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Larry Clark

Lawrence Donald Larry Clark (born January 19, 1943) is an American film director, photographer, writer and film producer who is best known for the movie Kids and his photography book Tulsa.

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I still own a Larry Johnson n Priest jersey no Clark Hunt jersey's in my closet ...
Larry Clark (remember Larry Clark?) is currently directing a sequel to his 2012 Marfa Girl, now streaming on Amazon
Larry, I'm not bothered by it. It would just be n8ce to see an even bias.
Larry Clark's Marfa Girl and Albert Pyun's MEAN GUNS (starring Christopher Lambert and Ice-T!) are on Amazon Prime.
I wish you taught at my colleges when I was a kid, Larry.
Happy Birthday Mike Kelley ! Taking it back to my amazing conversation about art collecting w/ Larry Clark
If you loved the "KIDS" movie like I did, there was some other crazyness from Larry Clark that you might have missed out on, *** 4 you.
Viceland - Epicly Later'd "Harmony Korine" Episode is what the world needed. I love it. Him and Larry Clark most known for the movie "KIDS".
Ive seen a lil but of it, that's actually how Larry Clark met Harmony but I'm boutta check out Wassup ro…
Also check out Larry Clark's photography book called Tulsa, it's the real deal
That movie wild! And naw I gotta get hip, watch Bully and Wassup Rockers, they both directed by Larry Clark
Larry’s awesome. Love his spirit AND wisdom.
Larry is the best. He's bang on on most things. Nobody comes close.
Bandworld Magazine recognized LARRY CLARK's score "Dream Engine" in its Top 100 new pieces list. Features...
Larry Clark shares research on bioactive restoratives and how to incorporate these materials into patient treatment
They let the kids be themeselves they didn't want to fake anything in the movie. It's on some real li…
Tonight my photo got compared to Larry Clark and Weegee’s work and like. wow :,)
A Look into the Real Lives of Larry Clark's 'Kids' via
Are you at the ASDA? Don't miss Larry Clark's presentation at the KOL Roundup today at 2PM
She calls out larry clark for being a pervert in another interview
“There’s a difference between having a network and people knowing your name” - Larry Clark
Dream&Co with Larry Clark. This man changed my life as a kid n he don't fw trump... 🙏🏽 props to him
Backstage 9/10/17 at Riverbend with Alice Cooper. Breeze Morning Show Host Alan Hoover & our engineering team Maggi…
Larry Clark's "Kids" Part 2, in 2017... AKA my fave Princess Nokia single so far.
.is live Now playing Two Of A Kind by Larry M Clark Tune in here
Demonstrators smash windshield of a police vehicle at Tucker & Clark. Property damage & violence will not be tolerated.
I must have watched too many Larry Clark Films. .
Speaking of Candy Clark and Shaft, stay tuned for our interview with the one…
Stop playing. We all know that's Larry Bird.
You should it's a very interesting movie. My third favorite Larry Clark film tbh
I'm not ready to unfollow, but I have only been visiting positive Trumpers (…
Meet Black Singles 300x250
🙌 YASSS It's time for a great show Patience Susan Clark:😍😍 .
Wrapper front from HAIBUN. Larry Clark Vroman. Etching and canvas, wire mesh
The other one is Conviction by Larry Clark
My spin class was full of rowdy teenage AFAMs. It was like a BGC version of Larry Clark's Kids.
My IT review now has references to MOMMIE DEAREST and Larry Clark films and lol what am I even doing anymore this is way too long.
LIVE CE Webinar with Dr. John Comisi and Larry Clark on Bioactive Restoratives - 9/27 at 7PM EST via htt…
The only way this photo could be more perfect is if it was taken by Larry Clark
horrid film called Ken Park, an abomination by Larry Clark
Are you going to ask Bill Fagerbakke about his appearance in Larry Clark's film "Ken Park"?
signed WR Larry Clark, a rookie out of Colorado State-Pueblo.
CONGRATS to former WR Larry Clark on signing a contract with the Arizona Cardinals today! That makes four...
Check out every nude scene in Larry Clark's Ken Park!
Dream Tee, Automatic n Larry Clark was calling my name.
Revisit of Larry Clark's 'Bully'. Bloody *** - Nick Stahl is good at that acting stuff.
I really like Larry Clark's films, as weird as that is. I like Richard Ke...
Nick Stahl in Larry Clark's brutal observation on the human condition, Bully (Film4 1am)
GUNNISON — Larry Clark is new to the Colorado State University-Pueblo football program. -
CSU-Pueblo WR Larry Clark returns from suspension this week. One coach told us he could be the "best in program history."…
"I got a great performance out of Bijou Phillips, who can't act a lick and was terrible. I had to make her good..." -- Larry Clark, BEE Pod
Larry Clark discusses his sequel to 'Marfa Girl' and his under-seen paintings
Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Moss pictured in New York City before attending Larry Clark’s art show (1993)
. He's a bloody genius. Will most definitely be watching this.
NOWNESS: How to make a cult classic from LarryClark
How to make a cult classic from LarryClark
Polaroids from on set of Larry Clark's Kids, 1995.
. I met in Wendover poker room years ago, great guy, had nice conversation about & Larry Clark.
More retiring state reps being honored in House: Larry Clark and Bob DeWeese of Louisville, Johnny Bell of Glasgow ... ^JC
Its earnest portrayal of teenage ambition the complete opposite of anything Harmony Korine and Larry Clark ever teamed up on -Ken Park, Kids
Is this the most explosive portrait of hedonistic youth since Larry Clark's Kids?
Rep. Larry Clark gets to speak before Jennifer Garner at House budget committee
Larry Clark (42nd Street Series) 1978 Larry documented his teenage years with friends
P.P.S. You should go read Larry Clark's amazing reminiscence of Gene Smith on his Instagram account 2/2
The Dirties- a mix of Larry Clark's Bully, Gus Van Sant's Elephant and a dab of Wes Anderson + a whole lot of film love= fantastic & tragic.
Check out Gen. Wesley Clark Joins Larry King on PoliticKING via on
"Somebody’s gotta go in there who speaks Arabic, knows the land & can govern the territory”- on
Do not miss the start of tomorrow at 10 AM with guest speaker Larry Clark.
I feel like Larry Clark, Harmonie Korine and Ewan McGregor all mixed into one.
na I can't even tell you! if you liked Alpha you're gonna like Bully, plz watch it! Bully directed by Larry Clark
Been studying Larry Clark's "Teenage Lust" photo book more than I've studied any book in school.
KIDS (Larry Clark, 1995) . with. 40oz BOTTLES OF MALT LIQUOR. 'feel like a teen and drink with the kids on screen'
Ohio State's woes be damned, the Big Ten is the country's best conference by a long shot:
Hearing from Larry Clark, & at "Where Talent and Innovation Connects"
Excited to hear from Larry Clark, and Michael Cox at "Where Talent and Innovation Connects"
Congrats to Councilmember Larry Smith on his retirement! You've set the bar high for the next generation.
I liked a video from Here's What Went Down at the Supreme x Larry Clark 'Kids' 20th
If you like Pancake blocks and nasty o lineman Check out class of 18 OL Larry Clark's highlights on
Nan Goldin, Bill Viola, Larry Clark, William Eggleston, Stephen Shore, Emmet Gowin.. I have lots of favorite artists,. I can go on for days.
Chapman once held a guerilla installation of Larry Clark's Tulsa, which has never been openly exhibited in Tulsa
KIDS was released 20 yrs ago on this day. Directed by Larry Clark & written by 18yr-old skater named Harmony Korine.
- written by Harmony Korine and directed by Larry Clark, was released…
Larry Clark, Harmony Korine and the Cast of 'Kids' at 20th Anniversary Reunion
‘One of my favourite Larry Clark movies and Harmony Korine on top form. Kids,’ Then and Now
KIDS came out 20 yrs ago this month. Harmony Korine & Larry Clark discussed the making of the film at http…
Today's the 20th anniversary of Larry Clark's Kids . Here's collab as a tribute
It's like if Larry Clark directed a really bad Bret Easton Ellis short story but they couldn't afford to hire Lindsay Lohan for the lead.
Larry and I are all ready for opening weekend May 1st.. Lots of work but now we can sit back and…
The movie kids by Larry Clark is one of the reasons as to why I have trust issues.
forgot about that trade ...Michigan back to back after the disaster pick... Dallas Clark at .. Larry Johnson at
Now Playing : Alcohol Atmosphere by Larry Clark !!!. What do you think???. Tune in now to the very best of...
Larry Clark Jonathan Velasquez 2004, Museum of Modern Art of the City of Paris Exhibition ☼
Forgot to mention, Larry says hi, he really misses you.
Great Day out with Ben Caldwell and Larry Clark at the Tate Modern.
Gym, five recipes due, foundation work and meeting with LV Clark County Commissioner Larry Weekley today, just for a sta…
Join us for on 05/30/15; Soon and Very Soon Twinkie Clark f/ Larry Clark
Larry Clark is a cinematic genius n I love his work but I haven't allowed myself to watch Gummo yet I might become a recluse if I do .
Larry Clark making a difference for McLane Little League
A great evening at the with Ben Caldwell and Larry Clark!!! and
Watching Bully Directed By Larry Clark and it's so good , I love movies that are realistic & relatable 💔
If you saw Clark's amazing Passing Through don't miss his rare early films today
Ben Caldwell presents his and Larry Clark's radical early L.A. Rebellion films today 4pm
Won't be Larry Clark wild cause I truly don't live that life but there will be a lot of literal fire
Larry Clark, Nan Goldin, and Antoine d'agatha all have a distinct subject matter that interests me
in his photo-book Tulsa Larry Clark documented his teenage years with friends, early 1970s ☼
"At the end of the day, what I show is. real life. I tell the truth. And the truth. can be shocking.". - Larry Clark
Marfa Girl is my most favorite Larry Clark movie. And part of my top favorite movies all around.
Gus Van Sant interviews director Larry Clark circa July 1995 in regards to his film 'Kids':
u may like Marfa Girl, pretty chill indie by Larry Clark, Jeremy St. James is horrifying in it
Thats a tough decision all of Larry Clark's movies r great! Have u heard of his latest one Marfa Girl? That one's my favorite!
Did u know the director Larry Clark picked her right off the street? He's known for doing that, like in his other movie Marfa Girl
Congratulations to Larry Jones & Kerwin Clark. Cassatt voted 2015 Horse of the Meet Good luck Sat.
A new favorite by Larry Clark and j.w. Anderson
Thought I'd let you know my lengthy ethical analysis of Larry Clark's "Kids" is live,
We're bc Larry Davis is going to win AAC COY & is gonna win Rookie of the Year tomorrow
Larry Clark dropping new very soon must see
Hopefully the two of you are familiar with Larry Clark's photo book Tulsa.
Researching Nan Goldin + Larry Clark for a paper looking at representations of illness + subcultures... any leads/places I should look?
I dislike the DH. But even more I dislike 2 leagues playing by different rules. Time for NL to modernize.
The story of one man's journey from despair and depression to redemption and peace. By
Larry Clark's "Kids" still remains one of the more disturbing films that I've seen.
Photo: hypebeast: Designer Jonathan Anderson and filmmaker Larry Clark have teamed up for the release of a...
Larry Mirkin may have had a lovely breakfast but this afternoon was a feast of fun with Elly and Linda learning about preschoolers!
Rogers: Your World This Week visited Opie and series producer Larry Mirkin on the Hi Opie! set.
Too late for Jose Canseco and the Expos, but the DH *will* be in the NL, and probably soon. http:/…
Bainbridge High School’s boys team placed third overall in the meet, while BHS’ girls team placed 12th overall in...
Larry Davis from Cincy, pulled Cash Wright from Savannah and Gary Clark from NC, would hate it but he deserves a shot
Asked if he misses leadership post, Rep. Larry Clark announces his most recent blood pressure test results to press corps
I want to be friends with Larry Clark.
Larry Clark and J.W. Anderson Make an All-Star Team: By Josh ArnoldWhat do Larry Clark and Jonathan Anderson h...
t'Conversation in a cab with Larry Clark' on Vimeo
Straight from Freethought Today's Black Collar Crimes:. Larry M. Clark, 62, Buena Vista, VA was sentenced to 5...
Q&A with Larry Clark (KIDS) at tmrw's screening of his new film THE SMELL OF US:
Quentin Tarantino, Gregg Araki, Larry Clark, Harmony Korine, Alan Moore & Frank Miller all know what's up ☺✌
up next, what Larry Davis told me about Gary Clark
Mayton was referring to stepping down from Speaker Pro Tem. background:
The soundtrack to Larry Clark's KIDS getting me through an afternoon of job applications
I'm the traumatised one up front being comforted. My sis is in the very Larry Clark onesie behind, holding ballon genitals.
Looking for contact details of Altaist Larry V. Clark. Anyone? Pls email me at fresco
it's like watching a Larry Clark film.
Trailer: The Smell Of Us: “The Smell Of Us” is the new movie by Larry Clark made in Paris during summer 2013, ...
HDR Opinion: Larry Clark column: State vaccine law reform started here: I had my share of childhood diseases: ...
I named my cats, Telly and Casper after KIDS. Larry Clark is a genius.
Last call for the show: LA friends, snag me a $100 snapshot and I'll love you forever.
It's the last day of the photo show. Snag a snapshot from for only $100.
Larry Clark shares use of distribution operations training to simulate large-scale storm events
This was still my favorite post to write:
Larry Clark's Kids is one of the most disturbing movie I've ever seen.
Went to Ooga Booga, bought a Larry Clark photograph, met this dude. @ Ooga Booga
The Wire sure does contain a lot of actors who scarred me for life in Larry Clark movies
Photo: vanssyndicate: Leo Fitzpatrick is helping Larry Clark sell some vintage photos today and tomorrow at...
Photoset: gallowhill: larry clark, genetics transformation for zoo magazine no.40, 2013
“I’ve had many, many vices,” said Larry sipping French wine in Tribeca smh
Not feeling the webber flip. And this class is an absolute bust with no Clark, Marshall, Weber, or elite flip of some sort.
Our Web Shop is offering the last few copies of Forgotten Photographs - a new book by Larry Clark, Don't miss it!
"I would go so far as to say that if I saw Ryan (McGinley) sucking a *** I still wouldn’t think he was *** " - Larry Clark
Just wanted to say THANK YOU to all the Veterans and active service members in are armed forces Branden Cole,Lisa Butler, Joel D Hall,Larry Clark,JR James, Thank you for our freedom. Just to name a few.
The text included on the first pages of Larry Clark’s newest bookWacko Mariais written by the prolific photographer himself and in s...
“Idc how "tumblr" Donnie Darko is now it's still the sickest movie of all time” 'bully' by larry clark is better
Getting through an early Harmony Korine/ Larry Clark film without cringing in discomfort or signing up for therapy deserves an award
40 to 1, Larry Clark, island, untitled, and cigarette girl would be an interesting ep
Thanks to all veterans past & present and to my brothers Bucky,Larry,Allan,&Ricky Hatfield & brothers Willie,Robert,Henry Eugene Clark
Foto: druggame: coupx: strictlygenteel: Larry Clark -Tulsa 1971 Ultraviolence Click here for more...
Video of lectures at Crowley Theater in Larry Bell, Marianne Stockebrand, Robin Clark
Readers write: The quilters are not homophobic - Editor:  I must address the Larry Edwards story Jack Clark wrote ...
Thankful it is November and I'm not a Turkey.
New York was lookin so Larry Clark today
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Reading American Psycho makes me want to read more of my fav movies that are based off books. Bully (Larry Clark film) is next ☺️
10 great quotes from Linux and open source leaders at and Europe 2014
★★★★★ THE FEAR OF THINGS TO COME. "Give as a gift to someone who has read it all." http:…
Ryan Clark's about to just start working for ESPN full time
Looks like my friend Clark White called it about last night's "Doctor Who" finale. It just pisses me off that I'm...
In BULLY by Larry Clark 10pm tonight on Showtime :)
Ran into Twinkie Clark at the Stellar Awards go get Her Single it is still for Sale "There Is A Word ft. Larry Clark"
LARRY CLARK UNDERWOOD got their posted to -
This weekend at MOCA: Film program with Larry Clark and Wu Tsang, plus
Premonition: Larry Clark's next movie will feature sexy teens who do trailer parkour.
"There is nothing more important than securing your - Larry Ellison
Jazz in Bethesda this Saturday Night with Larry Brown and Sharon Clark via
"Boy - Larry Clark Freestyle by beige boy on
Boy - Larry Clark Freestyle by beige boy on
Fun time supporting & his Iowa Western team. Great tailgate & "skybox" seats w/ Larry, Clark &
.CTO Larry Ellison: we have by far more applications than anyone else--both build and buy strategy to help cu…
Favorite players of all time by sport:. MLB: Mike Piazza. NBA: Larry Bird. NFL: Dallas Clark. NCAAB:Jimmer Fredette
talking to HELLAWARE director about Larry Clark, Nan Goldin, and the Insane Clown Posse: (f…
movie was crazy that show reality wats happening ,also larry clark made a movie call Bully a true story
More postgame audio from DT Alex Barrett and WR Larry Clark:
LARRY CLARK UNDERWOOD just got their posted to Wake County, NC Mugshots & Arrest Records -
I vote for Larry Clark for espn top 10 after that one hand grab tonight
Larry Clark is having himself a day
Larry Clark already has a career-high 47 receiving yards in the first 21 minutes.
Apparently Larry Clark had a crazy nice catch but decided not to show it because they were focusing on commercials instead
Larry Clark's one-handed grab vs. UNLV in the second quarter (around 10:15) on ESPN3.
Who needs two hands? GREAT one handed catch by Larry Clark for an Aztec first down!
Big one-handed grab by Larry Clark means a gain of 29 for the Aztecs. Those are the plays SDSU's WRs need to make. 1.10 from the 49
Incredible one-handed catch for Larry Clark. Goes for 29 yards.
Larry Clark (WR) and Jemond Hazely (WR) each earned their first career start tonight.
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
I hated Kids. But same director, Larry Clark, check out Bully. Was in the middle of typing that. lol
Snuggle up with Larry on those cool autumn nights with a hot cup of coco. "A Boy From Down East" ……
The new Larry Clark film is being slaughtered by critics i'm so sad.
HDR Opinion: Larry Clark column: Safety first is a must when it comes to gun fun: I have been around firearms ...
yeah of course KIDS is really good probably my favourite Larry Clark film
Larry Clark black n white photos. V graphic mite be some suitable 2 show pupils.
Okay you have to watch Ken Park like you have to, then Trash Humpers and then Gummo! they're all Larry Clark/Harmony Korine Films.
unusual crowd today outside our office rue Saint Joseph queuing for a chance to buy photos from Larry Clark.
The sale of 1000s of signed 10x15 prints by Larry Clark starts today 1pm @ Silencio…
I am proud of my brother, Charles Clark. He has put up with me for year now and he has made some BIG changes. He...
hot dogs were invented in 1936 by Larry Hotdogs when he accidentally dropped a bag of prize-winning pig *** in his D…
.interviewed Larry King about his ads for a company selling loans to small businesses at 100% APR.
I've never connected to any movie like the way I connect to Kids by Larry Clark & Harmony Korine
“Kids by Larry Clark is one of my fav movies..”what I'm watching tonight
Hello...what happens if you're not in Paris to buy one of the Larry Clark can you get one er two? Thanks!
Buy Miche Bag Online!
If anyone in Colorado needs wild game processing, then Larry Clark is the goto guy! I have known Larry for...
Christy Clark needs to smarted the f up & get an agreement with our teachers bc I'm sick and tired to losing my 12th year
Larry King and high-interest loans. Yeah, that Larry King. via
I liked a video from Michael Clark - Pretty Pounding
he does! Turnip was a grumpy old *** Clark like a naughhy school kid, Larry was just uncool and Robbins, well ...
Glad to have Larry Clark of Pulpdent visiting our offices today to introduce ACTIVA, an exciting new product, to our edi…
A short film featuring the boys of AMCK Models. Inspired by the banned Larry Clark CK ads of the 90s | 99...
When I was growing up getting up early on a Spring Saturday morning and heading out to go fishing with my dad was...
I have three major fictional crushes: Clark Kent, Larry Paul, and Ben Wyatt
Larry Clark’s new film THE SMELL OF US starring Michael Pitt to World Premiere in Venice!
still got half an hour on nbhd x Larry Clark
"Tulsa is a collection of black-and-white photographs by Larry Clark of the life of young people in Tulsa, Oklahoma."
today! Some Larry, some Michele, some, Pyramid Schemes, and did a SC Justice retire to become a FC judge in Clark County?
nobody is like Larry Clark, but hugh holland did a lot of Venice beach work and likes to photograph skinny shirtless boys too
Btw, been meaning to remark apropos of nothing that your cover photo looks like a still from some Larry Clark film.
Larry. Tks for the follow. I follow you
"The Saladin Strategy is a great read!". .
People complaining that all the "Larry proof" is fetus, didn't deserve what has happened this year
This is exciting Larry Clark and Michael Pitt. Promises to be more than a typical film
.I'm so glad too! I love Larry Clark films, KIDS and BULLY has always left a big impact on me. A thought-provoking filmmaker.
Alright so the cinematic style of Matthew Porterfield is like a mix of Larry Clark and Wes Anderson. Lol
the fact that KIDS is on YouTube shows you that Larry Clark and Harmony Korine are for the youth . they could take it down, but they know
Kids by Larry Clark is the move tonight
New Music from Larry Clark coming up next .!
Marc Vallée doing an informal lunchtime talk on Larry Clark | Tomorrow at 1pm | ‘My Favourite Photographer’ |
My double bill tonight - Larry Clark's Kids and Jonathan Glazer's Under the Skin. Both deeply disturbing and two of my favourites!
River's Edge. As great as I remember. Sick performance by Crispin Glover. This would make a good double bill with Larry Clark's Bully
Getting our grub on Harold Lewis Taylor Lewis Lynn Jamieson Clark and Larry Clark.
Winner of 2014 BAFTA student film awards Annie Silverstein, for her film SKUNK. Make way for the next Larry Clark!
LARRY CLARK | features in FAD ArtNews | 'Larry Clark opens his archive to offer unqiue photos for £100' | See |
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
"Kids" director Larry Clark will be selling his original snapshots for £100 each at soon:
Larry Clark sells his photos for 125 euro at Simon Lee Gallery in London via
Larry Clark opens his archive to offer unique photos for £100 Simon Lee Gallery
The Signature Songs of Twinkie Clark Tour! During the 7th city of the tour, Twinkie Clark decided to join Larry Clark during his set. Mt. Calvary Baptist Chu...
Larry Clark is selling his snapshots at £100 each from July 1st at Simon Lee Gallery, London via
"ART Tank man, Larry Clark and Van Gogh's ear makes a comeback -
behind the scenes with the cast of the upcoming Larry Clark film, The Smell Of Us.
I mean looking at Larry Clark, it's kinda what he's known for lol and it's his first foreign language film so I'm sure some
Larry Clark is reinventing the movie KIDS , but as a foreign film with Parisian skate kids . Sounds dope
Washington State Magazine author Larry Clark writes a compelling profile of our camera and our CTO Jeff Stewart.
Second day at Burns Lake show started like this... and I will shorten some of the details but it really renewed my faith in people. Larry Clark had an injury on Saturday nite and by Sunday morning I had to ask a few handlers if they could handle both my dogs as I drove Larry to Prince George. I can't believe how wonderful people were watching over my dogs and making sure they got in the ring. So I have a few thanks and report on the day. THANK YOU to judges Tim Doxtater and Don Emslie for: CL's By The Grace of God GROUP 1 both shows, and Best Puppy in Show!!! OMG I nearly died when I got back. THANK YOU hugely to Doc Coulas, Aaron Andriash and especially Michelle Beaton ( a non GSD handler ) for guiding Grace to her wins. Ky was handled by Aaron and Michelle but Ky's daughter was on her game. Wow what a day .. THANK YOU ALL! . pictures to come by tomorrow.
ALASKA Projects in association with The Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences at UTS is proud to present ALASKA Cinema Club. Curated by Dr Alex Munt (Senior Lecturer, UTS), ALASKA Cinema Club will screen 10 Manhattan focused films in 2014 at the UTS Bon Marche Studio and ALASKA Projects which will be converted into a micro-cinema in the Kings Cross car park. The program will deliver an eclectic series of films from Spike Lee, Woody Allen, Whit Stillman, Larry Clark, Mary Harron and more! A guest speaker will introduce the films. ALASKA Cinema Club Film The Right Thing (1989) 6:30pm Tuesday 6 May Bon Marche Studio (UTS) Building 3, 755 Harris Street Sydney, Broadway 2007 Spike Lee's Do The Right Thing (1989) takes on the big issues of race, gender and class politics in America. Set on the streets of Brooklyn, over the hottest day of the year, the film simmers with racial tension towards its explosive and controversial ending. Lee renders New York with a bold, colourful cinematic brush and the film remains a tr ...
Local Family/Friends: Our 5th Annual "STELLA"-Yelling Contest STELLA BLUES & BBQ FESTIVAL SATURDAY, APRIL 5th Yell “Stella” at the Little Theatre - The Bay St. Louis Little Theatre will hold its 5th annual “Stella Yelling Contest” on Saturday, April 5th from 2pm to 3pm. The contest takes place at the balcony of the Little Theatre. Contestants are not limited to gender or age. All participants are welcome. Each contestant should be prepared to give their best Stanley Kowalski “Stella” yell to the Little Theatre Stella. Stanley and Stella are characters of the Tennessee Williams play “A Streetcar Named Desire.” The first winner of the Stella contest was Larry Clark followed by Jimi Smith, then Bruce Northridge, and last year David Hilbert. - The entry fee is $10. This year there will be cash prizes. First prize will be $150 and a trophy, second prize is $100, and third is $50. The contest is incorporated into the Stella’s Blues and BBQ Festival sponsored by the Little Theatre and ...
Rep. Larry Clark tells me he had a "productive" meeting with racetrack owners today. But no movement on casino bill yet.
House's Larry Clark on status of expanded gambling bill: It's resurrected just a little bit but we still have the hearse parked outside.
I would like to see some current day versions of some classic photography book projects. I think a couple photographers tried but I'm not sure if any made it to press. Robert Frank - The Americans Brassai - Paris By Night Daido Moriyama - 71-NY Larry Clark - Tulsa Bruce Davidson - Subway
Finally bac home after an AWESOME WEEKEND Ministering with Dr. Twinkie Clark, Dr. Dorinda Clark, Pastor n Good friend James Henderson , Larry Clark & more... thank you God for New Horizons!! Doors & Dimensions!! You are Taking Mark Gordon & Eternal Life Ministries (yal Sang... Ministered & Bucked Dat Master this Weekend)
Baltimore MD - The AIF is proud to partner with USA College Football for the first in the nation Professional Football player draft. Live Coverage begins, Wednesday February 19th from 7-9 pm. The MHE Sports Network will air the event. The show will be hosted by Mike Wood and Dennis Wilson President of the USA Football Bowl. AIF front office staff John Morris, Jack Bowman and Larry Clark will also be contributors. Eighty-eight football players squared off against one another on the field January 20th in a collegiate all-star game at Hoover Metropolitan Stadium and the American Indoor Football (AIF) was there. The AIF/USA Football Bowl draft will consist of 5 rounds. The draft order is as follows; 1. Baltimore Mariners 2. Atlanta Sharks 3. Cleveland Patriots 4. Rochester Raiders 5. Washington Eagles 6. York Capitals 7. Cape Fear Heroes
Sitting by Coach Clark and Larry was hilarious😂
At this Larry Clark party but the best thing bout this old *** man is open bar & free food 👌
Screenprinted these shirts for birthday boy Larry Clark today
Larry Sanders for Jarrett Jack and Earl Clark. I will drive them to Milwaukee and bring sanders back. Good idea?
We've been busy. Thanks to Jen Chambers, Larry Clark, and Leo Maslan for their help with a debriefing for WWVFD. It is always an honor to work with local heroes providing services for local heroes.
Larry Clark thanks for the invite...
This song right here is a must listen...check it out! Im thinking Larry Clark should come minister in song at the...
by Larry Clark , which won is now officially released and streaming exclusively�
Larry Clark style yoga . Padmasana Kukutasana Warm UP for before coffee .
I feel so Good with Life.This Cellular Effect Movie got me on Cloud 9.Thanks Larry Clark and Leticia Ross.See you Guys Tonight.Wow this is not a Dream.This not a Dream.
My rhymes turn a new page like Mark Foley, and touch kids like when Larry Clark gave the part to Chloe. —
It's Larry Clark's 71st birthday at tonight -- free food and drink off of the club's new menu -->
Website Builder 728x90
Did you see Live at 9 on channel? Our fabulous magician Larry Clark was on there promoting his new show on Jan. 31 & Feb. 1. Don't miss it!
Wow Larry Clark is about to be on channel 3 news just after the commerical break. I got my dvr on record do you?
My phone has been on one. But pay day.. I love you Larry Clark I hope your having a awesome day at work. Xoxo
Celebrate the intimacy of the snapshot with Juergen Teller, Larry Clark + more:
National Treasure top 40 all time tho
Official release party, first ever NY performance Exclusively at Larry Clark's birthday event!
Today I was able to go to Frankfort with 18 other students from the University of Louisville to meet with various senators and representatives about higher education funding and the financial needs of the University. Governor Beshear proposed a budget that cuts $3.5 million off of our operating budget, which could lead to much higher tuition rates. If this passes, this will be the 14th cut to our budget in 13 years. Special thanks to those I personally met with today: Rep. Larry Clark, Rep. Tim Moore, Rep. Hubert Collins, and Rep. Ron Crimm. I look forward to coming back Tuesday to meet with more senators, representatives, and other state officials.
We dont don't turn up no more, jet fuel is cheap, we fly with rocket fuel, warm up the space shuttle so we can take off. Imdareal CaptainKirk Jamar Ross Mailman Misjudge Yung Footda Don Drew Montana Larry Clark
Does anyone know of a good place online to buy photography posters (not prints)? Specifically looking for Joel Sternfeld, Larry Clark and Laurie Simmons.
ON AIR: Capt. Larry Burns talks about what he would do as Clark County Sheriff.
My genetics are great. Thanks mom, Tina Moore & dad, Larry Clark! Skin is out topic this week in Cosmetology!
Larry Clark & Marfa Girl (2012) official site with exclusive films, details, photographs, and news. LARRYCLARK.COM
COWEN OPENING 24 JANUARY 18:00 - 21:00 VW (VeneKlasen/Werner) is pleased to present an exhibition of works by Jeff Cowen. This is the artist’s first solo exhibition in Berlin, offering an overview of his work of the past decade with a particular focus on recent works. For the better part of its brief history photography was largely understood as a tool for recording data rather than as a proper artistic medium. Photography’s status as a lesser art persisted into the late twentieth century, despite the contributions of countless artists from Victorian times, through to Surrealism and on into the Post-modern era. Photography today is accepted as a thoroughly valid means of creative expression; yet the ubiquity of cameras and of photographic imagery in our daily lives makes it easy for us to forget the photography’s complex and still-evolving history. This history is essential to Jeff Cowen’s art. Cowen mines the whole of photography’s history, employing contemporary and antiquated techniques to cr ...
Larry Clark Totally enjoyed the video! Keep up the great work!
I really enjoyed it Bro. Larry Clark keep up the great work.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
it's like Larry Clark's BULLY but the 1965 British version!
Horseheads village trustee Larry Clark died Monday. Clark served on the Zoning Board of Appeals before he was elected trustee in 2010.
Photo: kate moss and leonardo dicaprio in nyc before entering Larry Clark’s art show
Anyone needing a new vehicle needs to go see Chad Brown at Larry Clark Chevrolet! He will fix you up and get you the best deal he can!
Happy birthday to one of the best papas that's out there! Love you! Larry Clark
It is with a heavy heart that the Horseheads Elks mourns the loss of our member and Past Exalted Ruler, J. Larry Clark. The family will receive friends at the Barber Funeral Home, Horseheads, NY on Friday, January 24th from 2-4 PM and 6-8 PM. Burial is at St. Mary Our Mother Church cemetery on Saturday, January 25th. Further details are available in the Star Gazette.
I love Mary Higgins Clark. Im keen on reading Larry King's books.
Today the lord called one of his angels home. R I H Larry Clark. I will see you again in heaven. Please saints help me pray for my daughter she was very close to her grandpa and she has been having seizures since yesterday. And today has been even worse.
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