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Laquan McDonald

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Small Michigan Avenue protest is third Black Friday demonstration since release of Laquan McDonald video
Small Michigan Avenue protest marks third anniversary of release of video in Laquan McDonald shooting…
Here's the Tribune story a year ago about police brass deciding that Laquan McDonald shooting was justified even after vie…
Cliff Kelley talks with Attorney Terry Sullivan about the latest news surrounding the grand jury in the Laquan...
No further indictments for Chicago police in 2014 shooting of black teen
No additional Chicago police officers face indictment for their handling of Laquan McDonald’s fatal shooting as special…
.came about in the aftermath of the Laquan McDonald shooting where a CPD officer shot an unarmed teen
Laquan McDonald grand jury discharged; No more cops to be indicted
We are supposed to be satisfied that three low level cops have charges brought forth when in reality, this was a multi level, m…
The grand jury hearing evidence in the fatal 2014 shooting of Laquan McDonald has been disbanded, with charges against…
People admitting they’ll vote for a child molester rather than cast a vote for an eminently qualified Dem. Now Chic…
It looks like Rahm Emanuel won't face criminal charges for covering up Laquan McDonald's murder. That said, he will be run o…
is still happening! Ex-Superintend McCarther on down covered up the execution of . This…
No more indictments for Chicago police in Laquan McDonald shooting
As a reminder of how corrupt Chicago is, we're supposed to just accept that EIGHTY-SIX mins of footage of Laquan McDonald's mur…
For those keeping count, in the last 2 weeks:. 1) Two investigators state Anita Alvarez doctored the dashcam footage of Ronald…
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was killed by the over three years ago. Four officers have been charged for their role in his…
Just announced: No more indictments against cops in handling of Laquan McDonald shooting. This is why we ask you to join us on…
Sure, we could talk about Chicago, starting with Jon Burge, Homan Square, Laquan McDonald, etc.
I don't know. Not Tamir Rice, or Sandra Bland, or Eric Garner, or Mike Brown, or Laquan McDonald.…
Outside the Cook County Criminal Courthouse protestors demand justice for Laquan McDonald before Jason Van *** hearing.
Cop who killed Laquan McDonald can't get a fair trial in Cook County, lawyer says
Officer Jason Van *** s lawyers want to move trial for killing Laquan McDonald outside Cook County
New judge appointed in case of three Chicago officers indicted on charges of covering up Laquan McDonald shooting https…
In the face of unjust verdicts, filming cops can seem pointless. This indictment reminds us why we shouldn't stop:
Judge Canon was biased. I attended the trial. No way the victim was lying. But he was a terrible witness.
When is Rahm Emanuel going to plead guilty in the cover up of the Laquan McDonald case?🤔😒
Laquan McDonald, Rekia Boyd: remembering victims of police violence in Chicago and Palestine…
Pro-cop Judge known for acquittal of may leave coverup case at prosecutor's request
Laquan McDonald cover-up case will do more for police accountability than his killer’s murder trial
3 Chicago cops who allegedly tried to cover-up the shooting death of Laquan McDonald have pleaded not guilty
Special prosecutor wants new judge in Laquan McDonald coverup case
Judge known for acquittal of Cmdr. Glenn Evans may leave Laquan McDonald coverup case at prosecutor's request.
Cubs/Sox swap, Laquan McDonald Motion, a handmaiden's protest + more top stories on at 7pm
Prosecutor in alleged cover-up of Laquan McDonald shooting moves to remove controversial judge
A prosecutor wants to remove the judge on the case of 3 officers charged in covering up Laquan McDonald's shooting https:/…
The 3 officers indicted in the murder of Laquan McDonald are out on a $50K bond – at Cook County Department of...
3 current or ex-Chicago PD officers indicted in relation to Laquan McDonald
board delay discipline for cops in Laquan - Jun 11 @ 7:19 PM ET
Police board may delay discipline for cops in…
No need for federal judge to oversee police reforms, mayor now says
Of course cops in Laquan McDonald case must testify. The main one that shot him 14 times and was going to…
Like why champion Michael Brown over more clear cut cases like Eric Garner, Laquan McDonald, &c. Just my two cents.
Police board to mull delaying disciplinary cases in Laquan McDonald shooting
Police board to consider delaying disciplinary cases on Laquan McDonald shooting, allowing cops to return to work https…
really? They lied here. They lied about Laquan McDonald "lunging", they lied about Walter Scott's "scuffle"...
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It's sad that it took over 2 years for Jason Van *** to receive aggravated assault charges for the unlawful murder of Laquan McDonald
Judge in Laquan McDonald case warns against harassing Jason Van *** at courthouse: "This isn't the streets."…
Judge in Laquan McDonald case warns against harassing Officer Van *** at court
Again, you didn't answer why Clinton pandered to mins of dead black boys except Laquan McDonald.
EXACTLY. Why didn't she invite Laquan McDonald mom to the party. .
16 new charges for Jason Van *** in Laquan McDonald shooting death case
More charges filed against Chicago officer in shooting of Laquan McDonald
Also, Michael Slagers fed trial is starting soon
Jason Van *** indicted on 16 additional counts — one for each time the officer shot Laquan McDonald
Laquan McDonald death: Officer indicted on 16 new charges
Chicago cop who killed Laquan McDonald faces 16 new counts — one for each shot at slain teen https…
officer indicted on 16 new charges in of Laquan - Mar 24 @ 12:07 AM ET
LW: Chicago cop accused of shooting Laquan McDonald faces 16 new counts
Jason Van *** faces 16 additional charges in Laquan McDonald case
16 shots, 16 counts: New charges in Laquan McDonald shooting case reports
Look don't tell me about some "Official" Report ... We know about made up ish .
16 additional counts filed against ex-Chicago cop in murder of Laquan McDonald
Chicago cop faces new charges in shooting of black teen Laquan McDonald
Look, the thug got what he wanted... 16 times is a bit excessive, but what is a person to do in a situation like...
Chicago police officer Jason Van *** now faces 16 additional charges in murder case.
here's a hint: it's the same reason why Laquan McDonald was out breaking into people cars.
Jason Van *** The cop that shot Laquan McDonald's 2 years ago is finally going to jail. Rest up Laquan 🙏🏻🙌🏻
Jason Van *** charged with 16 new counts in shooting death of Laquan McDonald
Laquan McDonald death led to new prosecutor + massive effort to reform. And now: 16 new counts for Van ***
Chicago cop accused of shooting black teen faces new charges
Van *** indicted on 16 added counts for each shot to Laquan McDonald
Former officer Jason Van *** who has already been charged with first-degree of murder, was given one new batte...
POLICE - Laquan McDonald death: Police Officer indicted on 16 new charges
Jason Van *** is facing 16 counts of aggravated battery, one for each shot fired at Laquan McDonald.
A year ago today Chicago voted out States Attorney Anita Alvarez for her role in covering up the murder of Laquan McDonald.…
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
LW: After refusing to fire top cops who lied about the fatal shooting of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald, the Chicago Police Department just
4 cops at Laquan suspended for faulty dashcams - Jan 19 @ 12:46 AM ET
These lames straight Lie'n .. 16 times? On Laquan McDonald anniversary, calls for justice
The very next slide shows the officers that killed Laquan McDonald were only suspended for 1 week...what happened here? 🤔
4 cops at Laquan McDonald shooting suspended for faulty dashcams...
4 cops at Laquan McDonald shooting suspended for…
So the officers who shot Laquan McDonald are facing one week suspensions.I'm done.
4 cops suspended for week over dashcam failures at McDonald shooting
Four Chicago police officers have been suspended for a week over dashcam failures at Laquan McDonald shooting
Shayla: The police officer claimed that Jamar Clark said that Jamar Clark was ready to die. Shalonda: The truth is…
Kenna: Philando Castile was killed because he was stopped by the police 80 times for minor violations, mostly for…
Alverta: The police officer attempted to hand cuff Jamar Clark who was quite peaceful and not resisting arrest…
Jeane: The Tribe brave does not know if he is going to live or die in the battle, just that today is a good day to…
4 Chicago cops suspended for failure to ensure dashboard cameras were operating on night of Laquan McDonald shooting ht…
Bianca: The police officer was not awake at all as the police officer failed to hand cuff Jamar Clark. Devorah…
Chicago Police Department seeks to discipline - but not fire - 4 cops in Laquan McDonald case: htt…
" was McCarthy's police department that killed Laquan McDonald & hid the video for a year" speaking truth htt…
I don't think Mike Brown, Ezell Ford, Walter Scott, John Crawford, Laquan McDonald or Tamir Rice would've though the pro…
Chicagoans push for the 'Laquan McDonald Act' has the details
"Laquan McDonald Act" would make it easier to vote out Rahm, aldermen
On this day in 2014 Laquan McDonald was murdered by the Chicago Police. We have not forgotten & will continue to fight for ju…
New calls for Chicago mayor to quit over 2014 killing: Two years have passed since a Chicago police officer s...
Judge again denies Van *** access to protected Laquan McDonald records: A Cook County judge on Wednesday again…
Lawsuit filed by Laquan McDonald witness who says police wouldn't let her shoot video and pressured her on story. https…
When called out murderer Jason Van *** and said the names of Laquan McDonald and Rekia Boyd. That was powerful.
So Garry McCarthy says Mayor Rahm Emanuel didn't ask his advice about releasing the Laquan McDonald video. Wow.
Garry McCarthy defends Mayor Rahm Emanuel on Laquan McDonald case, says there was no cover up & corporation counsel followed city policy.
jury will consider if Chicago lied in fatal shooting
Did Chicago Cops Try to Cover Up the Shooting of Laquan McDonald?: NEWS BRIEF The killing of Laquan McDonald ...
A grand jury will decide if cops should face charges for covering up Laquan McDonald's death
Grand jury will hear Laquan McDonald case
Wheels of justice may be square, but do roll: Grand jury to probe possible cover-up by Chicops in McDonald shooting https…
So far, officers who misled public re shooting of LaQuan McDonald have faced possible firing, not *criminal* charges. https:/…
The grand jury looking into the Laquan McDonald cover-up should probe Rahm's office too:
Grand jury to probe alleged cover-up by Chicago cops in Laquan McDonald case via
3) Laquan McDonald got gunned down for having a knife but Robert Dear is alive after killing a cop at a planned parenthood during a standoff
Grand jury to probe false police reports in Laquan McDonald shooting. But what about all those other cases?
Grand jury to consider whether Chicago police lied in connection with fatal police shooting of Laquan McDonald, special prosecutor says - AP
Grand jury to look into possible coverup in Laquan McDonald slaying
News: Grand Jury to Hear Evidence of Police Coverup in Laquan McDonald Shooting -
Laquan McDonald: jury will consider if Chicago police lied in fatal shooting
Grand jury to investigate possible cover-up by Chicago police in shooting of Laquan McDonald ht…
NEW: WGN reporting a CRIMINAL grand jury to consider new cover-up charges against officers in LaQuan McDonald case.
A grand jury will investigate the cops on the scene of shooting, judge rules https:…
Grand jury to hear evidence that could suggest a cover-up attempt in the Laquan McDonald case   10% Off
"He's just a boy" This *** 23!!! Mike Brown was just a boy, Trayvon Martin was just a boy, Laquan McDonald, Tamir Rice.
Chicago Police Superintendent says cops who lied about Laquan McDonald shootings should be fired
Chicago mayor agrees: 7 police officers should be fired over Laquan McDonald shooting
2nd special prosecutor sworn for shooting trial: Goal is "to find the truth”
McMahon appointed as special prosecutor in Chicago's Laquan McDonald case:
DeKalb: Special prosecutor named for Laquan McDonald murder case
You see, video of Laquan McDonald's death had been in the city's possession for a whole year.
special prosecutor named in Laquan McDonald shooting
Second special prosecutor named in Laquan McDonald case
Special prosecutor named for Laquan McDonald murder case: CHICAGO (AP) — A judge on Thursday appointed a spec...
Judge names special prosecutor in Laquan McDonald case - USA TODAY
Special prosecutor named for Laquan McDonald murder case
Winnebago County prosecutor to participate in case over the police killing of Laquan McDonald.
Crain's: Special prosecutor named for Laquan McDonald murder case
LaQuan Mcdonald, age 17, shot 16 times on 10/20/14 by Chicago Police.Witnesses say he was backing away from officers.He was slashing tires.
Young Laquan McDonald, suffering from mental illness, was shot 16x by CPD; entire city of Chicago power structure tried to hide.
Kane County State's Attorney Joe McMahon has been appointed special prosecutor in the Laquan McDonald case.
Special Prosecutor Named For Laquan McDonald Murder Case: A special prosecutor has been appointed in the case of…
Kane state's attorney named special prosecutor in Laquan McDonald murder case via
Special prosecutor in Laquan McDonald shooting case - Chicago Tribune
"It is the state’s prove this defendant guilty beyond reasonable doubt": special prosecutor on Van ***
Special prosecutor named for Laquan McDonald murder case: (from
Special prosecutor named in Chicago teen's police shooting - CBS News
Special prosecutor named for Chicago police officer in Laquan McDonald case - Fox News
Cook County judge picks Republican outside as special prosecutor in Laquan McDonald murder case.
NYT denounces Laquan McDonald cover-up in Chicago. Similar secrets still surround Eric Garner case in NY
Special prosecutor appointed in Laquan McDonald case against Chicago officer
Special prosecutor named for Laquan McDonald murder case
Kane County State's Attorney Joseph McMahon named as special prosecutor in Jason Van *** case:
Republican State's Attorney from Kane County, west of Chicago, appointed special prosecutor in Laquan McDonald case. h…
Mayor Rahm Emanuel ignoring video of Laquan McDonald's shooting > DNC video
BREAKING: Cook County judge says special prosecutor will look at other cops at Laquan McDonald shooting scene.
Gaughan’s decision moves us closer to finding truth behind the killing of Laquan McDonald, said
Judge: Chicago cops' account of Laquan McDonald shooting to be probed - Chicago Tribune
Judge to name special prosecutor to probe Chicago cops at Laquan McDonald shooting - Chicago Tribune
Police at Laquan McDonald shooting to be investigated by special prosecutor:
Judge to appoint special prosecutor to investigate cops at L. McDonald shooting whose reports conflicted w/ video.
Judge to appoint special prosecutor to investigate Chicago cops' statements about Laquan McDonald shooting
BREAKING: Special prosecutor to probe other officers at Laquan McDonald case.
Judge to appoint special prosecutor to investigate Chicago cops at teen's shooting
“People underestimate young children" - on teaching at a student's suggestion:
Cook Co judge appoints special prosecutor to investigate CPD cops who filed reports contradicted by video in Laquan McDonald shooting
Even after Laquan McDonald case, Rahm & city lawyers still covering up CPD criminal acts. Judgew threatens actions. https:…
Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel wants all 24 Chicago police officers involved in the Laquan McDonald fatal shootin...
Chicago officer charged in shooting death of teen Laquan McDonald is expected to appear in court Thursday.
Chicago cop indicted on 6 murder counts in Laquan McDonald slaying - Chicago Tribune
Chicago cop pleads not guilty in Laquan McDonald killing - CNN
Unreal! RT:Group slams police union hire of officer charged in Laquan McDonald shooting
how about the white Oklahoma cop who raped 17 woman, or the 1 who killed Walter Scott or Laquan McDonald?
Chicago is 'a broken city,' says journalist who broke Laquan McDonald story
From Rodney King to Laquan McDonald: a timeline of controversial police encounters
"In the moments before the [Laquan McDonald] video was made public, Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Chicago Police called for peace and calm" 🙄🙄🙄
Unsurprising, given he went to Christmas tree lighting immediately after video release of Laquan McDonald shooting
Officer that killed Laquan McDonald now getting paychecks as a police union janitor
Chicago mayor dismisses recommendations, makes own pick for top cop after Laquan McDonald
Chance said don't forget about Jason Van *** They killed Laquan McDonald. In the street. I (had to) Google his name. 16 times.
The prosecutors in the Tamir Rice and Laquan McDonald cases lose their primary races:
In Chicago, Kim Foxx has easily defeated Anita Alvarez, the prosecutor in the Laquan McDonald case.
The DA on the Laquan McDonald case is on the ballot next week - and she has an unlikely challenger
Ex-Chicago police superintendent breaks silence on Laquan McDonald case: 'Someone had to take the fall' featured in NBC s Science of Love
Oscar Grant, Tamir Rice, Sam Dubose, Laquan McDonald, Michael Brown & so many were not granted the same rights.
Our Cook Co state's attorney profiles: Alvarez re-elect could hinge on voters' view of Laquan McDonald case
NU law profs call for special prosecutor in Laquan McDonald case.
Northwestern: Northwestern Law professors call for special prosecutor in Laquan McDonald case
Station apologizes for using McDonald's Restaurant graphic in story about Laquan McDonald:
2 petitions seek special prosecutor in Laquan McDonald shooting case
The incumbent is now talking about victims of violent crimes. Like Rekia Boyd and Laquan McDonald?
.I want Hillary Clinton 2 go 2 Chicago & get Laquan McDonald's family, since she still supports Rahm
Report: The dashcam mic in car of officer who fatally shot Laquan McDonald dash cam was 'intentionally destroyed.' http…
Illinois weighs bill to speed access to police video footage in wake of Laquan McDonald case
23 Chicago police officers head before a federal grand jury in Laquan McDonald case:
IMPORTANT if you feel some type of way about Anita Alvarez/how she handled Laquan McDonald & Ronnieman Johnson cases
You should read this very important story on Rahm’s direct involvement in the Laquan McDonald cover up.
The cover-up went to the top: Rahm knew how violently Laquan McDonald died when city attorneys quashed the video:
Rahm was told what was on the Laquan McDonald video, then his attorneys demanded the family not release it
EXCLUSIVE: Rahm Emanuel knew how bad the Laquan McDonald video was when city attorneys asked the family to bury it: https:…
NEW: Attorneys went to Rahm then quashed the Laquan McDonald dashcam video
Rahm Emanuel saw the video of police killing Laquan McDonald, but participated in the coverup to save his campaign. http…
Rahm Emanuel's lawyers offered Laquan McDonald family $5 million bribe to keep shooting video hidden before election. ht…
BREAKING: Chicago cop Jason Van *** pleads not guilty to 6 counts of 1st degree murder in Laquan McDonald case.
Former Chicago police superintendent Garry McCarthy resigned last month in the fallout over the police shooting death of Laquan McDonald,
Officer Jason Van *** pleads not guilty in death of Laquan McDonald
Chicago officer who shot Laquan McDonald to plead not guilty
On the other hand, there have been indictments in the deaths of Walter Scott, Samuel DuBose and Laquan McDonald
Laquan McDonald was a kid who got shot in Chicago by police last year, Rahm Emmanuel is the mayor of Chicago
"CounterSpin interview with Jamie Kalven on the Laquan McDonald cover-up"
The Glenn Quagmire ☣ - Globe Top story: Killing of Laquan McDonald: Video vs. p… see more
COMING UP: Conor Friedersdorf (talks about the corrupt system that killed Laquan McDonald.
How Many Are at Fault for the Death of Laquan McDonald?
Aide: Sheriff Tom Dart didn't know his officer spoke to Laquan McDonald after shooting, or that FBI was asking ?s.
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she's still alive? But Sandra Bland, Trayvon Martin, Tamir Rice, Freddie Gray, Laquan McDonald...I'm so over it.
Mayor Rahm Emanuel apologizes for Chicago’s handling of Laquan McDonald police shooting
Federal investigators have asked police for private texts, emails related to Laquan McDonald shooting
Newly released police reports on Laquan McDonald shooting differ dramatically from video https:…
Protester holds sign praising NBC 5's very own Carol Marin for her months-long reporting on the Laquan McDonald case
Rahm Emanuel op-ed: I own the problem of police brutality, and I'll fix it - Chicago Tribune
Calls for his resignation were made in the wake of the Laquan McDonald case.
TODAY: Announcement of DOJ probe of CPD coming at 9am
Death of Laquan McDonald Seems they from the Mayor down were involved in the Murder coverup! All should go!
Amid furor over Laquan McDonald video, police boss Glenn Evans to go on trial - Chicago Tribune
Breaking News: Justice Dept. is expected to investigate the Chicago police after the killing of a black teenager
Of course LaQuan McDonald was trying to get up! Who wouldn't!? I'd try to get up and save my life too.dragging my body through the mud.
Justice Dept. to conduct in-depth investigation into the practices of the Chicago Police Dept. after shooting of Laquan McDonald
Why did Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s pay $5 million to Mr. McDonald’s family members even before they filed a lawsuit? https:…
Bernie Sanders says if any Chicago officials helped delay Laquan McDonald video – r
Mayor Emanuel faces another difficult week in dealing with the Laquan McDonald video release fallout
joins in minutes to discuss the fate of Rahm Emanuel in aftermath of Laquan McDonald
US Justice Department to open investigation into Chicago police
Cops Didn’t Know this Camera Caught them Deleting Video of the Murder of Laquan McDonald
Justice Dept. plans a pattern-and-practice investigation of the Chicago police, source says:
Morning Spin: Emanuel faces another difficult week as McDonald video fallout continues
Source: Justice Department to probe Chicago police over killing
Every Chicago police officer there lied about the Laquan McDonald execution. Every single one.
WATCH LIVE: Protesters march on State Street in response to Laquan McDonald shooting
.joins Chicago protests following police killing of Laquan McDonald.
Vic Mensa joined Chicago protests last night over the police killing of Laquan McDonald:
86 minutes missing from all angles of the surveillance tape, including the period Laquan McDonald was killed.
reports video missing from BK surveillance cams from 9:13-10:39 pm. Laquan McDonald was shot at 9:57.
Pat Camden on Laquan McDonald: "He's got a 100-yard stare" & lunged at police. Local NBC stn called it "a clear-cut case of self-defense."
Chicago protesters shut down retailers on Magnificent Mile over Laquan McDonald video:
domain names
Rudy Monteagudo Tip: Chicago cops' statements in Laquan McDonald case at odds with video
DEVELOPING: New video released in Laquan McDonald shooting. Tune in to for updates from MSNBC Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber.
Why are most Democrats giving Rahm a pass for trying to cover up the murder of Laquan McDonald? new
Transition on WBEZ from San Bernardino, Laquan McDonald, & Nuevo Leon burning to "Hey, you can win an iPad Pro if you donate!" is jarring.
Reeder: Freelance reporter is why Chicago knows details about Laquan McDonald ... - The Herald-News
Listen to Pastor Jon Kelly and Pastor Charlie Dates discuss Laquan McDonald, Race, and the Church on "Chris Fabry Live" 90.1FM Moody Radio!!
‘Chi-Raq’ Director Spike Lee Takes on Chicago’s Plague of Violence and the Laquan McDonald ‘Snuff Film’
Chicago police chief fired after Laquan McDonald shooting revelations with reporting from Shadowpr…
Chicago police chief Garry McCarthy fired in wake of Laquan McDonald video:
Chicago police superintendent fired over handling of Laquan McDonald shooting
I added a video to a playlist Ray Hagins opinion on shootings like Laquan McDonald and other young
Laquan McDonald and the walking dead of Chicago
Columnist's take on the Laquan McDonald shooting and the walking dead of Chicago
Laquan McDonald and the walking dead of Chicago: Civilian eyewitnesses to the incident claim that instead of i...
The suspect threatened that he was going to take retaliation for the death of Laquan McDonald.
1 in custody in threat at University of Chicago linked to Laquan McDonald shooting
You gonna mention the Laquan McDonald part too or nah?
Officer who shot Laquan McDonald had 20 misconduct claims filed against him He was a cowboy
Chicago cop charged with fatal shooting of Laquan McDonald to be held without bond, judge orders -
The Mayor of Chicago, Emmanuel Rahm should resign for the cover-up of Laquan McDonald.-
like Laquan McDonald? not sure which cop killing you are referring to. Mike Brown? Walter Scott?
Mike Brown was unarmed. Eric Garner was unarmed. Laquan McDonald had a 3-inch knife. Walter Scott was unarmed. Christian Taylor was unarmed.
VIDEO: ESPN's Bomani Jones cuts straight to the heart of the Laquan McDonald killing.
I literally just learned about Laquan McDonald, where still heavily dealing with Corey Jones here. Come on America
Rose got asked about police violence in African American community in light of Laquan McDonald video: "It’s heartbreaking that…
Radio Show Recap: Nov 25: 'Radio host Mark Levine discusses reaction to the Laquan McDonald shooting in Chicag...
Laquan McDonald in Chicago & Kajieme Powell in St Louis both killed by police 30 seconds after they arrive both accused of having a knife
Why did Rahm Emanuel suppress the Laquan McDonald video? Because his re-election was more important than justice.
According to the Cook County medical examiner’s office, Laquan McDonald, 17, was shot 16 times.
REMINDER: murdered Laquan McDonald. All Chicago cops only COVERED UP the murder. Big difference.
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Diagram shows the location of 16 wounds on the body of 27 year old, Laquan McDonald. Cook County Medical Examiner/AP
Chicago cop Jason VanDyke charged with murder in death of Laquan McDonald
If the video is released, Laquan McDonald will be our Mike Brown. And maybe that's what Chicago needs.
Will have an update on the Chicago Police Department shooting of Laquan McDonald. This story is just unreal.
City doesn't want video of CPD gunning down Laquan McDonald released Alderman disagrees
Autopsy reveals 17-year-old black teen Laquan McDonald was hit by 16 gunshots from Chicago police, reports. http:…
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