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Landon Donovan

Landon Timothy Donovan (born March 4, 1982) is an American soccer player for Los Angeles Galaxy and United States men's national soccer team.

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Going to the friendly in January against Bosnia Hoping to see Clint Dempsey break Landon…
I'm not a big fan of him...but Landon Donovan is spot on with what he says here:
Just another day at the office. One of soccer’s greats. Also pictured Landon Donovan
Eric Wynalda, Landon Donovan and Clint Dempsey are the players who scored the most goals in a single year.…
“You should be true and authentic, and you should be aware of the platform you have.” - Landon Donovan
Weston McKennie and Tyler Adams are making their first starts for the USMNT. McKennie had a chance to meet Landon Donovan a…
Why would he disagree with people like Donovan and Dempsey? Oh, he didn’t grow up playi…
I used to quite like Clint Dempsey when he was with Fulham and Brad Friedel with Liverpool. Brian McBri…
And Landon Donovan probably would of scored a hat trick in the final
“This team needs more Landon Donovan. I would have begged Landon Donovan to come out of retirement”
Landon Donovan’s best piece of advice he has received: “If you’re not enjoying it, don’t do it.”
Feeling blessed being this close to Landon Donovan and Becky Sauerbrunn
This FA rule was an issue when Real Salt Lake tried to sign Landon Donovan a few years ago
I think im gonna need a Pulisic jersey. Kids unreal. Already better than Landon Donovan ever was and hes an icon
Actually, Houston was considered an expansion team. Garber set the precedent. Given that the…
Landon Donovan had the utter gall to start mansplaining about what the USWNT deserves in terms of payment etc but h…
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What does Swedish soccer do if Zlatan tries to pull a Landon Donovan and ask to rejoin the team? I say bring him in…
The most poignant thing the young man said was how pampered young "stars" are and how they're catered too.…
Diane Scavuzzo: Opposition is trying to push a vote until nex…
Dude. You're so incredibly wrong here. Landon Donovan, Shannon Ma…
I think he's the reincarnation of Landon Donovan. Think about it: Lando retires & soon after, this american star is born.
If you can come out of 'retirement' and imitate the great Landon Donovan, you can't miss your chance.
So now Christian Pulisic appears Landon Donovan-esque in another way: being very open about his feelings. Clearly a…
This ref looks like Landon Donovan in the game 😂
Former USMNT player Landon Donovan has decided not to run for U.S. Soccer Federation president, Donovan wants to st…
New post (If we’re being honest with ourselves, we knew that Landon Donovan&r ...) has been published on -…
This is the emptiest threat since I challenged Landon Donovan to play 1v1
If it was an franchise, it would have included a confetti cannon, maybe a flame thrower, definite…
.won't be running for U.S. Soccer president, but he still wants an active role in shaping its future. He expl…
U.S. Soccer presidency. Pro-Rel. Sunil Gulati. World Cup failure. touches on all of that and more in…
Agree that more attention needs to be given to Women's soccer, but the Landon Donovan example is off.
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This is unacceptable- the women's game in this country is arguably as or more important than the men's game both from a parti…
Landon Donovan is considering running for U.S. Soccer president - source.
Let's not forget that Brad Davis also made that team over Landon Donovan.
Clint Dempsey scores his 57th Career Goal for the 🇺🇸 to tie Landon Donovan for the most all-time.
THERE IT IS! Dempsey ties Landon Donovan atop the all-time scoring charts!
GOAL DEMPSEY!!! Clint ties Landon Donovan for the USMNT all-time scoring record
.has tied Landon Donovan as the leading goalscorer!
Landon Donovan on Clint Dempsey tying his scoring record: ‘You can stop now.’
Clint Dempsey equals Landon Donovan's all-time US goals record
Clint Dempsey tied Landon Donovan on all-time scoring list. Donovan’s message to Dempsey: You can stop now.
Clint Dempsey ties Landon Donovan for most goals for U.S. men's national team
Someone make Landon Donovan a coach already. Dropping Mark Jackson style analysis for
Seven years ago today, Landon Donovan scored this goal to send the to the 2010 World Cup round of 16. I'll never forg…
That was Michael Bradley's 5th goal against Mexico tying him with Landon Donovan for most by a US player against El Tri.
USMNT has two World Cup qualifying matches coming up. Clint Dempsey is two goals away from passing Landon Donovan's scoring record (57).
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Clint Dempsey is 1 goal away from tying Landon Donovan as the All Time leading scorer in the USMNT with 57
On this day: defeated Real Salt Lake 3-2 on the road. Landon Donovan, Cobi Jones, and Herculez Gomez were…
That time Landon Donovan, Bob Bradley were asked about Michael Jackson's death
Who are some of your favorite soccer players?. Maybe Alex Morgan? Christen Press? Landon Donovan? Julie Foudy?
18-year-old Christian Pulisic is better than 18-year-old Landon Donovan, says present-day Landon Donovan:.
Landon Donovan joins ownership group trying to bring MLS expansion team to San Diego | FOX Sports
No Michael Bradley or Jozy Altidore in the starting 11 for tonight. Landon Donovan is here doing TV for FS…
wonder if he will sign Tim Howard on loan ala Landon Donovan
So I hear Real Salt Lake and an unnamed Eastern Conference team want to sign Landon Donovan as a Designated Player.…
Jermaine Jones in, Landon Donovan out, and Juninho to return?. are making moves:
Since growing up as a young boy in Spain, David Villa always dreamed of winning a trophy named after Landon Donovan.
Of course, I would be happy with any new coach so long as he understands Landon Donovan is better than Chris Wondolowski.
Klinsi will always be the guy who thought Brad Davis and Chris Wondolowski were better options than Benny Feilhaber and Landon Donovan.
I knew Jürgen Klinsmann was a *** when he selected Chris Wondolowski over Landon Donovan in 2014. Thank God he's gone
Landon Donovan scores minutes after coming on for LA | 2016 MLS Highlights - -
GOAL: Landon Donovan scores first goal since coming out of retirement - -
A more apt footballer to compare to American Beauty would be Landon Donovan, especially after his recent mid-life resurgence
is so delusional.. He actually thinks Handanovic is most famous for getting scored on by Landon Donovan 😂😂
FC Dallas and NYCFC stage epic battle, Donovan's 'first' goal, bat..
I don't think in terms of legacy or that kind of stuff. I've always t...
It's got to be harder in real life to win a World Cup. But depending ...
I'm thinking we could see a new female Landon Donovan before the next World Cup. Their number is a bit unlucky.
Just in Landon Donovan and The rock for the republican ticket. Who wins?
I haven't heard any landon donovan back to the usmnt questions
Landon Donovan is the potential game-changer for US against Mexico - Los Angeles Times
Sad day for u.s football, well kinda. Not as sad as when landon donovan was cut from World Cup roster cuz we no one…
will Landon Donovan be added to ultimate team ?
Its Landon Donovan... you can always trust him! (except for Klinsmann...)
Landon Donovan's injury time winner against Algeria, sent USA into the last 16 of the 2010 World Cup! 🙌🏻⚽️
Landon Donovan because he retired and came back
MLS Decision Day is coming up. Live on TSN, Landon Donovan will choose between Clinton and Trump.
mlssoccer​.com >> In first start since coming out of retirement, Landon Donovan held up well
Landon Donovan the Dodgers fan gets last laugh on L.A. Galaxy teammate (..
Landon Donovan the L.A. Dodgers fan got the last laugh on an teammate rooting for the Cubs. -->…
Landon Donovan's reaction to the home run made me smile.
how can I be a fan if Landon Donovan isn't on FIFA 17
how long till Landon Donovan on Fifa 17?
NEW SHOW: Did Landon Donovan's return to help on the field, or off the field? We discuss his influence.…
Will Pulisic starting tonight, he now has more Champions League appearances than Landon Donovan.
Landon Donovan plays for LA Galaxy again, but has a legend card instead of a club one
I would probably say that being a commissioner in sports is one of th...
Carlos Ruiz and Landon Donovan are going to score all the goals in the Western Conference Final.
Guys, what if we see Landon Donovan and Carlos Ruiz square off in a western conference final in the year 2016? What in the world?
i feel so weird about it. the MVP award is literally now called the Landon Donovan MVP award. what if he wins it???
Landon Donovan officially comes out of retirement, signs with LA Galaxy
Is it a good idea for Landon Donovan to come out of retirement?. joins ESPN FC at 6 ET on ESPNEWS!
Landon Donovan returning to is like
THIS JUST IN: Landon Donovan coming out of retirement to rejoin Galaxy.
Landon Donovan is back. Messi isn't retired. What a great year.
Landon Donovan coming out of retirement is what's wrong with the youth development in MLS
I'm still in a state of shock that Landon Donovan is coming out of retirement and it's happening for our game on
I thought Rihanna had the biggest 6 head in existence and then i remembered Landon Donovan.
Landon Donovan coming back is honestly such an inspiration to me
Happy that Landon Donovan is coming back to Galaxy
I don't care if Landon Donovan is un-retiring, he still isn't better than Clint Dempsey💁
⚡ Landon Donovan returns to an emotional two years could end with a seventh MLS Cup.
is such a joke. Bring LANDON DONOVAN out of retirement to save your season/sell some tickets. Such an embarrassment
.has the details of Landon Donovan's stunning return to the LA Galaxy
When Landon Donovan retired, greatest U.S. player of all-time Christian Pulisic was just 15 years old!
Really curious to see what do with Landon Donovan this FIFA. Legend card or normal gold card?
I'm perfectly ok with Landon Donovan coming back, but shouldn't the bigger issue be him going to LA just like that?! 🤔
Landon Donovan may be coming out of retirement to play for L.A. Galaxy
No truth to the rumor that Landon Donovan FC is the 8th FCSL team.
Fu. I put my Landon Donovan scarf in storage when I moved rooms and I can't remember which box is in and now I can't wear it
Landon Donovan is leaving retirement behind.
do you think Landon Donovan will get a non legend card?
MLS has now achieved maximum MLS. With Landon Donovan's return to the Galaxy, it has become a retirement league now for…
Landon Donovan puts on the Galaxy jersey again.
Via Video via MLS: Donovan on why he's coming back: Hear from MLS legend Landon Donovan on ...
will Landon Donovan be a legend card still or a regular card for LA?
When you hear Landon Donovan is coming back
Former U.S. soccer star Landon Donovan is in talks to end his retirement and rejoin the LA Galaxy this season.
Landon Donovan breaks down his decision to return
Landon Donovan scored 169 goals in Here are a few of the best. WATCH:
DONE DEAL: LA Galaxy have confirmed that Landon Donovan has resigned for the club.
domain names
FULL INTERVIEW: Landon Donovan on his return to the LA Galaxy
Landon Donovan's comeback is a risk worth taking for the LA Galaxy.
Jurgen Klinsmann realizing he is going to start getting Landon Donovan questions again:
What happens if next season Landon Donovan wins the Landon Donovan MVP Award???
OFFICIAL: Landon Donovan has come out of retirement to rejoin the LA Galaxy.
Landon Donovan will reportedly come out of retirement to return to the Los Angeles Galaxy, per
Sorry. Pulisic has a ton of talent but Landon Donovan, Clint Dempsey, Claudio Reyna and Brian McBride...
I bought the trip package even have to do an eye wash Landon Donovan doing his best Sad Keanu impersonation
The Swans do have three senior strikers. Marvin Emnes, Neil Taylor and Landon Donovan
1) Miracle on ice 2) Landon Donovan goal against Algeria in 2010
Sorry, but Landon Donovan commentary is like Aaron Boone to me...
Is it me, or does Landon Donovan sound exactly like a 1980's Ken Dryden
yea but then Landon Donovan runs on the field and lays Messi out like Sean Taylor would, we win 1-0
Landon Donovan was at the Sherman Oaks Galleria yesterday. I was…
Clint Dempsey joins Landon Donovan (57) as the only American men with 50 international goals.
Christian Pulisic will be the next Landon Donovan
Kick-6, Laettner, Landon Donovan, Tiger putt, Music City Miracle. That's probably my top 5, no order.
Wei Yin Chen's status in pro baseball mirrors Landon Donovan's in pro soccer in a lot of ways.
When I say alot, I mean 4, all were in the first team though: Tim Howard, Brian McBride, Joe-Max Moore, Landon Donovan.
Landon Donovan, Clint Dempsey, Michael Bradley, Beasley. Oh, sorry no Messi or Ronaldo yet. That will take cultural change.
1. Christian Pulisic. 2. Landon Donovan. 3. Freddy Adu. top 10 prospects of all time:
Landon Donovan is the Michael Cera of soccer
I see Landon Donovan is at it again.
Landon Donovan: if USA loses to Guatemala, Jurgen Klinsman should be fired. *USA up 3-0*. Jurgen Klinsman:
"[T]he Olympic experience is unlike anything you'll ever go through in your life." -Landon Donovan
According to reports former Cobi Jones and Landon Donovan have been named to the 2024 LA Olympic Games bid committee
Cobi Jones and Mauricio Cienfuegos laid the foundation Landon Donovan and Bruce Arena built the pillars.
Bryan Clay of Azusa, Landon Donovan of Redlands, Cobi Jones of Westlake Village, Brenda Villa of Montebello among athletes commission
Carl Lewis, Landon Donovan, Cobi Jones, Apolo Ohno, Greg Louganis, Meb, Bryan Clay. Lots of stars in the house to support
Good to see Landon Donovan & Clint Mathis will do studio for LA Galaxy broadcasts. Cobi Jones/Joe Tutino on games.
So.did Landon Donovan said something important today? .
Hey, I share my birthday with Landon Donovan! Just thought you'd like to know since you like soccer so much 😄
Landon Donovan thought U.S. Soccer snubbed him on a gift package
"Jurgen Damm" sounds like something Landon Donovan would've said at the end of World Cup camp.
we should call you Landon Donovan 2.0 except a lesser version
My brother and I have always had this theory that, as stupid as it sounds, ...
This dude just told me I look like Landon Donovan . Dude ... What
Scarfgate! Did Landon Donovan get snubbed by U.S. Soccer again?!. Nicole Dabeau for
USA men's soccer team match shorts and socks worn by Landon Donovan
that's what every team in this league needs more. What the Galaxy needs right now is someone to replace Landon Donovan.
A lot of times I watch sporting events, and there are things I want to say ...
Landon Donovan's agent refers to him as Captain America classic 😎
I had Landon Donovan & Diego Forlan as back up answers too! Knew loads of them some surprised me
still remember your call of Landon Donovan's winning goal vs Algeria.
You might want to correct your article US Soccer did send him a scarf.
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The Landon Donovan goal call. Earned him honorary citizenship.
can't wait for the cringeworthy ee-ran ee-ran chants similar to the you-ess-ay you-ess-ay for Tim Howard and landon Donovan
Landon Donovan complains about not getting a new scarf. Finds that he DID get one. And then... SELLS IT???
I feel like was the whiniest kid in the sandbox... eh where's my scarf?!?! via
Geez, Landon Donovan whining about a "letterman" scarf. He does look good in a Battle Red or a Royal Blue Texans jacket, no?
Why does your Landon Donovan sound like Messi? Even wee-little Messi is now ashamed of being associated with that softie.
Can we talk about how Landon Donovan makes Messi look like King Leonidas?
US Soccer to Landon Donovan: No crest for you
Donovan says US Soccer has 'forgotten' about him
How long is Landon Donovan going to be salty?! Aging and not as good as he thinks he is.get over it!
you would be the next Landon Donovan
Landon Donovan thought snubbed him again, but he was wrong:
they have nasty legends now bro lol Ryan giggs the laudrup brothers Landon Donovan, pele shots retarded
Landon Donovan thought U.S. soccer snubbed him, but was wrong
Landon Donovan says US Soccer has 'forgotten' about him
Don't understand the disrespect for USA Men's best soccer player of all time in Landon Donovan
Like Landon Donovan doesn't have the money to go buy a scarf?
Landon Donovan & Michelle Akers, two of the GOATS, didn't get new crests scarves yesterday but the Patriots kicker did? Fail
Is Landon Donovan ever going to stop crying?
I will never get tired of watching Landon Donovan's goal against Algeria.every time I see it I get goose bumps
I like teff, an Ethiopian grain. It's not so popular in the States yet, but...
Life isn't perfect, of course, but we all know it's how you react to things...
You got one, but Landon Donovan didn't?
Landon Donovan has always been a sucker, ever since he ran away from playing in Germany AND England, it was set in sto…
first started watching when Tim and Landon Donovan were on the team together
No American soccer players? What about Mia Hamm or Julie Foudy or Landon Donovan?
Check out Jason's new series around USMNT Legend, Landon Donovan. Thumbnail by yours truly.
MLS Cup is tied! Chris Tierney scores for Revolution in 79th minute to tie it at 1. Catch finish of Landon Donovan's final game on ESPN.
If the demand is there:. Joe Max Moore, Landon Donovan, Tim Howard
Tyler the creator, Kylie Jenner, will smith, Landon Donovan, the coach from Air Bud
Landon Donovan is still the best "Hyphenated-American" soccer player of all-time. Imagine if that Canadian blood hadn't diluted his power!
I'm still not over Mia Hamm, Landon Donovan, and David Beckham retiring. How am I supposed to get used to Abby Wambach & Lauren Holiday too?
Just watched the Univision replay. Landon Donovan picked timbers.
all I know for sure is that it's not Landon Donovan
Ad: & surprised local St. Louis team to teach them some tricks
Without the LAG and Landon Donovan in the final, the MLS Cup TV rating might even come in lower than .46.
I want to remake this interview with me as the host... . And maybe as You down Ted?.
.sits down with Watch the full interview:
This was quite a decent interview. I do admire Garber's strategic abilities/execution
Someone ask Colangelo if he's bringing Landon Donovan to Rio
I got the scarf on National TV behind Landon Donovan at the MLS cup.
As if people watched the MLS Cup final to see Landon Donovan, and not because LA/Boston are bigger TV markets. :P
Worth the watch: interviews commissioner Tough questions, brilliant answers.
Timbers-Crew MLS Cup on ESPN yesterday got 0.3 overnight. Down 50% from Galaxy-Revolution last year, which included Landon …
I saw Landon Donovan yesterday at the match and I cannot being to fathom how happy I am 😊😆😂
Man can't wait to see Landon Donovan and two other U.S men's national team star bring the soccer camp to Grand Rapids this summmer!!!
ain't that where tall seen Landon Donovan play?
Tony Gwynn. Junior Seau. Steve Nash. Teemu Selanne. Landon Donovan. I cried when all these players retired, Kobe Bryant now belongs on this list
Landon Donovan wants Jurgen Klinsmann fired if U.S. loses to Mexico in CONCACAF Cup
Landon Donovan to play in David Beckham's UNICEF charity match
Landon Donovan to take part in David Beckham's UNICEF match at Old Trafford ...
My idols are Landon Donovan, Martin GARRIX, David Beckham, zedd, and Dillon Francis
Landon Donovan to play in charity match at Old Trafford: Beckham’s GB and Ireland vs. Zidane’s Rest of the World https:…
john terry vs Landon Donovan... Pace difference - not much :/
Less talk a lot more play form you guys next time.keep your mascot Landon Donovan quit to.
I'd like most qualified people unless their name is Landon Donovan.
*directs his eyes to the feed of a certain Landon Donovan*
I have wanted him gone since what he did to Landon Donovan for the World Cup.
Donovan Whoop Europe in 02 and 06 that is why Jurgen hate him.
Bradley's boys played with guts and got results. Nearly won Confed Cup. Of course, he had Landon Donovan.
JK doesn't like Donovan because he basically lost his Bayern job banking on Landon playing well for him. It failed = JK firing
Wow ! Did Landon Donovan really just congratulate us ? 😱👏
exactly. Give him the time frame he predicted. And stop listening to Landon Donovan
I keep seeing people saying players need to be played by at the standard of Landon Donovan , Beasley , Dempsey etc (1/2)
Landon Donovan's troll game can not be topped in 2015 IMO
And he's not even American, is there no good US soccer coaches? Landon Donovan as a rookie manager may be better than this guy.
My "Landon Donovan Award" for the US/Mex match goes to Clint Dempsey for his disappearing act in a big game (very much like Landy)
Landon Donovan says a loss to Mexico should cost Jurgen Klinsmann his job:
Somewhere, in a basement all alone, Still Salty Landon Donovan is holding his Klinsman hair doll over a candle flame.
United States and Mexico vie for Confederations Cup spot: Former national player Landon Donovan has called for...
Man I'm made I missed the USMNT game. Can't believe they lost. Landon Donovan is somewhere sipping some mighty hot tea this morning
Pretty sure Landon Donovan touched himself all night to the loss to Mexico.
I'm done with Klinsmann. Since Landon Donovan debacle at World Cup he's proven not to be our guy
I love how Landon Donovan speaks on SportsCenter immediately before the highlights. Donovan v. Klinsmann is a juicy subplot.
Landon Donovan was right Jurgen Klinsmann needs to be fired after that loss featured in NBC s Science of Love
Jurgen should have been fired the second he got into a pissing contest with Landon Donovan. Unacceptable for a coach, inexcusable for a TD.
Landon Donovan: Congrats to both teams, what an incredible game. Sad that the lost but a great day for the sport.
I saw Landon Donovan today, he's hella short
So, I met Landon Donovan today. So, pretty much my life is complete.
Speaks the TRUTH. Klinsmann should go if U.S. loses to Mexico now. Poor leadership
Does anyone believe Landon Donovan isn't toasting Mexico right now? Bitter man.
They've never forgiven Klinsmann for dropping Landon Donovan, despite the fact he's coached them in to an impressive TEAM.
I honestly reject anything Landon Donovan has to say about tonight.
And I must say that Landon Donovan has become a real annoyance since his retirement. Can't take anything he says about Klinsmann seriously.
Landon Donovan joins rec league team in new commercial
Landon Donovan said it first. Juergen Klinsmann should be fired if he loses this match. Well they lost.
Hey can we build a wall around Landon Donovan’s house?
Worst part of the US loss to Mexico ain't the rivalry, or missing The Confederations Cup. It's having to hear Landon Donovan bleat.
Landon Donovan: Jurgen Klinsmann should be fired if USMNT loses to Mexico
Anyone saying Jurgen should be sacked after the loss to Mexico tonight (Landon Donovan) should honestly take a step back
Wasn’t Landon Donovan supposed to have gone away by now?
this *** Landon Donovan so mad he was left off the World Cup team still lmao
Class. congratulated after their dramatic CONCACAF Cup win:
David Beckham and Landon Donovan when they started together with were awful until Bruce Arena came in.
Landon Donovan should be the coach for US Men's soccer! He's as AMERICAN as they come! He bleeds Red, White & Blue.
when you don't bring an icon like Landon Donovan to the World Cup, you need to be prepared to justify it with results. No Bueno
Jurgen Klinsmann's response to calls of ex players (Landon Donovan) saying he needs to go if he loses to Mexico.
Hey The only tournament you've won had Landon Donovan as runaway Golden Ball winner.
sorry for landon Donovan because they don t ba bye us y
Landon Donovan should follow Bill Russell's lead and be the Player-coach of the
USA legend Landon Donovan tells that Jurgen Klinsmann better beat Mexico -- or else:
Landon Donovan thinks Jurgen Klinsmann should be fired if the lose to Mexico on Saturday.
Landon Donovan is spearheading a new series of soccer camps. Three former MLS stars, Landon Donovan, Stuart Holden and Brian Ching, h...
"Landon Donovan, Stuart Holden, and Brian Ching train the next generation with soccer camps"
Soccer Matters Espn 97-5 podcast from last night. Landon Donovan interview, Owen Coyle on Real Salt Lake, Brian...
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Wish I were Methuen teen! Four with MLB's Scott Oberg, one with soccer immortal Landon Donovan.
lmao Landon Donovan isn't even on Giovanni dos santos level this is what happens when you only watch mls😂
USMNT veterans Landon Donovan, Brian Ching and Stuart Holden will be guests at the Aztex game on August 1st.
Just got a call from begging me to buy more tickets. Landon Donovan, Brian Ching, & Stu Holden will be at next game, apparently
Spend the second half of Saturday's Aztex game sitting with Brian Ching, Landon Donovan, and Stu Holden. Bid here!
Matt Besler! He put him on the same level as Landon Donovan!
"He's bad because he didn't select Landon Donovan once and Matt Besler another time" omg
The American soccer media is agreeing with all of these things while praying to their shrine of Bob Bradley and Landon Donovan
Landon Donovan to coach MLS Homegrown team after spending time with US U20 WC team. Gradually getting more involved htt…
Meanwhile, Landon Donovan is arguing with Disneyland employees because they won't let him on the grownup rides.
I know this is late but Alexis Lalas calling out Landon Donovan is like Ron Harper calling out Michael Jordan.
Landon Donovan interview this morning on the Dan Patrick show
5 years ago today, Landon Donovan shocked the 2010 World Cup with a game-winning goal against Algeria.
Brian Ching, Landon Donovan, and Stu Holden all coming to Austin for youth soccer camps this summer! Sign up is now.
Got to meet Landon Donovan,David Beckham,and other players in the M.L.S. And I think Manchester United is coming later. …
Best athletes of my lifetime:. 3. Landon Donovan. 2. Michael Phelps. 1. American Pharaoh
If I had to describe how I feel Id say somewhere between John Brooks goal vs Ghana and Landon Donovan goal vs Algeria, hype is real
I'll just make this a World Cup quiz now. Next in the sequence: Michael Owen, Landon Donovan, Lukas Podolski, Thomas Muller, ?
Landon Donovan and Junior Flores should start a band, call themselves the "World Cup Snub Fan Club."
Landon Donovan calls in with Masters impersonation via
Who remembers this one? Dos A Cero in Columbus. Landon Donovan's last goal in a US jersey. Clinching a spot in...
"No one in Europe knows anything more about soccer than we do"
Landon Donovan throws first pitch at Dodger Stadium
Landon Donovan on says the biggest name that will be at his wedding is Says Beckham didn't make the cut.
Landon Donovan showing u lots of luv on
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