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Lanny Davis

Lanny J. Davis (born 1945) is an American lawyer, consultant, author, and television commentator. From 1996 to 1998, he served as a special counsel to President Bill Clinton, and was a spokesperson for the President and the White House on matters concerning campaign-finance investigations and other legal issues.

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Lanny Davis' son with Lanny style point -- 14-21 less than a rimmed out 3 different than amazing foul shooting.
Comey likely cost Clinton the election – and Giuliani could face criminal investigation
Wyden-Bennett had Democrat and Republican sponsors. via
Collin Levy of and David Brooks of were both fans of Wyden-Bennett. via
The Wyden - Bennett Healthy Americans Act: Why Not Just Say Yes? At the time, Wyden-Bennett had a lot of fans.
Waiting for a Dem/RINO knucklehead to propose Lanny Davis for the job...
Seth Davis is related to Lanny Davis need I continue?
Lanny Davis is an American treasure. There is no surer sign that a corporation is going to die than when he's hired…
Whenever my Long Time Whipping Boy Lanny Davis(Lernout & Hauspie and Novastar) shows up, Take the Otherside..
what would you expect from the son of Lanny Davis. It's in his DNA to be an ***
umm he mirrors his dad's ideology .. try googling "Lanny Davis"
What did silver-spooned spawn of partisan hack Lanny Davis (do to warrant job as college b-ball analyst?
Lanny Davis want to steal the dress?
Fugitive Ukrainian oligarch, Dymtro Firtash is represented by Democratic lawyer, Lanny Davis, founder of "Hillary's…
ok, but so too has Tony Podesta, John's bro & major contributor, or Lanny Davis,or Bill Clinton who got $500k
"Lanny Davis: Farewell, President Obama: Your legacy as one of the best presidents is secure".
Lanny Davis is a Hillary slave, a Hillary lover, an empty suit when it comes to politics. Hillary has done nothing…
Another email in which Podesta snubs Poor guy, they treat him like Lanny Davis.
That's the natural assumption, but Lanny Davis is whiter than mayonnaise on Wonder bread. Doesn't make sense.
would love it if you could get Lanny Davis on to give us the Baghdad Bob view of FBI reopening of HRC matter.
Lanny Davis avised Clinton camp to quickly release her Wall St. speeches in Feb, 2016 "release worse."
Megyn Kelly shuts down Lanny Davis after he sidesteps her question w/ "narrative" nonsense. Priceless.
One more time, Megan Kelly has proven to be much more combative with KellyAnne Conway than with Lanny Davis
. hard to listen to Lanny Davis making it about Megyn Kelly instead of the future of our country!
Lanny Davis panders and *** up to Megyn Kelly with "DJT Insults" and Megyn, "THANKS" HIM!. You act like a baby, Megyn. Get over it.
This man Lanny Davis time has come and gone. No one cares what he says. A Kelly fan! Really! Boring man like Kaine!
kelly how can you allow Hillary troll Lanny Davis not one but two partisan question spotlights for SPIN?
C'mon Lanny Davis, you suck up to Megan Kelly. Hang it up, Lanny. Your days are over.
Juan is a professional B.S. artist, a cheap version of Lanny Davis and Julian Epstein.
Harris got annoyed when Lanny Davis noted in response how much time RNC convention spent attacking Clinton.
They must be annoyed FNC has two liberals on the panel to defend Clinton. Julie Roginsky and Lanny Davis.
BEFORE Hillary threw her hat in the ring, Lanny Davis & Jim Carville were STAPLES on cable news. Now they're MIA's. Hmmm??
Former President Bill Clinton White House Counsel, Lanny Davis, is a close friend to the advisor to both Bill ...
That, and more Lanny Davis goodness, from great segment with
Here is long time Clinton lawyer Lanny Davis, making the same argument when he was a paid lobbyist for coup backers.
.Maybe a "dimwitted" *** " but I recall your Clinton and Lanny Davis reporting. Do you?
another biased quip from lanny davis Juan Williams or Bill press
Would be great if your 2009 piece on Lanny Davis and Hillary roles in 2009 Honduran coup aftermath was mobile friendly.
Cameron should have read this book 'Truth to tell: Tell it early, Tell it all, Tell it yourself' by Lanny J Davis
A little quote from Bill Clinton's close White House adviser Lanny Davis - "Tell it all, tell it early and tell it yourself"
Man, Lanny Davis really going to have to learn to pipe down on Amtrak
Where did Kathleen Kane get Lanny from - Bill Clinton, of course - Lanny Davis
Perhaps No10 should have a quick read of this from on telling it early, all and yourself
Lanny Davis you support HRC who put our national security risk along with the lives of our spies & moles She's a criminal
Also major props for getting those muzzles on the worst elements from Lanny Davis to Terry McAuliffe.
Lanny Davis...another face of the failed, tired political Establishment/Donor Class. They should take note; they are OUT!
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OMG..Lanny Davis, SYAD & STFU. We have a new leader in the "spin your way out of your own BS" list. Kick it, Amanda:
Great point,and her law school buddy Lanny Davis everything to do with the coup in Honduras.
The American Spectator: The Bells Toll for Hillary Where is Lanny Davis? Your mother is GOING TO JAIL.
As IF? LOL...Debbie herself is about as "low" as the DNC gets...along with Begala, Carville and Lanny Davis.and Hillary!
Hillary confidante Lanny Davis is selling Caribbean tax havens to wealthy clients as safe havens from terror
yeah but what does Lanny Davis think about all this?
That Lanny Davis said it's not really a big deal and to hush up. He's a Huge Clinton guy.
I almost always agree with you Joan. but Lanny Davis says it's not really that big of a deal. Think everyone needs to chill.
Lanny Davis says it's not a big deal. So cool your jets. People I'm glass houses.
Lanny Davis says it's not a big deal! And he's far more savvy than you. Hush
I liked a video Sanders' Campaign Suspended from Using DNC Voter Info after Breach (With Lanny Davis)
If you like Rahm Emanuel and Lanny Davis, then you'll love a Hillary Clinton administration.
His grassroots website, managed by Lanny Davis, will be called WhiteHouseFacts.
At least Dershowitz doesn't come out and lie his *** off like Lanny Davis! Difference between honorable liberal and a ***
I seem to be getting Trumpkins following me. I reciprocate, but have the feeling it won't end well. Ask Davis, etc.
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Lanny Davis? Gee, I hadn't thought of him. I was going to make my first appointment a Muslim. I just love them
given the clown-job I take it Ari Fleischer and Lanny Davis are still running the Washington agitprop.
How is this one scintilla more "terrifying" than the thought of Mr. Justice LANNY Davis?. Or David Boies?. It's NOT!
Hopefully it's Lanny Davis.. He views himself as both
Patience. Lanny Davis is the prototype and they're still working out the bugs.
POLITICO Playbook, presented by General Motors -- SIREN: Brock and Podesta think Cruz will be GOP nominee; prepping…
Lanny Davis was on tonight cnn with his sad liberal pathetic quips. We need to verbally take him down!
Lanny Davis is in for a rude awakening! This feels like 1980 all over again! We were sick of the Carter years!
.is one Sharp, cool, poised Spokeswoman for .. Kat simply just smacked down, Dem Lanny Davis's Bull comments
Lanny Davis, on CNN needs help he is in love with Hillary. Sum *** Buck Sexton on CNN as well loves Hillary
Lanny Davis would like you to know that purchasing citizenship in St. Kitts for $250,000 is a bargain
I'm tired of Corporate Democrats, PUMAs from 2008, and the Lieberman/ Lanny Davis / Harold Ford wing. . Tired, I tell you.
Hillary Clinton sold out Lanny Davis,corporate cash, &real story about death of a LatinAmerican democracy
Lanny Davis Detach your lips from Hillary's *ss, will you Lanny?
Lanny Davis hosted a Caribbean affair where for ~$250K, you could become an island citizen. Rich ppl "insurance."
Today's hearing makes it even more clear: Clinton doesn't need lousy surrogates like Lanny Davis and David Brock.
On today at 0930: Jim Jordan, Lanny Davis, and Pete Hoekstra. Streaming here:
Exec Produced our fab show this week. Part 2 of our show Brian and i thank Phillipe Petit, Lanny Davis and...
How did Hillary do in first Democratic debate?-Lanny Davis weighs in Watch Ainsley Earhardt and Heather Childers t
ICYMI: Can't keep your mouth shut? Lanny Davis overheard on Amtrak badmouthing Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders
Richard Socarides on; were Robert Zimmerman and Lanny Davis busy or is the network tired of their endless fawning?
The only person worse than Robert Zimmerman, when it comes to kowtowing disguised as analysis, is Lanny Davis,
.Lanny Davis exists in permanent pucker.
“Oh my god this Lanny Davis email Can you IMAGINE 's correspondence.
Lanny Davis to Hillary Clinton: I have a favor to ask, which you shouldn't probably do, but will you do it anyway?
Sid Blumenthal doesn't concern me. Lanny Davis, on the other hand, is a mercenary scumbag.
What we learned from the Clinton email dump: Sidney Blumenthal and Lanny Davis are still bad
Clinton emails reveal that Lanny Davis is a douchecanoe. This was definitely not classified information!
Lanny Davis, Podesta, Begala, Sid Blumenthal... seriously, is there ANY guy in Clinton's inner orbit that isn't a puny litt…
If the last Clinton email dumps showed how influential Sid Blumenthal was (is?), these are showcasing Lanny Davis in a big …
How Lanny Davis asks HRC for favors: "Please please please..don't be bashful or concerned about saying no..." But...
Lanny Davis wanted Hillary Clinton to reach out to his sick rabbi
And for the rest of us, someone should program the Lanny Davis Sycophantic Email Generator.
Lanny Davis has 'sycophant' on his business cards, along with an apology for occupying your time with handling said business card
“Oh my god this Lanny Davis email Think the proper English term for this, is *** kissing".
Lanny Davis should offer at a charity auction that if you bid on him he will write you a 1,000-word sycophantic email seeking a favor.
Lanny Davis emailed Hillary to ask her to put in good word 4 an American Lawyer profile . (h/t
You see, one thing about my good friend Lanny Davis is how media savvy he is…
Shorter : 46 years ago I knew instantly I would spend my life kissing this radiant ***
nobody needs to watch the kind of tv Lanny Davis is/will be on anyway.
Like, these emails are a reminder that, if Clinton wins, Lanny Davis will be on TV a lot again.
Well I guess we know who came up with the idea for the Hillary Shrine, Lanny Davis.
when they do show them the Lanny Davis email so they find principate era toadying more accessible
Lanny Davis talks like that to everyone including the homeless. He's very polite.
Lanny Davis has gotten continually more hysterical over the downfall of Hillary via these emails. This might explain why. 😏
Lanny Davis asked Hillary to talk to a reporter writing a profile, and this is how the email started.
The Chinese have an old saying: an evening reading Sid Blumenthal and Lanny Davis emails is an evening you are never getting back.
The identity of Lanny Davis's soulmate was redacted
Makes me think of exchange with Morgan Fairchild! 😘
So what job, exactly, would Sidney Blumenthal get in a Hillary Clinton Administration? And Lanny Davis? What would he …
see Bernie shut Mitchell down and Lanny Davis say Bernies a great guy with a great message and it will be positive campaign
Please have longer interviews with Tamara Holder. I am vitally interested in her views. Lanny Davis is not worth interviewing.
Up next: Lanny Davis tells us it's all a vast right wing conspiracy
Who was that speech given to? Lanny Davis, Paul Begala and James Carville??
Not sure? We already know about Bill Clinton's Peyronies Disease as does Lanny Davis. He knows Bill is crooked
had high hopes for Lanny Davis's op ed in the Hill; yuck wish I could get the 3 minutes of my life I lost reading it.
Ben Ferguson is the lowest form of bottom feeder. No proof, supposition, conspiracy theory. Hatchet man. Lanny Davis schooled him.
Lanny Davis just ate Ben Ferguson's lunch on
Hillary could strangle a baby on live TV and John Podesta and Lanny Davis would tell us it’s “old news”.
I was thinking more Dennis Kucinich, Kirsten Powers, Lanny Davis etc, people on shows NOT The Five
Little Giant Ladders
Ari Melber: E Warren is Not a candidate, so impossible 4 Lanny Davis to say "nice things" about Lawrence Lessig's "candidate" gr
what? Did I miss Lanny Davis commenting on Ferguson?
Also just found out yesterday that CBS & SI's Seth Davis is son of former Clinton political operative Lanny Davis. So fascinating.
Don't forget that us Pennsylvanians still have to put up with Lanny Davis. Kathleen Kane hired his sorry butt.
After all, Lanny Davis is a crooked *** too lol.
Someone should ask Lanny Davis if Bill Clinton really does have Peyronie's Disease. He'd know if anyone would.
Like to see Lanny Davis go after the AP for suing the State Department to force them to release
Watch how the Clinton attack dogs go on the offensive in their counter attacks on the media such as Lanny Davis, Carville, Karen Finney.
Best part of Hillary 2016 is we again get to hear James Carville (attack dog, no slander too low) and Lanny Davis (apologi…
“We’re going to need a bigger boat,” Lanny Davis and James Carville to David Brock.
Feel so sorry for the likes of Lanny Davis, George Carville, Joe Trippi, Alan Colmes, B. Obama charged with the task of defending Hillary.
Lanny Davis on Fox News Sunday today defending Hillary is reminding everyone of the scandalousness Clinton 90's. Not good.
Lanny Davis is hoping Hillary doesn't hold a press conference & shakes her finger at the American public.
Lanny Davis, former White House special counsel, says "Hillary Clinton today is the most popular politician in... http:/…
REALLY? I am SHOCKED! I listened to Lanny Davis this morning defending her to the end of the world. It was disgusting.
Lanny Davis is a liar and been covering up for the Clintons since the 90s why would anyone believe him? Vince Foster
get ready for the lies & cover-up by the cover-up lawyer Lanny Davis! Why don't you talk about Vince Foster Davis
Agreed. Shep Smith is a buffoon. Seriously. So is Beckel. I'll tolerate Wallace, Susan Estrich, Lanny Davis, and a few other libs.
On Saturday's "Behind the Curtain", Jack spoke with Lanny Davis about all things politics
Oh no. Lanny Davis personally assures you the Nigerian government’s top priority is recovering the kidnapped girls
How far you have fallen Lanny Davis! Kathleen Kane has no defense, so you go for the offensive and preposterous...
. Lanny Davis's generally brought in by Dems when their person's done something real bad!
thank you for saying thank you and for your civility. Lanny Davis
we've seen this, right? Might want to wait for Lanny Davis to have his 2cents too
Yes, I for one doubt that we have flooded the zone. And did you really just call Lanny Davis wise?
A lawyer for PA AG Kathleen Kane says Republican men w/political grudges are out to "railroad'' and destroy her:
Lanny Davis, Hillary Clinton's right leg, is none too pleased of Obama's absence.
Can't believe it! Lanny Davis opens his eyes for a moment!
Lanny Davis is correct. A US gov't rep should have been there. Appearances matter.
Look for Hillary to make her break from Obama on his failure to go to Paris. Lanny Davis is signaling it's on.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Unless Lanny Davis is a borderline guy???
will not resign, even if charged, says her atty Lanny Davis: via
Kane's lawyer says 'angry men' are railroading her while also saying Kane regrets releasing a memo that caused this.
Updated with analysis: AG will not resign, even if charged -- Lanny Davis:
It's official, according to Lanny Davis. AG Kane is a victim of the war on women. This is the same Lanny Davis...
I'm not a big Lanny Davis fan, but in this case, he's absolutely right. I'm also non-partisan but this is definitely a smear campaign.
More on what Lanny Davis had to say today:
Lanny Davis will have to drop the charge if Montco DA Ferman files charges against PA AG Kane
Kane's lawyer says Republicans are trying to railroad her
Lawyer: Attorney General Kathleen Kane is the victim of a vendetta by Republicans.
Attorney general lawyer says 'angry men' are trying to railroad her
Funny watching the PSU liberal alums twisting their allegiances around wrt to Kane. Lanny Davis is now credible. Go figure.
Tonight at 11PM EST, Jack speaks with Ryan Girdusky and Lanny Davis on WMAL - DC AM 630 & KABC - LOS ANGELES AM 790
"Lanny Davis does his client a disservice by painting it just republican against Pa Attorney General Kathleen Kane."
Lanny Davis' claim that an elected AG (Kane) is not bound by secrecy laws on old AG grand jury cases upon election = ludicrous.
Update your maps at Navteq
Attorney for AG: Republicans with Grudges Railroading Kane - Washington crisis counselor Lanny Davis vowed that Pe...
Lanny Davis:Kathleen Kane leaked documents from 2014, not 2009, attorney says via
“Lanny J. Davis to speak at Phila. hotel” This why she's getting a divorce so it doesn't hurt her husbands trucking business
Lanny J. Davis to speak at Phila. hotel
How ironic Lanny Davis says that media leaks pour out of grand jury probe of media leaks.
Lanny Davis says he is holding news conference in response to Philly Inquirer story on Kane facing possible grand jury leak charges
Is the the same useless Lanny Davis who let Penn State be railroaded back in the day?
This should be interesting!?! | “Lanny Davis, Kane's attorney at Philly presser.
I made 'leap' on my He Who Can't Be Named comment. Not Lanny Davis who is leaving it vague.
Lanny Davis: special prosecutor needs to probe grand jury leaks to to media rather than just investigating AG Kane.
Lanny Davis says Republican men are running 'railroad train' to get Democratic female AG Kathleen Kane
via Lanny Davis | The most qualified person in America to be president is Clinton’s wife
Harry Truman and Obama in the same sentence? - The Buck Stops Here President - Really? Lanny Davis .
So many morons to choose from: Tamara Holder, Juan Williams, Lanny Davis, Bob Beckel, any Dem Congressman. Who could it be?
James Carville & Lanny Davis are so intense in covering Obama and Clinton's butts, they should go on the road as comedians
Opponents of the Washington Redskins' name have once more made it clear: They're not going to stop and they plan to target more than just football fans with an ad scheduled to run during the NBA Finals. The Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation will run a one-minute ad Tuesday night during Game 3 between the San Antonio Spurs and Miami Heat. The ad, part of the Change the Mascot campaign, will air only in Washington, San Francisco, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York and Sacramento. Meanwhile, the Redskins hired a lobbying firm. According to Politico, in the disclosure announcing the hiring of McGuire Woods Consulting in late May, it stated their responsibilities will be "discussions of team origins, history and traditions, Washington Redskins Charitable Foundation and youth sports, activities of Original Americans' Foundation." The Redskins used former political consultant Lanny Davis to combat some of the criticism last year. They've also tried to diffuse some of the controversy by starting a foundation designed ...
Of course Lanny Davis is going to set up outside Gowdy's committee room. Inside he'd have to adhere to rules of evidence...
Uncommon life May 11, 2014 PUTTING "CIVIL" BACK INTO CIVILIZATION I appeal to you, dear brothers and sisters, by the authority of our Lord Jesus Christ, to live in harmony with each other. Let there be no divisions in the church. Rather, be of one mind, united in thought and purpose. 1 Corinthians 1:10 Civility is important for our society to function. I recently read an article in the New York Times about a friend of mine, Mark DeMoss. Mark runs a prominent public relations firm in Atlanta that specializes in helping evangelical Christians navigate American culture. Mark, a conservative, started in 2009 alongside his friend Lanny Davis, a Jewish Democrat who worked for President Clinton, and ran the website for a couple of years. They mailed 585 letters, asking every sitting governor and member of congress to sign a pledge that said: I will be civil in my discourse and behavior. I will be respectful of others whether or not I agree with them. I will stand against incivility when I see ...
In regards to the GOP scandal spinning machine focused on Benghazi (well, you know, the ACA attack failed). This is from Lanny Davis: Lanny Davis' Perspective: So now the House Republican leadership has announced still another investigation of the tragedy of Benghazi. My crisis management mantra about the truth is: "tell it early, tell it all, tell it yourself." But the Republicans' mantra seems to be, "tell innuendo early, often, and over and over again," as if by repetition you can convert fact-free innuendo into the truth. You can't. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, within days of the attack on the diplomatic outpost in Benghazi, Libya, appointed an independent Accountability Review Board (ARB) to investigate thoroughly why the tragedy occurred and how to avoid such security lapses in the future. The ARB was led by former Republican administration official Ambassador Thomas Pickering and former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Adm. Mike Mullen. The board made more than 60 recommendations to Clint ...
Maybe Bill Clinton should get together his All Star team of Mark Penn, Lanny Davis and *** Morris to figure out this Wall St backlash thing
the best case scenario for the American left in 2016 is 8 years with the people who brought on Lanny Davis, *** Morris and Mark Penn lol
Rothschild, Mark Penn, that slime Lanny Davis, Two Faced Carville, hating *** Tavis..nope can't do it.
When liberals like Alan Dershowitz and Lanny Davis (a Clinton lawyer) agree that Obama's contraceptive mandate is wrong, goes too far, violates the first amendment, I think that tells us how radical Obama and his Caste are. They are secularists trying to step on Christinaity. It was not a necessary part of Obama care. But they did it anyway. This is a radical departure. They are saying we will make you complicit in taking human life. I hope pro-lifers and others have long memories of this. This is going to be extremely socially divisive if the court rules against us. Can you imagine Obama sending the FBI to arrest Catholic Bishops and Priests for non violent demonstrating? I wonder if liberal Catholics would cheer him on and the imprisonment of their priests.
Local atty Lanny Davis defending Mayor Gray's right to presumption of innocence. True in court of law. Court of public opinion not so much.
The communications firm Levick is buying the public affairs shop founded by lobbyist Lanny Davis and former Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele. Davis — a Clinton White House attorney-turned-political consultant — will hold the title of executive vice president at Levic...
PR shop founded by Lanny Davis and Michael Steele is bought out via
.Rubin, Lanny Davis, James Carville, etal. ALL were there in 2008, hence Hillary LOST!
The night after House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) told Jon Stewart she doesn't know why was not executed competently, Fox's Megyn Kelly invited former Bill Clinton aide Lanny Davis on her show to discuss The Daily Show interview and how Pelosi could have perhaps handled the mo...
Jan 29, 2014 Long-time Clinton confidante Lanny Davis discovered what aPolitico reporter found out a few weeks ago -- naming Hillary Clinton's tangible achievements is no easy task, even for admirers. Pressed by Hugh Hewitt on the question, Davis didn't completely whiff, but his answer was vague and questionable: HH: Summarize for me what she accomplished as Secretary of State. LD: Well the biggest thing of all is goodwill around the world, which is what Secretaries of State do. I don't know... HH: Like in Syria, and Egypt and Libya? LD: I don't know. Well, Libya -- and certainly the intervention in Libya, getting Gaddafi -- you would say is a pretty good achievement for the president. But these are presidential achievements with a partnership with the Secretary of State. What do Secretaries of State do? For example, she was very instrumental in the details of the Iranian sanctions program, which has produced, apparently some results. I'm very skeptical of this deal and Iran on the weaponry...[She's] the ...
Kirsten is one of the few liberals who acknowledges the truth; Lanny Davis not bad, either.
It may be time to encourage public-private partnerships rather than complicated all-government solutions.
First, get all the facts out. Second, take responsibility and apologize for the problems. And third, fix the problems
and then there was Honduran coup and her scum bag friend lanny davis
I think NQ should hire Lanny Davis. He put the word Crisis in Crisis PR.
Man... Lanny Davis is so much more pleasant on than Bob Beckel
please ask producers to remove Bob for Lanny Davis or another liberal for more substantive discussion.
Please get Lanny Davis as the sub for Bob. He was really good.
What happened to Freedom of the Press?
Bill Clinton and Lanny Davis have both asked him to run.
so happy that James Carville is out there trying to save the Republican Party. Lanny Davis will weep for us too.
I hope HRC's folks heed this wise stmt. I'm willing to give her chance, but no Lanny Davis, Howard Wolfson, etc.
'Davis told WMAL that his editor, John Solomon, "received a phone call from a senior Obama White House official...
Lanny Davis, you and others on the left have been supporting and covering for this narcissistic jerk, Obama, for...
WASHINGTON DC FACT: No matter how terrible you are, you can pay or Lanny Davis to defend what you've done.
Understand it's only sports journalism, but wouldn't that be like Lanny Davis interviewing Bill Clinton?
Lanny Davis lives in Barak's hip pocket, closest to Barak's dark heart!
Alex Rodriguez's lawyer Lanny Davis called for the feds to investigate Major League Baseball . This is going to get ugly lol
I love Lanny Davis, but what the *** is he doing lawyering for Alex Rodriguez? Makes me want to take a bath.
When I see Morgan Fairchild in my timeline, I always think of her amusing exchange with Lanny Davis:
Lanny Davis says he "talked frequently" to Dan Snyder and Bruce Allen before responding to Obama's comments on name.
Consider this from Peter King at Sports Illustrated: "...on the heels of President Obama suggesting that if a “sizable group of people” is offended by its nickname, the owner should consider changing it. Last night, the attorney for the team, Lanny Davis, was strident to me in saying people were taking the president’s statement too far—and he’s right. “What is a sizable group?’’ he said. “In 2004, the only sampling of Native Americans [on this issue] was taken in an Annenberg Poll. Nine of 10 said they were not offended by the nickname. We respect anyone who is offended, but it is not a reason to change our name. When we sing ‘Hail to the Redskins,’ it is not an attempt to dishonor anyone.’’ I asked Davis if it was fair to characterize Snyder as resolute that he would not change the name. “I’d say the team is resolute, he is resolute, 95 percent of our fans are resolute and 90 percent of Native Americans are resolute,’’ he said. NFL owners meet in Washington Tuesday, and ...
Lanny Davis, Redskins spokesman is worse than Deion Sanders, Redskins CB
Tune in to WMAL 105.9 FM this morning to hear Sen. Ted Cruz, Stuart Varney, Lanny Davis ad Brad Thor join Brian and Larry!
September 18, 2013 - Today on Sean Hannity: 5:05pm - Senator Mike Lee of Utah. 5:35pm - Jay Sekulow, Chief Counsel for the American Center for Law and Justice and Lanny Davis. 6:05pm - Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, Congressman Buck McKeon
some people might think Lanny Davis and Harold Ford are bad choices to discuss Weiner's ethical problems but some people dont run cable news
Disability Leaders & Funders Are Invited! "Nuts & Bolts of Winning Media & Political Strategies to Help People with Disabilities Achieve the American Dream" A special training for disability leaders and funders July 16, 2013 from 9 am - 4 pm in Washington, DC Confirmed Speakers include: 9:00 - 9:45 AM Lanny Davis - Author of CRISIS TALES: Five Rules for Coping with Crises in Business, Politics and Life, Davis is a veteran political strategist and former White House special counsel to Pres. Clinton. He has an extensive background working on high-profile cases, including those of President Clinton, Trent Lott, the late NFL Hall-of-Famer Gene Upshaw and Martha Stewart. Davis will speak on "An insider's look at how an evolving crisis can be solved." 9:45 - 10:30 AM Rick Dunham - Past president of the National Press Club and Washington political journalist, Dunham will speak on "How to Build Your Brand and Your Online Community via Social Media." 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM The Pollsters! Dr. Whit Ayres - The 2012 Rep ...
I tear Lanny Davis down all the time his one of my favorites to antagonize
fun Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board facts: Lanny Davis is a former member
Progressives to Hillary: OK, but please no Lanny Davis
Progressives to Hillary Clinton: Please, anyone but Lanny Davis or Mark Penn Via
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Progressives to Hillary: Please, no Lanny Davis: The left seems largely happy with Hillary now, because she ca...
somewhere Lanny Davis is dialing MT Ecuador will give Snowden refuge. how long before the U.S. overthrows the govt there.
When it comes to Hillary, Lanny Davis "sees a far-sighted genius whose every word must be analyzed with precision"
they said that about Lanny Davis...
lanny davis is gross. From one side to another all he wants is to be in on a Hilary campaign if she runs. No Way
Watching suck up to Hillary Clinton in public is really sad.
James Joyce & Hillary Clinton have much in common
Carville, Rendell Lanny Davis Hilary Rosen..constantly undermine POTUS for the sake of the faux inevitable BILLARY
Nauseating. MT lol at piece titled "'Interconnected Ideas: Part I."
Lanny's deep analysis of Clinton speech is one for the ages:
I hadn't done a Lanny Davis post in several months. That is now rectified:
Soon Lanny Davis and *** Morris will come out of their ptis to with noise for Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton's Interconnected Ideas, Part 1: new column up on HuffPo
I guess Lanny Davis couldn't make it?
Dear Matthew J. Eldred, Chris Bonnell and I just had the best time listening to Lanny Davis at Humphrey School and we thought of how you would have loved the event! If and when you come home, we are gonna hit up events like this all the time! Miss you, dear!
Wow! What did you guys think of that last segment with Lanny Davis and Christian Whiton?
Heard your the debate today with Lanny Davis, sure Lanny , I trust Eric Holder will hold themselves accountable!
Jay Sekulow to Lanny Davis: Know u r friends w Eric Holder, but what they did, going after Rosen's parents? Outrageous & unprecedented!
You''re having a crisis with scandals, who are you going to call….Lanny Davis and Michael Steele.
Tune into the Geraldo Rivera Radio Show tomorrow to hear Geraldo discuss and give up to date information on Congress having its first House hearings on the IRS Scandal, latest developments on the Benghazi emails released by the White House and the Justice Department hacking AP Phone calls with this guests: - Donald Rumsfeld - Newt Gingrich - Jake Tapper - Bill O'Reilly, Host of The O'Reilly Factor - Eric Schmitt, covers terrorism and national security issues for The New York Times - Larry King - Lanny Davis vs. Will Cain - and more! Call 1 (866) GERALDO
Former White House Counsel during the Clinton Administration, Lanny Davis, is calling for the resignation of Obama White House Counsel Kathryn Ruemmler. "I've no doubt she is an outstanding lawyer. But you've gotta be more than a lawyer in that job, and with all due respect, I think she made the wro...
Michelle Malkin | Lanny Davis: Bob Woodward’s not the only reporter/columnist to get pushback from the White House «
Newsmax a sizable stable of news correspondents and editorialists, including George Will, Kathleen Parker, Lanny Davis, and Alan Dershowitz
I like this purple guy! Lanny Davis: The Purple Michael Smerconish
Talk: Lanny J. Davis, Crisis Consultant to the Stars: The lawyer who managed the scandals of Martha S...
Lanny J. Davis, Crisis Consultant to the Stars - -
...who then hires Lanny Davis and Michael Steele to repair his image and lobby for insurance reform
Shout out to the lady who called out Lanny Davis on the -- I love that woman whomever she is!!!
Sorry, may forget who you are, but the rest of us remember.
The war on terror is a failure. Law enforcement far more successful. STFU Lanny Davis.
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Disappointed in for allowing anti-Obama, warlord apologist Lanny Davis on air.
giving air time to Lanny Davis.gonna skip that one
Lanny Davis? Let me find a music station today.
Lanny Davis is speaking to the Richard Nixon Foundation. That is all.
After tonight I can report that Lanny Davis has the answer: not saying the word “hate” anymore
The Nixon Library has set out the appropriate signage for their Lanny Davis event
More murders committed in Venz than in Iraq! Cuz Hilary Clinton/Lanny Davis & state tried a coup de tat there
Tonight former Clinton adviser and crisis manager speaks at the Nixon Library. Tix still available:
Looking forward to speaking tonight
.Obama hasn't gotten the call from lanny Davis or Otto reich
My Uncle - Crisis Manager and Washington Insider Lanny Davis to Speak at Richard Nixon Presidential Library
Lanny Davis on the basics of crisis management - Politico
"Wait? Lanny Davis AND Bob Shrum support this? Sign me up!" - no one
He has already retained the services of Lanny Davis.
A great book written by a great friend.
Crisis guru Lanny Davis' new book gets skewered by Business Week:
Lanny Davis's 'Crisis Tales': The Art of Distortion: A former Obama speechwriter and co-creator of the NBC comedy...
BWI chimes in on Lanny Davis, his new book & the
celebrated CRISIS TALES with the help of an impressive guest list last night. Read about it here
Journalists unthreatened by Obama aides demand to be threatened too We freedom-loving tweeps don't even get a sneer.
In new book, Lanny Davis recalls prayer meeting with Jesse Jackson, Trent Lott
.on the symbolism of the Lanny Davis book party we attended the other nite
Great fun and privilege to host launch at Dilworth Paxson of "Crisis Tales", by friend and colleague Lanny Davis
I did this thing yesterday, and I am doing it again because IT IS THAT GODS-DAMNED AWESOME.
The snow in DC didn't keep crowd from book party last night; that's magic of an open bar; more from
This most recent episode of would have been better if the villain was Lanny Davis.
McAndrew board discusses Lanny Davis' new book:
Lanny Davis' bipartisan party says more about American foreign policy than Rand Paul's 13 hour speech:
"But unlike those 3,000 Ivorians, he survived to tell the tale."
Subjects for today include: Triponey speech, Lanny Davis Book, PSU sues Ins Co
Bravo for this: on the surreal Lanny Davis book party
Sounds like an interesting book party
Lanny Davis second guesses decisions around independent investigative report by Louis Freeh and NCAA:
look no further than Lanny Davis who admits as much:
Last night at this time, I was denying myself a drink at an open bar so that I could report out this for you:
Because most of Holder's appointees at DOJ have been tied to big banks like Lanny Breuer.
This is truely disgusting: Life After the Ivory Coast
Seriously - read about Lanny Davis THIS is what should scare Academics
If Lanny Davis had won his House race in '76 & was & had charm to go with his smarminess, he'd be Francis Underwood.
Lanny Davis questions BoT on its failure to review the Freeh Report and other lessons. via
Watched some of The O'Reilly Factor tonight & really got shocked. O'Reilly out & out called Allen Combs(or however you spell his name) an out & out out liar; and ranted & ranted at Combs. I was stunned. I haven't cared for O'Reilly for awhile now, & I won't watch him again.I thought I was watching Chris Matthews or that Ed ? jerk on MSNBC. I guess O'Reilly has seriously started believeing his own press like the Hollywood boobs. Need more people like Dana Perino & Lanny Davis. Perino worked for Geo. W. Bush & Davis worked for Clinton. Davis may be progressive but I've always admired him & at least his opinions.
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