winter, Larry David, Martin Scorsese & Louis C.K. are brilliant writers to me.. I love their stuff
Larry David and Ted Denson are what you get when *** are friends😂😂.
Okay, this Martin Short and Larry David interview is great.
someone has to tell Lerch he's right Jiminy Glick is one of the funniest characters on television. Martin took out Larry David
Martin Short on Larry David "It's amazing that you can walk into a room and instantly create depression."
Omg is anyone watching Martin Short and Larry David on ...I am on the floor. I can't breathe.
One the fumiest things I've seen in a really really long time:. Martin Short and Larry David and LD can't keep it...
Does anyone improvise better than Martin Short? Maya & Marty's Jiminy Glick with Larry David
See Jiminy Glick interview a giggly Larry David on the "Maya and Marty" premiere:
Just made it through my most Larry David moment this yr w/ a shocking amt of grace. If the world is a just place I'm gonna get hit by a car
LOVE the Jiminy Glick character. Hilarious exchange with Larry David.
You sound more like Larry David than Doc Rivers.
Any scene with Larry David and Ted Danson is hilarious
However - Larry David was a likeable guy who meant well . Jack Dee's character was just nasty on purpose.
Larry David: White people trying to be 'hip helping 'Hamilton'"
Larry David says liberals who see are just going along with the crowd to seem “with it.”
Larry David says is huge because of white people trying to be "hip"
Larry David says 'Hamilton' is boosted by white people trying to be "hip."
Larry David ethers white people who go crazy for 'Hamilton'
Larry David thinks got so big because of white people wanting street cred https:…
just saw the crescent mood of Larry David's bald head
Larry David is sitting court side next to the owner of The Warriors. It's good to be the king apparently.
Dan Hodges wouldn't like that. Larry David? Good grief.
To be fair to Dan Hodges, there was that abysmal BBC TV thing where Jack Dee failed to be Larry David.
Is Bernie Sanders is the of Lewis Black and Larry David's George Steinbrenner from Seinfeld?
Today at work I saw a man who looked like if George Costanza and Larry David did the fusion dance. I was in the presence of the Jew King.
I really want to see Larry David as the next James Bond. This 007's weapon is the power of his social anxiety and anger.
sorry, sorry, Larry David plays the Woody Allen role
I had a dream I met Bernie Sanders at a supermarket except I think it was actually Larry David. Also John Kerry and Bill Clinton were there
He is a mixture of Larry David and Jeff Goldblum, post Jurrasic Park.
Did I see Larry David's SNL character, Kevin Roberts, in the New Orleans French Quarters?
Others who've tried: John Cusack, Owen Wilson, Larry David, Jason Biggs...who else?
lol can always count on you for a spot on Larry David gif
One for Seinfeld/Curb fans - Grantland's BS Report podcast with Larry David:
"Distance will make the fond grow heartier." Robert Durst is kinda like Larry David, if Larry David straight-up killed people.
I feel that Larry David would approve.
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BILDAD THE SHUHITE: Am I crazy, or is that a lot of misfortune?. JOB [Played by Larry David]: It's a lot of misfortune!
JOB [Played by Larry David]: Hey. Is this a boil?. ZOPHAR: I, whoa, Job. JOB: It looks like a boil to me. Oh god,…
YHWH: Job I have forsaken thee. JOB [played by Larry David]: How forsaken we talkin here?
eh Woody Allen's highly overrated. He's like the poverty mans Larry David.
I will admit I always wanted Larry David to play my brother, Lawrence Costanza, the son Dad liked.
Even though the National Guard and Army Reserve see combat today, it rankle...
since when is Pete Davidson dating Larry David's daughter? what happened to Carly from girl code 😳
I bet that was fun... Larry and David Jeremiah. How fun could that get?
My life should really be documented and given to Larry David. LOL
did u know Larry David's daughter goes 2 ur school and is daring Pete Davidson!
Revealed: Action Plan to Make GOP Honest David Knight talks to Larry Nichols via
Helping people from communities doesn't cost us anymore" -Larry Berglund book launch
The only party in town where Frank Miller and Larry Miller can bro down over the flat tax.
Larry David as the best people from us, 2016.
It's especially weird that Seinfeld seemed completely out of ideas by S8, because Larry David went on to make like 50 good seasons of Curb
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Personally I would vote Bernie Sanders just to force Larry David to play him on SNL for the next 4 years.
One of my favorite Larry David moments.
Tonight's show was one for the ages. Thanks to and of course Larry David!
Julia Louis-Dreyfus is hosting SNL so it only makes sense for Larry David to be back
.Seinfeld reunion will leave you wanting to binge watch the entire series.
larry david, larry davis. my style a mix of both . I'm outrageous
Was just put into a Larry David situation at whole foods.
I am to Tom Selleck as is to Larry David
Larry David is the parent I one day hope to be... 😂
I already thought Pete Davidson was cool as *** and now he is dating Larry David's daughter. So now that's cooler than Fonzi cool.
Tried watching an episode, didn't even crack a smirk. Larry David is what Seinfeld funny.
they probably met because of Larry David's recent cameos on SNL. Bernie Sander's impact!
the older you get the better it gets and the less Larry David's behaviour seems mental
this might be my favorite episode after Larry David left
The person I find myself relating to the most is Larry David so I'm pretty sure I'm an awful person.
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I liked a video SNL Brings Back Larry David And Elaine From Seinfeld to Shred Hillary and Bernie
David Price allowed 8 ER today, tied for the most in a start in his career
In a matter of months, we've lost two music legends David Bowie and Prince. So heartbreaking.
[WATCH] Playing Bernie Sanders on 'SNL' could end Emmy drought for Larry David
Do you do yada yada weddings? Is there a kickback to Larry David involved?.
Thursday is here! Time for our Oyster Roast and live music by Larry David Project!
I'm four vodkas in and Richard Kind just walked into the bar which is basically Larry David and I love this evening
Actually Larry David is better u guys r right
Lorne Michaels & Larry David taking in some baseball!.
Larry David and Seinfeld would not base an entire character on such a national show if he wasn't famous.
You know you're Jewish when people talk about Larry David and they're like "He is SO crazy." And you're like, "Really? Is h…
"I'll go to the big banks, I'll sit them down, and yada yada yada, they'll be broken up" Larry David's Bernie on SNL
Larry David should have acted as George Costanza. No questions asked.
Got this sick pic of tonight. Knee deep in that movie as Larry David.
'SNL' mocks Bernie Sanders: Politics meets a show about nothing, as"Seinfeld" co-creator Larry David and actre...
"I can tell the difference" - even w eyes closed, can distinguish b/t Larry David &
Can you imagine the Color Purple starring Kathy Bates and Larry David with George Burns as the father?
Mind's drifting. I say we cast Jane Pauley, Larry David & Richard Dreyfuss for made for TV special.
Sanders really shouldn't have sent Larry David to do that editorial board interview for him.
Larry David will leave his Broadway play Fish In The Dark on June 7. Who's replacing him? Jason Alexander, of course.
Dustin Hoffman is excellent as Larry David's guardian angel
Why are reporters constantly soliciting apologies from candidates about this or that faux pas? It's like Larry David is runnin…
Dead happy I got to cut this Larry David... I mean Ludovico Einaudi performance for WWF's Check it:.
I'm so glad that Roger McGough has written about his aesthetic similarity to Larry David
How is Bernie Sanders different from normal politicians? - Larry David
I saw Larry David today! We passed each other walking by the stinky food trucks on Bedford Ave.! I had mascara on my face from a spin class!
Jim Larranaga has got to be Larry David's brother
Ken Williams should've hired Larry David, social assassin
With his new glasses Lewis Hamilton looks exactly like a younger version of my old uni course leader. And a bit like Larry David.
Larry David quotes for when you really need to sweat the small stuff. “We’re fighting because you’re a moron.”. v
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sounds way more like Ben Stern than Larry David
If Bernie is Larry David, Trump is Kramer, Hillary is Elaine, and you are Jerry.
Larry David's Bernie Sanders blasted the senator's supporters as 'so, so annoying' on…
welcomed back Larry David as to mock and wonder what super-delegates are
"Why the *** would they let a coffee perform on this show?!" *reads cue card 😂😭😭 -Larry David
I love Larry David. He's responsible for one of my all time favorite shows ! (Curb Your Enthusiasm)
Bernie, C.K, Larry David, Chappelle, Murphy, George Carlin there's too many to choose from!
I truly can't tell Bernie Sanders and Larry David apart at this point
This reminds me of the Arab riots and mobs...Democracy at it's finest...anarchy...
I love him cuz he's Larry David's older uncle. Besides that i got nothin.
A picture with Larry David in it where he isn't the most miserable person in it
your impression is the best of all of them. Even better than the one Larry David's been doing his entire life
Updated the wardrobe, now I look like Larry David
I'd be OK with that - it'd be totally worth it just to have Larry David making regular SNL appearances!
If this keeps up, Larry David will have to play on SNL too.
Larry david did an snl skit as Bernie Sanders? How did I miss that? Legit either way
Mood: I feel like getting in a senseless argument with Larry David, then going to a club and gettin it in style. Word.
Al Swearengen is the greatest character on any show. Second place is Larry David.
I always expect Bernie to sound like Ira Glass, not Larry David playing George Steinbrenner.
Paul Rust is the newer gentler gentile version of Larry David.
Funeral services for Larry David Campbell, 65, of Zwolle, LA, will be held on Monday, March 14, 2016 at 11:00 AM...
(Doing Larry David style impersonation: "Except gas. I have lots of gas to release.")
I seriously get so relieved when people cancel plans with me. I feel like Larry David.
One of the reasons I fell in love with the guy.
AJ is a wrestling fan. This can't be a bad thing.
No doubt. And I love that he's a wrestling fan too. Six have been missing that for a while
Frazier's personality is so refreshing and seems to be having positive effects on his teammates
"Eh, not really." Bernie just said the most Larry David thing of the night. .
I would but my own boyfriend said I'm basically Larry David
are we calling that just blew it now (read in Larry David voice)
- I still feel that Larry David does Bernie Sanders better than Bernie Sanders! Just sayin
Larry David to star in new biopic of Bernie Sanders.
ben carson trump Wow! Ben Carson just forgave Larry David for that finale episode of Seinfeld.
Larry David is already playing Bernie Sanders, so when does Garry Shandling start playing Kasich?
Pretty, pretty, pretty long line outside the to see Larry David this afternoon.
a big thank you to David Cross for coming to Lincoln, NE. We had a great time. He really Larry'd it up. Love, 2nd Show Lincoln
ask Cheryl David her answer to Larry David when he tried to golfing on her birthday
I now think different of you Justin after you said you can't stand Larry David
Whenever I imagine Bernie's voice it always slips into Larry David doing George Steinbrenner on Seinfeld. Whoops.
Whenever a woman says something suggestive I say "Hey Now" in my best Larry David voice
I dunno, It's hard for me to have a Larry David, Cookie Monster type persona as President. Just like I can't...
I can't wait for the inevitable HBO original film "Lemon Party" starring Amy Poehler and Larry David as Hillary and Bernie.
Larry David as George Steinbrenner is calling the VCU game
. I would rather elect Larry David as President.
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Alec Baldwin or Larry David is who they should get.
A date is an experience you have with another person that makes you appreciate being alone. - Larry David, Curb Your Enthusiasm
Curb Your Enthusiasm makes me a very happy person, thank you, Larry David.
Curb Your Enthusiasm is so funny! In the same league as Seinfeld. Gotta love Larry David!
Too bad Bernie Sanders won't do the Larry David to Hillary.. HUGE *** .. HUGE!. Funniest Curb Your Enthusiasm!
If there's one person I can relate to on TV, it's Larry David in Curb Your Enthusiasm.
Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump, Oscar Isaac as Marco Rubio, Emma Thompson as Hillary, and of course Larry David.
Jeff Garlin, Larry David, Sarah Silverman and Bob Odenkirk last night. Still smiling.
Had a dream I met Larry David and he was bummed on me
Hilarious clips of Larry David cracking up as Kevin Roberts in his SNL skit. 😂😂
Larry David and John Oliver are two of my favorite people on this planet
"I've never seen Larry David like this before. He can barely get through the "Kevin Roberts" skit...
Just pee'd my pants - Larry David rehearsing as douchey Kevin Roberts on 'SNL' via
Aside from the possibility of actual change, I want uncle Bernie to win at the very least because it'd mean more Larry David on SNL.
Larry David can't keep it together while rehearsing as douchey Kevin Roberts on 'SNL':
We need in the so Larry David can go on & ALSO do a lot more Kevin Roberts sketches.
I added a video to a playlist SNL - Target Shooting with Larry David as Kevin Roberts
So many Jews to keep up with. Bernie Sanders. Larry Sanders..NOT the Gary Shandling show..Larry David as Bernie Sanders. Where does it end?
Richard Lewis and Larry David with playboy bunnies
The one with Larry David as Sanders (the first time) was very good too.
Larry David and Bernie Sanders, together on "Saturday Night Live" at last
All the *** go wild sharing that awesome SNL Beyoncé skit but where was the love last week for Larry David as Bernie Sanders? Bad ***
So people have noticed that Bernie Sanders sounds exactly like Larry David, right?
I really want to interview Larry David.
Bernie Sanders and Larry David spoof Curb Your Enthusiasm on SNL - (press release) (blog)
The transitive property says if Larry David plays a great Bernie Sanders & Jason Alexander plays a great Larry, JA would be a great Bernie.
Look out, Larry David: Jimmy Fallon just unleashed a killer Bernie Sanders impression
The interactions between Larry David and Ted Danson in Curb Your Enthusiasm are some of the funniest moments I've ever watched
Are you sure that's not Larry David playing Bernie?
I swear every time I hear Bernie Sanders speak I think it's Larry David, that's why I think Rupert Murdoch should pick him as president
I only love 4 things: Seinfeld, Larry David, Murphy's, and my mattress.
FAN: "Larry David's version of George Steinbrenner on Seinfeld sounds just like Bernie Sanders." —Nosebleeds Dweller
If ever loses Larry David they should consider Geoffrey Rush to play Bernie Sanders.
if you close your eyes when he talks, Bernie Sanders sounds just like Larry David doing George Steinbrenner on Seinfeld.
Larry David does an excellent Bernie Sanders who does frankly a pretty lame
Bernie's talking but all I'm seeing is Larry David right now. Can't unsee.
Who does a better Bernie Sanders: Jimmy Fallon or Larry David?
"I'm worried about Bernie getting in the White House, being kidnapped by Larry David, and no one noticing for 3 years."…
Jimmy Fallon unveils his Bernie Sanders impression, is certainly no Larry David.
I can't believe NH is for Biff Tannen. It's up to you, Larry David.
Bernie Sanders on w/Larry David tonight having fun. And Hillary Clinton will be in fighting for kids! https:…
Larry David as Bernie Sanders. Jonny Depp as Donald Trump. Still waiting on Will Smith to play Obama
Larry Sanders though? Is Gary Shandling going to show up with Larry David on the next SNL? That's where my mind went.
Bernie Sanders brother is called Larry. Are they actually Larry David and Garry Shandling? That would make a great show.
yuk. Thomas Jefferson would throw up. Larry David v potty mouth
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The Bernie Sanders sketch was quite funny thanks to Larry David and AIdy Bryant.
Big big boon for Bernie... Larry David's tacit endorsement here is huge IMO.
Bernie Sanders joined Larry David on SNL for a hilarious sketch aboard the Titanic
Bernie Sanders, Neil Clark Warren, founder of eHarmony and Larry David weirdly look simila…
omg the Larry David "Bern Your Enthusiasm" SNL skit from last night is hilarious
the Bern your Enthusiasm was quintessential Larry David. The other one was quintessential SNL & sucked
Well, Larry David was hosting. Also, I realized at the beginning of the show I had not watched SNL since Don Pardo passed.
If you want at least four more years of Larry David on vote for Bernie! .
Roger McGough looks like a kindly Larry David - pretty, pretty good
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