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Man... I think we could have avoided the lost decade if Lance Harbor hadn't gotten hurt.
Imagine how many rings FSU would have if Lance Harbor never got injured 🤔
everybody knows Mox is the best. The way he zinged the mascot! Lance Harbor was a helluva an OC.
Surprise it seems I can do another streak tonight I'll be continuing Far Harbor tonight on twitch around 9 EST
Far Harbor DLC in Fallout 4 I'll be starting around 5:30 EST, needed to push it back for a little dinner via
Huh so apparently I have some time to stream today. Probably gonna do some of Far Harbor DLC from Fallout 4. We'll see how long I can go.
Can't access Far Harbor. Valentine and and Ellie are marked as busy and I can't talk to them.
Next thing you know Lance Harbor will be coaching them
Lance Armstrong attacked me full throttle today at the harbor. Ripped the mic right off my shirt…
I want you to tell me what you think a harbor is. - Lance. It's where you park your boat. - Mary
Passed ball, error and Lance Baldensperger comes in with the game-winning run. Warren 3, Harbor Creek 2/Final 9
I vote for Lance Harbor at this point.
Roetisberger was pulling a Lance Harbor out there and taking over play calling duties when Bud Kilmer left disgraced
*** watching Varsity Blues and totally forgot Paul Walker is Lance Harbor lol
when Lance Harbor tears his ACL and loses his scholarship to FSU. ALSO, when Billy Bob leaves his pig at Mox's house
Game ball goes to surprise suprise... Lance Harbor
I know nickname is Sunshine but I think they picked the wrong FB movie. He's clearly Lance Harbor:
How many titles does FSU have if imaginary Lance Harbor doesn't get hurt in high school?
In Varsity Blues, Lance Harbor's commitment to FSU always puzzled me, now I realize Mack Brown probably recruited him to play safety.
From Skip Martin and Lance Harbor to Brian O'Conner, Joey Gazelle, John Rahway and more -- who's your favorite
Lance Harbor ain't got ish on Clay Harbor.
At this point I would say dig Lance Harbor's right arm up & see what happens.
I'll see your Shane Falco and raise you Lance Harbor.
This is a fun parody account. What is Lance Harbor up to now, Coach?
And just the same, Lance Harbor really supported Mox. Quarterback fraternity, y'all. Don't break the code.
I don't know nothing about nothing, but Mox didn't talk trash about Lance Harbor. He came in there and did his job and got to Brown.
The Redskins need booby miles and lance harbor. Pre injuries of course.
Anyone else feel like Lance Harbor's dad in Varsity Blues right now?
Wwi officially ended in australia, the people's republic of lance corporal to pearl harbor, ***
Lance Harbor just tore every ligament he has in his knee
In my life I've went from Barry Goldberg to Lance Harbor to Daniel Tosh/Bill Burr and I'm turning into Murray Goldberg
Why couldn't Lance Harbor have gone to my High School?
.Vince Howard.with strong consideration for Lance Harbor
All Time Movie/TV Football Team (only fictional characters): Quarterbacks: Like most teams we'll put three on our roster. First, the players that don't make the cut and why. Reno Hightower (Kurt Russell in Best of Times)--A bit out of shape and way over the hill to bring us to a championship. Like the white shoes though. Jimmy Dix (Damon Wayans in Last Boyscout)--The league banned him for a reason, I don't belive people reform. Rex Evans (Travis Smith in Necessary Roughness TV series)--Aint no *** players in this outfit! Lance Harbor (Paul Walker in Varsity Blues)--Isn't Paul Walker dead? I know, that was a little mean. All of the QBs from 1st and Ten--They changed QBs every season. Paul Blake (Scott Bakula in Necessary Roughness)--Way too old and rusty. Seth Maxwell (Mac Davis in North Dallas Forty)--Have you watched this guys mechanics? He has the worst throwing arm. Joe Kane (Craig Sheffer in The Program)--Only seems to throw dink passes to his Rbs. A throwing style similar to Maxwell's. Paul Crewe (Bu ...
Calvin Johnson is gonna mess around and Lance Harbor that knee.
Paul Walker was Lance Harbor in Varsity Blues just for the record 😍😍
easily Lance Harbor in Varsity Blues although Running Scared is underrated
Growin up in TX pre FNL, Lance Harbor was our Jason Street, West Canaan was our Dillon, and Kilmer was our Taylor.
QB Lance Harbor, 1999 Florida State Univ 5 star recruit out of West Canaan, Texas is dead. Sad sad day!
Hey I’d agree that he is a total babe! I loved him as Lance Harbor in Varsity Blues!
Landry Jones is Lance Harbor's younger brother, Tommy, in Varsity Blues.
speaking of Varsity Blues, how many National Championships would Bobby Bowden have if Lance Harbor doesn't get hurt?
Joe Mauer changes all that. Lance Harbor does not.
via (Yes, I did just troll you for clicks, sorry) January 24, 2013 Head Coach Jimbo Fisher is proud to announce the hiring of Lance Harbor as Florida State’s new...
Varsity Blues Movie Clip - watch all clips click to subscribe Star quarterback Lance Harbor (Paul Walker) is injured af...
Holy Crap Lance Harbor is 39 years old today! Ok OK Paul Walker is 39.He'll always be Lance Harbor to me!!!
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Just noticed that the guy who played Landry in Friday Night Lights is Lance Harbor's little brother in Varsity Blues.
Better highschool QB: Lance Harbor from Varsity Blues or Jason Street from Friday Night Lights?
Holy *** I just noticed that Paul Walker is Lance Harbor in Varsity Blues. I never knew that.
"an injured Chauncey Billups taking over like Lance Harbor did in Varsity Blues" yes.
Sports movie precedent for Chauncey coaching the Clips: an injured Lance Harbor taking over at the end of "Varsity Blues."
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