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Land Management

Land management is the process of managing the use and development (in both urban and rural settings) of land resources.

Black Lives Matter Public Lands Terry Tempest Williams

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Operation Pollinator! Farmers and conservationists work together to help bees survive.
The holiday season is here! Learn how to avoid decorating with invasive plants from
Just got a new toy! Can't wait to do some land management after season ends.
The land allocated to construct Waste Management Centre in Industrial Village handed over to MEE.
We have ignored the impact of land management on flood risk for too long. Today's blog:
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Kaamila was forced to uproot her family for 3 mths a year. Good land management has changed that. https:…
Please contact Sheriff Richard Mack - he wants to be the head of the Bureau of Land Management.
U.S. Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell on Nov. 10 said that the Bureau of Land Management has finalized a rule that creates a new comp…
The good guys, "We the People" are the winners here. Bureau of Land Management bullies ranchers into giving up land. htt…
Joshua Tree was run over for the weekend, ended up camping out in Bureau of Land Management territory.
Terry Tempest Williams & Brooke Williams statement on Bureau of Land Management oil and gas lease ...
..Why is the Bureau of Land Management branding America’s . via
Kicking off with implications of for UK land management & forestry at with
.STOP Bureau of Land Management from killing 45,000 in holding
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Meet the new Bureau of Land Management propaganda mouthpiece who just voted to kill 45,000 American wild horses...
Bureau of Land Management to Slaughter 44,000 Wild Horses to Make Room for Beef Cattle: After wild horses wer...
Land and Soil Management Award: About the AwardSustainable land and soil management is central to ...
Management of Crown Land is so inept in NSW that the Government doesn’t even have a debt collection policy
Great collaboration between UNECE Housing and Land Management, ICA Housing and Slovakia presidency.
If I land this 3rd opportunity for DJ'ing under another management, I would literally be able to DJ full time and live comfortably for now
"Housing is one of the top four issues in Europe" says Chair of UNECE Committee for Housing and Land management
The Bureau of Land Management need to hold their horses.
Absolutely Melissa, you can't farm green when you're in the red. . Cheap food = cheap land management h…
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Land titling process cut down to 5 days from 6 months
I hate my government... Bureau of Land Management (BLM) voted to euthanize wild horses
The Land Management Bureau launched a new system that will cut down the approval of land surveys to 5 working days
Had she been associated with accounting or purchasing or land management... sure, but she was specifically dealing with the legal stuff.
5. Safety Management - we make sure all elements of a project comply with safety regulations
3. Environmental management & Impact assessment -all our clients' projects comply with environment regulations
Let me guess. Federal Bureau of Land Management. AKA Land and Resource Gestapo.
Land Management engaging in crypto-eminent-domain without the explicit rights or compensation in a Communist-style land grab.
Yes, mines are big industrial sites. Here are AB coal mine sites post-reclamation
for a cost effective use of land and management! Reduce Proven and heavy-duty
You can improve the health and productivity of your land w/o a great infusion of cash with
vegetation when nesting, and soft rush if left unchecked can get waist high on me easily. Land management is fun, huh?
Sediments, fertilisers, herbicides & pesticides from poor land management have contributed to the decline in
Agricultural intensification, intensive forest management, land abandonment & urban sprawl have led to decline in Europe…
Available is a land measuring 35Acres. Selling at 700thousand per acre . Title: Receipt and survey plan. . Location: Ogun state.
I wonder where will you work with that diploma, they must have Land Management so we will know what to do with land wen we get it
Land information management systems presentation by in Nyeri County
Key research priorities on land management to stay below 1.5°C.
Spiritual Capital Management in Tuban the land of digital http…
is not "lock & leave" says Mark Alchin. Sequestration requires ongoing management - needs people on the land.
But is the Bureau of Land Management under fire for impersonating Black Lives Matter?
I always think Bureau of Land Management for BLM, because that's the acronym for that federal agency
Success factors for land and water management in https:/…
Against the will of the people YOU defend us Don't get UR hands dirty like Bureau of Land Management NotU🇺🇸
Rubber-stamping the LWCF will only perpetuate the federal government’s inefficient land management -
Federal Land Management Very fair and reasoned article. via @
Federal Land Management: By Don Mallicoat- Allow me to get up on my soapbox for a rant. I try not to do it often…
Eve of Destruction: Bureau of Land Management Sacrifices Native Site to Mining Group - Rural America:
Would you like to improve your awareness of Best Practice Land and Weed Management, Weed Identification /...
8-16-16. The Bureau of Land Management wrapped up its wild burro roundup at Spring Mountain Ranch State Park on...
Upcoming grazing land management & soil health workshops for graziers at 5 locations in SEQ http…
Very interesting read! RT: Why not to convert native land to management?
Are you looking to invest in raw land with your self directed ira???
Protecting these fish not only promises to stave off extinction, but has huge impacts on water use & land management ht…
BLM wraps up Red Rock burro roundup - After collecting 42 animals in eight days, the Bureau of Land Management ...
Land transportation and yard management is our business
Bureau of Land Management sorry doesn't make a lick of sense
Crown Land is public land; its belongs to us not a NSW Gov to trade off under the guise of ‘management efficiency’ SMH to…
Just remember, there 2 kinds of BLM... The original BLM - Bureau of Land Management, and the Black matter thing.
***Launch of Land and Sea Management Strategy for Torres Strait***. Do you want to know more about:. * the unique...
Is it time for delegation of tasks throughout your organization?
Time for school- garden school that is!!. Productive Land Management: Native Prairies, Food Forests, and More
Planning and Land Use Management Committee Tuesday, August 16,2016, I have the official…
Success factors for land and water management in
My is that Wild Horses Will be Exterminated from America's Public Lands by Bureau of Land Management. htt…
I've finished the Land Management quest! Are you able to fulfil the same task?
Oregon State University is Working w/ Bureau of Land Management to Perform Cruel Experiments on Pregnant Wild Horses ht…
in 1946, General Land Office & Grazing Service became the Bureau of Land Management!
Why is the Bureau of Land Management aka BLM holding so many protests? How typical of a C class Federal Agency.
Happy from Bureau of Land Management - Alaska! It's not an accident that this week is pollinator...
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Wahoo! US District Ct Judge Scott Skavdahl said Bureau of Land Management can't set fracking rules Congress has not authorized it to do so.
The judge said Congress had not granted the Bureau of Land Management authority to establish rules over fracking on federal & Indian lands.
The judge ruled the Bureau of Land Management doesn't have the authority, because hasn't authorized it .
Federal judge rules Bureau of Land Management can't, because Congress hasn't said it can
Judge: US Bureau of Land Management lacks authority to set rules on fracking...because congress
I guess Congress has to authorize the Bureau of Land Management to set fracking rules. But, of course, Congress is bought & won't do it
How has congress not intended for the Bureau of Land Management to manage land
Garfield County Sheriff James "Danny" Perkins has issued threats in Utah against the Bureau of Land Management...
Chances are you had a better week than the Bureau of Land Management.
Federal agency, Bureau of Land Management, forms new military-style division--
At a Bureau of Land Management auction in February, Terry Tempest Williams submitted bids for... https:…
Public Lands ranchers save the Bureau of Land Management $3 per acre in management costs.
Lol u-shaped got new management it ain't shabab land anymore
look at history of land management, such as Valles Caldera or Delaware North, and let me know
Keep-It-In-The-Ground movement in has suffered yet another defeat on
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Sustainable land and water management is a solution to environmental degradation. cc
Weekly Incident Management Situation Report released today shows # of acres burned to date on USFS land is 84,724 -maj. acres in SW
The horse fossil was collected in the Barstow Formation, under permit from the US Bureau of Land Management, accessioned at the
In Denver, people are standing together to protest a Bureau of Land Management Auction.
Instagram photo by Bureau of Land Management • May 27, 2016 at 1:52am UTC
A smart solution for land management. Say G'bye to old tools, embrace mobile .
Business consultants: how management speak and corporate jargon can land you in hot water
MT What is technology and could it potentially revolutionize your
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Rural land management at different levels of mercury in the prices of oil or food can increase social tensions and stereotypes.
New Bill NT. A bill to improve the management of Indian forest land, and for other purposes.
PoC underway in several industries for land titles or equities management incl. /
But I'm sure his views on Federal Land management are insightful. . .
We value development land and can provide regular progress valuations
Sanctuary's in-house contractor to build all homes (£) (though 'management contractor' = will use subcontractors?)
It was brilliant to start with the Land Act! Not land reform, it's programmes or land management or administration
Today, Governor - Mutebile spoke at the forum organized by check out his remarks here
Hyperloop has a chance of displacing rail & road options to move cargo across land
You enter the land of: signature file management and explaining the whole system to suspicion customers. Needs a solution!
"Why would builders build themselves out of a job?" Prof of Construction Management John Tookey on tv3 tonight.
Interested in a career in conservation and land management? Scholarship available now!
The controversial Fleet Management Facility at Kangy Angy looks like going ahead. MORE:
Toronto. Land of deep pockets and crazy management. Watch him make $10schmil a year for 10 years.
SpaceX rocket fails to land on barge management
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Appreciative of the opportunity to share information on HGNP land management with New Hyalite View Subdivision HoA!
"We are asking President Obama to issue a Presidential Memorandum to encourage federal land management agencies...
Support responsible range land management. Fertility control on the range costs less & keeps in the wild https…
Bureau of Land Management’s environmental review did not adequately address impacts to greater sage grouse. /
.2/2 Exasperating to see cons mobs buy huge tracks of land. Where's ongoing management $ going to come from?
domain names
.& launch the United for Smart Cities Initiative:
Just finished building an amazing set for the Bureau of Land Management
If You Don't Know, Wild Horses are Being Wiped Out by Bureau of Land Management on Public Lands https…
Wildlife Biologist - USA-WY-Cheyenne: . in a Bureau of Land Management State Office…
LLNH showreel property management and residential global sales
Pleased to announce that I will be moving to Casper, Wyoming next month to work for the Bureau of Land Management
Under the threat of another legal battle, the U.S. Bureau of Land Management has pulled the plug on a...
Bureau of Land Management claims production, drilling growth on Federal, Indian lands
Corrupt Bureau of Land Management successfully kicked out of the sacred Blackfoot Native...
United States Congress: Abolish the Bureau of Land Management - Sign the Petition! via Change @
Bill that would take away the law capacity of the Bureau of Land Management. « InvestmentWatch
District court order grants motion for State of Texas to intervene in TPPF lawsuit against Bureau of Land Management
BLM to Conduct Burn on Fort Meade Recreation Area: (BELLE FOURCHE, S.D.) --- The Bureau of Land Management (BL...
GOOD NEWS: Texas is allowed to sue Federal Bureau of Land Management for Red River land grab. https:…
Cliven Bundy, 74, faces charges related to a 2014 standoff with the Bureau of Land Management:
Check out this video (about Getting Results on the Land with Holistic Management!
Plant disease management is complex, education including Extension and Land Grant univ impt
Derby County to make an audacious bid to land and Shirlie as the new joint management team at the iPro
Research for better land management :
Land management continues to be a hot topic. Let's refer back to the importance of having a land management solution
You love the bureau of land management burning harmless cows?
By negotiating with National Govt. to devolve management of land
CoB reporter will be speaking on what lessons can be learned from 17-year
Via Watch my video about the issues behind federal land management in the West.
Since 2000s agricultural productivity is up 3% & use phosphate fertilisers dropped 9%
= 0's and 1's = Molec Chemistry = Bureau of Land Management. Clarifying my tag definitions.
"Many of us who work the land fall in the category of "beginning farmer,” leaving us without a family history of...
The Bureau of Land Management Has Blood on Its Hands - Will They Get Away with It? via
What can be learned from 17-yr will be speaking on management lessons.
says I support lawful management of federal land
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Utah's pretense of land management is so transparent; it's sad most Utahns can't see through it the highest-bidder op.
The joyful weeping you hear is Social Media Managers across the land finally getting their wings* (*Multiple account management on Insta)
ICYMI: Wide-ranging interview with on the origin of Public Lands, via
What do you know about public land in this country? Listen to our talk with
I'm thinking that we should change the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) into the Bureau of Land Transfer to the...
Pos management- land agent headed for adjuvant sales in any case: VtEpYJRmM
I agree. Although financial incentives have promoted land management practices that increase soil compaction.
I added a video to a playlist Bureau of Land Management illegally sold horses for slaughter –
If ur a political science major & u ever get down about jobs just remember: the Bureau of Land Management has 10,000 employees
Interesting topics discussed in lecture - Should we conserve the 19th Cent. style of land management and for what benefit?
Do not think you will see a trade like one that occurred in Leaf land with our Habs. The Management is not capable nor do we have the assets
Its all part of the destruction of the environment, to whisk in private NGO management Land sell offs.
Land-use planning webinar to look at stormwater management | Penn State University
Finally! The management are getting it done! Dion Phaneuf is out of Leafs Land!
Prescribed fire proves to be the most economical land management tools with great results.
Watch the tutorial videos for DASH the City’s new online land management system.
10, 9, 8.countdown to the start of Come check us out at 2518 for superb land management software.
Discover Tile: an educational discussion about the benefits of water management. Contact us to reserve your spot!
...which is interesting, because there's gold in "them thar" hills...ON BUREAU OF LAND MANAGEMENT LANDS which is,
Great throwback article. Is your property optimized for chasing longbeards?
On the costs of federal land management in
Land Administration and Management Programme (LAMP) Titling Ceremony at the Linstead Baptist Church in, St.
Ron Paul Warned Us about the Bureau of Land Management in 1997.
"...the U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) violated the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) by failing to...
They know the Fish and Wildlife Service isn't the Bureau of Land Management right?
Black Lives Matter. Mainstream hard right knows Bureau of Land Management is mostly a corporate tool.
is that Bureau of Land Management or Black Lives Matter? No snark, real question
This is gonna get confusing reporting in my TL. Here again, BLM = Bureau of Land Management, not Black Lives Matter. h…
The Bureau of Land Management released its final Environmental Impact Statement for the Desert Renewable Energy...
US Bureau of Land Management sent 1,800 protected wild horses to Mexican slaughterhouses.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Interesting info from ABS on Management. Seems are applying less fertiliser - G8 for
The Bureau of Land Management can. They've already sent 1,800 federally protected to Slaughter!
How do you know if you're old-school? You read and wonder whose land the Bureau of Land Management is stealing today.
Land Management awaits enactment of Chamorro Land bill
The Bureau of Land Management is increasingly taking control over land and forcing Americans out. -
Visiting Sustainable Land Management programme in Agacha woreda in SNNPR.
But my specific questions has do do with land management, watershed management, water runoff, Bush burning etc
precisely. I can sack Rome, develop the manse system of land management AND lace my corset all the way.
Property rights, land management & environmental disasters: the dramatic example of Indonesia.
Water availability has become problematic due to changing & land management practices in the region
Keep your land healthy. Keep your finances healthy. Join our online course on holistic management
we need the pressure gov to implement sanitary waste management systems in SriLanka considering the land availability
The goal today is to finish the Public Hearing of Land Management Scheme. ... *But what the *** is she doing with her life?*.
Speak to our Oban office for and services - call 01631 566 122
Remember back to the BLM (BUREAU OF LAND MANAGEMENT) grazing standoff, not the Baltimore herd of ghetto cattle
NatSec Legislative Update: . A bill to transfer administrative jurisdiction over certain Bureau of Land Managemen…
"Indigenous peoples worldview based on their traditional notions and sustainable management of land and natural...
The information tool is an excellent example for a Fit-for-Purpose Land Management and Tenure Information.
Attending the Fit-for-Purpose Land Information Management workshop in Nairobi. A great draft! Big job now: integrate comments.
Houston Methodist is hiring a HEALTH INFORMATION MANAGEMENT, apply now!
Funny enough this land information management system is part of the reasons for the clash btn NLC and the ministry.
Minnesota loses a heartbreaker to Michigan due in part to awful clock management:...
Funny how the LoL snapchat story connects with my sports management class
TWO BENCHMARK TALENT LAND CHANNEL NINE TV SERIES. Benchmark Creative Management would like to announce the double... https:…
needed in at Purple Land Management. Apply now!
Some wild mustangs sold by Bureau of Land Management were slaughtered, report finds.
For "the sustainable management of land and water resources": The UN Convention to Combat Desertification: |
FYROM +Albania will strengthen management of external land border,with Frontex 2 support registration in Greece
"New players have set the stage for a high-stakes battle that pits agricultural assets against energy...
."More than 50% of the land West of the Mississippi is federally controlled" = "Museum management from Washington"
interviewed me! Listen to my reflection on and management studies here:
Hydroponics News: Chasing organic path to profit: “We want to keep improving our herd and land management, wit...
we need to understand systems of land management, property organization. The thing is not enough to explain itself
ILLINOIS $ Paseka soars past Hong and Biles to land vault title
Bureau of Land Management reportedly illegally sold thousands of wild horses for slaughter.
Mr. Khushru Jijina, MD, Piramal Fund Management - "We will be moving to financing Land Acquisition" https:…
Check out this at Purple Land Management in
Texas will fight against the Federal Bureau of Land Management land grab.
Corrupt federal govt. agency,the Bureau of Land Management illegally sold wild horses for slaughter.
Bureau of Land Management knowingly sold over a thousand wild horses to rancher who se…
They figured out how to do it: Bureau of Land Management of the Dept. of the Interior seizes land and gives it to China. Clinton$
"Washington, DC — The U.S. Bureau of Land Management is carrying out an ambitious plan to map ecological trends...
Stop by the Bureau of Land Management in Mequon (6814 Highland Road) for their horse adoption preview day! We're he…
Family of to file lawsuit over her murder at SF Pier 14; sheriff, Bureau of Land Management to be named
Will the Bureau of Land Management subsidize Peabody's plans to export coal to Asia? -...
Firefighters from Forestry Service, Bureau of Land Management, several other agencies working together.
The Bureau of Land Management is considering a proposed mine expansion that would put a strip mine just a few...
The number of Bureau of Land Management personnel on hand at the festival has doubled to 160 over…: RENO, Nev.
BLM gearing up for public scoping meeting: SARATOGA SPRINGS — The Bureau of Land Management's Salt Lake Field ...
The Swaner EcoCenter in Park City, Utah, is now accepting applications for a Conservation and Land Management...
National Trails System. The National Trails System is a joint mission of the National Park Service, the Bureau of Land Management and the U.
Your support counts! "Alton Coal LLC’s Coal Hollow mine faced a setback today when the Bureau of Land Management (…
ELKO – The Bureau of Land Management says there will be no significant environmental impact from a horse gather...
Tell the Bureau of Land Management: No Fracking on Colorado's Public Lands! - Food & Water Watch
Massive New Proposed Federal Coal Leases Sound Alarm Bells: The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has just made ...
Business contracts: The Department of the Interior, Bureau of Land Management, New Mexico Region is requesting...
From the Bureau of Land Management: This year... - Blog - United States Government Blog
Wednesday Program: The History and Archeology of Fort Ord. Join Erik Zamborsky from the Bureau of Land Management...
Please join the Bureau of Land Management for a 15th Anniversary Celebration, June 3rd at the Fort Ord...
BLM burns nearly 7,000 acres in Eastern Montana: The Bureau of Land Management carried out the largest prescri...
U.S. Bureau of Land Management seeks volunteer residents for haunted ghost ... -
Park Ranger - Bureau of Land Management - Montrose, CO: You cannot hold an active real estate license; To be ...
The Bureau of Land Management released new rules last week. Here's why they're a let down
Real change, a must watch video for all insafians and specially KPK residence .
Tip 1: Before going hiking or camping, check with public land management agencies for fire restrictions or area closures.
Indian slavery in 1876 was called Indian Act. In 2015, Indian slavery is called Aboriginal Affairs or First Nations Land Management Act.
Chairman Imran Khan inaugurated *Digital Land Record Management & Service Center* in Mardan KPK. The First of its kind.
BREAKING NEWS. Today PTI inaugurated the first digital land management system in KPK. This is another institution...
an Integrated land management system leads to better decision making
I want it to be well known here that good land management is better for profit margins.
How could land management be a threat to national security?
Grant Woods is a great source for land management videos.
IK Appreciated for computerized land management system in KP.
Plays bagpipes but does he have the practical knowledge for land management?
NAILSMA peek Indigenous land and sea management org did not get IAS funding .
Imran Khan Speech at the inauguration of 1st Pakistani Digital Land Record Management and Service Center in...
Chairman appreciated for computerized land management system in KP.
.The Arabs have no land n water management. Israel's farms, irrigation sys and greenhouses should be model. .
Leslie Weller says, “Who owns the rights to the creative works you’re using? Compliance with copyright and...
I really don't like the odds. Tay Tay is middle management & looks after our land then there's the bad dude that's in space with a weapon
That bill has a fiscal note for road & infrastructure maintenance, land management & fire fighting, right?
Canegrowers urge reef policy makers to 'spend time on the farm': Canegrowers attending a land management forum in north Quee...
Call for voluntary land nominations for a national radioactive waste management facility
Sen. Goicoechea SJR1 sponsor says Nevada can manage land... 1st question how are we going to pay for management?
I presented today on Land Use and Integrated Water Resources Management and their impact on Small Island Developing States, blogpost to come
Mid-Land Management has a PART-TIME opening for a leasing position within the Topeka market.
From the 2014 Crown Lands Management Review. Oh the irony!!. "Crown land is managed for the benefit of the people...
Cop Block. 27 mins · . D’andre Berghardt Jr., was shot to death by Bureau of Land Management (BLM) agents on...
Okay I will stay in my fantasy land while you stay in yours. Iv'e been in management & know that's how it works.
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Research shows it takes more than paying your dues to land a management role.
How best to pay for responsible management? or
Bad cap management, poor roster management, poor drafting, inability to land a trade. have given up on the season
Seeking healthy land management practices in a post and are intimately connected
Interested in and Design Theory? Our BSc (Hons) Landscape Management is open for application: http:/…
Celebrating 23 years in technology and going strong! Happy Birthday to us ;0)
Good Morning! Here’s an interesting read on the issues with land-locked ports and management:
The troubling issues with land-locked ports and chassis management | |
Land ownership and declining forest birds: targeting the right policy and management for the right birds
Over 40 million acres of land benefit from
Land Management and problems of diversification
We look at a move to more efficient paperless management of land records
Agencies are adding 72,000 federal jobs in 2015! Follow us for our best job tips so you can land one!
You have to be able to land a great idea after launching it!
Houston's Republic Ranches provides expert insights to ranching and land management..
Waste management, key to tackle marine litter New study by NCEAS on waste coming from land into o…
"It has been 2 1/2 years since the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) last gave the public a tour of any BLM Long... http…
A 25 year old man suffered major injuries around 8:30 this morning when the off road truck he was driving rolled over. The incident happened approximately one mile south of Cerro Coso Community College on the College Heights dirt road extension. The man was transported from the scene by Liberty Ambulance to a designated landing zone near the college baseball field, then airlifted by Mercy Air to Antelope Valley Hospital. The California Highway Patrol, Kern County Sheriff's Office, Bureau of Land Management all assisted with the crash. No further information is available at this time.
Plans to develop a Four Corners master plan originated with the city’s Parks and Recreation Commission in 2013. It later evolved to include property to the west that is currently owned by the Bureau of Land Management.
Northwestern New Mexico is home to great rivers, badlands, and Chaco Culture National Historical Park. Denver-based corporation, SaddleButte LLC, has applied to the Bureau of Land Management to build a 130-mile oil pipeline through this sensitive area. The pipeline would permanently cut through fede…
LAND HEALTH ASSESSMENT FIELD TECHNICIAN Description: The Great Basin Institute, in cooperation with the Bureau of Land Management, is recruiting 14 field technicians for land health assessment teams. These teams will consist of three members, including a Crew Lead, and will comprise environmental scientists (ecologists) having diverse areas of training and expertise to work cooperatively in a field-based setting. The overall objective of the team is to perform land health assessments through inventory and monitoring of geomorphic, vegetative and hydrologic characteristics of the landscape. Data are utilized for adaptive management decisions, restoration projects, and/or to improve wildlife habitat to achieve a healthy and productive ecological condition. Duties: General field duties include walking long distances over uneven terrain while carry equipment. Overnight camping will be required. Field Technicians will collect GPS and photo points, identify soil characteristics, and vegetative demographics and ...
SB113 [NEW] A bill to ensure that Federal Register notices submitted to the Bureau of Land Management are reviewe...
Looking back to 2014, I was thinking to myself, what theme summarized the year from a truth and freedom-seeking perspective? Could we pin down one common theme for the year? Obviously many significant events occurred so I wondered, could we narrow these key events to one theme. Then it occurred to me, there was a clear-cut theme if you consider several memorable moments of the year and line them up side by side. I recalled the April Bundy Ranch standoff where Senator Harry Reid got caught making secret business deals with the Chinese for land in Clark County, Nevada; and how this deal would be directly tied to the federal government’s Bureau of Land Management (BLM) attempted land-grab of the Bundy Ranch estate. I recalled how the BLM showed up with SWAT teams, military equipment and helicopters, and even slaughtered innocent cattle and shut down cell lines as payback for unpaid fees they tried to illegally extort from the Bundy family. With guns pointed directly at them in gangster fashion, the rancher ...
January 2, 2015 BLM seeks artists to live in cabin ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) — Candidates are being sought for a federal Bureau of Land Management artist-in-residence program to take place this winter at the White Mountains National Recreation Area. BLM officials say the weeklong program is open to artists in nearly any media, including photography, painting, writing, music and printmaking. The artist would be expected to donate use of a piece of artwork inspired by their time at the area north of Fairbanks. The artwork would be used to help promote Public Lands. Officials say the agency provides transportation between Fairbanks and a rustic cabin in the area. The recreation area includes a dozen recreation cabins and more than 240 miles of winter trails that are maintained. The deadline to apply is Feb. 6.
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