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Lane Frost

Lane Clyde Frost (October 12, 1963 โ€“ July 30, 1989) was a professional bull rider and Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA) member, who died in the arena at the 1989 Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo as a result of injuries sustained riding the bull Takin' Care of Business .

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If you've never seen 8 Seconds and don't know who Lane Frost and Tuff Hedeman are, we can't be friends.
My favorite part of 8 seconds is when Tuff Hedeman rides for Lane Frost! True friendship between them two fellors
"If you don't know who Lane Frost is.
Just now, the flooding has cleared from Slough Lane. If car outside allow extra time in morning - there's a sharp frost
Well I think we need to think China at this very moment!
Someone come give me a back massage ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜
Luck to me is lots of determination. Lots of hard work, Faith in myself, and in God. - Lane Frost
I want a relationship like lane frost and Kelly Kyle or Allie and Noah! ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
Was not expected that answer, but it makes me very happy ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
Super big shout out to Aaron Watson and his song July in Cheyenne, which is all about Lane Frost. My childhood hero
it's snowing and I'm going to school ๐Ÿ˜’
Don't think for a minute I'm gonna sit around and sing some old sad song.
So tip your hat to the cowboy every once in a while, and take time to remember that cowboy's smile. A little part of every heart of every rodeo fan died there in the rain and the mud in July in Cheyenne. RIP Lane Frost.
Lane frost will forever be my hero and the one person I want to be
Watching 8 seconds! W/ Lane Frost!! One of our first date's at the drive-in in visalia over 20 yrs ago & my hole family love's this movie!! 8 seconds Is an amazing movie! We can relate lol
Perfect way to end a weekend. Watching 8 seconds! Lane Frost was the man!
This is the things Lane likes to send me. I swear the Frost family doesn't like me to sleep at night.โ€ฆ
I gotta cold beer with your name on it! ๐Ÿ˜
If I had the ability to travel through time, I'd stop Lane Frost from dying but make sure "8 Seconds" was still made
"Lane Frost--- best bull rider known to man. agreed
I shouldve been born when lane frost was a boy lol
Aaron Watson playing July in Cheyenne last night at the cookoff. What a story behind this and a great tribute to Lane Frost! Sang it with so much emotion
Lane Frost is the reason I have trust issues.
If you don't know who Lane Frost is. SWERVE
I danced with Lane Frost while you were busy sketching out๐Ÿ™Š
Chris LeDoux and Lane Frost aren't gone, they've just been called to rodeo heaven. They're watching over all those cowboys and cowgirls ๐Ÿ™
Lane Frost is on Law and Order.. Tyler almost peed his pants.
Everyone's talking about the Oscars & who wore what & Im sitting here crying my eyes out for the thousandth time over Lane Frost
I told Paige that the guy on tv played Lane Frost in 8 Seconds and she said she never heard of the movie and asked me who Lane Frost was.
Don't be afraid to go after what you want to do, and what you want to be. But don't be afraid to be willing to pay the price. - Lane Frost
I mean I did teach lane frost everything he knew about riding
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Photos of Lane Frost, Remembrances of 50 years, 25 of them gone, but not forgotten
The song about Lane Frost, July In Cheyenne is my all time favorite song. Breaks my heart everytimeโค
I danced with Lane Frost last night ๐Ÿ˜ณ
Fight like *** and love like an angel, pray like a saint, and run like a rebel.
If Lane Frost was riding today I would totally go to the bull riding event at Tacoma Dome!
I guess it's a coincidence Lane Frost and I have the same birthday. ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘
ESPN should do a 30 for 30 episode on Lane Frost
"Lane Frost was a very young, very happy man. He loved to ride bulls, he loved rodeo and he loved people..." -Roy Cooper
No doubt in my mind that Chris LeDoux + Lane Frost would be competing in if they hadn't been called to theโ€ฆ
Well after all these years I rodeoed and went to rodeos and all this hear say I finally just watched 8 seconds today what a great movie. Ol lane frost was a rider.
Seth is doing his Lane Frost move for about 8 seconds, while sporting around his fohawk in Samsclub
2014 Houston Cook off! July in Cheyenne! Amazing song that touches my heart every-time I hear it! Good Job Aaron Waston & God Bless Lane Frost! โค
One of my heroes Lane Frost .See you in Heaven Lane
1987 world champion bull rider Lane Frost rides a bull during round 9 at the 1987 National Finals Rodeo. I know its not the greatest ride but its still image...
This is so depressing. I've been watching Laken Cook and Lane Frost wrestle since god knows when and now they are gone. I'm gonna miss you guys so much :(
LANE FROST ON TV! good job buddy! Reppin VVS and Section 3 like a champ!
Watching Twc channel 324 VVS Wrestling go Lane Frost state finals bring it home!!
Four high school wrestlers are in Division II Finals in Albany coming up shortly. Derek Spann of Adirondack at 113 lbs, Laken Cook of CVA at 138 lbs, Alex Herringshaw of HP at 145 lbs and Lane Frost of VVS at 195 lbs
9 state finalist in section 3. One of them is Lane Frost from VVS. Finals will be on Time Warner Cable Sports or read the live blog at
Derek Spann Ryan snow laken cook Alex herringshaw Tyler Silverthorn Trevor Allard Dan Smith lane frost and Jake benedict are all in the finals. Only 9 my bad.
8 Seconds is best movie. Nobody will ever be as good as Lane Frost
Good Friday Morning Family and Friends. Here it is the weekend already . Boy time is really flying Here it is the beginning of the 3rd.month What happened to Jan. and Feb.? I can't wait till tomorrow My Darling Wayne got us tickets to the champ Bull riding in Mulvaine Ks tomorrow night. the national Bull rider Dub Peterman is going to be there He is from Okla. and was Best friends with Lane Frost another Okie. Lane was Killed By the Bool that He was the only to ride the 8 seconds .I should say the 1st. to ride the Bull I can't think of the Bull's Name. A Movie of Lane Frost was Made after that it is entitled 8 SecondsIt is a wonderful Movie I purchasted My copy of the Movie at Wal-Mart It is a Must see movie .
Got grandma billie settled into lane frost yesterday.she aint liking it gona be a long dad will be home from his first full week of chemo and radiation in dallas...please remember to join us in soper tommorrow night for his fundraiser.those of you that know my mom and dad you know the bond they have...this fundraiser will allow mom to stay in dallas with dad thru his treatment.lets get together family and friends and raise them in their time of need.i thank you for all your prayers and support.peace and love to you all
Friday!!Good luck to Lane Frost and Simon Breckingridge at states go VVS wrestling!!!
If u wanna ride... u mind as well be the best... LANE FROST
gotta love my CowBoy Ezk. ezk:Mom i wanna ride a sheep and a bull like Lane Frost dang mom i wanna get big fast so i can ride bulls. lol gotta love him he my CowBoy!! he is a tuff lil guy. he wants to be a CowBoy!! aw =D to make worst their some cows and bulls by my nanna's house. he keeps looking at them saying i want to ride a bull now lol funny Ezk.(lane frost)
Lane Frost would definantly complete this group!
Everyone check Parker out on YouTube! Search under Future Lane Frost!!!
Watchin 8 second mmm lane frost nice lookin boy;) but I'm stickin with my nice lookin cowboy:)
This guy is an awesome dude, and this is a pretty sweet song about Lane Frost, I believe. It's super easy to vote. Click the link and check Aaron Watson "July in Cheyenne". Scroll down and hit the Vote button. That's all I had to do, anyway.
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Why couldn't I have lived when Lane Frost did! The music was the best!!
Dear god. We will gladly trade you Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, if we could only have Johnny Cash and Waylon Jennings back plus if you see fit we would also like to trade Lady gaga for Lane Frost.
They are taking mom to Lane Frost in Hugo.. So it will b closer and I can b home with Joseph Thompson
Dose anyone have the DVD or movie 8 seconds with lane frost that I could borrow for my birthday?!
The Lane Frost song on the radio this morning...Happy Wednesday everyone!!
Colby riding a bucking horse.. When he would get done he would throw the hat and start waving his hands like lane frost. He is so funny!
A big part of winning is having lots of luck. I think a good competitor makes his own luck. That's why he is a winner. Luck to me is lots of determination, lots of hard work, faith in yourself, and lots of faith in God. Lane Frost
I have a new favorite store!! The front porch has styles that I love and I usually hate trying on clothes! Today I got a Lane Frost shirt!๐Ÿ˜
Lane frost spotting at Troy tractor supply lol *** bags lol
Everyone please root for my baby brother Lane Frost he's at sectionals wrestling to defend his title and hopefully go to states! You got this lane! I'm so proud of you!!
"I got my lane frost underwear, I got my lane frost lunch box, hey don't they have some boot named after you, yeah they're called puss in boots.
โ€œImmature: A word that boring people use to describe fun people.โ€
Just watched the video for "July In Cheyenne" by and have chills! Such a beautiful song and amazing song for Lane Frost!
I can't be that dumb boys. I'm doing what I love. Lane frost
...She loves the bare, the withered tree;. She walks the sodden pasture lane. Robert Frost
Just call me Lane Frost, cause all my Snapchats last 8 seconds.
I want a son like Lane Frost. Only I hope he doesn't die young.
Tip from tonight: if they say they aren't diabetic, down here in the south, you gotta ask them if they got sugar.
Just introduced the kids to Lane Frost... Love watching 8 seconds on a rainy afternoon!
If you don't know who Lane Frost is you shouldn't be allowed in the rodeo
HEY FRIENDS! I need a pair of chaps for Grady to wear during wax museum. He is Lane Frost
Watching old bullriding video of Lane Frost, Tuff Hedman, Ty Murry, Jim Sharp, The Carrillo Brother, Terry Don West, and Even Don *** Talk about stuff brewing in the basement,,, Makes me want to ride again.
This memorial is in memory of Lane Frost. 8 seconds movie. Cheyenne Wy.
Anyone headed to the Bullriding in Sedalia with their valentine tonight!? We are sponsoring the Bullriding this weekend and the Bronc Riding next weekend! We have 2 tickets for tonight's performance!! If you can answer the following question and can swing by the store to pick them up, they are yours!! What state was Lane Frost raised in?
Oh yeah home of lane frost.. Quanah Texas...
My Valentines Day presents from my wonderful boyfriend :) thank you babe! โค๏ธ I love them all!
July in Cheyenne all bout lane frost makes my day
My son idolizes Lane Frost and my daughter idolizes Kelly Frost. I'm in trouble.
Happy Valentines day to my love ๐Ÿ˜˜ I don't know what I would do without you!!! I love you to the moon and back ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•
Can't really complain this is my first day back to school this week..๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
or name him Lane frost. He was a badass bull rider. That's who I was named after and I turned out awesome.
John Growney talks about the history of his bull, and star friend, Red Rock and Lane Frost at Fresno State's Henry Madden Library in celebration of this year...
How are you ever gonna find a girl? Lol everytime I come to your house your eating, sleeping, or playing the xbox ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
lol that's what I was insinuating Lane.
Watching 8 seconds makes me wanna cry.. It's such a good movie with a sad ending.. But it really makes thinks how good of a person Lane Frost was!! It would of been of heck if an experience if I would of got to meet him!!
Vote for the Aaron Watson tribute to the great Lane Frost and let's get this video to this week on the 12-Pack Countdown!
Always wanted to name my kid after Lane Frost.
Why when you hear Garth Brooks "Rodeo" do you feel like you could be Lane Frost??? Lol๐Ÿ˜›
he is a great bull rider but not good as Lane Frost
Do not be afraid of what they want to be or have, but always be willing to pay the price for it. (Lane Frost)
The guy who plays Lane Frost in on an episode of criminal minds๐Ÿ˜
who is Jory Markiss, and Lane Frost? I only know JB Mauney
"...It wasn't that bad the first three days, you know, . my face just swelled up and my eyes got shut on me..." -Lane Frost
If you really want to do something, you'll find a way, if not, then you'll find an excuse.
Ole tuff is good friends of the legend of lane frost
Still not sold on the bot lane for Frost
Surprisingly, the bottom lane for Frost was the weak point, as they were crushed in CS and in fights. Very poor perfomance from Madlife.
Frost tries to respond by sieging top outer tower, but the Stealths are able to repel the push while Caitlyn farms safely in bot lane.
Once Frost is aware that Nami and Caitlyn will be in bot lane, they send Lucian and Thresh back to recall and head to top lane.
Wifesteal bot lane for CJEntus Frost! \(//โˆ‡//)\ this team comp! So much mobility! Is it gonna be roam central?
If you didn't catch it earlier, CJ Frost now has Lira in the jungle and Coco playing mid lane. The Stealths have added 3 amateur players!
Lane frost is waitin for me in heaven ๐Ÿ™
Little bit of lane frost. Never gets old.
I should really jus learn to keep my mouth shut.
Tho I hate when people post pictures of the movie & luke perry & talk about how hot & good lane frost was...
One of the worst things for a female ๐Ÿ˜ฉ
"...Lane chose a heavenly home by accepting Jesus as his personal savior." -Clyde and Elsie Frost (Cowboy Bible)
Yeah I know I love that song ha but it's about Lane Frost dying ha that's sad
If you don't know who Lane frost is we can't be friends,
LOST DOG! One mile East of the Sandia Park Post Office, on Frost Rd, near Lois Lane. Sandia Park NM. She is a...
Michael Jordan, Roy McElvoy, Rudy Ruddiger, & Gordon Bombay, Lane Frost as an alternate.
Well today turned out pretty good feel 100 time better than I was. And some older lady told me I talk and sounded like Lane Frost. I thought that was pretty cool
Lane frost will always been my greatest influence ๐Ÿ‘
Lane frost was an absolute man among men
Only Jimmy Fallon has failed up more than Lane Kiffin.
I tense up every time I watch 8 seconds and lane frost gets his nuts stepped on
-Can't be that dumb I'm doing what I love-. Lane Frost
So excited to give his Valentines Day presents!! :)
Gunna watch 8 seconds.this movie never gets old one of my favorites...lane frost you are one of my hero's
The kids reenacting one of our fav scenes from one of our FAVORITE movies~ "8 Seconds" ~ Tuff Hedermon & Lane Frost dancing @ Lane's wedding.
I wish you were already moved. I don't have anyone to play in the snow with. ๐Ÿ˜‚
Is it weird that there's a guy on the wrestling team who's name is Lane and he looks identical to Lane Frost?
I would give anything to have met Lane Frost.. ๐Ÿ˜ญ
MCM- Lane Frost Luna Michael David Carlile Jessica Derryberry Robin Soverytalented Brown Because you are all special! Have a fantastic night and great morning!(:
Everyone is sleeping but me. Watching one of the greatest movies ever 8 Seconds. Lane Frost R.I.P. One of the greatest in my opinion!
TODAY at noon and 10:00pm on RFD-TV watch "The Ride with Cord McCoy." Cord will be honoring Lane Frost and you won't want to miss it!
Hey guys ill be in town for alyssas bday party then after be able to hangout till i head back to norman hit me up if u wanna hang saturday Tamara Caye Chasteen Kyle Bennett Lane Frost Luna Aaron Skahill Samantha Cooper
July in Cheyenne by Aaron Watson.. Prolly one of the best tribute songs of all time (Lane Frost)... Brings tears to my eyes every time I listen to it...
Chris LeDoux, Lane Frost and Tuff, we're amazing bull riders. I've always loved Chris's music too. He sang about life and the simplicity of being a rodeo cowboy. Bareback & broncos.
What a blessing to see the brothers Kyle and Lane Frost blessed of God!!!
Kenton asked me if lane frost would protect him from getting hurt when he rides a bull. I told him that all bull riders get hurt at one time in there life but lane was always looking out for them. Kenton then asked me if lane frost was still a cowboy up in the sky...
Who you think a better dancer Bud or Lane Frost?
Oh my boys Malachi is all into Audie Murphy and watching war movies, Colton umm surprise Lane Frost or JB or Bushwhacker or Redrock, and Jase is just into well learning he is watching animal atlas at the moment , and Rowdy well Elmo and Bob from Veggie tales ;) love their different personalities as we are up am getting ready for church this morning :) so thankful for my mom for staying home with Rowdy so we can go :)
Morgan Buck don't know who Lane Frost is.. dang yankee
true story on a guy named Lane Frost who rode bulls. I cried.
I don't wanna be the next lane frost. But I am gonna be the first trey collins
I'd like to marry a man like Lane Frost โค๏ธ๐ŸŒพ
The professional bull rider Braxton Kraus Also know as Lane Frost. Riding BO The Barkingbull! I love this kid! P.s no one was hurt in the making of this video!
Well, just handed down a rosin bowl to my son that was given to me when I was 12 or 13 by Lane Frost. .
I have pair of Lane Frost chaps from his rookie year. Sure would like to see you ride in them.
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Jilly Curtis took this picture of ""World Champion Bull Rider Lane Frost getting bucked off World Champion Bull "RedRock" at the 2nd "Challenge of the Champions" in Clovis Calif in 1988. Also in the pic to the rite is 5 Time World Champion Bullfighter Rob Smets""
Lane Frost and Ty Murray were my first Rodeo Guys
Excuse me I forgot you have to wear lane frost underwear while watching 8 seconds.
my favorite bull rider is and always will be lane frost because i like the way that he loved the sport and the way that he had time for all of his fans i love bull rideing its my favorite sport in the whole world i love rodeo i have ever sense i was a little kid growing up lane frost was my idol i wanted to be just like him RIP LANE FROST U WILL BE DEARLY MISSED
My wrist hurt so much from working out here I be looking like Lane frost trying to get them to not hurt
Up to go get horses loaded go eat breakfast and have a good time riding with some crazy people
I just wanna go to sleep and wake up to a great brand new day...
I'm about go outside and give myself frost bite so I'll have to cut off all my fingers just so I wont have to play.
Madison doesn't know who Lane Frost is.
Like I will ride you like lane frost until you stop bucking, you ain't throwing me off today! GON LEARN TODAY ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜‚
Love the song July in Cheyenne, Aaron Watson does a great job signing it! โค๏ธ
โ€œAre you a termite? Cause you're about to have a mouth full of wood.โ€
The right lane is blocked on I-12W at Mile Marker 20, (past S Frost Road, LA 63), due to a stalled vehicle. Congestion has reached 5 miles.
And marry a cowboy like Lane Frost.
The same person that made Lane Frost's gloves made my chaps. Pretty interesting
Thinking about stupid phrases such as "Failure is not an option" that doesn't make any sense. I really don't think that Thomas Edison or Lane Frost or Carol Shelby thought that way, failure was an inevitable option, but with that came learning, and with learning came success. Yes, I just told you that failure is good, it's what you do after that failure that defines you.
I wish I was skinny like lane frost ๐Ÿ˜”
But we'll keep on waitin even tho we ain't please cause the world champion bull rider has got the van keys - 8seconds lane frost yes!!!
Lane Frost will always be the man. RIP.
I don't even know what I've done...
So I HAVE TO SHARE SOMETHING VERY PRECIOUS...ALL THREE OF MY GRANDCHILDREN AND MYSELF WAS HAVING A GREAT TIME WATCHING 8 SECONDS..THE LANE FROST STORY, AND I ASK MY 3 year old grandson..Do you want to be a cowboy bull rider he thought and thought and I told him his daddy and mom probably wouldnt let him And I said well maybe you be a baseball player, He looked at me and said he wants to talk abour Jesus like Pastor Dewayne does and he wants amicrophone believe it could happen
Can't get enough of the cupcakes Learn to make, bake, and frost your own during a class:
1988 Lane frost gettin bucked off redrock great pic and a great bull rider never forgotten
Writing my paper on Lane Frost and the impact he had on bull riding
I wanna live my life like Lane Frost... No worries, wild, crazy and careless & just tryin to make my next 8.
The beaches of Cheyenne by Garth Brooks reminds me of Lane Frost
I was there and saw Lane ride for about 5seconds on Red Rock RIP Lane Frost
Would love to have a pic like this! Lane frost did red in the frontiers day rodeo in lake Elsinore in '88
Watching 8 seconds and I'm about to cry cause Lane Frost died :'(
Clay Tutt wrote: Okay here is one. I promised to my brother Cody Wilson. I'm honored to write about the greatest cowboy who lived. Cody hope you like this one. "Lane Frost" Every once in awhile we cowboys have a lot on the line. We sometimes put aside all the fear, the worries if we make the buzzer or not. We make mistakes. And we don't make it. But there was and will always be one cowboy who did. That's Lane Frost. Lane put aside what most cowboys had all the time. Pain, anger, sadness, hatefulness. Lane never had that. He alway had a passion for the greatest sport ever made. Lane loved the people loved his fellow cowboys. Always teaching his skills every time he got on the back of a bull. Lane did what he loved not for him, but for all the fans who loved to see him ride. He did it for the cowboys like Tuff and me who looked up to him. Lane was and is and will ALWAYS be the greatest cowboy that EVER lived. Lane, I know your up there riding your dream. Living your dream as you did here. We all see you and ...
I hope they shot, killed, and ate that bull that killed Lane Frost!!
If I ever have a boy his name is lane frost thorian cons
Lane Frost died more than 12 years ago, yet his spirit is very much part of bull riding. Ask any bull rider, possibly any professional cowboy, and they'll tell you how much of an influence Frost and his memory have been to them. The Professional Bull Riders organization is an inheritance of Frost'sโ€ฆ
Please tell me how you're such a "rank rider" yet you're 19 and riding at youth rodeo, just think were lane frost and all the other greats were at at 19, they sure wasn't at a youth rodeo riding pen running roping steers,
Up n at it watchin my fav movie... i love me some lane frost in this movie...
Lane Frost a champion in the arena, a champion in life
Bro slick you know who I miss going to rodeos with lane frost lol Slick Phelps
cant wait to get this shirt! anyone who really knows me knows my love for lane frost and that this is what my sister always says when shes waiting on me! ahhh so excited! definitely check out Wendy Munsell-Barnes! she has some amazing clothes and jewelry!
Kind of funny how things all work. Last night CJ and I watched 8 Seconds. I have seen it a million plus times! But, all I could think about were the dreams I have and also my brother. It was always his favorite movie and Lane Frost was his hero. He wanted to make it big with his bull riding, as all do. And he struggles to completely give that dream up. So many years spent at rodeos, thousands of miles drove and lots of pains. Today, because of it all, he suffers. All the blows have taken a toll on him and he has suffered from seizures for years. Medication never seems to do complete justice. So because of it all he is spending the day in the hospital. 5 within a couple hours! And for some reason it is hitting me so hard today, even after going through this stuff for years. Never is it this bad. Oxygen levels hitting 40% is not what I want to hear. Not a sob story, just how ironic! Prayers are welcome and appreciate. I love you, Nathan!! You have no idea.
Aaron Watson's latest single July in Cheyenne, is a poignant tribute to champion bull rider Lane Frost -- the song, says
George Michael interviewed Lane Frost and Tuff Hedeman the day Frost died at the 1989 Cheyenne Wyoming Frontier Days. Michael befriended the legendary
Me- Hey ask Tyler Jones if I can bull ride at least once...after softball season. Mikhaila Jones- oh Lordy were going to have another Lane Frost. Me- So your saying you want me I die?! Mikahila- No! Didn't here the part when they he is the greatest bull rider in the circuit? Me- but then he dies!! Love
I just got the sweetest phone call from our little *Lane Frost* Zayden he loved the video. It brings tears to my eyes every time I see that sweet little boy raise his arms and do his hands just like Lane did. Idols are not permitted in Gods eyes but it is great that this sweet boy has someone to look up too outside of family ***all*** children need this! Stay sweet Zayden and stay true to yourself and our Lord and you will go far in this life!
Fab Day , without forgetting the victory of Lane frost , beautiful gelding who got the best out of Musical man , despite an underdog ! Little Brother of Casey's War ran home in an impressive style !
Just passing though the Granddaddy of them all. According to Lane Frost. Cheyenne Wyoming.
Should this page be the Lane Frost and Tuff Hedeman page?.or just stay the same...
never cry so much watching a movie based on a true story. Lane Frost, you are a legend
Lane frost, he's riding for you my friend
Purty dang kool to be in a place where Lane Frost started out in High School. Can I get a *** YEAH.
Tuff Hedeman recounts the last moments of Lane Frost's life and his friendship with him. Before people start asking, this is about all Tuff says bout Lane. A...
Trivia Question: what is the name of the bull that Lane Frost competed against ?
Last night, I was thinking about how much fun I am going have Saturday night. I get to go see bulls!! Oh yeah-there will be riders, too! LOL I went on youtube and found some very beautiful moments of Lane Frost, Tuff Hedeman, and Cody Lambert. It's so hard to believe that come July, Lane will be gone 25 years. Miss you riding Lane!!!
Kayden has obviously watched to much "8seconds" . Next Lane Frost. :)
Always shed some tears at the ending of 8 seconds๓พ‚ Lane Frost sure made a legacy for himself that lives on! Kelly sure was one lucky women๓พฎŸ
Wonderful pic of one of the late greats, Lane Frost. He was born to ride and died doing what he loved.
Update on my mother, she is in re-hab at Lane Frost. The Dr. said she was better yesterday but still has fluid on her lungs. She is walking a little farther with a walker and says her leg doesn't hurt as much. She says she can't wait to get out of there and I assured her the nurses and Dr.s felt the same way.
The puss in luv lol nice pik of lane frost luv it
Really great shot of Lane Frost by Susie Christian. Many thanks to Sue Rosoff's Rodeo Photographs for sharing!
I bought a DVD of bull riding for Tristan for Xmas and it has lane frost last ride and his funnel on it.
Getting my Lane Frost on. next stop
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When you think about it Rodeo legend and bull rider Lane Frost would have been 50 years old, if he wasn't killed in 1989.
Ok so i remixed the song " the ride" for Lane Frost. tell me what you think? Well, I was thumbin' from Texas - Had my saddle on my back - When a stranger stopped beside me with a gooseneck cattle trailer He was dressed like 1980 - cowboy hat and cowboy boots He said, "It's a long walk to Vegas. Would you like a ride, son?" I sat down in the front seat. The gold buckle on his jeans was a stamp the meant he was the PBR champ Then I noticed the stranger was ghost-white pale when he asked me for a light And I knew there was something strange about this ride. He said, "Partner, can you make folks cheer when you ride at night? Can you hold on when he bucks? Do you have the luck?
Cody Lambert: Tuff, we need a trademark! Tuff Hedeman: I got one! It's hard, full of juice and barely fits in my jeans!! Lane Frost: Ahh Tuff! :-/ Tuff Hedeman: Its my flask, Lane!!! Cody, you want some orange juice!?!?
"If people remember one thing about Lane Frost we'd want it to be that he was a kind person and knew Jesus." -Clyde & Elsie Frost
How to get to the turn up Wednesday take 41 to Frost lane then go to the end of frost and make a left on mixwood take to very end
Give me someone like the actor off of Lane frost and I'll be set ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
I just want someone like Lane Frost. Is that to much to ask?
amen! Is it bad that almost everybody will know who your talking about??
If you post a picture of your gift and have the price tag showing purposely ๐Ÿ”ซ yourself.. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
You guys that song about Lane Frost is sad.
Listening Odd and the Frost Giants; reading Good Omens; Next 2013 book of the year The Ocean at the End of the Lane. Congrats
Lane Frost was as well-known for his friendly smile and magnetic personality as for his bull riding excellence. Frost credited his father, Clyde, and his friend and mentor, the late Freckles Brown, with teaching him to ride bulls and encouraging him to be a champion. Frostโ€™s bull riding abilities we...
Lane frost wasn't perfect but at least he knew jesus
I wished there was a way i could go back and see lane frost bull ride, also in that day of time go listen to king george live!
You'll finally be back! โค๏ธ Btw, LOVED your tribute video to Lane Frost.
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8 Seconds forever be one of the best movies made ! RIP Lane Frost!
Lane Frost is my one and only idol. I respect the fact that he died doing what he lovedโ™ฅ
โ€œTake time to remember that Cowboy's smile this is Lane Frost.
Been sitting here, keep looking at my husband's Christmas gift from my mother.hmm.I wonder what it coukd be! :P Just saying. In your face, Lol!! He is one thise types of people like Lane Frost was in the movie 8 seconds. Why I am just sayng. hehehe :D I LOVE YOU!! Dwayne Tindal! And NO!!! I won't open it, so you can know what ma got you! :P
in Pisgah they call me lane frost...
Lane frost he's riding for you buddy!!
My background is no longer Lane Frost ๐Ÿ˜”๐Ÿ˜ญ but Luke Keuchly ๐Ÿ˜
There's seriously a song about good work Aaron Watson. Lane Frost is a legend!!! โค๏ธ
Watchin 8 Seconds! Lane Frost has always been someone i've looked up too, such a badass ;)
This is what the movie "8 Seconds" failed to show in the movie about Lane Frost.
Eating Lunch in Quanah Texas. Home of Lane Frost. Legends may be gone but Never forgotten!!!
Lane Frost and Tuff Hedeman are my heroes.
She waves like Lane Frost before going down and when she stands up. PRICELESS!
Ladies n Gents...May I introduce you Lane Frost n her Horse "Lucky" ๓พŒง
RIP Lane Frost. Wish you weren't before my time.
Lane Frost and Tuff Hedeman set the bar!!!
Oh and Merry Christmas Lane Frost and to his family too
8 seconds is one of my favorite movies โค๏ธ๓พŒง๓พŒฌ LANE FROST๓พ ฃ
LIMITED TIME SALE for Aaron Watson's tribute to the great bull rider Lane Frost. "July In Cheyenne" for only .69 cents!
For those of you who have ever seen the movie "8 seconds" it's about a bull rider named Lane Frost. He was great and one day he drew a tough bull and it killed him. Anyway I was watching clips of the movie on YouTube and stumbled across a song that almost brought me to tears. It's called "lanes last ride" if you get the chance look it up. It's amazing!! And by the way it's a true story!
Let's see how many likes we can get for the real legend Lane frost who lost his life to the bull that couldn't be ridden, Red Rock. Which lead to one of the best cowboy movies of all time, 8 Seconds.
Me: Corbin whose that in the movie. Corbin: Lane Frost Me: Whats he getting ready to do? Corbin: Ride 8 seconds. I love you daddy I miss you I can't wait til I'm on days love these moments with Corbin watching 8 seconds and hearing him tell me he wants to ride bulls. Daddy's little cowboy!
Two of my boys watching lane frost one watching return of batman and I'm the only one watching cartoons
Finally caught his lane frost moments on video(:
Step inside the world of Professional Bull Riding, with The Toughest Sport on Earth! Meet the Young Guns and Legends of the PBR, and witness the most exciting Wrecks & Rides in the history of bull riding! Legends of the PBR features renowned riders Lane Frost, Ty Murray, Cody Lambert, Jim Sharp, ...
The story of Lane Frost is one that was told in the movie "8 Seconds," but there's so much to the life and death of one o...
love this Movie Lane Frost was a real & true cowboy i always cry at the end of it
I received a very wonderful gift today, it's a LANE FROST COWBOY BIBLE!! I gotta say it's amazing, their only three dollars so everyone should have one! Check it out! God Bless
Maggi just learned about the passing of Lane Frost. She didn't take it very well. Love my little bawl-bag.
Another great one tonight, 8 Seconds! "Ok boys ok" . . . Lane Frost. :P
Jacob Morris and Lane Frost won individual titles at the CSC wrestling tournament on Saturday.
Wow, Lane Frost and Tuff Hedeman at Rocker G! I had no idea bull riding in Hawaii was big that long ago.
8 seconds of pure adrenalin for the forever champion Lane Frost, so lets Ty one on and let the tough get Tuff. Lets ride forever along the Razor's edge. Ride G-man ride.
Proud of Parker Talbot Chad Compoli Austin Vanderhoof Bryce Cipollone Jason Colon Simon Breckenridge Eddie Bentley Lane Frost Connor Shay and Ryan Breckenridge for the way they wrestled today. keep it up tomorrow boys
Aaron Waston releases "July in Cheyenne" in honor of late rodeo great, Lane Frost.
The Lane Frost Extended Hospital is a no. :( right now he is doing his therapy. Each time is a little better... A couple of days and things might be ok.
The "Challenge Of the Champions" celebrates the life and careers of Bull riding's two greatest celebrities: famed PRCA World Champion bull rider Lane Frost and Red Rock, the sport's more fearsome bull who went unridden 309 times. The DVD includes candid and intimate interviews with some of the peopl...
Just rode a mechanical bull and ended it with the lane frost big deal
If you don't know who Lane Frost or Tuff Hedeman. . Don't talk to me. ๐Ÿ’
I am so in love with Aaron Watsons new song. Lane frost song is what I'm calling it.
Night in cheyenne about lane frost *** good song! Eric Watson my New favorite song!
I always cry when Tuff Hedeman bull rides in the memory of Lane Frost in the movie "8 seconds" ๓พŒน
That was cool. My daughter gave me the " Lane Frost" wave goodnite. I haven't done that to her in months. She had to make her hands work but she got it! Lol
Laying in bed next to my son watching my favorite movie "8 seconds" . ol lane frost that who my son got his middle name from "keedan lane reyes "
Aaron Watson has a new video/song about Lane Frost. You can see it on Great American Country -- check it out. Brings back memories of a good young man!
Aaron Watson's tribute song to Lane Frost: "July in Cheyenne" is the Best tribute song ever!
Aaron Watson's 'July in Cheyenne' is a tribute to champion bull rider Lane Frost. Now, there's a video to go with the song.
The home of kelly kyle, lane frost wife
26 years ago today lane frost, the greatest bullrider of all time, was names world champion in 1987. RIP lane you'll always be remembered and loved.
Well just me, ruger, Mr. George strait, and Mr. lane frost tonight.
Great song about the late great Lane Frost
Lane frost fer my b-day. one of very few buckles ever made story told by his mom post n pic post card
Hey Brice I still have one question for u? Has lane frost pulled ur bull rope yet?? If he has I'm so jealous!! Love u bro!! Hope ur living the dream up there with the top bull rider the world has ever known!! See ya again someday!!
Anybody else heard this song "July and Cheyenne"?? Tribute to Lane Frost which I respect but the song itself is terrible.
Well since I can't ride rodeo anymore I guess lane frost and 8 seconds cuts the deal. God bless to all the riders out there tonight stay safe and ride good. Rember who's all out there watching over us. Git-r-done boys
โ€œJuly in Cheyenneโ€ is Aaron Watsonโ€˜s latest release off of his โ€œReal Good Timeโ€ album. The song is a fitting tribute about the late bull rider, Lane Frost. Laneโ€™s tragic death at Cheyenne Frontier Days, moved Arron so much, that he felt compelled to write this song. Watson wanted to tell the rest of the story that Hollywood didnโ€™t cover in the movie โ€™8 Secondsโ€™. When Watson finished the song, he played and dedicated it to Laneโ€™s mom, Elsie Frost. The song forged a friendship between Aaron and Elsie Frost. The National Finals Rodeo organizers heard the song and have asked Aaron to perform it at this years National Finals Rodeo, before 18,000 rodeo fans. (from You Tube)
Washington State Prayer: Just a shout out to friends and family to ask that you say a prayer for my daddy. He is in Lane Frost for congestive heart failure, fluid build up and cannot hardly walk. So if you all would be so kind to pray for him and ask God to please heal him I along with my family would greatly appreciate it. God Bless Happy Holidays Trina L Romines
The Adventures of Jimbo continues: We watched 8 Seconds last night (The Lane Frost rodeo movie) After luring Prince in close with a doggy treat, he jumped on and held on tight. It was quite a ride and he made it for 8 seconds. barely !! YeHaw 11 days until Christmas.
There is a new country song out bout lane frost dont know the name of it. its kick *** does anybody know the name of it
Lane Frost was arguably the most amaxing bull rider of his time. At the end of the Wrangler NFR there was a tribute song for him called "July in Cheyenne" amaxing and sad
Bill do you have any pics of Lane Frost at the NFR?
Just gotta love this...remembering Lane Frost at the NFR
Came across my bible that was signed by Lane Frost today! Now I want to watch the movie "8 seconds" good!
You must check out Aaron Watson's new Cd the song July in Cheyenne is about Lane Frost. Set behind Lane's mom and dad what a moving song, just awesome!
I was so encouraged today. Aaron Watson, a country music singer, sang a song about Lane Frost. He also gave a great testimony about "being washed in the blood" and how his mother told him that Lane's greatest accomplishment wasn't in the rodeo arena, but when he accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. This was especially heart warming to me since one of my favorites, The Voice, decided to edit a classic hymn. If you get a chance, go to the GAC site and view this video and listen to the words--especially the end!!! Brothers and sisters in Christ, you'll want to stand up and cheer--and cry, all at the same time!! sue
If y'all haven't heard Aaron Watson's tribute to Lane Frost "July in Cheyenne," y'all are missing out on a heck of a song. Check it out on YouTube
Today is one of the best days ever...thirty years ago today, God created my best brother! We have been through all of life's little journeys together...side by side through thick and thin. He's a hard worker, a hilarious guy, and one of the most trustworthy and reliable men you will ever meet. I look back at our youths and can remember riding four wheelers with him. I can remember pool parties. I can remember pretending we were Lane Frost riding bulls. I can remember playing in the creek. I remember the boy who could do anything... and sometimes, even better than I could do it. ;) I remember the grin and the confidence. I can remember the teen. With his awesome sense of humor. The tough nights of homework and studying. I remember all the nights spent hanging out in parking lots. I remember him hiding all of his MANY speeding tickets. I remember the parties and the late nights. I remember his first dates, his first breakup. The late night talks. The secrets...laughs...tears. I remember the stru ...
Names for my boys. Lane frost. Pepper Lewis./ Ford. Harley / and people throw me more names
Lane Frost would have turned 50 this year, but despite being gone for almost 25 years, he continues to influence the sport of bull riding and rodeo.
As the NFR continues in Las Vegas, whether you're a cowboy, cowgirl , or just a fan, you'll love this Aaron Watson tribute to the late Lane Frost.
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