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Lane Kiffin

Lane Monte Kiffin (born May 9, 1975) is the current head coach of the University of Southern California Trojans college football team.

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Lane Kiffin: I'm going to finish the season strong at Alabama before I take over at FAU. Nick Saban:
It's the day of Rose Bowl. So what are people talking about? Lane Kiffin being out at Alabama and replaced by Steve…
Nick Saban when Lane Kiffin showed up for meetings after the game:
BREAKING: Lane Kiffin out as Alabama offensive coordinator.. Steve Sarkisian will assume coordinator duties effective immediat…
Nick Saban to Lane Kiffin right about now...
can't forget about Lane Kiffin calling plays like he's ready to be at FAU
no way boys. Just saw Lane Kiffin eating at Anxhor bar w Russ Brandon.
Lane Kiffin is headed to and former head coach Charlie Partridge says Kiffin should win 7-10 games next year. .
With Steve Sarkisian replacing Lane Kiffin as Alabama’s OC, where will offensive analyst Mike Locksley end up?
Steve Sarkisian will replace Lane Kiffin as Bama's OC. Nick Saban has started a "rescue coach" program for former USC coac…
Lane Kiffin, Cooper Bateman and David Cornwell were all at practice today for what it's worth.
Scott Wolf is still butt hurt that Lane Kiffin banned him from practice years ago.
Lane Kiffin will reportedly hire Mike Locksley as his offensive coordinator at FAU. via .
David Sills became victim of Lane Kiffin-generated hype
Alabama offensive analyst Mike Locksley is expected to be Lane Kiffin's offensive coordinator at FAU
Sources: Lane Kiffin planning to bring Mike Locksley to FAU.
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Report of Lane Kiffin hiring Alabama staffer Mike Locksley as FAU OC not accurate
"David B"-Lane Kiffin: Football Magician:. Don't go punchin ladies! We cut em in half on stage like professionals!.
Funny, Lane Kiffin (a top 5 OC) is hiring an OC at FAU. David Beaty (a bottom 5 OC) refuses to give up playcalling.
Interesting saga of David Sills, once a 13yo QB w/ an offer from Lane Kiffin (2010, USC); went to WVU, transferred to juco,…
QB De'Andre Johnson, who was dismissed by FSU after punching a woman at a bar, has signed with Lane Kiffin at FAU.
One day into the job, FAU coach Lane Kiffin signs former FSU standout QB De'Andre Johnson.
Lane Kiffin gets a QB. De'Andre Johnson started career at FSU before dismissal led to EMCC.
Lane Kiffin's first commit is in for as former QB, De'Andre Johnson, a JUCO signal caller, signs.
.believes the new Lane Kiffin and Charlie Strong hires won’t impact Miami in recruiting
New HC Lane Kiffin: "You don't get what you want. You get what you deserve."
New head coach Lane Kiffin: I wanted to go somewhere they use the word "we."
great job at Bama . .good luck in your new job.
What was the reaction when St. Stanislaus QB Myles Brennan learned ath Lane Kiffin is the new head coach at FAU?…
Podcast: Who could be Lane Kiffin's replacement at Alabama? - On today's podcast, Chris Lowe joins the Alabama ...
Made the worst decision!! Should of made the decision and hire a former QB
Add to the list of fan bases that hate
Lane Kiffin will have. 8 of 9 receiving TD's. 30 of 31 rushing TD's. 9 of 9 passing TD's. Returning to in 2…
Why leaving Alabama for FAU is the best thing for Lane Kiffin
AD Patrick Chun: "Lane the first thing I want you to do is...". Kiffin: "Recruit? Implement offense?". Chun: "No. Stop t…
PBP voice discusses the hiring of Lane Kiffin Tuesday 8:30 am on AM 640 & online at
love and miss you man what you think about Lane KIFFIN?!
Low key totally forget that Lane Kiffin coached the for a year.. Disappointed I forgot this fact.. In myself that is
Did you hear U of Alabama's offensive coordinator, and former Oakland Raiders coach, Lane Kiffin will take over…
3 Group of 5 coaching jobs in Florida have been filled by former Power 5 head coaches. FAU: Lane Kiffin. FIU: Butch Davis
I guess Lane Kiffin had enough winning and getting his *** chewed out by Saban each game. Have fun coaching a middle school t…
now every time you see "Florida man" in a news headline, there's a possibility that it's Lane Kiffin
DONE DEAL! As reports Lane Kiffin agrees to five year deal to become next Head Football Coach! Welc…
With Lane Kiffin at FAU, every FBS coach in Florida has won an FBS national championship either as a head coach, assistan…
/Lane Kiffin on his way to FAU upon hearing a job in Los Angeles is open
Lane Kiffin once again has a college head coaching gig.
kiffin is out at Alabama the gator coaching staff better hit all Alabama's offensive recruits hard some kids came for lane
Buckeyes could play both Lane Kiffin and Luke Fickell in 2019 via
Lane Kiffin to FAU, Butch Davis at FIU. The long, proud tradition of sketchy dudes trying to reinvent themselves in south F…
Thank you for being a part of the Crimson Tide Nation. Your success as OC has been phenomenal, hope you g…
If Lane Kiffin would accept the job at Florida Atlantic, I wouldn't want him to be UH's coach, anyway. *** son, wha…
Jimbo Fisher. Charlie Strong. Lane Kiffin. Butch Davis. Scott Frost. Mark richt. Jim McElwain. These are all coaches in the sam…
Lane Kiffin will have. 2,256 of 2,521 rec yards. 2,242 of 2,258 rush yards. 2,521 of 2,521 pass yards. Returning to
Lane Kiffin reportedly to make $1M per year at FAU, which will make him the highest paid coach in C-USA. Rice's David B…
Coaching carousel winners and losers: Where does Lane Kiffin's FAU move land him? Winners & Losers coaching carousel
I'll be surprised if Cyrus Jones doesn't get the Lane Kiffin and get fired between the locker room and the bus.
Kiffin - He is NOT a NCAA or NFL head coach but it's not hard to build on 3 wins
Lane Kiffin has agreed to become FAU's head coach. The Associated Press says he's agreed to a five-year deal. WATCH:
The Lane Kiffin of the NFL. Excellent playcaller under a legend coach, not a leader of a professional locker room.
Wife reads ESPN crawl on Lane Kiffin to FAU. . “Carl was there.” . Yes, he was, dear. Yes he was.
Lost in all of the hoopla of this Lane Kiffin hire: His coaching record is only 35-21.
Lane Kiffin to FAU. This will hurt Florida and Miami in their attempt to recruit 3-star players in the state.
Lane Kiffin did a pretty good job and left for a less prominent gig, which is the exact opposite of how he normally did…
Thanks for Rolling with the Tide. Much success to you👍🏿
OC Lane to be next head coach of Florida Atlantic ~ #
Is there something I"m missing about Florida Atlantic? Why would Lane Kiffin leave Bama to go there?
How does Lane Kiffin keep getting head coaching jobs? He's failed as a head coach at every place he's been... even with th…
If Lane Kiffin waited one more day he could've had the LA Rams job.
Great analysis w/ some hilarious imagery, like comparing Lane Kiffin's time at to "Orlando Bloom in Elizab…
Madison Central's talks about hire of Lane Kiffin. Check out the story below!.
This may be best troll job yet. His first job after Alabama is being head coach at FAU. think about…
Lane Kiffin is confused. F AU is just what Saban said a lot in meetings, not where he's supposed to go coach.
.takes a look back at Lane Kiffin's career as a head coach. . It's been a wild ride, to say the least. htt…
Alabama offensive coordinator Lane Kiffin has agreed to become FAU's next head football coach, per and
Josh McDaniels is the Lane Kiffin of the NFL.
Lane Kiffin to FAU as head coach. Look out, ladies, Joey Saltwater's on the prowl.
Did get a raise or did he go backwards ?
FAU's Lane Kiffin and FIU's Butch Davis will make $1M in their first seasons in 2017. Southern Miss head coach Jay Hopso…
Lane Kiffin wants a former Alabama QB to join him at FAU
I think I may understand why Lane Kiffin left Alabama.
neither of you said anything about Lane Kiffin going to FAU. Is that "fake news?"
please reconsider and come run the Baltimore ravens offense for us...thanks
FAU will introduce Lane Kiffin as the Owls’ new coach at Tuesday 10 a.m. ET press conference
Butch Davis, Lane Kiffin now part of the Conference USA landscape. Media days should be fun this year.
Lane Kiffin's going to go full Lane Kiffin and jump from Alabama OC to Head Coach of Florida Atlantic to HC of the Rams in a…
Hearing that Lane Kiffin is going to
If 2017 Florida Atlantic media guide cover isn't a picture of Lane Kiffin playing shuffleboard in socks and sandals they are doing it wrong.
BREAKING NEWS: Fans and media go crazy after Lane Kiffin is named Florida Atlantic's head coach
Lane Kiffin is going to be the head coach at Florida Atlantic:
Looks like Lane Kiffin is taking his bubble screen to Florida Atlantic U.
OC Lane Kiffin accepts position to become the next head football coach of the https:/…
What south Florida school got the best coach? University Of South Florida in Charlie Strong or Florida Atlantic in Lane Kiffin?
CFB: Lane Kiffin plans to remain as Alabama OC through College Football Playoff before moving on to Florida Atlantic job
Florida Atlantic, which just hired Lane Kiffin, has seven times as many 3 star commits as Bob Diaco.
Alabama OC Lane Kiffin to be next head coach of Florida Atlantic - ESPN
Lane Kiffin to become HC at Florida Atlantic, per and Chris Low.
Alabama commits react to Lane Kiffin accepting the FAU head coaching job
Lane Kiffin plans to remain as Alabama's offensive coordinator throughout the CFP. More on his move to FAU:
BREAKING: Lane Kiffin has agreed to become Florida Atlantic's head coach. (via
Lane Kiffin must really hate Nick Saban. Florida Atlantic ain't the place to restart your coaching career.
Lane Kiffin will hold recruiting meetings at the Blue Martini. No sources required to report that one.
Alabama offensive coordinator Lane Kiffin has accepted the FAU job, sources told &
From last week.. with Lane Kiffin out of the way now: Who could the next OC be?.
Lane Kiffin is going end up at LSU just so he can get into Neyland Stadium again next season.
1-Travaris Robinson should be on this list. 2-Lane Kiffin is not a better recruiter than Billy Napier.
Anyone in Oakland, Knoxville or LA can tell you this. Houston board chairman: Lane Kiffin ‘not a safe hire’.
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Houston board of regents chairman: Lane Kiffin was "not a safe hire."
Did Texas high school coaches keep Lane Kiffin from getting the Houston job
Kenny Vaccaro gives up his appeal; more on Lane Kiffin; the state championships. Our pages.…
BREAKING: Houston wanted to hire Lane Kiffin, but when they asked him to hand over a resume he dropped back and threw it on…
So in the past two weeks beats THE Ohio State University in basketball and lands Lane Kiffin as Head Coach
Lane Kiffin is probably reluctantly returning his new Brock Osweiler jersey somewhere in The Galleria right now
The best way Lane Kiffin can go out is with 40 carries for Bo Scarbrough in a win over Ohio State in the national champio…
If you hire Lane Kiffin or Byron Scott as a head coach, you deserve what you get.
Lane Kiffin is the Eric Mangini of college. Good Xs and Os coach, abrasive personality, not great leader as HC. Only he keeps getting jobs.
Thank you Lane Kiffin for going to Houston! 1st, for leaving ALA and 2nd for not coming to LSU.
Houston decides on Lane Kiffin as next coach
Houston decides on Lane Kiffin as next coach.
Alabama fans acting like Lane Kiffin never called run plays one season after Derrick Henry broke the SEC season rushing record...
REPORTS: Houston to hire Lane Kiffin. . I'm surprised he's going to a team called the Cougars. I thought he preferred da…
Breaking - Lane Kiffin reportedly close to deal to become Head Coach with Texas - more details later (via WKRG)
University of Houston denials on the Lane Kiffin front are so strong that it makes you wonder. Tillman Fertitta had a ST…
JUST IN: UH decides on Lane Kiffin as next coach
The Lane Kiffin era is probably coming to an end in Tuscaloosa. Let's see, his best and worst moments there have to be.
Houston is saying they have not named Lane Kiffin Head Coach and they will meet tonight to discuss vacancy.
also heard Lane kiffin was looking at USF also
Houston hiring Lane Kiffin is ironic AF because Houston is considered a stepping stone program for better jobs. Perfect fit TBH lol
People are still going to say 2016 was a bad year when it is delivering us another Lane Kiffin experience? C'mon man
Houston brass to meet Thursday night in hopes of deciding on new football coach: Lane Kiffin is one of three or…
Lane Kiffin is a wrecking ball, he ruins college FB programs, ask anyone from the USC program! UofH deserves better!
Enjoy the 1-3 years you'll have with Lane Kiffin, UH. Like Briles, Sumlin and Herman, he'll bail on you the second a Powe…
BREAKING: Alabama offensive coordinator Lane Kiffin is expected to be named Houston's next head football coach.
Looking like Lane Kiffin to Houston. If there is one thing the AAC is good's hiring excellent coaches
Houston closing in on Lane Kiffin as next coach via U heard it here 1st - Kiffin won't win there
Breaking:Alabama OC Lane Kiffin has agreed to a 4 year/ $14 million contract to be the next HC at Houston. He will miss…
(if indeed it is the end) thank you coach Lane Kiffin for everything you have done for our program! Best of luck in your future
Alabama OC has reportedly been hired as the head coach at Houston despite conflicting reports.
Could buyout clause negotiations be a sticking point in the Lane Kiffin to Houston deal? Could get interesting today...
USAToday reporting Houston's set to hire Lane Kiffin.. UH source told FoxSports no decision's been made & no offer's b…
Prospect of Lane Kiffin, Tom Herman, Kevin Sumlin and Ed O going head-to-head recruiting Houston
Lane Kiffin excited to coach Houston: "This program has proven it’s a springboard to much better jobs"
. appearing on this a.m. re: reports Kiffin was new UH HC, offered full denial: https:/…
Lane Kiffin, a man with many dreams
Hide the women in Texas, Lane Kiffin is going to be named Houston's head coach
Not a done deal. ESPN reports Houston is trying to require large buyout clause. 2 other finalists https…
Houston is a win-win for Lane Kiffin because both airports there are terrific. Great bars and easy to catch a cab, even v…
Lane Kiffin just ruined LSU's best laid plans - Lane Kiffin to LSU seemed like a done deal... until the Houston...
Lane Kiffin will become the next coach at Houston, according to
BREAKING: Alabama OC Lane Kiffin will be the next Houston head football coach
Re: Lane Kiffin: is pushing to made decision by tonight: So its new HC can have a recruiting weekend before N…
UH making a mistake with Lane Kiffin imo.
I think Lane Kiffin accidentally found the Head Coaching job while googling 'Cougars in Houston.'
So Houston recruits Lane Kiffin to pair with Kelvin Sampson. Who's next, Sammy Sosa or Roger Clemens to coach baseball?
Some of my favorite Kiffin moments while he was at the Capstone
Is Lane Kiffin really leaving Alabama for Houston? He is NOT a HC. He is a OC. Seen what happened at USC. I guess you never know that.
BREAKING: Houston has decided on Lane Kiffin, president to OK the hire at a Thursday meeting, has learned
Tilman Fertitta just dispelled the Lane Kiffin information on the Michael Berry show.
UH regent Tillman Fertitta tells the that Lane Kiffin has NOT been offered coaching job
Willie Taggart is about to be EXPOSED at ... should hire Lane Kiffin for the Giggles.
Major Applewhite at LSU would be better than Lane Kiffin imo. Very balanced playcaller and QB guru.
Tennessee hired Lane Kiffin, Derek Dooley and Butch, so they're no better. Mizzou and Vandy are just bad, Mark Stoo…
Lane Kiffin and Jimmy Sexton, chatting about golf. Move along people nothing to see here.
Newsflash Lane Kiffin may take a new job. Wish I could make it through 1 holiday season without hearing about Lane Kiffin
Lane Kiffin's proven that he's a temporary coach everywhere he's ever gone. Houston would be no different.
Les Miles, Lane Kiffin, Scott Frost, and four others… crossed them off days ago.
Lane Kiffin. We have a QB in the guy from FLORIDA and then speed everywhere plus McCoy and Crawford are attractive
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The Rammer Jammer: Iron Bowl recaps and Lane Kiffin (probably) isn’t going to LSU
Nick Saban responds to reports of other teams' interest in Lane Kiffin: via
Lane Kiffin: Sizing up prospects Alabama’s offensive coordinator leaves for LSU http…
Ed Orgeron calling the early enrollees the night Lane Kiffin bolted. This is how I'll always think of him.
If the Oregon job opened up, my three guesses for who they go after besides the obvious. . . . 1. Scott Frost. 2. Lane Kiffin. 3. Beau Baldwin
"Just my feeling that Kiffin is ready to move on. Ed Orgeron would make a very quick call to Lane Kiffin. Pretty in…
Lane Kiffin's middle name is Monte. Pretty sure that's all you need to know
Lane Kiffin and Monte Kiffin did not coach at TN until 2009. Not 2006 as your article on Gus Malzahn suggests. Lane was at USC.
PJ Fleck, Lane Kiffin, Les Miles, Jeff Brohm, Greg Schiano all on list according to Bruce Feldman.
Lane Kiffin vs. his former collegiate employers so far this year: 101-16.
WATCH: Alabama gets tricky, scores touchdown on reverse against Tennessee: Lane Kiffin got tricky with the play calling for Alabama's...
Lane Kiffin certainly doesn't get enough credit. If Saban is Batman Kiffin is a strong Robin.
Of course, then you have offensive HC's like Lane Kiffin, Derek Dooley, Sly Croom, Ray Goff, Jim Donnan, and Mike Leach.
TIL that Bobby Petrino (QB coach) and Lane Kiffin (Off. QC assistant) were once on the same Jacksonville Jaguars staff u…
If you missed the latest Lane Kiffin skit from Tosh.0, it’s hysterical:
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Most entertaining possible LSU hire? Lane Kiffin. What if he just left Bama midseason & coached LSU against Bama?
my shortlist as of right now is . Matt Patricia. Josh McDaniels. Norv Turner. Mike Shula. Lane Kiffin. Jimbo Fisher. *** Lebeau
Bruce Pearl AND Lane Kiffin at That would be like a dump truck full of awesomeness.
SPORTS Nick Saban rips into Lane Kiffin during Alabama's win over Western Kent…
The Callaway hands in the air was the Lane Kiffin wheel route equivalent last season.
Alabama has hired Lane Kiffin's buddy Steve Sarkisian. Both proteges of Pete Carroll were fired by USC. Interesting decision by Nick Saban
Nick Saban now has 5 fmr FBS head coaches on staff: Steve Sarkisian, Lane Kiffin, Mario Cristobal, Bobby Will…
Looking at the first full day of college football scores, and the only sure takeaway seems to be Lane Kiffin will be the head coach at LSU.
Bill Plaschke of the LA Times: It's going to be awkward for USC when the Trojans run into Alabama and Lane Kiffin:
Remember David Sills, the elementary school QB Lane Kiffin offered a scholarship to?
[Charlotte Observer] Bill Plaschke: It's going to be awkward when USC runs into Lane Kiffin, and Alaba
What are the chances that Lane Kiffin would be hired by Texas if they fire Charlie Strong after this season?
Will Muschamp says Nick Saban and Lane Kiffin provide an example on how to change:
Lane Kiffin and Steve Sarkisian were self sanctions who set us back further than loss of scholarships.
If you insist, Nick Saban will adopt your ill advised "competitive advantages" and use them to beat you into submission.* . *see Lane Kiffin
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asst. coach Lane Kiffin was at Calabasas, Calif., today, the home of commit Keyshawn Johnson Jr. https:…
Former Raiders and USC head coach Lane Kiffin, now the Alabama offensive coordinator, made the offer to Rising.
This is far worse than when you had people who googling Lane Kiffin
I feel like Lane Kiffin but they treating me like Tubby Smith
Find someone that looks at you the way Ryan and Reuben look at Lane's plate.
>> Graduate transfer WR Gehrig Dieter: Where does he fit in Lane Kiffin’s master
.Story: Lane Kiffin not ready to announce starting QB for... Oh, wait.
I always oddly found Lane Kiffin attractive.
Is Lane Kiffin next in line at What is the nation's college football stadium?. Vote at
Him and Lane Kiffin have the ultimate cheat code to keep getting jobs
The greatest part of the 2016 college football season will be watching Lane Kiffin try and turn another good QB into a champion.
I just made eye contact with Lane Kiffin and now I'm gonna die
Team to beat, Clay Helton's team gotta match up. Don't wanna see Lane Kiffin anywhere near the trophy.
If Barkley comes back Lane Kiffin is going to win the national title in 2012. Prepare yourselves for this fact.
Daniel Tosh looking more and more like Lane Kiffin everyday.
I can't wait to see our next QB. You can mold into gold and crystal!
Did I hear this right? Carson Wentz wasn't a starting QB in high school? . Last person to rise this fast without merit was Lane Kiffin.
Replace some of the specific locales and this could be the 'Lane Kiffin Story'
Lane Kiffin came through the back entrance with a fine blonde chick last night lol
I hope Deila gets the Lane Kiffin treatment and as soon as he steps off the bus he gets sacked
The greatness of Lane Kiffin is defined in the fact that I never disregard any outrageous story that I hear about him as being false.
Debate part II: playoff and being up for grabs
lane kiffin looks an awful lot like Joey freshwater
will it be Cody Kessler or Max Wittek??? Wait, sorry... let me clear this 2013 Lane Kiffin deja vu from my head...
Coach the game like I was Kiffin Lane, thats Lane Kiffin bih! I be switchin' lanes
I hope Lane Kiffin uses O.J. Howard more on offense.
Wow...Lane Kiffin dialing em up today
Lane kiffin as an OC is my favorite
He just said 'Lane Kiffin's ego hurt a little bit after that first half' 😂😂😂
Does anyone else wish could talk to during regular season games? Could eliminate so much speculation.
Lane Kiffin better hide Tim Williams' helmet so his young QBs actually get some practice today.
Lane Kiffin got work to do wit these QBs but Blake Sims was terrible early too
TV Graphic:. Lane Kiffin. "Entering 1st Season as Free Agent". (Ok, that's what I read, even if it wasn't onscreen)
Some lady just asked who Lane Kiffin was.are you a real Alabama fan or nah???
Lane Kiffin offered embryos. Look where it got him
This will be 3rd year with his 3rd QB. I believe! .
I hope has sent this picture to USC
I am now in Tuscaloosa in 2009 and I hate Terrance Cody, Daniel Lincoln, Lane Kiffin, I-59, poor radio reception, and Butch Jones.
Skip Holtz, Terry Bowden, Lane Kiffin.oh we were looking for success
You can't tell, but this is Lane Kiffin jogging around Bryant-Denny trying to find a way in. Team scrimmages at 1. https:…
Wait, so not only does Richard Pitino not lose his job, he's now being mentioned for the Pitt job? The boy fails up better than Lane Kiffin.
didn't Lane Kiffin go 5-15 in the NFL! Another great coach like Chip Kelly??
Lane Kiffin is the next coach of the Patriots
Tyler Bray, Lane Kiffin, Derek Dooley...too many too list.
You are as classless as Lane Kiffin and probably headed to the same fate as a head coach.
LSU should give Johnny Jones the Lane Kiffin treatment and not let him on the bus.
Pat Haden doesn't have a quick trigger. "I ain't got time for that." ~ Lane Kiffin on the tarmac
Lane Kiffin says he and wife Layla are getting a divorce via FoxSportswho's lane kid fin
Reading that Lane & Layla Kiffin are getting a divorce makes me wonder if some of these rumors were really true...
I would have hired Lane Kiffin to be my next head coach
If Lane Kiffin ever comes back to coach in the NFL, Bradford has to be his QB.
You're completely disrespecting Lane Kiffin with a comment like that.
The same way Lane Kiffin, Jeff Fisher, Edwin Jackson and Kirk Hinrich do.
I thought you were getting a divorce :
Lane Kiffin and wife Layla filing for divorce
Lane Kiffin could definitely go to Illinois. Way better than Bill Cubit!!!
Please God don't let Kentucky even think about hiring Lane Kiffin, ever.
My best wishes go out to Lane and Layla Kiffin’s children. Divorce is never an easy thing to go through. Especially for…
These are great. First,I was annoyed that ours was Lane Kiffin, then I thought, "Eh, that's about right" via
Lane Kiffin had EIGHT five stars commited out of 15 spots for the 2013 class.
Lane Kiffin probably doing tons of cocaine right now with Kirby Smart
Lane Kiffin laughs in their general direction.
Sean is so excited about he hasn't mention this
Lane Kiffin is moral scum. Not a head coach I would ever want e.g. Raiders, Tenn., and USC histories!!
Lane kiffin getting divorced?! Def predicting some interesting tales of Joey freshwater being written on the horizon!
Look out, Tuscaloosa: Joey Freshwater is a free agent again.
in other news Lane Kiffin is a single man
Lol. Fisher is the Lane Kiffin on the NFL.
So rumor has it that Lane Kiffin hit on women at bars under the alias Joey Freshwater. Dear God.
Alabama OC Lane Kiffin reveals he is getting divorced
One hour until the Zone! Mike, and talk Bart Starr, Tide Basketball, Lane Kiffin and more!
guys like Lane Kiffin, unlimited lives
Former coach Lane Kiffin and his wife are getting divorced
.You suck worse than Lane Kiffin. Plastic surgery can't touch your soul honey
Lane Kiffin gets a divorce and this is what dad has to say about it 😂😂
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Lane Kiffin hires a private investigator to dig up dirt on every GM/AD. That's his leverage to keep getting jobs. Makes no sense.
Never knew him a Lane Kiffin shared an agent
.Jeff Fischer or Lane Kiffin, who's led more of a
Why does this keep happening to Lane? Doesn't anyone want him around for more than 10 years?
This bamma here might have more white privilege than Lane Kiffin
Jeff Fisher fails up like no one in sports. Has surpassed Lane Kiffin at this point.
Huge news! Layla Kiffin claims divorce because Lane hooked up with a dude!
$14.6 million next year...slightly better than Lane Kiffin's projection.
I wonder if Lane Kiffin left Layla late at night, on short notice, and didn't stick around to answer questions?.
Lane Kiffin is using the fake name Joey Freshwater to pick up chicks now that he's single https…
Lane Kiffin, wife announce they are getting a divorce
Per Layla and Lane Kiffin are splitting up.
So Lane Kiffin has now been fired by the Raiders, and Layla.
"AD's are scared, they think he (Lane Kiffin) will revert back to what they saw at Tennessee" -
Pat Haden didn't hire Lane Kiffin and Haden isn't to blame for Sarkisian's alcohol problem.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
"People ask me what Saban says to me on the sidelines. It is just, 'I love you so much. Can we just run some.". -Lane Kiffin
No wonder UT getting recruits they are finishing what Lane Kiffin started
HC Kirby Smart, OC Lane Kiffin and coaches checked in on 2017 QB Bailey Hockman today https:/…
Lane Kiffin shares a special moment with his son.
this makes my Lane Kiffin Raider days feel like elementary school.
According to 247Sports, UK recruiting coordinator Vince Marrow is atop the list of the SEC 2017 recruiter rankings. Lane Kiffin behind him
I think Pat Haden got too much blame. Lane Kiffin was already in place before Haden arrived. Haden isn't to blame for Sarkisian's drinking
I like "fire the guy on the tarmac like USC did to Lane Kiffin" move
time to give him the Lane Kiffin treatment
Can we just give ford the Lane Kiffin treatment and just leave him at the airport?
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