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Lance Berkman

William Lance Berkman (born February 10, 1976) is an American professional baseball firstbaseman with the St.

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In the words of the immortal Lance Berkman, he probably told Mo, "Yeah, but if I have a good year, I'm gonn…
Can we get a Lance Berkman reaction... asap!
Remember how the hitter with the most RBI in a game isn't Jeff Bagwell or José Cruz or Carlos Correa or Lan…
I think you’re projecting for a better healthier lance berkman without switch hittin…
I have talked to Neal’s secretary.she stated we got Lance Berkman and 2010 Wandy Rodriguez back in the trade for Cole
Lance Berkman went so far as to say that Phil was his son but they chose the wrong person attempting to consider th…
This is all in the films and books of WALT DISNEY CORP where SLEEPING BEAUTY MUST KISS A FROG B4 he turns into a pr…
The technology of Satan comes from fact that Lance berkman aka Puma called father public of RoseMarie who died in o…
Show some respect for former Rangers Lance Berkman and Otis Nixon!
Lance Berkman made Linda HOPE and now Linda is FAITH so to torture me is meaningless to what they are doing unless…
After the attack outside the Church from this areas I was brought by Lance Berkman to aother area where no one brea…
I want to be a guy who produces runs, who drives in runs, who can beat you with a single or can beat you with a hom…
Jose Cruz's 54.2 career WAR is higher than that of Jim Rice, Lou Brock, Fred McGriff, Roger Maris, Orlando Cepeda,…
Lance Berkman should have been the 2011 World Series MVP
2013 was the "wait, that happened?" year of the Rangers for me. AJ Pierzynski signed. Lance Be…
. Richard not trying to show a Astros bias but looking at Lance Berkman's numbers and altho…
Update your maps at Navteq
Ummm...I don't see a "Lance Berkman stumbling upwards on Tal's Hill" option.
I think is lance Berkman if he didn’t play in coors field
I'm scared the ghost of Lance Berkman will chase it down, tumble, and still catch it.
heard one of the “best of” segments recently. And Lance Berkman came up and whether he was idolized b…
Lance Berkman hits a game tying single in the 10th inning of game 6 of the 2011 World Series
The only way 8 year old me could be anymore content with this World Series would be a game 6 started by Roy Oswalt with Lance Berkman at 1st
Lance Berkman was the reason my favorite number was 17 ⭐️
Berkman gets it spot on: Selig 'extorted' Astros into AL move
How you gonna roll past a classic Lance Berkman like that?
When Lance Berkman went to the Yankees I died
Berkman was totally underrated for that game. It was all Freese, Freese, Freese, but Lance twice scor…
your're thinking of Lance Berkman...and that's a fine
Sure! One of our former players named Lance Berkman got the game tying hit to prolong the game in the 11th. Great memories!
When we had Lance Berkman Craig Biggio Jeff Bagwell and Roger Clemens the come up was real
Never mind Lance Berkman. Never mind Dustin Pedroia. has just become my favorite player.
That game was so long Lance Berkman was replaced by a Jewish guy named Bregman and I didn't notice.
I'm pretty sure Jeff Bagwell started at first during this game. Lance Berkman was still in the minors.
Roger Clemens. Craig Biggio. Lance Berkman. Roy Oswalt. Carlos Beltrán. Not a ‘Stros fan but that team was pretty l…
Lance Berkman got the game winning RBI? ;-)
The Astros could really use a HR from Lance Berkman or Jeff Bagwell rn.
Him, Craig Biggio, and Lance Berkman are one phone call away
"Lance Berkman coming on to hit in the bottom of the 17th for Astros!"
Anyone that blows it twice with a strike to go (and one to the bigot Lance Berkman) deserves to lose the World Series.
Carlos Correa now has 14 RBI this postseason, tying Lance Berkman & Carlos Beltran’s Astros record for a single pla…
I used to love Houston back in the Jeff Bagwell/Craig Biggio/Lance Berkman days,so that and what they’ve been through im rooting for em!
The way can adjust his swing reminds me of the phenomenal Big Puma Lance Berkman.
Altuve also passes teammate Carlos Correa, Lance Berkman to move 1 back of Beltran's record (all from 2004)…
I was an Astros fan when they still had Lance Berkman like I remember those Astros
I’m actually halfway expecting the umpire to pull a mask off and reveal that it’s been Lance Berkman underneath all night.
Man, I miss the hill they used to have at Minute Maid Park so much. And Lance Berkman for that matter .   10% Off
I can't believe Lance Berkman is still playing!!
My childhood heroes were Craig Biggio, Lance Berkman, and Jeff Bagwell lol.
Tonight's speaker, Lance Berkman, takes the stage at tonight's Dining with the Stars.
Lance Berkman, keynote speaker of tonight's fundraiser, speaking with the media about CTX Baseball.
Tonight, baseball hosts their annual Dining with the Stars Dinner. Former All-Star Lance Berkman will be the keynot…
Forreal! Don’t claim you’re a fan if you don’t know who Lance Berkman, Brad Lidge, Andy Pettite, Chris Burke, Roy O…
I'm visiting my parents in FL this weekend & found this hat in my old bedroom. Signed by Craig Biggio, Jeff Bagwell
Didn't help, but Alex Bregman: 3rd HR this yr w/ HOU down to last out. Ties Lance Berkman '01 for most in season (reg+post) in team history.
I’m sure Lance Berkman and Craig Biggio would be proud.
.legend Lance Berkman joined our preview. We also asked him about HC Wayne Graham. Listen:
Not top 5 but Willie McGee and Lance Berkman were quality switch hitters. Also honorable mentions to…
Craig Biggio, Jeff Bagwell and Lance Berkman are the only true Killer B's. And for brownie points Derek Bell and Sean Be…
Pettitte and Lance Berkman are both baseball coaches at Second Baptist. The church/school is at the…
Sometime in '17 Trout will pass Tony Perez, Lance Berkman,Mickey Cochrane and Kirby Puckett for career WAR. He's 25. https…
So far in 2017, players Mike Trout has passed in career WAR include Lance Berkman, Mark Teixeira, Jason Giambi, and Orlando Cepeda.
Holliday was teammates with Albert Pujols, Todd Helton, Troy Tulowitzki, Lance Berkman, Carlos Beltran, and Matt Ca…
Funny you bring that up...i knew a guy named John Bergman..wasn't a baseball player but hi…
"Can't go undefeated unless you win the first one," - Lance Berkman
NEWTON FCA -Jr. High and High school enjoyed sharing and listening to Lance Berkman today at the FCA Luncheon . Goo…
Getting ready to enjoy Lance Berkman. FCA Effingham. Meeting someone I feel like I already know. :-)
Can we get Lance Berkman in on this convo as well?
A Cardinals Lance Berkman shirsey? That's like a Cubs Jim Edmonds shirsey right?
Everyone going to Lance Berkman luncheon tomorrow please bring $10. Don't forget to dress up!
All students attending Lance Berkman luncheon tomorrow, remember khakis and a button up or polo. Pass this along to others please.
Lance Berkman will speak at the FCA Banquet at Oakley Lindsay Center in Quincy on Monday at 5:30.
Lance Berkman shares his faith in Springfield at the FCA Banquet at the PCCC with MC Scott Hanson of NFL Network.
we won a pair of World Series with chris duncan and lance berkman in RF
Berkman was "We've got Lance Berkman here!" by Adam Dunn. Maybe it was the same montage all-around.
Red State Americans are 3.3x more likely to vote for Lance Berkman on The Best Houston Astros of All Time
Go here if you are interested in attending the Western IL FCA banquet Monday night with speaker Lance Berkman:
Having a little lunch with Lance and Cara Berkman.
Lance Berkman returns to speak, and now this little deal. Starting to get a weird vibe from you,
Bookshop is my fancy sunglasses driving wheel, but at the tip Lance Berkman, everybody!
I did this once. As Lance Berkman. On MVP baseball 2005 for PC.
I think Wayne Graham has a lot to do with it. Can recruit. Lance Berkman and Anthony Rendon. 2004 draft Rice Owls went 3,4,8.
Without looking, I'll say Lance Berkman. This needs more research.
I would say Lance Berkman. Others include Pat Burrell, Eric Byrnes and Rocky Biddle.
Best I can do is Lance Berkman. Sad trivia: Nobody born in 1976 is in the Hall of Fame.
Per bWAR its Lance Berkman, but forget that guy. Gonna go with Freddy Garcia
By WAR, the winner is Lance Berkman ... followed by Troy Glaus, Edgar Renteria, Carlos Lee, Paul Konerko, & Alfonso…
Lance Berkman over Konerko, Soriano, Carlos Lee, and Michael Young. might disagree with my choice.
Paul Konerko, Alfonso Soriano or Lance Berkman. I wasn't born in a great year as it turns out.
Have you saved your spot to the Western IL FCA Fundraising Banquet featuring Lance Berkman? It's not too late!...
Don't forget Derek Bell, Sean Berry, and "the puma" Lance Berkman
Astros are in offseason & Craig Biggio, Jeff Bagwell, Lance Berkman, Derek Bell, Sean Berry aren't playing today so this twee…
Man that was a great team he was with in 2005. Lance Berkman, Craig Biggio, Jeff Bagwell, Carlos Lee etc...nice...
For 2017, we need a guy like 2004, 2005 Roy Oswalt and a Lance Berkman
I was talking to Lanson about Andy Pettitte and Lance Berkman and he legit doesn't know who they are and I'm so offended.
This reminded me of when Tom Franklin called Daryle Ward, Lance Berkman & Richard Hidalgo "water buffaloes on the outfield."
They don't know about that Lance Berkman jersey
Angel is also the only ump to throw Lance Berkman out of a game if memory serves.
Carlos Beltran is the anti Lance Berkman. This could end up ok.
Maybe Carlos Beltran will be what Lance Berkman wasn't for Texas. I also guess Choo isn't going to be right the rest of the year.
Really hope this is not another Lance Berkman deal.
"i support this Bourne advertisement" - Lance Berkman
Yankees officially acquired Lance Berkman, trading Minor Leaguers Mark Melancon and Jimmy Paredes to Houston. Now looking at Kerr…
Aug 1, 2010 - Yanks trade for Lance Berkman and Kerry Wood. Wood went on to have a great finish, Berkman faltered.
and just add Lance Berkman and Roger Clemens and we're good to go.
With today's PGA Championship win does Jimmy Walker pass Lance Berkman as the most famous grad of New Braunfels Canyon?
I always read his name as Lance Berkman at first
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7/31/1999: Jeff Bagwell and rookie Lance Berkman swat two home runs apiece as the club the Padres 8-5
Jose Altuve is riding a 20-game road hitting streak. Club record -- held by Lance Berkman -- is 23.
Remember when the Yanks dealt Mark Melancon for a washed up Lance Berkman? That was sweet
Anyone remember when the Yankees traded Mark Melancon for Lance Berkman.
Melancon, originally drafted by the Yankees, was traded for the corpse of Lance Berkman (Due to a Tex injury) - thus Tex's fault as usual
yep! Was part of the Lance Berkman trade
tell that to Lance Berkman too. Every rookie has a struggle like Gallo even though he still had a good start
Bregman is 0-for-10 to start his career as he bats here. Lance Berkman also started his career 0-for-10.
Dave Roberts goes up the hill in Houston and robs Lance Berkman of a homer (8/28/03)
Lance Berkman & Andy Pettitte coached their club to a state championship this season.
Second Baptist HS head coach Lance Berkman with his state championship team and former teammate Colby Rasmus
should bring Lance Berkman into the fold as a coach; think he could be a great manager (when Graham decides to hang em up?)
I'm giving away something for you on Lance Berkman lot w/ 1997 Topps Rookie RC!. Get it here -
. Lance Berkman was the ultimate killer . Will Clark ruined some of my summers in the 80s
Lance Berkman knew to retire instead of DH when he could no longer field, because he knew & respected how game should be.
Lance Berkman is number 1 on my list
He's my second all-time favorite player. Only behind Lance Berkman.
.is just a bunch of garbage anymore. much support to & Lance Berkman for standing up.
I'm more of a Lance Berkman and Mark Grace guy and Griffey Jr of course. Straw was nice though
moved up on INQUIZIE celeb ranking by "1,270". know Y? Goto & tell “Lance Berkman's fans
Lance Berkman would be following them around making sure they use the mens bathrooms. For his daughters..of course...
Lance Berkman was crucified by that witch Annise Parker when they tried to shove that crap down our throats-AND LOST-in Houston
Wow, I love I just won this for free, 2008 Upper Deck 513 Lance Berkman read below
What is it about retirement that turns baseball players into transphobic jerks? First Lance Berkman, now Schilling
Like it just makes me so mad because this girl came up to me and asked, "When is Lance Berkman going to bat?"
Anyone else think "Uh, Lance Berkman?" re: Rasmus's 25 HR from the left side was a club record? Berkman was a switch, but hit 25+ 9 times.
4/16/2002: Lance Berkman hits three homers in 6-3 win over Reds. Jeff Bagwell, Richard Hidalgo also go yard
Tyler White now has 30 total bases. Most by an player through the team's first dozen games since Lance Berkman (31) in 2008.
I added a video to a playlist Lance berkman career highlights
April 16, 2002: Lance Berkman hits 3 home runs and drives in 5 and Jeff Bagwell and Richard Hidalgo homer as the Astros beat the Reds, 8-3.
lance Berkman also mocked the deal.
I miss Lance Berkman playing I always swore we were gonna get married someday
10/27/11: Lance Berkman stuns the Rangers w/ a 2-out game-tying single in 10th inning of Game 6.
Lance Berkman hit .423 for the during the '11 WS including 11 H/1 2B/9 R/5 RBI.
Lance Berkman was named the NL Comeback Player of the Year in 2011.
The best hitter for the during the 2011 season was Lance Berkman (.301/.412/.547/.959)
I'm just glad Lance "Aaron" Berkman isn't around to kill my team's chances.
finished ahead of Lance Berkman for Rookie of the Year
Is there any chance Lance Berkman is not a Trump supporter?
So other big outfielders weren't a liability? Nelson Cruz, Lance Berkman, Carlos Lee, etc. Its not new
feeding the outfielders. The ol' Lance Berkman special. 🍩
I assume there's collateral damage where people start yelling at Lance Berkman for being Russian?
Um, Lance Berkman anyone? If someone said him, I missed it. Tanyon Sturtze I saw, very good one. Great thread.
Bottom of the 9th, and we've cut it to a 1-run lead. Who's going to be my Lance Berkman and tie this thing up?
3/4/2015: Former and Rice University great Lance Berkman is named to National College Baseball Hall of Fame
I'm jk but its Craig Biggio and Lance Berkman lol
Lance Berkman and Craig Biggio are currently at Clear Brook
traded when he was a minor leaguer. For Lance Berkman I believe.
Also born in '76? My personal benchmark: Lance Berkman. I'm the same age as Lance Berkman.
To watch Lance Berkman's full story go here: https:…
To watch Lance Berkman's full story go here:
Andy Pettite AND Lance Berkman coach the other team!🙄
Check out this great item: Lance Berkman Houston Astros Figurine 2005 SGA Statue Limited Edition Brand New!
lance berkman gave me the finger when I was 13
Rice (3-2) and Arkansas about to get underway in the night cap her at MMP. Is Lance Berkman in the house?
Coaching against Lance Berkman and Andy Pettitte today... See how this goes
Someone needs to remind Lance Berkman there what team he won a World Series with...;)
will Lance "Lake Dad" Berkman be on hand to throw out the first tube?
Dammit Nolan. Well, at least he brought us Roy Oswalt and Lance Berkman. Oh.wait
Go to 45-sec mark to listen to Lance Berkman talk about his journey to his all-star year.
Lance Berkman with at a very close second.
I prefer the Lance Berkman version of Nick. All versions are still great
Also unfortunate great entertainers are given a voice on subjects they know little about. See: Berkman, Lance.
Andy Pettitte is working with Lance Berkman who is the head baseball coach at Second Baptist School (
So Curt Schilling and Lance Berkman walk into a bar...
Lance Berkman and Curt Schilling walk into a bar…. …and there’s no joke. I’d just leave that bar as fast as possible
Lance Berkman and Curt Schilling are probably best friends
Wally Pipp had more career hits than Lance Berkman, Juan Gonzalez and Andruw Jones.
When he made his living launching baseballs, Lance Berkman followed Teddy Roosevelt’s advice of talking softly but wielding a big stick.
Houston mayor calls Lance Berkman a “hypocrite” over his opposition to Houston’s ordinance:
Failed mayor lashes out at Lance Berkman, demands conformity to her myopic vision.
Annise Parker hits back at Lance Berkman for anti-HERO advertisement: Mayor Annise Parker took a brief moment on…
Lance Berkman says ordinance 'would allow troubled men to enter women’s public bathrooms.'
Lance Berkman just ruined his reputation with a whackjob commercial and then shows up in St. Louis? Go back to Houston ***
Lance Berkman said something bigoted and the St. Louis Cardinals decide to honor him tonight with a bobblehead.
Lance Berkman stars in a new radio ad against Houston's LGBT anti-discrimination initiative on the November ballot:
prior to Altuve, the quickest to 800 in franchise history were Cesar Cedeno (707g), Jeff Bagwell (708g) and Lance Berkman (763g).
2B Jose Altuve has 799 hits in 646 career games. Quickest player to 800 hits:. Cesar Cedeno 707g. Jeff Bagwell 708g. Lance Berkman 763g
9/8/2002: The Craig Biggio, Brian Hunter and Lance Berkman all launch homers in a 6-2 victory in Los Angeles
finishing up BP and Lance Berkman hit a homer right to me
This guy in front of me is talking about how he grew out his hair to look like Lance Berkman 😂😂😂
that line up was fire Bagwell Craig willi t Lance Berkman just a power house
I remember when we traded for Lance Berkman and Austin Kearns in 2010. Thought it was cool. I'm a fan of Berkman.
really have Cancer. When I first got here Lance Berkman was being treated for Cancer (mental illness) in basement of hospital becz Linda
Somebody please come slap this man with a Lance Berkman Cardinals shirt on
How is your favorite player Lance Berkman LMAO
How is "cashman preferred tulo to jeter in 2010" a story? What's next, he preferred Harper / Stanton to Lance Berkman?
stars Lance Berkman as Rihanna and Jayson Werth as Calvin Harris and that this is about Tannenbaum done by Aquista
Greg Bird has now moved up the Yankees All-Time home run list, and tied Austin Kearns, Lance Berkman, Ivan Rodriguez and Kevin Youkilis
Me every time I watch baseball (subtracting lance berkman bobble head night)
It's not but we can't all marry Lance Berkman. Taylor is pretty and wealthy and seems really nice, I'll manage.
Okay I'll marry T-Swift and you can marry Lance Berkman.
I just got Carlos Beltran and Lance Berkman mixed up I feel ashamed
oh that's good, prob even a better one than Tiex. If we aren't limited to active players, lance berkman
*** apparently potatoes were considered HD quality in 2008
Smoak at times is Mike Matheny w/ no memory; Matheny id'ing himself as Lance Berkman's son was in ambulance w/ me; Smoak was my doctor put
Lance Berkman is my fav non-Cardinal. A player loved by both fans and media
Met Lance Berkman when I worked at a movie theater in 2004. He walked in with Andy Pettite. No, I didn't poison their popcorn.
In 2004, Bobby Abreu, Lance Berkman, and Todd Helton all tied for second with 127 BB. Barry Bonds got intentionally walked 120 times that yr
Lance Berkman was drafted in the 1st round in 2007?
To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the NLCS win, we're highlighting Lance Berkman ^JL
Lance Berkman, Brad Ausmus, Craig Biggio. Together again for to celebrate 2005 NLCS team.
Aug. 6, 2003: Lance Berkman goes 4-for-4 and Adam Everett hits an inside-the-park home run in the Houston Astros' 11-1 win over the Mets.
8/2/2008: Darin Erstad's 10th-inning liner plates Lance Berkman for the winning run in 5-4 win over the Mets
You have to read piece today if for no other reason than the glorious Lance Berkman video
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Nolan’s contributions? Roy Oswalt and Lance Berkman. Suck and suck.
I miss the good 'ole days with Roy Oswalt, Roger Clemens, Lance Berkman, Craig Biggio, and Chris Burke.
Playing MVP Baseball also makes me miss: Lance Berkman,Brandon Webb and Derek people just come and go
Got to talk to Lance Berkman and Jeff Bagwell too
Pete Rose, Eddie Murray, Lance Berkman. O what the *** Mantle is better than all those names that I brought up.
Lance Berkman, Houston Astros, use to take naps right up until he had to take the field at Minute Maid Park!
If the mavs land Perkins he will be in the top 3 of players I hate on my favorite teams. Right along side with Lance Berkman and Lamar Odom
Happy Birthday to former Ranger great, Lance Berkman! (2013) In 73 games with Texas, he had an OBP of .340
What do John Olerud, Ivan Rodriguez, Lance Berkman, Kenny Lofton, Ichiro, Robin Ventura & Jose Canseco have in common
Lance Berkman returns to college, seeks degree in kinesiology
My best waive wire pickup was Lance Berkman for years until I got Jordy 2 years ago.
Lance Berkman's life story. Are you living in the
Surprised to see a Lance Berkman promotion!
The are having a LANCE BERKMAN BOBBLEHEAD promotion next season!!! . Guess where I'll be on September 26?
I am totally looking forward to it, but was surprised to see the Lance Berkman bobblehead game.
The are having Harry Caray and Lance Berkman bobblehead days next season
Um, Lance Berkman was the season ticket holder's choice for fave player from the past 10 years?
I percent you with the case of Lance Berkman I could be wrong but that's how I see it A player that refused 2 Come in his prime
I'm with you he has turned down offers to be here when he was a good player. Lance Berkman ring a bell ?
for the right $$ I see where he can be a valuable addition in regards to leadership. Otherwise, this is another Lance Berkman
. Why...ain't he too old. Remember Lance Berkman
Torii would be Lance Berkman all over again. Old sack of clubhouse cancer
Torii Hunter. Reminds me of the Lance Berkman signing. Meh. Don't do it
I don't want Torii Hunter on the team I root for. I've said this about Lance Berkman, Lamar Odom, and Derek Fisher. We've regretted all 3.
If Rangers sign Kendry Morales or Torii Hunter, would one of those surpass the Lance Berkman signing?
I want a Lance Berkman signed jersey...!
Basically, I'm saying Mike McCarthy and Lance Berkman are are probably best friends.
You have to be willing to do more than the kid down the street if you want to be better than he is. – Lance Berkman
Spencer Hawes is a taller, and maybe skinnier version of Lance Berkman
you want a puppy and Lance Berkman right?
Lance Berkman has to be the most sucfesful student assistant in the history of Rice University
So cool to see that Lance Berkman is going back to college to finish his degree after retiring from MLB
I know MLBN is kind of ribbing former Yankee-great Lance Berkman about going to back to school. but good for him.
Lance Berkman is studying the same thing in college as I am
Coming up next, Lance Berkman talks with Matt and Bill about returning to college on
Lance Berkman is the next guest on the show Hot Stove.
Back to school: Berkman hits the books at Rice. Sent with At Bat
Tune in as pitcher and former players Lance Berkman and Fred Lynn join at 9aE!
From hitting home runs to hitting the books. Lance Berkman is going back to school:
When I was 12 I thought David Freese was ugly but I had the hots for Lance Berkman bye
Could be lots of players who were cheated and expressed that view. Lance Berkman, Matt Holliday and Will Clark to name 3.
Sandoval now tied with Lou Gehrig and Lance Berkman for sixth-longest postseason on-base streak, 24 games.
Lance Berkman returns to college. What a great guest speaker he would be!
Chris Jakubauskas making 1st big league appearance since taking Lance Berkman line drive to the back of his head on April 24,…
what is Larry Walker up to? Lance Berkman? That's the approach people should emulate.
Little Giant Ladders
moses Malone, Robert Horry, Lance Berkman left houston and won championships
I miss Carlos Beltran, and Lance Berkman and Larry Walker and most of all, Tom Paganozzi
Texas takes 7-3 win, opening series over Angels - Lance Berkman and David Murphy homered in the first off Weaver,...
Chipper Jones is my all time favorite Brave. I've always loved him. Lance Berkman have always been 1 of my favorites too.
Mr. Bob Carpenter, there's no way Lance Berkman played Center Field. Is that true?
Alden Gonzalez players, including Albert Pujols and Mike Trout, standing in applause as the Astros retire Lance Berkman's number.
.is now tied with Lance Berkman for 76th in MLB history with 366 home runs. Next up is Todd Helton & Ralph Kiner with 369.
Today is Opening Day for the 2014 MLB Season. When you think of baseball park food, you think of popcorn, hotdogs, crackerjacks, pretzels, and maybe a cold beverage to wash it all down. Ever guess what some of the biggest sluggers in the game love to eat the most when off the field? Brian Wilson, San Francisco Giants. Eight Egg White Omelette. He told ESPN: “I'm an adequate cook. I'm not preparing a five course meal, but I can cook the things I want….For breakfast I'll usually make an eight egg-white omelette with bell peppers, shredded cheese, and slices or ham and turkey ripped up… I probably eat between 54 and 60 eggs a week.” Prince Fielder, Milwaukee Brewers. Boca Burgers. Guess what – Fielder is a vegetarian. So he loads up his Boca burgers with ketchup; on the road he eats meatless burritos. Fielder doesn’t love cheese either, so hold the slices on top of that Boca burger. Lance Berkman, St. Louis Cardinals. Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwich. Berkman said: “One thing I will eat fair . ...
Yogi Berra lined out to center field. Lance Berkman tagged up but was thrown out at home. Ryan Howard tagged up but was thrown out at third.
Wow. You know you're getting old when all of the greatest baseball players that you watched growing up start retiring. It started with Mo and Andy Pettite (Two of my favorite Yankees ever). Roy Halladay, Todd Helton, Lance Berkman, Roy Oswalt, and Michael Young came after. And now, Derek Jeter will be retiring as well. *** I'm old...
Remember when Brett Wallace was Houston's heir apparent to the Glenn Davis/Jeff Bagwell/Lance Berkman 1B legacy? Oops.
I like him! My favorite is actually Craig Biggio but he's retired so it doesn't count lol & Lance Berkman retired too so idk
Lance Berkman would be in my Hall of Fame
Athletics third baseman Josh Donaldson stops by Intentional Talk, plus Matt Yallof and Kevin Millar talk about Lance Berkman's retirement announcement at 5pm and 7pm ET!
Lance Berkman joins silly gooses like David Wells, Wilbur Cooper, and Eddie Rommell who retired with Hall Ratings of 98.
Lance Berkman officially retires after 15 seasons — is he a Hall of Famer? via
Lance Berkman has announced his retirement after 15 seasons. One of the GREATEST switch hitters of all time!. .
Randy Crabtree Im watching the MLB network 2011 World Series highlights between the Rangers and Cardinals.Lance Berkman was Clutch! But I saw a commercial where Bob Costas will host a show on Tuesday night at 8 pm on Hall of Fame debate.better be talking about the Killer Bees going in together!
Since I've been doing no shave November people have been mistaking me for Bud Davis ( John Travolta in Urban Cowboy) & Lance Berkman.true story
More players who have contributed more to the Rangers than Lance Berkman: Benji Gil, Adam Melhuse, Matt Kata, Phil Nevin.
So, let's see...The Rangers would not resign Mike Napoli for $5 million, so the Red Sox did. In lieu of Mike Napoli, the Rangers had to replace Napoli's bat with Lance Berkman - he signed for $10 million, and his glove with AJ Pierzynski for $7.5 million. Who is the final word on all major baseball decisions? Nolan Ryan? Good riddance.
grew up a Cards fan with Ray Lankford, and then they got my favorite players Will Clark,Larry Walker,& Lance Berkman. Go
Update on Golf Tournament/Gala Banquet fundraiser at Rancho Bernardo Inn- We will have an absolutely amazing Silent Auction and are "wowed" at the amount of donations for our event and our auction/silent auction. We havreat items including; Magic Johnson, Michael Cooper (working on Larry Bird), Fernando Valenzuela, Trevor Hoffman, Kurt Warner, Phillip Rivers, Steve Lavin, Lance Berkman, Goose Gossage, X Games Stars, Golf Packages, Vacations, Gift Baskets and a lot more!
Here's Part 2 of Derek Holland's appearance w Ben and Skin. Josh Hamilton and Lance Berkman are topics of discussion.http:…
Derek Holland is clearly not happy with Lance Berkman's refusal to participate in walk-off celebrations
Lance Berkman donated this fire truck to the city of West, TX this afternoon
people can we get your facts straight lance berkman left Houston because we wouldn't pay him at all he wanted to stay and play for peanuts
Lance Berkman has become the Jay Ratliff of the Rangers
So Lance Berkman still technically plays for the Rangers . 😳 yeah I completely forgot about him til I saw him in the rangers dugout
In his last 24 plate appearances, Lance Berkman has no hits and 2 walks. His last hit was on July 3.
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86. Briefly dated Lance Berkman in 2010 and later released the albums "Born To Die" and "Paradise," which were inspired by Berkman.
The only thing that could make Ron Washington's response better? Some awkward Lance Berkman cc:
My all-time favorite baseball player is Lance Berkman.
news: Rangers | Lance Berkman unsure about 2014 - Texas Rangers 1B Lance Berkman is not ready to decide if he...
Not pictured: Lance Berkman, actually asleep on the other end of the bench.
Seriously, I hope Giambi becomes what Lance Berkman was to the Cardinals in the WS a couple years back, except that'd be more impressive.
If u have Phil Hughes as Girardi then number 65 is really Lance Berkman who is already on the Tx Rangers & works here too
Every team gambles on savy vets to contribute during the season. Rangers sadly gambled on Lance Berkman and not Jason Giambi.
Jason Giambi walkoff for Cleveland. Still a better option than Lance Berkman.
When Lance Berkman arrived in Arizona without his glove, we really all should've taken that as an indicator of things to come.
2012 Topps Heritage Lance Berkman - $0.15: condition nm and shipped in penny sleeve and top loaders  only...
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